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----NBW has canceled their show for tonight at the NBW Arena in Newbern, TN. 

TIWF CANCELED TONIGHT!! 5th Area Promotion Gets TV!!

----We got this below from TIWF.  

TIWF has canceled it's show scheduled for tonight 1-30-10 due to the weather. TIWF will be back in action on Fri. night in Palmersville, Tn. and every Sat. night in Trenton, Tn. And in Brownsville,Tn. on 2-19 and 2-26.
TIWF will be debuting on Charter Cable, CBTV Channel 2 and also on Cabelone beginning Apr 7th. The times will be different for all stations but will be in prime time.

(WGN) Jan 29: Jericho/Helms update, Helms pulled from Rumble, Honky Tonk Man-TNA update and why he's claiming what he is, Russo apologises, wrestlers doing reality shows, Kevin Nash films sex scene, Brooke Hogan, much more...


Friday January 29, 2010


Wrestling Globe Newsletter by Mike Aldren - All the latest professional wrestling news, gossip and occasional opinion direct to you here at RRO.


1/28 Superstars TV results: The Bella Twins over Katie Lea & Jillian Hall; Chris Masters over Chavo Guerrero & Primo Colon to win a Rumble spot; and DH Smith over Matt Hardy.

Just the one house show this weekend ahead of Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view in Atlanta. It's a Supershow tomorrow night at the Coliseum in Macon with John Cena vs. Sheamus; DX & Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton & Legacy; Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay; The Big Show vs. Mark Henry; plus Christian, MVP, The Miz, John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, and a bunch of Divas.

The advertised line up for Smackdown TV tonight includes DX vs. CM Punk & Luke Gallows for the tag titles; Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison in a No DQ match for the IC title; and R-Truth vs. Chris Jericho. There is also a Michaels-Mysterio match which is said to be very good.


Some separating fact from fiction regarding the arrests of Chris Jericho and Gregory 'Hurricane' Helms early yesterday morning in Northern Kentucky. Ashley Storer, the young women who was traveling in a cab with Jericho and Helms, said that she was sat between the pair when they began play fighting. She said she caught an accidental elbow to the cheek by Helms, became very upset due to heavy intoxication, and the cab driver then pulled over at a gas station and called the police. She told TMZ that when the cops arrived everything was blown out of proportion: "I was crying and drunk and tired from being out all night and I just wanted to leave". The incident followed a night of drinking a few hours removed from WWE's Smackdown television taping at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati. Those close to Matt Hardy told us he was the only one in the group who hadn't been drinking, although it doesn't explain why he fled the scene and hightailed it home to North Carolina leaving his friends to deal with the aftermath. One source familiar with what happened noted that Hardy had chased after Helms after he ran away but Helms returned alone. The police said they are not pursuing any sort of action against Hardy. Another note of interest is that Christian and CM Punk were said to have posted bond for Jericho and Helms around 90 minutes after they were booked into Kenton County Detention Center. The pair are scheduled to appear in Kenton District Court on February 16 to answer public intoxication charges or they can pay a small fine to dispose of the charges.

Jim Ross via his blog at wrote regarding the arrests: "TMZ making a semi big deal about a situation that Chris Jericho and Gregory Helms found themselves in this week. Both these guys are great people and are credits to the biz and I suggest that this well could be much to do about not much. No one should rush to judgment about this issue especially since neither individual has addressed there side of this overblown story."

Helms has been pulled from Sunday's Rumble match likely as punishment for the events of this past week. Jericho is still listed at press time. Well, you didn't think they would punish a main event guy did you?

Regarding Helms being Thursday's Superstar of the Day--its either a rib from someone in the office or a just a freak coincidence. When a reporter friend of mine called a WWE media rep yesterday to get comment on the arrest story the rep was shocked. A short time later the Superstar of the Day was changed to Cody Rhodes.

TMZ cameras at filmed Randy Orton walking through an airport yesterday and asked him about wrestlers always getting in trouble with the law. He said its not true. "We represent the WWE in a very positive manner," he said. "Getting in trouble isn't positive now, is it?"

Psych on Wednesday night with John Cena did 4.4 million viewers helping to increase ratings for the show and draw a young demo. The show was up 51 percent in adults 18-34 compared to the one-year-ago season premiere.

Author and journalist Bob Calhoun compares Obama's State of the Union speech to a recent John Cena promo at

WWE The Music Volume 10 is doing well on Amazon where its exclusively available. Its currently the No.1 listed album ahead of Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and rock band Muse.

Matty Hardy is working on a new book on his career and the wrestling business.

Joey Styles wrote a nice piece on the passing of Georgiann Makropoulos at

WWE has added a Raw house show on April 10 at the O2 in Dublin, Ireland. Tickets go on sale February 4.

Jeff Wilen has his Royal Rumble predictions at


1/28 Impact TV results from Orlando, FL: Desmond Wolfe over Sean Morley; Hernandez over Daniels; The Beautiful People over Tara, Hamada & Awesome Kong; The Machine Guns & Brian Kendrick over Generation Me & Amazing Red; Doug Williams over Amazing Red; and Mr. Ken Anderson over Jeff Jarrett.

1/28 house show results from Coventry, England: Suicide defeated Chris Sabin; The Beautiful People over Taylor Wilder & Sarita; The Pope over Desmond Wolfe; Team 3D & Beer Money over The British Invasion & Eric Young; Amazing Red over Hamada; Kurt Angle & Hernandez over Rhino & Daniels; and AJ Styles over Samoa Joe. The show drew an estimated 1,300 which is poor as they sold out the same facility in 2008. There were also people disappointed that they changed the advertised main event from Wolfe vs. Styles. One reader wrote: I’m not sure if I enjoyed it as much as the show from 2008 but that’s not to say it was bad at all, it was still a decent night of entertainment with better in ring action than your average WWE house show.

The TNA crew run tonight in Manchester at the M.E.N Arena and the tour wraps Saturday night in London at Wembley Arena. We're looking for reader reports from both shows to


Regarding the Honky Tonk Man claiming to be in talks with TNA--the deal may be this. Jakks Pacific who signed with TNA to produce action figures are tapping up WWE legends who's contracts with WWE are expired or about to expire. Jakks are hoping that TNA will work with them on a cross-promotional deal and occasionally feature some of the legends to help drive sales of their figures. On a related note, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff appeared on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show this morning for what they billed as A State of TNA Address. We'll have a lot more on this in the next newsletter, but when asked about Honky Tonk Man negotiating with TNA, Bischoff said he would "rather drive a rusty ice pick through my thigh" and said that Honky "couldn't draw flies if he were rolled in horse s--t."

Vince Russo wrote an apology the other night on his blog for using the term "fake wrestling on a fake wrestling show" while ranting about a note I wrote here drawing attention to the fact that Impact last Thursday only had 16 minutes of wrestling. He wrote that its his job as a writer to get ratings and feels that he is succeeding but realized afterwards that his comments may cause offence to others in the wrestling business. Taz and Jim Cornette were among those who spoke publicly about Russo's blog. Cornette said: "I'm not sure which aspect of this heartfelt apology has me more completely astonished--that he was completely gobsmacked to find out that his comments would be offensive to anyone who has ever performed, promoted or been involved in pro wrestling AND everyone who's ever bought a ticket or considered themselves a fan--or that he is firmly, steadfastly, blindly and delusionally convinced that he has at least once in his life ever written a wrestling show that people could possibly believe was real." Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer also raised a brilliant point about people [like Russo] attempting to correlate ratings equaling success: "Historically, I'm not saying there is no correlation, because at times there is and at times there isn't, but ratings and success of a company are not the same thing. In March, UFC will do a Countdown show that gets maybe an 0.7 rating and a few days later get maybe 750,000 [pay-per-view] buys, which grosses $34 million for a company that uses its time to get stars over for a video game that sold more than 3 million copies. Is that show more or less successful than a TNA show that does a 1.3 rating and leads to a PPV that does 20,000 buys and grosses $700,000 and does a video game that sold a few hundred thousand copies?"

Spike TV may have jumped the gun with their faux pas about Impact airing live on Monday, March 1. The schedule on has been changed. Impact is no longer listed on March 1 at 9pm. It's been replaced with TBD. Universal Studios recently updated the TNA schedule on their website, replacing the March 8 and 9 tapings with March 1 and 2.

Samoa Joe worked the main event against Styles last night in Coventry after dislocating a rib Wednesday night in Cardiff.

TNA may be doing something tonight in Manchester with players from the Manchester City soccer team. City are the second best team in Manchester behind rivals Manchester United who absolutely obliterated them on Wednesday night in the semi-final of the Carling Cup.

Video game maker South Peak Interactive recently acquired the TNA video game franchise from the ashes of Midway. They are planning to announce its future plans for the franchise at E3 in June. They are also sponsoring the current UK tour.

The Sun at has new interviews up with Dixie Carter and Rob Terry talking about his Global Championship win the other night in Cardiff.

Desmond Wolfe at talks about wrestling this weekend at Wembley Arena. He notes skipping school to go to WWF and WCW shows at the arena as a teenager... Another interview with Wolfe at where he talks about his first impressions of TNA. He said: "TNA is more about longevity and looking after yourself. Not that ROH wasn’t, it was just that they had a style the fans expected to see and couldn’t see anywhere else. It’s the same with the old ECW, guys were dropping like flies there, but it’s difficult to change style without losing your fan base."

