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Shows for the Weekend 3.12 to 3.13.10

----CLICK HERE for regular shows.  Big CWA show in Selmer, TN this weekend with Reckage & Romance (Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett vs. Don Bass & Koko B. Ware in the main event. Benefit for Honest John in Selmer, TN Bell Time 7 PM.  No Book Tour this weekend.

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 3.06.10

Show starts off as usual with the playing of the National Anthem..Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcomes everyone to the DCW Arena, then PokerFace music hits and it is time for the Poker Face Showcase..He comes out and tells everyone that he has all the stroke around here and is going to decide who gets a shot at his title next but it wont be: JD Kerry, Ron McClarity, Southside Brawler, or Pimptacular..then the Natural Born Playaz music hits! Southside and Pimp come out and Southside tells Poker quit ducking and dodging me...GIVE ME MY TITLE SHOT! Southside says he is the #1 contender and wants his shot, but Mr Pimptacualr says brother I am the #1 Contender...Poker says he can solve his, and that Southside and Mr Pimptacular will face each other tonite to see who is the #1 Contender, then Soul Train Jones' music hits..but is calling himself Sweet Daddy Jones and comes out in one of the GREATEST outfits I have ever seen..STYLIN and PROFILIN as always! He tells Poker, he wants a shot tonite and Poker agrees...

Match 1: Cody vs Ron McClarity
-Ron really showed this rookie why he is one of the best veteran wrestlers in this part of the country..Really showed the kid how to wrestle from a technical stand-point and on a psychological the end Ron McClarity uses some mma submissions and wins via armbar...winner via submission Ron McClarity!

Match 2: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs Ron Rage
-Tejano comes to the ring looking for his opponent, but since he wasnt here last week, he does not know that Ron "by God" Rage is back in DCW...Ron's music hits and the crowd goes crazy!! Match was amazing from start to finish..really good work in the ring from both guys and the match had the fans chanting USA and Go Ron Go the entire match..Man these fans hate Tejano and is one of the most OVER heels in this area or part of the the end Ron goes for pin and Dominique comes in to hit Ron Rage but ref Tim Daniels calls for a DQ..Ron grabs Dominique but she rolls out of the ring with Tejano..Ron tells Tejano that next week, he should bring his so called "woman" back for a little mixed tag action...Rage says me and my woman vs you and your woman....winner of the match via DQ Ron Rage!!

JB Hayes music hits but it is music we have heard before...JB comes out and says to the DCW Fans, he has made the greatest free-agent pick up in wrestling history for his company, JB Hayes Inc...then Rodney Mack's music hits...and the DCW Arena is shocked and start booing the Redd Dogg! Rodney looks at JB and says you are pretty happy and excited huh and JB says yes sir I am..then Rodney hits JB in the head with the microphone! He then proceeds to beat JB Hayes within an inch of his life and leaves him laying over in a corner of the DCW Arena and Rodney tells the fans that no one controls this Dogg and he is sick of everything...He says that the people of Jonesboro have turns their back on him and he says he hates Jonesboro and Arkansas...then JD Kerry comes out and the crowd goes crazy!! Kerry asks Rodney what has been going on with him lately and Rodney tells Kerry to keep him and his business out of his mouth..Quit disrespecting me says Rodney and Kerry tells Rodney that he has nothing but respect for him, then Rodney slaps Kerry and starts beating on him..

Match 3: JD Kerry vs Rodney Mack
-match was amazing and match of the night fast roller-coster from beginning to end! These two are amazing in the ring together and shows how great Kerry is becoming and how great Mack is..Rodney is one of the best technical wrestlers I have ever seen in the ring, and I have seen them all wrestle! One of the scary things is Kerry is really technical too and at only 16 years old..these two wrestle to the outside and both get counted out..a No-Contest via double-countout!! No words can describe the moves these two did for about 8 minutes before they went to the outside...Def should have been on Impact or Raw, would have boosted both ratings...

Match 4: Mr. Pimptacular vs Southside (for the #1 Contender Spot for the DCW Title) -match was really good, and another match of the nite candidate...It is amazing how traveling up and down the road together, being really good friends, and wrestling as long as these two have and how they anticipated every move each other did..Great Chemistry in the ring together! Match goes back and forth...but it looks like Southside is about to when but while the referee is down, Rodney Mack comes out and spears Southside...Pimp rolls him up for the 1-2-3! Winner via pinfall Mr Pimptacular...thanks to Rodney Mack..then tells Southside its just business like he stated earlier but tells Southside that he is sick of people getting involved in their matches so he wants to challenge Poker and Mack to a tag team match next week against the NBP...

Match 5: Sweet Daddy Jones vs PokerFace for the DCW World Heavyweight Title -great match! Poker is amazing in the ring and always has been and Soul Train aka Sweet Daddy Jones is good as well..both men's styles complimented each other well! Poker is more technical and speed oriented and Sweet Daddy is more focused on power and acceleration moves...match went for about 15 to 20 minutes and was exciting the entire way...but in the end Rodney Mack comes out when the referee's back was turned and spears Sweet Daddy Jones..Poker rolls him up for the 1-2-3! Winner and still DCW Champion PokerFace....
Crowd was great considering there was a Monster Truck show at the Convo..crowd was about 150! Def a good crowd from top to bottom and some great is amazing to see Rodney Mack as a heel and is good to see him back as one.

Biggest Pop: Ron Rage
Best Heat: Rodney Mack

Credit: Jeff Perryman

RassleResults: MACW Dyersburg, TN 3.12.10 - New MACW Champion!! Rude Debuts!!

-Show starts with Rick the Stick bringing out the “Prodiges” [Dell Tucker/Rockin Randy]. They say they do not want to defend their MACW titles, so they are set up to wrestle single matches against “Rhythm & Blues” [Ike Tucker/Brian Steele].

-Jon Storm beat Wyked with the “Storm warning” [powerbomb facebuster].

