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Friday, February 19, 2010

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 2.12.10

"Dangerous" David Cox defeated Chazz Stone.

"Big Daddy" Neno by DQ over Curly Moe w/Dirty Rell Moe due to Dirty's interference.

New South Fight Club (Nick Grimes & David Andrews) defeated Chop & LSD.

TFW Light Heavyweight Champion Josh Matthews defeated Jay Webster.

TFW Heavyweight Champion "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs defeated Izzy Rotten to retain.

Next TFW event is Friday, February 19, 2010, at the TFW Arena on Highway 178 in Skyline, just outside the Tupelo city limits.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis

----CLICK HERE for a long report on the TFW Redemption that D-Rock posted last week.

Lawler and American Idol!!

USA Today's website profiled WWE announcer Jerry Lawler as an avid "American Idol" fan with knowledge of the current season's Top 24 contestants.

Lawler also casually threw his name in the ring for potential candidates to replace outgoing judge Simon Cowell
, who is leaving the Fox show after this season.

"I would be somewhere between Simon and Howard Stern, I would think," Lawler told USA Today. He also complemented Ellen DeGeneres for playing a heelish judge by stringing along hopeful contestants on whether they made the cut for the Top 24.

Lawler picked his favorites for the current season: Crystal Bowersox, Lacey Brown, Katie Stevens and Tyler Grady.

He also said he prefers the early-season audition footage that mixes good performances, memorably bad performances, and just oddly-entertaining performances such as the "Pants on the Ground" song that made it on the Royal Rumble PPV on January 31.

"I guess it's my wrestling background that makes me a fan of that part of the show," Lawler said. "When it gets down to where they're all good, it loses some of its edginess and shock value."

Caldwell's Analysis: Lawler has been going through the motions on Raw in a sanitized PG TV environment, but if Fox turned up the volume on Lawler's sharp wit and arsenal of one-liners, he would be a fine replacement for Simon. Plus, he has tremendous music
knowledge being from Memphis, so he would have that part down. He also has enough pop culture relevance from being one of the voices of a major boom period in pro wrestling during the 1990s and still being on the Top 5 weekly most-watched cable TV show in the country. Interesting story worth reading here: USA Today profile.

By James Caldwell, @

----Thought this was interesting. I use to watch Idol every season, but have not watched it steady for the last few years. I had the chance to watch a few times this week and Crystal Bowersox is one my favorite!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

(WGN) Feb 18: Impact tonight, WWE PPV changes, wacky Diva interview, Miz-Danielson, Lawler loves Idol, journeymen wrestler dies, Spicolli tribute with RVD, Shamrock loses legal battle, OVW, more...


WWE today announced more pay-per-view names changes for later in the year. Out goes: Backlash, Judgment Day, The Bash, and Breaking Point. In comes: Wild Card on May 23 from Oakland; Fatal Four Way on June 20 TBA; and Money in the Bank on July 18 from Kansas City. The new name for Survivor Series on November 21 from Miami is still TBA. Extreme Rules moves to April 25 from Baltimore, and Night of Champions moves to September 19 from Rosemont.

The final episode of ECW on Tuesday night did a 1.14 rating and 1.4 million viewers. It's highest mark of 2010.

Layla El was interviewed at She says she wants an Elimination Chamber match for the Divas. "Women can do the same things as men can do, I believe in that a hundred percent. I know society has changed where, you know, equal rights and stuff like that but sometimes I feel like it’s not right there. We do live sometimes in more of a dominated male world but I think eventually women are going to get better and better and I think women’s wrestling as well. We’re hoping to be taken a lot more seriously in the future." She claims she suffers from "sleep-eating" what ever that is. "My metabolism is crazy, and I will wake up in the middle of the night, always hungry, and I eat. Whether I’m in a hotel room, stuff like that, and I can’t help myself. I’ll wake up the next morning and not realise that I’ve actually eaten unless I find the packets or stuff like that, or friends will tell me that I ate in my sleep or something. So it’s a bad quality. Only when I’m dieting I try to lock everything away. Just put water and a protein shake beside me so that I won’t eat anything bad." She also says she can't get a boyfriend and in ten years time she wants to own a dance studio. "I see myself married. And hopefully have a few kids or two, [because] I am getting older, and women, our time-clocks start ticking. And, I just… hopefully married with kids… by then I hope that I would have attained the [WWE Women's] title. That’s my goal. I want to be the first British girl, and the first Diva Search winner, to attain the title... It hasn’t been done yet, so I can break two records with that."

Chris Jericho was announced as a co-host for the second annual Golden Gods awards show on April 8 in Los Angeles. The show airs May 22 on VH-1 Classic. There appears to be a schedule conflict as Jericho is advertised for a house show the same night in Berlin, Germany.

The Alton, IL Telegraph has a story on Evan Bourne at This is a strange one. The story originally listed him as a participant in the Raw Elimination Chamber match at Sunday's pay-per-view, and even included quotes where he talks the match. All those references have now been removed or tweaked to fit the narrative. Bourne isn't booked on the PPV card, but he may be working a dark match as he says his parents will be sat ringside cheering him on.

Channel 4 in St. Louis interviewed Rey Mysterio. He talks about the history of Lucha Libre, his father who's really his uncle, his faith, pushing his kids to do well in school, and more at

Jerry Lawler at talks about his love for Idol [not Austin]. He says he's a big Alexis Grace fan and this season he's favoring Crystal Bowersox, Lacey Brown, Katie Stevens and Tyler Grady.

Steve Austin will serve as Honorary Starter for the Auto Club 500 on Sunday in San Bernnardino County. He's promoting the DVD release of Damage on March 23.

The Miz fired the first NXT shot via his Twitter page last night. He wrote: "How long has Daniel Bryanson been in the business again? How many titles do I have?" Miz also blogs in character at ripping on the fans and questioning whether Daniel Bryan has any charisma. "It's come to my knowledge that some members of the WWE Universe think they know everything about WWE and what it takes to be a WWE Superstar. They think that if a guy does well in the independent minor leagues, then all of a sudden he should be in the WWE. They think that if a guy can main event in front of a hundred people at a bingo hall, then he's ready to main event at WrestleMania. Just because fans on the Internet say you’re ready doesn't mean you really are. Just because a fat guy with no teeth who sits in the front row, buys your T-shirt and says you're the king of wrestling, doesn't mean you really are." He adds that Daniel will have a nightmare on NXT if he believes his hype. "Don't get me wrong, Daniel Bryan has all the talent in the world, but every wrestler has weaknesses. And that's what my job is, to find his weakness and make him the biggest star possible." interviewed John Morrison at He says nobody knew who they were mentoring on NXT before it was announced on the final ECW [some did] and says people are ribbing Miz for mentoring Daniel Bryan. "I walked by and said [to Miz], 'Pssh, he knows more that you do.' And that's pretty much what everyone thinks. It's going to be interesting and I think that's the point of it."

Matt Hardy adds his two cents on NXT at He says he looks forward to watching Miz mentoring Daniel Bryan. Jeff Hardy also makes a cameo saying nobody knows where he and Shannon Moore might show up next: TNA or WWE.

Rosa Mendes, Tiffany and Savannah are back training in developmental.

Today's Gainesville, FL, Sun ran a blurb on Thaddeus Bullard, a former Florida Gator defensive end, who is now wrestling as Titus O'Neill in FCW.

Six Flags Kentucky in Louisville abruptly announced the park would be permanently closed due to a lease dispute with the Kentucky State Fair Board. The park was home to OVW shows that featured WWE headliners in the summer months dating back years. The shows would help fund Danny Davis' group while they were affiliated with WWE as a developmental camp from 2000 to 2008. The lease payment had been a significant hurdle for the park in recent years. There was also a major lawsuit in 2007 when a 13-year-old girl had both feet severed above the ankle by a snapped cable, caused by an unidentified ride malfunction. She successfully had her right foot reattached but the family of the girl filed a suit for unspecified damages claiming that the park did not properly maintain the ride. A State report later concluded that the accident was due to a faulty cable, as well as poor operator training. A substantial out of court settlement was finalized last year to provide lifetime care for the girl. And the park was pretty much history.


