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Jim White Passes Away

Jim White - Sam Bass - Jerry Lawler

----As reported on today.

--Jim White, a Memphis wrestling star of the 70s, passed away on 1/7 after a long battle with cancer. There will be a viewing tomorrow night from 6-9 p.m. at the Britton Funeral Home in his home city of Manchester, KY, and the funeral will be at 11 a.m. Monday. White, best known as Jerry Lawler's first tag team partner, as Lawler & White, managed by Sam Bass, had a big run that drew huge crowds (some of the best consistent business in the history of the territory) against Jackie Fargo & Jerry Jarrett. I only got to meet White a few times, but White was always a nice guy and he was an Observer subscriber and regular letter writer for I would guess about 25 years.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 1.08.10

82 attended

Psycho Medic & Crusher Eric Hodge b Tiny Bear & Chic Canyon when Medic pinned Canyon

Kevin Jones b Saint

Mr. USA b Bad Boy Dixon

Steven Green b USWO Jr. Champion Dyron Flynn by countout when Flynn grabbed his belt and walked out

USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crow & Damien Payne (w/Fetish) b Rudy Switchblade & Johnny Punch by DQ when the ref spotted Switchblade hitting Payne with the title belt

Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique) b LT Falk

Friday, January 08, 2010

WGN) Jan 8: TNA production edits, Hogan talks Cornette, WWE news notes, Russo on Raw, more on Impact rating, Borash hosting new show and more!


Friday January 8, 2010


Wrestling Globe Newsletter by Mike Aldren - All the latest professional wrestling news, gossip and occasional opinion direct to you. WGN is read by industry power players, many top wrestlers and thousands of fans from all around the world.


WWE crews are back on the road this weekend. Raw runs tonight at the Garden in Boston with Shawn Michaels vs. Sheamus, Triple H vs. Big Show, and Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston as the top matches. They also run Lincoln, NE, on Saturday, and Rochester, MN, on Sunday. The Smackdown crew run tomorrow night in Fargo, ND, with Batista vs. Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison, plus Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Christian, William Regal, The Hart Dynasty, Cryme Tyme, Mickie James, and more. They also run in Duluth, MN, on Sunday, and La Crosse, WI, on Monday.

Raw TV is Monday from Minneapolis with Mike Tyson as the guest host.

We're looking for reports from all these shows to

Smackdown TV tonight has Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler; Chris Jericho & The Hart Dynasty vs. Cryme Tyme & R-Truth; Luke Gallows vs. Matt Hardy; Beth Phoenix vs. Layla; and Batista vs. Rey Mysterio for a titleshot at the Royal Rumble.


Robert Zimmerman [WWE's top PR guru] talks deaths in wrestling at Most interesting is that Zimmerman says that 4 percent of former talents have taken up WWE's offer of free rehab for substance abuse. While it's admirable that WWE does this, 4 percent is a concerning number because that would mean over 50 guys going through rehab in the past two years. Zimmerman argued that WWE can't be held accountable for wrestlers dying young. "We don't know what they took as kids. We don't know what they've done after they've left [the company]," he said. "So the only thing we can do is obviously do what we're trying to do, which is make them abide by the Talent Wellness Program when they are contracted by us and then offer any kind of rehab assistance after they've left."

The Sun at has an interview with Big Show. He is challenging younger guys to step up and try to take his spot. He said: "Every one of us who is on top right now has had to fight and dig and bend to the penthouse and bend to the outhouse as far as booking and positioning goes. I'm not just going to lay down because somebody new comes in — they're going to have to earn it." He put over John Cena for being the hardest working guy in the business saying that Cena has the best work ethic of anyone he has ever met: "Talent will get you so far, but work ethic is the key. That's the thing that the guys on top have. We don't complain about flights. We don't complain about not going home. We don't complain about having an hour's sleep and then doing interviews at 5am. That's why we're on top — because we step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to make the company succeed. A lot of people aren't willing to do that, they're happy and content to be where they are. I really do think that is strange, and it plagues a lot of older guys in the locker room. We can't understand why they are not taking these opportunities. But let them be content. I'll stay on top!"

Big Show's movie Knucklehead is scheduled for DVD release on April 23.

The latest in-flight magazine for Continental Airlines included a feature story on WWE's leading women behind the scenes; Donna Goldsmith, Michelle Wilson, and Stephanie McMahon. The reporter thought Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair still work here. Donna Goldsmith [WWE COO] is also described as the second most powerful women in sports. Just think about that for a second. Goldsmith said the biggest misconception about WWE was that they are professional wrestling company. "That term just doesn't give us the credibility we deserve," she said. Story is at

ECW on Tuesday night did a 0.9 rating and 1.2 million viewers for the return of CM Punk.

Jeff Hardy's profile was quietly removed from the WWE Alumni website.

WWE has an upcoming new promotion with some cable systems where if you order the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and Wrestlemania 26 you are eligible to receive a free edition Wrestlemania commemorative chair.

Another promotion with KMart until the end of the month is if you spend $35 or more on WWE merchandise you get a $10 voucher off the Royal Rumble PPV.

Maryse is suffering from flu.

Angela Fong (Savannah) is a recent victim of fraud after someone charged over $1000 on her credit card.

Ted DiBiase Jr. is in the midst of a promotional tour for his movie The Marine 2. He drew hundreds of fans last night to the HMV store in Downtown Toronto. Earlier in the day he was on a show called The Grill Room and told a story about sitting ringside at a WWF show as a kid and Bret Hart doing the sunglasses gimmick with him.

WWE has promoted Andrew Whitaker to head of WWE International, filling the gap left by Shane McMahon's departure. Whitaker has worked for the company for many years, mostly out of their office in London. He is relocating to Stamford to report directly to Vince McMahon.

Bryan Danielson asked to train in developmental for a couple of week's to work off ring rust.

Chris Masters turns 27 today.


TNA tours the Northeast this weekend with house shows tonight in Long Island, Saturday in Poughkeepsie, and Sunday in Danbury, CT, with AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash [making up dates after Dixie Carter suspended him for for speaking up on behalf of Chris Sabin], Desmond Wolfe, Beer Money, The Beautiful People, Daniels, Eric Young, Amazing Red, D’Angelo Dinero, Eric Young, Taylor Wilde, Sarita, Rhino, and Homicide.

We're looking for reports from all these shows to


The Fayeteville Observer has a story on Jeff Hardy being indicted on drug charges at

The TNA production team deserve a pat on the back for the editing job they did with the Impact replay last night. They powdered out the "bullshit" chant during the Terror Dome match and reduced the length of time Homocide was stuck at the top of the cage. They also added a new commentary track during the match to make it look like Mike Tenay and Taz knew what was going on. Other noteworthy edits included the removal of the line where Hogan talks about being backstage "all day" after 55 minutes building to his debut with footage of a limo that he was supposedly in circling the Sound Stage; they removed boo's during the Hogan-Jarrett showdown; and they even pixelated Tara's butt which was hanging out at one point.

Brian Diamond of Spike TV said that he was thrilled with the Impact rating and noted they were considering moving the show to Monday night. I do think this will happen at some point this year although the expenses associated with that are substantial.

Speaking of ratings, Spike TV sent out a press release touting the 2.2 million viewers that Impact drew making it the most watched show in company history. Right out of the WWE playbook the release also included some misleading stats claiming Impact was up 338% in males 18-34 and up 241% in males 18-49. It technically was, but compared with whatever Spike aired on the first Monday of 2009 in that time slot. A completely useless stat.

Jeff Jarrett at hypes the future and describes his role with the company as "Jack of all trades, master of none." He said he likes to stay hands on in all aspects from being an on-air talent to marketing to licensing deals behind the scenes. When asked about Hogan wanting to move to a bigger building to shoot TV, he said: "Right now, our business model is set up to stay in the Impact Zone. People were talking on Monday about David vs. Goliath. That's true in every facet. We are a business. We are in the business of making money. We have to make it cost-effective if we're going to take this show on the road. It's very, very expensive. WWE is a publicly-traded company and a huge organization. At the end of the day, we're still only seven-and-a-half years old and to take the show on the road — would we like to someday? Certainly. It's not in the works right now because the Impact Zone has some tremendous advantages from a business perspective. As well as, it's got a real intimate atmosphere. We were just talking about what was the feeling like there on Monday night? It translated on television just incredible."

