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RCW Quick Results!! 4.02.10

-Christian Jacobs beat Bishop to advance in the Title Tourney

-Jon Michael beat Ron Rage to advance in the finals in Title Tourney

-Rodney Mack beat Seth Knight

-Stan Lee beat Greg Anthony in the match of the night.

-"Midnight Gold" [Bobby Eaton/TGB] with special ref Casino Kid beat "High Stakes" [Chris O'Neal/Stan Lee]

----Show had a disappointing 40+ fans for the second show in Trumann, but the matches were good from start to finish.  They did some angles with Matt Riviera, Rodney Mack and the finish on the main.  I will cover that later this week in my Arena Report.  Dream match there with CJ vs Jon Michael as those two put on a [****] match last year in EWE.

----RRO is on the road today in Tuckerman, AR for ASWF with a start time of 7:00 PM for the first KAIT TV tapings featuring the Mighty Midgets, Austin Lane and more.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL + SAW TV taping 4.02.10 - 163 in Attendance!!

record crowd of 163 attended
Matches 3,4,5,& 7 were taped for SAW TV 

1)Damien Payne & Jason Xavier b Psycho Medic & Crusher Eric Hodge when Payne pinned Medic

2)Josh Crow b Shawn Hoodrich and Bad Boy Dixon and Steven Green to win the USWO Jr. Championship when he pinned Hoodrich

3)Rick Santel b Lani Kealoha

4)Derrick King (w/Drew Haskins) b Cody Melton

5)LT Falk b Drew Haskins (w/Derrick King)

6)ATL Champion Gary Valiant b Dyron Flynn

7)USWO Tag Team Champions LT Falk & Rudy Switchblade b Derrick King & Drew Haskins with stereo rollups after the match was restarted due to King using a chain on LT to get a pin

8)USWO Champion Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique) b Nore Havoc

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Shows for the Weekend 4.02 to 4.03.10 - Rodney Mack Makes RCW Debut!!

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows.  Two TV tapings for KAIT this weekend on Friday with RRO in Trumann, AR for RCW and in Tuckerman, AR for a FREE show with ASWF.

RCW Late Nite Wrestling TV Taping
Friday, April 2, 2010
8 p.m. Bell Time
Trumann Recreation Complex
Trumann, Arkansas
RCW Title Tournament Semi-Final Match
"Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs vs. Bishop
RCW Title Tournament Semi-Final Match
"P.O.B. Member" Ron Rage vs. Jon Michael Worthington
TV Feature Bout
Stan Lee vs. "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony
Plus: "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, "VH-1 Reality Star" Matt Riviera, "Dynamite" Seth Knight, Chris O'Neal, Charles "Casino Kid" Moser and just confirmed former WWE/ECW Superstar Rodney Mack!
Tickets are $12 Front Row Reserved; $10 Adult Gen. Admission and $8 Student Gen. Admission.

Also, all paying fans who bring a can of food for the local Trumann Food Pantry will be entered into a special drawing to be guest ring announcer in the main event!

In Case You Missed It: Stuff and Things

-IWA TV 3.20.10 Report by D-Rock over at WNC - CLICK HERE!!

-D-Rock put his own version of Arena Report from Paragould, AR - CLICK HERE!!

-Tia posted her photos from Paragould, AR featuring WNC and RRO crew - CLICK HERE!!

-Loose Cannon had some nice words to say about yours truly and something about me and Treat.  Don't be jealous Cannon!  CLICK HERE!!