Impact tonight on Spike has Tara vs. Daffney in a non-title match; Samoa Joe vs. Orlando Jordan; Kaz, Amazing Red, and Generation Me vs. Doug Williams, The Machine Guns & Brian Kendrick; Abyss vs. Jeff Jarrett; and Kurt Angle vs. Daniels.


Booboo Stewart from the upcoming Twilight movie interviews Madison Rayne at She says her favorite wrestlers are Shawn Michaels and Trish Stratus.

The Pope cuts a money promo on the TNA today webshow at

For the week ending February 7 in the UK, Impact drew 153,000 viewers for two airings on Bravo. WWE Raw did 166,000 viewers for two airings, and Smackdown drew 228,000 viewers for three airings, respectively on Sky Sports. [Thanks to Ian Hamilton]


Today marks the 15th anniversary of the death of Eddie Gilbert and the 17th anniversary of the death of Kerry Von Erich.

Frank Martinez, a journeymen wrestler in 1960s and 1970s, passed away on Sunday in Tampa, FL. He was 81. Martinez wrestled all over the world and held the NWA Southern tag titles on three separate occasions with Al Greene. His funeral takes place Friday morning at the Adams and Jennings Funeral Home in Tampa.

There is a Louis Spicolli Memorial show Friday night in San Bernardino, CA. Rob Van Dam is making a special appearance. More info at

Former pro wrestler Ken Shamrock has lost his legal battle with the UFC over a long standing contract dispute. In a suit filed in April 2008, Shamrock claimed that the UFC violated his contract after they cut him in June 2007 with one fight remaining on his deal. He last fight in the UFC was an October 2006 loss to Tito Ortiz which was broadcast on Spike and drew the highest rating in U.S. MMA history at the time. Shamrock demanded hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for being cut. Judge Susan H. Johnson ruled that Shamrock should be awarded no damages saying that the UFC had the legal right to void fighter contracts if the fighter lost his most recent fight. The UFC sent out a press release stating that they now want Shamrock to pay it's legal expenses: "The UFC has a clear and unambiguous attorney fee clause in all of its contracts with fighters to the effect, that in the event a fighter loses any contractual challenge in court, that fighter will be responsible for paying our fees. Accordingly, we will be filing a motion to seek recovery of all of our expenses and fees which were occasioned by this lawsuit." Shamrock, 45, hasn't fought since February 2009. He is expected to face Seth Petruzelli later this year. He was originally scheduled to face Bobby Lashley last March but tested positive for steroids in California and received a one year suspension.

Alex Marvez has a story on Colt Cabana at He talks about his weekly improv skits at ComedySportz in Chicago. Regarding his WWE release, he puts over Steve Keirn, Tom Prichard and Dusty Rhodes who run developmental. "I look at it from both a positive and negative standpoint. The positives are that I got to work for the biggest wrestling company in the world and earn a weekly paycheck for almost two years... On the negative side, I never did one singles match competitively. I never did dark matches or was put on the road. In my debut match, I lost to Brian Kendrick. The next time, I was squashed by Vladimir Kozlov in a handicap match. Obviously, Vince McMahon is not going to see that and say, 'This guy is so talented. Let's take a long look at him.'"

Greg Oliver has a story on the son of Canadian legend Whipper Billy Watson at Waston talks about traveling the world and learning grappling with shooters at the infamous Wigan Gym in England.

Jim Cornette will be a special guest at NWA: New Beginnings in Charlotte on March 14. Main event is Blue Demon Jr. vs. Phil Shatter for the NWA title. More info at

Cornette has a new Podcast at where he rips on TNA [mostly Russo] for giving away the in-ring returns of Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair for free. He also guarantees where you can watch the best wrestling show of 2010.

Florida indie wrestler Chasyn Rance walked off the first episode of the VH-1 reality series Tool Academy. Apparently to prevent himself from killing one of the other contestants.

Bobbi Billard, a former WWE developmental Diva, plays the role of Anna Nicole Smith on VH1's new show Famous Crime Scene which airs Friday at 9 pm ET.

Today's Diva of the Day is Sherri Martel at

Shows of the Weekend 2.19 and 2.20.10

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows. Two big shows coming up. The weekly debut of PWA in Vanndale, AR and a big All Pro Productions show.

This Friday is the debut of PWA Entertainments weekly show! Belltime is 8:00pm! Doors open at 6:30! Tickets are only $6 dollars! Some of the best talent in this area!
The Asylum
Derrick King
Cody Melton
Ron Rage
Mickey Ray
Scott Fury
Johnny Morton
Ray Ray
Kid Krazy
Stan Lee
Jamie Jay
Jamie Lee
Lord Humongous
Logan Adams

-All Pro Productions is in Philly, MS at the Neshoba County Coliseum in Philadelphia, Mississippi this Saturday night. The Giant Hillbilly, JD McKay, Cameron Valentine, Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, Snakeman" Mitch Toretta, Brickhouse Brown and many many more. Bell Time is 7:00 This Saturday night.


-2.26.10 - New Experience Wrestling West Memphis, AR - Awards Ceremony!!
-2.27.10 - EWE "February Fallout"
-3.05.10 - RCW Trumann, AR - RCW DEBUT!!
-3.06.10 - NBW Newbern, TN 3.06.10

PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP TO BOOK YOUR PROMOTION FOR THE YEARBOOK TOUR!! I will announce more dates next week!! I am accepting dates up to the April 16-17th weekend.

Flashback from Power Pro!!

----This was sent in by Blade and I thought everyone would like to see it.  Dang DK and Alan look real young here!! Pictured:  Derrick King, Alan Steele, Blade Boudreaux and Rick Havoc.

Tatt2 vs Seth Knight Match!!

----I had to log in to Facebook to watch this, but this is easily the best bout I have seen so far this year. Perfect psychology, a few "oh shit" moments and just solid work from both guys. A good shine, very good heat with a few hope spots and then Tatt2 comes out of heat with fire!! Loved the finish. CLICK HERE to see it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Straight Flush "A Little of This and That" by Pokerface

A Little This and That -

This week I'm not going to touch on one particular thing. I'm just going to address just a few things. Just about every column I write you hear me complaining about the woes of the business. There are some things that nobody ever seems to touch on. Let's just call it "Dumb Shit" or "DS" Majority of the DS is made by rookies, but even still to a lesser degree, veterans too. And away we go!

Music- One of my co- wrestlers and I were talking about this just last week. Some people get a little perturbed about who is coming out to whose music. I had to straighten out a female wrestler about that a month ago. I knew she would make it an"issue" that's why I specified to the music guy to play her partner's music. In her defense she didn't raise that much hell, but still. Music don't make the match. You can have the most upbeat and popular song, and your match sucks ass. That would be ashamed if your music was more over than the wrestler. In certain instances I will have it to where my team comes out to my music. And mostly that is when I'm the champion or if I'm like 3 times as over as my partner. That's not an ego thing, it just makes sense. This past week, I was on a show where all the music was gone so we all came out old school. I FREAKING LOVED IT. It showed the guys that YOU DON'T NEED MUSIC TO GET THE MATCH OVER!

Winning and Losing - Now admitted, nobody wants to lose every match. But really, what is the primary goal of a match? Well the way I look at it, the goal of every match is to entertain the fans and to get them emotionally involved in some kind of way. And in some kind of way get yourself over. I'll touch on that a little later. You'd be amazed how many guys attitudes are determined by the outcome of a match. So freaking what! I'm more happy if I lost a match and the crowd gave me an ovation, than if I won the match and nobody gave a crap. It's all about packing the building. Win, lose, or draw.

