Friday, March 26, 2010

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 3.20.10

Show starts off with the National Anthem as always with Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcoming everyone to another night of DCW Action...

Match 1: Donnie Rush vs JD Kerry
-was a rematch from last week and this time JD Kerry controlled most of the match up with Donnie and Kerry exchanging some very past-paced moves and great chain-wrestling..Rodney Mack ends up coming out in the end and power-bombing Donnie and tells JD Kerry to beat on him, which he does...winner via DQ Donnie Rush

Then Ron McClarity comes out and tells Kerry he should not be following in the foot steps of his mentor and that he should think about what Rodney Mack is doing..If Rodney aligns himself with Kerry, he does not have to worry about you in whatever road he is traveling down..Kerry tells McClarity to shut up and quit disrespecting him again like he did getting his license taken away a few months ago, but McClarity tells Kerry he did no do it, but if he feels like he did do something about it....

Match 2: Ron McClarity vs JD Kerry
-very, very good match..enjoyed every second of it! These two work great in the ring together, they fought in ring, on the outside, and in the front row of the crowd! Match went back and forth, with Kerry hitting many fast paced technical moves and McClarity using his wrestling knowledge, technical skills, and experience to counter Kerry's great moves..Match went back and forth until PokerFace comes out and distracts McClarity and JD Kerry rolls him up for the 1-2-3...winner via pinfall JD Kerry!!

Sweet Daddy Jones (aka Soul Train) comes out to ask Rodney Mack why he has been acting the way he has..Sweet Daddy says that he is going to have to do something about it, if Rodney Mack does not straighten up and he challenges Rodney Mack to a match later on in the night..Rodney Mack comes out and accepts and we have our co-main event for the evening!!

Match 3: Natural Born Playaz vs the Gorillaz (new look to them in gangsta clothes)
-match starts off with Southside saying to the crowd, he does not understand why Mr Pimptacular no showed last week and left him helpless, but he heard Mr Pimptacular had a family emergency..Southside said well hey DCW we are kin and I had no idea about the so-called "family emergency"...match starts off with Mr Pimptacular and the new look Gorillaz and they start to beat down Pimp..after a few minutes of getting beat on and Mr Pimptacular goes for a tag Southside turns around and climbs off the apron to (tie his shoe, fix his clothes, or something) and Mr Pimptacular is left taking a beating...Finally Southside gets involved and goes to hit one of the Gorillaz with a road sign while the ref's back is turned but "accidentally" hits Mr Pimptacular...winner via pinfall the Gorillaz!!

Ron Rage comes out and talks about how last week when he gave the Wazzzup to Dominique..he had to take too many showers and brush his teeth to get the "stank" and "funk" off of him..He brings a POB grooming and accessories kit to the ring (Casey and myself laughed at this skit for 15 minutes) to help with body odor and feminine control lol..finally Dominique comes out and says Ron better be glad that Tejano isn't here b/c he would kill him..then all of a sudden The Tejano Kid comes through the front door while Ron Rage's back is turned and starts to beat on him...

Match 4: Ron Rage vs Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique
-match was great, these two work amazingly together!! Crowd was into from when Ron Rage hit the curtain to cut a promo...both men exchanged moves but Tejano handcuffs Ron to the ropes and starts to just maul him...Then Tejano gets on the mic and tells Rick Ruby that he is gonna beat him like this and Rick comes out pleeding that Tejano quit..and Tejano beats Rage into a bloody pulp...winner via DQ Ron Rage

Match 5: PokerFace vs Genesis (non-title)
-great match between these two..def needed to be on tv somewhere! Genesis makes his DCW return in a big match against the DCW World Heavyweight Champion..both men showed some great moves in the ring and great speed from Genesis in his execution of moves considering he is a big guy..Genesis has the match under control then Rodney Mack comes out to distract him..Genesis rolls Poker up but Rodney goes to reverse the move to help Poker but Jazz comes out to help Genesis..poor ref Tim Daniels had his hands full, but Genesis reverses the roll up himself and gets the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Genesis! Rodney Mack gets pissed that Jazz comes out to support Genesis and Mack and Poker go to the back...

Match 6: Sweet Daddy Jones vs Rodney Mack
-amazing match..these two are like watching to big powerful animals wrestle! Both of these guys are in immaculate shape and can bench press a building if they had to and their big powerful moves showed it..Mack uses his speed and agility and Sweet Daddy uses his Power and athleticism to match wits with Mack...match was amazing and ashamed it ended the way it did..Mack goes to spear Sweet Daddy but Sweet Daddy moves out of the way and referee Tim Daniels gets folded in half by the spear...match was a No Contest!!

But after all of that, they men kept fighting and slowly but surely the locker room emptied out and everyone was fighting in the was pure bedlam in the ring and Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman could barely keep up with all the action..finally Genesis, Sweet Daddy, Donnie, Ron Rage, and Southside cleared the ring....going to def be a crazy night next week in the Dogg House to see how things turn out after this crazy week!

Crowdshas been great the past few weeks with about 150-170..They are def like seeing the different guys coming in every week and they def like Genesis!! He is def a guy to watch for over the next year or so to really make it big..He has the look and ability to make it far....

Biggest Pop: Ron Rage
Biggest Heat: Rodney Mack with Tejano Kid coming in at a close second

Credit: Jeff Perryman

Thursday, March 25, 2010

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 3.20.10

Chrome w/Antoin Smooth defeated Blackjack in 12 seconds.

Rajah & Robert Devine w/Antoin Smooth defeated Chazz Stone & Buzz Harley by using a taser.

Bitty Little defeated Cassanova Kid.

Justin Rhodes, Bonecrusher, & Brody Hawk defeated "Big Daddy" Neno, Iron Jake Johnson, & Mickey Ray.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: TFW Tupleo, MS 3.19.10 - Featuring a Tag Team Match with Four Fat Guys I Like!!

Curly Moe over Cassanova Kid by DQ due to interference by "Big Daddy" Neno.

Chazz Stone defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

Blazing Star defeated Dr. Nemo Luv.

"War Machine" Gene Jackson & Izzy Rotten over The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) by DQ.

"The Future" Chris Styles (w/Brian SoFine & Tony "The Weasel" Watts) over LSD by DQ.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @
"The Greatness" Jai Webster defeated Josh Matthews to win the TFW Light-Heavyweight Championship.

EPW Champion "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs over Brian SoFine w/Tony Watts


Shows for the Weekend 3.26 to 3.27.10

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows.  RCW's second show is in Augusta, AR this weekend with "Midnight Gold" [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] vs "Premiere Brutality" [Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne] as the main event.  RRO will be in Jonesboro, AR for DCW this coming Saturday night at 7:30 PM.  Come out and get your Yearbook 2009!!  JD Kerry and Jazz will also be presented their awards. 


-4.02.10 - RCW - Trumman, AR
-4.03.10 - ASWF - Tuckerman, AR
-4.09.10 - MCW - Osceola, AR

----I am also interested in booking a special show for the RRO 4th Anniversary on May 15, 2010. If any area promoter is willing to help out and interested in booking me, then drop me a line.

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 3.20.10

----Well, I guess I was wrong about DK and Melton being gone, because they are here in the results.  I love the big push of Michael/CJ as top babys.  I bet their match vs Randy/Tucker was good.

