Thursday, December 23, 2010

RRO AWARDS RACE 2010 Stage 3 - NOMINATE NOW!! 5th Annual RRO Awards!!

----This is the final stage of RRO Awards Race 2010.

----Ok, this is Stage 3 and the final stage of the 5th Annual RRO Awards Race. Below are all rest of the categories and I am going to explain them and give me thoughts on picks.  If you are a member of the KAYFABE MESSSAGE BOARD, then you may click over and put all your nominations there. Or you may e-mail your picks, if you do not want to post them “in the open” on the board. Send your nominations in ASAP. PLEASE PICK 3 NOMINEES for each category!!! Send your e-mail to with subject: RRO Nominees. Deadline for these awards is Wednesday 12.29.10.  Polls will go up on January 1st with 10 days to vote.  

----Horizon Award: This is the award for the guy/girl/team that you think should have a TNA/WWE contract. This award was won by Austin Lane last year. Eric Wayne amd Byron Willcott [who had a contract] in close second the year before and Dustin Starr  won it in 2006 and 2007. My nominees: Christian Jacobs, Kid Nikels and Matt Riveria .

----Most Improved – Who got better in 2010? Cody Melton, Justin Smart, Maxx Corbin, Mike Anthony, Matt Boyce, Drew Haskins, Jeremy Moore and Chris Styker are all good picks. My nominees: Cody Melton, Justin Smart and Mike Anthony.

----Most Underrated –Chris Rocker [probably the most underrated worker in the area that has good matches week after week. Also in the “Alan Steele” mode of not winning an award yet from RRO.], Seth Knight, C-Money, Kevin White, Maxx Corbin, Mark Devonci [aka OZ] and Tatt2 are all good picks. My nominees: Big Red, Chris Rocker and Chris O'Neal.

----Arena Report Match of the Year – These are the best matches that I witnessed at live events. This is hard to vote for some people because they do not see as much stuff as I do. But..if you attended one of these matches, then you know the quality of it. I have listed all the matches that scored [***3/4] or higher. Please pick three. I have highlighted my three picks. Derrick King vs Christian Jacobs 2.27.10 Ripley, TN [****], Stan Lee vs Greg Anthony Trumann, AR 4.02.10 [***3/4], Tasha Simone/”Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] vs Worm/Suicide/Adrian Banks Paragould, AR 3.20.10 [***3/4], Austin Lane vs Mike Antony 4.03.10 Tuckerman, AR [***3/4], Stan Lee vs. Chris O'Neal vs. Seth Knight 7.03.10 Jonesboro, AR [***3/4],  Austin Lane vs Eric Wayne 7.02.10 West Memphis, AR [***3/4],  Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels 8.14.10 West Memphis, AR [***3/4], First Blood Elimination: Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne vs Justin Smart/Shawn Reed 10.08.10 West Memphis, AR [****]  and Derrick King vs Stan Lee 12.17.10 Blytheville, AR [****].

----TV Match of the Year: These are original matches that aired on TV this year. I have highlighted by three picks. If you think I missed one, then feel free to nominate it.  Derrick King, Christian Jacobs & Cody Melton vs. Bobby Eaton, "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony & Jon Michael Worthington [RCW] - real fun bout with a tremendous angle with Alan Steele at the end - favorite TV bout of the year!! Seth Knight vs Christian Jacobs [RCW], Seth Knight vs Justin Smart [RCW] and Seth Knight vs Rodney Mack [RCW]. Knight is a real good TV wrestler. Others: Kid Nikels vs Alan Steele [NEW] [Kid takes a chair], Bishop vs Carnage Antwone [IWA] and Tommy Mercer vs Stan Lee [JLMW].  CLICK HERE to go to the RCW channel to watch a lot of these bouts.

----Best Wrestling Web Site – What other sites besides this site??, The Mid-Southern Message Board and are my nominees.

----Columnist of the Year –Who has the best columns??  I have to mention Loose Cannon, Randall Lewis, and Eric Wayne.   My nominees this year are Greg Anthony, Downtown Bruno and Pokerface.

----Female Performer: Not that many girls left working on regular basis - week after week.  The Ga-Ga Girl had Memphis Wrestling exposure, but was bad.  My nominees: Tasha Simone [my favorite this year, because of winning the NWA Title and participating in a MOTY candidate], Athena Eclipse and Su Yung.