Tuesday, December 28, 2010

EWE Plug Pulled AGAIN!

----The on and off again story continues in Ripley, TN.

----In May of this year, JC [owner of EWE building] shut down the show stating that the show as not making money.  Apparently his problems were surrounded around some heat he had with Derrick King and Stan Lee.  In July, EWE returned as "EWE Ultimate" without either Stan Lee or Derrick King being part of the show.  Lee later joined them and seem to smooth things over with JC.   This past Saturday night, Derrick King showed up at the show.  JC had told King that he was not allowed or welcome at the EWE building EVER and he was highly upset.  DK was not part of the show - he just sit in the crowd and watched the show.  JC was extremely mad after the show and told EWE booker Jon Michael that the show was over after this upcoming Saturday night's show.  

----This throws a wrench in the plan for them to run Thursdays with SAW.  No more wrestling in Ripley at this point.