Derrick King and Cody Melton start the show with an interview. Derrick tells everyone in the crowd exactly why Stan Lee quit and about everything that's been going on with the building's owner. He then says he wants back complete control of EWE and the best way to do that is to take the Heavyweight title from Christian Jacobs. CJ and Jon Michael come to the ring and CJ tells Derrick that he and Jon Michael already have a scheduled match with The Prodigies later in the night, otherwise he would be glad to make him tap out. Derrick tells them "ok...good luck with your match tonight," and everyone leaves the ring.
Rude def. Tommy Redneck after Redneck is caught with several chains
Seth Knight def. J.R. Manson for Manson's spot in the Elite 8 tournament. After the match, Derrick King and Cody Melton attack both men and hit the superkick and backstabber on Knight. Christian Jacobs runs to the ring and throws Melton over the top rope and then puts Derrick in the sharpshooter. DK is tapping like crazy as Melton pulls him out of the ring. DK teases getting back in the ring, but then thinks better of it and heads to the back.
Tommy Redneck comes to the ring and says that he wanted to prove himself tonight. He says that he was cheated out of his match for no good reason and calls out anyone willing to fight him. Out comes Tatt2.
Tatt2 def. Tommy Redneck after Redneck is once again caught trying to use a chain. Tatt2 says that he doesn't want to win that way, so he asked for the match to be restarted. He then pinned Redneck for the win.
EWE Heavyweight Champion Christian Jacobs and Jon Michael def The Prodigies by count out after the clothesline/catapult splash combo on Rockin' Randy to the post on the outside of the ring knocked Randy out cold. After the match, DK and Cody Melton come out with a mic. Derrick says that since he is still 50% owner, he has the power to make matches too. He then tells CJ and Jon Michael that they have another match. This time it's against himself and Cody...and Tucker and Randy in a 4 on 2 handicap match! After a brutal fight, CJ goes to spear DK, but Rockin' Randy pushes Derrick out of the way and takes the spear himself for the 1-2-3. As CJ and Jon Michael celebrate a huge win, Derrick grabs the Heavyweight title. This was a distraction and The Prodigies jump CJ and Jon Michael from behind. Derrick hits both men with the belt and then proceeds to put the sharpshooter on CJ while Cody Melton forces an unconscious CJ to tap out!

Arena Report: Championship Wrestling - Relay For Life Benefit - Paragould, AR 3.20.10

----This show was proof that I can have a good time without having great wrestling.  The crowd of 200+ was hot all night and the show featured a hardcore “Match of the Year” candidate.  I had the pleasure of sitting with my daughters Kayte and Karly, my BFF Stacy and Tia Blaylock/D-Rock from  To say we had a great time, would be an understatement.
----I would also like to thank Titanic and the ECBB family.  My RRO/WNC family was treated very well.  You guys really know how to accommodate a guest. Thanks guys – it meant a lot to me and my friends.
----They opened the show with an angle they had been running on the radio with some DJs.  One of the girl DJ’s slapped Loose Cannon.  Cannon/Rik Burton with “Big Money” Frank Martin were going to beat up the girl until Big Indian Quixote/Triple D made the save to set up the match for later.
----Chris Day/Cold beat Snuffy/Jermey Spiker.  The ref messed up the finish. [DUD]
----The Enforcer beat Dr. Nemo Luv using a chain.  Love needs about 6 more months of training.  Not good, but what could expect from a green guy. [DUD]
----Loose Cannon/Rik Burton with “Big Money” Frank Martin beat Triple D/Big Indian Quixote when Cannon used a roll of quarters to hit D for the win.  As I said, the crowd was into everything and I was having fun.  Burton looked really good here.  Cannon needs new tights. [**]
----Big Daddy LaFonce/Midnight Cowboy beat The Hambones in a good brawl.  When they first came out some of the comments were that these guys were old, but they went out and worked hard with a decent brawl.  Leroy bled. BDL/Cowboy won using Hambones' bones. [**1/2]
----Tasha Simone/”Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] beat Worm/Suicide/Adrian Banks in a wild hardcore bout.  This was the kind of match that was needed for this show.  Just crazy stiff action with chairs, Stop signs, kendo sticks – all over the place.  This is the kind of bout I can watch live [about once every 6 weeks] and really have fun with.  But, they usually do not come off good on TV.  Kayte [the baby doll] did not come out with them and Psycho went to the back during the match to get her.  She had a fork [“Ghost of Abby”] and he used it.  Nice touch.  Pappy did the Cactus Jack elbow from the apron right in front of our seats.  Lots of “oh shit” moments!!  Pappy was just “on” and Psycho proved why he won the Spot Moondog award. Pappy Samoan dropped Suicide through two chairs.  Psycho followed with the Falling Grace and Tasha finished the match by splashing Suicide to get the win. [***3/4]
----“East Coast Bad Boys” [C-Money/Serpent] beat Motley Cruz/Bishop in a solid match. It was real sloppy in the start, but they slowed it down a bit.  All four guys worked real hard.  A little too long, but solid. Serpent hit Motley Cruz with the Sliced Bread #2.  Then, Spyro jumped inside the ring and monkey flipped Serpent out of the corner, who splashed Motley to get the win. [***]
----Special thanks to D-Rock for help on the finishes...I have no idea what Triple D’s name was??  I called him that because I thought that is what it said on his tights, but it might have said “Dog”, but I am going with Triple D.  He is Triple D to me. LOL…There was a valet out during the first match and she was bigger than the workers.  Not bad around the ring though, but she looked like she could whip all of them…I had a good conversation with Enforcer.  I have worked a lot of indy shows in the area with this guy.  He is a true "outlaw" from "back in the day."  Good to see him!  I hear he has a son that works as part of a top 10 tag team in the area??  Kayfabe Kayfabe!!!...Favorite quotes from my crew I was sitting with – “That midget just smelled her feet.”, “I thought they were saying “cold slaw”??” and “I like Hambones’ britches.” LOL…Frank Martin is easily one of the best talkers of the area.  I would pair him up with a top heel or top heel team on TV and let him get everything over.  I would put him with only ONE act, but he would be with the top guy.  This was his first wrestling appearance since the RWA blow up…Burton has to be one of the most improved in the area.  His look and work has got tons better since dropping the Treat gimmick...Speaking of improved, Pappy should be on the list also.  Just seems "at home" in front of the crowd and has a great time doing it...How was Tasha more believable against guys in a hardcore match than a girl a few weeks back?? Well, believe me, she was...Thanks again to all the workers and my crew.  I had a great time!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Golden Circle: "Give Me Embry Anyday" by Greg Anthony

Alot of the boys are working harder than ever to be in the kind of shape that might land them a contract. A word most of them use alot is "genetics". Some say they can't get those John Morrison abs or work, work, work but can't seem to add the muscle they want or need. Like BT ,and most of the boys in the business, we are first and foremost fans. And as a fan if you give me a choice between a 275 pound meathead that can't tell me who Lou Thesz is or someone less physically gifted but can work circles around 99.9%. Then give me the worker.

I'm not saying that we should all be fat slobs and not try to be in the best athletic shape we can be in. I'm saying overlooking people's ability in any sport or entertainment because they don't meet a specific visual criteria is not good business. Every wrestler seems to be under the same microscope as women in the entertainment industry. If you have a women with every musically talent in the world but if she's 300 pounds then all of sudden she's not suitable for the industry. As it goes for wrestling in this day and age.

Eric Embry was 5'10, around 225. He didn't have the physique of an Ultimate Warrior or Lex Luger. Even though I haven't had the pleasure of working with any of these men, if you told me I to pick one of these men to work for 6 months straight.. give me Embry any day. Of course that's purely from a working perspective. I'ld probably earn more money with Warrior but also some concussions.

My theory has changed alot in the last year or so. I see some guys getting on the gas, so they can be as big as humanly possible. They want to be COSMETICALLY in the greatest shape of their lives. They aren't working out to achieve a size,shape or health that will make them better workers. The steroid issue has fizzled out some but is still a touchy subject. I've never took steroids, obviously, but I have been tempted. I'd love to wrestle a match when I'm 70, like Thesz. By that time the next oldest person in the business would be like 28. On the bright side it might be my grandson. 

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 3.13.10 - Stan Lee Gone!!

 ----Stan Lee, who has been booking this group since the change over from TLCW to EWE is gone.  He is done with the promotion along with Derrick King, Cody Melton and a few more.  Lee is forming a tag team with Chris O'Neal and will be called "High Stakes".  They are taking booking in the area.  This show was booked by Christian Jacobs.  I look for him and Jon Michael to do a lot of the EWE stuff from this point forward.