The Miami Herald has a big feature on Bobby Lashley ahead of his Strikeforce debut on Saturday. A good read but nothing regarding TNA that he hasn't said in other interviews. He said he pushed TNA to give his wife Kristal some television time: "She's been acting for a long time, and I sort of pushed for it in TNA a little bit, because she's wanted to get back out there and do some stuff on TV. When they actually put her on TV, I think a lot of people were really happy with what she was doing. We'll see if she continues to do it..." Story is at

Lashley just signed a deal with EA Sports to be in their next MMA video game.


Ring of Honor debuts in Los Angeles tonight as part of the WrestleReunion convention at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport with Jay & Mark Briscoe & The Young Bucks vs. The American Wolves, Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli; ROH champ Austin Aries vs. Jushin Liger; Jerry Lynn vs. Kenny King; Roderick Strong vs. Delirious; Tyler Black vs. Joey Ryan; The Human Tornado vs. Kevin Steen; The Necro Butcher vs. Erick Stevens; El Generico & Colt Cabana vs. Scott Lost & Scorpio Sky; and a bonus match of Larry Zbyszko vs. Scotty 2 Hotty with Johnny Fairplay as special referee. More info at

Florida indy wrestler Chasyn Rance will be part of the third season of VH-1 reality series Tool Academy. The show features "unsuspecting bad boys/girls" who have been sent to "relationship boot camp". The contestants, all of whom have been nominated by their respective partners, initially think they are taking part in a competition for a title. However, shortly after arriving they find out the truth: they are actually being entered into a charm school which focuses on teaching them how to behave as boyfriends/girlfriends. Each week, one contestant is eliminated and his partner must choose whether or not to stay with him. The last contestant remaining wins a $100,000 prize. The new season premieres on Valentines Day at 9pm.

Former WWE wrestler Ken Doane is part of another reality show, Seducing Cindy, that premieres Saturday night on Fox Reality at 9pm. The show follows the newly-single Cindy Margolis on her search for love.

Kevin Nash and April Hunter filmed sex scenes this past week for the movie Ultimate Death Match 3. The movie was shot in Portland with TNA's Abyss, Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, Shane Douglas, and many other wrestlers. Hunter said of her scene: "Nash is a hottie. I don't normally like the older guys that much, but he's an exception to the rule. He was such a professional!" You can check out April Hunter at

Brooke Hogan is enjoying a lot of positive press right now for a photshoot she did in a bikini for Life & Style magazine without the help of photo retouching. She told Entertainment Tonight: "It's to show young girls that these pictures that you're seeing ... everybody has been Photoshopped so much... I'm not perfect, but I am proud of my body. I work really, really hard at it."

Tommy Dreamer vs. Tajiri headlines at the SMASH 1 event on March 26 in Shinjuku, Japan. SMASH is a new group in Japan fusing pro wrestling, kickboxing and MMA.

Alex Marvez has a story on Rob Van Dam at

OVW on Saturday night in Louisville has a show with every match being held inside a cage. More info at

Time Out Chicago has a blurb on Scott "Colt Cabana" Colton and his new comedy improv showcase at

Today's Diva of the Day is Lita at

Friday, January 29, 2010

ASWF Canceled!!!

----ASWF will not be having a show tomorrow night in Tuckerman, AR due to the weather. 


----As reported over at The Starr Treatment, RRO Wrestler of the Year 2009 is headed to the Royal Rumble.  The East Arkansas News Leader a great article on Starr.  Check it out - CLICK HERE!!

After his match in Trumann Friday, Starr will begin his journey which will first take him to Atlanta, Ga., for the Rumble event. Then he will travel Monday to Nashville, Tenn., for the live Monday Night RAW event at Sommet Center before wrapping up the three-day trip in his home region of Memphis when WWE tapes its SmackDown! and ECW broadcasts at the FedEx Forum Tuesday night.

Another Cancellation!!

----Got an e-mail this morning from Ken Wayne of NEW and he wanted to pass along that they will not be having a show tonight!!  As he said, the weather might even be getting worse. For those getting out tonight in the area - please be careful!!

RCW Wrestling event tonight cancelled due to weather

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) debut show that was scheduled for tonight in Trumann, AR, has been cancelled due to the weather.

RCW has a make-up date scheduled for Friday, March 5. We will have more details in the coming weeks on that show in addition to any other RCW live events.

We apologize to everyone for this cancellation; however, the safety of both the fans and crew are the most important factors and due to today's weather conditions it is best that this event be cancelled.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Wrestling on Local TV!!

----So, we can now make it four wrestling shows airing in this area!!  SAW, which is based out of Nashville, TN [they run Millersville, TN] is now airing Saturday afternoons at 12:30 PM, on E+TV6 in Jackson, TN. This is the group that uses Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, Jon Michael and others. Dutch Mantell is also helping book the show now.  I was looking at the web site and it looks like they will be using Su Yung on their upcoming show and I believe Cody Melton is also working for this group.  Kevin White was instrumental in getting this group in Jackson, so I look for him to be part of some of their live events.  Not sure how strong of a station E+TV6 is, but this is the channel that TWIF was airing on at one time.  SAW is actually offering a real good deal on their web site with for fans that want to see their product.

Receive our SAW Sampler, featuring two episodes which include a Last Man Standing Match between former Naturals partners Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas, Down & Dirty with Dutch Mantell, the return of PG-13 (Woflie D & JC Ice), plus Vordell Walker, "Teen Excitement" Drew Haskins, Rick Santel, Paul Adams, Flash Flanagan, Derrick King Enterprises, and more, for just $3.99!  CLICK HERE to go to their site and order a copy!!

Shows for the Weekend 1.29 to 1.30.10

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows.  Weather is expected to be bad in this area this weekend, but nothing has been canceled as of today.  There are two big shows this weekend and RRO will be attending the RCW debut in Trumann, AR tomorrow night!! [if weather permits!!]  Tony Myers is having a show in Memphis and sent the following below.  Check out for all the info on the RCW show!!

WE ARE RETURNING TO THE NEW DAISY ON BEALE STREET IN MEMPHIS, TN Friday Night January 29th, 2010 for a join show brought to you by Shakerag wreckords! We will ONCE AGAIN have The Sick Bitch Championship of The Universe Title defended in an Oil Wrestling Match . ALSO SnV is giving two young guys full of a ton of piss and vinegar the ultimate try-out in front ofur live audience as he's wrestled all over as Orion debuts against the debuting Azreal Sycksyde. AWESOME YOUNG TALENT. ALSO THE BRAND NEW SICK FUCK CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE The Big Chief defends the belt for the first time since winning it January 23rd in the Deathmatch Tournament in Jasper, Alabama against Scrappy McIron and the Sex and Violence! Don't think about missing the music styling of a true man in every sense of the word who launched SnV on it's first show ever back on January 26, 2007-Slick Sid! Formerly known as the BIG BOSS of The Tru Country Bass-Turds! Don't miss it! 3-Year Anniversary of SnV COMBINED WITH THE EFFORTS OF THE ALMIGHTY SHAKERAG WRECKORDS so come one come all Juggalos-WE PLAN TO HAVE THE BIGGEST WHITE TRASH BASH TO POP OFF THE NEW FUCKING DECADE!!!

IWA - Show Reports, Ratings, Comments and Rumors

TV Show Reports

----IWA did air this past Saturday and D-Rock has a report of the show over at CLICK HERE to read the report. There also some photos of the show posted along with the report.  And, he also has the complete report the upcoming Saturday show to air THIS Saturday 1.30.10.  CLICK HERE to read that report. It features the debut of "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock as an announcer. 


----I got the ratings earlier this week and the first week results were not good.  They scored a .2 for the first two quarters, then a ZERO for the third quarter and then another .2 for the 4th Quarter.  This translates to an average of 2430 viewers per quarter.  Not good. 


----I also got the chance to see about half of the show.  I plan to do a Coach's Corner or a feature article after the first four weeks air, instead of just "beating a dead horse" every week.  They did have an handheld camera, but it was sort of sideways.  Jason Hall seem to not be as annoying on the show and RRO's Most Improved of 2009 Bishop looked like a MONSTER!! Carnage Antwane must have been watching Lance Russell DVDs, because he was doing such a good job helping guys do interviews.  I am not sure I would have understood anything Precious was saying, if it had not been for him.  He would be a great addition to the announcer crew with the only bad thing being he is probably bigger than 98% of the roster.


I am being told Tatt2, Johnny Dotson and Precious may all be gone from this group??  Tatt2 is gone and actually told me, "I was fired.."  Can not confirm the other two??

Wayne's World "A Dressing Room United" by "3G" Eric Wayne

I'm sure you've all heard that the "boys" don't exist anymore. Everyone is out for themselves and that's all that matters. Well here's a story that proves the "boys" still exist.

Recently I was backstage at a show after wrestling earlier, watching the main event. When a loud obnoxious older man walked in the locker room. The first thing that caught my attention was him saying "I don't care, I'll whip everybody's ass in here, I run this!" well he goes on to shake one of the wrestlers hands and as the wrestler introduces himself this guy shakes his hand and throws it away and walks off saying "shut the f*ck up." Not only did it piss the wrestler off but once everyone else started to hear about it a rumbling started flowing through the locker room because of how disrespectful this guy was being almost as soon as he walked in, add to it that none of us knew who he was.

