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RassleResults: Ringside Championship Wrestling 03.05.2010 Trumann, AR

The first ever Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) show finally took place at the Trumann Recreation Complex in Trumann, AR last night. Matches were taped for future broadcast on KAIT TV-8 in Jonesboro. Results are as follows:

- RCW Title Tournament Round One Match: "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs defeated "Dynamite" Seth Knight
- RCW Title Tournament Round One Match: "Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane defeated Bishop
- RCW Title Tournament Round One Match: "P.O.B. Member" Ron Rage defeated "VH-1 Reality Star" Matt Riviera
- RCW Title Tournament Round One Match: Jon Michael Worthington defeated Cody Melton
- Main Event: Hot Topic (Derrick King & Stan Lee) defeated Midnight Gold ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony)

RassleNotes: There were 78 paid with a few dozen more in attendance as part of the security crew and guests...Ray Ray made a special appearance and was attacked during an angle after the second match. He was being interviewed by Brian Thompson when Midnight Gold jumped him from behind and ended up giving him a double flapjack face first on a stage. Stan Lee made the save with a chair and Charles "Casino Kid" Moser, who is the acting executive director of the company, declared that he would be a special enforcer at ringside during the main event to keep order...Midnight Gold jumped Hot Topic after the main and left them laying as Moser told them to leave...The first RCW TV show will air next Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1 a.m. on KAIT TV-8 in Jonesboro. The show will feature the Jacobs/Knight match...RCW returns to Trumann with Round Two of the RCW Title Tournament, featuring Christian Jacobs vs. Austin Lane and Ron Rage vs. Jon Michael Worthington on Friday, April 2...The company has also scheduled a show for the Augusta, AR National Guard Armory on Saturday, March 27...Brian Tramel was in attendance and will post an Arena Report later in the week.

Friday, March 05, 2010

The Rest of the Story: Cave City man charged with sexual indecency - Charges Still Pending On Tommy Wayne!!!

Newport, Ark. -

An interview conducted by Jackson County Sheriff's Department Investigator Ricky Morales on February 8 led to Tommy Wayne Ashcraft, of Cave City, being charged with sexual indecency with a child, a class D felony.
Ashcraft appeared in front of Newport District Judge Barbara A. Griffin and was ordered to appear in Jackson County Circuit Court on March 16. His bond was set at $10,000.

Credit: 3.04.10

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(WGN) March 4: Angelo Poffo passes away

----I would consider this man a Memphis legend.  Our thoughts go out to the family.


We are very sad to report that Angelo Poffo passed away peacefully in his sleep this morning in Sarasota, Florida. He was 84.

Angelo Poffo was the father of Lanny Poffo and Randy "Macho Man" Savage.

He had been in poor health for some time and was being cared for by his sons right up until his death.

Poffo started wrestling in 1948 as The Masked Miser. During the 70's and 80's he wrestled as "The Carpet Bagger" for Emile Dupre's Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. During his time in the Maritimes, his two sons, Randy and Lanny, were also major stars for Dupre's promotion. He also formed a heel tag team with Chris Markoff, called "The Devil's Duo" and "The Graduates."

He made a few appearances in WCW in 1995 and was inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame.

Lanny Poffo has issued the following poem as a tribute to his father.

'twas back in 1945

On Independence Day

The Nazi's had surrendered

Japan was on it's way

My Dad was in the Navy

As history will tell

As he was bleeding through the mats

A World's record fell

He did 6000 sit-ups

With an extra 33

To glorify our Savior

Who died for you and me

And Robert Ripley's feature

Celebrated this event

Giving credence to "SUCCESS


That's always been his motto

Through times both good and bad

He's a REAL Hall of Famer

And the World's Greatest Dad!

Lanny Poffo

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results WrapUp 2.13 to 2.27.10


The show opens with the announcement that Crazy Train was injured and forced to relinquish the NBW Championship, and that there would be a 15 man Battle Royal for the title.

Jeremy Moore and The Anarchy came to the ring and said tonight nobody would stop him from winning the Championship. Moore then called out DJ Stunner and said he decided to give DJ 1 more shot to be in the family. Billy Russ said he has been there for DJ and Moore doesn't care about DJ. Russ said if Stunner wanted to go back to the Anarchy then he handed DJ a kendo stick and turned his back and told DJ to hit him. Stunner was getting ready to hit him and then DJ threw up the X to a big pop. Moore was livid and said tonight DJ would face SYN 1 on 1!

Shannon Lee def. Jason Reed after interference from Big Red

Mark Justice def. Blaine Devine

Seth Knight def. Big Red after Jason Reed helped Seth

Brandon Espinosa def. Shawn Shantell

SYN vs. Stunner was thrown out after Anarchy attacked Stunner. Weezy tried to help but was cut off and then out of the crowd Biscuit jumped the rail and cleared the ring. Moore had Biscuit escorted out. Crowd was hot for this

Jeremy Moore won the NBW Championship Battle Royal after Moore rolled to the floor and was forgotten about. Knight thought he had the match won and Moore dumped him over. Moore vs. Knight was set up for the next week!

Great show around 110 in the crowd


Mickey Ray opened the show and called out Moore to make things right between them. Mickey said He now understood Moore. Ray said Sarge was scared of him and issued an open challenge.