Getting Yourself and the Match Over - Now here is something most of us just don't get. Most wrestlers believe that getting all your signature and fancy moves gets you over. Yes and no. If you just do your moves for no reason, they may look pretty, but they mean nothing. Think of a series of fancy moves as a car explosion in a movie. If you see the explosion right after the opening credits, you may be like "whoa, nice explosion", but you'd be wondering why was there an explosion. But if you see the same explosion later in the movie, you'd probably be more emotionally drawn into it, because there has been a build up leading up to it. Are you following me? Also for a match to get over, all participants have to be over to a certain degree. You have to have the mindset that you are going to make every participant look good. Your opponent has to have the same attitude also. When I go into a match, I already know I'm going to get myself over by making my opponent look good. Even if that means selling my ass off, being over animated, running away, being a little vagina, and so on. The problem is that most wrestlers have too much pride. Nobody wants to look weak. Nobody wants to yell and scream when put in a hellacious submission hold. They would rather wimper. THE CROWD DON'T BUY INTO THAT SHIT! Most good guy wrestlers don't want to take a beating, they want to be Superman. They want to appear invincible. They don't want to sell a brutal beating. They'd rather wimper. THE CROWD DON'T BUT THAT SHIT! That's why most shows barely draw 100 fans. We have to make this as realistic as possible.

KNOW YOUR CRAFT- Sound Familiar? I can't stress that enough. If you know or trying to learn your craft, all the other issues I touched on will tie in. So in closing, learn your craft, get some gear, and learn your craft. Yeah, I said it twice. Until next time, keep your pimp hand strong!

(WGN) Feb 17: Former WWE Diva expecting twins, NXT pairings, Hogan-Flair returning to the ring, backstage TNA notes, Knockouts draw ratings, Jeff Hardy update, Austin on a Wrestlemania match, Bill Goldberg tweet, much more...


2/16 Final ECW TV results from Kansas City, MO: ShowMiz over Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu to retain the tag titles; and Ezekiel Jackson over Christian to capture the ECW title. Dark match was Jimmy Yang over Tyler Reks. Not good for Reks.


WWE revealed the finalized cast for NXT during the final episode of ECW last night on Syfy: Chris Jericho mentoring Wade Barrett [UK native]; Matt Hardy mentoring Justin Gabriel [formerly Justin Angel from South Africa]; MVP mentoring Skip Sheffield; Carlito mentoring Michael Tarver; Christian mentoring Heath Slater; CM Punk mentoring Darren Young; R-Truth mentoring David Otunga [reality star and fiancée of Jennifer Hudson]; and The Miz mentoring Daniel Bryan [Bryan Danielson]. Everyone thinks the last pairing is a rib on Danielson, but it's actually the other way around. Still, it will be fun watching Miz show Danielson how to work. The current plan is for NXT to run for two or three seasons over the next 12 months with each season running for 16 episodes. That could change depending on how the show develops and how well it does in terms of ratings. There is also talk of involving some Diva's on the show but it's unknown what role they would play.

Chris Jericho and Gregory 'Hurricane' Helms pled guilty by phone and paid fines [$159 each] yesterday related to their public intoxication arrest in Northern Kentucky last month. Jericho was apparently unaware that he had to pay the fine. An arrest warrant was issued but later recalled after he called in, pled guilty, and settled up. Jay Reso [Christian], was listed as surety, according to court documents.

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are both planning to take some time off again following Wrestlemania. Taker is still advertised on the WWE website for the post-Mania European tour in April while Michaels is not listed on any promotional material.

Teddy Hart has been talking again about coming to WWE. Since 2008 he's worked as a regular for AAA in Mexico but was recently suspended and may not be brought back. Back in 1998, at age 18, he became the youngest person in history to be signed by WWE. He was sent to train with Dory Funk, Jr. at his Funkin' Dojo but was later released by WWE due to alleged attitude problems among other things. He is a third generation wrestler -- the son of Georgia Hart, daughter of Stu Hart.

The WWE website is reporting that Bret Hart suffered a "broken left leg and tendon and ligament damage" playing up to the latest storyline. You see, John Cena has stroke on -- remember that April Fools joke about Vickie Guerrero being pregnant? That's if the "car accident" was a swerve by Cena and Bret... or maybe not.

Steve Austin did an interview with WWE magazine for the new Wrestlemania Almanac. Nothing ground breaking but he says he has no interest in ever wrestling Hulk Hogan. "After I retired, for two or three years, they asked me, 'Do you want to wrestle Hogan this year? Do you want to wrestle Hogan?' And the answer is: No, I don't. I don't care to wrestle Hulk Hogan. I don't think it would live up to fans' expectations." He said his favorite WrestleMania moment was wrestling The Rock at WM17, but said he wished they never turned his character heel. "Looking back, it wasn't the best thing we ever did. Now, if I could go back, as soon as that match ended, when Vince walked up to me, I would have shaken his hand and said, 'Watch the Stunner,' and dropped him right there in the middle of the ring. That's hindsight being 20/20!" He also said he considers WM 19 against The Rock his retirement match. "That was my last match, and I'm not looking for a re-match. I don't it would be as good as what we've done before because we've both been out of the ring for some time. Could it be done? Of course. But there's no use talking about it. ... I definitely do not have any interest in delivering anything that would be second-best to what I've done before."

Smoky Mountain Wrestling clips recently started airing on WWE 24/7. SMW was Jim Cornette's promotion that ran out of Knoxville from October 1991 to December 1995. Though the promotion was highly thought of, it struggled to get a profitable television deal, and operated throughout a wrestling recession. After years of operating in red ink, Cornette shut the promotion down to work full-time with the WWF. The last SMW show took place on November 26, 1995 in Cookeville, TN, and featured the entire roster attacking Jim Cornette, who was then pinned by a referee, the late Brian Hildebrand. Cornette sold the tapes to WWE in 2003 while he was working for the company in developmental.

There is at least talk within the company about producing another ECW DVD. interviewed THQ CEO Brian Farrell. He didn't give anything away on the next WWE video game but said they have big plans to unveil at E3. From being at Summerslam where they launched Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 the feeling among the gamers was that the series has now run it's course. It will be interesting to see what THQ comes up with this year. They recently signed a new 8-year contract with WWE for the rights to develop and publish games based on WWE content.

Raw on Monday night did a 3.4 rating and 4.9 million viewers.

Smackdown on February 5 did a 2.1 household rating and averaged 3.6 million viewers.

The latest NBC teaser for Celebrity Apprentice features clips of Maria and Bill Goldberg at NBC has also launched a new website for the show today at

Maria has pushed back the release of her first single to March so she can get more radio play around Wrestlemania.

Mickie James' first single, Are You With Me, is currently available for free download at Her first album, Strangers & Angels, goes on sale on March 23. The first 1,000 copies sold at will receive a free autograph and t-shirt.

Andrew Whitaker, EVP International for WWE, will be a headline speaker at the World Television Festival in June at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in the Canadian Rockies.

The Honky Tonk Man has just signed a deal with Mattel to do a WWE action figure. He talks about his dealings with Jeff Jarrett and TNA, Hulk Hogan and more at


Some big news out of the television tapings last night in Orlando. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair were announced as returning to the ring for the live episode of Impact on Monday, March 8 on Spike TV. The match will be Hulk Hogan & Abyss vs. Ric Flair & AJ Styles. To me, and this is just my opinion, it's mind boggling they would give away the in-ring return of Hogan and Flair on free television just to pop a television rating. TNA's main problem is not getting people to watch Impact, it's getting people to care enough about the product to spend money.

Brian Fritz interviewed Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter following Monday's press conference announcement. Dixie said they did consider going live every Monday but feels it needs to make sense in terms of dollars and cents. "Smart business decisions are more important than anything else right now," she said. "We should take a lot of those dollars and instead of just going live right away, use it to help spread the word on TNA." When asked about taking Impact on the road, she said, "We don't have that ability to go into all of these different regions outside of house shows, which are really our best indicator right now of how well things are getting over in different regions of the country." Hogan said he doesn't expect Monday nights against WWE to be competitive at first, but said he understands the process of building viewership, and claimed it took him just six months with WCW to defeat WWE in the mid 90s saying they went from drawing crowds of six-to-seven thousand people to 11 or 12 thousand people. It was actually nothing like that, but that's apparently how he remembers it. Just read his book. He said creative is now his main focus. "I love Vince Russo from a distance. Sometimes a leopard doesn't change his spots, you know? All those old clichés I could plug in but I come in peace. I think we've all grown. I think we all don't really live by knee-jerk reactions any more. And so far, everyone is holding their end up. As far as I'm concerned now that I'm running this thing with Dixie, everybody from the guy who sets the ring up to the guy who has the final say on the last hero shot when we go off the air, everybody has to prove themselves and everybody has to bring something to the table. And so far the writing staff – Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara and Matt [Conway] – these guys have really stepped up." More at

Tickets for Lockdown at the Family Arena in St. Charles, MO, go on sale February 26. Prices range from $26 to $156. To help push ticket sales, TNA are hosting a Hulk Hogan Fu-Fest the same day at Mike Shannon's Steak and Seafood in St. Louis. Shannon is the former St. Louis Cardinals baseball player and Cardinals broadcast announcer. "The Hulk Hogan Fu-Fest will be a gathering of Fu's from around the world as TNA Wrestling and Hogan attempt to set a world record for most Fu Manchu's in one location at one time," according to a TNA press release. "Even I will sport a Fu to support Hogan," added Dixie Carter.