Arena Report: DCW Jonesboro, AR 3.27.10

----Show opened with a “match” that was just designed to have Southside Brawler come out and challenge Pimptactular.  Match didn’t last long and it featured two trainees.  Did not catch their names??  Brawler challenged Pimp and the winner would get a DCW title shot next week.
----Genesis beat Rod Price when the ref [Tim Daniels – who did a good job] caught a chain.  Just a solid bout with perfect psychology.  Heat started when Price side stepped Genesis and pushed his throat into the top rope.  [good smart heat start] The first time I ever seen Price work was in the World Class days.  He has always been an above average worker.  [**3/4]
----Ron McClarity beat Tejano Kid with Dominique.  The best bout on the show.  They worked a typical old school bout.  Kid/Dominique are the most over heels.  The fans have always hated them.  McClarity [who is a heelish baby] used the ropes to pin Kid. [***1/2]
----Southside Brawler beat Pimptacular.  Match was good, but I expected better.  It went back and forth a little more than I like – not great psychology.  All moves executed were done real well.  Brawler has always been solid.  He took a RKO that I actually ask him about after the match – it looked stiff.  Lots of near finishes building for the end. Brawler finally beat him with a superkick. [**3/4]
----I got to do an angle with Jazz/Simply Luscious.  I gave Jazz her award and Luscious came out to say she deserved the award.  I got to split the girls apart and tell them, “wait until your match later tonight..”
----Purple Haze beat JD Kerry.  Kerry is now a heel and the fans hate him also.  He did a good job trying to get a match out of Haze.  Some of the spots in the wrong places, but Kerry looked flawless.  Not a great bout though. [**]
----Pokerface with Angel-Lena beat Marty Graw.  Perfect match for what it was.  Graw had a hurt back legit, so they did a few spots for shine.  Poker then took over [very smart] and just worked his leg – keeping him on the mat.  Graw never died and kept fighting back.  Poker did a great job carrying a guy that probably shouldn’t even been in the ring. Angel-Lena took a nasty bump at one point. Poker is a very good heel. “Gorillaz” jumped in to hit Graw with a double move to put Poker over. [**1/2]
----Jazz beat Simply Luscious by DQ when Angel-Lena jumped in.  I was surprised to see the girls in the main event, but Jazz is the most over babyface there right now.  Good solid bout – everything looked real good.   Jazz hit a black-hole slam that looked tremendous. Didn’t like non-finish, but they are still building Jazz vs Angel-Lena. [**1/2]
----70+ range in the crowd…Not sure why they call their title belt the “World” title.  I hate that.  World title of Jonesboro ??...Rodney Mack did not wrestle.  He came before the Rod Price match and Price/him look to be joining up as a team.  Mack has some good heat as a heel, but I think he was way more over as a baby…Genesis has a great look. He had a smaller Randy Orton type body and worked hard.  A bit green, but when he came out of it heat he had great babyface fire that impressed me…McClarity/Kid bout started after Kid was trying to get Rick Ruby to wrestle him.  I am just not use to seeing McClarity as a baby.  Tejano might be one of the most underrated in the area for getting heat and can work a real solid bout when in the ring with someone above average.  Ruby did a good job at ringside keeping the crowd going…Pimp keeps improving.  Brawler one of the most underrated in the area also…Well I want to see Kerry against guys like TGB, Stan Lee, Eric Wayne, Alan Steele and Austin Lane…I use to tell guys [and if you have talked to me before you know this is one of my favorite things] – you are not a great worker if you can only have great matches with great wrestlers.  You are great worker if you can have a good match with a bad worker.  Poker [not that Graw is bad – he was just hurt] took a bad situation and got a decent bout out of it.  Poker could probably have a good match with a peg leg one eye monkey…“Gorillaz” are too big huge guys that I was told “work really light” being trained by Mack.  They reminded of the Samoans by their size.  They also looked real young…Angel-Lena has improved to the point where you are not watching her to see what mistakes she is making.  This stint with this group has helped her tons…Luscious looked a lot better than last time I saw her – in the ring and her body…Thanks to cast & crew.  I had a great time!  This is a real good crew that really works hard to get the whole show over. 

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RCW Late Nite Wrestling March 27 Part 3

Check out the full bout between "VH-1 Reality Star" Matt Riviera and Ron Rage of the P.O.B.!

RCW Late Nite Wrestling March 27 Part 2

Check out the final moments of Austin Lane vs. Bishop and see the final five minutes of Cody Melton vs. Jon Michael Worthington. Plus JIM CORNETTE discusses RCW and his new website!

RCW Late Nite Wrestling March 27 Part 1

Check out the first 10 minutes of the March 27 edition of RCW Late Nite Wrestling from KAIT TV-8 in Jonesboro. You'll see the last five minutes of the Seth Knight-Christian Jacobs bout and the closing moments of Bishop vs. Austin Lane.

ASWF Press Statement!

----This was in response to something I wrote earlier this week. [CLICK HERE] It was also probably due to some online conversations I had with ASWF insiders and text messages with Austin Lane.  I will say this -  I wish everyone success for a TV show.  I want it to work.  I just got a bit pissy thinking that this group went to the same TV station as RCW.  The powers to be at RCW seem to be taking it in stride and really not "worrying about the Jones" and going ahead with business as usual.  I will be live at ASWF Saturday night in Tuckerman, AR for the Yearbook Tour - I hope to get a chance to talk one on one with Austin Lane and David Walls about their TV venture. 