-Ike Tucker beat Rockin Randy with a Sidewalk slam.

-Dell Tucker beat Brian Steele when Rockin Randy hit Steele with brass knuckles.

-Jon “Biscuit” Roberts beat Brandon Espinosa

-Blaine Devine beat Jystin Static with the Pez dispenser [front flip neckbreaker]

-Jason Vaughn beat Tim Edwards to win the MACW Title. After the match Rude jumped him from behind.

-50+ in the building…Show is slowly building…Rude told everyone he was not going to let a young punk be champion. He was a big surprise to everyone.

Arena Report: NBW Newbern, TN 3.06.10

----Book Tour 2010 stopped in Newbern, TN Saturday night.  After spending the day in Dyersburg to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D, we headed to NBW and we ran out of gas!!  Thanks to Jeff McDonald for the help!!  Thanks to all the workers that just drove by and seen me standing out there – the cops were there and they were all scared. LOL  Oh yeah, can I tell you how tired I was from hearing, “You know you have to put gas in those for them to work; right?”  Bastards!!!

---- Mark Justice/Kid with Mad Money Mike beat “High Society” [Blaine Devine/Oz] Fun opening bout.  Crowd was into it.  Oz had a bra on to protect him from chops from Justice. Yes, I am serious.  It got over and it was pretty funny.  I think he would need an iron protective vest though to stop those chops.  They actually did double heat, which was smart.  Kid/Justice went over after a hot tag. [**1/2]

----I always feel weird about writing about an angle I was involved in.  I do these things though to get the book over and hopefully people will buy it.  I did a deal with Jeremy Moore/Devine where Moore tore up my book and I actually challenged him for a title shot.  I know..I know..sounds absolutely far fetched and it was all designed for me to manage Shawn Reed later in the show.  The crowd actually hates Moore so much that I was able to get over the fact that I am over the hill former wrestler [storyline guys!!] that would not really have a chance, but with the fans behind him I could be the new NBW champion.  The crowd popped big for it. [surprised me too..LOL]  Then, Reed came out and said he would take the title shot.  Jeff McDonald was also out there trying to strip Moore of the belt, but I am not sure what that was about. [Actually Reed was not suppose to come out until when I came out later for the match and I was going to say, “The contract read I could substitute anyone I wanted in my place if I was sick and since my doctor just called and said I had diarrhea, then I have a substitute”  But, Jeremy was not clear about when Shawn was suppose to come out, so he came out in the middle of the angle!!  Shawn covered it up good and we had a good time in the ring.]

----Shannon Lee by reversal over Jason Reed to retain NBW High Risk Title.  Nothing great and nothing really wrong with the bout.  Reed still gets a decent pop.  Both guys worked hard.  [**]

----“Black Label Society” [Void/Robbie Douglas] beat J-Weezy/Jon “Biscuit” Robert in best bout on the show.  BLS came out and just turned heel putting down everyone.  Solid work from all four guys.  Double heat.  Douglas used the spinebuster for the win. [***]

----Jeremy Moore with Blaine Devine beat Shawn Reed with Coach BT [that is] to retain the NBW Title. Just probably a hair below the tag match, but it was also short.  Basic match with the finish having Reed go for a piledriver, then Oz coming out.  I pulled Oz off the apron while Blaine gave Moore a chain to use on Reed.  I got to chop Devine after the bout. [***]

----Sarge O’Reilly with Billy Russ vs Mickey Ray – no contest.  A big angle that was not really a match.  It started and then Russ jumped in with a kendo stick hitting Ray.  [he was a baby]  Sarge ended up turning heel on Russ with Ray.  They beat the hell out of Russ [photo above] and he bladed.  It ended up with McDonald stripping them of the tag belts and the babys running them out of the ring.  Crowd was super hot for this and started throwing trash in on Sarge/Mickey.  Great angle!! 


----120+ in the building.  It was loud and everyone was over…Devine is still green but looks like a wrestler.  Tan, tights, boots and in shape.  He is already better than Kid and Kid has been doing this for a while…Void is just a solid worker that gets it.  The scary thing about Douglas is that he works very little, but usually out works everyone on a show.  I hate it that you can’t make a living in wrestling in this area – Douglas would be a freakin star!!... Reed is THE most underrated in this area.  So solid – just flawless. Thanks to him for driving in to do the angle and match…Moore has improved tons!!  His body is starting to actually look like a wrestler and his work is solid.  Mic work was good also.  During his spill to me, he mentioned he was going to beat me up in front of my kids.  Very nice touch...Reed had to do the finish twice, because Oz did not come out in time.  Even after the mess ups, I did have a good time – thanks to Moore/Devine/Oz/Reed…Not sure what they are doing with the Russ/Ray/Sarge thing, but it might be Russ bringing in people to fight FOP – ala Hart bringing in opponents for Lawler but in reverse. LOL  It was a hot angle though.  The promotion has two really good heel groups that are over now.  They need strong babys!!...Good show overall and the crew keeps it interesting.  They have all the workers over and fans care about them….Thanks to everyone again – I had a great time!!   

Wrestling Shorts: John Cena with Downtown Bruno

John Cena is a fantastic guy. Period. Ok, I will elaborate or this would be a very short boring column; huh?? Ladies and gentlemen, I know I’ve been accused of toeing the company line and going out of my way to NOT be controversial, but hey – the truth is the truth. John Cena is a super guy from A to Z. He looks great, he is highly intelligent, he is well-spoken, his in ring performance is great. Yes!! GREAT!! And he is box office - PERIOD!!

Those of you who disagree with me about his in-ring abilities are either A: Jealous, B: not knowledgeable or C: full of shit. You can’t consistently be in the main event and sell umpteen million dollars worth of tickets, pay per view buys and huge amounts of merchandise if you are not good at what you do. The match is the thing and if you can’t wrestle, then you can’t draw. Screw all of what you might think you know. All the flipping and diving and Japanese bullshit. It doesn’t mean anything.