About 15 minutes pass and I go to the office, where said man is, to get my p.o. and I'm standing behind another wrestler listening to the guy disrespect him as well. He asks the wrestler his name and proceeds to tell him not to get an attitude after he says his name more than once. It was clear that the wrestler was avoiding a confrontation and didn't have an attitude so I decided to speak up and tell this guy that he did tell him his name and didn't have an attitude. Another one of the boys was standing beside me and asked if he was still running his mouth and I made it clear that he was and made sure the individual heard me.

At this point I didn't realize it but the whole locker room was standing up and moving towards the office door. This guy wasn't getting out very easily! After I made the statement that he was treating everyone like shit he said to the promoter that he thought had a problem with these three guys and I told him he had a problem with all of us. That's when the promoter walks past him and tells me to calm down! Calm down? Calm down after watching him disrespect the wrestlers? Right! This was when things started getting very tense because we still didn't know who this guy was that felt he could come in and disrespect anyone he talked to. Well after a few minutes of going back and forth the promoter tells the guy its time to go outside. By now the locker room has crowded the doorway. The promoter takes the guy by the arm as all of split down the middle to let this guy leave.

Unfortunately this wasn't over. Things relaxed for a few minutes and a few of us made it clear to the promoter not to let that man back in here after the way he acted. Well the man comes back through the curtain, which immediately brought everyone back to their feet and getting ready to run him out for good. A couple of people were serving as a barricade between us and the guy, with me being the closest to this guy since I was about to walk through the curtain. He says, "I just wanted to say everyone did a good job tonight" which got a groan from the locker room. Being the closest and most vocal earlier I felt the need to tell him not only was his opinion or comments not welcomed, but neither was he. His response, a very mature one at that, was "f*ck you" accompanied with a salute. In pure working mode, knowing I was surrounded by enough people to stop me, I tried getting to him and was abruptly held back.

This ended the locker room side of the altercation but the man went at it again with another member of the staff and when threatened to have the police called, he finally went home. So there you have it. Its not often that these type of situations occur, but its nice knowing that some locker rooms will still band together when needed.

The Golden Circle "Frankensteiner" by Greg Anthony

It was a cold October night when I saw Scott Steiner debut The Frankensteiner during Halloween Havoc. I had just witnessed the greatest move in wrestling. It was both athletic and powerful, smooth but devastating. The Steiners were very innovative and this was Scott's Sistine Chapel. Now fast forward to 2010, is there any move that could make me feel that way again?

Let me clarify, as most already know, I'm more interested in the storytelling process of a match than the moves there within. However the moves themselves are important. What would Stone Cold be without The Stunner, or is there a move the embodies Shawn Michaels more than The Superkick? Having the right move can also tell a story of your personality.

Over the last 20 years we have become so desensitized to moves. Well actually we've become desensitized to life. The Frankensteiner was new, I'ld never seen a headscissors that ended with a DDT like bump before, it blew my mind. I thought "What else is possible?". The Frankensteiner was innovation and revolutionary but most of all it was safe.

The industry now has this misconception that for something to be cool, then someone has to die. In the late 90s, I started seeing alot of brainbusters being used in various places. Its not hard to pick somone up in a suplex then drop them on their head. For awhile I had forgot how safe the brainbuster could be the way Koko B. Ware or Dick Murdoch used it. Somethings need to change... back.

I'm not saying we should "devolve" as a business but we can for sure be safer. The business can only strive with talent individuals at the helm. What will happen to the business if the ones with all the talent are dropped on their heads by some goof who created a new move on Smackdown vs Raw 2010? If the story is there then you don't need a Three Flip Springboard Cradle Piledriver with a Bridge... I promise.

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 01.23.10 - New Champion!!

Show starts off with the National Anthem as usual and Casey Rinaldi & Jeff Perryman in the booth ready to call some play by play action in the the Dogg House...Casey Rinaldi notices Jeff Perryman wearing a suit and asked Jeff why he decided to wear that to the arena, and Jeff tells Casey he has NO COMMENT!! Then the Poker Face Showcase music hits and the DCW World Heaveyweight Champion comes to the ring...Poker tells the crowd he could have beat down Southside, but decided to be nice since he has all the STROKE around here then Southside comes out and chases Poker Face out of the ring and begins to talk about how he is the #1 Contender since technically he has never been beaten by Poker Face..Poker tells him, he could have killed him last week, but decided to be a GENEROUS CHAMPION! Poker then begins to talk about he brought in a BIG WRESTLING SUPERSTAR to challenge for his title tonite, since no one in DCW can hang with him...Southside begins to talk about wanting to face Poker again then the Redd Dogg Rodney Mack comes out..Rodney proceeds to tell Southside, he is the #1 Contender b/c he never got the re-match as a champion who loses should get..Then Southside and Rodney face off in the ring and you can cut the tension with a knife..Then Soul Train comes out and says he could be the #1 Contender, but Poker tells Soul Train that he has other plans for him tonite, he will be facing both memebers of the Dynasty..Then Dynasty comes out, but Rodney Mack asked Soul Train if he could help him beat on them so we have our first match...

Match 1: Rodney Mack & Soul Train vs. Dynasty
-match was phenominal from start to can def tell these 4 are some of the top Superstars in this area..When it comes to tag teams, there are very few if any better than Blaylock and Anthongy..and when you add Rodney Mack and his good friend Soul you have one heck of a match..Rodney and Soul Train seem to have the upper hand, but like always the Dynasty try to use dirty tactics to try and win but Senior DCW Official Tim Daniels catches them this time..winner via DQ Rodney Mack and Soul Train

Match 2: Angelina & Lovely Latricia vs. Mike Ward & Dangerous Dominique
-match wasn't too bad, but Mike Ward def should not be in the ring or should he? Match goes back and forth with both teams isolating their opponents at different times in the match..but this time Mike Ward and Dominique get the victory via pinfall..winner Mike Ward and Dangerous Dominique

Match 3: Chellious Adams vs. Shawn Reed
-once again the new DCW Superstar Shawn Reed impressed once again..Everyone knows that Chellious' experience, size, and agility makes him very dangerous in the ring, but Reed really takes it to Adams..match goes back and forth then Adams gets the upper hand, but Reed rolls up Adams for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Shawn Reed


Match 4: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs. Boss
-def could be considered match of the night..these two worked amazingly in the ring together! Boss' size and agility with Tejano's great technical ability in the ring and his persona equals some great matches..Match goes back and forth, to the outside of the ring back into the inside of the ring, but in the end..experience will always come out ahead! While Tim Daniels is turned toward Dominique, Tejano takes a chair and hits the mat while Boss is still staggering around..then Tejano lays out in the ring and throws the chair to Boss and when referee Tim Daniels see's this he calls for the bell..winner via DQ Tejano Kid

Match 5: Lucky vs Poker Face for the DCW Heavyweight Championship
- match was pretty good..went back and forth for the entire match! No one had the upper hand until at the very end of the match..Lucky took Poker over to the DCW Appareal Stand and beat on him, he took him by the bathrooms and beat on him, then Poker started to beat on Lucky by the concession stand..match finally ends back in the ring where DCW Official Tim Daniels gets knocked out..then Rodney Mack comes from the back and hits Poker with a HUGE spear..Lucky turns Poker over and gets the 1-2-3...winner via pinfall and NEW DCW CHAMPION LUCKY!

Show was pretty good tonite..about 120 there and card was good from top to bottom! Good to see Lucky back in DCW and man what a return...

Biggest Heat: Tejano Kid
Biggest Pop: Lucky (after he wins the title from Poker)

Credit: Jeff Perryman

----Rodney Mack returned, so we should see some increase in crowds...Say what you want to say about Lucky [and I have only seen him in one good bout - vs Rude], but the surprise of putting him over Poker probably was good for the fans. Kudos to Poker for being a true professional. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

(WGN) Jan 27: Monday Night Wars take two, fun story on The Undertaker, Jim Cornette reveals another untold story, TNA in England, Lacey Von Erich talks sex and prank calls 80s legend, WrestleReunion, Brock Lesnar vents, Jeff Hardy, more...


Wednesday January 27, 2010


Wrestling Globe Newsletter by Mike Aldren - All the latest professional wrestling news, gossip and occasional opinion direct to you here at RRO. WGN is read by industry power players, many top wrestlers and thousands of fans from all around the world.


1/26 ECW TV results from Cincinnati, OH: William Regal & Ezekiel Jackson over Christian & Kane; and Yoshi Tatsu, Goldust & Hurricane over Zack Ryder, Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft.


The new season of Psych premieres tonight on USA with John Cena playing the role of Juliet's brother Ewan, a soldier in the military.

Raw on Monday night did a 3.6 rating and 5.14 million viewers. Down slightly again from the previous week.

Last night in Cincinnati they taped a Rey Mysterio vs. Shawn Michaels match for Friday's Smacdown which I'm told is off the charts.

A number of WWE Legends contracts [based off of the Wrestlemania video game] are due to expire soon and WWE hasn't made any movements to re-sign the majority of those under such deals.

The former Kizarny was interviewed at He noted one time being backstage at a Smackdown taping and observed The Undertaker bobbing his head and singing along to R-Truth's entrance music from behind the curtain. He said it was the most surreal thing he has ever witnessed.

WWE are taping another Legends Roundtable for 24/7 this week in Stamford with Gene Okerlund, J.J. Dillon, Pat Patterson, Nick Bockwinkel, and Michael Hayes discussing tag teams and wrestling in the 1970s.

Several guys were doing voice over work yesterday in Cincinnati for THQ's upcoming Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 game. reportedly locked Rob Van Dam out of his WWE Universe profile amid rumors he was going to sign with TNA. For the many that asked, he's not giving anything away regarding going to TNA or returning to WWE at the Royal Rumble.