Bubba the Love Sponge was backstage at the television tapings yesterday. One person backstage likened him to a bad smell that won't go away. That's probably a little harsh although other TNA people have noted to us he gives off a vibe that he’s above everyone else due to his friendship with Hogan.

Karen Angle was also at the tapings with Jeff Jarrett.

Kazuchika Okada of New Japan Pro Wrestling started with the company this week.

Roxxi [Nikki Roxx] is expected back next month. She broke her ankle in a freak accident during a match in December.

Hernandez is being sent to work in Mexico for a few shows with AAA. There are other guys going too for a March tour but no names have been confirmed yet.

Eric Bischoff is said to be very high on Orlando Jordan. They are developing his character based on his sexuality for future episodes of Impact.

TV Week posted a blurb on Impact moving to Monday nights, including this gem from reporter Alison Waldman: "Spike TV's two-hour wrestling show will air every other Monday beginning March 8 at 9 p.m., competing directly with WWE and World Championship Wrestling on USA Network."

The quarter hour break downs for Impact last Thursday showed the Knockouts once again had the highest rated quarter hour. They did a 1.31 for Q1 of hour two that featured The Beautiful People over Tara & Angelina Love. The least watched segments of the show were the final 30 minutes doing 1.02 with Bischoff confronting AJ Styles to announce himself as special referee at the pay-per-view, and Hogan siding with Kurt Angle against The Band.

For whatever it's worth, Bill Goldberg wrote on his Twitter page yesterday, "Let's get the record straight. From my lips. TNA has not contacted me. Period. No B.S."

Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore are signing autographs all over the Northeast this weekend: Friday at Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ, from 6-8pm; Saturday at the Crystal Mall in Waterford, CT from 10-12noon; also Saturday at the Smithaven Mall in Lake Grove, NY, from 5-7pm; Sunday at Crystal Run in Middletown , NY, from 12-3pm; and also Sunday at George's Cards & Collectibles in Levittown, PA from 7-9pm.

Hardy has agreed to sign a short term deal with the company after/if his legal issues are cleared up which may not be until the summer. His next court date is March 17.


Booker T and his wife Sharmell are expecting twins -- The new Harlem Heat. This may explain the incident from the TNA European tour late last year when both walked out before a match when fans starting pelting objects at the ring following a Scott Steiner promo. Booker is currently focusing on a Hollywood acting career as well as taking the occasional personal appearance booking. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Dragon Gate USA added Tommy Dreamer to their March 27 Wrestlemania weekend show in Phoenix, AZ. More at

Tully Blanchard promotes Charlotte-based NWA: New Beginnings and talks old wrestling at

There is a Q&A with the legendary Don Leo-Jonathan, 78, at He said his toughest opponents in the ring were Andre the Giant, Killer Kowalski and Otto Vance from Austria.

Windy City Media has a story on Aaron Nelson, a former indie wrestler who has written a book about his experience in the wrestling business after he told promoters and other wrestlers he was gay and tried to develop a gay wrestling character. He was trained by Buddy Rose in Portland and Dory Funk Jr. in Florida. He says, "No one knew I was gay when I broke into the business. I made a conscious decision to cover up [my sexuality]. Not because I was ashamed of who I was, but I just wanted to be treated the same; I didn't want to be treated better or worse because of [my sexuality]. I wanted to have success, or fail, based on my effort and ability, not on my sexuality." He said that proceeds from his book will be donated to a charity that helps children with diabetes. "I had so much fun writing this book. The real reason I wrote it is, I want to inspire others, especially gay athletes. I know it was a rough road for me, so hopefully I'll help inspire others." Story is at

April Hunter is profiled in Rouge fashion magazine [similar to Vogue] in Europe which is on news stands right now.

Today's Diva of the Day is Sarita at

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

(WGN) Feb 16: Vince McMahon talks NXT, developmental talent they plan to use, TNA taping notes, Kurt Angle request, update on Awesome Kong, ROH, Dragon Gate, Evolve, more...


2/15 Raw TV results from Des Moines, IA: Sheamus over Randy Orton via DQ; MVP & Mark Henry over ShowMiz; Ted DiBiase over Kofi Kingston, and Triple H over John Cena via DQ. The main story of the show was an injury angle to Bret Hart following his "farewell speech" when his leg was accidentally crushed by an unidentified woman who crashed her vehicle into Bret's Limo. Shawn Michaels didn't appear on camera as they are playing up to the idea he has walked away after missing out on a Wrestlemania match against Undertaker. Batista cut a promo via satellite saying he would be on next week's Raw to confront John Cena.


Variety has a story on the new WWE-Syfy show NXT at The story notes NXT will feature "pros mentoring rookies" in a reality-based series split into two or three seasons. Vince McMahon was quoted as saying, "These kids crash and burn a lot. By putting them into this environment we'll find out if they can make it. There's no better way to develop skills than being in front of an audience. And that makes for good television." Syfy president Dave Howe added, "Syfy is excited to continue our partnership with WWE, Vince and his team with this innovative live event-reality show... The NXT rookies take the challenge of our new tagline 'Imagine Greater' to heart as they embark on their ultimate dream quest to be the next generation of revered heroes and champions in the fantastic arena of the WWE."

As we noted last week the show will be loosely based around the Tough Enough concept--which actually did strong ratings for it's first run season on MTV in 2001. That season averaged a 2.1 rating over 12 episodes. WWE sources tell us the first group of guys from developmental to be called up include: Justin Angel [Paul Lloyd, current FCW champ from South Africa], Heath Slater [Heath Miller], Michael Tarver [Tyrone Evans], Kaval [the former Low Ki], Skip Sheffield [Ryan Reeves, who looks like Batista and did Tough Enough in 2004], Joe Hennig [son of the late Hall of Famer Curt], Brett Dibiase [son and brother of Ted Sr and Jr.], Daniel Bryan [the former Bryan Danielson], and Darren Young [Fred Rosser, who worked Northeast indies as Fred Sampson].

The NXT Wrestling group based in Scotland said they have come to terms with WWE over the NXT trademark. A website statement reads: "WWE was proactive in working with us to come to mutually agreeable terms on the release of the NXT trademark once it learned of the potential conflict. The timing was right for us as we were planning on renaming the NXT brand to SWA:Source to be closer aligned with the SWA parent brand."

Joey Styles talks about the death of ECW at He makes some very candid comments including that ECW should never have been brought back to life following the first One Night Stand pay-per-view. "As I feared would happen, ECW becoming WWE's third brand didn’t resonate with either Original ECW fans or WWE fans. The resulting hybrid was a huge fiscal success but struggled creatively for years. Thanks to the third (and current) ECW writing team of Ed Koskey and Jen Bloodsworth, ECW finally discovered and solidified its identity as the launching pad to Raw and SmackDown for young talent like CM Punk, Sheamus, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and many others. Still, the star-making show being named ECW was still more a hindrance than a help because it always drew comparisons to the Fight Club-like, Original ECW." Styles also puts over Paul Heyman as a genius and thanked him for everything he has today.

The Sun has an interesting story at where it's revealed that WWE tried to exercise editorial control over an interview the former Mr. Kennedy [TNA's Ken Anderson] did with them. The interview where he denied taking steroids, but it came out a week later that he did. The story notes that WWE canceled a pre arranged interview at Wrestlemania because the newspaper refused to edit Kennedy's comments.

