Friday, December 31, 2010

A Few More Things I Miss in Wrestling by Beau James

----More stuff from Beau James.

A Few More Things I Miss in Wrestling.

If you missed the first list also read it.

 For the ones of you that have emailed me telling me I'm bitter and doubting my love for what I have made a living at my entire adult life shows you don't Know me or have any idea what I'm talking about.

To the boys who have emailed me or commented their feed back and support. It means a lot to me. I respect our profession and have did my best to honor everyone before me.

 * Driving into a town and seeing posters every where and stopping at a store to ask where the building is at and everyone knew about the matches that night
* Rainbow Posters
* News Paper ads
* Nice programs with the line ups inserted
* ABC Show Print pictures

* Wrestlers who could talk you into the building
* Holds & Counter Holds
* Cauliflower Ears

* Wrestlers who wipe their feet before they get in the ring
* Paying trans
* Not having to ask for trans

* Making Memphis TV early Saturday morning after I had been up all night doing things I should not have been doing
* 3/4 inch tapes
* Throwing bottles at road signs

* Masked wrestlers who wear their mask in and out of the ring
* Wrestlers staying in the dressing room
* Refs that are with it
* At The most 3 title matches on a card
* Looking around and not being the only guy with out a belt - And for you goofs that does not mean I want one mean there is WAY TOO MANY!!!

* Wrestlers who had respect for the people that came to the matches
* White Meat Babyfaces
* Heels that knew how to get heat by working
* Managers who sat in chairs at ringside only getting up when needed not running around the ring taking away from the match

* Wrestlers who knew the great men that came before them
* Not having to explain who Nick Gulas, Danny Hodge, Lou Thesz or The Fabulous Fargos are to wrestlers
* 2 out of 3

* Ribs that take a couple guys 3 days riding in a car to plan out and pull off
* Wrestling in Middle and High Schools
* My friends that have past on

* Cribbage
* Crazy 8's
* Tennessee Two Step

* Tag teams
* Wrestlers dressing nice
* Putting watch necklace etc in a Crown Royal bag
* Wrestlers not cussing in front of the fans
* Wrestlers not making obscene jesters
* Wrestling before the Internet

* Not hearing wrestlers in the dressing room talking about making themselves on a video game to wrestle their favorite WWE wrestler
* Not seeing some guys entire family who have nothing to do with wrestling in the dressing room
* Not being asked stupid questions

* "Hey you know the old deal"
*  Rick Connors' punch to back of your head and neck
* Jimmy Golden's home made ab wheel made from lawn mower wheels
* The Stomper's "Bull Worker

*Being Greeted by wrestlers with their one liners
"What it Be"
"Hey Champ"
"Ya prick ya"

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be part of wrestling when it was a business. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be apart of the fellowship in a  brotherhood. Amen