Another UK tour was officially announced for November with tickets going on sale January 30 [Scotland only] and February 16 for shows in Endland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Due to complaints, Superstars will be returning to the WGN Chicago line up in the first week of February. Canada also uses the Chicago feed.

Zach Ryder gives quite the interview for his hometown newspaper at He talks about trying to win the Royal Rumble and going on to main event at Wrestlemania.

Sunday's Rumble at Phillips Arena in Atlanta is completely sold out. They may release a few tickets on the day of the show.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels met with brothers David Hillar and Cole Dever through the Granted Wish Foundation as they suffer from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Story at

Michelle McCool did a brief interview for her website at

A clip of Chris Masters on Big Time Crush is online at

Sen. Joe Lieberman at says he may endorse Linda McMahon for Senate. He said he will stand back for now and see how the Senatorial race unfolds before he makes a decision.


1/26 house show results from Bournemouth, England: Chris Sabin over Suicide & Amazing Red in a three-way; Eric Young over Hamada; the returning Pope over Rhino; Kurt Angle [replacing Matt Morgan] & Hernandez over The British Invasion, Team 3D & Bear Money in a four-way; Samoa Joe over Daniels in a 'I Quit' match; The Beautiful People over Taylor Wilde & Sarita; and AJ Styles over Desmond Wolfe.

The show drew an estimated 2,000 people and was close to a sell out. The British Invasion were over as heels after cutting a promo and ripping up Jeremy Borash's backstage passes. Earl Hebner got his own entrance and came down to the ring wearing black shades, a leather jacket, and did the Bret Hart gimmick. Following the Knockouts tag everyone sang Happy Birthday to Taylor Wilde who turned 24 yesterday. Wolfe worked babyface in the main event which was said to be match of the night. Told it was a great show top to bottom.

The TNA crew run tonight in Cardiff, Wales, with AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe; Eric Young vs. Rob Terry; and The British Invasion vs. Beer Money in a UK v USA challenge as the top advertised matches. The remaining tour dates this week are Coventry, Manchester, and London. We're looking for reader reports from all these shows to


Monday March 1 is the tentative date for the next Impact head-to-head against Raw on Spike TV. No word yet if this will be a live show. March 1 is also the night that Wrestlicious debuts on MavTV and Bite TV. This means that there will be six hours of wrestling on national television that night with ROH, Raw, Impact, and Wrestlicious.

For those who use DVR, Impact is once again listed on screen guides as "TNA Impact" as oppose to "TNA Wrestling".

An announcement regarding the status of TNA PPV in the UK is expected imminently. Dixie Carter met with UK television people yesterday to put the finishing touches on a new deal.

Roxxi is telling people she will be sidelined for another month tops with her leg and ankle injury.

Lacey Von Erich recently filmed a bizarre DVD with Kayfabe Commentaries called Missy Hyatt's Pajama Party. You can imagine how this goes. She basically hangs out with Missy and Northeast indy worker Amy Lee and together they are filmed doing lots of wacky stuff like faking orgasms and debating anal sex. They also prank call different wrestlers, including The Honky Tonk Man, during which Lacey pretends to be Dixie Carter's personal assistant. She offers him $200 to come to Orlando and take a guitar shot. You can hear Honky on speakerphone saying, "No, I'm committed to WWE." Seriously, you can't even make this stuff up. There is a trailer online at

On a related note, Honky Tonk Man claims on his website that he has been negotiating with TNA since early-December. I can't see him wrestling in TNA, but then again they put Brian Knobbs in the ring, so anything is possible. I could see him doing some announcing but those spots appear to be filled.

Lacey was interviewed on Right After Wrestling on Sirius satellite radio. She talked about how she broke into the business with WWE after they called her uncle Kevin and basically just asked him to ask her if she wanted to be a Diva. She said she was assigned to developmental in Tampa but things didn't work out too well. "We don’t watch wrestling in our family anymore because it was really a sore subject – I mean everyone died! ... I signed my contract and went to FCW [she relocated from LA to Tampa]. I took my first bump and I loved it. I love pain. We’re a little screwed up who wrestle. We all have something in us. I loved it, but I had a son. I was constantly wrestling and they were just about to put me on the road and they told me the schedule was like 300 days per year. I felt like my dad and he always left us. I just felt like I was going to turn into daddy and never see [my son], so I got out as fast as I could." She said soon after TNA called and the schedule was a better fit: "I love TNA and I like the writers. I’m just going to show up to work and do whatever the heck they tell me. I’m not going to question the writers or what they’re doing. They know where the story is going in the future. You want people to be captured in the story and that keeps them coming back. We need controversy and fighting and real-life things put into the show like me coming into The Beautiful People and Angelina coming back and being pissed."

The Miami Herald interviewed Bobby Lashley at Lashley makes his Strikeforce debut Saturday night on the Show Time card from Sunrise, FL. He says he's looking to fight Fedor two or three fight from this one. "I feel I'm ready now, but then people will think I'm too cocky and over my head. At the same time by prolonging a match with Fedor then people will start asking themselves why I'm taking so long, and say I'm ducking him. I can't win. But all kidding aside I want to take my time before I fight Fedor. I'm going to learn and get better with each fight. I want to do it the right way."


Jim Cornette during his latest Podcast at revealed one of the great untold stories of professional wrestling when discussing Georgiann Makropoulos who passed away earlier this week. As noted, she ran fan clubs for several wrestlers in the 60s and 70s including Bruno Sammartino and Buddy Rogers. Cornette recalls that Bruno told him years ago that Georgie was over at Rogers house one day talking to his wife. His wife accidently let slip that Rogers and "his crew" were planning a hostile take over of the WWWF. Georgie took the information back to Bruno, who told Vince McMahon Sr., and the days of Rogers having any influence in the WWWF came to a close shortly there after. "Not that many people get to play that an important role in wrestling history," Cornette said. "She was involved for 50 years."

One of the biggest wrestling conventions of the year takes place this weekend in Los Angeles at the LAX Hilton. WrestleReunion will feature talent from all over the world including The Great Muta, Jushin Liger, Rob Van Dam, Bruno Sammartino, Super Crazy, Stan Hansen, Austin Idol, Nick Bockwinkel, Larry Zbyszko, Demolition, Koko B. Ware, Diamond Dallas Page, Road Warrior Animal, Tammy Sytch, Terri Runnells, and Scotty Taylor. Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla are also putting on live events on Friday and Saturday with The Briscoe Brothers, The Young Bucks, The American Wolves, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jerry Lynn, Tyler Black, The Necro Butcher, El Generico, Colt Cabana, Brian Kendrick, and many more. Vendor guests include Bret Hart, Dan Severn, Ron Simmons, Rikishi, Jimmy Hart, JJ Dillon and Chavo Guerrero Sr. More info at

Jason Clevett has a story on DDP pushing WrestleReunion at "It is a good time, and a real honor for the legends. I helped them get a lot of guys in the past that weren't going to do these types of reunions. There is a lot of camaraderie. You don't get to see the guys when you are off the road and it is all different generations of guys. Really I could have been from all generations because I started so late, a lot of these guys are only two or three years older than me. They were in the business since they were kids I didn't start until I was 35." Page said he is most looking forward to hanging out with Austin Idol.

There is also a convention in the UK on Saturday from 9am-3.30pm at the Renaissance Hotel in Manchester with Terry Funk, Bushwacker Luke, Howard Finkel, Lanny Poffo, The Warlord, The Barbarian, Molly Holly, Mr. Fuji [who turns 75 soon], Bryan Clarke, and Nikolai Volkoff. More info at

James Mitchell passed away on Sunday night. Not the former wrestling manager, but the 89-year-old former star of ABC soap opera All My Children. Apparently there was a temporary bit of confusion over that on Twitter. Why the wrestling manager James Mitchell doesn't have a job with WWE or TNA just boggles the mind.

Paul Heyman has an exclusive interview with Brock Lesnar at Lesnar says he is not going to shut up regarding his views on health care in Canada and the United states: "I'm not some dumb meathead fighter. I have something to say. I still have my career today because of the United States Health Care System. Does it need some fixing? Absolutely. But the changes I'm hearing about don't sit well with me, and I'm exercising my rights by speaking my mind." Worth going out of your way to read.

National Wrestling Superstars runs Friday night in Manville, NJ, at the VFW Hall [600 Washington Avenue, minutes from Routes 28 and I-287] with Angelina Love, The Patriot, Devon Moore, Jack Spade, Alex Payne, and many more. NWS also run Saturday night in Brick Township, NJ, at the Elks Lodge [2491 Hooper Avenue, minutes from The Parkway, Route 70, and the Brick Plaza] with Mr. Ken Anderson, Salvatore Sincere, Kevin Matthews, The Nigerian Nightmares, and more. Go to for all the details.

James Guttman interviewed wrestling referee Nick Patrick about WWE vs. WCW, his role in Hogan vs. Sting at Starrcade, and more at

Perez Hilton rips the former Linda Bollea at for writing a tell-all book about her marriage to Hulk Hogan.

Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore will be signing autographs on February 20 at K&M All Star Sports store in the Crystal Mall in Waterford, CT.