The Honky Tonk Man put a message on his website stating he's now talking to Mattel about a WWE action figure deal after Jeff Jarrett didn't follow up with his offer of a figure with TNA-Jakks.

Mae Young's appearance last night on Raw marked her seventh decade as a performer in the business. She turns 87 next month.

Regarding the Kelly Kelly pregnancy sketch with Jerry Springer, I haven't talked to anyone inside or outside the company who had anything positive to say about it. Just a fail on so many levels. Even people in WWE who usually defend these things weren't defending it last night. If there was ever something that would make people switch channels to TNA on a Monday night then that sketch would probably be it.

The early word is that War Games may replace Survivor Series. This is something Triple H has pushed for years but when the Elimination Chamber came into play Vince felt the concepts were too similar.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H worked Raw house shows as DX this past weekend. Triple H cut a funny promo in Lansing, MA, where he said Michaels didn't really mean his career was over last Monday saying that Michaels says that all the time, but this time he was caught on camera.

Shelton Benjamin had the weekend off and was spotted at the Iowa-Minnesota wrestling meet which aired on the Big 10 network.

Bret Hart wrote on his Facebook page that the missing piece of the puzzle from his current program is Jim Ross calling the action. He wrote: "As far as the WWE goes, all I can say is where the heck is Jim Ross? With everything that has transpired in my three appearances on Raw, it's too bad he hasn't been there to call it. There's nobody that calls it the way Jim Ross calls it and that's the bottom line because I say so."

Jim Ross was a recent guest on Houston-radio 1560 The Game. Lot's of OU football talk. WWE discussion on Bret Hart and Jack Brisco kicks in around the 18-minute mark at

The new John Morrison DVD goes on sale today.

Mickie James is promoting a track from her upcoming album this morning on local radio in Kansas City.

Ted DiBiase Jr. is booked for a meet and greet on Friday for FCW in Plant City, FL. More info at

Serena vs. AJ Lee from the latest FCW TV show is arguably the best WWE women's match in 2010 at The announcing isn't too shabby either.


The television tapings continue today in Orlando. Awesome Kong taped an Xpolsion match last night with Hamada vs The Beautiful People for the Knockout tag titles. There are inaccurate reports circulating that Kong was suspended over the Bubba altercation. Other non-spoiler news from the tapings: Suicide is done for now as a character. Frankie Kazarian was working under his former ring name, Kaz. There is talk they want to pair him up with someone. Thursday's Impact will include what was described as a great promo exchange between The Pope and Ric Flair/AJ Styles; Tara vs. Daffney in a non-title match; Samoa Joe vs. Orlando Jordan; Generation Me, Amazing Red & Kaz vs. The Machine Guns, Doug Williams & Brian Kendirck; Beer Money vs. The British Invasion; Kurt Angle vs Daniels; and Abyss vs. Jeff Jarrett.


Kurt Angle has expressed an interest in a lesser schedule. His problem is that as the face of TNA they want him at every show which is natural from a business stand point. The problem is that he doesn't know how to go at half-speed and gives 110 percent whether he performs in front of 20,000 people or 200 people. The feeling from his side is that if management uses him on less live event dates then that would be great for everyone. This way they can utilize him to his best ability while keeping him healthy and prolonging his career.

Among the backstage visitors yesterday at the tapings were April Hunter and Haku -- who's son Tevita works in WWE developmental as Donny Marlow

TNA has suspended ticket sales for the March 13 show near Pittsburgh due to roof collapse at the Rostraver Ice Arena. They are looking for a new venue in the area.

Former performer Jenna Morasca has a direct-to-DVD horror movie out soon called Drive in Horrorshow. It's a replay of her match with Shamell last year at Victory Road. Not really. The DVD box artwork says the movie will, "quench your thirst for horror". Since leaving TNA, Morasca has been attending New York's Columbia University for a masters in Psychology. She also has a reality show in the works with her boyfriend Ethan Zohn who is battling Hodgkin's lymphoma.

There is a story on Shark Boy at promoting the house show Saturday night in Massena, OH at the St. Lawrence Centre Arena. He joked about having a communication degree from the University of Cincinnati but has not talked for the majority of his wrestling career.


Ring of Honor plans to begin airing their TV title tournament on March 8. More at

EVOLVE's second event will be headlined by Chris Hero vs. Ikuto Hidaka on March 13 in Rahway, NJ.

Dragon Gate USA announced Jack Evans will be the Young Bucks' tag partner in their match against CIMA, Gamma, and Dragon Kid on March 26 in Phoenix, AZ.

Universal Championship Wrestling runs Friday night in Denton, TX at the Civic Center with Shane Douglas vs. Buff Bagwell in the main event; plus Shawn Stasiak, Rodney Mack, Chavo Guerrero Sr., Chase Stevens, and many more. Tickets are $12. More info at

Promolast Events at has released a special video message from Ron Simmons for the fans to promote his appearance at the upcoming Promolast Atlanta Reunion Pro Wrestling Fanfest on June 4-5 in Atlanta.

Tooth Fairy with Dwayne Johnson did $6 million at the U.S. box office over the weekend. The film is currently at No. 6 in the charts after it's fourth week out and has taken in over $75 million worldwide. The biggest foreign markets are Mexico [$5.5 million], Brazil [$2.7 million], Spain [$2.3 million], and Venezuela [$1 million]. The production budget was estimated at $48 million.

Today's Diva of the Day is Serena at

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RassleResults: SAW "Unfinished Business" Nashville, TN 2.13.10 - 1000+ Fans Show Up for Big Event!!

Ryan Genesis defeated Big Bully Douglas.

Kevin White w/Su Yung defeated Cody Melton.

Brian Christopher defeated Sigmon.

Chase Stevens defeated David Young w/Paul Adams.

PG-13 (Wolfie D/J.C. Ice) defeated Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King/JT Stahr w/Sista O”Feelyah & Drew Haskins) to win the SAW Tag Team Championship.

SAW Women's Champion Tracy Taylor defeated Sue Yung in to retain.

Hammerjack vs. Marc Anthony ended in a no contest ruling.

Andy Douglas defeated Jesse Emerson.

Vordell Walker defeated Drew Haskins w/Sista O’Feelyah by DQ.

Micah Taylor defeated Sigmon.

Flash Flanagan defeated Rick Santel by DQ.

Chase Stevens defeated Kid Kash to become the SAW International Champion.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----This featured a lot of Memphis local talent.  The crowd was in the 1000 range.  Full report by Larry Goodman by CLICKING HERE.

RassleResults: CWA "Night of Legends" Savannah, TN 2.13.10







Credit: Rodney Grimes @

----I was told around 700 at this show.

RassleResults: CWA "Night of Legends" Ripley, MS 2.12.10


& BEAT &








Credit results from Rodney

----This is the show that I am being told had 700 to 1000 people at.

(WGN) Feb 15: Raw tonight, TNA makes expected announcement, backstage PPV notes, Diva engaged, Diva in Playboy, Wrestlemania match, PPV moved, more...


2/13 Smackdown house show results from San Jose, Costa Rica: Christian & Goldust over Ezekiel Jackson & Zack Ryder; Matt Hardy & John Morrison over The Hart Dynasty; Beth Phoenix over Michelle McCool; Drew McIntyre vs. Kane was a double count out; CM Punk over R-Truth; Rey Mysterio over Chris Jericho; and The Undertaker over Batista. The show drew around 17,000 people.

2/14 Smackdown house show results from Guadalajara, Mexico: Matt Hardy & R-Truth over The Hart Dynasty; Goldust over Zack Ryder; Michelle McCool over Beth Phoenix; Christian over Ezekiel Jackson; Drew McIntyre over John Morrison; The Undertaker & Kane over CM Punk & Chris Jericho; and Rey Mysterio over Batista. The show drew around 17,000 people.

2/14 Raw house show results from Philadelphia, PA: DX over Legacy; Chris Masters over Carlito; Yoshi Tatsu over William Regal; The Miz over MVP; The Bella Twins & Gail Kim over Maryse, Alicia Fox & Jillian Hall with Santino as the referee; Randy Orton over Kofi Kingston; and John Cena over WWE Sheamus via DQ. The show drew just over 12,000 people.