Who drew more money than Hulk Hogan?? I will tell you right now – NOBODY!! Hogan is, was and will always be the Elvis Presley of our business and NOBODY is in second place. The Rock – not enough longevity. Austin?? If he was still the ring – yes definitely. Cena?? On his way. He is the Avatar to Hulk’s Titanic. Think about that one.

----“Downtown” Bruno Lauer is a legend in Memphis Wrestling. He is two time RRO Referee of the year. He can be seen every Friday night working for NEW in West Memphis, AR. He appears bi-weekly with his non controversial column. Lauer had his biography published last year “Wrestling with The Truth” and can be purchased at Lauer is also currently employed by the WWE.

The Golden Circle: "The Power of the Internet" by Greg Anthony

----I sent Greg a note when I got this edition and said to the extent, "Are you putting me over or insulting me here?" LOL He brings up some good points. I think the reason my opinion has gotten so much merit is because of the same reason Greg says - he respects what I say, but does not always agree with me. I pride myself on having an unique view of the business - I still love the business as a fan, but I also know how stuff should be done. Overall I am going to praise someone I like [duh] over someone I don't like - but it is never based on "friendship" - it is based on what I consider their worth to the product. I also am able to see things that others in this area seem to not be able to do - I see the mistakes I made in the past and try to help people that do the same stupid stuff. And, btw, after reading this I got a good laugh out of the "what it feels like to lock up with that individual", which is 100% true. I laugh because even though TGB is one of my most respected guys by his peers in this area, they always say to me, "He wants to call the whole match.." LOL But, on the other hand, the only good match I ever had in my life was a match TGB called for me.

I am amazed at how much the internet has influenced the world. I'm part of a generation that will be able to tell our kids about a time before the internet. It has changed the way we interact, converse and live. Its changed the way every business functions, even wrestling, hell.. especially wrestling. The changes have been both positive and negative. No matter which side of the fence you are on, you cannot deny the power of the internet.

Before anyone can point out the irony of me writing an article about the power on the internet while on the internet, let me say I am aware. Thank you, smartasses. But since you've got the ball rolling lets use rasslinriot itself as an example. The owner/operator of this site, Brian Tramel, is a friend of mine. He gave me one of my first bookings away from the federation that gave us our break. Since then we become close friends.

Now I respect BT's opinion because he's a friend not because he owns a website. You might be surprised how many people out there are determining their value based on his opinion. Now just because we're friends doesn't mean I agree with him 100%. We've disagreed about workers, matches, finishes and just wrestling in general. The power of the internet has defiantly took his opinion's worth to another level.

The one thing that is that BT can rave about a particular worker but he doesn't know what it feels like to lock up with that individual. Someone that he likes may be, as we say, "Like Pulling Teeth". BT loves wrestling creatively and sometimes will give his thoughts on maybe how the booking should have been handled. What BT isn't , is in that locker room and aware the deciding factor of that booking decision.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't pin your hopes and dreams on a website's opinion. Not this one or any other. Rather find several close friends in the business that you know, they know what they are talking about and they'll be honest with you and themselves. BT has praised me and openly disagreed with me in this forum. I've argued with his disagreements, and even some of his praises(although not publicity), LOL. I don't take it personally, because its not personal. Its business and I've been a person that encouraged him to voice his opinion. What kind of hypocrite would I be if I told him to voice his opinion as long as it wasn't negative against me? What I'll tell anyone about critique or praise is consider the source.

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 3.05.10

Friday  night was action packed. The opening match was Jeremy Spiker  and Ray. Ray, the oldest wrestler in the match and obviously wiser, dominated the entire match. Jeremy missed a Sunset flip and Ray took the pin.

Next was a great match and entertaining too. Pimp and Southside vs VMan and Officer Hudson, the winner of this match get a tag team title shot.  Rashard was of course in the corner of VMAN and Officer Hudson, these men have demonstrated great skill and have made themselves a name in this area. The match was tough and power, Rashard was cheating every chance he could get by choking Pimp and Southside with a tie. VMan choked slammed both Pimp and Southside at one point, however when it was all over, Southside placed Rashard in a submission hold and Southside and Pimp take the win as Rashard tapped out. VMan and Officer Hudson were not happy campers.
Third match was Homer Lee and Frankie Tucker vs Hambones 1 &2. Frankie and Homer dominate the match and are getting ready for the pin when in runs the all dreaded Pokerface and jumps on Frankie Tucker. Frankie and Homer Lee take the win by DQ.  This sets the tone and mood for the Main Event between Frankie Tucker and Pokerface and the winner gets a Heavy Weight title shot.

4th match is a Ladies match, Ms. Candy and Nay Nay. The match shows talent for both Ms. Candy and Nay Nay however real talent can never been proven when Rashard is in the picture because during the match, Rashard and Ms. Innocent comes out and Miss Innocent is in a neck brace claiming to be hurt, however she manages to interfere in the match and Nay Nay gets a DQ. Miss Innocent must not be really bright because she keeps interferring knowing that Ms. Candy has beat her at every trick in the book. You think that she would finally learn but we all know what they say about blondes and the description fits her very well. Because of the interference, there will be a rematch between Ms. Candy and Ms Innocent on Saturday Night in Luxora!

Main Event of the evening:  All American Frankie Tucker vs Pokerface. The match was great, both opponents were fighting with all there might. Both of these guys are really after the Heavy Weight belt. Frankie was lighting Pokerface up and of course Pokerface and Rashard was both trying to outsmart someone.  However, the joke ended up on Pokerface tonight. Frankie T had Pokerface beat down and was making the pin but decided that he would hold Pokerface on top and allow Pokerface to pin him to see just what would happen in a heavyweight title shot between best friends, Pokerface vs Bishop. Poker was not happy, but the ref called it right down the middle.