Lilian Garcia, Lisa Marie Varon, Amy "Lita" Dumas and Candice Michelle are available for personal appearances and autograph sessions. To book them, you can contact Steve Woolf at or go to

Today's Diva of the Day is Daffney at


RE Shawne Merriman Tweeting about WWE

This from a guy whose team couldn't even take out the Jets in the Playoffs. Vince would never take a chance on a loose cannon like this fool hurting one of his wrestlers (Vinny Mac, that is; Russo would hire him in a NY Minute). Still, with Merriman's mouth, they should put him in there with a shooter and watch the San Diego media go postal. In any case, it's not like this guy even has significant name recognition outside San Diego.

You should need a license tweet.

Keep up the good work, as always.

Bill Kunkel


Mama Says It Beees That Way Sometimes "NEW and TV” by Bruno Lauer

After 30 years in the business [31 as of April 8th], I can’t remember being as excited abut anything as I am right now about NEW going to Mississippi television. Heck, it reminds me of the when I got my start day with WWE back in the 80s! I’ve had about 10 really exciting things happen to me in the business. Things that really made me love life and the business – the world in general. In no particular order, here they are

-My first day on Memphis television [1984]
-My first championship I managed somebody to win. [Hawaii 1983 – Superfly Tui – not Snuka]
-Getting the call to go to the WWF.
-Buying and owning my home and property outright! [hell, the business paid for it; right??]
-Main eventing in Wrestlemania 91.
-Eddie Marlin putting me in charge of the ticket sales and ring crew in 1988.
-Tojo Yamamoto buying me a Lincoln Continental in 1987.
-Robert Fuller teaching me how to A) Drive and B) Swim C) Drink excessively.
-Having a book of my life in the business published by Scott

And FINALLY last, but not least – being a chosen member of the inner circle of New Experience Wrestling since its inception, since DAY ONE. I am proud to see great I take that back…great MEN – Like Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Austin Lane, Alan Steele and Kevin Charles – all NEW mainstays – get repeated looks and opportunities from the WWE. I am proud I was able to bring a great referee that I personally trained – Chuck Poe – into NEW and have watched him also become in demand ref on the Mississippi circuit. I am proud of Justin Smart, Dan Matthews, Richard Bressler, DJ Stegall, DJ Senior, Critter Gitter, Dan and Kaityln Grice, Donna Partee, Mike Anthony, Debbie Wayne, John Steele, Brian Thompson, Mike Ward, Terrance Ward, The Bressler family, Kacey, Gred, Vickie, Kolby, my buddy Phillip, Shawn Reed, Mayor Gene Alday, Uncle Larry and all our loyal NEW regulars!! I am proud as a peacock of all of us and if I forgot somebody, then it wasn’t intentional…and a BIG thanks to Brian Tramel for his undying support!!

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 1.22.10

The night opened up with the women's match. Miss Innocent escorted to the ring by Rashard vs Ms. Candi escorted by Homer and once again Ms. Candi took the win. Looks like Miss Innocent would finally learn her lesson.

Hambones 1 &2 escorted by Rashard went up against Wild Bill and Homer. Rashard and the Hambones threw in some of their dirty tricks and Wild Bill and Homer took the win by DQ. You know if Rashard is at ringside with his double crossers that there is going to be some cheating going on.

3rd Match of the evening was Bishop escorted by Rashard, these two make a good pair, both of them are dirty double crosser, going against The All American Frankie Tucker, for the heavyweight belt. The match was intense and Frankie as always was getting the best of Bishop. Rashard and Bishop can't handle being beat so in runs Pokerface and his plan was to take Frankie out but instead he hit Bishop. Frankie won by DQ and remains the "Heavyweight Champ." That's what happens when you're wrestling with a bunch of CHUMPS!

Semi main event was Jeremy Spiker vs CMoney vs Aaron Exstacy in a triple threat match for the cruizer weight title. CMoney showed them both who was the boss and retained his belt.

Main event was Pokerface and Bishop vs VMan and Sgt Hudson with special ref Rashard. That should be Croaked ref Rashard. Double Pay goes to the winner and for Tag team belts. No winner so nobody got paid and the title doesn't change hands. Don't you wonder who will pay for Rashards supper tonight? Thanks fans for joining us at MCW, your support is greatly appreciated.

Credit: MCW and Kim Wallace

(WGN) Jan 26: TNA in Paris, Joe injured, Pope update, Rock talks wrestling Cena, location of Wrestlemania 27, Kelly Kelly's bad habit and more!


Tuesday January 26, 2010


Wrestling Globe Newsletter by Mike Aldren - All the latest professional wrestling news, gossip and occasional opinion direct to you here on RRO!!


1/25 Raw TV results from Columbus, OH: DX over Legacy in a non-title match; Big Show over MVP; Maryse over Eve to qualify for the finals of the Divas title tournament; Kofi Kingston over The Miz in a non-title match; Gail Kim over Alicia Fox to qualify for the finals of the Divas title tournament, and Sheamus vs. John Cena was a no contest in another non-title match.


James Roday didn't appear Monday night as Raw guest host as he was hospitalized on Saturday and underwent an emergency appendectomy.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was interviewed on the LAW at When asked about a potential matchup with John Cena at Wrestlemania, he said: "I've never been interested in wrestling John Cena. The guys I wrestled in the past, from Goldberg to Hogan to Austin, were guys who I've really wanted to wrestle... it's very important if I do go back that the writing [is] ripped open and really pushed. I came from a time in the Attitude era where we trail-blazed and were fearless in the things we said and did." He added: "There are a lot of restrictions now [with the change to PG] on the product, which by the way, I understand, and I enjoy some of the stuff I see and I know some of the writers and they're challenged every week, but if in fact I do go back, it would be an interesting collision of an Attitude time that I loved and the time now, but I'm sure we can always infuse things to make it work." He said he will probably guest host Raw in the summer after he completes his next movie.

Ted DiBiase Jr. was also interviewed on Live Audio Wrestling. TNA was brought up as a topic. DiBiase said he wishes "those guys" the best but felt TNA are bringing in talent that can't draw money or get it done in the ring. "God bless them, I have nothing but respect for those guys... They paved the way for us, but Hulk Hogan can't even drop a leg anymore," he said. "...You definitely get the nostalgic value, I agree, but how long can that last? How long can you get excited about seeing this old guy come out? I welcome 'Monday Night Wars' if you want to call it a war - it's not much of a fight - but competition is always exciting for us. Most all wrestlers grew up playing competitive sports, so that's in our blood, man. Bring it on." Regarding Jeff Hardy appearing on Impact on January 4, he said: "Jeff has his own demons he's battling right now, I guess, but what can you do? Maybe it's something he had to do. I wish him the best because he was a great performer, but it was a little disappointing, I guess."

Jeff Hardy's girlfriend Beth must have been listening. She wrote on her Twitter last night: "I think it's silly that people use the generalized term "demons" when talking about Jeff, especially when they have had their own share. Just sayin'... Oh, and BTW... Jeff appearing on TNA was anything but a disappointment."

Elliot Harris of the Chicago Sun-Times filed a report on the Rey Mysterio signing at KMart. He told us he left before all the chaos ensued. Mysterio noted his 12 year old son is already taller than him with an interest in wrestling but his daughter is showing the most passion for it: "[My son is] very passionate about football. He loves football. I don't know. What scares me is my daughter might like it even more. She's only 8 years old. She's taking acting lessons right now, so hopefully we'll have some sort of connection between wrestling and acting/movies/soap opera." Mysterio also said he would love to do a movie with WWE Studios. "That's one of my goals in life and in my career that I might get an opportunity to do some cinematography now that WWE has their own film industry. So that's something that I would really love to push forward." Story is at

The location of Wrestlemania 27 has reportedly come down to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta and the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, according to Gary Stokan, President of the Atlanta Sports Council, in an interview with Stoken said the announcement would be made on February 1, coincidentally the day after Royal Rumble at Philips Arena in Atlanta. [Thanks to Larry Goodman]

Country Weekly magazine has a blurb on Mickie James and her musical aspirations. She said she grew up in Virginia listening to Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and her favorite Willie Nelson: "I've always written stuff, whether its short stories or poetry. I started writing songs, and I was working with some artists in Virginia. I feel like God always puts these signs in your way, like paths you should be on. I've always wanted to sing, and I kept getting this weird feeling that I should just try it. I will record an album and see what happens. If nothing happens, at least I did it." [Thanks to reader Mike Thompson]

Kelly Kelly answers some pointless questions at If her house was on fire the first thing she would save would be her teddy bear... She bites her nails... And she wouldn't like to be stuck in a lift with Paris Hilton. "I really don't care for her," Kelly said.

MTV at talked to Chris Jericho about his new album with Fozzy which goes on sale today.

Jericho was at Raw last night and cut a promo for the Royal Rumble that will air on Superstars.

I was glad to see they didn't do one of those lame Battle Royals to hype the Rumble PPV this year. Lazy booking in my view. The video package with all the stats was tremendous and far more effective in selling the show. I also enjoyed the confrontation between John Cena and Vince McMahon which leads to Bret Hart returning next Monday in Nashville.

The NFC Championship game on Sunday between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings drew a monster 57.9 million viewers, making it the second most watched NFC Championship game in history. The Royal Rumble was originally scheduled for January 24 as late as September until somebody in Stamford noticed the clash with football.

