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SAW TV Review 12.10.10 by Larry Goodman

----Larry Goodman with SAW TV review.

Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Airing December 10, 2010 on The America One Network
Taped November 14 and November 20, 2010 at Morton’s Auction House in Columbia, TN

LAST WEEK ON SAW…Jesse Emerson pinned JT Quest after distraction by Roxy Rossi…Shane Williams threw a fireball into the face of Arrick Andrews AND pinned JP Magnum with chain wrapped around his fist…With the top contenders, Picture Perfect and Vordell Walker & J-Rod both mysteriously put out of commission, Derrick King Enterprises successfully defended the tag team titles against two jobbers…Tommy Mercer’s path of destruction continued, as he submitted Chad Williams with a cross armbreaker, then Pillmanized his arm with a chair…Mercer said the title shot should be his not Phil Shatter’s, but title shot or not, Mercer guaranteed he would be at “The Fight Before Christmas.”

Michael Graham said Picture Perfect had been cleared to wrestle and would get their tag team title shot at DKE tonight.

1 – SAW Women’s Title Match: Champion TRACY TAYLOR vs. NIKKI DIAMOND

Taylor put on a chain wrestling clinic with a Sharpshooter thrown in for good measure. Diamond got the advantage by tossing Taylor out of the ring and whipping her into the post. They came within an eyelash of being counted out. Ref Jesse Fields cut them slack. Back from commercial, Diamond busted out the hair mare. Diamond resorted to hair pulls to keep Taylor under control. Taylor fired up, bouncing Diamond’s head off all four turnbuckles and returned the favor with  a trio of hair mares. Diamond got a near fall with an X Factor. As Diamond was griping at Fields, Taylor caught her with a nifty rolling reverse with a bridge. 

WINNER: Taylor retained in 8:08.

EARLIER TONIGHT…Paul Adams was with Jesse Emerson and Roxy. Adams said there was nothing worse than a blonde bimbo, except for a blonde mimbo (male bimbo) and that’s exactly what Ryan Genesis was. Roxy told a blonde joke. Emerson asked Roxy if her legs were tired, because they had been running through his mind all day long. Adams called him a smooth talker. Emerson said it would be no sweat to beat Genesis one more time. “Remember J is for Jesse. J is for justice.”

Showtime All-Star Wrestling present "The Fight Before Christmas" on Saturday, December 11 at Freddie Morton's Auction House in Columbia, TN. SAW Heavyweight Title Match: Phil Shatter (c) vs. Chase Stevens; "No Mercy" Tommy Mercer vs. Hammerjack; Vordell Walker vs. David Young; Arrick "The Dragon" Andrews vs. Shane Williams; plus the return of Kid Kash, Jesse Emerson, Rick Santel, Paul Adams, Sigmon, JP Magnum and Chad Williams. Bell time is 7pm.

2 – JESSE EMERSON (with Paul Adams & Roxy) vs. RYAN GENESIS

Emerson tried to cheat on the break, but Genesis decked him with a shot to the jaw. Genesis used a single leg takedown and it was back and forth reversals on the mat. Emerson tried to advantage on the break again, and Genesis really lit him up. Genesis hit a Stinger splash. Emerson evaded a second corner splash and countered with a back suplex. Emerson followed with a rolling neck snap for a two count. Emerson cut Genesis off by raking his bootlaces across the eyes. Emerson hit a fist drop off the top for another near fall. Genesis answered with a headbutt that did damage to both men. Graham said Genesis still had his green moments, and that might have been one of them. Emerson came to his feet with a standing dropkick. He celebrated before covering. It was damn impressive. Emerson maneuvered into a cobra clutch. In full command of the situation, Emerson started running his mouth. Emerson hit a corner splash and made the same dumb mistake of trying for a second one. Comeback time. Genesis pasted Emerson with right hands and clotheslines. Genesis with a spinebuster for a long two count. Genesis took too much time and ate a boot. Emerson hit a uranage. Shock and amazement registered on the face of Adams. Emerson tried for the Alabama Slam but Genesis rolled through. Both men down on a double clothesline. Adams up on the apron in the face of referee Kurt Herron. Emerson delivered a low blow right in front of Herron.   

WINNER: Genesis via DQ in 9:50 due to Emerson’s low blow being caught by the referee.