Weezy def. Mickey Ray w/ Sarge's help

The Kid def. Shannon Lee to earn a future title shot

Syn/Suicide/Blaine Devine def. Biscuit/Stunner/Mark Justice

Jason Reed def. Big Red Post Match Red put a heavy beating on Reed

Jeremy Moore def. Seth Knight to retain the NBW Title after using the belt to hit Seth and score the pin. After the match Moore and Devine was beating on Seth until Rocker came out and called them off. Rocker said he mentored both Moore and Devine and never taught them this way. Moore said he was the champion and would do what he wanted. Rocker was checking on Seth and Moore hit Chris. Moore and Devine were beating on Rocker until Rocker and Seth made a comeback and knocked both of them out of the ring. Rocker challenged Moore and said he was a chicken, after hesitation Moore slid into the ring and caught a superkick to end the show!

Really good show again w/ around 120 in the crowd


Moore and Devine w/ Oz came to the ring saying last week Rocker stuck his nose where it didn't belong and tonight he would be taught a lesson. Rocker and Seth came out and got in the ring to confront The Anarchy. Rocker said why wait until later? Moore said he is a wrestler and will only wrestle in gear and not blue jeans like the fans are used to seeing. Rocker and the crowd chanted chicken and Moore was livid saying he wasn't a chicken. Ref's got in between the 2 teams and Moore said they will find out who is better later on!

Biscuit def. Void after Void tried to use a chain and Weezy told the Ref and Void was caught and rolled up for the 3

Weezy vs. Buckwheat ended after Void jumped Weezy and Biscuit saved. Void said next week BLS would return and teach them a lesson!

Mark Justice and The Kid def. Big red and Oz after Red was counted out by referee Rufus

Sarge def. Shannon Lee in what Sarge thought was a High Risk Title match, as it turns out Shannon said Sarge didn't read the fine print.

Moore/Devine def. Rocker/Knight after the Ref was down and Rocker hit a frogsplash on Devine and Moore used a stun gun on Rocker and got the 1,2,3! After the match Moore and Devine continued to use the Stun Gun on Rocker and Knight until Mark Justice and the Kid ran them outta the ring.

Another really good show. Crowd was around 125-130 or so

----This group is drawing better on a regular basis than most in this area.  A lot of young talent here and some of them doing double-duty at MACW...I like the idea of putting Moore as a "chicken shit - killer" [is that possible??] type heel.  I mean he has to use a stun gun to put them out, but he is not scared to do it...Book Tour 2010 will be stopping by Saturday night along with one of my favorite tag teams - "Black Label Society".  Let me just say, [without telling much], but I would like to invite everyone out Saturday night to see the "new & improved" ME!! LOL  You also may have a chance to see something that only a very few people in this area have witnessed and Austin Lane has seen it twice. LOL  That is all I am saying!!

RassleResults: MACW Dyersburg, TN 3.05.10

-Show starts with Rick the Stick in the ring addressing the MACW title.  He calls Jason Vaughn and Tim Edwards out and tells them that both will have matches tonight to see who will wrestle next week for the right to wrestle for the title. They got to pick the opponents.  Jason picks Jon Storm for Edwards.  Edwards hold for his pick.

-Tim Edwards beats Jon Storm to go to the finals of the MACW title match.

-Blaine Devine vs Seth Knight vs Jason Static – good solid triple threat match with Devine pulling the “Pez Dispenser”.  This match looked like Seth was going to pull out to win.  Out of no where Devine throws out Seth and hits the pd for the win.

-Jon Biscuit Roberts beat Brandon Espinosa.  For the second week in a row Biscuit has cheated to win.  This week saw Brandon hitting a superman punch, when he hit the punch Biscuit dropped a chain and Brandon picked it up at the wrong time.  The ref seen it and DQ    ‘ed him. After the match Gaylon Ray came out to try and talk some sense into his brother [Biscuit].

-Tim Edwards chooses Shawn Santel to wrestle Jason Vaughn.  This was one of the best for young Jason Vaughn.  A lot of high impact action with Santel really impressing the MACW crowd.  The end of the match had Jason making a comeback until Edwards hit him in the back of the head with the title belt. Santel jumped on for the 1, 2, 3. Rick The Stick then restarted the match and Jason won from a backfire from Edwards.

-Blade with Aroura beat Chris Rocker.  It looked like Rocker had this won with a superkick but had no ref after a bump. Blade ended up hitting Rocker from behind and rolled him with his tights after Aroura had pulled the ref out of the ring.

-“Rhythm and Blues” [Brian Steele/Ike Tucker] beat “Prodigies” [Dell Tucker/Rockin Randy] when Randy was caught with his loaded boot for the DQ.

----Crowd was in the 50 range…This group has a big show in April with Buff Bagwell…Not sure what the “Pez dispenser” is??...A lot of young talent here and I will have to make it out to a show soon to see some of them.

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RCW Talents on KISS FM this week

Three of the participants in the first ever Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) event in Trumann, AR will be on the air this week on 101.9 KISS FM in Jonesboro. The interviews will take place during KISS in the Morning with Brandon Baxter and Booger.

"Golden Boy" Greg Anthony was interviewed this morning and discussed his pairing with "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton as Midnight Gold, who will face Hot Topic (Derrick King & Stan Lee) on Friday night. Anthony also promised to make an "impact" at the show.

VH-1 Reality TV Star Matt Riviera will be on the show Thursday morning and "Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane will be interviewed Friday.

For more info on the RCW show, visit

Shows of the Weekend 3.05 to 3.06.10

---CLICK HERE for regular shows.  There are a lot of special shows this weekend, so I thought I would add this early.
-3.05.10 - RCW Trumann, AR - RCW DEBUT!!
-3.06.10 - NBW Newbern, TN 3.06.10

PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP TO BOOK YOUR PROMOTION FOR THE YEARBOOK TOUR!! I will announce more dates next week!! I am accepting dates up to the April 16-17th weekend. 

