Friday, December 31, 2010

Mama Says It Bees That Way Sometimes "Goodbye 2010" by Downtown Bruno Lauer

----New column from Downtown Bruno.

Here we go,my last column EVER!!!!---for 2010,that is! Gotcha!!! Anyway,lets look back at 2010 with a little honesty,a little sarcasm,and a little humor and also try to look into the mirror as well - try to improve as we move into 2011---all of us!

In this fixing to be over with year,here are some things i have learned. Joey Lynn, Axeman, Edith Poole,and the EPW crew are to be respected and I thank them for returning the emotion towards me. Jerry Lawler and the JLMW crew are to be respected and I am just damn glad to have been a part of it while it lasted.. Brandon Baxter is the best at what he does and he added more to JLMW than he realizes, and I can say the same,in no particular order about these other jlmw members,including,but not limited to:Kevin Christian, Randy Hales, Jim Blake, Tom Nunnery, The Whites, Joe Cooper and among MANY others - randy lusk....I didn't include the actual talent,because they all deserve a gold star for their participation. Oh yeah, let me include the senior official, Downtown Bruno(ahem)

My promotion(the one i work regularly for,not that I OWN it!!!!!) - NEW - deserves a pat on the back for actually teaching the real, true, professional wrestling experience to the up' n 'comers by actually teaching them to learn on the job. Because I can honestly say that the layout, timing and formatting of the NEW tv taping is EXACTLY how we that do this for a living do TV - just that NEW is on a smaller scale. But, irregardless, its how the hell its done! What,you expect to learn on the fly at Monday night RAW??? I want to point out the fact that theres a lot of guys in this area that are damn good,and that they should be proud of themselves,such as ---but,DAMMIT,not LIMITED TO---before I get hate mail and posts again,this is just a FEW of the best our area has to offer---Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels,Derrick King, Cody Melton, Matt Boyce, Kevin White, Brian Christopher, Jerry Lawler, Downtown Bruno, Joey Lynn, Chuck Poe, Jimmy Blaylock, Greg Anthony, Pokerface, Justin Smart, Austin Lane, Wolfie-d, John Michael, Alan Steele,and....screw it...yall come up with some more, I know you can do it. I'm beat! Try doing this every day for a living,for 32 years - you'll see why I get grumpy and bitchy sometimes,and say/post/print/write grumpy s**** sometimes!!!

Oh,and finally,holler if you hear me.....and,BT, please dont censor the PIECES OF DOG SHIT who killed that poor boy in Arkansas, don't disgrace me - my profession - and all those people whose names I mentioned earlier in this column (and umpteen more I didn't mention who deserve mentions) by continuing to pretend you are a part of my fucking business - because you are NOT!!!! And if you did what it appears you did, and are alleged to have done, you should burn in hell for it. I got more miles on the road in reverse than you mother fuckers have in drive...I got more shower time than yall have ring time, and finally....I've made mistakes and learned from them too, but my mistakes never killed anybody so put that in your fuckin pipe and smoke it....Happy New Year to everybody else!