Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I Miss In Wrestling by Beau James

----This was posted on Facebook and I thought some of you would appreciate it.

Here is just a few things I miss in wrestling. Most of you reading will have no idea. The ones that do I think will agree.
*wrestling 6 to 7 days a week,
*not seeing wrestlers wearing t shirts of tna or wwe guys,
*guys talking about everything but wrestling in the dressing room,
*getting cussed out by Bill Dundee and Buddy Wayne,
*k and h wrestling gear,
*wrestlers in gear period
*Grown men wrestling trying to make a living and take care of their family

*Getting booked by mailing out an 8X10
*having to make long distance phone calls
*wrestlers who would travel

*young guys looking for advice form older guys
*Older guys that knew what they were talking about not these I been wrestling 20 years guys that have*wrestled no more than 10 times a year and never more than an hour from home
*Two wrestlers settling a problem not two goofs who never been in a fight running home after the matches and after they shook hands to talk about each other on a message board
*Not getting that stupid handshake guys think now is a "secret" handshake [my favorite!!]

*the dressing room being a place of business and everyone had their space, not like now with goofy guys wanting to have their match 100 times in the dressing room before they go out there.
*Seeing guys playing cards in the dressing room or reading the news paper

*hearing someone ask what is the house and they say a number like 32 or 5 meaning $3,200 or 5 grand not 32 people.
*Signing a draw sheet,
*Riding with a car load of wrestlers fixing the world's troubles,
*one - two

*6 wrestlers in one car
*10 wrestlers in one hotel room
*Bologna Blow Outs

*Not hearing wrestlers so happy they got tickets to Wrestlemania for Christmas,
*Wrestlers who don't watch wrestling,
*Not one wrestler admitting to reading the Observer but seeing it in everyone's bag, [This one also!!]
*Guys being a stooge trying to get up on the card not being a stooge because they can't wait to tell what they know,
*license plate poker,
*calling it an event, card, matches, town but never a show

*getting paid what I asked with out having to fight for it
*being able to get in the ring with a guy you have never seen or met and go 20 through
*the pencil
*people not sitting in MY chair or moving MY stuff
*guys taking a shower  after their match - wash your butt

*Not hearing some goofy punk saying a wrestler from the past " was just a jobber". Hey you idiot that guy had a job he was booked everyday making a living wrestling Not playing wrestling like you
*Hearing words like crowbar, 2x4, or tater. And taking what they gave you and giving it back. Not like these guys now running to the back crying he stiffed me.
*Not hearing these goofs using our words in everyday conversations out in public. Because they think it was cool or they think they know something

*Hearing in the dressing room
Who won the ball game?
Any talent out there?
Do they have coffee here?
got your sword kid?
Are you with it?

I Will Add more as they come to me. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be part of wrestling when it was a business. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be apart of the brotherhood. Amen