-Tomorrow night in Scotts Hill, TN with Kevin White, Doug Gilbert, Roaddogg Jesse James,Su Yung,  Michael Gilbert, Cody Melton and more @ the Scotts Hill High School.

-Friday night in Henderson, TN at the Carl Perkins Center with Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, KokoWare, Kevin White, Brian Christopher,Spellbinder, Su Yung,  Michael Gilbert. Albino Rhino, Maxx Corbin , Steve O, Matt Boyce and many more.

- Saturday night 700pm at the Charles Strong Recreation Center Luxora, AR with WWE and WCW former world heavyweight champion Sid Vicious returns to rule Luxora and the world. Also WWE hall of famer and memphis legend KOKO B. Ware will be there and will have state trooper Freddy B. Ware in his corner. Koko will be the tag partner of Big Daddy Lafonce Latham. also appearing will be the MCW heavyweight champion Bishop..The All-American Frankie Tucker..The East Coast Bad Boys...The Hambones...Homer Lee...V-Man....Officer Hudson..Ms Candy the new MCW ladies champ and more  tickets are 5 dollars  in advance and 7 dollars at the door.. call 6227088 or 8150711 for more information.

-Got this about Saturday's S & V show!!
..On March 6, 2010 in Memphis, Tn-we return to The Buccaneer with Oil Wrestling for first off: SINGLE HUGEST ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT SEX AND VIOLENCE AND ITS FUTURE IN MEMPHIS and the return of SnV to Memphis in mid-May plus THE Sick Bytch Championship and SnV IS PROUD TO LAUNCH THE FIRST EVER WRESTLING SCIENCE TITLE! It is the most elite and best talent in the area hand-picked by us in what WE feel is the very best pure wrestling talent in the area as longtime local and as seen on WWE and OVW Derrick King takes on "Dynamite" Seth Knight. Knight is EXTREMELY UNDERATED and COMLETELY UNDERAPPRECIATED and looking to make the biggest impact possible. SnV DVDs are distributed WORLWIDE and this match will showcase THE VERY BEST wrestling technical wrestlers that all of the local area has to offer. It is not a knock to any of the other local area talent but this was hand selected and a meaning of putting a Title on what we here at Sex and Violence feels is the very premeire talent and in a pure sense too athletes worthy of such an honor. ALSO, get this, THE MEMPHIS RETURN OF A W.E.E.D. (Wrestling's Extreme Execution Daredevils) as Motley (Garcia) Cruze and Izzy High (American Kickboxer) are slated to wrestle. Just wait and see! Kickboxer, hey hey, I LOVE this guy:
ALSO, AS ALWAYS, THE Sick Fuck Championship defended in a four-way against The BRAND NEW SnV Sick Fuck Champion of the Universe, The Big Chief vs. (former) LONGEST REIGNING CZW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION EVER and Tournament of Death 6 Winner "The Psycho Shooter" Drake Younger ALSO 2/3 of THE Naptown Dragons, SCOTTY VORTEX debuts vs. the fourth participant ECW Original Hack Myers in a 4-way Deathmatch, Fans Bring the Weapons! Must Be A Winner AND THE LOSER OF THE FALL GETS THEIR HEAD SHAVED! Winner of the fall IS THE SICK FUCK CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE as The Big Chief puts it all on the line!!! THIS SHOW IS THE SHOW NOT TO MISS, EXPECT A HUGE SnV STATE OF BUSINESS ADDRESS, MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
 ...Remember the last time CZW invaded Memphis? If you thought that was some crazy shit, well, you haven't seen a God-damn thing yet. Now either you are a fucking moron with your head up your ass or you know who Drake Younger is, just to remind you, welcome aboard to SnV "Psycho Shooter":
 ...Winner takes it all. Drake Younger was voted the TOP Deathmatch Wrestler in the world that SnV Deathmatch Dreamatch fans of Sex and Violence voted to see and on March 6th, 2010 WE WILL MAKE HISTORY!!! 

RRO Rookie of the Year 2010 Leading Candidate Revealed!!

----In a field that will probably include Dan Matthews and Kevin Charles this year, below are three photos of my favorite for the award so far - Odyo.  Odyo is the newest member of "LSD" and has attached himself to the face of Cody Only.  As you can see below, Odyo has tons of skills including a great cowboy heel look,  foreign object hiding skills and I was photographed with him [lucky me!!] demonstrating his animal friendly skills.
---"The Lighter Side of Riot” Disclaimer:. It is my attempt at presenting a “lighter side” of Riot and having fun. If you do not see the humor in it or it doesn’t even make you laugh, then click to the next story. Thank you for visiting.

Derrick King Gone From EWE!!

----DK posted the following on his account on Monday.  Apparently the building owner [JC] was unhappy with the "shoot" angle from Saturday.  This has been a back and forth battle with the owner and current EWE promoter Stan Lee.  This stuff happens when a mark [JC] tries to run a wrestling promotion!!

I was just informed that I was no longer needed in Ripley at EWE due to JC threatening to shut down the show. I had fun while it lasted.

Big Show At Minglewood!!

