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Tommy Wayne News Posted On My Space!!

----This was posted on and I have heard various things all week about our story that was posted about Tommy Wayne having charges dropped.  I promise to follow this story and get to the bottom of it by the end of next week.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 02.20.10 - Results and Card for Saturday night!!

-Rockin Randy vs Ike Tucker-

Rockin Randy is DQ'd after Dell Tucker interfers. "The Prodigies" proceed to lay the boots to a helpless Ike Tucker then leave the ring. Ike eventually gets back to his feet and tells everyone that he's about to make a phone call and that "The Prodigies" will pay tonight and leaves the ring.

-Tommy Jones vs Tommy Redneck-

Match is also DQ'd after Redneck intentually gets himself disqualified by punting Jones in the crouch in front of the referee. Redneck exits the ring leaving Jones on his knees in the middle of the ring. Meanwhile, "LSD" have already made their way out to the commentators booth earlier during the match to talk about February Fallout next week and of course themselves. When Redneck leaves the ring, "LSD" take the opportunity to set an example by putting the boots to Jones as he's trying to get back to his feet. Suddenly JR Manson runs to the ring to defend Jones but is cut off by "LSD". They begin to lay the boots to both when Flash Flanagan makes his way to the ring to help Manson and Jones. Flash, Jones, and Manson manage to clear the ring and challenge "LSD" to an impromptu 6 man tag team match. After a few moments of thinking it over "LSD" accepts and the referee starts the match.

-"LSD" vs Flash Flanagan/Tommy Jones/JR Manson-

 Match starts off normal with back and forth action from both teams, but suddenly it gets out of hand and all 6 men spill to the outside. Match is thrown out due to ref not being able to regain control as all 6 men fight all over the building. Flash eventually gets his hands on the kendo stick and connects with all three members of "LSD" and they flee the ring. Flash then takes the mic and issues a challenge to "LSD". He tells them that this is what he comes here to do, fight! He goes on to tell them that if they got the guts then they can all settle this next week at February Fallout in a 6 man Street Fight! After thinking over yet another challenge, "LSD" agree again and tell Flash/Jones/Manson that they don't know what they've started because next week will be a blood bath!

 Bishop makes his way to the ring for a scheduled interview where he talks about Jon Michael. He reminds the audience that he is the one responsible for putting Seth Knight out of commission and he is also responsible for causing Jon Michael to apparently quit EWE. He tells the audience to tell Jon Michael when they see him or talk to him that Bishop is laying down a challenge and if he can back up everything he's said before he disappeared, then at February Fallout they can settle the score. But Bishop threatens that if he does show up, it will be the last time the audience will ever see him again because he will end his career.

-Rude vs Dell Tucker-
Rude gets the win after hitting Tucker with the TKO. Randy storms the ring on Rude just as Tucker did earlier to Ike Tucker. "The Prodigies" proceed to lay the boots to Rude when suddenly Ike Tucker runs out to make the save, but strangely stops and the ring apron and backs off. "The Prodigies" know they have Ike outnumbered so they eagerly invite Ike to try to take them on. Ike then turns back to the entrance and waves out none other than "The Cosmic Cowboy" Brian Steele. R&B storm the ring and the two teams go at it. R&B eventually send "The Prodigies" to the floor where they take the mic and tell R&B that they have no business being in this company ran by Derrick King and that next week they will make sure they're little reunion doesn't last to long because their match next week at February Fallout will now be a Loser Leaves Town match. R&B waste no time in agreeing to the match and tell "The Prodigies" that they don't want to wait until next week, they want to beat them across town right now. Both teams begin fighting again as they take it all the way down the street outside of the arena!

EWE Title Match
-Christian Jacobs vs Bishop-
Awesome title match with Jacobs retaining the title after a series of near falls and eventually hitting Bishop with the spear for the win. After the match Mark Tipton conducts a brief post match interview with Jacobs. Tipton asks Jacobs how he feels after retaining his title tonight and going into February Fallout to face Derrick King for 50% of the company? Jacobs tells him that it feels great and for everybody to come next week because he's going to kick Derrick King's ass and take back EWE!


February Fallout

1/2 EWE vs EWE Title
Derrick King vs Christian Jacobs

Loser Leaves Town
Rhythm & Blues vs The Prodigies

6 Man Street Fight
LSD vs Flash Flanagan/Tommy Jones/JR Manson

Grudge Match
Bishop vs Jon Michael

Plus more

(WGN) Feb 25: Awesome Kong lawsuit, TNA TV deal, former WWE star returning after 8 years out, Raw/NXT ratings, Hulk Hogan supposedly gives marriage advice to Tiger Woods, Shad Gaspard interview, Bischoff on Jim Cornette, Lesnar-Mir, Trish Stratus and more!!


2/23 NXT TV results from Milwaukee, WI: Christian & Heath Slater over Carlito & Michael Tarver; David Otunga over Darren Young; and Chris Jericho over Daniel Bryan.

Superstars tonight on WGN has William Regal & Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella & Chris Masters; Luke Gallows vs. Silas Young; Primo vs. Zack Ryder; and the Hart Dynasty & Natalya vs.  Matt Hardy, Great Khali & Maria.


Raw on Monday night did a 3.8 rating and 5.5 million viewers, a notable increase from last week's 3.4. That's pretty impressive with the Olympics as competition.

The debut episode of NXT on Tuesday night did a 1.3 rating and 1.7 million viewers--the most viewers in an ECW timeslot since September, 2009. In demographics, they were up 73 percent among adults 18 to 34, up 51 percent among adults 18 to 49, and up 35 percent among adults 25 to 54. I enjoyed the show for the most part. I like the fact they are focusing on personality and charisma. The announcing was fine with Michael Cole playing the heel role opposite Josh Matthews. Cole was fed lines from Vince McMahon talking about how he hates dirt sheets, the Internet and Twitter, because that's how Vince really feels. Daniel Bryan injured his ribs doing the suicide dive during the match with Jericho. He won't be missing any time. After the match, Jericho wrote on his Twitter, "NXT was pretty cool. Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett will be stars. However, Punks guy [Darren Young] has the worst hair I've ever seen." Does anyone remember this haircut?

David Otunga is garnering a lot of media attention for WWE due to his relationship with Jennifer Hudson. I understand he shot a segment today for Access Hollywood with Maria Menounos from the David Barton Gym in New York. He said during one media interview that he would be open to the idea of getting married to Hudson inside a wrestling ring. I hope Vince doesn't catch word of that.

A trivia note on NXT "rookie" Michael Tarver who's dad was once a sparring partner for Mike Tyson. He played one of Floyd Mayweather's entourage that got beat up at Wrestlemania in 2008.

I have a story on Jemma Palmer at who is WWE's latest developmental signing. She is well known for playing the role of Inferno on the UK version of the television series Gladiators. Another former UK Gladiator, Barri Griffiths from Wales, is currently in developmental as Mason Ryan. He is listed at six foot six, 280 pounds and has a similar look to Batista sans ink.

I also have a story on Shad Gaspard on the Slam Wrestling website at where he talks about WWE's PG-rating with an interesting analogy on the product. He also discusses his favorite Divas. The interview actually took place some time ago during a WWE media event. Shad wrote a blog this afternoon titled "Response to PG Rumor" saying he felt I quoted him out of context and that the story was published now because he's up for a role in the next Conan movie. I actually wrote the story many week's ago before it was known he was in the running for this particular movie. The line mentioning the movie in my story was added this morning by editors at Slam Wrestling. I disagree his comments were taken out of context. As a matter of fact, it's the very context in which he said them that makes them so newsworthy. That said, I have no desire to impede on his acting career and still think, as I did at the time of the interview, that Shad is a cool guy that was perhaps too honest in his statements. Shad's blog is at

The Connecticut Post is teasing a major print story in Sunday's edition on the government's investigation on steroid use within pro wrestling and the Linda McMahon Senate campaign.

