Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cookie St. James Speaks by Cookie St. James

----Cookie St James with his debut column.

----I have known Cookie for many years and he has always been a great character - inside and outside the ring.  If he is in the dressing room, then you are in for either a long discussion or a good laugh. 

I would like to thank RRO for giving me the opportunity to share my views and opinions about Professional Wrestling! Since training issues have been a topic in the past, I was trained by MoonDog Spot in Osceola, Ark. to become a Professional Wrestler! I seen times were changing in wrestling and being 5'9 182lbs, I had a way to go! So, I decided to become a Wrestling Manager! Great decision, considering T-N-A, not the company, was replacing the wrestling manager! Does being trained by a Professional, being in the Indy Circuit for thirteen years, and being good and getting over everywhere I went ( TOOT TOOT) allow me to share these opinions and be a critic! No! But, the fact that I have been a wrestling observer for thirty one years and still have an autograph from Jerry Bryant, does! 

Although, I wasn't fortunate enough to be born in a wrestling family, I felt like I was! I watched many wrestling organizations growing up, such as I.C.W. , A.W.A., Georgia Championship Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling, U.W.F, and my all time favorite Memphis Wrestling! I can remember watching TV 5 Wrestling Saturday morning and unhooking the cable Saturday night, pulling out the Rabbit ears so I could watch WBBJ out of Jackson, TN, which featured recorded matches from the Notorious Mid-South Coliseum! This, like many of others have said, was when Wrestling was good! 

There are many talented guys in the WWE and TNA, but GoldenBoy Greg Anthony hit the nail on the head with "The Suspension of disbelief " column he did! Quote-- " When two guys are having a private conversation backstage and act oblivious to the camera 9 inches away, for me, takes away my suspension of disbelief! You, me, and a lot of others who grew up loving the SPORT! Where is David Schultz when you need him! The Indy circuit is the closest thing we will ever have to the way wrestling was!I have read columns repeating the same shit--" I'm great!" "My friends are great!" And, "Everyone else is shitty and don't belong in Professional Wrestling!" Tell me this! 

When you Superstars go to these organizations where guys are wrestling in blue jeans, tennis shoes, etc, and walking around at Intermissions praying somebody will ask them for an autograph! Do you offer your services? I'm sure being Professional and great, you probably have some other talented wrestlers and phone numbers in a book! Or, Would bringing them along cut into your PO? It's funny how I have sit in dressing rooms with people like Don Bass, Jimmy Valiant, Bobby Eaton, Tommy Rogers, Tracey Smothers who have done a lot for the business and will sit and talk with the Indy workers like people! Then, there are guys who hasn't done an ass hair of what these guys accomplished, seperate yourself from others and act like their shit don't stink! If some of you guys was as great as you thought you was, Jerry Lawler's Memphis wrestling would still be around! All of the complaints I read about what is wrong with Professional Wrestling, no one ever stepped up and said Jerry Lawler is wrestling Scooby Doo villians on TV! That shit had me missing Grady Watson! Lauren Jenkins was there to make Boss Winters look like Bobby Heenan! I wish every Indy worker the best in achieving your dreams, but let your talent speak for itself!  Big Rob/ Sir Mo, You taught me an important lesson in the business, that nothing is for sure! I hope you are doing OK and your health is holding up! If you need me, just let me know! One thing- What's The PO!