----I believe this show was put on my Kevin Lawler for the Memphis Business Acheivement Awards. I have no other names except Tony Myers [ref], Jerry Lawler and Scott Adams [Jethro] appearing on the show.  I was told there was a big crowd.  If anyone was there for the show, please drop me a line.  I was also told that Myers showed his ass on this show, so what the video and let me know what I mean!! LOL

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 02.27.10

The action was packed Friday Night at MCW.
Opening match was Hambones 1&2 vs Jeremy Spiker and Snuffy. The match was intense and the Hambones are really becoming aggressive. They took the win with the Hambone crusher.

Then there was Homer Lee vs Arron Estacy and Homer Lee dominated the match. Homer may be a clown at times but he knows when to forget about the circus and become aggressive in the ring.

Third Match was a Cruiser Weight Title Shot C-Money vs Ray. C-Money was defeated, man this was a surprise. Ray dominated the match and the action paid off.

Semi Main Event was Miss Candy vs Nay Nay. The fans are guessing that Miss Innocent must be tired of being defeated and decided not to show her face this week.  The was a Title Match for the Ladies Belt, Miss Candy remains the Champion. Miss Candy is making Ms. Sandra very proud.

Main event was Big Daddy LaFonce and All American vs Swat and Pokerface. We all know who took this match, the best of the best All American and Big Daddy.

This next week we will be having Friday Night at Osceola and then a Fund raiser at Luxora. Luxora's very own Koko B Ware will be there with our very own Freddy Ware in his corner. Sid Vicious and Lord Hummongous will also be there. Come out and join us Bell time in Osceola 8:15pm and Bell Time in Luxora is 7:00pm

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 2.27.10 - Ron Rage Returns To The Dogg House!!

Show starts off with the the National Anthem like it does every week, but this week JB Hayes has purchased the DCW announce booth for the entire night and Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman know nothing about it..Hayes says he is looking to expand JB Hayes Enterprises and wants to scout some talent! PokerFace's music hits and the DCW Champion comes down to the ring. He starts talking about every person in DCW he has beat and who he wants to face next, and since he has all the stroke around here it will not be JD Kerry, Southside Brawler, Mr. Pimptacular, then the Playaz music hits...Southside and Pimp come to the ring and Southside tells PokerFace to quit ducking and dodging him and to give him his shot...then Mr Pimptacular tells Southside, sorry bro you have had your chance, but I beat the champ last week and I want a shot tonite...Poker then tells Southside that he better get ready to wear a flea collar b/c tonite he has to go fight the Big Dogg, then he tells Pimp that he didnt beat him last b/c he still has the DCW title...then Ron McClarity comes to the ring! Ron says Poker I was listening to all those names you called off and man, my names was not on the list..I want a shot at the DCW Heavyweight Championship...Poker and Ron go back and forth until finally PokerFace agrees to the match tonite!

Match 1: Ross vs Cody (2 New DCW Superstars)
-match lasted about 5 minutes, both trainees of the Dogg Pound did a pretty good job in the match! Ross is a pretty good size kid and Cody is just young and green! In the end, size prevails with Ross hitting Cody with a big splash for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Ross

Then Mike Anthony comes to the ring getting ready for his opponent and the music is someone who we have not seen in DCW in a long time..OMG its Ron Rage and the crowd goes crazy!!

Match 2: Mike Anthony vs Ron Rage
-a match of the night candidate..match was really good, def good to see Ron Rage back in the DCW ring! Both guys looked as sharp as I have ever seen them in the ring..Anthony looked so crisp with his moves and Ron looked liked the veteran that he is in this business...In the end after some BIG moves by both men, Ron uses a sunset-flip in the corner to pick up the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Ron Rage

Match 3: Angelina vs DeBella
-DeBella comes out like a hell cat in a rage of fury and attacks Angelina before the bell even rings! Both divas went back and forth the entire match..These two divas looked really good in the ring together! DeBella starts to take control of the match, but PokerFace comes out and gives DeBella the Straight-Flush DDT and leaves DeBella unconscious in the ring...DCW Security has to take her to the back! Winner via DQ DeBella....

Match 4: Mr. Pimptacular vs JD Kerry
-match of the night candidate..Both guys looked amazing in the ring together! Both guys tried to one up each other with different moves and trying to go above and beyond! It was good to see Kerry back in the ring after all he has been through in the past months..Match went back and forth and neither guy could get the upper hand, but Kerry finally gets Pimp down and goes for his frog-splash, but misses and Pimp rolls Kerry up using his tights for the 1-2-3...winner via pinfall Mr Pimptacular!!

Intermission-during intermission DCW usually gives some giveaways and sings Happy Birthday to anyone in the crowd if it is their birthday..this week was Drew Dogg's birthday, son of DCW Wrestler Rick Ruby, and a cake was brought out to him and he had Happy Birthday sung to him from everyone inside the arena, then Ron Rage's music hits...Ron comes out and tells everyone that a year ago tonite, he came in year and did something he has regreted everyday since..You do things in this business you are proud of and aren't proud of, and he attacked Rick and his son last year on his birthday..Ron gets down on one knee and appologizes to Drew and tells Rick man to man he is sorry..crowd goes crazy!!

Match 5: Southside vs Rodney Mack
-match was good from start to finish..def a match of the night candidate! I have seen Rodney Mack wrestle in OVW, WWE, and ECW and I have never seen him booo'd like he is now! Match went back and forth with Mack and Southside trying to one up each other..Mack uses his mma background to try and ground Southside! Southside uses his speed and quickness to try and get things back on his side..but in the end, Rodney Mack leaves the ring and gets counted out...winner via count-out Southside!! People were really jeeering Mack tonite and he told them the whole night to piss off and SCREW THEM!