Joe Francosi was recently hired as a creative assistant. Yes, the writing team have assistants. He is a former producer with the UPW group out in California. He reportedly suggested the William Shatner spoken word music segment on Raw a few week's ago which got over quite well.

WWE's video tribute for Wendi Richter going into the Hall of Fame is online at A funny note is that they blacked out Hulk Hogan's name from an 80s Pro Wrestling Illustrated cover that said, "Is Wendi Richter more popular than Hulk Hogan?" Flair was mentioned on the same cover but they left his name on. A former WWE employee familiar with the magazines told us they used the PWI cover because Richter's only cover in WWE was her and Hogan, and they obviously don't want to publicize Hogan.

The new WWE game THQ is working on is Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, so it appears they are continuing the franchise.

MVP attended a U.S. Senate committee meeting yesterday in Washington, D.C. The topic was to address "the crisis of high school dropouts," according to a report on

Music legend Paul McCartney will be playing at the Jobing Arena, next door to Phoenix Stadium, following the conclusion of Wrestlemania 26 on Match 26. You would assume WWE would at least make a play to have him make an appearance.

A rough-cut of the Hart Family Anthology DVD was sent out to certain people this past week, most of whom are raving about it. The official release date is April 6.

Vance Archer is now on the Smackdown side. He worked a dark tag match at Tuesday's TV taping in Milwaukee, teaming with Tyler Reks vs. Jimmy Yang & Slam Master J.

DX was quietly removed from the Raw opening video montage on Monday.

The Oklahoma City Thunder has invited Jim Ross to sit courtside for Sunday's game against Toronto. They are doing a deal to help promote Monday's Raw at Ford Center.

American Way Magazine has a WWE story at quoting COO Donna Goldsmith. She talks about opening new doors since the ratings change to PG. "In the past, they’d [advertisers] run away scared because of the content. As a result of the new rating, we’ve gotten closer to sponsors and talent endorsement. That’s a relatively new initiative for us." She also credits the guest host gimmick with increasing ratings.

The WWE stock closed today at $17.01 per share, a 52-week high on the New York Stock Exchange.

Maria Kanellis turns 25 today.

Yoshi Tatsu’s wife recently gave birth to a baby girl they named Rukia Yamamoto.


Impact tonight on Spike has Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss; Rob Terry vs. Ken Anderson. Daffney vs. ODB; Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs. Beer Money vs. The Motor Machine Guns vs. Generation Me in a four-way; Team 3D vs. The Nasty Boys in a Tables match; and Kaz vs. Brian Kendrick.


A new pay-per-view television deal was announced today in the UK. PPVs are going to the Extreme Sports Channel [Sky Digital channel 419 and Virgin Media channel 527] with Impact staying on Bravo. The story is already getting major play in the UK, including as the top story on The Sun’s website at The key to the deal is that PPV events remain free for the UK – available to anyone with the right TV package on Sky Digital or Virgin Media. The repeats stay with BT Vision, so all three satellite/cable providers are covered. It also means more people can watch the TNA PPVs than WWE’s, which are on subscription channel Sky Sports or sold on Sky Box Office. The downside is that Extreme Sports is a little known specialist channel with limited penetration compared to their previous UK PPV television partner Virgin, which operate Bravo. The hardcore fans will likely find the new channel, but casual fans may be left in the dark, as Virgin won't allow TNA to promote another channel outside it's network.

Court House News at is reporting that Kia Stevens [Awesome Kong] has filed a lawsuit against Todd Clem [Bubba the Love Sponge] for allegedly calling her cell phone at 5am on February 10 and threatening her life as well as making some racist remarks. Legal papers filed in Hillsborough County state that AT&T, Stevens' phone provider, is refusing to identity the caller, who blocked their number, who she believes was Clem. The male caller identified himself as Bubba the Love Sponge and allegedly threatened her life saying, "You'll be dead like all those other ni--ers in Haiti you fat black b--ch ... F--k Haiti!" Stevens said she recognised the voice from Clem's radio show in Tampa. Clem denied the claims in the suit and issued the following statement: "This morning I was made aware of allegations made in a petition for full bill of discovery by Ms. Kia Stevens, a professional wrestler with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The allegations in this petition are one hundred percent false. To be clear; everything contained in this petition is not true. Ms. Stevens attributing outrageous racist statements and physical threats to me is disgusting. We can prove without any doubt the allegations made in this petition are false. First Ms. Stevens claims that she was called on the air, at 5:08 AM on February 10th, we are not even on the air until 6 AM Eastern time. We have phone records and eye witnesses that account for my every movement that day from 4:50 AM forward. No call was made to Ms. Stevens at all. We will be pursuing all legal remedies available to us in the State of Florida to fight these deliberately malicious allegations." Clem said that after today he would not be discussing the matter on his radio show. He said he may sue Stevens and TNA for unsafe working conditions, despite his friendship with Hulk Hogan. He said he longer works for the company.

The story is going to become a bigger deal now as TMZ picked it up at

Eric Bischoff answered more fan questions on his Facebook page. He says his focus is not defeating WWE, "just gaining a significant share of their audience and growing TNA's audience in the process." When asked about ever hiring back Jim Cornette, he said: "I have never worked with Jim, so I can't honestly say if he has a perspective on the business today that would be an asset to the cause. Television is a dynamic business that becomes more challenging every day. If Jim (or anyone else for that matter) can bring a solid understanding of the psychology of what makes our business successful AND can apply that value to the process of being successful on a major cable network IN TODAYS MARKET, I would love to work with him." On Chris Jericho: "It was reported on the internet that I said Chris wasn't hwt champion level talent. Chris is having fun taking shots at me [on his Twitter] for a comment I really didn't make, but that's cool. Its not the first time and it won't be the last! For the record, I think Chris is one of the top talents in WWE."

TNA is attempting to break the existing Guinness World Record for Largest Gathering of People With Mustaches at the Hogan Fu-Fest, 2-4pm on Friday at Mike Shannon's Steak and Seafood in downtown St. Louis. "American Mustache Institute Chairman Dr. Aaron Perlut will be present to honor and recognize the golden whiskers of the pop icon, Hulk Hogan," according to a TNA press release. "We have been in contact with officials at the London headquarters of Guinness World Records, and know TNA fans and Hulkamaniacs will turn out to the Hogan Fu-Fest to shatter the existing Guinness record," said TNA President Dixie Carter. "We need everyone with a mustache, especially a fu, to show up at Shannon's in St. Louis this upcoming Friday afternoon." Tickets for Lockdown go on sale the same day for April 18 at the Family Arena in St. Charles, MO. They will be available to purchase at, the Family Arena box office or charge by phone at 314-534-1111.

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart did an interview today with ESPN radio in St. Louis to promote Lockdown. He pushed the idea of bringing back the Monday Night Wars for the older fans who are down on the WWE product. He said he didn't return to compete with Vince and feels there is enough pie for everyone. He claimed to be friends with Tiger Woods, or at least a friend of a friend, and apparently told Tiger over the phone recently that he had to come out of hiding and apologise to his fans for his marital indiscretions. Could be true, who knows? He also talked again about Abyss becoming TNA's version of John Cena.

