Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SAW TV Review - eps 151 by Larry Goodman

----SAW TV report from Larry Goodman.

Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Airing December 10, 2010 on The America One Network
Taped November 13, 2010 at Morton’s Auction House in Columbia, TN

SAW streams Fridays at 10pm with a replay on Sunday at 3pm at

Last Week on SAW…Hammerjack issued a warning to SAW Champion Phil Shatter – “Don’t turn your back on Hammerjack.”…Former champion Chase Stevens sent a message in no uncertain terms -- he would get his rematch, and he would regain the title.

Jesse Emerson, The A-Team’s new legal counsel made his way to the ring with his theme song playing in the background.

Or perhaps you’ve been subjected to a hostile and dangerous work environment. You need the best. Call the law office of Jesse Emerson right away. He’ll personally see to it that you get what’s coming to you, fast and efficient. J is for Jesse and justice. Call now.

Emerson was accompanied by Paul Adams and Roxy. They cut to Emerson making a jibroni tap to his new finisher, the Tort Feaser.

1 – JESSE EMERSON (with Paul Adams & Roxy) vs. JT QUEST (with Xstacy)

As Emerson and Quest jockeyed for position, Michael Graham promised shocking footage of Shane Williams and Arrick Andrews later in the hour. He also noted the absence of Roxy’s umm buddy, Rick Santel at ringside. The girls were having issues. Emerson was doing all kinds of nasty things to Quest’s knee. Quest’s knee collapsed on a high boot and there went his first comeback. Quest’s second comeback looked pretty shaky as well, but he had Emerson rocked. After hitting a belly-to-belly suplex, Quest’s attention was drawn to the valet conflict, and Emerson nailed him with the Alabama Slam.

WINNER: Emerson in 7:20.

5 weeks ago on SAW…Footage of Shane Williams’ ringside interview from “The Lost Episodes”. Williams said he had been in San Antonio taking care of Bob Sweetan and in Dallas exposing the Von Erich family as flukes. He challenged Arrick Andrews to meet him in the ring. They had an impromptu that Andrews was getting the better of, until Shane threw a fireball in his face. It looked great, so great that this bright and shiny moment was given three replays.

As Shane awaited the arrival of his opponent, Graham expressed his deep disappointment in Williams and said he had been heavily fined for his unkingly behavior. Andrews was said to be asking for a rematch at “Fight Before Christmas” despite his uncertain medical status. Graham announced Picture Perfect vs. Vordell Walker & J-Rod to determine the number one contender for the tag team titles for later in the hour.


Shane couldn’t cope with the size and power of Magnum, who was the recipient of impressive crowd support. Shane got his mojo working with a series of closed fists that put the big man down. Shane continued to dish it out, scoring a two count with a leg lariat. Magnum dug his heels in an Irish whip, reversed it and gave Shane a high backdrop as he rebounded out of the corner. Williams absorbed a couple of knockdown lariats, before dropping a charging Magnum with a boot in the mush. Shane pulled the strap up for the Lawler fist drop. Magnum kicked out, much to Shane’s dismay. Shane tried for the piledriver. Magnum countered. Shane pulled a chain out from under his crown. As Magnum tried for a back suplex, Shane clocked him with the chain to secure the victory. “The King” rejoiced.

WINNER: Williams in 6:30.

Breaking news! Cut to the locker room area where Picture Perfect had been knocked out cold. Graham said that J-Rod had been found in a similar condition and Walker was being transported to a hospital as he spoke. Graham admitted they were in scramble mode regarding the number one contenders match, and pitched to a trailer for “Code 207”, a straight-to-DVD variety action film with appearances by Chase Stevens and Tommy Mercer.

Dissolve to Mercer sitting in front of a monitor as the trailer concluded. “You’re looking at a bonafide superstar. And you’re looking at a future SAW champion”. Mercer said he came up just short on two occasions (cut to slow motion footage of Mercer DDTing Stevens into the concrete at the Stadium Inn). “It’s a shame Phil Shatter had to come along and pick up my scraps. Chase, you gotta ask yourself one question. Was I the reason you lost to Phil Shatter? Shatter, you got to ask yourself the same thing. I had Stevens wounded. He could barely put up a fight against you. That doesn’t make you a legitimate tough guy. That makes you someone that came along and picked up a win that should have been mine.” Mercer said the title shot at “Fight Before Christmas” should have gone to him not Stevens. Mercer guaranteed that he would be in Columbia, title shot or not.

