----Congrats to our friend Mark Bravura for his recent awards.  North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia area seem to really put Mark over this year.  Too bad Mark does not work this area anymore - he would be a major asset!!
The Mid-Atlantic Awards for 2009 were announced last night on the Airplane Spin Podcast. You can listen to it here:

The Mempho Mofo dominated the awards he was eligible for and the promotion he helps run and books dominated the promotion awards.

Match of the Year:
WINNER: Sean Denny vs. Mark Bravura - NWA Fusion November
Runner Up: Geordie Bulldogs vs. Vulstag & Hatriot - NWA Fusion September

Wrestler of the Year:
WINNER: Sean Denny
Runner Up: Mark Bravura

Rookie of the Year:
WINNER: Mr. Integrity/Zack Hilton

Runner Up: Mia Yim

Manager of the Year:
WINNER: Shiek Ali Akbar
Runner Up: Marcus Dowling

Tag Team of the Year:
Runner Up: Assault & Battery

Show of the Year
WINNER: NWA Fusion Nov. (Denny vs. Bravura)

Runner Up: RLL - Last Call

Promotion of the Year:

Runner Up: VCW

Referee of the Year
WINNER: Dustin Pruitt
Runner Up: Bobby Cruz

Most Improved Wrestler
WINNER: CA Elliott

Runner Up: Eddie Diamond

Feud of the Year:
WINNER: Bravura vs. The Dennys
Runner Up: Cicero vs. Booth

Most Loved Babyface:
WINNER: Sean Denny
Runner Up: Jimmy Cicero

Most Hated Heel:
WINNER: Mark Bravura

Runner Up: Q-Sic

Breakout Superstar:
WINNER: Brandon Day
Runner Up: CA Elliott