Match 6: Ron McClarity vs PokerFace w/ Angelina (DCW World Heavyweight Championship Match)
-match was down right amazing..another match of the night candidate! Thes two really showed their veteran colors tonite, putting on a 40 minute match for the DCW Fans..Poker used speed and agility to his favor and McClarity used his technical skills and his 20 year plus experience to gain the upper hand at times..Both men looked really good in the ring, but McClarity climbs to the second rope and Rodney Mack comes out to distract him while PokerFace uses the title to hit McClarity and get the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall PokerFace!!

Then Poker, Angelina, and Rodney Mack start beating on Ron McClarity..all three superstars start putting the boots to him but former 2-Time WWE Women's Champion Jazz comes out to help McClarity and hits Poker with a chair and lays out Angelina, then Poker hits Jazz and then Southside comes out to help her clear the ring...Jazz asked Rodney what in the HELL is going on with you and Rodney gets pissed that she is siding with Southside....
GREAT Show of the best top to bottom cards in DCW History! About 135 fans there tonite..Will be good to see where things go from here!!

Biggest Pop: Ron Rage
Bigget Heat: Rodney Mack

Credit: Jeff Perrryman

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Arena Report: EWE Ripley, TN 2.27.10

Christian Jacobs with EWE belt and Contract

-----Tatt2 beat Gaylon Ray in a fast real good opening bout. Tatt2 has improved to the point of putting together a match with simple psychology and just working hard to put spots in the right space. Great shine with Tatt2 doing a dive outside the ring. Tatt2 missed a dive into the corner as Ray started heat. Finish had Tatt2 hit a 619 and a flying frogsplash. Crowd was hot. [**1/2]

----"The Prodigies" [Rockin Randy/Dell Tucker] with Derrick King beat "Rhythm & Blues" [Ike Tucker/Brian Steele] with Rick Marx when Steele got pinned. Stips had the loser of the fall leaving EWE. Good solid bout. Randy/Tucker may be one of the best working tag teams in the area. Ike took the heat and did a great job. Hot tag to Steele. DK threw Randy something and I think he used on his foot for a superkicked. [I blinked and the bout was over] [**3/4]

----Rude beat Tommy Redneck with a TKO in another solid bout. Two solid workers just doing the basics and getting the fans into it. Rude gave Redneck some hard chops to the back that had us all wincing. At one point Rude attempted to TKO Redneck and then Redneck raked the refs’ eyes. He then kicked Rude below the belt as the ref was blinded. It looked like Redneck was trying to get DQ’ed by telling the ref what he did?? But, then Rude caught him up in the second TKO for the win. [**1/2]

----Jon Michael beat Cody Melton. A big interview segment at the front with Michael talking about Bishop not showing up when he was there. DK came out and they argued back and forth. Cody Melton jumped Michael and the match started. Good shine with everything just flawless with Michael. Melton started heat when Michael hit his shoulder. Heat was Melton concentrating on getting the Crippler Crossface on Michael. At the finish Melton has the hold on and DK yells to ring the bell. [Montreal variation] Commish Dustin Baker will not ring the bell. Michael gets out of the hold and rolls Melton up for the win. DK goes crazy and tells Baker to get in the ring. Michael and DK drop the f-bomb with everyone in the crowd putting over the fact this was “real”. “You are fuckin fired”, said DK and Michael left the ring while DK ended up superkicking Baker. Strong angle at the end and a solid bout. [***1/2]

-----Flash Flanagan/Tommy Jones/JR Manson beat "LSD" [Idol Bane/Cody Only/Deadly Dale] in just a wild crazy bout. It was so crazy that I had to e-mail someone about the result. The bad thing was as they were coming out, the crowd was leaving because of the DK/Michael angle with people thinking that guy was going after DK. They put on a great match with everything used and with some blood [lots from Tommy]. Fans piled back in and everyone worked their asses off. There was a DDT on the concession table, JR ended up on my book table [did I get pissed?? LOL] and I actually thought Flash had hit me with a trashcan lid for some comments I made last year about him. Jones bled like crazy. Crowd was into it. Jones won with a top rope splash after JR hit the code breaker on Deadly. This is the kind of match that is really good live [if done right and it was], but would probably suck on TV. [***3/4]

----Christian Jacobs pinned Derrick King to win 50% of EWE. It was the main event and it was the best bout on the show. A really good bout with great fire shine from CJ at the front, including a huge gorilla slam on DK. Crowd was real hot for him. Move for move – totally flawless from both guys. It reminded me a lot of last year’s Austin Lane vs DK candidate for Match of the Year. [they worked more in the ring though] Finish started with a ref bump as CJ speared Kaleb. X-Factor from DK on CJ – no ref no pin. CJ jumped from the top rope and DK caught him with a superkicked [looked great!!!] – no ref no pin. The ref was still down and Ike came out to his music and Melton also ended up out there countering Ike. CJ ended up spearing DK for the pin and win. [****]