ASWF made the decision long ago to further their promotion by entering the television market, but other ventures have failed. The only option for a station to carry us was KAIT-8. We did decide to run on a different night than RCW. It would not be fair to not further our promotion's progress because another promotion is running on the same channel on a different night. We here at ASWF wish RCW all the luck in the world. We at ASWF are only focusing on ASWF business and our own talent.

We appreciate everyone's support and look forward to seeing you at the show

The Straight Flush "The State Of the Business" by Pokerface

The State of the Business ( well locally):

Has anything changed much since my last gripe? Ha, ha, I don't think it has. Business as usual from what I gather. It is, and probably continue to be the same old same, with a few little fluctuations here and there. Now it's time for my rant.

TV- As far as I know four promotions are either on or about to some kinda of television spot. I guess for some reason these people actually feel that they can actually make money running a wrestling company. I'm not saying that it's impossible, but the chances are slim and A- cup (think about it). I've worked in many different places where they were "gonna or try to get TV". Let's just say they aren't in business anymore. It's more involved than what most people think. I should know, I've seen it done the right way and the wrong way. I know some exposure is better than none, but it all comes down to the product. I worked for a company over a year ago , that drew near the 400 paid mark on a semi regular basis. The means a lot to me because I saw it grow from barely 100 paid to 400 in about 6 months. That's a pretty big jump for an indy show. True they did have a TV spot locally, but it was the hard work of the guys that did it, and I was proud to be part of it. Again its all about your product. Honestly, I hope all these new television ventures succeed, I guess time will tell. In one area that I work, at times there maybe 3 companies running on the same weekend. Too many people trying to divide the pie. And we wonder why no one is drawing.

Attendance -

From what I hear at times the attendance is a little higher, I guess. For most companies to draw they have to give away tickets, do a benefit, or some kind of special night attraction. Now there is nothing wrong with that, we gotta do what we gotta do. But if that's the only way we can draw, then something is wrong. Sometimes special incentives are needed to stimulate or re- stimulate the fans' interest. When it's all said and done, it's about the product and marketing. One of the best advertising tools is word of mouth. How do rumors spread. If you can give the fans something that they'll be talking about for at least 3 days after the show, then you are on the right track. To a certain point, that should be on the shoulders of the wrestlers as well as the promoters. Do what's good for the business. Be willing to be a sacrificial lamb for the company. That doesn't mean to let yourself get buried, but try to keep the mindset, that at least at this level, this is a team sport.

Once again I know my attempt to smarten the "boys" or the "office" is futile. You can't say I haven't tried. Nothing I gripe about or bring up is anything that I don't do myself. Anyone I've worked with or for can attest to that. Until then, we will continue to see the same old matches, with no creativity. The same weekend warrior wrestlers, who are afraid to get out of their comfort zone. We will continue to see the "babyface shine", heat spot, heat, double down, comeback, cutoff, and finish (YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!) The same lame ass, boring promos that would put a dead man in a coma. We will continue hearing about mofos getting fired from one company and then jumping ship 30 miles down the road, just to kiss and make up 2 months later a make the whole thing an angle. Then do the shit over again. We will continue to here about mofos not wanting to do business because they are soooooo good and over. That's why I'm selective about the shows I do. Even the ones that "draw" 1000 or so, I wouldn't be to quick to jump at the chance to work for them. POKER DON"T KISS NO ASS, AND POKER AIN'T NO YES MAN(now you offer me six figures, I'll say yes to everything in 3 languages.) But that's probably why I don't get asked to do a lot of shows with the "30 boys". I'm not in the A - crowd. To hell with them as long as I got My- crowd.

Until next time, take care, and keep your pimp hand strong.

My World Maxxed Out "The Pope dies, Julie gets married, and we lose an hour!" by Maxx Corbin

The Pope dies, Julie gets married, and we lose an hour!

