Tuesday, December 21, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 12.18.10

----EWE from this past Saturday night.

----This sounds like a real good show.  I was told the Wayne vs Lee bout was real good from this show.

EWE Results 12.18.10

Tag Team Match
Picture Perfect vs. Johnny Bandanna & Drew Haskins
Really good match to start out the night. Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs really turned things up for the night as well as keeping control of this match. Bandanna took most of the heat through out this match with a few curves thrown by assistance from Drew. Overall really good match.
Picture Perfect wins

Ultimate Division Match
Dan Matthews vs Ultimate Division Champion Tatt2
This was a really good match as well. Matthews taking control for a good portion of this match really sticking high powered moves over tatt2. Matthews executed really nice belly-to-belly's, gorilla presses, as well as heavy scoop slams on tatt2. Matthews really tried to keep Tatt2 on the ground, but wasn't too successful. Tatt2 was able to come back and over turn the match with his unique style. He hit Matthews with the 901 and a beautiful springboard 450 splash.
Tatt2 wins

Kid Nikels vs J.R. Manson
Yet, another great match. Manson took advantage the best he could with a the injured shoulder of Nichols. Nikels was a complete powerhouse in this match. Manson tried his best to stay in control of this match for the fact that he was all alone this time. He did not have the help of Ike Tucker nor Kellen James. Nichols not only hit the choke slam on Manson but 2 back to back choke slams.
Nikels wins
*Nikels wrapped Manson up in the body bag and carried Manson out of the ring to the back.*

Stan Lee vs Eric Wayne
Another great match for the evening. Eric and Stan both went at it and stuck it to each other. Stan really stood out in this match showing off his cockiness and attitude. Eric was able to come back and counter just about every move Stan planted on him. Stan left the ring to go grab something from the concession stand. He came back to the ring and tried to stab Wayne with a pen, but the ref was able to catch it before Stan could connect and the ref disqualified Stan.
Eric Wayne wins by DQ
Stan knocks out the ref and goes to beat up a broken Eric Wayne and then out of nowhere Jon Michael comes to the ring and helps assist Eric Wayne.
*Jon Michael vs Stan Lee at New Year's Aftermath Jan 1, 2011*

Main Event
Flash Flanagan vs Jocephus
Jocephus attacks Flash from behind after entering the ring. Jocephus tries his best to keep control of this match over Flash. Flash came back turning the heat on Jocephus, but gets cut off and thrown out of the ring. As Flash was trying to get back in the ring Jocephus and the ref are arguing about the chains that were brought out. Flash comes from behind and rolls up Jocephus with the 1, 2, 3.

Crowd about 90
Crazy Christmas December 25th, 2010
*Jon Michael has to do a public drug test*
New Year's Aftermath Jan 1, 2011