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cheap Heat- Tuesday Morning Quarterback by Gene Jackson


So I know this site is supposed to be mostly about local wrestling but I really don't get to see much of it so here's another column giving my take on the "new and unimproved" Monday Night Wars....with maybe a little local relevance thrown in at the end...

It's simply amazing how quickly TNA is falling right into being WCW Monday Nitro Version 2.0. It's like they are booking from Hogan/Bischoff's exact old playbook from before....minus the successful portion of Nitro's run.

First off.....WAY TOO MUCH BISCHOFF on Impact.....seriously I don't think he was on Nitro this much....I for one wasn't offended by the Sting heel turn although history has shown us TIME AND TIME AGAIN....this NEVER works. I don't even have a problem with the way they debuted RVD...even with the beatdown, he got a win over Sting....a meaningless win...but a win none the less.

Poor Hogan and Flair look awful out Trent Van Drisse said over on his board it was just sad to see them out there.....neither has any business actually wrestling these days....Hogan playing the general manager or whatever you call it these days is fine but PLEASE DON'T WRESTLE! It pisses me off to no end to see Flair in the ring wrestling.....the man got the greatest retirement send off in pro wrestling history....and his pisses it away cause he can't go six months without being's just sad. That's about all I can say on that.

Either Scott Hall is one of the great actors of our time or he was once again living up to his reputation coming out shit-housed on live national television.....I was one of the Outsider's biggest fans back in the day but I really don't care to see either Hall or Nash on tv at this point.....and what the hell is Eric Young thinking with that haircut....he looks like a freakin' waterhead retard....seriously....stick him in a wheelchair and he'd be Timmy from South Park.

Now...from what I gathered they were supposedly trying to get me to pay money to watch Kurt Angle wrestle Mr. at Destination X....and perhaps I would have after Anderson referred to the military guys at ringside with Angle as a "bunch of high school dropouts" (I laughed out loud at heat at it's finest) they then procede to have Angle completely beat the hell out of Anderson and leave him for dead in the ring.....what the hell else could Angle possibly do to him at the PPV?? Or am I supposed to be paying to see the heel get his revenge?? More idiotic booking.....IMHO.

So...that's my summary of Impact.

Now over to Raw.....Everyone knows I'm a huge mark for HBK (dammit, forgot to go get that new DVD today) I have no problem with the opening segment. People knock Vince saying he's as guilty as TNA for "pushing the old guys" but these two "old guys" can both work circles around 90% of the TNA locker it's cool.

I'm sorry but I was also a big fan of Bret Hart especially in the Attitude Era.....I think the whole Bret being heel in America but still a face in Canada was brilliant and it really shined a light on how wrestling and society in general was changing in the late 90's......he stayed the same and became a heel for it....while bad guys like Austin and DX got cheered for their "evil" ways..... So even though much like Flair and Hogan...Bret and Vince should be NO WHERE near a ring wrestling...I still wanna see the match at Wrestlemania because it's the payoff to what will always be one of wrestling's most talked about and legendary rivalries....and let's face it....until just recently....NO ONE EVER thought they'd see many more of those moments are left in wrestling?

As for the rest of the show....really not a lot stood out......I freakin' HATE Sheamus.....seriously...I just can't stand him....which I guess is good right.....I really don't care about the inner turmoil of the "Legacy"........I think John Cena week in and week out proves why he's wrestling's top him or hate him the man has a tremendous presence and always delivers on the mic.....putting over the most ridiculous scenarios at times with a delivery that really makes you believe what he's saying.....I'm actually looking forward to his match with Batista at Mania which is saying something cause I can't stand Batista.

I'm glad they actually did something to somewhat legitimize Morrison and Killings getting a match for the tag titles at WrestleMania....I was annoyed yet another makeshift team would be getting the shot but the match may actually be quite good and hell it's not like the tag titles have gotten ANY focus at WrestleMania in recent what can it hurt?

I actually checked out NXT and I have to say it's really not a bad concept at all....they may really be on to something.....some of it's annoying but it's a good way to bring in fresh talent and intermingle them with the "superstars" far it's been better than the shitty ECW brand for the past few years...

So in summary....I will be keeping my streak of ordering Wrestlemania every year alive as I have to see HBK/ well seeing Vince/Bret's historic showdown......I will NOT be ordering Destination X keeping my streak of having never ordered a TNA pay per view.

A couple of people have emailed me about bringing back Cheap Heat Radio and it's something I really wanna do......I'm trying to look at my work schedule and see when I could fit it in.......however if I'm gonna do it...I need some thing that's kept me from doing one recently is ONE: I don't have anything off the top of my head to talk about..... TWO: I have no interest in going back to doing the just straight up interviews.....there's just too many other places people can hear that stuff and a lot of it's rehashed anyway.... I would however like to have some more roundtable shows discussing local wrestling, national wrestling, old school wrestling, wrestling philosophies, and the if you have a topic you'd like to hear discussed or if your a wrestler, promoter, manager, fan, or whatever and have a topic you'd like to come on CHR and me at or go on myspace at

Also....another note....hopefully I will be back in the ring again this Friday night for All Pro Wrestling in Cullman, Alabama just down the road from where I live....I say hopefully cause I've been trying to get Kenny Valiant's number for an f'n month from various people and no one will give it to me....I swear I'd have an easier time calling Vince McMahon or if anyone reading this knows how to contact him before Friday....please email his number....or email me and I can give you mine to give to him......thanks....

until next time......


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Arena Report: RCW Debut Trumann, AR 3.05.10

----All these matches were taped for TV. The first four bouts were for the RCW Title Tournament.