Kayfabe Commentaries will be filming a shoot interview with Dixie Carter at the Legends of the Ring convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Monroe, NJ on May 14. It's a live interview where fans can ask her any questions.

The latest TNA Today with Jeremy Borash and Doug Williams is online at

Ric Flair turns 61 today. He is giving away his oldest daughter Megan this weekend.


Former WWE wrestler Shawn Stasiak is looking to make a return to wrestling after being out of the national spotlight for 8 years. He can be booked through his new website at "I am in the best shape of my life," Stasiak says. "I still have a passion to do this and have been doing quite a few smaller shows lately as a baby face. I really enjoy it as I have been connecting with the crowd like never before." Stasiak dropped off the wrestling radar in 2002 when he was released by WWE. Following his release, he attended Parker College in Dallas, Texas, and received his doctorate in Chiropractic in 2006.

Frank Mir was apparently disturbed by the reaction to his recent comments regarding Brock Lensar. He issued an apology and said he would be focusing on his upcoming fight agasinst Shane Carwin. "I would like to apologize to Brock Lesnar, his family, the UFC and UFC fans for the stupid remarks," he said. "I respect Brock, all the other fighters, and the sport of mixed martial arts. I'm sorry that I stepped out of line." UFC President Dana White wasn't happy. "Mir is an idiot," he said on Sacramento radio earlier this week. "I have never heard something so unprofessional and idiotic in my life."

Sports Illustrated has a story on Mir at saying he is perplexed with the media coverage given to his comments on Lesnar. "I thought we understood that what we say on camera is part of the entertainment aspect of our sport and we kind of get a little artistic license. It's not like I said this to my neighbor, that if his dog shows up in my yard one more time I'm going to kill him. That would be bad. That's a problem. I didn't understand it, but hey, it came my way, I said it, and I can't cry about it now. I've just got to deal with it, I guess."

The story in Box y Lucha in Mexico regarding Juventud Guerrera winning a lawsuit against Konnan and AAA is bogus, according to the AAA side. The case hasn't even gone to court.

The 2010 class for the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Pro Hall of Fame was just announced with Terry Funk, 65, and Paul 'Butcher' Vachon, 72, as the main living inductees. Deceased inductees include: George Gordienko, Warren Bockwinkel and Stanislaus Zbyszko. Mick Foley, Rene Goulet, and J. Michael Kenyon will also receive individual awards. The induction weekend is July 9-10 at the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum in Waterloo, IA. More info at

Bobby Heenan is advertised as appearing for autographs and photo ops at PCW'S March Mayhem at the Don Preston Rec Center in Midlothian, IL, on March 20. More info at

Superstar Bill Dundee is selling off some of his ring worn attire, including Elvis jumpsuits, at

Former WWE/WCW wrestler Jorge "Giant" Gonzales has pulled out of his upcoming appearances citing health issues.

There is a story on Rob Van Dam and Booker T attending HempCon in Los Angeles last weekend at

Trish Stratus appears on the latest cover of Top Choice magazine for her Stratusphere Yoga Studio being named Top New Business of 2009 in the greater Toronto area.

The Heyman Hustle has new photos of Stacy Keibler at

A reminder that Wrestlicious premieres Monday at 11pm on Mav TV, Bite TV in Canada and online. More info at

Today's Diva of the Day is Lacey Von Erich at

Shows for the Weekend 2.26 to 2.27.10

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows!! Three big shows this week including Friday night at NEW for the awards ceremony. RRO will also be in Ripley, TN on Saturday night!!


Traditional Championship Wrestling's
Date: Saturday, February 27, 2010
Time: 8:00 P.M.
Venue: Marvin Vinson Multi-Purpose Building
Address: 1611 Oakland Street
City/State: Clarksville, AR

On-Sale Date: Tickets now on sale!!!

Ticket Information: Tickets available at Marvin Vinson Multi-Purpose Building and All-Time Family Fitness

For More Info Call: 813-960-8412

Prices: Front Row - $20.00
Ringside - $15.00
General Admission - $10.00

Traditional Championship Wrestling debuts in Clarksville!

TCW - Where tradition lives on!

Main Event:

Traditional Championship Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match
Champions Reckage & Romance (VH1 Reality Star Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett)
with Hall Of Famer Danny Hodge


The Dark Circle (TCW International Champion Tim Storm & Apoc) with General Skandor Akbar

Feature Bout:

Former WWE/TNA/ECW/ROH Star Jerry Lynn vs. Dexter Hardaway (with Talon)

Ladies Match:

Malia Hosaka vs. "Goddess of Wrestling" Athena

Added Attraction:

Shawn Shultz (with Tony Locassio) vs. TCW Rookie of the Year Wes Robinson

And your favorite stars including:
Prince Al Farat
Golden Boy Greg Anthony (with Brian Thompson)
Rich Rude

And Many More!!!

*Card Subject to Change


-2.26.10 - New Experience Wrestling West Memphis, AR - Awards Ceremony!!
-2.27.10 - EWE "February Fallout"
-3.05.10 - RCW Trumann, AR - RCW DEBUT!!
-3.06.10 - NBW Newbern, TN 3.06.10

PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP TO BOOK YOUR PROMOTION FOR THE YEARBOOK TOUR!! I will announce more dates next week!! I am accepting dates up to the April 16-17th weekend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


----I would like to invite everyone - fan, worker or award winner to come out Friday night to West Memphis, AR for New Experience Wrestling. NEW will be taping an action packed 2 hours of TV for for a 2 hour special airing at 7:00 to 9:00pm on MYMS on March 6, 2010. This will also be our first stop of the RRO Yearbook Tour 2010 with Yearbooks in stock for only $20!! RRO Tag Team of the Year "Midnight Gold" [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson will be on hand for everyone that wants their book autographed!!

----The show Friday night will start at 8:00 PM with RRO Announcer of the Year Terrance Ward and yours truly giving trophies out to all attending RRO award winners. Next will be five matches taped for the special. After the main event of the night, they also plan to air the RRO Match of the Year - Eric Wayne vs Austin Lane - if everyone wants to stick around and watch it!! Listed below are the matches for the night.

-Mike Anthony vs Jason Rose...Eric Wayne/Austin Lane vs Shawn Reed/Johnny Dotson...Nikki Lane vs Tasha Simone...Dan Matthews/Kevin Charles vs "Midnight Gold" [Greg Anthony/Bobby Eaton] with Brian Thompson...Alan Steele vs Kid Nikels

Wrestling Shorts: Jerry Jarrett with Downtown Bruno

Jerry Jarrett with Mark James of

·  Jerry Jarrett is the father of multi-time NWA World Heavywieght Champion Jeff Jarrett..
·  Jerry Jarrett formed tag teams with his mentor Tojo Yamamoto and Jackie Fargo..
·  Jerry Jarrett headed up Mid-Southern Wrestling in Memphis, the CWA, & the USWA for decades upon retiring from active wrestling..

·  Jerry Jarrett held ownership of World Class Championship Wrestling and worked in the mid-1990's with the WWF..

·  2002: Jerry Jarrett starts a new promotion to compete with the WWE under the NWA banner, called Total Nonstop Action.. 

Jerry Jarrett is like a father to me.  I am proud to be his friend, associate and step son for many many years.  I was very happy to see my friend Jerry at the Monday night Raw event in Nashville in February.  It was great to have had the opportunity to visit with him for a good period of time that night.  I could go on and on with TRUE stories about our old fraternity/family in the glory days of Memphis Wrestling [which I am very proud of], but those stories have been told and retold umpteen thousand times.  So, let me tell you a great story that you never have heard before about Jerry Jarrett.