Alex Shelley had a potentially serious neck injury flagged up. No further update at press time.

Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brookshaw got married yesterday with a lot of TNA crew and some WWE names at the ceremony. Daniels, who was best man, on his Twitter page described the wedding as "a beautiful affair," adding, "some tears were shed, but the joy overflowed. Absolutely fabulous!" Samoa Joe said he marked out at Kip James doing the Soulja Boy dance at the reception party. Someone else said it was the greatest thing they have ever seen.

Scott Hall was said to be very enthusiastic about returning to the company. He took his shirt off during one segment that airs on January 14 and apparently he looks in better shape than his last run here in 2005. It was interesting reading comments this week on guys like Hall and Bret Hart. I think sometimes people forget these guys are 50+ and in the case of Bret suffered a stroke eight years ago from which you never fully recover.

There was frustration with Sean Waltman for showing up late to the television taping on Tuesday.

Kip James and Scott Steiner were backstage this week at the tapings. Both had meetings with Terry Taylor to discuss their future with the company. James is hoping to land a job as a road agent.

Ric Flair was "Naitching" at the bar after the tapings on Monday and Tuesday night. No reports of nudity.

Hulk Hogan was on Bubba the Love Sponge yesterday morning. They played an audio bite from Jim Cornette's podcast where Cornette reviews Impact. Hogan said he was considering bringing Cornette back but isn't so sure now after listening to that because he doesn't want negative people in the company. Hilarious stuff if you've followed this story. He said Cornette was probably just bitter. Bubba then made fun of the Terror Dome match. Hogan agreed that it was bad. He said he had been assured the guys could climb out.

Kurt Angle was also on Bubba. He thought Jeff Hardy's entrance was great and thought Hogan was incredible. He talked a little MMA saying he would probably be in UFC but Dana White doesn't want guys doing both MMA and pro wrestling. When asked about Bobby Lashey he was complimentary and mentioned Lashley was number three on the 2003 U.S. Olympic wrestling team. If I remember correctly this is true but he pulled out after suffering a knee injury during a bank robbery. I should add he wasn't robbing the bank. Gunfire broke out while he was standing in line and he was hurt diving for cover. Angle also noted calling Brock Lesnar to wish him well on his recovery, but Brock hasn't returned his calls. Working, Angle said he doesn't like Jeff Jarrett and will probably kick his ass one of these days.

Vince Russo admitted to watching Raw on Monday night from the TNA production truck while Impact was in progress. He wrote a blog on his Facebook page at with his take on the Monday Night War. No surprise here. He thought Impact hit home runs but struck out once or twice while Raw was terrible ripping on WWE for doing wacky skits with DX and Hornswoggle. Yes, the man who booked WCW to it's death criticising wrestling angles. He wrote that WWE creative doesn't have any real creativity and took credit for The Rock and Steve Austin. You know, because without his writing in WWE they never would have been stars. Anyway, it's an interesting read and he does make a couple of valid points. More interesting though are the comments by his Facebook friends, some of whom had their comments deleted or were blocked from his page for writing negative stuff. One of his friends named Shabbir Patel wrote: "Vince, I love you man. This is the Vince Russo I want to see. One that takes his work by the scruff off the neck and beats it down until it begs for mercy. You are the best writer in the history of the business, not just because you are the most creative or successful, but because you have the most heart and sincerity that goes behind everything you."

Rob Van Dam at blogged about watching both shows. He said after watching he didn't feel more inspired to return than he did before Monday but was glad a lot of people watched wrestling on Monday night: "I probably feel the same way that you do about Monday night. It intrigued me to watch, which I normally don’t, and I believe I’ll watch again next week... if it’s on."

We had another email about the Shop TNA website. One of our readers placed an order on December 23 and have yet to receive their item. They emailed customer service over a week ago and no response. They then tried to call their office phone number and a message said their voicemail mailbox was full.

There is talk of a post-Impact online show hosted by Jeremy Borash, Don West, and SoCal Val. This would be something similar to WCW Live that Borash did with Bob Ryder [who now works in the TNA offices in Nashville] and Mark Madden back in 1999 with WCW. Borash actually got his start in wrestling after Ryder pitched the concept of "WCW Live" to Eric Bischoff. He did local radio in Minneapolis hosting a weekly Saturday morning wrestling show which Ryder would frequently be a guest on. They used to rip of wrestling websites such as for taking a light hearted look the business. They even sent Wrestle Crap hate mail which had the reverse effect and generated free publicity for the site.


Steve Williams' funeral takes place this afternoon at Mile High Church in Lakewood, CO. Told it will be a sellout with Jim Ross giving a eulogy. Ross noted in his last blog that John Laurinaitis from WWE, Leon "Vader" White, and Barry Switzer [his football coach at the University of Oklahoma] will be among those in attendance. Ted DiBiase Sr. said he was also going to attend.

Jushin Liger, against Austin Aries, is working his first Ring of Honor show around six years on January 29 in Los Angeles during Wrestle Reunion IV. Also on the card is Scott 2 Hotty vs. Larry Zbyszko with Johnny Fairplay as special referee. Zbyszko cuts a promo and welcomes everyone to "Larry Land" at

Colt Cabana suffered a hamstring injury last week but is planning to work the ROH taping this weekend in Philadelphia. More info at The Saturday night show has been moved to 4pm so folks can catch the Eagles-Cowboys playoff game... Film crews from NBC and Jerry Seinfeld’s The Marriage Ref will be on hand this weekend shooting footage for their upcoming network debut in March.

UFC President Dana White is staying quiet on the health issues of Brock Lesnar, because Brock has asked him to: "Brock asked me not to talk about it," White told "I have to respect that."

Dwayne Johnson is all over the place later this month promoting his movie Tooth Fairy. He is doing Jay Leno on 1/13, David Letterman on 1/19, Jimmy Kimmel on 1/21, Regis & Kelly on 1/20, and is also on the cover of an upcoming issue of Muscle & Fitness.

Our best wishes to Billy Graham who recently underwent some treatments for skin cancer.

Missy Hyatt is going to be part of a World War II Battle of the Buldge recreation in Fort Indian Gap, PA, on January 30. She is playing the role of a German nurse taking care of the soldiers. She said if any fans want to come out she is taking free pictures.

Danny Hodge was a guest on Ringside Rap with Rich Tate, Les Thatcher and Mike Sempervive at Hodge said he is working on a re-releasing a cook book he wrote in the 1970s.

Booker T is now accepting bookings through Bill Behrens at

Mr. Ken Anderson vs. Bronco was added to WWC's Euphoria event on January 16.

Brian Kendrick vs. Jimmy Jacobs was announced for Dragon Gate USA' January 23 show in Chicago. More info at

Julie Hart, the former wife of Bret, is available for person appearances at

Today's Diva of the Day is April Hunter at

Less Than 48 hours Away!!!

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Shows for The Weekend 1.08 and 1.09.10

----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled shows for this upcoming weekend. Get out there and support your local wrestling!!! Nothing special this weekend.

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Coach's Corner "Contracts" by Brian Tramel

Contract: An agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law.

----My first edition of Coach’s Corner this year, I want to touch on a subject that has become passing across my desk the last few weeks. Apparently two companies in this area have offered contracts to performers and even included some exclusivity for the talent to stay with a certain company. Or stay away from other companies. And since I find this both stupid and smart, I had to write on it.

----First, let me state, that no one from either company has called me and said, “Hey we are offering contracts.” And actually no worker from either company has told me this – so don’t go through your dressing rooms looking for a spy. I know this from people that know people – it is hearsay and I am going with it as commentary. So, just for the sake of this story, let’s just go with the old comic mark thing “What if?” and go with it as fact.

----First, STUPID!!! How can a company offer or demand the workers to sign a contract in the condition professional wrestling is in this area?? How will the guys benefit from something like this?? And, honestly, I do know there are promoters out there that make little or NO money, but if it was any other business would you continue to put money in it when it is failing?? That is where you get the hobby thing going and well, that is another column all together. The boys benefit how in signing a contract that says I will work for you only, keep my mouth shut about inner workings [aka don’t tell BT] and I will show up to do x-amount of shows? Is that a valid thing to sign?? It sounds real one sided when it comes to the promotion/wrestler aspect. Why would you limit a wrestler from working more than one promotion?? Or actually saying he cannot work for a certain promotion?? Especially when most groups run just 52 shows a year. The most would be a group like IWA, who runs [with TV] over 60 shows a year. If you are getting paid a DVD [that joke never gets old] or working for $5 from a shady [not Jamie – that one never gets old] promoter, then how is it going to benefit you to have them say you can only work – here and not there??