----Christian Jacobs beat Seth Knight. A good match with lots of shine from Jacobs. Crowd did not know what to expect from these two and then they got into it. Both of them look and worked like wrestlers. Jacobs hit a spear for DKO. [smart stuff] CJ ended it with sharpshooter for the win. [***]

----Austin Lane beat Bishop. Another good bout. Bishop deserved the Most Improved award. This guy is a monster!! Lane made it just easy for Bishop selling all his big moves into a solid match. Lane ended up pinning Bishop from a roll up when Bishop tried a powerbomb. [***]

----Angle with Ray Ray being introduced to the crowd. “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] jumped him giving him a double flapjack face first on a stage that looked real good. Stan Lee made the save. I am not sure where that angle is going?? I look for Ray to be at the next Trumann show.

----Ron Rage beat Matt Rivera in another good match. Rivera is such a great heel and very entertaining. Rage came off very good just taking a babyface beating, coming back and winning with his finisher. [**3/4]

----Jon Michael Worthington beat Cody Melton. Not a great bout, not anything horrible. Just pretty much putting over Michael as a heel in the gimmick he uses in the Nashville area. This was close to the bout that was at EWE, but I actually thought the EWE bout was better. Melton did a flying headbutt. Michael used his finisher for the win. [**1/2]

----“Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] beat “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony]. Solid bout – how could it be bad?? Heat on Lee. DK pins Eaton after the hot tag. Gold beat up Topic after the bout and leave them. Charles "Casino Kid" Moser makes them leave. [***]


----78 paid and I would say 100+ in the building…”Precious” Paul Justice was in attendance. Paul was part of the original “Riot Squad” team and area worker Mark Justice got his birth right from him. Justice was a former owner of the now defunct Chaotic Championship Wrestling…CJ is “on” – he needs a LOOK!!...The Ray angle was the only interview type segment they did and the show ran so smooth without a bunch of people trying to get over with the mic. You don’t have to do that when you can actually wrestle…Tim Simon, TJ and Kaleb were all refs. Simon is a little “over the top” for me, but a good ref. [if you have read the site for a long time – you know I like the ref to not be seen]. TJ worked only one bout, but did well. Kaleb is turning into one of the top three refs in the area…I thought Charles "Casino Kid" Moser did a great job as an enforcer type. He is always good on the mic and I like the idea of introducing him under his shoot name – it makes him seem legit. I am not a fan of the Kid name anyway… Round Two of the RCW Title Tournament, featuring Christian Jacobs vs. Austin Lane and Ron Rage vs. Jon Michael Worthington on Friday, April 2. And that could be real fun. We got a dream match there with Lane vs Jacobs and it could end up with Lane vs Michael or Jacobs vs Michael in a dream match final. The latter had a [****] match last year. I am not sure what direction they are going in for the title, but I have been told some stuff for Rage. So, I don’t look for him making the finals…I thought Brandon Baxter mentioned on the radio he was going to be at this show??... I mentioned CCW earlier, but this really did have a CCW flavor. Christian Jacobs [first CCW champion], Seth Knight/TGB [first CCW tag team champions], Derrick King [worked the first CCW show vs CJ], Stan Lee, Jon Michael, Ron Rage and Brian Thompson all worked for CCW…Thanks to everyone – I had a great time!!

My World - MAXXED OUT!! "Movie Casting" by Maxx Corbin

----Maxx comes to us with his monthly column that actually should have ran last month, but between being busy and just not having any lucky with this column, it becomes a column for March. Maxx sent this with all the photos attached and with Blogger having a new editor [I am not real familiar with it]and photos being 3 or 4 different sizes, I just could not get it to work with the photos. Instead of trashing it [because I thought it was funny], I have done a bit of editing [that is why I am the editor of the] and have posted it. I think everyone that follows wrestling in this area will know who the wrestlers are that he is talking about and almost all the actors [click Nitro to get his pic] he replaces them with.

There is something like 6 trillion people in the world. So what are the chances that there is someone that looks like somebody else? I’d say there is a pretty good chance. Well, while watching American Gladiators last night I thought,”What if someone were to make a movie about some of the local wrestlers? How would play some of the guys in this area? Who looks the part?” So, that’s when I decided to write BT’s 7th rated column about movie castings. This is not intended to be a slam at anyone by the way. I’ll even poke fun at myself at the end. Also, some of these are givens. If you look similar to someone else it’s probably been mentioned in the locker room. So, in the words of Fergie, Will I Am, and that other dude from Black Eye Peas, let’s get it started.

Let’s start out with the inspiration of this column. The guy I saw on Gladiators that made me think about this and my fellow Hazelnut (sister hazel fan) Dustin Starr.

In my movie Dustin Star is played by Nitro from American Gladiators. Come on, they could pass as brothers. Of course Nitro looks a lot different back then than he does now. Don’t believe me look him up…yikes. But in his prime he shared some features with Dustin. So, Nitro in his prime gets to play 5 Starr.

One that is a given and that everyone knows is the Baron/ Vampire…lol. I’m not even gonna drag this one out. The celebrity look a like that plays Mr. Ring is none other than Billy Idol.

I was not the first to discover this. I think this is well known. I know there was a bunch of us at EWE that used to sing white wedding around him. I think the pictures say it all though. Never has someone been so perfect for a part since Patrick Stewart played Professor X. So, Billy Idol is the man that plays The Baron.

One guy, who I haven’t seen in a while and would like to hang out with again sometime down the road is Reno Diamond. One of the nicest guys in the biz and sometimes I think he gets overlooked at how talented he is. When I first met him though, I thought he looked a lot like then and still looks like the guy who plays him in my movie.

That’s right, Nelly. It’s more of a cross between Nelly and another actor, but I couldn’t figure out whom. To know how my mind works is to know that it wonders (my columns are proof of this). So, the first few times I was around him I thought of Nelly, from there I thought about Nelly songs, and before you know it Country Grammar is blaring in my heard…lol.