Rockin' Randy and Dell Tucker come to the ring announcing that Derrick King has selected his 4 man team for the Elite 8 tournament.  Tucker says that the team will consist of himself, Randy, King, and Cody Melton. Dustin Baker comes to the ring and says that everyone must still qualify, and makes a match for Rockin' Randy to earn his spot in, beginning immediately.  "The Bluesman" Ike Tucker comes to the ring and gets to work on Randy.  Tucker will score the pinfall and will qualify for the Elite 8 tournament to be held at Mayhem.

Baker makes the next match for the tournament between Dell Tucker and Tatt2.  Rockin' Randy interferes and causes Tatt2 to win via disqualification.  Seth Knight makes his return to Ripley by helping Tatt2 and running Randy and Tucker out of the ring.  Baker comes out and announces the main event for tonight will be The Prodigies Dell Tucker and Rockin' Randy vs. Tatt2 and Seth Knight.

J.R. Manson def. Rude via pinfall after Tommy Redneck distracts Rude so that Manson can score the pin.

EWE Heavyweight Champion Christian Jacobs def. Tommy Redneck via tapout.

The Prodigies Dell Tucker and Rockin' Randy def. Tatt2 and Seth Knight via pinfall.

(WGN) March 24: Wrestlemania notes, Cena news and the major event he's missing, Jericho on his future, TNA change regarding Monday nights, Dixie on the locker room, Mick Foley blog, Honky Tonk Man, and more...


3/23 NXT TV results from San Jose, CA: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater over Wade Barrett & Skip Sheffield, and David Otunga & Darren Young over Michael Tarver & Daniel Bryan.

We're looking to hear from any readers attending Wrestlemania events this week at


There is talk of Shane McMahon making a cameo at Wrestlemania. In the context of the Vince-Bret Hart match this would make a lot of sense. Shane left WWE in January to pursue new business opportunities. Also, Linda McMahon has a clear schedule this weekend so it wouldn't be surprising to see her at Mania, perhaps at the Hall of Fame ceremony with Stephanie and Triple H.

Most of the crew is now in Phoenix. Security at the main WWE hotel is said to be as tight the White House. There have already been one or two incidents were fans have tried to get in and have been ejected. Some of the bigger names have been assigned personal security for promotional events.

There are a large amount of tickets still remaining for Mania. The company is expecting a last minute surge and some walk ups but nobody appears to be confident of a sellout at this point. I think they will comfortably surpass 55,000 people on the day. They would be ecstatic with anything over 65,000. In terms of PPV buys, 1 million is the internal target, but I don't see them doing that this year in this economy. They also have stiff competition for dollars this weekend with UFC 111 on Saturday night.

John Cena is scheduled for the live broadcast of Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday night in Los Angeles, taking place at approximately the same time as the Hall of Fame ceremony. Cena and Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno will attempt to set a new world record for being catapulted into green slime. The show airs at 8pm which means he will miss the Hall of Fame. Cena has also been cast in Nickelodeon's made for television kids movie called Fred the Movie. The movie will also star Lucas Cruikshank, Jennette McCurdy, and UK actress/singer Pixie Lott, and is written by the same people as Family Guy.

New York DJ Peter Rosenburg interviewed Cena backstage at the Jimmy Fallon Show. Cena talks about Vince making a mends with Bret Hart, his family who doesn't fly in for Mania, his thoughts on turning heel, his current music tastes, and much more at

The third annual Wrestlemania Art Exhibition is tonight 6-9 at InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa, located at 4949 E. Lincoln Drive in Paradise Valley. The event will benefit the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Bret Hart, Vince McMahon, Jerry Lawler, Beth Phoenix, The Bella Twins, and many others are scheduled to appear.

Fan Axxess kicks off Thursday night at the Phoenix Convention Center where WWE will be taping footage for Friday's Smackdown. Among those scheduled to appear: John Cena, Bret Hart, Carlito, Cryme Tyme, Mike Knox, Hornswoggle, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Mark Henry, Kane, MVP, Jack Swagger, Chavo Guerrero, The Great Khali, Goldust, Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres and more.

John Morrison is signing at FYE in Tempe, AZ on Thursday from 4-6pm located at Arizona Mills Mall, 5000 Arizona Mills Circle.

Steve Austin is doing a signing at FYE in West Nyack, NY on Thursday from 6-8pm.

Kelly Kelly threw out the first pitch today at the Chicago White Sox game in Glendale.

The first issue of WWE's Heroes comic book series is now on sale. Jerry Lawler illustrated one of the two alternate covers which are very rare. More info at

ESPN interviewed Chris Jericho at who talks about his future and the evolution of his character. "At this stage of the game, I'm doing the best work of my career and I feel physically great and mentally great, so there's no reason to think about stopping now. We'll see what happens, but for right now, I see no end in sight. But who knows, tomorrow I can wake up and give you a whole different story. But when I left (in 2005), I said I wasn't going to come back until I felt like I could be better than ever, and I think the work I'm doing is the best of my career and I want to continue to do just that for as long as I can."

Jericho was the star of TBS' George Lopez Show last night in an hilarious skit with David Arquette. They had a karaoke sing-off with Arquette dressed in a Randy Savage costume that he purchased from eBay. The idea was that Jericho was singing to esponge Arquette from the record books as a former world heavyweight champion. The footage is online at However, nothing will ever top Jericho's rendition of Summer Nights with CM Punk and Mickie James at

The Miami Herald has a story on Shawn Michaels at He's thinks WWE has a special entrance planned for him and Undertaker on Sunday. "I'm sure we'll have some kind of special entrance, but I think this one is taking on a different tone this year. There's more finality, I think, with this one, for both of us. I think this one will be more focused on the match and the inevitability of it, more than the differences in the characters."

Linda McMahon has garnered a lot of negative press over the past few days as Chris & Nancy author Irvin Muchnick is on a book tour in Connecticut pushing his agenda against WWE. Channel 8 news in Stamford ran a story at "WWE and Linda McMahon created the atmosphere and the working conditions that have caused many, many deaths in the industry of which the Benoit one was just the most dramatic and heinous example," Muchnick said.

John Pollock of The Fight Network talks about his excellent film on Bret Hart at

Brian Fritz has a Q&A with the Hart Dynasty at They said they are hoping to work with Bret in the future.

There are reports out of Japan that Antonio Inoki recently suffered some broken ribs in a boating accident. He said he is thrilled with his Hall of Fame induction and wouldn't miss it for the world. There is a small army of Japanese reporters and photographers en-route to Phoenix to cover his induction.

Slam Wrestling has a story on the career of Wendi Richter at

Smackdown back on 3/5 did a 2.0 rating and 3.1 million viewers, according to the latest data available.

The Undertaker turns 45 today.


Impact is apparently moving to 8-10pm Monday's from April 5--the next live show. At least that's according to Spike's online schedule which was updated today and changes very frequently.

As noted, Impact this week did a 0.86 rating and 1.2 million viewers. The good news is that hour two beat hour one, meaning an end to the trend of viewers tuning out as the show progresses. The lowest rated quarter hour was 0.76 for Rob Terry vs. Tomko followed by multiple commercial breaks while the highest quarter was a 0.97 for Jeff Jarrett vs. Mick Foley followed by Foley landing a stiff forearm on Bubba The Love Sponge.

Bubba thanked his "Bubba Army" last night on Twitter for making his segment the highest rated quarter hour.

In UK ratings for the week ending 3/14, Impact did 114,000 viewers on Bravo (+32,000 viewers). The replay did 68,000 viewers. Dixie Carter noted that this was a new UK record.