----150+ in the arena…As said, Tatt2 has improved a lot since the last time I seen him. You can always see him doing great things, but not being able to put together a good match. He is almost there now…As usual Ike/Steele with Marx were really over with their music and entrance. The team had one of their better bouts I have seen them in and Ike [even though he has been in the business forever] seems to be improving. I was told him and DK had a real good match a few weeks back…There was a group of heel fans that gave all the babys hell. They called Marx “Porky”, cheered for DK and you could actually hear them over the cheers for CJ in the main event…This is the second EWE show in a row that I have taken an unexpected bump. While DK was going crazy on Baker [throwing a chair at him] he pushed a security guard into me and my glasses bumped for him and my neck was sore the next day. Are you suppose to go to the matches and your neck is sore afterwards? LOL Interactive EWE!!...There are those that still BELIEVE and they live in Ripley. After the Michael/Melton match some fans tried to go after DK. The bad thing is that the guy was not escorted out of the building, which just makes it “ok” for him to do it again. He even threatened to go get a gun. BTW, DK has great heat here – they HATE him!!...Stan Lee was selling an injury and not even on the show. Lee was missed in the sense you are guaranteed a good match when he works, but the show was so good, it would be hard to say he did a bad thing by missing the show…First ever CCW main event was CJ vs DK…KC Gold announced rest of the show after Dustin got superkicked and did a great job!!...Christian Jacobs has stepped it up a notch and just looks to have the most confidence he has ever had. He is in great shape and is probably one of the few guys in the area that the WWE would consider to being on their roster. He is one of those guys that deserves a “look” and I am starting to make a list of guys I want to see him work [Austin Lane, Eric Wayne, Stan Lee, Jon Michael, Alan Steele] I was there for CJ’s first match [actually I submitted for] and probably been more critical of him than anyone in this area, but he has IT now!!...Thanks everyone!! I had a great time – thanks to everyone who put over my “new” look. It was well appreciated!!

----The young fan above [looking at Yearbook 2009] is on her road to being the new editor of RRO in about 15 years.  When I ask her in front of DK if his match was five stars or 2 stars, she said, "About 2 stars.." LOL  She later told us that Brian Steele had the best match!!

"Not This Time Brother" - RRO Talks To Mickey Ray!!

----I had the chance to talk with Mickey Ray via cell phone about the situation with Danny B Goode from XOW's show yesterday morning. Ray had just turned on Goode in the bout and he planned to run in, bump a few times and leave Goode in the ring to do his end of night dance. He stated that Danny hit him very hard in the back of the head first and that was not planned. He then went on to hitting him in the back and leg with the chair. Goode swung the chair holding it by one leg and Ray ended up with a big knot on the back of his head. When I ask if it was a work, he said, "Not this time brother."

----So, all the workers and fans in the area will go in conspiracy mode with saying this is a huge work and it was not a shoot. And, honestly I thought the same thing. But, let’s go back to the lesson learned for the Bishop/Brian Christopher incident from last year. If these two guys work each other in the very near future, then it was a work. If you never see them in the ring against each other or even on the same shows with each other, then it was a shoot. Also, ask yourself – who are they working if it is not a shoot?? Wrestling News Center and RRO?? If so, then Mississippi wrestling promoters are stupider than I thought they were. In a post later today on the site, I will talk about a “shoot” angle that Jon Michael/Derrick King did on Saturday night at EWE. It was an angle and they were not working me backstage after the angle, because the guys that read this site are not going to equal money at the box office.

----And I will go on record, and I pretty much said the same thing about Brian Christopher, if you are a promoter in this area and you use Danny B Goode..well…you are stupid. Goode apparently went off on the whole crew backstage and never apologized to Ray. This business is based on getting in the ring and trusting your opponent. Even with the worst situations we have had with Eric Wayne/Greg King Jr and Syn/Jason Reed – those guys going in the ring trusted one another. And if you talked to all four of those guys right now, I can bet they would not have a problem working those same guys again. Ray would not be able to say that about Goode, because he could not trust him. Can everyone else just trust Goode and consider this an isolated incident?? I have worked with Ray on many occasions and it has always been a pleasure – one of the nicest guys in this area. I have worked with Goode once and it was a good experience also, but I have been told by many people in this area that Goode is hard to work with and doesn’t like doing a job.

----On the flip side, if it is a work, then you guys should know better. This will not benefit anyone and actually just gives Goode a bad name. I was told there were a lot of workers in the crowd and when Goode dropped the “f-bomb” a few times and such, the crowd left unhappy. There is a difference leaving the crowd unhappy [at the babyface] from angle than leaving them wanting to kill the heel [DK/Michael angle].

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 2.27.10

1st match: One Fall
X-Kaliber vs Casino
Winner: X-Kaliber via pinfall

2nd Match: Tag Team Titles
CM2 vs Dan Matthews/Kevin Charles
Winner: CM2 via pinfall

3rd Match: One Fall
Kid Nikels vs Demon X
Winner: Kid Nikels via pinfal

4th Match: Tag Team
Hot Rod/Johnny Hawk vs Bill Dundee/Wild Bill
Winner: Wild Bill/Bill Dundee

5th Match: ASWF Title Match
Eric Wayne vs Austin Lane
Winner: Austin Lane via reverse decision after chain was found in the tights of Eric Wayne.

6th Match: King of the Hill Tournament
Winner: Lee Michaels by eliminating Cody Murdock. In this two ring battle royal ASWF Rookie and Wrestling newcomer defeated over 20 wrestlers to win the six foot tall trophy. Lee is 13 weeks undefeated in the ASWF.
Credit: RRO Announcer of the Year: Terrance Ward &

Big Show Coming Up in April!!

The Straight Flush "In A Perfect Wrestling World" by Pokerface

In a Perfect Wrestling World

This week's article will not be as long as the others, but it's what I feel is the "Perfect Wrestling World". Week after week I complain about what I feel are the sins and ills of wrestling. But you may wonder, what is Poker's idea wrestling environment. Well here goes...