Another type cast (or copycat) is the guy who will play Derrick King. I think everyone knows where I’m going here. Yeah, it’s Sisqo. I guess you could throw Shelton in there now too. But I remember that was Derrick’s thing first. I remember I was a freshman in high school when the thong song came out and at first glance I thought why is Kel (from Kenon and Kel) stealing Derrick’s style? I know he must have really got tired of people making that connection, I know I would a little. I always wondered if he got autograph seekers out of it though.

The Albino Rhino will be played by King Kong Bundy…No questions asked here. In fact the first wrestling promoter that saw Myles wanted him to come in as his son. If Later on, when Myles had a Mohawk he would have been played by One Man Gang. But I think Bundy is the guy in this movie.

Now my next role choice might see some disagree with me. I think it’s because a lot of people still see him with long hair. But ever since he cut his hair there is only 1 person who could play Chris O’Neal….That’s right…..Al Gore. I have told Chris since he got his hair cut that he looked like a tv weather man or Al Gore. In fact when we would trade fun verbal put downs I would normally say something about his obsession with global warming. I will say that that Chris could play a young Al Gore better than Al Gore could play O’Neal, though. Plus, I don’t know if Gore’s Pele’ kick would be up to par either.

Christian Jacobs is played by Lance Cade! Trust me they look a lot alike.

I have told TGB this many times. I don’t know what it is that reminds me of his actor, but something is there. Maybe it’s the beard or the long hair(at one time) but the guy that plays Greg Anthony in my movie is….Kevin Smith. Smith would have to drop some ponds for the role and lighten the color of his hair a bit to pull off the role though.

Last but not least is good old Maxx Corbin himself. I could take the cheap way out and say that it should be George Clooney or Steve Austin, but I like to think of myself as an honest guy. So, if I was to have a role in the movie it would be played by one of 2 guys.

That’s right, Buh Buh Ray Dudley or Drew Carey. If Boss Man was still with us he could have done it too. Drew would have to grow a goatee. Drew could play me out of the ring and Buh Buh inside. That may be the best way to describe me anyways. I’m a guy who likes to laugh behind the scenes. Plus I used to get it a lot when the show was on. It was only cause I was chunky and wore glasses. But I accepted Anyways, this is my cast. I may do more later on and if I missed any send me an email @ ( and let me know who you think should play who. If it’s decently accurate I’ll add it next time. I figured I’d do something fun since my literary contributions will never be that of TGB or Pokerface….lol….I’m being serious though. Till the next time we meet remember, My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!

----Born Richard Mullikin, Maxx Corbin is a 7 year pro in wrestling and provides RRO with a monthly column. While growing up in Bemis,TN as a kid, he had no cable and lived week to week on the wrestling tapes he got from family and friends. He likes to think he has a great since of humor and makes light of tense situations. This is why he no longer works at the local hospital. He enjoys playing video games, stand up comedy, and music that very few have a taste for. He won an award in his middle school technology class for building a small bridge out of hobby wood. The bridge held 55lbs. He graduated from his high school with a 3.4 gpa. He was super bad ass at WCW vs NWO World Tour on N64(usually taking out opponents during Jerry Springer commercial breaks).

IWA TV Reports - 2.27.10 and 3.06.10

----There are a couple of huge reports on IWA TV posted by D-Rock on www.wrestlingnewscenter. I plan to do a report in the next few weeks on the ratings since the return.

-CLICK HERE for 2.27.10

-CLICK HERE for 3.06.10

RassleResults: Southern Wrestling Superstars Henderson, TN 3.05.10 - Biggest Show of the Year!!

Patrick Smith beat El Toro.

Matt Boyce beat Christian Shane

Spellbinder & Steve-O beat Bones & Black Ice.

Koko B. Ware Beat Kevin White w/Su Yung

Wolfie D & Brian Christopher beat "Genocide" [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino] w/Garry White

Bill Dundee w/ Dr. Brian McCarver defeated Jerry Lawler w/ Dr. Tim Linden.

Notes: 1044 paid attendance. Probably 1200 in building. They did a deal where kids 12 and under got in free with a paid adult. There was a bunch of kids there so we don't know the exact figure, just the paid figure. This show surpassed Rodney Grimes' show last month...They did the throw in the towel match on Lawler and Dundee using the doctors. Dr. McCarver (Dundee's Dr.) crawled under the ring and threw Lawler's Dr.'s towel in causing Dundee to win. Lawler gave Dr. McCarver the infamous piledriver...Phil Hickerson played a major part as a enforcer in White vs. Koko. Su Yung was very involved in the match. He also came out in Genocide's match. After Wolfie got the pin on Corbin, Garry White, and Genocide jumped Wolfie and Christopher and was laying the beatdown on when Hickerson came out. Wolfie laid Maxx and Rhino out with the hubcap and that left Garry White in the ring. Hickerson took the honors and laid White out with the hubcap...With the gate and concessions Neo Product presented The Carl Perkins Center a check for $9000.00

TCW Webcast!!!

They've just launched our NEW weekly webcast for TCW. The first one features Greg Anthony (with Brian Thompson) vs. Chas Cardington

Interview with Matt Riviera

Monday, March 08, 2010

RCW Late Nite Wrestling Show Intro

Here is the intro video package for the first Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) TV show that will air this Saturday night at 1 a.m. (technically Sunday morning) on KAIT TV-8 in Jonesboro.

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 2.26.10

----The crowd was treated to the RRO Awards Ceremony 2010 before the show.  I would like thank all the winners, cast and crew – it makes me feel like all the hard work I do on the awards and the Yearbook is worth it.  Alan Steele and Downtown Bruno had my favorite speeches.  Thanks guys!! 

----Quick note also – these matches are for TV and not all of them are long and designed to be [*****] stuff.

-----Mike Anthony beat Jason Rose.  Good solid back and forth.  Anthony missed a move and Rose worked on his leg.  Not great, but not just horrible. [*1/2]

----Shawn Reed/Johnny Dotson interview.  Good very good.

