Sunday, December 05, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 12.03.10

----Results from Friday night.

1st match of the night went to the Giant Leprechaun & Officer Hudson over Adrian Stratton & Biscuit !!! Giant Leprechaun hits Biscuit in the corner with a Big Splash !!!

2nd match of the night was the rough & rugged Hambone Express over Snuffy & Big Al !! Big Al has Hambone 2 ready to run into the mule kick when HB reverses it and Snuffy hits Big Al with it and HB pins Big Al !!!
3rd match puts Cannon & Big Daddy Lafonce against JT Storm & Lance Boudreaux !! Big Daddy hits Lance with his patented Skullbuster and out runs Pokerface & Frankie T to jump him !! Big Daddy grabs a chair & Tucker & Poker hightail it out of there !!! Big Daddy & Cannon get the 1,2,3 on Lance !!!
4th match has Pokerface & Frankie Tucker over the team of Hillbilly Tucker & Cowboy Chris Frasier !! Frasier pins Tucker but Poker jumps out and grabs the bell where they can't ring it !!! Tucker grabs Hillbilly & hits him with the All American pancake !! The ref counts 1,2,3 and Poker goes crazy ringing the bell repeatedly !!! Your winners Pokerface & Frankie T !!!
5th match was an exciting tag match when Chris Steele & Chris Idol gave Little Lucky & Playboy Tommy Wayne all they wanted !!! Steele has Wayne pinned when Lucky nails Steele with the title to reverse the pin !! Steele challenges Lucky to a match for the Cruiserweight belt !!! We will see what happens !!! Thanks MCW fans & God bless !!!