Raw is live tonight from Des Moines with Jerry Springer as guest host, plus John Cena vs. Triple H, Ted DiBiase vs. Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton vs. Sheamus in a non-title match. The Smackdown tapings are Tuesday in Kansas City with the death of ECW including Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson in a hardcore match for the ECW title, and MizShow vs. Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu for the tag titles. Edge vs. Batista is the advertised main event for Smackdown.


Jim Ross at wrote that he is bored with asking questions about his future: "Without question, pro wrestling has been such a vital part of my life for over 35 years and no matter what else I may or may not do for a living going forward I will always be a huge fan of the genre. Being in the wrestling biz and functioning at such a high level not only as an on air talent but in corporate administration, as well, has helped prepare me for many possible endeavors." He is still contracted to WWE and doubts that will change in the near future. Ross also wrote that it was travel issues that prevented Ric Flair from making Jack Brisco's funeral services, adding, "I wonder why other wrestlers who live in the Tampa area did not attend the funeral and show their respect to a great man who was so instrumental in helping many stars get their start?"

The Extreme Rules pay-per-view on May 23 has apparently been moved to Detroit. The originally announced location was Oakland, California.

Money in the Bank returns again this year at Wrestlemania. The creative team has just started putting together qualifying matches for WWE TV over the next few week's.

The current plan is for Wrestlemania to be open air at Phoenix Stadium. The stadium features a retractable roof which takes just 15 minutes to open or close as the case may be.

No update on the official cause of death of Eddie "Umaga" Fatu. The Medical Examiner handling the case said today that results are still pending.

Taryn Terrell [ECW GM Tiffany] is pictured the March issue of Playboy's Book of Lingerie. The caption under her photo reads: "Since you last saw me: I competed for a spot as a WWE Diva and ended up signing a developmental contract with them. I am now with Extreme Championship Wrestling, a division of the WWE, where I'm the general manager. I'm passionate about: Raising money for abused and abandoned children. Fun fact: I'm a vegan and choose not to eat anything with a face."

Cryme Tyme, who love porn [more on that later this week] were hanging out at the XBIZ Awards last week in Hollywood. They were pictured with Ron Jeremy and a number of adult actresses.

The student paper for Drake University in Des Moines has a story on Eve Torres at

The Daily Record in the UK has a story on Maria Kanellis at She talks about how she stays in shape on the road and puts over Trish Stratus as the greatest Diva of all-time.

Inside Costa Rica has a story on Rosa Mendes at which is actually copied verbatim from her Wikipedia page.

Triple H was interviewed about the new Mattel action figure line at the New York City Toy Fair at

One of our readers went to a test screening of Sylvester Stallone’s new action movie The Expendables which premieres in August. Steve Austin plays a henchman of an evil dictator who is targeted by a group of merceneraries hired to overthrow him. Austin has a couple of scenes and a major fight scene at the end of the film. He did a great job, according to our reader. The film also stars Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Roberts, and UFC fighters Randy Couture and Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira.


2/14 Against All Odds PPV results from Orlando, FL: AJ Styles over Samoa Joe to retain TNA heavyweight title with Eric Bischoff as special referee; The Nasty Boys over Team 3D for the tag titles; and The Pope won the 8-man tournament to become No 1 contender for the heavyweight title at April’s Lockdown PPV.

The television tapings are today and Tuesday in Orlando.


TNA announced this afternoon during a press conference with Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan that Impact moves to Monday nights head-to-head against WWE Raw from Monday, March 8, 2010. The plan is to tape television every two week's with Impact airing live alternate Monday's much like the Raw formula of the mid-late 90s. During the Q&A portion of the press conference Hogan said that all the WWE talent are cheering them on as it's another place for them to work, and claimed, "everyone in the WWE offices are running around like the building is on fire," panicking over the new competition. Dixie talked about wanting to give TNA fans a product which would make them proud. Hogan gave the analogy that he wants TNA workers to feel like they are going to church when they come to work--That they want to be here. "They are a bunch of young guys with young attitudes and the whole company's fresh," he said. "Things are happening fast and I am really happy to be here." You can watch the entire press conference at

Variety and The Hollywood Reporter both ran a stories today quoting Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff about the move to Monday nights. Robert Zimmerman of WWE is also quoted saying they aren't concerned because TNA is a somewhat different audience to WWE.

Former WWE wrestlers Dave Taylor and 2 Cold Scorpio were backstage last night at the pay-per-view. Taylor was trying out as an agent which would be his dream job. His last run in WWE a couple of years ago came to an end because he ruffled the wrong feathers. He is best known for his 1990s WCW run as Squire David Taylor, in a stable with Steven Regal and Bobby Eaton as The Blue Bloods. He also had a cameo in TNA as the coach of Team Britain during the 2004 America's X-Cup Tournament.

Ken Anderson made the pay-per-view with plenty of time to spare following travel issues catching a flight out of the Minneapolis airport. Bob Ryder, who handles travel for TNA talent, described Saturday as the "worst travel day" he could ever remember.

Jeremy Borash was back on camera last night. Bubba the Love Sponge tweeted that he took his wife to Wing House for Valentine's Day. I guess that means he's gone and they've dropped the planned angle with the announcers.

Jimmy Hart returned last night to manage The Nasty Boys.

The house show in Belle Vernon, PA on March 13 is canceled. The roof of the Rostraver Ice Gardens caved in yesterday reportedly due to the weather during a kids hockey tournament. Luckily nobody was hurt as the kids were in locker rooms at the time of the collapse.

The house show in Norfolk on Friday night with Ric Flair drew 2,100 people.

So Cal Val will apparently be writing a fashion advice column soon for the TNA website.

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley [who is trying to rehab herniated and bulging discs in his back] were given permission to take a booking with Ring of Honor in May.

The Destination X theme song is Torn Apart by Atlanta-based rock band Death On Two Wheels.


Tyler Black won the ROH heavyweight title over Austin Aries on Saturday night at the anniversary show in New York City.

Rhett Titus and Rasche Brown have both just signed new deals with ROH.

A SAW show in Nashville on Saturday night drew 1,000 people to the Nashville Sports Arena with Kid Kash, Chase Stevens, Andy Douglas, PG13, Brian Christopher, Flash Flanigan, Rick Santel, Vordell Walker., and Dutch Mantell doing color commentary for television. A documentary crew was on hand taping interviews and auditions for a possible reality based TV show that will feature independent wrestlers who want to succeed in the wrestling profession.

Greg Price's NWA New Beginnings drew almost 400 on Valentine's Day for it's debut event up against the Daytona 500. Tully Blanchard booked the show. The double main event saw Blue Demon Jr. over Zack Salvation to retain the NWA heavyweight title, and Phil Shatter won a No. 1 contenders match over Adam Pearce. The next show is March 14.

Scott Steiner is now taking wrestling and personal appearance bookings through Bill Behrens at

Bill Apter interviews Austin Idol at has new audio interviews with Greg Gagne, son of Verne Gagne, and Robert Gibson of Rock-n-Roll Express fame. This site has bar none the most extensive wrestler interview archive of any where on the web. has a new audio show online with Tommy Rich and Jerry Lynn as the call in guests.

New York's WPIX 11 TV on Tuesday will be broadcasting from the IWF Pro Wrestling School in West Paterson, NJ. The report airs at 4:55am and again at 7:25am with trainers Kevin Knight and Jim Powers.

A wrestling convention is scheduled for May 8 in White Plains, NY with some of proceeds being donated to the Capt. Lou Albano's former high school that's hosting it. Sabu, Vampiro, AJ Styles, and The Pope, are among those scheduled. More info at

There is a legends convention in Atlanta on March 12-13 at Sheraton Atlanta Gateway Hotel near the Atlanta Airport. The line up includes mostly tag teams: The Midnight Express with Jim Cornette, The Rock-n-Roll Express, Demolition, The Koloff's, Ivan Putski & Tito Santana, as well as Mr. Hughes, Tommy Rich, and Johnny Valiant. More info at

Fighting Females, an online magazine dedicated to women's wrestling has just posted its latest edition online. It's a news special looking back at more than seven months of what's been happening in the world of women's wrestling around the world and includes interviews with LuFisto and Mercedes Martinez. The mag is free at

Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro announced yesterday that she just got engaged to the love of her life. It wasn't Matt Hardy or Paul London.

