Wednesday, December 01, 2010

From The Desk of Brian Tramel - Yearbook 2010, Awards Race, Results Error, New Columnist and Big Interview!!

----A few things I would like to cover as the last month of the year gets started.

----I have started on Yearbook 2010.  RRO Awards Race 2010 starts next Wednesday! This will be our 5th Annual awards race.  We will spend three weeks going over nominees and then the first 10 days of 2011 we will vote for the winners.  If everything goes as planned, Yearbook 2010 will be published the first week of February. 

----I got word that the results were wrong on the NEW Friday results. 
The elimination tag determined the seedings for the tournament, with the 1st one eliminated out of the tourney, then the winners of the singles matches come back next week in a Double Jeopardy match. Which is all three guys in a tag format and a contestant has to have a win over both of the other competitors, and that winner wins the $1500.00. It was a three step tournament with the finals next week. Kid Nikels beat Alan Steele and it will be Kid vs Eric Wayne vs Austin Lane this week.

----Tomorrow will be the debut of a new columnist for RRO - Cookie St. James!!  It should be an interesting look at the local area from a guy that has been active in the area for years.

----We also have a big interview planned for Monday.  Conversation will feature Dustin Starr with him talking about working the FCW, his release and his future.