----Second, SMART!! Yes, smart in a sense if the contract is to benefit both parties, then it can help you on any level. Let’s say I am the promoter, I am running over 60 shows a year. I want a performer at ALL of them, but I also don’t want him out there whoring himself out at the backyard show jobbing. As a worker, then I am guaranteed a certain amount of dates for a certain amount of money. Yes, you as a worker should make sure that it benefits you. That is where the smart part of this comes in and it can be a good thing. If you are only going to work for one promotion, then you must figure in the dates you will lose from not working other promotions. If you sign that contract, then you should ask for more money guaranteed, since they are asking for you to perform for just them. So say you are getting $25 per date now, and then you should at least get a free DVD and an extra 40% more money. If the promotion is doing TV, then a contract really might even be a smarter thing to do for the promotion – if you are a star there and get jobbed at the $5 place, then why would they want to use you?? If they are paying for TV they are investing something in you and it would be only smart for them to ask for you not to make yourself look bad.

----All and all, the contract can either be stupid or smart for the promotion/worker. Never sign anything without reading it first. Make sure that both parties are going to benefit. I suggest a short term – 3 months of dates with a guarantee amount of money total. And remember, promoter and worker – you sign the agreement – it is considered law abiding and that means – someone could take you to court to make you uphold your end of the deal.


Putting Over: Christian Jacobs beats "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony for EWE Title

----This match meant a lot to the two participants and is one of their better bouts. I have been privileged in the past of being a part of a series of bouts and angle with these two guys. I still put their "I Quit" bout as one of the top bouts I have ever seen in this area - close to a [*****] match as I ever was involved in. But, this is as solid of a match as you will see. Two guys working basic psychology and just working real hard. [Note: TGB gave CJ three piledrivers the week before and that is why they are selling the neck - in the old days this would be the kind of gimmick they would use to keep a guy from winning the title if he was facing the world champion. They changed it up a bit putting the challenger over.] Watch for the Undertaker dive - I thought CJ killed himself!! And kudos to both CJ and TGB - both are in a lot better shape than they have been in the past. CJ is just WWE ready and TGB has slimmed down.

----You can see full videos of all the matches from Saturday night at

RassleResults: MACW Dyersburg, TN 1.01.10 - DCW Gets A New Name!!

----Dyersburg Championship Wrestling is now being called Mid-America Championship Wrestling, which is a name that has been used in the past in the area when Sir Mo booked.

-Rockin Randy over Johnathan Storm

-Canadian Phoenix over Tommy Redneck

-Kilo over Cyrus

-Frank the Tank over Chris Rocker with feet on the ropes

-"High Society" [Blaine Devine/Oz] over Brian Steele/Ike Tucker to win MACW Tag Team Titles.

-Tim Edwards beat Jason Vaughn to win MACW Title

----65 in the crowd...Cyrus hit Kilo with two blackhole slams after the bout...Ike no showed, so Steele actually lost the tag belts alone...Ok so is the Canadian guy one of the guys that use to work in the Phoenix X team?? Is it a stab at Cody Melton??...And, I am reserving the right to criticize this in the future after I get the full story, but I would never use a guy with moniker "Tank" in this arena, unless the guy has been using it all along - like Tank Turner.

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Wednesday Conversation with Syn

Malik and Syn

----Syn contacted me this past weekend and wanted to make a statement about the story I ran about Jason Reed’s injury. CLICK HERE to read that article. So..we sit down with Syn via myspace on Wednesday for Conversation.

Ok, so what was the major problem with the article??

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the article. I just wanted to tell u what really happened.

I have been trained by some great workers; Sarge O’Riley and Brandon Barbwire. Alot of workers have helped me along the way; Anton LeVeigh, Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, Motley Cruz, just to name a few.

So this accident happen with one of your signature moves; right??

One of my signature moves is the running shooting star press. I've hit it dead on PLENTY times. Never in my short career has this happened. I’ve always wanted to work Jason reed. He is a damn good worker.

So what happened in the match??

The match was going great. I hit him with an enziguri to set up the shooting star. I hit the ropes and did the flip. i landed chest to chest. As I was getting the pinfall, I looked over and seen him holding his mouth and his eyes bugged out. I was delirious. I didn’t know what happened. So the match ended right there.

So who do you consider in fault here??

Before I explain, it wasn’t his fault, nor mine. I just don’t think he's ever taken that move. As I was doing the rotation, he rose his head up and my knee caught him in the mouth and it forced his head back into the mat. I don’t usually go to high on the shooting star. When I run with it, its fast, and its low. That’s what really happened.

Anything else you would like to add??

I want everyone to know that I felt terrible all week! I’ve never hurt anyone in the ring as long as I’ve been wrestling.

----Just wanted to add that I do understand that no one goes out to hurt anyone – and accidents happened no matter if you are well trained or not. I will not hold anything against anything Sarge or Motley has helped you with – those guys know the business. The other guys are young – sometimes they do more spots than psychology. Styles is a solid worker when he throws in the psychology and the last time I watched Barbwire – he had turned into a decent worker. I have not seen a lot of Josh’s stuff, but what I have seen – all spots. The same can be said about Anton, but he does understand simple psychology I just have not ever seen him use it.

Food for Thought by Jamie Jay

Hello everyone!

Its been awhile since I've been on here. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & a happy New Year! I stayed at the house with my son & broke in the New Year watching cartoons!

What to talk about? So much has happened over the past few weeks. I've been wrestling for SWA in Newport for the past five weeks. I'm fixing to start a angle with Ray Ray, should be fun! I've been working on getting a building ready for PWA Entertainment, I'll talk on that later. I've been working on a play that I'm producing & acting in.

In The Ring.... That's the name of the play that I'm producing. It's about a young guy trying to make it in this business without all the drugs & stereotypes that wrestlers get attached with. It's a real good story! Babbie Lovett is the one directing it. She works on Broadway in New York, New York. She's been acting & directing for over 50 years. She's best friends with Morgan Freeman, so that's a plus for us! There will be a ring at the foot of the stage, so yes there will be actual wrestling. There is alot of talent from the mid-south acting in it, Derrick King, Cody Melton, Johnny Morton, Jamie Lee, Jamie Jay & Rasslin Riot's own B.T. A few other guys will be in the play also. January 23rd, 2010 is the date of the play in McCrory, AR at The Ken Theatre. Show starts at 7 p.m. Everyone come out & support it!

Okay, back to the building that PWA Entertainments getting ready to move in. Its located about 5 miles outside of Wynne in a little town called Vandale. Were going to be running every Fri. night. The building should hold between 250-300. I'm really working on trying to have one of the best venues around, which ASWF has hands down, maybe we'll be the next in line. I will have the best dressing room around. Couches, Flatscreen TVs, Lots of space! I hope we can draw a good crowd & keep them coming. I've been in talks with promoters around, to try to work together & I think we will be able to do that! I don't know the exact date of opening, but I'm hoping for the first part of Feb.

Also, how did everyone like the Monday Night War? lol. I thought the shows sucked, but I'm glad to see this going on. I think it'll be good for business!

Well, chew on that.

"Big" Dave Gets A Cake!!

----This photo is Big Dave after his Birthday celebration at NBW!!! Motley and Mad Money Mike interrupted and Mad Money Mike threw the cake in "Big" Dave's face!!! Can we just once bring a cake out and eat it?? LOL I want to do that on TV some day.

(WGN) Jan 6: Tammy "Sunny" Sytch writes in, Raw rating, Hamada update, Diva gets new boobs, Edge on return date, Flair signs with TNA and more!!


Wednesday January 6, 2010


Wrestling Globe Newsletter by Mike Aldren - All the latest professional wrestling news, gossip and occasional opinion direct to you. WGN is read by industry power players, many top wrestlers and thousands of fans from all around the world.


1/5 ECW TV results from Louisville, KY: Shelton Benjamin over Chavo Guerrero; Ezekiel Jackson over Kozlov; and CM Punk over Mark Henry.