By the time you read this I’ll be on a sandy beach in Florida. I know that sounds like I’m about to confess some type of crime and that I’m going to hide out in Florida…But that is not the case. This Friday I will celebrate 5 years of marriage to a wonderful woman who has been with me through thick and thin. We started dating my senior year of high school and have been together ever since. In fact, if it wasn’t for her, I would have never got in the business (so you can all blame Not only was she my support system, but she spotted me the money for wrestling school when I was a broke kid that was living from week to week. We had only been dating about a year at the time too. It was a huge investment on her part and could have been considered risky, but she believed in me. So, I thought I’d take a few lines on this post to be a bit sappy over my wife and how much she means to me. If you wonder about the tagline for this portion of the column (The Pope dies, Julie gets married and we lose an hour!) it comes from Julie’s (my wife) cousin. In case you can’t figure it out, our nuptials corresponded with the death of the Pope and daylight savings time that year. The phrase has been mentioned in the Mullikin house to the point that it has became like our marriage motto. But, despite the bad omens of a fire breaking out during the wedding or getting “sleep slapped” our first night sleeping in the same bed, we have managed to have a happy and healthy relationship and these 5 years have flown by.

The Death of the Mark Wall

When I was in high school I started a sort of wall of fame. I hung newspaper clippings of wrestling related news and pictures all over the wall. I also had action figures on it as well. Over time I add pictures to the wall. I even put up a few pics from my first match and cards that I had wrestled on. Well, last week I decided it was time to take down the wall. I got a projector and the only wall in the house that I could use it on was the Mark wall. As I removed the articles one by one I started reading and thinking. I had a newspaper articles up from USA Today’s May of 99 when Owen Hart passed. I had one up talking about Lawler running fro mayor of Memphis (The first time). I also had a Mick Foley interview and the article on Rick Rude’s death. With the exception of the Lawler and Foley articles though, some of them were sad and depressing. I guess me holding on to the clippings was a my little way of doing a memorial…but dam there was at least 4 or 5 death articles up there for guys that were taken way too young. The Mark wall also made me think a bit about where I’ve come to in wrestling. Not that I’ve made it or anything like that, but just the fact that a lot of the guys I looked up to and put on my wall had been on a card with or in the ring with me at some point in my career. Guys I admired like Lawler, Dundee, Bobby Eaton (who I was a huge mark for as a kid….Alabama Jam, motherfuckkkaaa…lol), Ricky Morton, Koko B Ware, and others like that…it was pretty cool.

Big Crowds and Big Events

One of the biggest crowds I have ever had the opportunity to work in front on was at Henderson, TN the beginning of March. There was well over a thousand people there. I kid you not, by the 2nd match they were out of drinks at the concession stand and they brought a lot of cases to sell. Not sure what the gate for the show was because it went to a great cause (The Carl Perkins Center for Child Abuse) but with tickets ranging from $7 to $10, that’s at least $7,000 to $10,000 gate. Big props to Garry and Kevin and all others involved in the promotion of that show. Who else is drawing like that? 2 weeks ago we did 400 or so in Bolivar, TN as well for Brian’s show. With that said I hope the success keeps rolling in to May for shows that Garry and our crew are a part of. That’s because I have a huge show coming up at West Middle in Jackson on May 7th. It also, is for a good cause. The school here needs to raise about $3,000 before the end of the year to avoid trouble. The last show in October raised them about $1,500. So, I have made it my mission to beat that. Wish me luck though, the school is in the middle of nowhere and it’s always a crapshoot if it will draw or not. 3 out of 4 times it has been successful. But to be honest I wouldn’t have come to see that first show we did here 3 years back with that crew…lol….That will get some heat but its true.

One Last Thing

I did receive a few emails about my last column. The celebrity look-a-likes column was pretty well received. I will say it could have been way better than it was. We had some difficulty getting the pictures up with the column and I think that took a little something away from it. I did get some reminders of people I forgot. Such as:

Stan Lee = James Franco (Don’t believe me? Watch the movie Pineapple Express and then come at me with your argument…lol)

Su Yung = Lucy Liu (I personally didn’t see this but I received the email so I thought I’d post)

I even got a pretty mean but funny one that had a local wrestler being played by Corky from the old 90’s tv show Facts of Life. While it was funny, my fear of Karma prevents me from posting who it was. The texter that sent that in should be ashamed of himself…lol. Once again though, if you have some celebrity look-a-likes that I haven’t mentioned or thought of, hit me up. I’ll post them on my next column.

Finally, I want to congratulate my pal Christopher Francis O’Neal Jr.. This week he returned to the ring after almost a year off. The operation was supposed to have kept him out for over a year, but through hard work and determination, he mad it back way before expected. I am a bit upset that he didn’t name his tag team with Stan a variation of Picture Perfect and Hot Topic (Something like Hot Picture or Perfect Topic) but I guess I’ll get over it…lol. All jokes a side I’m happy for you bro. I know its rough when you have to sit out. Congrats on being back!