Mick Foley wrote a blog which was posted on the TNA website explaining that he's off television to give the younger guys a chance to shine and noted he didn't mean to catch Bubba with his forearm. I know the cats out of the bag, but talk about going out of your way to publicly kill an angle. Foley wrote, "I know some people will claim I hit him on purpose because of the Awesome Kong incident, but that is not the case. I spoke to Bubba the day after that deal, and told him how I felt about it, then had a chance to discuss it on Bubba's show and write about it on TNA's website. So as far as I am concerned, there was no problem." He also noted he was going to Phoenix for a comedy show on Saturday night with Ring of Honor wrestler Colt Cabana. "I don't think too many people know this, but I have remained good friend with Ring of Honor owner Cary Silkin since my short stint in ROH several years ago. ROH is helping us out with this show by making sure that anyone who mentions the letters ROH when booking tickets for our comedy show gets a 15 percent discount."

Crave Online interviewed Dixie Carter at Nothing really that she hasn't said in other interviews. She said the locker room is one big happy family. "I think it’s all in how you run your company. I can only speak for ours and quite honestly, I hear it’s very different than other companies that are our competition. It’s a family atmosphere. They work harder, we’re more like a team. That’s what makes it special. It was funny because Eric Bischoff came to our live taping on January 4 and we’d walk. Every 10 feet I’d stop and hug somebody and he’d hug and shake their hands. He’s like 'wow, everybody’s excited for me.' I had to go, 'No, this happens every week that we tape.' We hadn’t seen each other in a week but it’ll take me 30 minutes to walk 100 feet because I have to stop and hug and say hi to everybody."

Chris Daniels turns 39 today.


Lanny Poffo, who has always been very pro-WWE, cut a promo at expressing regret that they didn't acknowledge the recent death of his father, Angelo, on it website or television shows.

Funeral services for former WWWF referee Jack Savage will be Thursday 5-8pm at the Auclair Funeral Home in Fall River, MA.

Story on the Honky Tonk Man at He said he gets a giggle when people bring up him blasting people with guitars. "I wish I had a dollar for every time someone's asked me how many guitars I went through - I'd be retired, living on a lake right now," he said. "People tend to think I was breaking these things every night. In reality, if you look back at it, I think I hit five or so guys on television with a guitar and that was probably it."

Honky Tonk Man said he's shooting a movie later this year called Crushed Velvet. No idea what it's about.

For the first time ever, Sting is coming for the NWA legends fanfest in Charlotte in August. For more infomation you can email James Soubasis at

Wrestlicious airs tonight on MAV TV at 11pm.

Today's Diva of the Day is April Hunter at

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

(WGN) March 23: Raw-Impact ratings, injury notes, former WWF ref dies, Matt Hardy video, Hernandez update, Dragon Gate fires shot at ROH, Lucha Libre show on MTV, Trish Stratus, more...


3/22 Raw TV results from San Jose, CA: John Morrison over Miz; Kofi Kingston over Kozlov for the tenth and final MITB spot; Legacy & Sheamus over Triple H & Randy Orton; Shawn Michaels over Kane; and Maryse, Michelle McCool & Alicia Fox over Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim &Eve Torres. The show drew 13,376 people. For Superstars on Thursday they taped Rey Mysterio vs. Tyson Kidd which was said to be very good, and CM Punk vs. JTG.

NXT tonight on SyFy includes Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett & Skip Sheffield and Daniel Bryan & Michael Tarver vs. David Otunga & Darren Young.

We're looking to hear from any readers attending Wrestlemania events this coming week at


Raw last night did a 3.2 rating and 4.5 million viewers, down around 20 percent from last Monday. They didn't lose people to Impact, but the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars on ABC did a monster 15.6 rating and 25.1 million viewers for the 9-10pm hour.

Wade Barrett broke his nose at the tapings.

Batista's security team on Raw included local indy wrestlers from All Pro Wrestling--Dave Dutra, Dylan Drake, Derek Sanders, Timothy Thatcher, Adam Thornstowe, and Paul Isadora.

American Idol's Fantasia Barrino is booked to sing America the Beautiful to open Wrestlemania 26.

Melina wrote a blog on the WWE website discussing her recovery from ACL surgery. She also talked about past injuries noting she suffering from depression in 2008 when during the draft show she fractured her heel. "It broke into four pieces and it jammed into my ankle. I had surgery for that as well," she wrote. "They put in two plates and six screws. I wasn’t able to walk for 3 months, which is very fortunate but didn’t feel that way at the time. During that injury I went through so many things personally. I was depressed. I questioned my worth. Not just in wrestling but in every aspect of my life. One day maybe I will explain further but for now I just want to thank you all for seeing me through that. I couldn’t tell you then but I can now, reading your emails and watching your YouTube tributes gave me strength to keep moving forward."

There is an interview with WWE Magazine's Jeff Ashworth at He says regarding the April issue just out hyping Wrestlemania with 26 different covers, "Anything of this magnitude goes through Vince for sure, but another unique fact is that Vince approves every cover, and typically has options to choose from. So in the end there were more than 26 covers designed, probably twice that number mocked up, and he signed off on all of them. He’s a busy guy, but he makes the time for stuff like his. He’s an incredibly hands-on CEO."

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy goes slowly insane in a Jaquzzi late last night at He appears to have finished playing "video games" and says this year he's going to reinvent himself.

The Fight Network's Survival of the Hitman documentary premiered last night in Canada. The film is also online at I haven't had time to watch yet but I'm told it's very good.

ESPN Page 2 has a story on Bob Uecker going into the Hall of Fame at

Bob Uecker last night and this morning was trending within the Top 20 web searches on Google.

The first issue of Titan Publishing’s WWE Heroes comic series went on sale today.

Jim Ross will be a guest on The Sean & John Show on AM1560 in Houston on Wednesday at 6 pm.

The CBS Evening News piece on MVP will air on Wednesday night.

Goldust and Dolph Ziggler are appearing on Wednesday afternoon at Armando Estrada's restaurant in Glendale, AZ. More information at


3/22 Impact TV results from Orlando, FL: The Beautiful People & Daffney over Tara, Angelina Love, Sarita & Taylor Wilde; Rob Terry over Tomko; Jeff Jarrett over Mick Foley in a "Your Fired" match; Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez was a no contest; and Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam over Beer Money.

An entertaining show, perhaps the best under the new regime. I often disagree with the creative direction but this is a definite step forward in terms of promotion and building towards a pay-per-view. While ratings are important in today's world of corporate wrestling it was nice to see focus shift towards selling tickets; and at least attempt to create the illusion of an event unique enough for fans to pay extra to see.

There are tapings today for the March 29 Impact which includes Tara vs. Daffney in a first blood match and Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam & Eric Young vs. The Wolfpac.


Impact last night did an 0.86 rating and 1.2 million viewers--a very slight increase from last Monday. I wouldn't put it past Spike to do another 180 and air a replay on Thursday.

Bubba the Love Sponge suffered a suspected fractured nose during the segment with Mick Foley. Bubba said on his radio show this morning that he was going for an X-Ray later today to find out for sure. He said the EMT backstage used a tampon to stop the bleeding.

The injury angle last night with Hernandez was to explain his absence over the next few week's as he's heading to Mexico to work for AAA.

Announced for Lockdown on April 18 in St. Charles: AJ Styles vs. The Pope for the TNA heavyweight title and Team Hogan (Abyss, Hulk Hogan & TBA) vs. Team Flair (Sting, Ric Flair & TBA). 

They are now doing free glow in the dark face painting for fans going into the Impact Zon--I assume so they can look like Jeff Hardy.

Earl Hebner has told people recently that WWE contacted him to be part of the Bret Hart-Vince McMahon storyline. No idea whether he is under contract to TNA. He was fired from WWE in 2005 for selling merchandise without authorization.

The Fox News affiliate in Pensacola has a nice story on TNA coming to town at The reporter is called Kevin Sullivan, but obviously not that one.