Superstars tomorrow night on WGN has Yoshi Tatsu vs. Caylen Croft; Mike Knox vs. Finlay; Gail Kim vs. Jillian Hall; and Ted DiBiase vs. Chris Masters.


Tammy Sytch was upset with us for publishing her comments regarding the Bella Twins. She felt we quoted her out of context, a view we don't share. We told her that we made an observation just like she did. The fact she has improved her life during recent years is admirable, but some of the mean-spirited pot-shots she's taken at other performers have been reprehensible, especially those aimed at Lacey Von Erich. There is a big disclaimer at the top of this sheet which states we are news, gossip, and occasional opinion. As a prominent wrestling promoter told me earlier today reporting has often become too much a reporter's opinion of what someone says, does or writes as opposed to simply what they said, did or wrote. I too am guilty of that on occasion. So, with that said, I apologize to Tammy if I offended her. I hope she has the integrity to do the same to those young women she has bashed in recent months.

Raw on Monday night did a 3.6 rating and 5.6 million viewers. While it seems on the surface they didn't take a hit from Impact they likely would have done a 4.0 rating without the head-to-head competition. An interesting note is that Raw was up 48 percent in the male demo 18-34, which means back in 1997 when Montreal went down, those people would have been aged between six and 22, so it seems a number of casual fans from 12 years ago were curious to see what was going to transpire.

TNA purchased ad time in major markets during Raw. We had a reader in Houston email in saying that Hulk Hogan popped up on his TV screen saying something like, "What are you doing Maniacs? I'm on TNA right now on Spike. Turn the channel now!"

Jeff Hardy (replaced with Kofi Kingston) and Ric Flair have been removed from the WWE opening montage.

Chris Jericho did a pretape with Kelly Kelly at Raw where he says he is going to return next week to bully the guest host. Kelly told him the host next week was Mike Tyson. Presumably they are working to a confrontation of sorts.

Michelle McCool hasn't been wrestling lately as she is still having issues with her knee. At the tapings yesterday they filmed another Piggy James segment positioning McCool and Layla with Beth Phoenix as a new foe. The dark match at the tapings was Tyler Reks over The Hurricane.

Mattel and WWE issued a joint press release on the launch of their new toy line at "Mattel is excited to bring the iconic WWE entertainment brand to fans worldwide, through an authentic line of products that capture all the drama and excitement that makes the WWE a worldwide phenomenon," said Tim Kilpin, general manager, Mattel Brands' Girls, Boys & Games Division. "WWE has spent the past decade tailoring its live and broadcast entertainment experience to a more mainstream audience. Our goal is to help kids and parents extend the experience even further by safely recreating the action in the home through play with these action figures."

Vince McMahon in a rare media interview discusses the Mattell deal with the New York Times at Awesome quote right here: "We’re about the only variety show on television," McMahon said. "We sell fun."

Ritchie Steamboat Jr. starts with FCW in Tampa this week.

Goldust and Eve Torres will be making an appearance for FCW on January 15 at the Harborside Event Center in Fort. Myers, FL. More info at

Jim Ross in his latest blog at had a health update on Edge: "Received a nice text from Edge during the holidays from his mountain retreat in the Carolinas and it is my understanding that Edge is still questionable as it relates to him being physically ready to compete at WM26. I do understand that Edge is healing well from Achilles tendon surgery but it has always been a photo finish as to whether or not Edge will be able to wrestle at the end of March. I hope so and would hope that it would be Edge vs. Jericho. I'm certainly not counting Edge out of WM26 but Mother Nature has more to say about this matter than any one else. Edge returning prematurely and not being 100% would make no sense." Ross is also pushing for Jerry Lawler to have a match at Wrestlemania.

Embattled incumbent Connecticut Senator Christopher J. Dodd announced his retirement at the end of his term. Local press are saying that the state with choose Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to run for Dodd’s seat in the 2010 Senate race, which will likely diminish Linda McMahon's chances of winning the election even if she wins the Republican vote. Blumenthal is apparently very popular in Connecticut.

The Federal Election Commission has flagged Linda's campaign expenditures that she recorded as in-kind contributions, reports the Connecticut Journal-Enquirer. In a letter sent on Christmas Eve to the treasurer of McMahon’s campaign committee, an FEC analyst asked that the candidate’s third-quarter campaign finance report be corrected to include information that was "missing" about its vendors, including the dates, amounts, and purposes of the purchases. Linda's campaign has yet to respond.

The Smackdown/ECW house show on February 28 has been moved to the Taylor County Expo Center in Abilene, TX. The original location was the Civic Center in West Plains, MO... The house show in Huntsville, TX on February 7 has been canceled. Refunds are available at the Central Ticket Office in Fort Worth.

WWE returns to the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA (near San Francisco) for a Supershow on Sunday, March 14. Tickets go on sale January 23. This will be the first WWE event at the Cow Palace in several years.

Ted "The Trailer" McNailer from OVW in Louisville has a cameo this Friday night on Smackdown TV.

Chelsea Handler on her TV show Chelsea Lately has been saying "suck it" a lot recently and has brought out a t-shirt line using that phrase.


The update we have on Hamada is that she injured her ankle, not her knee, in the Knockout tag title match. The injury wasn't said to be as bad as Roxxi's. Everyone is putting her over as one tough cookie and she has told people she doesn't plan on missing any time.

We confirmed that Ric Flair has signed a one year deal for guaranteed money. The deal allows him to work outside the company and take on endorsement and sponsorship opportunities. His first storyline will be as the mentor of A.J. Styles.

People close to Jeff Hardy have told us that he although he has an agreement with TNA, it's believed to be verbal and not in writing. TNA public relations won't confirm or deny that. This is quite worrying if true as the company has a history of putting talent on television without a signed contract. I can't see the WWE touching him while under indictment but his future here appears questionable. He didn't attend the tapings yesterday in Orlando and drove home to North Carolina.

Hardy is also saying rumors of him having a verbal agreement to return to WWE later this year are untrue.

Shannon Moore was a guest today on the Busted Open radio show. He claimed the stories regrading Jeff Hardy's indictment were just silly rumors. I seriously hope he doesn't really believe that. He declined to comment when asked if he and Jeff had signed with the company.

Another note from Hogan's talent meeting on Monday afternoon was that he said his office door is always open if anyone wanted to come to him to discuss their storylines, etc. The meeting was described as more of a pep talk than anything else.

Was Brutus Beefcake the masked wrestler who jumped everyone on Monday? I have no idea. Just saying.

The Young Bucks have been renamed as Generation Me. The new name is a term that commonly describes anyone born in the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s -- so in 2009, this means people between the ages of 10 and 40; today's young people who take it for granted that they come first. Reports we had last night was that Generation Me made their television debut in a decent match against the Machine Guns which airs soon on Xplosion.

Angelina Love returns on the January 14 airing of Impact.

There has been internal debate during the last few days regarding the six-sided ring. Somebody pitched an angle that would lead to them reverting to a tradition four-sided ring, but they have yet to pull the trigger with anything in that regard. Hogan has said in recent interviews that he doesn't like the six-sided ring because it limits mobility which is contrary to the view of most TNA talent who work in it.

Kevin Nash wrote on his Twitter that he was under the impression that switching Impact to a regular Monday night slot was in the works. He noted Spike TV execs were very happy with Monday's show.

Jim Cornette weighs in on Impact vs. Raw at Among some very valid, and some somewhat harsh comments, he said: "In five years, people will be looking back at January 4, 2010 as the night that the wrestling business finally fell in the toilet and led the way to change what will be meaningful. Because [who] wants to buy a ticket to anything that TNA or WWE does ever again after seeing five hours of a bunch of old, gray-haired guys yelling at each other about shit that took place 15 years ago? ... If you look up the phrase buyer's remorse in the dictionary, there's a picture of Dixie Carter today. Even she, with her limited knowledge of anything related to professional wrestling, had to realize that they were dropping a turd on a plate in the middle of all those people."

Former backstage interviewer Lauren Thompson said she is going to continue her work with the Golf Channel and is working on other exciting projects in 2010. She noted she was sad to leave TNA but it was time to move on. She is also getting married later this year.

Jeff Wilen at puts over Impact from a live perspective.

Dory Funk Jr. and his wife Marti Funk were also backstage at the tapings.

Homicide is taking the blame for the debacle in the steel dome as he was blown up and had assured people he was able to climb out in time for Hardy's entrance through the crowd.