This happened when Jarrett was attending school.  This was some type of drafting class or such.  He drew out an elaborate schematic diagram for a big sprawling house and he said the intended to build it one day.  The teacher gave him a failing grade telling him that it was implausibly designed and impractical to build.  Let us flash forward 20 some odd years later and I was invited many times to be a guest in that home on Cumberland Hills Drive in Hendersonville, TN.  It is in the proximity to all the country music stars.  Jerry also went back [after building his house] – found the teacher and made him change the grade years later after building it.  True story!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 02.19.10

The night began with Aaron Ecstasy vs Ray Leigh, Ray Leigh took the win with a reverse cross body.

Tag team match was second match and it was Wild Bill and Snuffy vs Off Hudson and VMan, the match was intense with great talent. Off Hudson and VMan are a dominating team in the ring. Wild Bill and Snuffy fought hard and stayed right with the other team, however, Officer Hudson got the pin on Snuffy with the RockBottom. The crowd was upset that Hudson and VMan took the lead but that didn't seem to bother them. This team comes with great vengeance and seem to have a point to prove.

Third match was Jeremy Spiker and Homer Lee vs Hambones 1 & 2. The Hambones dominated the match and finished with the win by the Hambone Crusher on Jeremy Spiker.

Semi Main Event was Big Daddy LaFonce and Frankie Tucker vs Pokerface and Bishop. Pokerface and Bishop came out with Rashard as usual, all three were running their mouths. Bishop was whining about wanting a title shot so Big Daddy decides to make an executive decision and give Bishop his title shot during this tag team match, however the stipulation was both belts had to be placed on the line. Frankie T's heavyweight belt and Pokerface's middle weight belt. Pokerface was not real pleased with this but was forced to sign the match. So now the crowd was attentive and curious as to what was fixing to take place. The match was heated. At one point Frankie T was doing his thing and "lighting up Bishop with those furious chops" and Bishop powders out and you would have thought he was a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum. He was whining, jumping and down and some of the crowd reported that he was about to cry. That's a nice quality of a Heavy Weight contender. The match was furious, action from both of these elite teams. The match did take a surprise finish, Frankie got the flatline on Bishop,both men were exhausted Big Daddy does a skull buster on Pokerface just as that was taking place, Rashard nails TJ with a laptop and rolls Bishop on top of Frankie Tucker. Big Daddy pins Pokerface. TJ gets up and does a double count. Both Belts change hands, the Heavyweight belt goes to Bishop and the Middleweight belt goes to Big Daddy. One can only imagine the tension in the building. Frankie is furious and the crowd is ready to hang TJ. The crowd tells TJ that Rashard, rolled Frankie off of Bishop and rolls Bishop position Bishop for the pin on Frankie. TJ holding his head, tells the crowd he has to call it as he seen it which was Bishop had Frankie T pinned. Pokerface of course is furious because Big Daddy pinned him for his belt. Bishop on the other hand is jumping up and down like that same two year old in the tantrum earlier but this time he is a 2 year old with a new toy. Bishop don't get excited that toy is only new for a little while. Frankie will take it back!!!!!!!!!!

Finally the main event was the first time Ladies Title Match in 10 years. Ms. Sandra was the special ref for the match between Ms. Innocent and Ms. Candy. The match was intense, Ms Sandra is all about legalities and calling the match right down the middle, she threatens to send Rashard to the dressing room several times and continues to try to interfere with the match. Then along comes Nay Nay who also tries to interfere. Ms. Candy is dominating the match so Rashard and Nay Nay continued to interfere, Ms Candy gets the pin on Ms. Innocent and Miss Sandra calls the match but Nay Nay and Rashard doesn't want to accept that So Ms. Sandra just shows them whose in charge of calling the match. How does she do this, She Body Slams Rashard like no tomorrow and then gives Nay Nay a sidewalk slam!!!!!!!!!! Ms. Candy wins the Ladies Championship Title, Ms. Innocent walks away threatening and whining, which is what Rashard's group does best and Ms. Sandra walks away with a tie for Wrestler of the Week. Ms. Sandra and Frankie Tucker tie for Wrestler of the Week! The night was indeed full of surprises and turnover. Come join us next week for more Action. Congrats to Ms. Sandra and Frankie, you both deserve to be Wrestler of the Week.

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW

(WGN) Feb 23: Ric Flair update, WWE Hall of Fame news including a former major star who turned them down, WWE injuries, a new signing, more on Undertaker, former ring announcer dies, Foley on Hogan/Bischoff, much more...


2/22 Raw TV results from Indianapolis, IN: Maryse over Gail Kim to win the vacant Divas title; Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne & Yoshi Tatsu over Randy Orrton & Legacy; Christian over Carlito in a MITB qualifying match; ShoMiz over Mark Henry & MVP to retain the tag titles; and John Cena over Batista via DQ. Dark match was Vladmir Kozlov over Silas Young, a Midwest indie wrestler on a tryout from hell.

The Smackdown tapings are tonight in Milwaukee including Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James for the Women's title with Vickie Guerrero as referee. It's also the premiere of NXT on Syfy. We're looking for reader reports to


Kayfabe is alive and well, apparently... Following the angle last week where Bret Hart's leg was "crushed" on Raw, Midwest Ambulance Service, that covers the Des Moines metropolitan area, received a number of phone calls from worried wrestling fans enquiring about Bret's health. The group even posted a message on it's website which read: "ATTENTION: Please do not call 222-2222 regarding the condition of Bret 'Hit Man' Hart. Contact the WWE for updates. Our number is for emergency calls only. Thank you." This isn't anything new with wrestling fans. One of Jerry Lawler's most famous feuds in Memphis involved an angle between himself and the late Eddie Gilbert where Eddie and his brother Doug were fired from the promotion, but in retaliation hit Lawler with their car. This prompted some fans to call the police and report what they had seen as vehicular assault. Lawler had to tell the cops what was going on and was forced to appear on television (while selling his "injuries") out of concern that Gilbert would have been arrested if he didn't show that he was all right.

Wendi Richter was announced for the WWE Hall of Fame, to be inducted by Roddy Piper. During a video package they recognised her as a 5-time Women's champion so presumably they are now counting AWA and WWC title reigns. She is one of the most recognizable names from the Rock-n-Wrestling era. She has actually been on good terms with the company for a while now and they invited her to be part of the Diva battle royal last year at Wrestlemania. She is the fourth female to be inducted following the late Fabulous Moolah and Sherri Martel, and Mae Young. Richter was also the first "screw job" victim of Vince McMahon after he doubled crossed her during a Women's title match at Madison Square Garden in 1985. McMahon brought in Moolah under a mask [as The Spider Lady] to do the deed because he claims Richter had refused to sign a new contract. Richter, however, claims she was still under her original five year contract, but that she regularly had disagreements with McMahon about her pay checks. After that match, Richter left MSG still in her wrestling gear, took a cab to the airport, booked herself on a flight out of New York, and has never spoken since to McMahon. You can watch the match in question at

The Ultimate Warrior was asked and has apparently turned down a Hall of Fame invitation this year in Phoenix where he resides, according to those who would know. It could still happen but there is an issue over money. The standard rate is $5,000 although certain people have been paid more in the past.

Gail Kim busted her lip open last night during the Diva's title match with Maryse who may also have injured a breast. No idea what went wrong but that match wasn't pretty.