Today's Diva of the Day is Missy Hyatt at

Monday, February 15, 2010

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 2.12.10

Shawn Reed/Alan Steele on top
Eric Wayne/Dustin Starr bottom

----This was my first show since October and I was treated to the first official TV tapings for New Experience Wrestling’s My MS debut.  This promotion has spent over a year getting ready to tape TV.  Every week making slight changes in production and roster.  They put on a really good 1 hour show and this will come across as a good TV show.  I would like to make note that the stars that I give the matches really will not be much, because all matches were designed as quick TV type matches.

----Kevin Charles beat Dan Matthews with a quick roll up.  Good interview from Charles.  Matthews needs work on his mic skills, but both are pretty much the same in ring skills at this point.  Matthews has that old school look and they did to expand on that.  Just solid work basic psychology. [**]

----Alan Steele/Shawn Reed interview.  Good job.

----Dustin “Five” Starr used the tights to beat Mike Anthony in solid bout.  Nothing wrong with the bout, but as I said, just a TV bout to get Starr over.  Anthony is improving and could easily be a major asset to this group down the road.  Starr’s body looked tremendous and he is heads above everyone in this area with his body. Starr missed a standing moonsault.  Anthony has some really good dropkicks.  [**1/2]

----“Five Starr” Showcase with Dustin bringing out Ken Wayne to demand a match against Eric Wayne for the US Jr Title.  Wayne says that Starr has done a good job so far, but he has not proven himself yet.  Austin Lane comes out and says no one is stepping over him for his title shot.  Lane vs Starr is made for next week. [RRO’s Top Ranked Guys 2009] Real good segment.

----Austin Lane beat Justin Smart with his submission finisher “Final Cut” [Rings of Saturn]. Solid TV bout with both guys working hard.  Lane is really over with the crowd.  They did a fun series of slaps that the crowd loved.  Lane would yell and then the crowd would yell.  Smart missed a blockbuster and Lane won the bout. [**3/4]

----Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels beat Alan Steele/ Shawn Reed.  A real good solid bout.  This match would fit on anyone’s card in this area and be heads above a lot of people.  This was a short bout, but they did double heat along with a hot tag.  Wayne hit Reed with a german suplex for the win.  Starr jumped Wayne after the match and then Steele/Reed jumped on Kid.  Lane came running in as the TV show went off the air. [***]


----55+ in the crowd…Matthews reminds me of Brent Albright…Lane is wrestling with a broken bone in his forearm...Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe were the refs...They are still calling Anthony “milk dud”??  Anthony had a pretty good interview saying he did not care who he wrestled…The crowd was so noisy when Starr came on the screen I could not hear his interview. Someone also called Starr “Johnny Bravo”, which I thought was funny…The only thing I did not like about Starr’s “Showcase” interview was that he put down Lane’s body, but in reality, as I have said, no one compares to Starr right now. Starr is only here for a few of weeks...I love the team of Reed/Steele.  They need a good catchy name – “Juicy and All That” ??  LOL  This is the kind of tag team that if they worked this total area it would be hard to not vote for them for tag team of the year.  Both are excellent on the mic and in the ring…Nikels is the star here.  Even though you got guys like Starr, Steele and Lane that have been around a while, Nikels comes off as a total star.  Crowd is up as soon as he comes out and his interviews are totally different than anything in the area…Eric has improved his body a bit – second best behind Starr on this roster…I had the chance to talk to almost every one of the guys on this roster and they are “fired up” about TV.  It all comes off as a team working towards one goal – put on a good TV show….Good flow with the show as each match got better. 

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 2.13.10

Pokerface (w/ Michael Ward) interview. Poker brings out Angelina and mentions she has seen the light. As she runs down the crowd, Jazz interrupts her and talks about Angelina turning her back on the people and on her after she helped her out. Jazz also brings up Pokerface roughing her up and cuffing her to the ropes several months ago when he won the DCW title from Rodney Mack. When it looks like Poker and Angelina are going to gang up on Jazz, Marty Graw makes the save. He says Jazz called him up to help out with a problem in DCW and sets up a mixed tag match for later.

- "Hardway" Rod Price defeated John Allen with a powerslam

- Boss defeated Chelios Adams (w/ JB Hayes) of the Alliance of Violence by DQ due to interference from Logan Adams. Ron McClarity hits the ring and appears ready to help AOV, but attacks them instead. This leads into.....

- Ron McClarity defeated Logan Adams (w/ JB Hayes) by DQ due to interference from Chelios Adams. Afterward, McClarity acknowledges the battles he and Boss have had and offers to be his tag partner against AOV next week. Boss accepts.

Mike Anthony interview. Claims the spotlight belongs to him, that he is the crown jewel of DCW and the future of wrestling. J.D. Kerry's music hits and he hits the ring on Anthony, getting the better of him with punches. Kerry challenges Anthony to a match and he accepts.

- J.D. Kerry defeated Mike Anthony with a frog splash

Natural Born Playaz interview. Southside Brawler mentions wanting a piece of Pokerface and a shot at the DCW title. Pimptacular is in the ring and receives a phone call. He tells Southside he has to leave and takes off for the front door. Rodney Mack hits the ring and attacks Southside. He screams at the fans for disrespecting him and says he's going to show them just who he is. He continues the attack and says he needs no support from the fans, who disgust him. Southside staggers to his feet and challenges Mack to a match in two weeks.

- Jazz and Marty Graw defeated Angelina and DCW Champion Pokerface (w/ Michael Ward) when Jazz pinned Angelina following a Jazz Stinger


-Angelena turned last week.

- Rod Price is the same Rod Price from Global and ECW

- Marty Graw is a Louisiana-based worker

- I hate to even guess on the crowd.  I would say 85-90-ish.

----I think Price actually help train Jazz and Rodney Mack...So did Mack turn completely here?? 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 02.13.10

Show starts with Dustin Baker making some quick announcements regarding "February Fallout" and that tonight, matches for Fallout will be made. He goes on to say enough about the 27th, he wants to talk about tonight. He says that he has no card for tonight, but that's ok because he's going to make sure the fans get want they want. At that point, Christian Jacob's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He says he heard that the fans are going to get what they want and he thinks the fans might like to see him get a match with Derrick King tonight! Before Baker can say a word, KC Gold's music interrupts and he enters the ring. Gold says that that match won't take place tonight because Derrick King isn't here. Gold turns his attention to Baker and informs him that he didn't get a card because he(Gold) was appointed commissioner for the night to make sure everything runs smoothly. Baker is curious as to why DK would leave the show to Gold seeing as Gold called DK a cancer to the company a month ago. Gold tells Baker that everything is squared away and he will be working for Gold tonight. Jacobs interrupts and tells Gold to deliver a message to Derrick King. He tells Gold that Derrick may have gotten everything he wanted, but the one thing he doesn't have is around his waist. Jacobs then makes a challenge. Jacobs says if DK really wants it all then he and Derrick can do this at "February Fallout" in two weeks. He will defend his title against DK, but with one condition. If DK loses, the company comes back to where it belongs, the EWE! Gold, with a confused look on his face asks Jacobs if what he's asking for is a match with DK at "February Fallout" where Jacobs will defend his title, but if DK loses then complete control of the company is back in the hands of EWE? Jacobs tells him he is exactly right. Gold tells him he'll call DK and he'll have an answer by the end of the night. Gold then tells Jacobs to not go anywhere because he's got a match and it's now.

-Christian Jacobs/JR Manson/Tommy Jones vs LSD (Idol Bane/Deadly Dale/Cody Only)-

 This was LSD's debuting match in EWE and it was impressive. LSD gets the win after hitting Jones with their "Dead Body Drop" finisher.

-Bishop vs Tat2-

Bishop enters the ring with the mic and reminds the audience that he is the one responsible for putting Seth Knight on the shelf. He is also responsible for causing Jon Michael to quit, walk out, or whatever he has decided to do because he's scared of what he could do to him if he ever showed back up. Bishop says that since he's got them out of the way, the only thing left to do is take out the man on top.. Christian Jacobs. Tat2's music hits and he makes his way to the ring to tell Bishop that he shouldn't be worried about Jacobs or anybody else for that matter because he's got another match with him tonight and goes on to remind Bishop that he actually beat him a few weeks ago and tonight he's going to do it again.. Another great match between these two with Bishop catching Tat2 out of mid air with a powerbomb for the win.