Shawne Merriman, outside linebacker for the San Diego Chargers, has been posting bizarre WWE-related messages on his Twitter teasing an appeance at Wrestlemania. He wrote: "Is the WWE still doing good right now? ... I'm tired of all the no name wrestlers that look like they came off the street and had a tryout... I couldn't wrestle because I wouldn't fake it... Don't be surprised to see me in the Royal Rumble in March... I meant Wrestlemania in March, that too." Merriman hit headlines for the wrong reasons last year when he was arrested and charged with battery and false imprisonment of reality TV star Tila Tequila, who claimed in an arrest complaint that he choked and restrained her when she tried to leave his home. The charges were later dismissed.

Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland is claiming the Sunday afternoon Smackdown show drew 10,000 people although most people in attendance say it was closer to 5,000.

Santino Marella has some fun with the media at They did recently shoot something but its unlikely to lead to anything other than, let alone a sitcom on national television. Several wrestling websites appear to be sold on the story.


1/25 house show results from Paris, France: Suicide over Amazing Red & Chris Sabin in a three-way; Beer Money over Eric Young & Rob Terry; Taylor Wilde over Hamada; Kurt Angle over Desmond Wolfe; Hernandez over Rhino; Team 3D over The British Invasion in a Tables match; and AJ Styles over Samoa Joe & Daniels in a three-way. The show drew around 2,500 paid. Dixie Carter gave a speech to the crowd during intermission thanking them for their support. We had several reports that the fans loved the show.

The TNA crew run tonight in Bournemouth, England, with AJ Styles vs. Desmond Wolfe and Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe in an I Quit match as the top advertised matches. The remaining tour dates this week are Cardiff, Coventry, Manchester, and London. We're looking for readers reports from all these shows to


Samoa Joe dislocated a rib last night in Paris but said he won't be missing any time.

The Pope is battling a gastric infection, according to TNA people, which is why he's missed the first leg of the European tour as the doctor wouldn't clear him to wrestle.

Ken Anderson was interviewed last night on ESPN Milwaukee. Regarding going to TNA, he said: "I had wanted to hopefully sign with TNA immediately after my WWE career ended, but I had to make sure that I wasn't stepping into the wrong situation... I just got out of a relationship [with WWE] that wasn't necessarily good for probably both sides for quite some time and I wanted to make sure I didn't make the same mistakes again and setting myself up for failure." He has signed a contract with them but it's a per night deal. He said Hogan and Bischoff approached him to come on board during the Hulkamania tour of Australia. "We went back and forth for a while and it was kind of a fun negotiation process. It was actually kind of nice," he said. "When I first started with WWE, there was no negotiating at all. It was, 'Take it or leave it, pal.' It was kind of nice to be able to say, 'This is stuff I'm willing to negotiate on.' They came through and I couldn't have been happier with the debut and I was happy to work with Abyss." He added: "I like the fact that I was able to go in and tape a whole month's worth of TV in four days. I'm not kidding you. Then you have the rest of the month to rest your body. That's one thing about being on the road 52 weeks per year, and maybe one of the reasons I was injury-prone because I was working five days per week."

Anderson makes his live event debut the weekend of February 4 in Kansas and Missouri.

New live event dates for March were added in Pensacola, Erie, Wheeling, and aPittsburgh at the Rostraver Ice Arena; a 5,000-seat arena they are hoping to sell out with Kurt Angle as the main draw, plus AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Beer Money, The Pope, The Beautiful People and many more. They have a deal where if you purchase a ticket for $35 then you get a free DVD on the night of the show. More info at

Mick Foley has a stand up gig on February 6 in Las Vegas at the Vegas Hilton and Casino. Its the night before the Super Bowl. More info at

Taylor Wilde turns 24 today.


We've received a ton of email on Wrestling Chatterbox editor Georgiann Makropoulos who passed away yesterday at the age of 67. Messages of condolence for her husband George can be left with Bob Mulerin at Funeral arrangements via Thomas Quinn & Sons Funeral Home, 35-20 Broadway, Long Island City, NY, phone 718-721-9200. There is a wake tonight from 7-9 pm and Wednesday 2-5 pm and 7-9 pm. Funeral Mass is Thursday at Most Precious Blood, 32-33 37th Street, Long Island City, NY.

Paul Heyman wrote about Georgie on his website at He described her at "wrestling's best friend" and said she was, "a truly genuine individual without a malicious bone in her body."

Steve Johnson at the Slam Wrestling website has an obit up at His article noted that Georgie ran the fan clubs of Buddy Rogers and Bruno Sammartino in the 1960s, and had successfully battled cancer in 2004.

A new book on Minnesota wrestling titled, Minnesota's Golden Age of Wrestling - from Verne Gagne to the Road Warriors, will be released on May 1. The book is written by George Schire through Minnesota Historical Society Press. Schire is an avid wrestling historian dating back to the 1950s and has one of the most extensive collection of wrestling programs, clippings, photos and memorabilia in existence. A blurb on the book reads: Why was Minnesota, a land known for its stoic farmers, reasonable politics, and comfortable casseroles, a hotbed of the wacky and wild world of professional wrestling? And how did that old-school wrestling become the Saturday night program of choice for thousands of Midwestern families in the last half of the twentieth century? Professional wrestling historian and insider George Schire is here not only to set the record straight but to entice you into a world gone by, a world that comes alive through his colorful and perceptive reporting.

Wrestlicious announced that its new all-women wrestling show TakeDown will be syndicated nationally on America One. The show will air Saturday evenings at 11:30pm ET on affiliates beginning Saturday, March 6. In a separate syndication deal announced last week, TakeDown has cleared 15 U.S. markets including Little Rock and Memphis and top 10 DMA’s Atlanta and Dallas. More clearances, including at least two more top 10 DMAs, are expected this week. TakeDown is currently being marketed at the 2010 NAPTE (National Association Of Television Program Executives) convention in Las Vegas.

Wrestlicious is also teasing the signings of recently released TNA Knockouts.

Melissa Anderson aka Alissa Flash in TNA out of San Francisco is now available for wrestling bookings, personal appearances and autograph sessions by contacting Bill Behrens at or

RVD radio airs on Wednesday night 9-11pm ET with Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Sabu, Fonzie and more putting Tiger Woods and David Letterman under the stoplight. Go to for more info.

The latest promo for Celebrity Apprentice at has a brief clip of Bill Goldberg, but no mention of Maria Kanellis.

Jim Rome burned Brock Lesnar yesterday on his show for Brock's comments on Canadian health care. He basically said that Brock was unfair in his assessment because he based his opinion on a one day stay in hospital in the middle of no where. ESPN's Jake Rossen has a story on this at

The Honkytonk Man has a new podcast at He talks a number of subjects including Hogan in TNA, Randy Savage, crossing Vince McMahon, and more.

An upcoming A&E series with Bob Saget will feature a segment on backyard wrestlers in California.

Today's Diva of the Day is Kelly Kelly at

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guys Headed In That Need Work!!

----Steve Boz, Austin Roberts, Nick Brubaker and Mr. 450 are headed into the area this weekend and are looking for work. It seems their gig got canceled and they are looking to be booked on shows in the area. Contact Tatt2 at The guys are wanting to work and willing to do double shots. Below are photos of 3 of the 4 guys.

Nick Brubaker

Steve Boz and Austin Roberts with fan

Steve Boz

RCW talent to discuss Friday event on 101.9 KISS FM

Three local talents involved with the Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) debut event in Trumann, AR, Friday night will discuss their careers and the show during the next three mornings on "KISS in the Morning" with "Double B" Brandon Baxter and Booger. The interviews will broadcast sometime after 8 a.m. each morning on 101.9 KISS FM in Jonesboro.

Here's the schedule of appearances:

- Wednesday, Jan. 27: Derrick King
- Thursday, Jan. 28: Dustin "Five" Starr
- Friday, Jan. 29: "Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane

In addition to the radio air time, there will be an article in tomorrow's edition of the East Arkansas News-Leader spotlighting Dustin "Five" Starr and his trip to Trumann as part of the RCW show.

For more on the event, keep reading or visit

(WGN) Georgiann Makropoulos passes away!!

----I received this in my e-mail tonight and I was sadden to hear it. Before the world was internet infested, wrestling kayfabe sheets were put out by typewriters and copiers. Georgiann was a pioneer in putting out fanzines and was very instrumental in getting the word out about newsletters like the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Squared Circle [which I worked on for about a year] and the former fanzine - TU Rasslin Riot [my own zine]. She will be missed!!


Monday January 25, 2010



Very sad to report this evening that Georgiann Makopoulos passed earlier away today after suffering a massive heart attack. She was 67.

Makropoulos was well known and sincerely admired within the pro wrestling industry. I guess you could call her a "super fan" and maintained friendships with numerous wrestlers and promoters dating back nearly 50 years.

She wrote her own newsletter called Wrestling Chatterbox, a postal mail publication with news, photos and content that has been published monthly for over 22 years. She also spent much of her time working on the website posting fan reports and pictures from wrestling autograph signings and personal appearances.

I exchanged emails with Georgie on a regular basis since I started this newsletter in 1999. I last heard from her on January 3 where she remarked that she was tired of the cold weather in New York City and wished me well after I developed flu. She was a very nice and classy lady.

Georgie is survived by her husband George and a Siamese cat she loved dearly named Rocky.

Funeral arrangements:

Thomas Quinn & Sons Funeral Home
35-20 Broadway
Long Island City, NY

There will be a wake Tuesday from 7-9 pm and Wednesday 2-5 pm and 7-9 pm. Funeral Mass is Thursday.


RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 01.23.10 - Bill Dundee Puts Up His Hair!!

Brody Hawk defeated Tysin Starr (Winner's Choice Tournament match).