Derrick King Enterprises made their entrance. Graham explained that due to the brutal attacks on the participants in the number one contenders match, two undercard guys were being thrust into a tag team title match, because DKE’s 30 day limit was about to expire.

3 – SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions DERRICK KING ENTERPRISE (Derrick King & Drew Haskins with Sista O’Feelyah & Johnny Bandanna) vs. JOHNNY GUNZ & NORMAN CROSS

The local guys got some early offense, including a near fall off a leg lariat by Gunz. DKE beat on Gunz, who got a hope spot two count fall with a sunset flip. A collision lead to double tags and four way action. Haskins disposed of Gunz and pinned Cross with a slice ‘n dice guillotine leg drop.

WINNERS: DKE retain the SAW Tag Team Championship in 8:16.


Graham said this was a standby match. Chad is a newcomer from Cleveland (same as Mercer) with a lean Ortonesque look. chiseled physique. After Chad got off an early flurry, Mercer lured him outside the ring and smashed his arm into fixed objects. Mercer proceeded to do a number on the arm, including a Fujiwara armbar. Chad rallied and hit a spinning back elbow. Mercer rolled a shoulder at one. Mercer got Chad into a Samoan Drop position. Chad slipped away and was tried for some kind of spinning slam deal. Mercer escaped and slapped on the cross armbreaker. Chad fought it a bit before tapping.

WINNER: Mercer via submission in 6:50.

Afterward, Mercer sandwiched a chair around Chad’s arm and stomped on it a few times. The refs congregated at ringside and fretted about this. I guess they learned their lesson about trying to intervene with Mercer.

Afterthoughts: The major positives of this episode were in the realm of storytelling and character development. SAW has done as good a job as an indy promotion in the Southeast of building prestige for their title. It helps to have title lineage that includes Jerry Lynn, Kid Kash, Stevens and Shatter and no multiple man title matches. Booker Paul Adams has built three way tension surrounding the title into an intriguing situation. And the beauty of it is how it’s been accomplished with a minimum of matches, unlike WWE where by the time they get to the PPV, the guys have faced off so many times on TV already that all the specialness has dissipated…One of SAW’s great strengths is that their heels are distinctive, fleshed out characters. Case in point, Emerson as A-Team’s lawyer. In addition to his being a legit member of the Indiana bar, Emerson is hitting all the right notes with his turn to the dark side, and his theme song is a hoot. The King Shane segments are fast becoming my favorite parts of the show. Anybody that reference Bob Sweetan in a promo in 2010, well, that’s somebody that loves their pro wrestling. As great as that fireball was, the most awesome thing about it was Shane’s facial reaction to the dastardly deed. Just the way he carries himself as he comes to the ring is enough to make people want to punch his face. I was interesting in seeing the rematch without Andrews lifting a finger or saying word one. That was some fancy fabrication Adams' came up with to get around the lack of a number one contender’s match. Neither Walker or J-Rod were at this taping. The icing on the cake would have been a sadistic beatdown and total humiliation of the job guys by DKE. But there’s an issue there, because said job guys are stars for RPW’s promotional partner RTW. As executed, it just made the champions look weak…I guess it doesn’t hurt to show SAW stars doing movie roles, even a grade C film like “Code 207”. The acting on that trailer was so bad that it made the action sequences featuring Stevens and Mercer (they did not appear in the same scenes) look like Academy award material. The segue to Mercer’s promo was a nice touch. The content and delivery of Mercer’s speech was just was called for – clear, direct and ominous. The matches on this show were neither bad nor anything special. Magnum showed well in his first SAW match as a babyface. He and Shane had the best match on the show. The DKE match was what it was. Somebody please give Cross a serious lesson in how to throw a worked punch show were anything special. Emerson’s match worked for character development. Roxy is a work in progress. Her greenness was relatively well disguised by Adams being out there to orchestrate the thing with the girls. If they need to give another RTW guy a TV win for some reason, Quest gets my vote. He was kind of blown up on his comeback, but at least he looks like a pro wrestler. Mercer’s match was OK. I liked Mercer’s methodical destruction of the body part to set up the submission. Chad looked nervous or something. I have a feeling he’s better than what he showed.

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