Brian Fritz has a Q&A with Daniels at He jokes that the young guys in the locker room view him as a veteran, while other veterans view him as a young guy. "I still feel like I'm a guy that's trying to make that break on to the top levels. So I never look at myself as somebody who's made it, or somebody that's achieved all he wants to achieve. I still kind of look at myself as a young lion, which is kind of ridiculous, but that's how I feel about my career in terms of still trying to learn stuff and get better and keep trying to achieve. So I never really thought about the longevity of it until maybe like a year or two ago, and now I'm looking at my career in terms of, like my next big goal is to make it to 20 years. Once I've been doing this for 20 years, I'll take assessment of where I'm at and see what I want to keep doing, but right now I don't look at my career in terms of, 'Oh it's coming to a close' or 'Oh it's closer to the end than it is to the beginning,' that type of thing. I just keep plugging along, you know? I'm like the Energizer bunny of wrestling."

A lot of readers have asked this. Desmond Wolfe's valet Chelsea is a model/dancer from Orlando called Alison Skipper. She has done print and ad work for the past few years including shoots for Vogue magazine and a television commercial for Walt Disney World.

Namco Networks out of San Jose, CA signed a deal with TNA to develop a game for the iPhone, iPod touch and other mobile platforms in 2011.


Sad to report the passing of former WWWF referee Jack Savage on Sunday. He was 60. Jack officiated matches in the 1970s and 1980s at television tapings in the New England and Philadelphia area. He also at one time worked for Killer Kowalski's IWF promotion. One of Jack's friends, Sean O' Reily, wrote, "I worked with Jack more than any other ref. He knew what he was doing and really helped carry his load. Inside the ring, in the dressing room, or just hanging with the boys making sure dope kids like me didn't get into any trouble. Always protected the boys from pissed off bookers after we would screw up the finish. Taking the blame more times than not."

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has a story on Baron Mikel Scicluna who passed away over the weekend. The story at includes quotes from the Baron's son Michael who described his father as reserved and quiet. "I remember as a kid going to the store and people would be standing in line saying, 'There's that dirty, no-good, so and so.' But he was just a laid back, gentle giant. Everybody loved him." Former studio wrestling announcer Bill Cardille is also quoted. "He was a villain, but you knew when you talked to him that he was a gentleman. He treated everyone with respect. Anybody that crossed his path and got to know him even a little bit knows Baron Scicluna as an outstanding person and gentle man."

Dragon Gate USA is trying to lure Ring of Honor ticket holders with a discount for their head to head shows this weekend in Phoenix. DGUSA booker Gabe Sapolsky writes, "Simply bring your ringside or GA ROH ticket to their March 26 show to the DGUSA event that night. It will then instantly become a $20 off coupon for A-ring Rows 1-5 tickets. This is for March 26 and A-Ring Rows 1-5 only." More info at

Chris Hero signed a new contract with Ring of Honor.

Mark Jindrak who has spent the last few years in Mexico working under the name Marco Corleone has apparently left AAA and is now a free agent.

MTV2 and MTV Tr3́s (Latin American cable channel) has a new show launching Saturday nights in May called Lucha Libre. The show will be repackaged AAA footage with English-language commentary.

EWE out of Virginia is co-promoting a charity event on April 24 with Abyss, Desmond Wolfe, D-Lo Bown, Sonjay Dutt, Bill Apter, Melissa Coates and several reality TV stars. The event is to raise money for breast cancer as a tribute to Jenn Lyon of Survivor fame who recently passed away. They are doing a special mixed battle royal with the wrestlers and reality stars. More info at

James Guttman has new audio interviews online with Jesse Ventura and former ECW manager Joel Gertner at Gertner is looking to return to wrestling this year with MXW Pro Wrestling. "That's a project I was involved with in the middle part of the decade from about 2004-2006. We went on hiatus for about 3 years but we are now back with a vengeance. And we have a show set for Toad's Place in New Haven, Connecticut (on May 16) and I would definitely suggest, recommend, and implore any serious wrestling fans from the New York metro area, from the New England area, from all points - seriously, if you're within 250 miles of the show, there's no reason for you not to be there. It's going to be an unbelievable atmosphere in a legendary rock-n-roll concert venue that has hosted The Rolling Stones, U2, Tribe Called Quest, Billy Idol, and Megadeath and now it's going to host MXW and our 16 man tournament which is going to be the focus of our upcoming show, Come What May."

Percy Pringle (aka Paul Bearer) talks his career, the loss of his wife, his plans for the future, and much more at

The Carnage Crew at has a new audio show with Ted DiBiase Sr. talking about his Hall of Fame induction.

Monday's New York Daily News had a feature on the hottest celebrity legs in Hollywood. Stacy Keibler made the shortlist along with the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio, Eva Mendes, Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba.

The Heyman Hustle has some photos of Trish Stratus who is once again a blonde at

Today's Diva of the Day is Brooke Hogan at

RCW Late Nite Wrestling Show 002

Here's all three parts of the March 20, 2010 edition of Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) Late Nite that aired on KAIT TV-8 in Jonesboro. On this edition you will see Austin Lane vs. Bishop and Cody Melton vs. Jon Michael Worthington in first round matches of the RCW Heavyweight Championship Tournament plus "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton receives the "key to the city" from Augusta Mayor Jimmy Rhodes and more!

TCW Weekly Webcast!!

Jerry Lynn vs. Dexter Hardaway final

They're just doing the 10-minute weekly webcasts to show highlights from house shows and gain interest in our live events.  It's working well. 

They've got shows coming up with Mr. Anderson (Kennedy), The Pope (Elijah Burke), Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Honky Tonk Man, and more!

Monday, March 22, 2010

(WGN) March 22: Raw-Impact previews, WWE injury, John Cena on Wellness Program, Hall of Famer dies, Russo-Heyman, TNA backstage notes, RVD, Northeast indy shows sellout, more...


3/20 Raw house show results from Tucson, AZ: Santino & Primo over Chavo Guerrero & Carlito; Chris Masters over William Regal; The Miz over Christian; Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Eve Torres over Maryse, Jillian Hall & Eve Torres; Legacy over Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne; Big Show over MVP; and John Cena & Mark Henry over Sheamus & Batista. The drew just under 6,000 people.

The 3/21 Raw show in Reno, NV had the same results drawing 3,600.

The 3/20 Smackdown show in Visalia, CA was canceled due to a poor advance.

3/21 Smackdown house show results from Sacramento, CA: R-Truth over Mike Knox; Goldust over Vance Archer; Matt Hardy over Fit Finlay; John Morrison over Dolph Ziggler; Kane over Ezekiel Jackson; Michelle McCool over Beth Phoenix; and The Undertaker, Edge & Rey Mysterio over Chris Jericho, CM Punk & Luke Gallows. 

Baron Mikel Scicluna passed away this past weekend after a battle with liver cancer. He was 80. Sciclune was a main event heel in the 1960s and 1970s--a Maltese-born Canadian who spent most of his life living in the Pittsburgh area. He will be best remembered for his feuds with Bruno Sammartino, Gorilla Monsoon, and Pedro Morales. Out of the ring, he was regarded by those who knew him as a class act and a true gentleman. Scicluna retired from active competition in 1984 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1996. Visitation will be Friday at Devlin Funeral Home, 806 Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA. Tel: 412-364-051.

Richie Steamboat, son of the Dragon, in developmental tore his PCL which will likely require surgery and sideline him for several months.

Actor/Comedian Wayne Brady is booked to host Raw on May 3 from Jacksonville, FL. He is promoting the return of his game show, Let's Make A Deal.

WWE is all over the place this week promoting Wrestlemania. John Cena will be on Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night on NBC. Chris Jericho will be on George Lopez on Tuesday night on TBS. CBS Evening News has a piece on MVP. Steve Austin will be on G4's Attack of the Show tonight and The Miz is on the same show on Thursday.

Variety has a story on WWE's PPV business at which includes a lot of spin from WWE executive Michelle Wilson. She basically claims that PPV buys have increased of late due to cracking the Mexican market, which is somehow a reflection of the U.S. economy. "If something gets tired or old, it's something we have to look at," Wilson was quoted as saying. "It's just like any entertainment property. It's crucial to continue to reinvent yourself. WWE fans will tell you right away if they like it or don't like it and if it's something they don't want, we don't do it again." Riiiight. She also claims that more kids are watching WWE programming these days due to the PG rating saying that 20 percent of viewers are under 18. Ten years ago that figure was closer to 40 percent.