EPW Extreme Champion Chazz defeated Cassanova Kid to retain after interference by Antwon Smooth, Iron Jake, and Rajah.

Buzz Harley defeated JR Mauler (Winner's Choice Tournament match).

Chris Fontaine defeated "Big Daddy" Neno due to interference by Justin Rhodes.

In the finals of the Winner's Choice Tournament, Brody Hawk defeated Buzz Harley. Brody will now get a shot at any EPW championship he wants.

Bill "Superstar" Dundee defeated Bonecrusher by DQ due to interference by Brody Hawk, Justin Rhodes, & Chris Fontaine, who gave Dundee a beating. "Big Daddy" Neno, Robert Devine, & Buzz Harley in to make the save.

Dundee issued a challenge for an 8-man tag match, with the stipulation that the one who gets pinned to lose the match loses his hair. So....

This Saturday night it will be Bill Dundee, "Big Daddy" Neno, Robert Devine, & Buzz Harley vs. Bonecrusher, Justin Rhodes, Brody Hawk, & Chris Fontaine. Whoever is pinned to lose the match loses his hair. That will be a great match, so DON'T miss it! It all happens at the EPW Arena (old Dodds Garage building) on Highway 145 in Booneville, MS. Bell time is 8:00 p.m. See you there!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----Dundee doing the challenge for a 8-man should help draw a crowd if they advertise...Yes, Virgina, Dundee still wrestles and is better than 98% of the guys in Mississippi. And, no, Virgina, Bonecrusher is not a wrestler.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 01.22.10 - RRO's Gene Jackson In The Ring!!

Jay Webster w/Dirty Rell Moe defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

Curly Moe w/Dirty Rell Moe defeated "Big Daddy" Neno by count out.

Chop defeated Anton Leveigh.

TFW Lightweight Champion Josh Matthews defeated former champion LSD to retain.

TFW Tag Team Champions "The Future" Chris Styles & Syn defeated Suicide & DJ Stunner to retain.

Southern Destruction (Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor & Gene "War Machine" Jackson) defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs & A.N.T. (Amazing Natural Talent).

The card at TFW this Friday night will include Mickey Ray (1/2 of Family of Pain) & Tony Dabbs vs. Southern Destruction. It will be a great show so don't miss it! The TFW Arena is located on Hwy. 178 in Skyline, just outside the Tupelo city limits. Bell time is 8:00 p.m.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----I was told that Gene actually tagged with JD McKay on Saturday night in Kosciusko, MS. That team [Gene/JD] proves that no matter who you are - you can wrestle in Mississippi. LOL...Well at least Gene was not the worst worker on this show - Anton LeVeigh worked it. Omg..I apologize. Anton really isn't that bad or is he?? No, he isn't - I just couldn't resist. I mean Anton did one time wish that I would be killed in a car wreck with Dustin Starr. LOL

Rock N Roll Rock C is new Memphis Ladies Wrestling Champion!!

----Rock N Roll Rock C [I just don't "get it" when it comes to her name] beat Su Yung this past week at the MLW tapings to win the belt. Below is what was posted over at And yes, Virgina, kayfabe is still alive. LOL

On January 23rd, Su Yung defended her MLW title against the East Tennessee star, Rock N Roll Rock C. Rock C had lost her last few matches to Su, but this time you could tell Rock C was ready. Su must have thought Rock C was ready too as she hired Rock C's biggest opponent ever in Misty James, arquiring her services for this one match. Misty and Rock C have hated each other since they first met at MLW on October 4th, 2008 in Tupelo, Miss. Su told Misty several times and reminded her that Misty was hired to help her keep Rock C in check. Misty was not happy about Su's tactics and did not like the way Su was wrestling. Misty argued with Su several times, saying she did not have to wrestle dirty. She even made Misty help her when misty did not want to do so. Misty is normally a good, clean wrestler, but her and Rock C just bring the best out of each other. Both ladies have used dirty tactics, but they do respect each other greatly. After many times of trying, Misty finally had enough and tripped Su. After a few moves, Rock C came to life and dropped Su Yung with a piledriver before pinning her and becoming the new MLW champion. Misty congratulated Rock C by handing her the belt. Rock C grabbed the belt from Misty and let her know that she did not need her help. Rock C and Misty exchanged words and, as Misty turned away, Rock C jumped Misty and dropped her with a piledriver No doubt, this has reignited the feud between Misty and Rock C. Apparently Rock C is more willing to fight dirty now that she has the title. Rock C told MLW that she hated all of the fans, and that she finally got what she deserved. More importantly, she said, Su Yung and Misty James both got what they deserved. Let's hope Rock C comes back to her senses

Tojo Gets Stitches!!

----I got this from Tojo Yamamoto Jr. The letter with it stated that Tojo received 100 stitches and had to get 4 pints of blood put back into his body, because of the cut.

Monday, January 25, 2010

(WGN) Jan 25: Raw tonight, WWE settles lawsuit, McMahon talks Katie Vick, Bret Hart update, Undertaker misses house show, TNA injury note and more!!


Monday January 25, 2010


Wrestling Globe Newsletter by Mike Aldren - All the latest professional wrestling news, gossip and occasional opinion direct to you.


1/23 SD/ECW house show results from Hammond, IN: R-Truth over Dolph Ziggler; The Hart Dynasty over Jimmy Yang & Slam Master J; Tyler Reks over Goldust; Mickie James & Maria over Beth Phoenix & Layla; Matt Hardy over Finlay; Christian over Ezekiel Jackson; Drew McIntyre over John Morrison; and Rey Mysterio & Kane over Chris Jericho & CM Punk. The show was a complete sell out drawing 4,000.

1/24 Raw house show results from Champaign, IL: Chris Masters over Johnny Curtis; Mark Henry & Evan Bourne over Legacy; The Miz beat Primo, Carlito & MVP in a four-way; Gail Kim & Bella Twins over Maryse & Jillian Hall & Alicia Fox in a trios match with Santino as guest referee; Big Show over Jack Swagger in an over-the-top-rope challenge; Randy Orton over Kofi Kingston; and John Cena over Sheamus via DQ. Show drew an estimated 8,000.

1/24 SD/ECW house show results from Cleveland, OH: Drew McIntyre over Matt Hardy, R-Truth & John Morrison in a four-way; Mickie James & Maria over Beth Phoenix & Lalya; The Hart Dynasty over Jimmy Yang & Slam Master J; Christian over Ezekiel Jackson; Tyler Reks over Goldust; Finlay over Dolph Ziggler; Rey Mysterio & Kane over CM Punk & Luke Gallows; and Triple H over Chris Jericho. Show drew an estimated 5,000.


The lawsuit Jody Hamilton brought against WWE was settled out of court for an undisclosed fee, according to Hamilton's attorney out of Atlanta. Hamilton, 72, who was a wrestler in the 60s, 70s and 80s as The Assassin, reopened his Deep South Wrestling promotion in 2005 as an affiliate of WWE, to train talents signed to developmental contracts. In 2007, WWE abruptly ended their contract with Hamilton and DSW with no notice. In April 2009, Hamilton sued for breach of contract and intentional interference with contractual and business relations. His attorney claimed that, WWE "fraudulently contrived a reason to end the agreement" without giving 90-days notice as laid out in the contract between Hamilton, DSW, and WWE. A key-paragraph in the suit read: "WWE unlawfully entered the premises occupied by Hamilton and DSW and removed property that belonged to DSW and Hamilton. Contemporaneously with its clandestine operation to dismantle DSW's operation and cripple its ability to operate at all, John Laurentis [sic], WWE's VP of Promotions and a member of the Board of Directors [Laurinaitis is actually WWE EVP of Talent Relations], assembled all the independant contractor wrestlers who were committed to DSW's upcoming events and issued an ominous warning. He cautioned them that, 'if they ever set foot in this building again or had anything to do with Hamilton or DSW their relationship with WWE would end and they would never work again in the wrestling industry.'" Apparently there were two former WWE talents willing to come forward and testify that Laurinaitis gave that speech. WWE were unsuccessful in a motion to dismiss so settled with Hamilton before the case went to trial.

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool, who turns 30 today, missed the Smackdown show last night in Cleveland due to a death in their family. Triple H was brought in as Taker's replacement in the main event against Jericho. Both are expected back for TV tomorrow in Cincinnati.

Bret Hart is scheduled back with WWE this week. Not sure he will appear at the Royal Rumble but likely next Monday in Nashville.

Linda McMahon appeared on Face the State, a political show in Connecticut, which is the first extended television interview of her Senate campaign. She fielded questions from two local journalists, including questions on the content of WWE TV, the Wellness Program, independent contractor status, and Henry Waxman's congressional enquiry into illegal steroid use in pro wrestling. She came across very well and wasn't flustered at any point. When asked about the Katie Vick storyline involving Triple H simulating sex with a corpse she admitted that creative pushed the envelope too far with that one and brought up the change from TV14 to PG. Other interesting notes are that one of her heroes is Maggie Thatcher [UK Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990] and that Vince McMahon might campaign with her closer to the Republican Primary. Full interview is online at

A lot of unhappy fans in Chicago this past weekend. Rey Mysterio was in town for a book signing at KMart. Hundreds of fans turned out and purchased $35 or more of merchandise for a wristband that was supposed to guarantee them an autograph. However, Kmart allowed people to stand in line without a wristband. To make matters worse Mysterio was 30 minutes late arriving to the signing and tried to leave early. All hell broke loose. People rushed him and security had to force people back so he could escape. Afterwards lots of people took the merchandise they just purchased back to the counter for a refund.