The 24-year-old daughter of Roddy Piper is lucky to be alive after an auto accident yesterday afternoon in West Hollywood. Ariel Teal Toombs, an aspiring actress, was sat in her parked vehicle when a bus smashed into her drivers side door at around 40mph. She was exiting the vehicle at the time. She managed to walk away unscathed but was very shaken up, according to her agent Noelle Kim.

Roddy Piper is doing a stand-up show this Friday at Hollywood Improv, 8162 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046. For ticket information you can call (323) 651-2583. We would love a brief report if any readers are in attendance.

The newest twins in wrestling are Hannah and Holly Blossom, 21, out of Stockport, England. They started wrestling at age 16 for a local group and have spent the last few months training with OVW in Louisville. They put over the school as the best training they have ever had praising Rip Rogers and Danny Davis. For more on OVW you can check out their website at

A memorial service for Steve Williams will be held on Friday at 2:30pm at the Mile High Church, 9079 W Alameda Ave. Lakewood, CO. Donations in lieu of flowers can be sent to the Steve Williams Memorial Trust c/o Jeff Williams. 2406 Fossil Trace Drive, Golden, CO, 80401 which will fund Steve's life expenses and his son Wyndam's life and educational expenses.

The Young Bucks vs. The American Wolves was announced for the Ring of Honor television tapings this weekend in Philadelphia at The Arena. More info at

Bobbi Billard, a former WWE developmental Diva, underwent major cosmetic reconstructive surgery over the holidays and is the new owner of smaller, capsular contracture free breasts. Her procedure was performed by Dr. Gary Motykie, the famed Beverly Hills surgeon featured on the reality show Dr. 90210. She is warning other women about the dangers of breast implants saying after four breast surgeries she has experienced nothing but problems. She said: "From having my first doctor cut my pocket too low, to having ripples from hell, to having capsular contracture over and over again, to having two different sized and shaped nipples in two completely different spots... You name it, it's gone wrong with my boob jobs. There were periods of time in my life where I was too humiliated to even take my shirt off in front of a guy so I didn't even date and became cellibate. It's certainly been a journey. I have spent over $40,000 in breast augmentations/corrective procedures. And to spend all that money on something that you are insecure about in the first place AND properly do your research/due diligence with thinking you are selecting the right surgeons and STILL be right back where you started from ONLY worse off, is a completely depressing and devastating situation." She added that now with Dr. Motykie's help she finally has the breasts she has always wanted: "Dr. Gary Motykie also did a wonderful revision job on the scar on my neck that I got courtesy of my wonderful experience of working as a professional wrestler for WWE and my resulting two level fusion surgery. I was left with a thick red scar that was noticeably visible but Motykie was able to correct this for me and I will be forever grateful for his amazing work."

UK comedian Dom Joly talks Bid Daddy and watching bios on Andre the Giant and Steve Austin at He wrote: "For the life of me, I can't understand the appeal of wrestling. If you're really stupid then you may believe that the whole thing is real. If that's the case then I can see that it must be gripping. If however, you have an IQ in double figures then you must have better things to do than to spend hours watching big men in small pants grapple on the floor. All this, as I considered entering my third solid hour of viewing with a Hulk Hogan bio. I drew the line there however – I had to start taking the Christmas decorations down ... in my pants."

DDP's appearance on Good Morning Atlanta promoting his Yoga system is online at

Kid Kash has a trial date set for March 1 stemming from his arrest over the holidays for theft and forgery.

Dwayne Johnson's next movie Tooth Fairy hits theatres on January 22. No word on whether he will host Raw in the coming week's but WWE is trying to work out a date with him.

Chavo Guerrero, Sr. will be the guest tonight on In Your Head Wrestling Radio at 8:00pm ET at Listeners can call in at 1-508-644-8503. Chavo will also be appearing at the NWA Legends booth at Wrestle Reunion in Los Angeles on January 29-31 at the LAX Hilton. For more information go to

The NWA returns to Charlotte on January 23 at the Metrolina Expo Center. Mike Posey, Caprice Coleman, Jimmy Rave, Sal Runauro, Mikael Judas, and many more. Tickets are just $10. More info at

A story on former WWE wrestler Marc Mero at who returned to his high school to talk to students about making the right choices in their life. Mero, now 49, was quoted as saying: "Your friends are like elevators and they are either going to take you up or they are going to take you down. I hung out with losers and I became a loser." Mero also has a website at

BG James was interviewed at

I Believe In Wrestling this Saturday at Ker's Winghouse, 649 W. Livingston Street, Orlando, FL with Raymond Snow vs Chasyn Rance, managed by Larry Zbyszko. For More Information, call (407) 694-3912 or visit

Juggalo Championship Wrestling drew 800 fans back on December 19 for a show with Santa-Bu (Sabu in a Santa costume), The Necro Butcher, Mad Man Pondo, Buff Bagwell, The Weedman, Kevin Thorn and the Insane Clown Posse.

Today's Diva of the Day is Natalya at

WGN) Jan 5: Impact rating brings good and bad news, Dixie reviews Impact, former WWE valet rips Bella Twins about their weight and more!!


Tuesday January 5, 2010


Wrestling Globe Newsletter by Mike Aldren - All the latest professional wrestling news, gossip and occasional opinion direct to you. WGN is read by industry power players, many top wrestlers and thousands of fans from all around the world.


1/4 Impact TV results from Orlando, FL: Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Homicide vs. Kiyoshi vs. Amazing Red vs. Suicide vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed for the X-title in the Dome was a no contest; ODB over Tara to capture the Knockouts title; Awesome Kong & Hamada over Taylor Wilde & Sarita to capture the Knockouts tag titles; Matt Morgan & Hernandez over Raven & Dr. Stevie for a TNA tag title shot; D’Angelo Dinero over Desmond Wolfe; Samoa Joe over Abyss; and AJ Styles over Kurt Angle to retain the TNA heavyweight title.

Impact for January 14 is taped today as Thursday's show will be a replay of last night. The Young Bucks (under a new name we haven't confirmed) are listed on the format sheets to debut tonight against The Machine Guns. Also, Angelina Love is backstage along with Team 3D who just returned from Japan.


Impact last night did a 1.45 rating over three hours averaging 2.2 million viewers. It's their highest rating in history, which is obviously a positive, and everyone in TNA is celebrating today, but the negative is that viewers tuned out as the show progressed. Hour one delivered a 1.69 rating, the highest rated hour. Hour two slipped to 1.44. Hour three dropped further to a 1.22. The first quarter hour of hour two was the most-watched in company history peaking at 2.5 million viewers for the debut of Hulk Hogan. Hour two also included the least watched quarter-hour for Pope vs. Desmond Wolfe and an A.J. Styles promo. However... 1.45 to 1.5 is a good number which means there will be much discussion over the coming week's whether to make the move to Monday night a permanent fixture. TNA's previous highest rating was a 1.33 and 1.97 million viewers for the April 2, 2009 Impact prior to WrestleMania 25.

TNA owner Bob Carter of Panda Energy along with several Spike TV executives observed the show live last night.

Jeff Hardy agreed to a short-term deal, which was TNA's big surprise along with Ric Flair. Considering that Hardy was the biggest wrestling star of 2009 they couldn't have made a bigger mess of this if they tried. From the debacle in the Dome that Homicide couldn't escape, to the production truck hitting the 7-second delay because fans were chanting "bullshit", to the weird deal with him painting pictures of himself backstage, to the teeny-bopper Cheerleaders as plants, this was arguably right up there with the gobbledygooker in terms of executing the introduction of a personality. I really don't like to comment on booking because that's not what we're about here, and there are enough pundits analysing shows to death, but this, along with the introduction of Flair taking the focus off a tremendous Styles-Angle bout, was just poor on so many levels. Still, their biggest mistake last night wasn't any of this but neglecting to even mention they usually run on a Thursday night.

Regarding Jeff Hardy, he was indicted yesterday in Moore County stemming from his drugs arrest back in September. A grand jury found there was enough evidence to send him to Superior Court. He is facing charges of felony possession of cocaine; felony drug trafficking of opium; two counts of felony possession with intent to redistribute a Schedule III drug; maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution; and a misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia. A court date will be scheduled next week. Those close to Hardy have been saying for months he will be absolved of all charges but this doesn't look good and the District Attorney in Moore County seems to be going all out for a conviction.