-Rude vs Motley Cruz-

Another impressive debut as Motley Cruz picks up the win over Rude.

-Interview w/ Ike Tucker-

Tucker calls KC Gold to the ring to give him a piece of his mind. He tells Gold that since Derrick King has taken over this company all he's had is problems. Tucker says he's had one, actually two, problems in particular.. "The Prodigies". He says that they keep sticking their noses in his business and he wants to solve the problem once and for all. So Tucker asks Gold to make a tag match for "February Fallout" because the boys will be back in town that night.. Ike Tucker and Brian Steele.. Rhythm & Blues! Gold tells Tucker if he wants it then he's got it. Suddenly "The Prodigies" attack Tucker from behind and leave him laying on the floor to be carried away by security. They grab the mic and tell the audience that that was what happens to people that try to challenge them. They continue to say that the open challenge is still open so if any real team is back there to come on out. All lights go out in the building and a video begins playing. The video is for none other than the returning "Genocide"!
-"The Prodigies" (Dell Tucker/Rockin Randy) vs "Genocide" (Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin)-
Match starts off hot with both teams fighting on the outside. They make their way back into the ring to start the match only to end up on the outside again later. Ref goes down at one point. Lots of fighting on the floor with weapons being used. Rhino has one of "The Prodigies" pinned, but ref stops the count and disqualifies "Genocide" when he notices a foreign object in the ring.

-Stan Lee vs Scott Adams-
This match was made by Derrick King last week. Match starts out with a lot of ducking and dodging from Lee. Adams eventually catches Lee and proceeds to pummel him for basically the rest of the match. Lee is hit with a chokeslam from the ring apron, over the top rope, back into the ring at one point. Match is thrown out after Adams refuses to stop beating Lee in the corner. At this point, Adams makes his way to the announcers table and sets it up near the ring apron. Adams pulls Lee out of the ring and attempts to powerbomb Lee through the table. Lee manages to escape from Adams shoulders to the nearby ring post and delivers a boot to Adams head. As the big man is staggering back, Lee jumps off to attack him but is caught and thrown back into the ring. Adams makes his way back in the ring, sets Lee back up for the powerbomb, and smashes Lee through the table from inside the ring to the floor!! Security and refs are sent to carry Lee out on a stretcher, but Adams turns Lee and the stretcher over and drags him back into the ring to attempt to deliver yet another powerbomb. But before he can, Christian Jacobs runs out to make the save. As Jacobs runs in he is caught by Adams for a chokeslam. Jacobs blocks it, hits the ropes and is caught by a big boot. Adams picks Jacobs up and attempts to powerbomb him but Jacobs blocks it, takes him down, and goes for the Sharpshooter. Adams kicks Jacobs off and gets back to his feet only to turn around into the spear! Jacobs gets up and turns around into an F5 from Bishop who had sneaked to the ring during the commotion. KC Gold and Bishop stand over a battered Jacobs and tell him that DK's answer is YES, but.. it'll only be for 50% of the company if he wins. He tells him don't worry because that match won't even get to take place anyway because next week he will defend and lose that title in a match against Bishop next week.

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 02.12.10

MCW's wrestler of the Week is C-Money! 
The night started out with Rashard making a scene. Nat was running late and didn't have Rashard's entrance music. I guess,Rashard is sooo simple minded that he can't remember to make an entrance without music. So he came out running his mouth, isn't it funny that if he isn't running from the wrestlers, he is running his mouth. He was mad over his music so he jerked the wires out of the stereo system and said if he didn't have music then NOBODY was going to have music. But no entrance music didn't stop the action at MCW. 
The opening match was Ms. Candy and Homer Lee vs Miss Innocent and Nay Nay, the match was intense and Miss Candy was all over Miss Innocent till the very end. Ms. Candy came off the top rope and nailed Miss Innocent but Miss Innocent rolled out and pinned Ms. Candy. 
The excitement continued when the Hambones 1 & 2 went up against Black Jack and Jeremy Spiker. The Hambones dominated the match till the very end the two of them picked Spiker up and the fans expected a double suplex but the Hambones dropped his feet across the ropes and put him face first on the mat in the Hambone crusher.  
Third match was The All American Frankie T vs Pokerface in a heavyweight title shot match. The fight was on and Pokerface gets the ghettoblaster on Frankie however Frankie outwits him and has his feet on the ropes so the match starts all over and Frankie takes the win after he shoots Pokerface off the ropes and gets him with the flatline! Frankie keeps the belt and Pokerface goes home empty-handed once again. 
Semi Main Event C-Money vs Bishop and Bishop dominates the match, I think he was a bit upset that C-Money was voted Wrestler of the Week by the fans. Rashard interferes and Bishop is disqualified. 
Main Event Pimp and Southside vs Ray and Officer Hudson, Rashard was banned from ringside because of his history of interference. Pimp and Southside fought a tough match but Officer Hudson and Ray won because Rashard ran in and hit Pimp with the laptop and the ref was distracted and only saw the pin!
Remember that MCW is going to TV soon!  MCW now has a Facebook page as well, you can find us as Mid South Championship Wrestling. Each week the fans will be voting on Wrestler of the Week and the results will be posted on our facebook page. Big Daddy and MCW says thanks to the many fans that make each week possible!  Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW

Rodney Grimes Scores Big!!

----Apparently we are looking at the two biggest shows so far this year from Rodney Grimes' CWA.  Grimes was considered one of the top indy promoters in this area around the start of the site and placed in the Top 10 of shows in Yearbook 2007.  He has pretty much disappeared from the scene for the last two years, but looks like he is back with a vengeance.  This is only February, but those two shows could easily be in the top 5 shows of 2010. I am hearing anywhere from 600 to 1,000 people in Ripley, MS and no number for last night in Savannah, TN, but was told it was a big crowd. I did get a yahoo im message that read, "2 awesome cwa legends shows omg the people" [in reference to big crowds].

----Grimes has re-merged in the promoting game in a total different environment than when he left.  Memphis Wrestling was drawing some of the bigger gates and guys like Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and others had a TV outlet that was an average of more than 59,000 viewers.  Just a minor mention of some of Grimes' shows would be a boost in the attendance.  No TV exposure and just hard selling advertising seems to have paid off with maybe the fans getting a "absence makes the heart grow fonder" attitude and going out to support the Legends. 

----These shows were packed with Lawler, Don Bass, Bill Dundee, Buff Bagwell [who has really proven to be a draw in this area], Dutch Mantell and a host of undercard guys featuring some of the local talent.  The only question is that will the nostalgia gimmick work if these guys do another round of shows?  Fans usually have a vision of what their legends were and not what they actually are now. They then get to see what old age and the road has done to to them, then going out to the shows is a one time thing.  The key would be to not use the same people [legends] over and over and capitalize on local talent. 

----My congrats to the whole cast and crew though.  2010 actually may be a good year for promoting wrestling in this area.  I am looking for full results and any other crowd estimates.

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 2.06.10 - Pokerface wins Title back!!

Match 1: Logan Adams vs Shawn Reed vs Jon Allen
-a no contest b/c of the Gorillaz coming in and beating on everyon!

Matc 2: Angelina vs Candy
wins via roll up pinfall

Match 3: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs Pimptacular
-Pimp gets the victory via pinfall


Match 4: Ron McClarity vs Kolby Stern
-winner via pinfall Ron McClarity

Match 5: Southside Brawler vs Mike Anthony
-winner via pinfall Southside

Match 6: Poker Face vs Lucky (DCW Heaveyweight Title Match)
-winner and NEW DCW Champion once gain Poker Face via pinfall

crowd was around 75...

----This was from last Saturday, not last night...As you can tell crowds have really took a hit here.  I would keep the core guys, but do some major roster changes to keep everything interesting. 

Credit: JP Perryman

Jason Reed: Picture of the Week - Jason Reed and Seth Knight