Sheamus suffered a mild concussion during the chamber match on Sunday night. The original plan was for him to face Cena on Raw for a Wrestlemania title shot at Batista, but he wasn't medically cleared. Batista worked the match in his place.

TNA purchased some ad time on local cable during Raw to push the March 8 Impact. The ad stated, "Be there when TNA takes over wrestling on Monday nights."

Four matches are now official for Wrestlemania 26: Batista vs. John Cena for the WWE title [likely with Vince and Bret in respective corners]; Chris Jericho vs. Edge for the World heavyweight title; The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in streak vs. retirement; and Christian vs. 7 others TBA in a Money in the Bank match.

The annual draft takes place on April 26 in Richmond at the Coliseum which will be a three-hour show with both brands. The Smackdown tapings that week are the following night in Hersey, PA.

THQ are recording some voice overs for the new WWE video game this afternoon; including that of the former Paul Bearer, Percy Pringle.

Bryan Danielson was on Seattle-radio this morning promoting the debut on NXT. He said he's fine with the name change to Daniel Bryan and feels most WWE fans don't know who he is anyway. "To them I’m always going to be known as Daniel Bryan. I think that will be okay. It’s just that the WWE is an enormous corporation and it’s smart for them to have the rights of anybody they put on TV," he said. "It doesn’t matter if the person is successful; I’m successful and they own the rights and that helps them and their merchandising and that sort of thing. I don’t think it’s really a big deal; it’s a pretty standard thing." Regarding The Miz' blog on the WWE website about him looking like an accountant: "[The Miz is] very charismatic, he’s gone out there, he’s really good at making people hate him. How I’ve gotten by is a little bit different. I’ve been doing this for over ten years now and what I’ve gotten by and how I made my name is by being excellent in the ring, but that doesn’t mean what he’s saying isn’t partially correct... There is this huge aspect there where for me it’s always been what goes on in the ring. And with the WWE, that’s a big part of it, it’s presenting yourself as a superstar. And when he said I look like an accountant, I kinda do!"

The St. Louis Riverfront Times ran a story on The Undertaker getting burned at the pay-per-view. Robert Zimmerman, a spokesman for WWE, claimed Taker was only allowed to perform after being cleared by a ringside physician. How anyone can actually believe that is beyond me. Zimmer also claimed Taker's injuries amounted to sunburn and he was fine. When asked if the incident will cause the WWE to review their procedures for having pyro as part of their productions, he added, "I don't know. I haven't spoken to anyone to find out what was the cause, if it was timing, if there was something wrong with whatever. We have to go back and investigate and make a final determination."

Taker has now been removed from advertising for the European tour in April.

On today the No. 1 and No 6 hot topics are Undertaker and Ric Flair.

The Turtle Company out of New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against WWE for allegedly violating a patent they hold for adjustable book covers. They are seeking an injunction to prevent WWE and it's book partner, ABC Corp, from producing similar book covers. WWE reps said they are aware of the suit and described it as "small stuff."

As far as roster changes go with the death of ECW, Raw has acquired Christian, Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal, Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes; Smackdown has Ezekiel Jackson, The Hurricane and Shelton Benjamin. Trent Barreta, Caylen Croft, Tyler Reks, Vance Archer, Abraham Washington, Tiffany and Savannah are back in FCW for now although they are still coming in for television along with announcers Byron Saxton and Josh Matthews. The same goes for Tony Atlas.

Melina did an autograph signing at Autorama in Dallas this past weekend. She told people she expects to return to television after Wrestlemania. She tore her ACL in a freak accident during a house show match back in December.

Calgary's Tiger Raj Singh was offered a developmental deal after he passed Wellness tests. Greg Oliver has a story on Singh at where he says he is waiting on a work visa before he can relocate to Tampa. He recently paid $1,000 to tryout at FCW. "I think they needed an Indian guy, they were looking for one. We had matches and stuff and all the wrestlers came in their gimmicks. Well, I came out wearing a turban and had my full outfit on, and spoke Punjabi in my promo, and they liked that. They like guys who speak different languages and have different looks," he said. "My wrestling was pretty good, I had some pretty good matches. I did good at the drills and everything."

The Sun at posted a NSFW photo of Angela Fong [WWE's Savannah] from the low budget movie she did before signing with WWE. The blurb and photo was one of the Sun's most-read items yesterday and did more traffic than soccer stories and even a major story on the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, according to their most-read module.

A band called The Wrong Door have created an awesome music video in tribute to referee Charles Robinson at This may well be one of the greatest music vids you ever watch.

The latest shenanigans between Rob Simmons and Linda McMahon is at


The story on the arrest of Ric Flair's wife, Jacqueline Beems, for assault on Sunday night in Charlotte, made press across the country yesterday largely due to reports from the Associated Press and TMZ. Flair’s agent, Melinda Morris Zanoni, of Legacy Talent and Entertainment, released this statement to media: "Ric and his wife had an unfortunate disagreement late last night, which led to his wife being arrested and charged with assault. Ric has done nothing wrong. Contrary to certain media reports, Ric has not been hospitalized in connection with this incident. Ric finds this matter unsettling and is committed to correcting any issues in his personal life. The important thing to remember here is that we have some very exciting professional announcements for Ric in the near future."

Flair said that he and his wife were watching hockey at a sports bar a few blocks from their apartment on Sunday night. He was drinking and being the Nature Boy. There was an argument. She slapped him. They went home and another argument ensued, and Beems' 20-something daughter, who lives with them, called the cops [the police report states Flair made the call] because she was concerned the argument was getting out of control. When the cops showed up they arrested Beems. Flair is now worried the negative press will cost him existing endorsement deals.

The Baltimore Sun has a Q&A with Mick Foley at On WWE's reaction to Impact going head-to-head against Raw: "I [Vince McMahon] will no-sell it publicly for a while. I think it has to be a concern to him internally, if only because so many of the people who were big stars on his show are now working for the competition. I would say honestly with the exception of their top six or seven guys that we have a lineup that fans are really more familiar with." He also says the new regime has learned from their past mistakes. "I think Hulk wants to really show what he can do on this side of the business. And I think Eric Bischoff, who has always been a bright guy, wants to show that he has learned from the past and he’s going to apply all the positive things he brought to the table without repeating some of the mistakes that were made in the past."

Foley was on the Opie & Anthony radio show this morning. He noted he watched the WWE PPV on Sunday because his kids begged him to order it. You know, it still amazes me the amount of TNA people who don't regularly keep up with WWE TV, especially those in power. It seems to me more WWE people watch the TNA product than the other way around. Foley also told a story about giving his time for the Obama election campaign last year in Scranton, PA. He said Obama's people sent him door-to-door in a poor neighborhood. You know, because wrestling fans supposedly live in such areas. He said he knocked on one door, and an African American woman answered, and screamed, "You that n***a that threw himself off the cage!" Foley joked how that was the first time anyone had called him that word.

Dixie Carter at and Hulk Hogan at talk the move to Monday nights.

SouthPeak Interactive, who recently acquired the TNA video game license from the ashes of Midway, has extended it's credit line through November 30 to $8 million. "The loan extension improves our flexibility in managing our capital structure and provides added security for executing on our growth strategy," said SouthPeak president and CEO Melanie Mroz. In 2009, SouthPeak reported losses of $12.1 million and they are currently being sued by one of their partners for allegedly withholding royalties and breach of contract. They are planning to release TNA Impact: Cross The Line for PSP and Nintendo DS later this year.

Jimmy Hart talks his love for music at He says he recently recorded some entrance music tracks for TNA.