TNA held an Internet press conference following Impact via Vince Russo kicked things off in full work mode saying he didn't know what to expect tonight. I guess Bischoff did toss out his script. When asked if Impact can compete head-to-head against Raw, he said: "That's not my call to make." Don West was up next shilling TNA merchandise; a limited-edition Hulk Hogan trading card available on the Shop TNA website. Dixie Carter was next. She thought Impact was great and was proud of all the talent: "It was magic, I thought it was really great," she said. "A few things surprised me, but overall I was really, really happy with what happened." She talked about growing TNA one fan at a time and said the signing of Hogan was already paying off dividends: "Whatever we've done or accomplished in the past, it's time for us to try new things and see if they work. You will continue to see surprises and new faces, and as Hogan said, now is the time for everybody, even if you were with us to this point, to step up and take it to a new level." She added that ratings weren't important but the fact they made it this far and were competing against WWE: "Tonight is about giving [fans] the choice. Tonight is about raising the bar on every level. I'm sick and tired of people saying, 'Yeah, I admit it, I'm a wrestling fan.' Why should we have to admit it? Fans should be proud of it. We are a wrestling company, we are writing wrestling shows, tonight's main event was a wrestling match. Thank you to all who watched tonight, to all of our amazing talent, everybody working behind the scenes. We have worked very hard to get to this moment." The rest of the conference was various guys pushing their storylines.

TNA was the No. 1 Twitter trending topic for a few minutes last night. Between the hours of 9 and 11 they remained in the top ten along with WWE... Orlando Jordan and Val Venis were the No 7 and No. 8 most searched terms on Google yesterday which is quite impressive. Jeff Hardy was No. 15.

Frankie Kazarian (Suicide) and Traci Brooks are getting married later this week.

Hogan was said to be surprised by the reaction to his verbal spar with Jeff Jarrett. He was booed heavily when he ripped on Jarrett. The idea was for both to cut babyface promos as the feud moving forward is Team Hogan with Dixie Carter vs. Team Jarrett with Mick Foley.

Brian Kendrick is expected to start here soon. Other new characters introduced last night were Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, and The Nasty Boys, plus Sean Morley doing the Val Venis gimmick, Shannon Moore, and Orlando Jordan who all worked Hogan's tour of Australia back in November. The Nasty Boys vs. Team 3D looks to be a future program along with Pope vs. Jordan, and Morley vs. Daniels.

Tampa radio DJ Bubba the Love Sponge appeared in several segments as a backstage interviewer last night. Not sure he will remain a regular personality. There is a lot of heat on him right now from many different directions over a miscommunication over hundreds of Impact Zone passes he had given to listeners of his show. He said TNA had produced passes for him to give away but when they arrived at the Sound Stage they were turned away. He ran into some of his listeners at the Hard Rock Cafe following the show and he claimed kids booed and spat on him. On his radio show this morning he ripped on Universal and TNA saying, "the guys in charge [Gene Magee, a Universal Studios employee, and TNA staffer Mike Weber] don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground." He claimed he wasn't going to return to Orlando this afternoon unless he received a personal apology. Last night on his Twitter, he wrote: "I want to apologize to each and every fan that got f--ked and turned away today at TNA. Trust me, Dixie Carter would be as upset as I am if and when she finds out. If there is one thing I did learn it's she's a very very remarkable and honest business women. I don't know what my future holds with TNA right now but I'll never speak a bad word about Dixie. Again, I am sorry. Please forgive me."

Apparently A.J. Styles was at the Hard Rock last night telling fans that Bubba was a jerk.

Howard Stern during his radio show this morning praised Bubba. They played clips of his Impact segments as Howard remarked that Bubba's acting wasn't as bad as the wrestlers. Howard's co-host Robin Quivers then ripped on Hogan and compared him to Randy the Ram from The Wrestler.

Hamada appeared to hurt her knee last night during the tag title match. We should have an update later this week.


1/4 Raw TV results from Dayton, OH: Maryse over Brie Bella to advance in the Divas title tournament; MVP over Jack Swagger, Carlito & Mark Henry in a four-way for a U.S. title shot; DX over Jerishow to retain the tag titles; Sheamus over Evan Bourne; and Randy Orton over Kofi Kingston.

Smackdown and ECW are taped tonight in Louisville, KY, with CM Punk headlining ECW against Mark Henry, and Batista vs. Rey Mysterio advertised for Smackdown with the winner facing The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble. Danny Davis of OVW brought some of his students to TV tonight to work as extras.


The Raw rating won't be available until tomorrow morning.

Former WWE valet Tammy Sytch ripped on the Bella Twins last night via her Facebook page. She said both twins "got chubby" over the holidays making fun of their appearance. I would have thought she would be the last person in the world ripping other girls for their weight. She also noted something about the twins not being very nice to her when she came in for Wrestlemania last year. She wrote: "There's no excuse for any of those girls in their early 20s to get a little chubby. Wait until they hit 35 and everything slows the f--k down. Then what? They are getting paid to look a certain way. If I was there right now, I'd weigh 118 f--king skinny ass pounds again!"

Bret Hart was honored after Raw went off the air last night. Several guys from the locker room, including the Hart Dynasty, came out and embraced Bret. Mark Henry and DH Smith put him on their shoulders and paraded him around ala Wrestlemania 10. You can watch a clip at

Bret stayed at the WWE hotel last night and spent over an hour signing autographs for fans in the lobby. He was accompanied to Raw by his girlfriend.

Stu Hart was announced for the Hall of Fame. This could flip back and forth considering the storyline feud between Vince and Bret but Stu is going in the weekend of Wrestlemania 26 in Glendale, AZ.

WWE acknowledged the passing of Steve Williams last night during Raw. His best work wasn't with this company so the mention was a nice touch. It's just a shame they refuse to acknowledge the deaths of those who did make significant contributions, such as Eddie "Umaga" Fatu. It's a double standard that shouldn't exist, but unfortunately does.

Bryan Danielson worked a dark match before Raw going over Chavo Guerrero... Chavo was raving about working with Danielson after their match and Tweeted that he hoped they could work a 20-minute match down the road.

There was no mention of the whereabouts of John Cena last night as the fear was people would switch channels to the Fiesta Bowl.

JTG of Cryme Tyme has apparently given up his Twitter because he is tired of people twisting the words of celebrities like himself.

Melina is facing an estimated six months on the sidelines after tearing her left ACL last week in Manchester, NH.

William Shatner of Star Trek fame will guest host Raw on February 1 from Nashville.

The Stamford Advocate has an article on Linda McMahon's opponents handling of WWE, demonizing her for the relationship yet enjoying the company's presence in their state. Story is at


The Daily Mail in the UK ran a story about Steve Austin breaking the neck of Sylvester Stallone while filming a fight scene for The Expendables. Stallone says he had emergency surgery and a metal plate inserted in his neck because the scene was so realistic that he suffered a hairline fracture. Story is at

Slam Wrestling at interviewed Austin Idol about his start in wrestling, surviving a plane crash, leaving wrestling, returning and more.

Rob Van Dam radio tonight at with Paul London, Diamond Dallas Page, Bruce Jingles, Fonzie, and more.

Today's Diva of the Day is Tammy Sytch at

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dustin Starr Commits To RCW!!

----As many of you know, RRO's Brian Thompson is getting into the promoting business in the very near future. RRO will be working close with Thompson in the hopes of providing a news outlet and will be there live to cover the first event. Thompson will soon be opening up a blog to cover more details about the venture and you will be able to visit it for up to date info about the promotion.

----But, just because Thompson and I are friends does not mean he will get any privilege coverage or opinion. And, as you will see, it does not always mean I will be the first to post news. LOL Dustin Starr, who is going to be major player in this promotion, posted news last night over at The Starr Treatment about the promotion. He did a good job putting it over and we have some of the same feelings about this promotion. Let me going on record in saying, and I have said to a few of you in private - if this promotion is not a success, it will not be from the guys not doing it the RIGHT way. I will get more in-depth about this when the first arena show is closer. I am privy to some of the inter-workings of this promotion - add up the knowledge, the talent and the advertising - they have it all going for them.

----Below is the lineup for the first show. For those in the area, please join RRO that night. Make plans! Be there!!

