Thursday, December 16, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 12.11.10

----Results from Saturday night.

Dustin Baker starts off show with announcements then interrupted by Dan Matthews. Dan comes out talking about how he hasn't been treated fairly and wants a real match with a real competitor along with a title shot. Baker grants Matthew's wish by putting him in the main event against current EWE Champ Christian Jacobs. If Matthews wins his match then he will earn a title shot for the EWE heavyweight championship. After making this match Kellen James comes out. Kellen gets angry and turns his attention on Dan Matthews after being told that Max Corbin has been fired from EWE. Kellen tries to recruit Matthews. Matthews shakes Kellen's hand and leaves the ring while Baker is trying to talk him out of it. As Kellen is "celebrating" Jon Michael comes out and starts talking about Kellen's and his goons actions in the EWE. Jon Michael issued a challenge that if he won his match with J.R. Manson that he would get a 5 minute match with Kellen James.
As the argument was going back and forth, J.R. Manson sneaked to the ring and put some kind of pills in Jon Michael water. J.R. then tries to sneak attack Jon Michael as Kellen gets out of the ring.

EWE Ultimate Division Championship match (Best 2 out of 3)
Eric Wayne vs. Tatt2

This was a great match and very well fought out. Tatt2 has really shaped up since the last time he was in the EWE ring and really took it to Wayne. Wayne, a powerhouse in this match, was able to keep up with the agility and high flies executed by Tatt2
Tatt2 wins
Eric comes back in round 2 and takes it to Tatt2. Eric comes back to win 2nd round.
Tatt2 capitalizes round 3 and retains the EWE Ultimate Title

Jon Michael vs. J.R. Manson
JM comes out to the ring still in full wrestle mode, but begins to slip about 5 minutes into this match. With JM being "drugged" up it was difficult for him to really dominate this match. With the help of Kellen J.R. had this match in his control for the majority of the time. JM was able to pull whatever out of his hat to win this match and earn his 5 minutes of time with Kellen James.
The match continues immediately after Manson's match. Baker announces that Manson must leave the ring and go to the back so the match would be a fair 1 on 1. As the match starts up, Ike Tucker comes out of nowhere and jumps JM. Ref calls the match a DQ while Ike, Kellen, and Manson continue to beat JM. Baker goes to the ring to check on JM but JM doesn't seen to want the help of Baker and was upset that the match wasn't stopped sooner.

Kid Nikels vs. Stan Lee
This was a great match. Kid Nikels just keeps getting better and better when he steps in that ring. The crowd love the fact that he brings a body bag with him. Kid really took it Stan until Stan found his open and turned around the match. As the came to an end Kellen comes out with a steel chair. He throws it to Kid Nikels while Stan comes from behind. As Kid turns around with the chair he meets the foot of Stan Lee right to the face. Kellen tries to shake the hand of Lee, but Lee pauses for a moment and decides to just do a "fist bump."

Main Event
Dan Matthews vs EWE heavyweight champ Christian Jacobs
Matthews really tried his best in this match. Probably the best match seen since his debut in the EWE. Matthews just about matched CJ with strength and power moves. Christian Jacobs was still too powerful and hit Matthews with the spear and won the match
Christian Jacobs wins

Crowd about 75