Sky Sports in the UK interviewed John Cena at He said regarding the Wellness Program, "It's nothing but a positive. I'll be quite honest with you, it's a company move that didn't need to be made. This is the entertainment industry, we're not organised athletics. But the WWE made a positive effort to look after its athletes and I'm very, very happy. It was the right move." Actually, the Wellness Program was a public relations move stemming from the death of Eddie Guerrero, although I think everyone will agree that the program IS a good thing.

Slam Wrestling has a story on Mad Dog Vachon going into the Hall of Fame at Vachon notes that WWE sent a camera crew to his house to interview him about his career and Stu Hart.

The Arizona Republic has a story on Ted DiBiase Sr. at

The April edition of WWE Magazine has 26 different covers. Matt Hardy didn't make the 26 so he kicked up a stink on his Twitter. He even had brother Jeff tweet, "Matt Hardy not on one of the WWE Wrestlemania magazine covers. That is some bullshit to me. Think about it WWE fans, is that right or wrong?" Matt then followed up by thanking his fans for their support. Many years ago I used to think this guy was smart and knew how to play the game.

The house show scheduled for June 5 in Montgomery, AL was canceled.


3/21 Destination X PPV results from Orlando, FL: Kazarian over Daniels, Amazing Red & Brian Kendrick in a Ladder match for an X-Divison title shot; Tara over Daffney to retain the Knockout title; Rob Terry over Magnus to retain the Global Championship; The Machine Guns over Generation Me in an Ultimate X match for a tag title shot; Scott Hall & Syxx-Pac over Kevin Nash & Eric Young to win storyline contracts; Doug Williams over Shannon Moore to retain the X-Division title; Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs. Beer Money to retain the tag titles; Kurt Angle over Mr. Anderson; and who knows what happened but AJ Styles vs. Abyss was a no contest.

This show was just another example of the roster working their tails off to make over-thought often illogical creative make sense. No title changes. No great matches aside from Ultimate X--which was a solid effort. Save your money for a house show because Destination X was completely forgettable.

Impact is live tonight from Orlando with Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan as tag champs who hate each other; The Beautiful People & Daffney vs. Tara, Angelina Love, Sarita & Taylor Wilde; plus Hulk Hogan has a "major announcement" for Lockdown.

It's not advertised but the plan as of this afternoon was to go with Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy vs. Beer Money.


TNA head writer Vince Russo wrote in his just released book, Roap Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo, that last year he personally called Paul Heyman to come to TNA. He said Heyman declined. I do know that ideas have been pitched for an ECW faction (Team 3D, RVD, Taz and Tommy Dreamer) to feud with the newly formed Wolf Pac (Nash, Hall and Waltman), who may soon add Sting to the group.

Rob Van Dam mistakenly thought he was booked for last night's PPV and showed up to the airport a day early for his flight to Orlando. "My bad. Thought I was booked or something," RVD wrote on his website. "I actually had several reasons to think I was expected at a pay per view from conversations earlier in the week, and the schedule they gave me, but it all boils down to me not paying attention. I simply didn’t know what the date was yesterday or I would (have) known I misunderstood plans. That’s what happens when you don’t worry about anything, and are so care free you don’t plan ahead. Sometimes it bites you in the ass!" More at

Brian Hebner (son of Earl) started last night as a referee.

Former WWE wrestler Jon Heidenreich was backstage at the PPV as was Jesse Godderz of Big Brother fame. Karen Angle was also sat in the crowd watching the show under the hard camera with her children.

There is at least talk of breaking up Beer Money as a tag team.

Scott Hall posted a new video (shot backstage at the Impact Zone) at where he basically jokes about the Wolfpac's past drug and alcoholism exploits.


The NWA Legends Fanfest Hall of Heroes will honor Joe Blanchard at their 2010 banquet. More information at

Ring of Honor ran in Mississauga, ON this past weekend with Davey Richards over Kenny Omega in the main event. The card was revised slightly as Roderick Strong and Mark Briscoe did not clear the Canadian border.

ROH just signed a TV deal with Canada's Fight Network for a Best of Ring of Honor series.

Dutch Mantell is opening a wrestling school in the Southeast. More infomation at or email to

A follow up on the Randy Poffo (Randy Savage) news note from the last newsletter. Steve Wilton, Poffo's former webmaster, wanted it made clear that he resigned from managing the website, due to the abuse he received from Poffo.

Northeast Wrestling ran this past weekend in Poughkeepsie, NY at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center with Tommy Dreamer over Jerry Lawler, Booker T over Ken Anderson, and Roddy Piper doing a Piper's Pit. The show, filmed by, was a sellout drawing 1,800 people on Saturday--more than the recent TNA house show-- and 600 people on Friday. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky also worked the show as The Beautiful People. The return dates are April 23 and 24 with Jeff Hardy.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling also drew a sellout claiming 1,700 in Philadelphia on Saturday night. Main event was Corporal Robinson vs. Mad Man Pondo in a death match.  The next show is April 6 in Pontiac, MI at the Crofoot Ballroom.

Bobby Heenan, 65, with his wife Cindi did an autograph signing over the weekend for Pro Championship Wrestling in the Chicago area. He wrote the foreword for a wrestling book written by P.L. Meyers who is a manager in PCW. We're told Bobby still has his sense of humor and a very quick wit.

The Toledo Free Press has a story on April Hunter talking health care reform at The story notes that her doctor told her to retire in 2007 but she's now taking bookings because her mother is battling stage four lung cancer, and she is helping to pay the medical bills. "I travel for a living, I’ve lived in other countries, so I’ve used socialized health care before, and actually a lot of times had less wait and less bills to pay... It kills me when people argue with me who have never left their backyard, they have never been to another country, and yet they love to tell me that the Canadian health care system is horrible. No, it’s not! I’ve used it lots of times. I’ve used the Japanese system. I’ve used the British system, where they actually came to my hotel and took care of me. I’ve used it in Germany. I’ve used these health care systems before."

The Asbury Park Press interviewed Tammy Sytch about her plans to write a book and more at

Maria Kanellis' team won the team competition last night on Celebrity Apprentice, winning $20,000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation. is now taking bets on the overall winner. Before last night's show Maria was the long shot along with Selita Ebanks. The odds-on favorite is Sharon Osborne.

The Heyman Hustle has some exclusive photos of Maria at

Wrestlicious taped some new shows last week. You can watch all the episodes online at

Today's Diva of the Day is Candice Michelle at

Photos from Saturday Night Paragould, AR!!

----So, after checking my old messages I realized that I had actually booked to be at the Paragould, AR show in January with Titanic.  RRO will be in Jonesboro this coming Saturday night with the Yearbook. Below are some pics of the show - mainly just posed shots with me/Karly.  D-Rock and Tia Blaylock were there from and we all sit at a big table together.  We all had a fun time.   I will be posting the Arena Report sometime later this week.

 Performer of the Night: Pappy & BT [at top]...From top right clockwise - "Good Call" with D-Rock, Bishop/Karly, Serpent/Karly, Spyro/Titanic in the ring with Bishop/Motley Cruz, "Bad Call" with D-Rock, BT & Stacy, Karly/Psycho and BT/Rik Burton  [CLICK ON PHOTO FOR BIGGER VIEW]

RassleResults: Memphis Championship Wrestling Boliver, TN 3.19.10

Patrick Smith beat Mr. Wrestling #4

"Genocide" [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] defeated "Picture Perfect" [Christian Jacobs and Jon Michaels]

Koko B Ware beat Doug Heximer.

Spellbinder beat Bones & Black Ice in a handicap match

Brian Christopher & Doug Gilbert defeated Derrick King & Cody Melton

Jerry Lawler over Kevin White w/ Garry White

Spellbinder wins the 12 man over the top rope battle royal to become the first ever Tennessee Battle Royal Champion.