EARLIER TONIGHT…Backstage, Derrick King Enterprises were decked out in their best threads. King said Picture Perfect must have gotten drunk or gone partying with Chase Stevens the last time. Drew Haskins complimented Johnny Bandanna on being a sharp-dressed man. Haskins said he called in his tailor, and Bandana’s vest had the smallest fibers imaginable. Haskins told Bandanna it was one thing to look like a wrestler, but it was another thing to be the champs. Haskins said wrestling was a hobby for Picture Perfect. Haskins gushed about King, claiming that “the Memphis Mogul” had founded a billion dollar enterprise and caused the career of “Teen Excitement” to skyrocket.

We have passion. We do this because we will be the best. We are the biggest moneymakers. We are the best wrestlers, and you bet we are the sharpest and the most handsome looking men in the sport.

King closed - “Picture Perfect, to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best, and you’re looking at the best.” Stereo chin chucks by Haskins and Bandanna, then high fives all around.

As DKE made their entrance, they paused to have some fun with a BIG redheaded lady on the front row. Graham said Picture Perfect had spent time in the hospital as a result of the mysterious locker room attack last week, and J-Rod & Walker were still not cleared to wrestle.

3 – SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions DERRICK KING ENTERPRISES (Derrick King & Drew Haskins with Johnny Bandana & Sista O’Feelyah) vs. PICTURE PERFECT (Jon Michael Worthington & Christian Jacobs)

PP jumped on DKE at the bell.  A ring clearing barrage of offense ensued. Graham noted the pop for PP. He described it as a lesser of two evils situation. The big men gave Haskins a high impact pounding for several minutes. King was on the receiving end of double backbreaker/double clothesline combo. Worthington turned King inside out with a lariat and Haskins made a save. DKE finally managed to trap Jacobs in their corner. Haskins guillotined Jacobs’ neck as he flew over the top followed with a diving headbutt from the top. Sweet. DKE did a number on Jacobs with copious double teaming and outside interference by Bandanna. Worthington let his temper cloud his judgment. There was a nice hope spot off a suplex reversal. King popped the crowd with a flying crotch bump. Graham called it two balls and one strike. Jacobs went through the legs for a hot tag. It’s corner splash night, as Worthington added a pair of them. Jacobs gave Haskins a uranage and King saved. King hit a spinning X Factor on Jacobs and Worthington saved. Graham said he had lost track of the legal men. So had referee Fields apparently, because neither of the previous pin attempts were legal. Worthington ducked King’s superkick and threw a haymaker. King ducked and Worthington pulled up to avoid slugging Fields, who went down to protect his pretty face. Bandanna slid the belt to King. POW. 1-2-3. 

WINNER: DKE retain the titles in 16:30 when King pinned Worthington after a belt shot.

Afterthoughts: There was some really good wrestling on this show. Genesis has put together a string of good matches lately, and this one was the best of the bunch. He and Emerson really clicked. Just an excellent TV match. I liked the finish with a SAW ref who never sees anything catching the lawyer cheating…The main event was a solid tag match. It worked in so far as the crowd getting behind Picture Perfect as the babyfaces in this feud, although it came across better live. The heat added a lot that night in the building. Not so much on TV. It didn’t help that the match was shown in edited form with two commercial breaks. What did help was the sheer awesomeness of DKE has heels, plus the fact that they’ve been painted as total sleaze in the storyline…The women’s match was taped at one of house shows. Diamond is the daughter of former Georgia Championship Wrestling referee Scrappy McGowan. She’s one of Taylor’s trainees. Given that Diamond had her first pro match a few months ago, this wasn’t as bad as it could have been, thanks to Taylor totally carrying it. Diamond needs to something about her hairstyle. It completely hides her facial expressions. And as a heel, she’s sorely lacking in the bitchy evilness department. It’s has to be frustrating for Taylor that she’s a far better wrestler now than when she was under contract to WWE…DKE cut another entertaining promo. Haskins’ bombastic mic work was quite hilarious. The A-Team promo was another story. It needed another take. Emerson came across like anything but a smooth operator…Graham did another fine job as solo announcer. Not only was head honcho Reno Riggins MIA from the broadcast team, his name was never mentioned. And what became of the “Next Star of SAW” contest?…The excellence of the recap segment that opens each episode really hit home with me this week. I haven’t seen last week’s show, and the recap clips gave a clear, concise update on all the key stuff…The commercial for “Fight Before Christmas” is simple yet effective. The music gives it the feeling of something special…It will be interesting to see how SAW handles the situation with Mercer being in the thick of the title picture since his newly signed TNA contract prohibits television appearances.

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