Sunday, December 12, 2010

NEW's Kid Nikels Gets A Look!!

----Kid Nikels attended the OVW/ROH camp last Saturday night.

----Nikels was fortunate enough to be able to not only get a look from Danny Davis and Jim Corrnette, but WWE's John Laurinaitis also attended the camp. Here is what I got from the camp.

Nikels went with trainer Ken Wayne and did a great job.  When they got there Saturday Danny and Cornette introduced Wayne to everyone and he talked and told a couple stories. There were 45 guys split into 3 groups. At one point Nikels was on the floor going thru holds and Dinsmore walks by as Nikels spins around to a top wristlock and Nick made him stop and do it again. Then he asked Nikels to show him what he was doing because he(Dinsmore) had never seen that before. There were a lot of 6 man tags the first day because of the amount of people, but Nikels was one of two guys that got a singles match Sunday in front of Laurinaitis. He wrestled a guy Danny trained named Rudy Switchblade and did the best out of everyone. No one was really telling a story in their match and Nikels' match told a story. Nikels did well on the promos too, throwing in a lot of serial killer references and hit his time exactly. The last promo he did was on Wayne too and again the guys were pretty impressed. [only about 6 or 7 guys were brought back to do promos for Laurinaitis]. Its definitely something worth going to because  there was told many different talent levels at this camp.