WWE are keeping the CM Punk gimmick alive at weekend live events as they are finding local workers/fans willing to have their heads shaved.

Jamie Noble was working the Smackdown tour as an agent over the weekend.

The Miz is profiled in his hometown paper at Miz' father is quoted as saying in the article: "Michael has got a fantastic personality... He's very, very smart. He's a comedian. I think he's going to definitely go into movies or something. I don't think that's his goal, but what they're doing with him on WWE, I don't see them doing that with anybody else." Umm, okay.

Alan Wojcik at has an interview with the former DJ Gabriel [Steve Lewington] talking about his release: "I don’t have any bitterness for the WWE because the only thing they did was give me a chance. That’s all I asked for. I didn’t complain about the personas I played and I don’t have any ill feelings towards anyone in the WWE. I was lucky enough to be in the number one company in the world for almost five years because I proved that I had what it took to be there. I’m utmost happy about my tenure with the WWE and maybe one day I’ll return." He said he has friends in TNA and would love to go there if the opportunity presented itself.

There is a presale tomorrow morning for WrestleMania Axxess. There are $55 VIP tickets that get you line jumps to interactive areas, an 8x 10 signed photo, and access to an exclusive area ringside. Standard price is $35.

Chasing The Grail, the fourth album of Fozzy with Chris Jericho, goes on sale tomorrow via The track, Martyr No More, from the album is the official theme song of the Royal Rumble.


TNA debuts in France tonight with a house show at Le Zenith De Paris. No line up announced. The original date that was booked for Sunday had an advance of 3,500. A good advance considering they currently have no television in the country and have done very little by way of advertising. Dixie Carter will be at the show and is presumably working this week to address the TV situation in France.

The remaining tour dates are all in the UK this coming week with stops in Bournemouth, Cardiff, Coventry, Manchester, and London. We're looking for readers reports from all these shows to

The Beautiful People [Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne] have been called in for the remainder of the tour starting with Bournemouth on Tuesday. They are working tags against Taylor Wilde and Sarita. Not sure where this leaves Hamada.


AJ Styles rips on WWE at saying, "All the horror stories I've heard about WWE, there is no reason why I'd want to go. I'm going to tell you what I know as the main difference between the two companies. Desmond [Wolfe] and I are going to work together to make this company the best, for everybody. Whereas in the other company they will stab each other in the back to get themselves to the next level. It's not about me. It's about us in TNA." Regarding reverting back to a traditional wrestling ring, Styles said the reason he was given was that they wanted to be taken seriously as a wrestling company. He said: "I can understand that. I don't care what it is that gets us to the next level as long as we get there."

There is talk of Styles bleaching his hair as part of the new storyline with Ric Flair.

Styles also promotes the UK tour at When asked about watching British wrestling he said he didn't but put over Johhny Saint after watching some of his matches on tape.

Roxxi is having X-Rays on her ankle today to determine whether her fracture has healed enough to start light training.

The storyline with Jay Lethal jobbing to old-timers appears to have been dropped under the new regime. The original plan was for this to lead to Lethal dropping the Machismo gimmick.

Hulk Hogan was awarded a judgment in his favor over ex-wife Linda removing fixtures and fittings from their Bellaire mansion. Hogan filed a complaint in December which claimed that Linda unlawfully removed items from their former family home including chandeliers, a tanning bed and even a "wooden antique toilet seat from the guest house". A friend of Hogan [wonder who that could be?] that wasn't named is quoted in various showbiz reports saying that a judge has ordered Linda to return the toilet seat and other items she had removed. Linda sent out a press release through her agent before the holidays claiming she had used the toilet seat to frame a photo of the Hulkster.

Trishelle Cannatella wrote on her Twitter page that she watches TNA and would love to appear on the show. She is the former Real World contestant who gained notoriety for having a three-way in a hot tub with two other male contestants, and later had a fling with The Miz during a Real World/Road Rules reunion show. She was also one of the women on Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling.

Lance Storm reviews last Thursday's edition of Impact and makes some great points about the show at

John Pollock of The Fight Network posted his December interview with Hulk Hogan at

Tara has an upcoming interview in Lifestyle magazine.


Ring of Honor tonight on HD Net has The Briscoes vs. Cheech & Cloudy; Skullkrusher Raschke Brown vs. Bobby Shields; and Kenny King vs. El Generico. Plus, Jim Cornette handles business regarding the Final Battle controversy involving ROH champ Austin Aries and Tyler Black. More info at

Tooth Fairy with Dwayne Johnson finished the weekend at No. 4 at the U.S. box office. Studio estimates has the movie taking in $14.5 million [plus $6.3M overseas] for its first weekend behind Legion [$18.2M, first week], The Book of Eli [$17M, second week], and Avatar [$36M, sixth week]... Avatar is on a course to become the highest-grossing movie of all time ahead of Titanic. has a Q&A with Dwayne Johnson at When asked how wrestling has helped him for acting, he said: "Wrestling has helped me [because] now I guess it goes back to checking your ego at the door. I didn't have to win, and winning wasn't important to me. Being world champion wasn't important to me. What was important to me was entertaining the audience, and whether that meant winning, losing, singing, or whatever it was on the live show we were doing every week, which was awesome, I was game for it. So I think you check your ego at the door, put your audience first, make sure you love your material, and then think about how much the audience is going to enjoy it as well." ... Julie Andrews puts over Johnson at

Gabe Sapolsky talks Dragon Gate USA, TNA vs. WWE, his excommunication from Ring of Honor, and more at

WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel will be participating in a special Q&A session at the Promolast Atlanta Reunion Fanfest scheduled for June 4 and 5 in Atlanta, GA. Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly will also be giving a Yoga demo at the event. Other talent booked to appear include Booker T, Lex Luger, Ron Simmons, Molly Holly, and Glacier. More info at

The American Wrestling Rampage tour of France has been moved from March to November with dates in Bordeaux, Marseille, Grenoble, Dijon, Lille, and Rouen.

The New York State Wrestling Federation runs on March 20 at the high school in New Rochelle, NY, with Jimmy Suka, Trevor Murdoch, plus a Mexican midget match. This event serves as a fundraiser for the New Rochelle Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team. Tickets are available at has an audio interview up with Bruno Sammartino. has an interview with Balls Mahoney.

Today's Diva of the Day is Dawn Marie at

Jason Reed: Photo of the Week!!!

----Jason writes.."Rufus walked around for ever like this lol."


RassleResults: Traditional Championship Wrestling Russellville, AR 1.23.10

Traditional Championship Wrestling
Sat. Jan. 23, 2010
Russellville, AR
Hughes Community Center

1) Apoc pinned Steve Anthony by reversing a Pat O'Conner roll and hooking the tights. Afterwards, Anthony gave him a plancha, rolled him back in, hit a superkick, and the 450 splash off the top for a good pop.

2) Prince Al Farat beat Scott Murdoch with a camel clutch.

3) "Latin Lover" Antonio Garza beat ACW Champion Mike Jackson to win the belt.

4) Kid J beat Lil' Bruiser in a midget match with the tadpole splash off the top rope. Afterwards, The Dark Circle hit Kid J with a double flapjack (from their knees). Reckage & Romance made the save. EMTs stretched Kid J from the arena.

5) Johnny Dotson beat Alan Steele with Rich Rude.

6) Tag Team Champions Reckage & Romance (Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett) beat Midnight Gold (Bobby Eaton & Greg Anthony) with Brian Thompson when Riviera pinned Eaton. Good tag match.

7)International Champion Tim Storm beat Al Snow via disqualification.

Sellout of 500 fans. Buddy Landel was taken off the show due to an illness. Snow was brought in as a replacement last minute.

Next show is Superclash on Feb. 27 in Clarksville, AR at the Marvin Vinson Multi-Purpose Building with Jerry Lynn, Danny Hodge, General Skandor Akbar, and a girls match with Malia Hosaka vs. Athena.

----This group has been promoting as "Mid-South Wrestling", but this one was listed as Traditional Championship Wrestling...RRO Nominees and winners - Dotson, Rivera, "Gold" with Thompson and Steele were all on the show...This was the biggest show of the year so far and last week's being the second.

RassleResults: Mid-South Wrestling Ft. Worth Smith, AR 01.16.10 -Big Crowd!!

Mid-South Wrestling
Sat. Jan. 16, 2010
Ft. Smith, AR
Events Center

1) Dexter Hardaway with Talon beat Shawn Shultz with Tony Lacassio. Finish saw Talon spear Lacassio blocking his interference, and Hardaway hitting a sunset flip for the finish.

2) Prince Al Farat beat Private Sebren with a camel clutch.

3) John Saxon beat Prince Al Farat via countout.

4) Apoc defeated Wes Robinson with a Death Valle Driver.

5) Steve Anthony beat Greg Anthony with Brian Thompson via disqualification. Afterwards, S Anthony hit the 450 splash on G Anthony to a monster pop.

6) Athena beat Malia Hosaka with a school girl with special guest referee DJ Dennis McCasslin. Hosaka kicked McCasslin in the nuts afterwards and began choking him until all the referees ran out and pulled her off of him.

7) International Champion Tim Storm beat Al Snow.

8) Tag Team Champions Reckage & Romance (Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett) beat Alan Steele & Buddy Landel with Riviera pinned Steele after the One Night Stand.

Attedance was 400. This group is changing its name to Traditional Championship Wrestling. Their website is