Local Level or Regional Level - I would first start with the promoters. The promoters would have to be full- time. Not just weekend promoters. That way 100% of their attention would be focused on the company. That way if wrestling if  was the only way they ate, a better product may be produced. The same goes for the wrestlers. Only full timers. If wrestling is the only way they ate, a better presentation of their abilities may surface. There would be only one promotion running within a 300 mile radius in any one state. Actually only one promotion per every two states. This would help prevent overexposure to any one area by different companies. Hopefully having fewer companies would help lessen the chance of shoddy workers having a job, and also lessen shitty promoters from killing towns. In today's economy, drawing at least 700 paid fans a show would be acceptable, running at least 3 shows a week. Running 3 shows a week give the boys quality down time to spend with their family, go to the gym, or workout in the ring. If the with the right sponsors, 700 paid fans a show could be somewhat profitable to the boys and the office, as long as overhead is kept low. Plus the boys would have more of a chance to make extra money selling merchandise. But shooting for more than 700 is always a must. And all the boys would have gear. No backyard attire allowed.

National and International Level -

It would be great to have 2 major promotions in the US, but no more than that, so not to risk overexposure on the television market. With two promotions the boys would always have some kind of leverage or bargaining power. Only 4 wrestling shows a week would be shown, for instance RAW- Smackdown, Nitro - Thunder. The brand split was one of the best ideas WWE has had. So if there were a second company, I would keep with that idea. There would be be two major organizations in Europe as is in the US, that would at times tour Africa, China, etc. There would be two major Japanese promotions. So I guess you could say that there would only be 6 major wrestling companies. This would guarantee that there would always be a place to make the money in wrestling.

Overall - There would be 3 major  accredited wrestling universities. They would properly train prospects. They would have to be approved by both major US companies. All the promotions would book according to logic and not bullshit. All wrestlers would be paid a minimum and would get paid according to drawing power. The status or position of the wrestlers would be based on talent and ability, not politics or who's blowing the boss(yeah I said it, so what) Last but not least, we all would wrestle for the fans, and not feel that they owe us something. Like I said, all this would be possible, in a  "Perfect Wrestling World", but we don't live in one. Until next time, keep your pimp hand strong!             

RassleResults: PWA Vanndale, AR 2.26.10

Match 1, Cody Melton vs. Kid Krazy, Disqualfication, POB interferes.

Match 2, Derrick King vs. Mickey Ray, Disqualification, POB interferes.

Match 3, Scott Fury vs. Jamie Lee, Scott Fury wins.

Match 4, Lord Humongous vs. Dylan Cook, Lord Humongous wins.

Match 5, POB, (Ron Rage, Buzzkill) vs. Danny B, Kid Krazy   Danny B, Kid Krazy wins and POB jumps them afterwards, then Mickey Ray comes out to the save but come to find out he's POB. They work over Danny B, Kid Krazy.

Derrick King calls out Jamie Jay, crying about being in the 2nd match, Jamie tells him that he has nothing to do with the matches, but Derrick thinks otherwize. He challenges Jamie but Jamie didnt commit to it. The crowd is really wanting to see Jamie wrestle.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Austin Lane featured in Newport Independent

Please check out the link below to a GREAT article featuring "Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane. It is the first of a two-part series on Lane.

Underwood takes fast "lane" to stardom

Updates on Ringside Championship Wrestling

Just wanted to post to let everyone know all the updates concerning Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) and the debut TV Taping THIS FRIDAY, March 5th.

The event will take place at the Trumann Recreation Complex in Trumann, AR. Bell time is 8 p.m. Doors open at 7.

Tickets are $12 for ringside reserved (rows 1 & 2); $10 for adult general admission and $8 for student general admission.

The line-up is as follows:

Hot Topic (Derrick King & Stan Lee) vs. Midnight Gold ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony)


- "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs vs. "Dynamite" Seth Knight
- "Human Highlight Reel" Austin Lane vs. Bishop
- P.O.B.'s Ron Rage vs. VH-1 Reality Star Matt Riviera
- Cody Melton vs. Jon Michael Worthington

Former Trumann resident Ray Ray will make a special appearance and Trumann Mayor Sheila Walters will receive the first RCW Community Leader Award.

Local promotion for the show heats up this week with advertising tonight on WWE Raw in the Jonesboro market and Thursday on TNA Impact, also in the Jonesboro market. The show will be discussed throughout the week on 101.9 KISS FM and there will be interviews with "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, Austin Lane and others Wednesday thru Friday morning. There is also a full page dedicated to the show at under the events section and the official website of RCW is

Below is an article that appeared last week in the East Arkansas News-Leader regarding the show:

Mayor Sheila Walters to be recognized

TRUMANN – A live pro wrestling event, originally scheduled for January but cancelled due to bad weather, will finally take place in Trumann on Friday, March 5, with Mayor Sheila Walters in attendance to receive an award.

Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) will hold its first event that evening at the Trumann Recreation Complex. The show will begin at 8 p.m.

Walters will receive the organization's first ever "Community Leader Award" in recognition of her work for the city.

"Mayor Walters is a great leader and someone who deserves recognition," said Steve Cherry, owner of the organization. "We are proud to honor her on March 5 in Trumann."

In addition to honoring Walters during intermission, the show will feature five matches taped for future television broadcast on KAIT TV-8 in Jonesboro. The main event of the show will pit Midnight Gold, featuring wrestling legend "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and new partner "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, against Hot Topic, Derrick King and Stan Lee. Eight other wrestlers will appear on the show in the first round of a tournament to determine the first ever RCW Heavyweight Champion. Those eight wrestlers are Austin Lane, Matt Riviera from VH-1 reality show "Megan Wants a Millionaire," Ron Rage, Seth Knight, Christian Jacobs, Jon Michael Worthington, Cody Melton and Bishop.