Former ring announcer and commentator Ron Martinez died in his Tampa home last week following a fatal heart attack. Ron, along with the late Jack Reynolds, covered NWF and IWA wrestling out of Cleveland. He was a brother-in-law of the late wrestling great Ilio DiPaolo and was the son of the late wrestling promoter Pedro Martinez. His dad was the first promoter to amass old wrestling footage and license it to television. Ron later pioneered the home video market for old wrestling film converted to tape.

Canadian wrestler George "Red" Eakin passed away on Sunday at age 81 after a battle with cancer.

Faster, starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, is filming this week at 2632 E Washington Bl [St. Lukes] in Pasadena, CA. They may be looking for some extras.

Brian Kendrick has been added to the Dragon Gate USA shows during Wrestlemania weekend in Phoenix.

RVD Radio on Wednesday night at has Sabu, Bill Apter, Bill Alphonso and Bruce Jingles on call to discuss role models, abuse of authority, wrestling, and much more. You can call in 9-11pm at (347) 308-8754.

NWA Southwest runs its 12th Anniversary show in Robstown, Texas at the 3000-seat Central Pavilion at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds on February 26. Doors open at 7pm. The event includes Blue Demon, Jr. and Kevin Northcutt, along with Mexican mini Pequeno Pierothito, Luchadores Eric Snake and Sicodelico, Jr., and many others. More info at

There is a legends show in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada at The Factory with The Iron Sheik, Kamala, The Honky Tonk Man, Bushwhacker Luke, Virgil, and many more to benefit breast cancer on March 25. To find out more you can call 905-513-6464 or email

NWA Main Event runs on Thursday in Nashville [413 Veritas St off Nolensville Rd] with an 8pm belltime. You can get free tickets at

Savio Vega has a try out on Saturday at his gym and wrestling academy. Areglando Los Luchadores. He is also available for bookings at Serious enquiries only.

CBS New York reporter Kate Sullivan talks Yoga with Diamond Dallas Page at

Today's Diva of the Day is Gail Kim at

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 02.20.10

Keylo Green defeated Tysin Starr.

Chrome w/Antoin Smooth defeated Iron Jake. Chrome threw powder in Jake's eyes.

BB defeated Queen Destiny.

Next match never got started. Big Daddy Neno was in the ring and was attacked from behind by Brody Hawk and beaten down. Tysin Starr in to make the save but was attacked by Bonecrusher and also beaten down by Bonecrusher and Brody. Both Neno & Tysin were carried from the ring on a stretcher. Neno's injuries were not serious and he has vowed to get revenge. Tysin will be out for several weeks.

Chazz Stone defeated Buzz Harley.

Rajah & Robert Devine w/Antoin Smooth defeated JR Mauler & Cassanova Kid due to interference by Chrome.

Brody Hawk defeated Chris Lexxus to win the EPW Heavyweight Championship.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

The Golden Circle "In America Part 1" by Greg Anthony

If you were to start naming the greatest japanese wrestlers of all time names like Inoki, Baba and Rikodazan might be among the firsts. Then you might start naming more modern names like Ohtani, Masawa, Kobashi. You might even start dissecting the impact of gimmicks like Tiger Mask I-IV, Jushin Liger or Hayabusa. However as great as these athletes are, how many of these names are even recognizable in America?

Who are the most successful that arrived from the land of the rising sun? Whose name could be acknowledged in Tokyo as well as Tucson or Tampa Bay? Who was able to take their infinite wealth of knowledge from their homeland's product and translate it into the American style?

To me, no one is as iconic as The Great Muta. Maybe it was the face paint or the samari garb, or maybe, just maybe it was the unique style of Muta that made him stand apart from pack. His matches with Sting,usually for the television title, in the late 80s were one of those rare occasions were you had two guys that were so different, yet so similar. Billed as the son of Florida/Texas star The Great Kabuki, Muta adopted the same gimmick, mist and all. Muta went on to become an NWA World Champion eventually losing the strap to Barry Windham. As great as The Great Muta was, the last time he was seen by american fans was in mid 2000 in WCW. So who has carried that torch the last decade?

The Japanese Buzzsaw, Yoshohiro Tajiri without question has been the most recognizable Asian athlete in pro wrestling for the past 10 years. He first showed up in WWF in '97 to compete in the light heavyweight tournament. A tournament designed to showcase another talent. His talent caught the eye of wrestling mad scientist, Paul Heyman and began working for ECW. A triple threat match pitting Tajiri vs Supercrazy vs Little Guido became a match that could happen anywhere, at anytime and was used as a great addition to any ECW card. When ECW closed in 2001, Tajiri began his WWE career. In his four years with the company, he had title reigns as US Champion, Cruiserweight Champion and Tag Champion with the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

It’s hard enough to make it as a pro in anything. Now imagine trying to make it half way around the world. These men have been cornerstones of the sport in Japan and have for sure made their mark on wrestling in America. They aren't just great Japanese wrestlers, they are great wrestlers. I'm just glad we got to see them in America.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jason Reed: Picture of the Week - Jason Reed and Motley Cruz

----Cruz helping Reed with his tape.

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 2.20.10

Show starts off with the National Anthem as always in the Dogg House, then Casey Rinaldi welcomes the fans to the arean tonite and welcomes back Jeff Perryman to the booth after missing last week's show! Rinaldi asked Jeff were he was, and Jeff told him he was handling business because things would reveal themselves very soon...Then Pokerface's music hits with another edition of the Pokerface Showcase! Poker talks about everyone being ready for the Tag Team Tournament tonite, but too bad because he does not want it to happen so it will not tonite. Poker tells the crowd that he has all the stroke in DCW and he is the Champ so deal with it..then the Natural Born Playaz music hits! Southside and Mr Pimptacular come to the ring and Southside tells Poker to be a man and put his title on he line tonite against him...Poker tells him, that he could not beat him on his worst day and says he already as an opponent for Southside a match tonite against, Chelios Adams! Poker then tells Southside, he already has an opponent tonite and it is against someone better than him...his partner Mr Pimptacular, but it is a Non-Title Match! Poker leaves the ring and goes back to the locker room...

Match 1: Jon Allen vs Logan Adams (Alliance of Violence Member) w/ JB Hayes
-pretty good match the whole way through..these two have worked well together in the ring, in the past and tonite was no different. A fast paced match throughout the entire match and the fans were into from the get-go when Logan hit a beautiful spring-board moonsault on Jon Allen in the opening minutes of the match...Logan could not keep Allen down no matter how hard he tried, he even tried using the ropes a few times but the referee caught him..Jon Allen rolled Logan up at the end and gave him a dose of his own medicine by using the ropes to get the 1-2-3...winner via pinfall Jon Allen

Match 2: Angelina vs. DeBella
-DeBella making her DCW Debut, pushed Angelina to the limit Saturday night at the Dogg House! DeBella controlled a lot of the match up and really pushed Angelina..Both divas really worked well in the ring together, but in the end the veteran walked away with the win..Angelina reversed a sun-set flip and gets the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Angelina

Match 3: Southside vs Chelios Adams (other half of Alliance of Violence Member) w/ JB Hayes
-match was really good..I tell you what Southside is amazing in the ring and is really setting himself up as a top single's competitor in DCW! Chelios is soo quick in the ring for man who is 360 lbs..He really reminds me of Hugh Morris (Bill DeMott) in the ring with his mixture of power and athleticism in the ring..In the end, Southside ducks a clothesline from Adams and hits him with a big clothesline..winner via pinfall Southside


Match 4: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs Ron McClarity
-def a match of the night candidate..Both guys are amazing in the ring together! Really cool getting to see the fans behind McClarity over the past month, or maybe Tejano is just hated that much! USA USA USA USA chants filled he arean throughout the entire match..Was a great match when each of them matching each other move for move for about a 5 minute period...Match goes back and forth for about 15-20 minutes, but Ron rolls Tejano up for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Ron McClarity! After the match Tejano tries to attach Ron, but Ron runs him and Dominique out of the ring....

