Tuesday, December 21, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 12.17.10

----Results from Friday night.

1st match - Battle Royal with the last 2 remaining to get a shot at the tag team titles !!! Hambones 1&2,Chris Idol,Loose Cannon,The Hillbillies Tuck & Snuffy,Christmas Creature, & Big Al !! The winners Hillbilly Tuck & Snuffy !!

2nd match - V-man defeated Lance Boudreaux !!
3rd match - Ofc Hudson defeats Cowboy Chris Frazier to retain his Middleweight Championship !!!
4th match - Little Lucky wins again over Chris Steele to keep his Cruiserweight Title !!!
5th match - Frankie Tucker comes out with Pokerface to award him 1 of the tag belts because he said Big Daddy & the fans turned their back on him !!! The opponents in the ring were Tommy Wayne & Chaos !! Frankie was all cocky & told Poker let's make this a championship match , anything goes !! Poker & Frankie kept pinning their opponents & pulling them up !! Laughing & bullying them around !! Out runs Big Daddy & V-man jumping on Frankie & Poker !! Big Daddy puts his skullbuster on Tucker and V-man puts his choke slam on Poker !! They roll Chaos on Poker & Tommy on Frankie for the 1,2,3 !! Crowd blew the roof off for the new tag champs !! Chaos & Tommy Wayne !! Pop of the night !! Merry Christmas MCW fans & RRO !!