----Austin Lane/Eric Wayne beat Shawn Reed/Johnny Dotson.  Good hold for hold.  Some stiff kicks from Wayne and Reed.  Lane slaps Reed.  Dotson working his ass of here and fits right in.  Dotson misses a frog splash – DKO.  Lane ends it with a “rings of Saturn” for the submission and win for team. [***]

----Nikki Lane beat Tasha Simone.  I guess the less said about this match the better.  They did not “jell” well.  Crowd was surprised to see women wrestling. Sloppy in spots and others spots just not working.

----Kid Nikels – interview.  Great interview.  Kid is over!!

-----Dan Matthews/Kevin Charles interview.  Matthews did a solid job here.  Charles is usually better, but Matthews was putting over his opponent so much that when the match ended it meant something. 

----“Midnight Gold” [Greg Anthony/Bobby Eaton] with Brian Thompson.  A very good interview.  This kind of interview would have been money in the old days.

----Kevin Charles/Dan Matthews billed as “Prime Danger” beat “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony].   The match started with them announcing no managers in NEW at ringside, so Thompson was announcing with Terrance Ward/John Steele. [I want to hear that stuff!] Just a slow methodical match with babyfaces going over when TGB catapulted Matthews who then sunset flipped Eaton for the win. [***]

----Alan Steele beat Kid Nikels in a real good solid bout.  This is probably the best it is going to get for a TV main event and could easily be the front runner for TV Match of the Year.  Match was No DQ, so they were trading punches to start the match.  Kid gets a lot of shine.  He throws Steele to the floor and tries to hit with a chair.  Steele ends up nailing Kid with the chair and giving him a bloody nose.  Good pop as Steele rolled Kid in the ring for the 2 count.  Kid hits a flying press that Steele rolls thru with and holds the tights for the pin and win. [***1/2]


-----85+ in the crowd.  Crowd was into everything…Chuck Poe and Downtown Bruno both did a great job.  They easily are the top two guys in this area…As said, Dotson will hopefully stay around – he fits the style and works real hard.  He has got criticism before for things like being “Corey’s pick” or something, but Dotson is a damn good worker.  He is very small though, but it doesn’t harm him here with the only real big guy being Nikels….Reed is one of my favorite workers in the area – every time I see him with a partner I want to manager the team. LOL …I am firm believer of putting people in roles they belong – Nikki Lane is great manager and gets over as a babyface in almost everywhere I have seen her.  She is not a great wrestler.  Tasha has always been decent, but has lost a lot of size and is not that believable…Eaton is the man!!  He gives back to this business more than any other guy I know.  He was also hilarious after the match.  Thompson got in the ring and made them shake hands with the “rookies” [because the rookies here at NEW are BETTER than rookies anywhere else – true] after the win.  Eaton kept saying Matthews pulled his tights.  Good pop for the win and crowd chanted “NEW, NEW”…Don’t like the name “Prime Danger” [a play off “Prime Time” and “Dangerous” – Charles and Matthews’ monikers respectively].  It is almost like the guys here do a lot of good stuff, but can’t come up with a good tag team name.  I never liked “Premiere Brutality”.  “Prime Danger” is almost like the “Asylum” deciding to call themselves “Psycho Pappies” or “Pappy Psychos”.  LOL…Anthony helped Steele beat up Kid after the match…A really good crew from top to bottom – Kid is super over and will be the STAR of this group.  His body seems to be filling out and he works real hard…Steele looks to have lost of few lbs for TV.  Another guy in this area that needs a look by the WWE!! 

Photos by Lily Winningham

RassleResults: MCW Luxora, AR 3.06.10 - 517 pack the building!!


After the flag presentation Homer Lee came out and threw candy to the crowd....

The first match had C-Money of the "East Coast Bad Boys"  beating Snuffy the Hillbilly

The second match had the "Hambones"  [Leroy and Pedro] beating Homer Lee and Aaron Exctasy

The third match was a Ladies Title match with Candy retaining the title with a win over Ms. Innocent.with Rashard Devon

The 4th match had Sid Vicious, Lord Humongous and Cmoney beating Buzzkill, Jeremy Splicer and Snuffy

The 5th match ended with Frankie Tucker getting a dq win over Bishop due to outside interference from Vman and Officer Hudson..  Koko Ware and Big Daddy Lafonce made the save setting up a main event match for the mcw tag titles.

The champions the Vman and Hudson defending against Koko and Big Daddy......Koko and Big Daddy ended up winning by dq as Rashard interfered and called out the heel dressing room and they beat down Koko and Big Daddy until the faces came and evened things up.

Jason Reed: Picture of the Week

Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Piece Of My Mind March 7th 2010 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

It’s been awhile since I have written anything but it’s that time for sure. The Monday Night “Wars” begin this week but sadly unless something serious changes it won’t be a war it will be an ass whipping. If your plan is to take a company like TNA to another level it can’t be a short term plan it has to be a long term one. I want to be clear that I am a friend and fan of Hulk Hogan always have been and always will be. I am not now nor have I ever been a fan of Eric Bischoff. If you are watching what’s going on at TNA it truly seems like the same old thing with a few new faces. As I have stated many time the faces in front of the camera weren’t TNA’s problem it is the team behind the camera. The fact that Eric Bischoff who seems to be running things placed himself in SEVEN segments last week should be enough to let everyone see that he is far to self absorbed to ever have the best interests of the company at heart. I hope he at least has plans to start making house shows and headlining pay per views or why shove himself down the public’s throat? One also has to also wonder why Bischoff is attempting to run some sort of wrestling league for midget wrestlers when SPIKE TV has its own programming coming up for midget wrestling.

I originally thought that Hulk was to be running TNA and Bischoff and Hervey were to be working on other programming for TNA. It is clear at this point that Bischoff and Jason Hervey are running TNA I have no idea what qualifies Jason Hervey to try and take a major wrestling company to the next level. Who can even fathom the back stabbing and double dealing going on between those two and Vince Russo in putting together a show.