Ringside Championship Wrestling – Trumann, AR – Jan. 29th

Main Event: Midnight Gold vs. Hot Topic
RCW Title Tournament Round One:
Dustin “FIVE” Starr vs. Cody Melton
Cuzzin’ Ron (formerly known as Ron Rage) vs. VH-1 Reality Star Matt Riviera
“Human Highlight Reel” Austin Lane vs. Bishop
“Dynamite” Seth Knight vs. “Girl Candy” Christian Jacobs

The Straight Flush " friend" with Pokerface

Wrestling has been a VERY unique experience in my life. Childhood dreams have become reality because of it. Friendships and relationships have been built in spite of it. True, wrestling can attract not so savory characters. You will and can come in contact with a vast array of people from all walks of life. You meet people from somewhat wealthy backgrounds, to some who are barely above the poverty level. Wrestling can teach so much more than what goes on the ring. What goes on backstage, in the car on the way to the show, at the bar or club afterwards, and at the restaurant after a long show, can really either nurture or kill what you have for the business.

I have met people who are either the salt of the earth or the scum of it. I have met homosexuals, bisexuals, drug addicts, former drug addicts, alcoholics. recovering alcoholics, whores, man- whores, pedophiles, alleged rapist, cripples, dead beats, thieves, liars, boasters, racist, snobs, metaphorical vaginas, mentally disturbed, well i think I have pretty much covered all the bases. Coming into contact with all those different people have certainly made my life interesting. I have sat at the dinner table many nights and broke bread with people I have never thought I would. I have been in the gym with guys I watched as a kid. I have talked on the phone with guys who have done things in wrestling I'm still trying to accomplish. I say all this why? Regardless of how the general public and the media may perceive us, wrestling is the United Nation for the blue collar, everyday Joe, misfit, athlete/entertainer.

Wrestling has brought meaning to my life. When I'm not wrestling, I have absolutely nothing going on. I guess wrestling has consumed me more than I had once thought. Wrestling has brought some VERY important people into my life. First and foremost. I met the mother of my child through wrestling. She was training with Motley Cruz and Tasha Simone at their wrestling school. So if it wasn't for that, I would have never received the biggest blessing and the greatest earthly gift I have ever had, my son Kenaz. So thanks Motley and Tasha. I owe you big.

I have met one of my closest friends, I should say brother, through wrestling. Pretty much everyone within my proverbial inner circle, is a wrestler, was a wrestler, or is connected to wrestling some kind of way. Even the ones who aren't in that circle are still special to me. Whether they know it or not, they mean the world to me. Even though we only text or talk occasionally you still are my homies. And the text that some of yall send me, that means you Strawbridge and Hurtle, the laughs help me through current personal problems.

You really know who are your friends outside of wrestling. A person can treat you like a somebody at the show, but once you leave, will you hear from them? I get calls and text from guys just because. We talk just to say hi, we check on each others family, and mainly just check on each other. I enjoy wrestling not because of the money. Not because of the pops. Not because of the groupies. But the fans and the boys. I love hanging in the back ribbing each other, talking s@#$, and drinking a few cold ones. That was, and is some of the best times in my life. As much of an asshole that I can be, one of the main things that keep me going is the fans. From time to time, at any given show, I will look out the curtain or at the monitor and just stare. Not at the match or the wrestlers. But at the fans. The look on their faces makes everything worth it. The true emotion that they show is priceless. There was a video link on this website to a show that was in Mississippi. The intensity, the passion, the emotion that the fans showed, that is the f$%#@!g reason why I continue to be Pokerface. That is the reason why I won't quit. That is the reason why I won't give on the dream. And for all that I thank the fans. I thank the boys, whether I like you or not. You all have made my life worth living I love You guys.Happy New Year. God really, really bless you all. And keep your pimp hand strong!

Jason Reed: Picture of the Week

----So below is a picture from NBW Saturday night. It would be nice if someone could send results?? I have not received results from this show in almost a month and everyone blames Jeremy Moore and his girlfriend. Was I suppose to kayfabe that?? LOL

----I also received a photo from "Big" Dave Sims, but deleted it on mistake - resend it someone!!

----And, look for details in the next few days, but Jason Reed will be doing a new twist of sorts on "Picture of the Week" with some picture blasts from the past of area guys.

Monday, January 04, 2010

RassleResults: EWE "Aftermath" Ripley, TN 1.02.09 - Christian Jacobs Wins Title!!

----Photo of Christian Jacobs above after beating Greg Anthony for the EWE Title. This is CJ's first singles title since a run with the Chaotic Championship Wrestling Mid-Southern Title in 2001-02. He has been primarily a tag team wrestler all his career. A scheduled Jacobs vs Dustin Starr feud never materialized due to Starr having commitments outside the wrestling business leading to EWE bringing in Greg Anthony to set Jacobs up to proverbially "take the ball." EWE is a company that always has a good roster and decent [sometimes questionable though] booking, but has not had big crowds over the last year. [They were nominated for Booker of The Year 2009 though] Jacobs is being put into a position to carry the company and get the attendance level up with him as champion. And as I have said in the past, "Picture Perfect" gets one of the biggest pops in this area, but can the pop = money. Jacobs received 3 nominations this year with two in the tag team division, but one in the Horizon. Horizon being an award that represents the WWE/TNA potential of a worker. Jacobs shined in September, 2009 with four straight [***] or better bouts with RRO tagging him as "Mr. September".

Complete Results:

Jon Michael over Cody Melton in a flag match.
JR Manson over Brandon Espinosa
Rude over Shane Rich
Christian Jacobs over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony to become the new EWE Champion
Team DK over Team EWE for Derrick to win total control of the company

Sunday, January 03, 2010

TCW Video Web Show #5

----This show features a good promo by Brian Thompson and a video [that I believe was produced at NEW] of Alan Steele. This group also has a new slick looking web site - take a look

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 1.2.09

Show starts off just like every other week with the playing of the National Anthem..DCW announe crew Casey Rinaldi and JD Kerry welcome Jeff Perryman back to the booth for the first time in a few weeks..Rinaldi tells Perryman that he heard he had been doing a lot of traveling over the past few weeks, so Rinaldi and Kerry ask Jeff where he has been in the past few weeks, and Perryman tells them that he has been taking care of business for DCW and has had a busy travel schedule...then the show starts with the PokerFace Showcase....

PokerFace and his new assistant, Mike Ward, come to the ring...Poker reads a few jokes to the crowd and tells them that Mike Ward is his new writer...He is going to be writing all of his material and jokes from now on! Poker then proceeds to talk about the Redd Dogg Rodney Mack making his comeback a couple of weeks ago, and proceeds to tell the DCW crowd that this still does not change anything...this is Poker's House now!!! Poker then announces the first match of the night...Mike Ward be facing Angelina and his loss to Lovely Latricia was a fluke and will not happen again...Angelina comes out and tells the DCW crowd how she is going to beat Mike, but Poker tells her that he is going to be the special guest Referee...Angelina tells Poker that she will not wrestle if he is going to be the referee, but if he thinks Mike Ward is going to beat her so easily to let her pick a referee and then Lovely Latricia's music hits....

Match 1: Mike Ward vs. Angelina (Special Guest Ref. Lovely Latricia)
-match was dominated by the experienced Angelina, not many veteran wrestlers can hang with her in the ring, let alone Mike Ward...Mike does eventually start to make a comeback with the help of PokerFace from the outside but Angelina hits Ward with a sunset flip for the 1-2-3....winner Angelina!! Then Poker tells Angelina that next week her and Lovely Latricia will face off against Mike Ward in a handicap match....

Match 2: Kolby Stern vs. Shawn Reed
-new DCW superstars were at the top form in the early going in the match, but the crowd was not into it! Both guys are new and have not established themselves yet in DCW so hopefully in weeks or months to come they will....Match got kinda dull in the middle but both superstars picked it up later on in the match for Shawn Reed getting the pin....winner Shawn Reed

Match 3: Ron McClarity vs. Boss
-once again an amazing match, these two really are good in the ring together, definitely a match of the night candidate! Ron as usual was on top of his game with his crowd work and his moves..Boss is definitely becoming a top star in DCW! These two are having a very good fued in DCW and hopefully will keep going...Boss controlled for the most, the first part of the match, but like an amazing veteran does, Ron swings the match in his favor by a couple of great moves and ends up getting the 1-2-3..winner Ron McClarity!! If you haven't been to see these two guys wrestle, you are definitely missing out! Coming from one fan of this business, I hope they have many more matches to come because they can definitely bring the house down with their charisma and in ring ability....