-400 fans in the building...This was a super show from start to finish. Fans was hot all night for every match...Lawler's art teacher  was reconized along with Eddie Bond and Guy Coffee.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.20.10

ASWF opens the show on March 20, 2010 with the National Anthem and a 10 Bell Salute to one of our own.

1st Match

The action started off tonight with a #1 contender’s match for the X-Division title. Seth Sabre and Kaaliki faced off in a spectacular opener. The match exploded with Seth sticking to his high impact, high flying style nearly taking the victory early on. Kaaliki quickly grounded the young superstar falling back on his MMA training. The match progressed into a back and forth of reversals and submissions with Kaaliki finally taking the victory by snagging the bottom rope for leverage forcing Seth to tap out. Kaaliki turned his back on the fans claiming the name “Kaaliki” was a joke and he would now be known as Dante Cain.

Dante Cain secures the win to become the #1 contender for the X-Division Title

2nd Match

The 2nd match of the night was a knock down drag out between Kid Nikels and Eric Wayne. Kid dominated Eric in the early goings of this match holding nothing back. Eric quickly turned the tables as Kid tried a high risk move killing his momentum. Eric took advantage and punished Kid throughout the match. Kid pulled out the victory with a huge choke slam showing the ASWF fans just why he is one of the most dominating superstars on the ASWF roster.

Kid Nikles secures the win.

3rd Match

Dan Matthews and Lee Michaels teamed up to take on Cason McClain and Xcalibur. The self proclaimed no tan superman and one half of the tag team champions Cason, quickly took control of the match against the undefeated Lee. The match continued on with Lee trying to hold his own against the cheating tactics of Cason. Xcalibur refused to participate wanting to win the match based on skill in a rare show of sportsmanship from the Tuckerman resident. Lee made the tag to Dan Matthews who quickly entered the match lighting Cason up and hitting a huge spine buster on the champion securing the win.

Dan Mathews and Lee Michaels secure the win.

4th Match

Christopher Lee called out the #1 Contender Dante Cain after a short altercation earlier in the show. Lee continuously asked Cain why he would turn his back on the fans. Cain immediately went nose to nose with the champion promising to make him tap. Cain shoved the champ who quickly retaliated with clotheslines and drop kicks. Lee went on the offensive with a big cross body, garnering a quick two count. Dante once again fell back on his MMA training locking the champion into various reversals but unable to make Lee tap out. The frustrated Cain attempted to cheat his way to the win only to be thwarted by Seth Saber who refused to let Cain win the belt that way. Lee quickly took advantage of the respite hitting the Jenkins and securing the victory to retain the X-Division title. The frustrated Cain attacked the champion from behind and placed Lee into an ankle lock screaming at the champion to tap out. Saber ran to the ring forcing the cowardly Cain to flee the area.

Christopher Lee retains the X-Division Title.

5th Match

The semi-main event of the night saw the reunion CCR with Wild Bill and Demon X tagging up to take on the Lost Souls Johnny Hawk and Hot Rod John Ellison. Kidd Nickles was announced as the special guest referee to help ensure a fair match. This would be a grudge match as Hawk was looking for revenge on Demon X. Hawk claimed Demon X owed his career and success and titles to his training and would teach the ungrateful Demon a lesson. The match started off with Johnny refusing to enter the ring on even ground with Demon as Hot Rod started things off with Demon X. The match went back and forth with Wild Bill, Johnny Hawk, Hot Rod, and Demon X punishing one another in a brutal display of violence. Hot Rod and Hawk quickly fell into their familiar ways by distracting the referee and double teaming both members of CCR. The match finally broke into a free for all with all four men battling in the ring. Demon would secure the victory with a quick roll up for the three count on Hot Rod.

CCR secures the win.

6th Match

The main event of the night saw the ASWF heavy weight champion Austin Lane defending his title against The Bigg Rigg Cody Murdock in a no holds barred match. Austin would quickly light up Murdock with huge punches working the challenger into the corner. Austin acted like a man on a mission as he worked over Murdock. The numbers game would quickly come into effect as the Establishment members Cason and Athena Eclipse did their best to ensure a victory for the Bigg Rigg. Xcalibur would make a surprise appearance and turn his back on the Establishment nailing Murdock with a chair allowing Austin to hit Murdock’s own finisher the Flatbed from the second turnbuckle for the win.

Austin Lane retains the Heavyweight Title

Credit: Terrance Ward @

Sunday, March 21, 2010

RassleResults: SAW Nashville, TN 3.14.10 - BT Thoughts on Douglas & more

 ----With more local talent coming in to SAW, I am going to try to cover their results every week.  Let me just say, if the Douglas retirement is a shoot [and I am assuming it is], it is really a sign of how sad the business is in this area.  Douglas is one of the best - flawless in the ring and the "look" that apparently WWE was looking for at one time.  I got to see the last match between Douglas/Stevens from the Fairgrounds and it was probably close to anything being perfect that this area will ever see.  I have always seen guys like Stevens, Flash Flanagan, Douglas, Brian Christopher, Derrick King, Kevin White, Alan Steele and Pokerface as part of that generation that got stuck without territories.  King, Flanagan and Brian C [made it big, but hurt himself] had a little bit more chance at one time.  Then Stevens/Douglas were one of the reasons to watch TNA PPVs, but then guys like White, Steele and Poker almost are having to make their own ways - so much harder these days.   How sad is it that none of those guys have a job with either WWE or TNA??

----On a positive note, I did talk to Downtown Bruno and he said, "it was nostalgic for me to be back in the old fairgrounds sports arena" and he had a great time.  I bet he is happy to find out that he "has lost the scruffiness he had back in the day and was quite well spoken." LOL  

Andy Douglas announced his retirement at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena last night.

In a fitting conclusion to his eleven year career, Douglas made the surprise announcement after losing a steel cage match to his former partner of seven years, Chase Stevens, who was making his first defense of the SAW International Championship. The emotions inside that ring where as real as it gets.

Combine that with one of the best weapons brawls you would ever want to see, and I’m thinking it was SAW’s best event ever - as good as it gets for southern style pro wrestling in 2010.

For length and pacing, they nailed it right on the head. They started early (7pm - a kid friendly idea if I ever saw one) and finished in 2:30.

Although not quite as large in numbers (800), it was the hottest crowd, start to finish, for any of the four SAW events at the Fairgrounds. It was getting rowdy. Security had to ask the people to move back because they kept crowding up near the ring barrier, just like back in the day. Clearly, SAW has established an passionate core fanbase that knows the characters and follows the product on TV.

(1) Drew Haskins (with Sista O’Feelyah) submitted Cody Melton with a figure four leglock. I only saw the finish. Haskins’ gear wasn’t as…um…flamboyant as it was later in the evening.

Downtown Bruno was interviewed Natalie Van Eron. A fair percentage of the crowd seemed to remember him. Bruno took us down Fairgrounds memory lane, pointing out the spot where he met his fiance, and listing some of the great ones he had the opportunity to work with. Good segment. Bruno has lost the scruffiness he had back in the day and was quite well spoken.

(2) Jesse Emerson pinned Big Bully Douglas in 4:51. A somewhat mixed reaction for Emerson. He’s apparently too clean cut for a certain segment of this crowd. Back when there were territories, Douglas would have earned a living as a pro wrestler. Emerson took control. Douglas said enough with this clean wrestling BS, and leveled Emerson with a lariat. Douglas followed with a lariat off the ropes and a fallaway slam. Crisp finish- Emerson got the drop on Douglas and tried for an O’Connor Roll. Douglas blocked it and Emerson pinned him with a backslide.

(3) Brian Christopher beat Lani Kealoha in 3:08. Christopher got a longer, louder pop than he did for his return to the Fairgrounds last month. Kealoha was in the best cosmetic shape of any of his SAW appearances. He attacked before the bell. Christopher dropped Kealoha in his tracks with a superkick, hit a missile dropkick and deposited him outside the ring. Christopher danced and got tripped up by Kealoha. A nifty ropes-mounted spinning back elbow by Lani connected, but no such luck on the diving headbutt. Christopher capped his comeback with the top rope leg drop. No goggles this time. Hmm.