Ray Ray, a wrestler who is also a former Trumann resident, will make a special appearance as well.

Tickets will be sold at the door only and will be available beginning at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 5. Prices are $12 for ringside reserved seats in the first two rows around the ring. General admission tickets, rows three and beyond, are $10 for adults and $8 for students.

For more information on RCW Wrestling and the show, visit or listen to "Double B" Brandon Baxter and "Booger" on 101.9 KISS FM each morning, March 3 thru 5.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

From the Desk of Brian Tramel

----I would like to thank Ken Wayne and the crew at NEW for a great time I had Friday night at the RRO Awards Ceremony.  Thanks to all the guys that received their awards and had such nice things to say about them.  Arena Report will be posted next Sunday after the show airs on TV this coming Saturday night.

----Quick results posted below from EWE last night for "February Fallout" in Ripley, TN.  I will hopefully have an Arena Report of the show posted early this week.  Overall a really good show!! Not one bad match on the show.  A crazy wild brawl, almost a riot and just a tremendous main event.  Crowd was in the 150 range and very hot!! 

----Thanks to everyone that bought the Yearbook the first two nights!!  Thanks to all that have received them and sent in compliments about it being "the best one yet."  BTW..[shameless plug] you can buy yourself a copy by going to the right hand corner of this blog and get your book shipped PRIORITY for only one penny extra!!

Quick Results 2.27.10

-Tatt2 beat Gaylon Ray
-"The Prodigies" [Rockin Randy/Dell Tucker] beat "Rhythm & Blues" [Ike Tucker/Brian Steele] with Rick Marx
-Rude beat Tommy Redneck
-Jon Michael beat Cody Melton
-Flash Flanagan/Tommy Jones/JR Manson beat "LSD" [Idol Bane/Cody Only/Deadly Dale]
-Christian Jacobs beat Derrick King

In Case You Missed It!! Danny B Shoots??

----D-Rock had a huge report on last week's IWA TV show - 2.20.10 - over at  CLICK HERE to read it.

----Big story this morning over at has Danny B Goode shooting in an interview at XOW and apparently things "were getting a bit too heated." Rule of thumb is that when a worker says, "This is a shoot.", then it is not one.  It will be interesting to see where XOW goes with this. Here is the story...

Tonight, at the XOW show that took place in Hernando, several strange events occurred, involving Danny B.

First, before the match was getting ready to begin, Danny went off on the mic, blasting the promotion for not having the cage that was advertised and claimed they were cheating the people. Referee Chris P. Fries explained that they had a flat and could not deliver the cage in time for the match. Danny B. made some disparaging remarks to Chris P. and got right in his face, telling him, "This is a shoot!"

Later, after the end of an incredible and crazy main event, Danny B. hit Mickey Ray with several stiff chair shots and challenged any of the guys in the back that had something to say to come on down to the ring. Syn, who was watching the show in the crowd, came to check on Mickey Ray. Syn told Danny, "That's enough", but Danny kept going off on his tirade. The fans left because things were getting a bit too heated.

XOW's Tony Watts asked me if I would post his response to Danny B's strange situation that transpired Saturday night.

FEBRUARY 27, 2010

WARNING: Due to some strong language, this may not be suitable for all viewers

Tonight, at XOW we had a problem with Danny B. He shot on me. He shot on these fans. I bent over backwards for that man and he shit on me. I'm not playing that game. I'm sorry that the cage could not get here, tonight, but due to financial reasons we could not get the cage here.

I have sweat, bled and cried for this company. Me and my son sets this ring up to give these guys a place to work. If they disrespect me like Danny B. did tonight, they will not be working on a XOW show.

Appreciate everyone that's been with XOW from day one. I'm sorry I can't have everyone that I would like. I'm taking a couple months off and XOW will come back, bigger and better than ever!

These fans are the ones that paid their hard earned money to come watch the show and I'll be damned if anyone is going to shit on them!

More to come, later. I've got a lot on my mind.

Full reports and pictures from Saturday's IWA and XOW shows to be posted in the next couple days. Great day of wrestling that was lots of fun despite the bizarre way the night ended.

Story By D-Rock 

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 2.20.10

Keylo Green defeated BlackJack

Buzz Harley defeated Chazz Stone

JR Mauler defeated Rajah w/Smooth by count out

JR Mauler defeated Chrome w/Smooth by DQ when Robert Devine, Rajah, & Smooth interfered & beat JR down

"Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant & Hammerjack defeated Bonecrusher & Brody Hawk

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: PWE Vanndale, AR 2.19.10

Christian Jacobs in the ring with Psycho

Match 1, Johnny Morton vs. Jamie Lee Johnny Morton wins.
Match 2, Lord Humongous vs. Dylan Cook, Lord Humonous wins.
Match 3, Scott Fury vs. Mickey Ray
Mickey Ray wins.
Match 4, The "Asylum" [Psycho/Pappy] vs. "Picture Perfect" [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael]
Picture Perfect wins.
Match 5, POB (Ron Rage, Buzzkill) vs. Danny B, Kid Krazy
POB wins.

All good matches!

Don Bass, Jim Casey, came and watched the show. Jerry Loveless (The Interns, The Medics) also there to see the show.