That does it for this month guys. I’ll be back next month with more rambling nonsense…All the way up till BT cancels this column…..Till then…..”When you go to cross the street, careful where you put your feet. Look both ways and be alert. If a car hits you it’s gonna hurt.”

Someone tell me where that’s from? Lol



----Above are RRO Award Winners 2009 - Rookie and Female Performer - JD Kerry & Jazz.  Photos were taken at the DCW show in Jonesboro, AR Saturday night.  Arena Report will be posted soon.

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ASWF: Free Show and Group Gets TV!!

----Below is a poster for this coming Saturday night for a FREE show.  This group also has TV starting on KAIT 8 on April 9, 2010 at 1:00 AM.  I have mixed feelings about this, because I am happy to see a group get TV, but this is all the same station that airs RCW.  Austin Lane recently left RCW after only one show to book ASWF for owner David Walls and now they got TV.  It will be interesting to see how it comes off, because with the current ASWF crew it will be hard to put on quality TV. [except for a few like Lane, Kid Nikels and Eric Wayne]

Jason Reed: Picture of the Week

----Reed with Motley Cruz and a shot from yesterday's Wrestlemania party featuring a lot of local guys.

The Yearly Wrestlemania Recap by Gene Jackson

As always I ordered my one pay per view of the year last night.....WRESTLEMANIA! I have to admit having watched more wrestling than I have in the past few years I was pretty excited about watching it.....not to mention now that I have a girlfriend who is excited about watching it with me it was even better than last year when it was just me and my puppy Lola watching it.

Let's go down the line of the full card and I'll give my thoughts on each match......I've been busy all day so I haven't read what anyone else is saying about it which is good cause I prefer to give my reviews without being influenced by other's opinions.....

Unified Tag Team Title
Show-Miz (Miz/Big Show) successfully defended against John Morrison/R-Truth

I can't say I was overly excited about this match but this was the first time the tag team titles have been featured at Wrestlemania in a while and as makeshift teams go Morrison/R-Truth have been a given a little bit of a push lately. Decent little opener with a nice finish that made the champs look good without hurting the challengers too bad. Thumbs up on this one.

Triple Threat
Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase (Jr.)

I'm sorry but I've seen this rivalry drag on on RAW for so long I was just WAY over it before now.......I don't buy Randy Orton as a babyface at this point.....they really should have had Dibiase or Rhodes try to break out as the babyface in this angle rather than Orton who has garnered a lot of legit heat with fans in recent years......Cody really needs a better look as the bare knees, no knee pad look, and basic trunks makes him look like he's a teenager out there trying to wrestle....I know boots and trunks are old school but they just aren't meant for surprises here as Orton puts away the former Legacy with both of his patented finishes..... Thumbs in the middle's good for what it was but it shouldn't have been here in the first place....IMHO....

Money in the Bank Ladder Match featuring: Christian/Matt Hardy/Evan Bourne/MVP/Shelton Benjamin/Kane/Jack Swagger/Kofi Kingston/Drew Mcentyre

This has become one of the highlights for me of Wrestlemania each year and this one pretty good....nothing too memorable but some fun spots like the Kofi stilt spot and such.....I would have like to have seen Kofi win.....or Christian....perhaps poor Shelton Benjamin who normally ALWAYS delivers in these matches but what do we get.....Jack Swagger.........JACK F'N SWAGGER......who couldn't even get the damn case unhooked.....9 guys had to lay on the floor like retards and wait for what seemed like FOREVER for this goof to finally unhook that damn case.....I was screaming at the TV for someone.....ANYONE to knock his ass down because he was fumbling around so long getting it......oh well hopefully this means the ridiculous streak of EVERY money in the bank winner winning the title will finally end......then again maybe not.....Sheamus is of course a FORMER WWE CHAMPION....something they can never take back......sorry but THUMBS DOWN on this one for no other reason but a shitty finish.

Triple H vs. Sheamus my burning hatred for Sheamus is well documented......not a all.....but I have to say he worked a good match here and came out looking pretty good here and unlike many I do think HHH going over was the right call here as it would be looked upon as more of Sheamus being shoved down people's throats and they would shit on him more than they already do......oddly...a thumbs up for this one.

