Monday, December 27, 2010

From The Desk of Brian Tramel: Yearbook Ads, Nominations, Yearbook Photos and News !!

----Some things I need to cover.

----If you are interested in a Yearbook Ad, then please e-mail me asap.  Ads are cheap and include one full page in Yearbook 2010, a free Yearbook 2010 and 3 months of advertising on the site.  E-mail to

----CLICK HERE to send your nominations for Stage 3 of the RRO Awards Race 2010.  The nominations for the last stage have been slow - do it today - so everyone gets a fair shake!!

----If you would like for your photo to be in Yearbook 2010, then please send along the photo you want in it!!

----This is traditionally a VERY slow week for the site.  I am busy working on the yearbook and most promotions run limited shows in the area.  If you have news - send it in!  We are going to be here until Friday at the RRO offices and will be answering your calls and e-mails.  All nominations will be announced on Thursday night after midnight with polls opening ASAP.