Mr. Pimptacular music hits then DCW Champ Pokerface comes out and says since he is basically running things these days and can do whatever he wants..this will be a Falls Count Anywhere Match but it is not a No DQ Match, so he tells Pimp to throw his sign away he brought to the ring...

Main Event: Mr Pimptacular vs DCW Champion Pokerface (Non-Title)
-another candidate for match of the night..There was not a place these two didn't' fight except for the Women's Bathroom..This match went to one side of the arena, they went near the concession stand, and they even went to the DCW Merchandise Stand..Both men had their moments in the match but Pokerface really gained control of the match late and was getting ready to hit Pimp with the Straight Flush when Mr Pimptacular reversed it and rolls him up for the 1-2-3...winner via pinfall Mr Pimptacular! After the match Poker jumps Pimp and starts to beat him with a lug nutt wrench...finally Southside comes out to help, but after Pimp takes a huge beating...Pimp asks Southside where he was when he was getting beat on and Southside said getting dressed! Pimp told Southside not to worry about Poker, but to worry about him...Then Poker goes back to the dressing room and the Natural Born Playaz are left in the ring arguing!

Pretty good show tonight...about 110 in the crowd tonite!!

Biggest Pop: Jon Allen/Ron McClarity
Best Heat: Tejano Kid

(WGN) Feb 22: Raw tonight, Flair arrested, Taker injured, WWE champs new backstage nickname, ROH, Mexican wrestler robbed at knife point, 90s WWE/WCW wrestler to return in Japan, another wrestler donates brain after death, more...


2/21 Elimination Chamber PPV results from St. Louis, MO: John Cena captured the WWE title over Sheamus, Triple H, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase & Kofi Kingston in the Raw Chamber; but then Batista won the title over Cena after Vince made a title match straight away; The Miz over MVP for the U.S. title in a match added to fill time; Maryse vs. Gail Kim for the vacant Divas title never happened but instead we got Michelle McCool & Lalya over Maryse & Gail Kim; Drew McIntyre over Kane to retain the IC title; and Chris Jericho captured the World heavyweight title over The Undertaker; John Morrison, R-Truth, CM Punk, & Rey Mysterio in the Smackdown Chamber. Final two were Jericho and Taker but Shawn Michaels was hidden beneath the ring and screwed Taker likely to set up their match at Wrestlemania. Dark match was Christian over Ezekiel Jackson.

Raw is live tonight from Indianapolis with Ty Murray and Jewel as the guest hosts; plus Edge announcing who he will face for the ttile at Wrestlemania. Nothing else announced for the show at press time. The Smackdown tapings are Tuesday in Milwaukee with Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James for the Women's title with Vickie Guerrero as referee. We're looking for reader reports from both shows to


The Undertaker got the shock of his life last night when he was engulfed in a fireball due to a pyro malfunction during his ring entrance. The TV cameras didn't show entirely what happened but he ran down the aisle while frantically trying to remove his black leather robe. He suffered first and second degree burns on his chest and neck, and off camera as the match progressed referee's handed him bottles of water to douse his burns. You can watch fan cell phone footage of the incident on YouTube although WWE has been working hard all day to remove them claiming copyright infringement. Backstage after the PPV, according to sources, Taker cut a promo on production crew, as he was understandably upset over the incident. He isn't expected to miss any time.

The Connecticut Post has an article on the competition between Rob Simmons and Linda McMahon for press coverage in the Connecticut Republican primary campaigns. No real new ground is broken and the article contains a couple of inaccuracies, depending on context, especially where Linda discuses the use of steroids. The Post quotes George Steele, Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy Hart, Brutus Beefcake, and Bret Hart. Everyone was complimentary to Linda except Beefcake who is still upset that WWE owns the copyright to Brutus the Barber. The story at noted that, "Vince McMahon has been kept away from the media, and the WWE declined a request to interview him." Most interesting is the story also notes that WWE is now providing mainstream press with primers which answers the most commonly asked questions like, 'How many wrestlers have died while under contract with the WWE?' The WWE answer is "only five" which I assume means under their watch. Presumably they are including -- Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Brian Pillman and Rick McGraw [1980s prelim wrestler who died of a heart attack]. McGraw was well-known in the wrestling business as having a severe drug problem. In Bret Hart's autobiography, Bret wrote: "Every night he'd swallow a handful of Placidyls and wind up passed out face down in his dinner...The cause of his death was labelled a heart attack, but we all knew his heart had given out under deadly dosages of downers." McGraw died just days after wrestling Roddy Piper in a nationally televised match. Some less savvy fans at the time felt the match led to McGraw's death.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. badly sprained his ankle over the weekend.

A couple of interesting Tweets last night from Jim Ross and Chris Jericho. Ross tweeted regarding announcing on the PPV, "Wish King would backhand Striker. Cole directing traffic. Chamber hard 2 follow. Striker's on an adjective rush. Intervention pls." Jericho wrote, "Wow, World Champion for the sixth time. This could never happen in TNA!" This was in reponse to Eric Bischoff saying during a recent radio interview that he feels Jericho could never be a world champion in TNA.

The new backstage nickname given to Drew McIntyre is Avatar. You know, like the tribal creatures from the movie and apparently because his girlfriend controls him.

The Fox news affiliate in St. Louis has a nice piece on John Cena granting a wish to a 10-year-old girl who suffers from a rare form of Epilesy at

World-class talker Jim Cornette recalls Dave Batista when he first started in WWE developmental in Louisville a few years ago at

Cliff Compton [the former Domino] is back working in developmental.

British wrestler Jemma Palmer got her Visa application stamped and starts in FCW next month. She is best known in the UK for playing the character "Inferno" on the Gladiators television series.

Slim Jim sent out a press release today announcing themselves as official sponsors of Wrestlemania 26 and SummerSlam later this year. A new "Spicy Side" commercial featuring Edge, who now follows in the footsteps of Randy Savage, will debut on USA Network and MyNetworkTV during upcoming episodes of Raw and Smackdown.

Bret Hart posted a message on his website playing up to last week's storyline twist. He wrote: "It was really great seeing so many of the WWE wrestlers backstage in the last couple of months. I would've loved to have spent more time with many of them. I won't be at Raw in Indianapolis but it would've been great to have gone back there another great city where I've had many great matches. One of the greatest matches of my career was against Roddy Piper at WrestleMania VIII. I can think of a lot of guys that loved wrestling there. It was a good wrestling town and it would've been nice to say ''Hi' to them after all these years. It's been hard getting around with my leg but, all things considered, the weather's been really nice and, with the Olympics on, it's worth propping your leg up and getting lost in the excitement of it all. I simply don't have anything to say about Canada's loss in Olympic hockey against the feisty Americans. Canadians fight best when their backs are pressed against the wall. I still believe! Go Canada Go!"


Ric Flair's wife, Jacqueline Beems, was arrested late last night following a domestic dispute. She was charged with simple assault for using aggressive physical force. Cops responded to a disturbance call from the couple's Charlotte apartment in which Flair suffered minor injuries, but refused hospital treatment, according to the arrest report. Beems has since been released from jail. Flair told the cops that they had just returned home from dinner when Beems assaulted him. The story has already made the Charlotte Observer newspaper as well as local news and radio affiliates. Flair and Beems were married on November 11. This is not the first time that Flair and his family have had violent run-ins. He was left bloody after an alleged street fight with his daughter Ashley's boyfriend in 2008.