If you’re a SPIKE TV executive that is lending support to the TNA project because of the acquisition of Hulk Hogan you have to be scratching your head right now. You have to wonder how much time Hulk Hogan is putting in to this project on a weekly basis. The reason I say that is there is no way that I can see SPIKE giving a renewed push to the project based on Eric Bischoff’s involvement and if they did they should be fired on the spot. In light of Hulks personal issues which have to be very time consuming, dealing with a midget wrestling league which Bischoff has gotten him involved in. He also spends time with his children helping them start careers and running around the country promoting TNA since they don’t really have anyone else the media wants to talk to how can he be having much if any influence on the infrastructure of the company? The other project Bischoff has going for Hulk is this A&E reality show where is the focus on TNA?

The other person who seems to be on a mission for the spotlight is Dixie Carter, she is so busy facebooking and twittering and being on the air sitting with fans how can she take a stagnant company to the next level. I then hear that she is booked for a shoot interview at a wrestling convention to be filmed in front of a live audience. If this is an idea she thought had legs why not film it at one of your own events and include it on a company DVD?

I can only imagine the political tug of war going on backstage between the Russo and Hogan teams. They say that you shouldn’t be critical if you can’t do it better well one thing I am sure of is I could do it better than it’s being done right now at TNA. The company has been around quite a while with some of the same guys in top spots clearly the company attempted to make some BIG changes since the people they had weren’t making them enough money. I don’t know who is supposed to be watching what’s going on and making sure the ship is straight but what I do know is that the direction things are going can only lead to more mediocrity for a lot more expense. The inmates are still running the asylum at TNA there is just a new bully on the cell block in Eric Bischoff. If I was Bob and or Dixie Carter and I brought in Hulk Hogan I would want to be sure that Hulk Hogan was making the decisions and either live or die with him if that was my choice which in this case it clearly was. The Bischoff Hervey team must have lost its momentum is Hollywood since Scott Baio isn’t 45 and Single any longer Bischoff had to come back to wrestling. The approach that he has taken will do nothing but keep the company floundering where it is and continue to address the personal agendas of people given power. I am told that BischoffHervey got over $100,000.00 to produce that micro wrestling program. I have heard that it was a production train wreck which goes to show what a product Bischoff produces on his own turns out to be. I can only imagine how much they lined their pockets after spending minimal amounts to produce the event. I don’t have direct knowledge of the expenses but all reports and information make it sound like an amateur production at best.

The entire company backstage and in front of the cameras is filled with people trying to push their own personal agenda’s that has got to stop immediately. If you don’t want to make house shows and do whatever else it takes to take the company to the next level then they don’t need to be there. If there was ever a company in which every employee is expendable its TNA does anyone believe that if any one star left the company the ratings would drop?

Another thing that just really irks me is that TNA is promoting surprises for Monday Night. The days of the surprise appearance are over. You either give people what they want to see or they don’t watch that’s it. If you have the Jeff Hardy’s or Rob Van Dam promote it let people know about it. If someone on the booking committee really thinks that surprises are the way to get people to tune in they should be fired immediately. Who goes to a movie and doesn’t know what’s playing or who’s in it? I mean come on get in two thousand and ten.

It was just the other day that someone asked me if being with TNA would hurt Hulk Hogan and I said no that people like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are beyond that type of thing. There are certain people who have reached a level where they can’t really lose the celebrity that they have and I believe Hogan and Flair are at that level. I hope Hogan takes serious control of the company very soon for one reason if it fails it’s going to be his fault one way or the other he will get blamed for it. He should at least be the one calling the shots then win lose or draw it’s on him. I don’t know why Hulk has handed the ball to Eric on this one but the results speak for themselves. If you take all the major free agents and sign them to TNA under the current infrastructure it won’t help one bit this company needs to change from the inside out.

The problem in a nut shell is this no one in TNA gets it. They don’t know how to connect with people from the inside and out and until they do they will be on the outside looking in.

The picture I am using with this article comes from WrestleReunion 4 in Los Angeles. If you weren’t there you missed a rare opportunity to meet two great international superstars The Great Muta and Jushin Thunder Liger. This photo is me with Liger before one of the two matches that he had at WrestleReunion 4.

This has been a piece of my mind

Business is Good!! What Is Right With The Wrestling Business!

----This area was packed with wrestling fans this weekend with people coming out in big numbers.  Henderson, TN had 1000+ packed in the building Friday night with Memphis Wrestling stars.  Luxora, AR had 517 people for MCW with Koko Ware and Sid Vicious.  Vicious proves again to be a draw for this area.  Brian Thompson reported 78 paid for RCW debut and I am guessing over 100 in the building.  Not a great number, but I think it was real good considering the last wrestling show in Trumann, AR drew about 7 paid.  That group has a higher ticket price with most groups having to draw in the 130+ number to even come close to their gate.  I talked with the EWE office last night and they were in the 150+ range [drawing off that angle from last week-DK did show up last night also!!] and RRO was live in Newbern, TN for NBW with close to 130+ in the building. 

----An almost four year rant on my part of the collation of good workrate = good wrestling = good gates seems to finally be paying off for the area.  I have been to five shows in the last few weeks and the workrate in this area is far above what it was when this site started.  The understanding of putting a match together and doing different things for the same results and just the level of psychology even for the young guys is good.  I have written the word "solid" in my notebook so many times in the last few weeks.  This area is full of guys willing to work hard and go out and try different things.  The level of talent that was at the RCW show was a perfect example of taking all the best workers in the area and turning out good matches - stuff at the level that fans are not use to paying for in a town like Trumann, AR.  Thanks to all you - give yourself a pat on the back!  For us that talk so much about "what is wrong with the wrestling business", it is really good to see it when things are being done RIGHT.