Tuesday, December 07, 2010

RassleResults: NBW Results WrapUp 11.20 to 12.04.10

----Three weeks of results from NBW.

----This group continues to draw normal numbers and the results seem to keep the fans interested.  Lee and Oneal have helped as new faces with the undercard being about the same.  I have heard lots of guys on this show rave about working Big Red.  Rocker and him may be the most underrated in the area.  Lots of stuff going on "behind the scenes" with a possible new owner, but can not report it until final papers have been signed. 

11 20 10

Drive bi def. Buckwheat

Biscuit and Shannon lee def. Weezy and redneck

C money def. 187 by dq

Oz def. Jeremy Moore via rollup
Postmatch Moore attacked oz and was beating him bad until Jason Reed demanded him to stop, reed was in attendance, Moore was having Reed thrown out but Reed told Moore to give him one match against him, if moore wins Reed retires, Reed wins then he comes back

Rocker, Chris Oneal, and Mark Justice def. Big Red, Brad Badd, and Tim Edwards..
Post match rocker superkicked Chris Oneal after Oneal held the NBW championship in the air.

11 27 10

Weezy and Redneck got disqualified against Biscuit and Shannon Lee

Rockin Randy Def. Drive By

Big red def. Mark justice

Tim Edwards Def. C money

Jason Reed defense. Jeremy Moore after the special ref Brad Badd wouldn't count for Reed, so Jeff pulled Brad outta the ring after Brad attacked Reed and was going to fast count for Moore, and pushed him into the ring post while Oz delivered an x factor to Moore and put reed on top of him and Jeff made the count

Oz def. Rocker
Post match Rocker jumped Oz. Stipulation on the match was if Rocker could beat Oz he'd get an nbw title match

12 4 10

Shannon Lee def. Drive bi

Weezy and Redneck def. Sob's after Biscuit and Shannon jumped them

Moore challenged Oz to a rematch which Oz declined not only because of his neck injury from Rocker but because he wants to focus on being champion. So as intermission was ending Moore attacked Oz and gave him a beating until Reed made the save

C money def Brad badd

Tim Edwards vs. Jason Reed was a no contest after Brad got involved and Reed ran out. Next week it will be Reed and c money vs. Brad and tim

Stan Lee def. Rocker
Stipulation of the match being if Rocker could beat stan and hand Moore the macw title then Rocker would get an nbw title match. Rocker jumped stan and Chris Oneal made the save.

Crowd ran between 70 and 100 all 3 weeks