Match 4: Tejano w/Dangerous Dominique vs. John Allen
-Match starts off with Tejano coming out and talking SMACK to JD Kerry and that maybe he should just get up and leave instead of announcing because the pain of not being in the ring is going to get him...Kerry tells Tejano that in a little under 29 days he will see what he says, one has to wonder what might that be about, but Tejano tells him that even if he could come back he has beaten him many times in the ring so it wont matter...then Kerry tells Tejano that he remembers beating him for the Televison Title not once but twice not too long ago, and they have a face off from a distance...Tejano looks over to his good friend Jeff Perryman in the booth and says its good to finally have a professional back in the building and they start speaking Spanish to each other, hmmm wonder what they were saying? Dominique blows a kiss up to Perryman and says its good to have their good friend back and then John Allen's music hits....match was amazing! Another good candidate for match of the night most definitely, because these two work very well in the ring together...the DCW crowd were def into the match because they were chanting USA USA USA USA..then Tejano gets upset and Perryman starts chanting MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO!! Match contiues going back and forth with one mistake by Tejano and John Allen capitalizes on it for the 1-2-3...winner John Allen!! Allen is definitely a BIG TIME PLAYER now in DCW, he seems to get better and better every week...Tejano leaves the ring and stares down JD Kerry as he is leaving the building....


Main Event: Natural Born Playaz and Rodney Mack vs. Alliance of Violence and DCW Heaveyweight Champion PokerFace
-match was amazing from the get go...a definitely fast paced match from the start! Both teams have their moment in the match with the crowd loving to have back their beloved Redd Dogg Rodney Mack and the crowd erupts when he gets tagged in at any point in the match...match ends with the Playaz hitting a huge backwards suplex on AOV member Logan Adams for the 1-2-3...winner Natural Born Playaz and Rodney Mack, but then the Gorillaz come out to attack Rodney Mack and this starts to look like the last time he was in the ring with Poker and he put him out of action for well over a month...then Ron McClarity comes out to beat on Mack along with Tejano....then the calvary, so to speak, comes out and clears house: Angelina, Boss, Rick Ruby, and John Allen come to the rescue...looks like the Dogg Pound is alive and kicking! Then PokerFace is left alone in the ring and then Southside superkicks him in the chin and Poker is knocked out cold....then the Dogg Pound Music Hits and they have to carry Poker back to the locker room.....

Show was pretty good all the way through...crowd was pretty good around the 180, almost a packed house!

Credit: Jeff Perryman

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 1.02.09 - Standing Room Only!!

A standing room only crowd was treated to an outstanding show at EPW Saturday night in Booneville.

The event began with a 10 bell salute for "Dr. Death" Steve Williams.

Chazz Stone won a 3-way match over Chris Fontaine & Keylo Green to win the EPW Extreme Championship. This was a wild match, hardcore all the way, which the crowd really enjoyed.

Buzz Harley defeated Iron Jake Johnson.

"Big Daddy" Neno won the 3-way lumberjack strap match over Rajah w/Antoin Smooth & Tysin Starr. The lumberjacks were other wrestlers who beat the crap out of all three, much to the delight of the crowd.

Next was the ladies dog collar match, "Queen of Destruction" Destiny vs. BB. The match was won by BB. Very good match.

EPW Champion Chris Lexxus defeated Robert Devine by pin fall to retain. This was an excellent, fast paced match.

Main event was EPW Tag Team Champions Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) defending against JR Mauler & Cassanova Kid. Pure Destruction thought they had won the match by pin fall when Mauler was pinned for the 3-count, but his foot was on the rope when the count was made. Referee KC re-started the match and it was won by Mauler/Cassanova. New Tag Team Champions are JR Mauler & Cassanova Kid. Bonecrusher came to the ring and said that Mauler & Cassanova were to turn the belts over to him, since he had seen them use an "illegal move" in the match. They refused to turn the belts over. Mauler then hit Bonecrusher. Cody Hawk, Brody Hawk, & Chris Fontaine tried to come to Bonecrusher's aid, but were prevented from doing so by a number of the other wrestlers. Mauler & Cassanova wrapped a chain around Bonecrusher's feet and held him against the ropes. Former EPW owner Edith Poole came to the ring and demanded that Bonecrusher give the company back to her. He refused. Edith then applied a large amount of lipstick and started to kiss Bonecrusher, who finally agreed to return the company to Edith rather than be kissed by her. Former EPW Commissioner Kross then came to the ring and asked that Bonecrusher return the Commissioner's job to him. Bonecrusher refused. Edith started to kiss him again and he agreed to let Kross become the Commissioner rather than be kissed by Edith. Kross, Edith, JR, & Cassanove then left the ring and Bonecrusher, who was furious, started running his mouth. He spotted Bill Dundee in the crowd and started to plead his case to Dundee. Dundee came to the ring and told Bonecrusher just what he thought of him. He said there had been no illegal move by Mauler/Cassanova. He also told Bonecrusher to stop whining and complaining. Bonecrusher challenged Dundee to get in the ring, which Dundee did, and the fight was on. Brody, Cody, & Fontaine immediately entered the ring and beat Dundee down until help arrived and cleared Bonecrusher and his "associates" from the ring. Dundee then issued a challenge to Bonecrusher for a match at the next EPW event on 1-9-10. Dundee said that it would start out one on one, but if any of Bonecrusher's group gets involved, he would have someone who would also get involved. Bonecrusher agreed to the match. So....

The card at EPW this Saturday night, 1-9-10, will include Bill Dundee vs. Bonecrusher. This and a lot more will take place at the EPW Arena on Hwy. 145 in Booneville. Bell time is 8:00 p.m. DON'T MISS THIS EPW SHOW! Remember, you never know what is going to happen at an EPW Show!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----The angle with Edith trying to kiss Bonecrusher was just stupid. Sorry, but you are going to give back the ownership because someone is trying to kiss you?? Let me tell you what is wrong with the business...I feel sorry for Bill Dundee - not only does he have to wrestle in Mississippi, but he has to work Bonecrusher.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 1.01.10

Curly Moe w/Dirty Rell Moe defeated Chazz Stone by submission.

Big Daddy Neno defeated Hittman w/Al Hall by DQ due to interference by Hall.

Jay Webster defeated Blazing Star.

New South Fight Club (David Andrews/Nick Grimes) vs. The Asylum (Psycho/Pappy) ended in a double DQ.

TFW Light Weight Champion LSD won a four way match over Josh Matthews, Suicide, & Anton Leveigh to retain.

TFW Tag Team Champions Chris Styles & Syn defeated Special Ed & Chop.

TFW Champion Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, who was accompanied to the ring by Al Hall, won a 3-way match over "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs & "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore to retain. The notorious Cris P. Fries was to have refereed the match, but Dabbs super kicked him prior to the beginning of the match and injured him. Referee Joey Lynn was injured in a previous match, leaving no other licensed referee except Al Hall. Hall refereed the match and, to nobody's surprise, made sure taylor won the match.

Approx. 100 in the crowd.

The card at TFW this Friday night will include a special challenge match - Tony Dabbs vs. Chris Kilgore. Winner will be #1 Contender for the TFW Championship.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 1.01.10

-Justin Smart beat Kevin Charles

-Kid Nikels/Austin Lane beat Allan Steele/Shawn Reed

-JR Title Match: Eric Wayne retained beating Dan Matthews

----Around 40 in the building...Cameraman Richard Bressler played the part of on the floor ref for main event...Downtown Bruno was the ref...Terrance Ward announced alone...I was told the tag team match was best bout of the night.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 1.01.10

87 attended

Did a 10-bell for Steve Williams and Umaga

USWO Jr. Champion Dyron Flynn b Shane Smalls

Steven Green b Convict

Kevin Jones b Psycho Medic

ATL Southern Champion Tommy Mercer b Bad Boy Dixon

USWO Tag Team Champions Josh Crow & Damien Payne b Crusher Eric Hodge & Mr. USA when Payne pinned Hodge

LT Falk b Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique)

USWO Champion Nore Havoc b Chuck Taylor

Credit: Jimmie Daniel