Mick Foley has just completed his fourth memoir, Countdown to Lockdown, which will be published later this year. Foley will be donating half the proceeds from his book to RAINN, the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network.

One of our readers writes: 'I ordered Against All Odds last Sunday on TNA Video Vault since they stopped showing the PPV's in the UK. The stream was OK but it cut out a few times causing me to miss the first six or seven minutes of the AJ vs Joe match. I was a bit annoyed since I'd had to pay for the show and didn't get to see it all so I sent TNA an email explaining what happened and asking them if they'd be improving the service in the future. I didn't really expect a reply so I was surprised when I saw an email in my inbox this morning. More than that I was really surprised and impressed when it said that since I had problems with the PPV I would be able to watch Destination X for free. Just thought I'd pass on since it's good to see any company offering such good customer service and it's always nice to hear something positive about TNA.'

Rent-A-Center announced that Hulk Hogan is their latest "power personality" to join them as a spokesperson along with former Dallas Cowboys QB Troy Aikman. Hogan is scheduled to pitch the laurels of renting when you can't afford to buy later this month.


ROH tonight on HDNet had Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. The Young Bucks in their last televised match as the Bucks; Rhett Titus vs. El Generico; Colt Cabana vs. Bobby Shields; and footage of Tyler Black's ROH title win in New York City.

Mexican wrestler Hijo del Tirantes was robbed last weekend at knife point following a flight from Apizaco back to his home in Mexico City. He was reportedly setup by a taxi driver that was taking him to his hotel. The driver stopped at a street blocks away and told him that he was being robbed as two more men entered the cab with a knife and took all of his possessions. They struck him in the face and jabbed him in the neck with the blade although he wasn’t actually stabbed. He was eventually dropped him off on a street where the police found him but he couldn’t give them any details as it was so dark he couldn’t see his attackers clearly. He eventually made it to his hotel where he was cleaned up. He said that he is very thankful to God for keeping him alive and that material things can come and go but his life is invaluable. [Thanks to Kris Zellner]

Box y Lucha in Mexico is reporting that Juventud Guerrera won his court case against AAA and Konnan. He was reportedly awarded cash compensation. Shortly after his return to AAA last year, Guerrera suffered a broken nose in a backstage fight with Konnan and Jack Evans.  The fight started after Guerrera accused Konnan of defecating in his bag, which Konnan denied, and then Evans, with whom Guerrera had had a match that night, grabbed Guerrera from behind, provoking the fight. Guerrera has not wrestled for AAA since the incident.

Leon "Vader" White is planning to form a tag team with his son Jesse in Japan this summer. Vader has dropped a lot of weight during the past several months having made some lifestyles changes and becoming a born-again Christian. Jesse played football with Oklahoma University and was touted for the NFL, but was taken out last year with a back injury. He graduates in May and spent last summer training with Harley Race at his school in Eldon, MO.

Former ECW wrestler New Jack announced in a video message that he was donating his brain after death to medical research. He said Dawn Marie contacted him recently and talked him into calling The Sports Legacy Institute who do great work examining the long-term effects of head trauma among athletes. The video is at

Paul London and Brian Kendrick will be hosting a training seminar in Burlington, NC, on Friday. For more infomation you can email to

Candice Michelle is making a appearance today at UCLA.

Today's Diva of the Day is Kelly Kelly at

Another One Bites The Dust - Terrance Ward Leaves ASWF!

----Wrestling News Center and RRO Announcer of the Year 2009 Terrance Ward becomes #4 of the ASWF to leave this year following Deadly Dale, Idol Bane, Cody Only and Tommy Wayne. [who ASWF says he released, but he says he quit] It was reported by Hollywood Jimmy yesterday and I contacted Ward about it last night.  Ward stated all he had to say was what he had on Facebook, so here goes it..

It's official. March 27th is my last night at the ASWF. Thanks to all of you who welcomed me into your families and hearts. Thanks to all of the workers of whom I have had the pleasure to work with. It's been fun and God Bless.  

----This continues a "fall" of RRO's Promotion of the Year 2008.  This group has went from drawing big numbers of 150+ to trying to draw 100.  A promotion in Newport, AR has not helped it, since that town is only a few miles away.  Some of the talent like Ray Ray jumped there and ASWF is now left with rebuilding.  As we have seen in the past with a promotion like NBW, it is sometimes better to start all over and build a promotion instead of using the same talent over and over.   

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tommy Wayne Cleared of All Charges!!

----Tommy Wayne, on 2.06.10,  was arrested on what we reported as "for allegedly soliciting nude photos of an underage girl."  Wayne, in reality, was picked up on a failure to appear warrant stemming from an old speeding ticket.  Wayne ended up paying a fine and some community work out of that charge.

----Wayne appeared in court on Friday - 2.19.10 - on charges that were filed from a father of a 13 year old that had been exchanging text messages with Wayne.  Everything that was said on the text messages was revealed to the court and nothing inappropriate was in those messages.  The court dismissed the charges and declared it "no contest." The judge told the father the only thing he could ask was that there would be a "no-contact" order - so that Wayne/his daughter could not text each other.  The father concluded that he wanted that since Wayne was older than his daughter and he did not want them talking.

----As I had stated in my original post, these things do happen.  If one person has your phone number, then 10 people have it.  Advice to workers - give your number out only to people you know and #2:  Do not talk to underage girls over text or the phone or e-mail.  Even if the messages may be totally innocent, you have fathers out there that might drag you in court, which makes you look bad even though you didn't do anything.


Picture of the Week - Two Top RRO Teams!!

----The #3 RRO Top Ten Team 2009 The "Asylum" [Psycho/Pappy] in the middle surrounded by the #5 ranked "LSD" [Deadly Dale/Cody Only/Idol Bane]. What's up with that beard that Cody is sporting?? Not sure if these guys ended up working each other this weekend, but #3 "Asylum" actually worked the #2 ranked team - "Picture Perfect" [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael] Friday night at PWA.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 2.19.10

123 attended

Kevin Dunn b Shawn Hoodrich

Kevin Jones b Psycho Medic

Slacker J & Bad Boy Dixon b Crusher Eric Hodge & Saint when Slacker J pinned Saint

ATL Jr. Champion Steven Green b USWO Jr. Champion Dyron Flynn by DQ when Flynn refused to release a sharpshooter when Green was in the ropes

Anthony Wayne b LT Falk

Rudy Switchblade & Johnny Punch b Damien Payne & Josh Crow (w/Fetish) to win the USWO Tag Team Championship when Switchblade pinned Crow

USWO Champion Nore Havoc b Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique) by countout when Daniels failed to beat the count back into the ring

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 2.19.10

-Dan Matthews/Kevin Charles beat Shawn Reed/Mike Anthony

-Dustin Starr over Austin Lane

-US Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Eric Wayne over Dustin Starr with Starr suspended from NEW indefinite after pushing referee Downtown Bruno to the mat.

Kid Nickels beat Alan Steele by DQ which resulted in a massive free fall with everyone in the dressing room coming out to pull both wrestlers apart.

-Good house tonight with 80 in attendance...Downtown Bruno was the ref...John Steele and Terrance Ward were doing commentary...Starr is done with this group...Awards ceremony next week here at 8:00 PM!!