Wednesday, December 29, 2010

EWE Booker Jon Michael Makes A Statement

----I got the following in my Facebook inbox and Michael wanted it posted. 

Jon Michael tells the story.....

Just wanna say, this is probably going to be the most childish and acute reason for anyone to shut a company down!

"Its a Crazy Christmas"  and that it was! That was this past Saturday's title of the event in Ripley, TN! Let me explain this first, EWE Ultimate had just made a working agreement with Showtime Allstar Wrestling! The agreement was that we would be going to thursday nights which would be a great deal for not only talent but also Showtime Allstar Wrestling because they would have three regular shows and also for the local talent they would get chances to work tv that some of them usually wouldn't get. With that being said, This was going to be an every week, "EVERY WEEK" TV taping for SAW. Not only would there be a Thursday show, but the other shows would benefit from this as well! With guys who are on tv working on Thursdays, they would be able to wrestle all of the local shows that they want to as well! It would have been a great thing for the boys, and eventually a great thing for the area! But, BUT... JC White wants to do things his way, not the way that the business is ran! I'm not running anyone down in anyway, I'm just stating what happened, and also how business should be. Now, we all know the way business should be, isn't always how it works out and more so than not, business is never done right in this day in time so here ya go!

"Its a Crazy Christmas" Saturday, December 25th! There was a one night tournament, pitting guys like Stan Lee against Kid Nickles, Eric Wayne against Tatt2, there was a special added match one time only between Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels, and the finals of the tournament was Tatt2 against Stan Lee. Also, there was a Drug Test on the show, and was very entertaining and Kellen James last moment in EWE history will be known as Pee Face, cuz he got Pee thrown in his mouth and face! Anyways, this was the show. that is what the show was with good matches, no drama was caused, nothing happened, nothing got broke, no one stole anything no one got into shoot fights or any of that garbage. 

Derrick King, walked in and sat in the back row of the show to watch a match, he only came because he and his other half gave Tatt2 a ride to the show! Period, DK caused no drama, DK I would dare say and I'm just being honest, not stabbing at DK or anything but, DK I would say probably wasn't even really noticed as being there by the fans because thats how good the matches were! This show was perfectly fine, and nothing happend! AT ALL!!! 

So, with that being said, JC White, saw Derrick in the crowd twice I believe and JC White spoke to Derrick King I believe, and JC White didn't make him leave the building. If its his building, then make him leave! I am running a show, I am not going to walk out in the middle of the show and tell someone who has a ticket watching the show causing no problems at all to leave the show. Now, NOTHING was said to me the ENTIRE, EENNTTIIRREE show about Derrick being there, and to be honest, I didn't know Derrick was even coming until minutes before the show. After the show was over, nothing was said to me still, so I waited for people to leave, and some kids wanted to get pictures with me so I went out to take a couple pictures with some children, and right in the middle of that, JC White interrupts rudely and pulls me aside! JC then goes on and on about I had Derrick King come to the show, and that it was all my doing and all my fault, that I let him in, and that I let him down and JC then said that he couldn't do this anymore, and that he is shutting the show down at the first of the year! I shook his hand and walked off! I'm not arguing a cussing old man in public and especially in front of children! 

SOOO, thats exactly what he'll get! The Show will be shut down at the First of the year! I'd like to thank all the guys and the boys that worked for me, from the staff to the performers - Thank you for all your hard work! Don't worry there will be more shows to come with SAW just not that building. I will go on record of saying that the guys that have worked for me, we've had some of the best matches and the best storylines/moments of the year and I would put my crew up against any crew and we were like a family back there! So, we'll see ya later, EWE Ultimate takes the dive, rest in peace, and one more thing, the people who have heat with me, you know who you are, and you know what you've done, so don't bother me, and I won't bother you but if you show up on the wrong side of the tracks, I'll be sure there's a train ready to run you over!


thanks goes to: Blaine Devine, Seth Knight, Rude, Christian Jacobs, Staff, Oz, Paul Adams, Jocephus, Eric Wayne, Kid Nickles, Moe Stegal, Dan Mathews, Tatt2, Stan Lee, Pokerface, Brandon Espinosa, Chase Stevens, Drew Haskins, Johnny Bandana, Ryan Genesis, Shane Williams, Randy, JR Manson, Ike Tucker, Kellen James, myself (lol), Ken Wayne, Caleb (ref), Bishop, TJ (ref) and any other talent i have failed to mention!
Special thanks to Kathy and Jerry Mount for all your help!