Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Food For Thought

----Jamie Jay joins us for Food for Thought.

Hello everyone,

Well, as everyone knows, Freddy Revelle, Rowdy Rebel, Garry Lawler has passed away due to massive heart attack. He was my brother in law and a friend. I was shocked and couldn't believe that this 37 year old guy that didn't drink or do drugs has died from a heart attack. Then at the funeral I was shocked to only see a couple of guys from the wrestling business. Don Bass, Boss Winters, Gunnar Eudy, and Tiger Williams. I was so angry, frustrated! Why in this business, where we protect each other and consider each other brothers, family! I can't believe this crap! Most of you reading this are saying I didn't know the guy. Well, take Gunnar for instance. He didn't know him that well, but he came and paid his respect to his wife and family!

The Indian Quiote worked him his last match in McCrory, Ar back in August. Was he there? No! Rik Burton worked him in Parkin, Ar. Was he there? No! I could go on and on but there is no reason because nobody really cares. I bet if he would've dropped one of these guys on there head and broke their neck somebody would've cared! I just hate it that wrestlers are supposed to be there for each other and work their ass off to make them look good and then in the end you can't even show up to their funeral to pay respect to their wife or kids!

I'm not saying everybody that wrestles should be there! But, I think the guys that he's worked and been in the locker room countless times should have been! Don't you think he deserved that? Wouldn't you want that? Do you deserve that? Think about it, you got a wife and kids and all they ever here from you is wrestling. All they watch is wrestling. They see their daddy wrestle and all the guys that wrestles with him but in the end, where are they?

I'm gonna do a benefit for his wife and kids, but I'm gonna pay the guys that I have work because I'd hate to have them turn it down because they can get thirty dollars somewhere else! Sad! Really, really sad!!! 

Chew on that or actually think about it!