Tuesday, December 07, 2010

RassleResults: Southern Wrestling Selmer, TN 12.04.10

----Results from Selmer, TN.

Southern Wrestling
Saturday, December 4, 2010
Selmer, TN
Selmer Community Center
Kellen James starts the show by announcing that Brian Christopher would be unable to make the show to have his scheduled "Hair v/s Hair" match with Black Ice.  Bones and Black Ice come to ringside and claim to have nothing to do with Brian being unable to appear and want to be declared the winner by forfeit.  Kellen James states that he has found a "suitable replacement" and that the match would go on as scheduled and that Bones also had a match and it would take place right now.
Match 1: Bones w/Black Ice v/s Kid Thunder
Kid Thunder defeated Bones with a rollup after Bones was distracted by Brian Christopher's music playing on the PA system.
Match 2: Kevin McQueen w/Christian Shane v/s "Wild Thang" Kenny McQueen
Kevin McQueen pins Kenny McQueen with his feet on the ropes for leverage.
Match 3: Derrick King v/s Cody Melton
Cody Melton defeats Derrick King with a sunset flip variation.
Match 4: Albino Rhino v/s Ty Hamilton
Albino Rhino pins Ty Hamilton after catching him in a cross body attempt and powerslamming him.  After the match, Rhino continues the assault on Ty Hamilton's back/ribs with backbreakers, elbow drops, and splashes.  Ty Hamilton has to be carried to the back by security.
Before match 5 gets under way, Bones and Black Ice come to the ring and get on the mic, saying that Kellen James hasn't found a replacement and that they are ready to be awarded the match.  Kellen James grabs the mic and announces the mystery opponent.
Match 5:  "Hair v/s Hair" Loser of the fall gets his head shaved: Bones and Black Ice v/s "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and Cody Melton
"Dangerous" Doug Gilbert and Cody Melton defeat Bones and Black Ice when Doug Gilbert knocks out Black Ice with a sleeper hold.  After the match, Doug Gilbert and Cody Melton take turns shaving Black Ice's head until he is totally bald.
Match 6: "Christmas Chaos" Battle Royal
Participants: Kevin McQueen, Kenny McQueen, Ty Hamilton, Christian Shane, Kid Thunder, Bones, Albino Rhino, Cody Melton, Black Ice, and Derrick King.
Ty Hamilton wins the "Christmas Chaos" battle royal by eliminating Albino Rhino with a headscissor variation.
Crowd: 96
Next show: Januray 8, 2011 in Selmer, TN at the Selmer Community Center. Main Event Rematch: Derrick King v/s Cody Melton