Stevens came into the ring with the SAW International Title for the first time and was interviewed with Van Eron. He’s way over but not to the degree Hammerjack is. Stevens was elated about having the prize coveted by every wrestler in the locker room, and said he was no paperweight champion. Adams appeared in the entrance way, and wow, did he ever get heat. He complained about biased officiating (by matchmaker Reno Riggins) and pointed out that while Stevens won the match, he was yet to walk out of the ring with the title. Rick Santel blindsided Stevens. Stevens cut that off with a high backdrop but got nailed by Andy Douglas. Adams joined in to make it a three on one beatdown, until Christopher made the save.

(4) PG-13 (Wolfie D & JC Ice) retained the SAW Tag Team Championship vs. Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King & Drew Haskins with Sista O’Feelyah) in a double count out in just 4:04. The first of four advertised matches saw DKE invoke the Freebird rule with Haskins subbing for JT Stahr. Haskins’ gear was hilarious. He wrestled in tiny blue tights while wearing socks and loafers. It was so gay. I’m not sure who exactly “Teen Excitement” was trying to excite. Wolfie was handing Haskins his ass. Bad image, sorry. Haskins ended up wearing only one loafer. King interfered and DKE briefly got heat on Wolfie. He used a Morton roll for the hot tag. Wolfie’s timing on what to do and when to do it is so spot on. Ice got a pair of near falls on Haskins. The match broke down with all four on the floor. Half Dolla came out with a broom, and King broke it across Wolfie’s back. Hopefully, this program is just getting off the ground.

(5) “Maniac” Marc Anthony beat Hammerjack in a Tennessee Streetfight in 14:53. Match of the night and my favorite live match so far for 2010. For a weapons brawl, it don’t get no better. Anthony’s promo work has been phenomenal. Last night, he brought his A game in the ring. He deserves a shot on larger stage. Kudos to Hammerjack on a remarkable piece of work. He was sick as dog, to the point he had no business doing the match, much less putting on a stellar performance. Hammer received an explosive pop coming out, and the heat never let up from there. The brawled outside the barricade, and Anthony fell back over the rail wearing one of those giant trash barrels. Anthony took over and delivered a Dick Murdoch elbow with Hammer lying defenseless on the apron. Anthony bashed Hammer with this giant metal roasting pan, and the impact created one of the best weapons sound effects ever. Hammer crowned Anthony with a trio of metal trash can lid shots. Anthony keeled over onto the concrete floor. Crowd was going nuts for Hammer’s comeback. Anthony drove a chair edge into Hammer’s throat over by the announcer’s desk. Finally inside the ring, Anthony whipped Hammer head first into a chair wedged between the turnbuckles. Within moments, Hammer’s face was covered with blood. Anthony charged and took a backdrop to the floor. Hammer tried to follow up, but Anthony started beating on him with a tennis racket. A can lid shot to Hammer’s head sounded like an explosion. Hammer suplexed Anthony into a coffin of chairs at ringside, busting up the chairs for a great carnage visual. Another huge “Hammerjack” chant here. Anthony fired one of the chairs at Hammer’s head to cut him off. Anthony delivered a low blow that Hammer sold like the mother of all nut shots. Anthony crashed and burned on a top rope headbutt. Just when Hammer had Anthony where he wanted him, a video played on the big screen. It was an endless loop of Hammer’s daughter running towards the camera with a present in her hand shouting “Happy Birthday, daddy!” It’s usually so lame when a wrestlers stops a match to look at something on screen, but this was disturbing enough to allow for suspension of disbelief. Anthony capitalized with one chair shot to the back and a sick one to the head for the pin.

The postmatch was like a psychotic nightmare. Anthony set Hammer’s throat on the edge of a chair and waffled his back with another chair shot. Hammer was still bleeding profusely. Hot Rod Biggs hit the ring. Anthony whacked him in the head with the chair and a second shot put him down for good. Biggs bled all over his white shirt and looked like a zombie mess. At one point, Anthony was holding ten guys at at bay, before they were able to pull Hammerjack out of the ring. As Hammer was being carried out, Anthony put his helmet on and barked to the heavens. This match that will be etched in my brain for a very long time.

(6) Brian Christopher beat Rick Santel (with Paul Adams) via DQ in 2:33. The pop for Christopher was amplified the second time around. Santel was talking smack. Christopher shut his mouth with a quick burst of offense. Adams jumped up to provide distraction, and Santel jumped Christopher from behind, injuring his shoulder. Christopher fired back, but the shoulder was giving him fits, and Santel hit a back suplex. Nature’s Greatest Elbow hit nothing but canvas. After laying Santel out with a neckbreaker, Christopher went up top and Douglas dumped him for the DQ. A Team doubled up on Santel until Stevens made the save. The point was to get Christopher over more as a babyface and it worked.

(7) Jon Michael Worthington defeated Cody Melton in 4:37. This was the only match the crowd wasn’t up for. Melton came off the ropes and tasted Worthington’s boot bigtime. Worthington made three consecutive covers but no dice, so he beat the hell out of Melton in the corner. Melton escaped from a power slam position and downed Worthington with a back stabber. Melton’s big near fall came off a flying body press. Finish saw Melton attempt to suplex Worthington out of the ring. Not gonna happen. Worthington countered with the Brentwood Breaker (jackhammer).

(8) Chase Stevens pinned Andy Douglas at 13:42 to retain the SAW International Championship inside a steel cage. It wasn’t the best match they’ve had during this incredible run. But it added a final piece to the impressive body of work these men compiled over the last 16 months. Their epic series of matches set the standard by which to judge great matches in SAW. They took SAW from a company that had a rep for not being able to deliver the goods in big matches, to one where it is now the norm. This was an old-fashioned cage match. Nobody was getting in and nobody was escaping. Stevens was all over Douglas at the start, flinging him into the cage. Stevens took a chest bump into the buckles, and Douglas returned the favor with shots into the cage. The third one was a classic face first shot. Stevens bled. Douglas kept the pressure on the blood was really starting to flow. The crowd got behind Stevens, and they let the heat build before Douglas let the air out of them with a high knee for a near fall. Stevens hit a top rope superplex that left both men down. At the count of six, Stevens scrambled for a cover and Douglas kicked out. Douglas begged for mercy. Stevens gave him the one finger salute in stereo. Stevens hit a codebreaker for a near fall. Douglas snapped off a Jake Roberts style DDT for a near fall. Stevens made Douglas miss with a guillotine leg drop. Stevens then missed with a moonsault from the top of the 12 foot cage. Completely insane, but what the hell, the guy had survived a fall from the balcony in one of their previous matches. Douglas covered and Stevens kicked out. Douglas used a Frankensteiner for a near fall, and then hit the Natural Selection. Stevens kicked out of it just before the three count. Douglas went for it again, and Stevens countered, dropping him on his neck with a variation on the Attitude Adjustment.

Douglas embraced Stevens. This was far from an ordinary hug. Douglas was choked up bad. He asked for the mic. What an awful time for the sound system to konk out. They waited and waited and with no working mic forthcoming, Douglas went without, which in a way, made it even more special. Few could hear what Douglas was saying, but the raw gut churning emotion made it unforgettable. Here he was, retiring in the building where he made his name, a building where countless legends had preceded him, after putting over his long time partner. Douglas started weeping and it became difficult to find the words. Only after they left the ring and people were starting to leave, was a working microphone brought out. Douglas said wrestling meant the world to him, and he always gave 100% for the fans. He ran down a list of people he owed thanks to. Douglas started weeping and it became difficult to get the words out. Stevens took the mic and said, “You are my best friend, and I love you very much. Thank you for the seven years you gave me.”

NOTES: SAW returns to the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena on May 8. There will be a television taping in the interim at a location to be announced.

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