Friday, December 24, 2010

RassleResults: NBW Newbern ,TN 12.23.10 - 200 Fans Show Up for Thursday Night!!

----Here are results from last night.
-Tim Edwards/Brad Badd beat Shannon Lee/Buckwheat

-Chris Rocker beat Drive By

-Chris O'Neal beat Jason Reed to advance to "Legacy"

-Mark Justice beat The Kid in the Last Man Standing Match to be the sole holder of the NBW Tag Team Titles.

-C-Money beat Tommy Redneck

-They ran an angle where Santa Claus brought out some coal for Jeremy Moore and he was going to hit Santa, but Stan Lee & Blaine Devine made the save.

-Jon Biscuit  beat Weezy in a strap match to capture the High Risk Title.
-Blaine Devine/Stan Lee def. Jeremy Moore /Big Red /Rude in a handicap match after C money evened the odds.
Next week Rocker vs. Oz winner goes to "Legacy. Red vs Stan Champ vs. Champ and Moore vs. Devine in a fan strap match on 1-1-11....Billy Gunn coming in for 1.15.10 - "Legacy 4"...  The "Legacy" tournament that we mentioned last week is a 8 man tournament. The final two guys will face Stan Lee [MACW champ] and Big Red [NBW champ] in to separate title matches. The two winners wrestle later in the night to unify the titles at "Legacy 4."