CM Punk w/the Straight Edge Society vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey out in a "Avatar inspired" outfit......ok, whatever.......Punk is sporting a GI JOE inspired outfit so we'll called that a wash......another angle involving Rey's kids which now highlights the fact his son is now about a foot taller than him.......Punk is doing well with his cult leader gimmick finally getting to show the heel potential he showed for years in Ring of Honor back in the day......good match from both guys with a cool complaints......perfectly good wrestlemania filler match....thumbs up!

Grudge Match
Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. Mr. McMahon

Ok, I hate to admit it NOW....but this is one of the reasons I ordered the pay per view.....I always liked the Hitman and wanted to see how he'd hold up in the ring after the stroke and all the physical problems he's had in the past several years.....I don't want to be negative but this was by far one of the worst laid matches I've ever seen.......anywhere...period. I didn't expect to see Bret/HBK Ironman revisited but Christ this was devoid of ANY psychology whatsoever!! Perhaps if the reveal of the Hart's double cross came at the end or something but there was NO DRAMA at all....none.....the crowd was dead til the Sharpshooter......granted Bret needed to win....and win convincingly but damn.....there was no heat, no buildup, no comeback....just an uncomfortably long beatdown....I don't know that I've been this disappointed in a match since Sting vs. Hogan at Starrcade '97......just awful......THUMBS DOWN!

World Title
Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Nice back story to this one with the injury and Jericho's insensitive comment while Edge was out.....although if I heard the words "achille's tendon" one more time I think I would have thrown something through the TV....not to mention all that "spear, spear, spear" crap.....however a very good match with a good story and kudos for not going with the obvious Edge returns and wins the title at Wrestlemania finish and allowing Jericho to retain....Jericho has been the most consistent heel in the company in recent years and deserves to reap some rewards for it.....thumbs up!

enough said.....thumbs down!

WWE Title
Batista vs. John Cena

A match that's been a long time coming that had a pretty good build to it.....the Cena haters are out in force with their signs....along with one of the mostly oddly amusing signs I've seen in the crowd that read "BATISTA LIKES FISH STICKS" complete with picture.......I didn't have much in the way of expectations for this match but I have to say I was pleasantly was actually very good in my opinion.....Batista is the modern day Lex Luger who can pull off a good match with a strong opponent and Cena has proven to be quite competent at delivering good matches when called upon. Bit shocked at the tap out finish.....but a good finish all the same........I also loved Cena walking right over to the guys in the 'we hate Cena' shirts and getting a shot on camera of him smiling while holding the belt up in front of them......that kinda stuff amuses the hell out of me and has made me come to respect the guy for taking it all in stride rather than acting like a prima donna who gets his feelings hurt by that kinda stuff......thumbs up!

Streak vs. Career
The Undertaker vs. "HBK" Shawn Michaels

This is the one we all came to see.......HBK my all time favorite wrestler in what we all knew was likely to be his retirement match......Great story told her by two of the best ever in the industry.....not quite as fluid as last year's match, I will always this the previous one was the better match but a great match by anyone's standards and what a way for Shawn Michaels' to leave the ring.......quite poetic in a the end no matter how good you are.....we all go down to the 'Undertaker'.....nice nod to his Flair retirement match at the finish......I can only hope that unlike Flair and Foley and Terry Funk and so many others that this isn't just the first of many. As much as I like to watch Michaels I do think he is picking the right time to walk away......while he's still on top....and still at his one will feel sorry for him or pity him like they do watching the Flair/Hogan abominations over on TNA......A fitting end to an incredible career.......thumbs up!

So there you have it from my perspective.....I didn't love it all but there was more thumbs up than down so I think that's a good thing......Check back soon for another Cheap Heat!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.27.10

ASWF opens the show on March 27, 2010 with the National Anthem.

We Started off the night with the announcement of our new majority owner, Ms. Betty Butler. She stated that alot of changes were fixing to take place! The first thing she did is make next Saturday's show completely FREE!!! And she is bringing in the Mighty Midgets for it. Next, she announced that beginning on April 9th @ 1:00a.m., ASWF will be airing on KAIT-8! She stated that there are more surprises to come with her in charge!

This was a match between "Hot Rod" John Ellison and the European Champion, Lee Michaels. Throughout this entire contest Hot Rod continued to push the rules and challenge the ref until finally the ASWF Commissioner, Ricky Rowland came out and called him on it. As Hot Rod was standing there arguing with Commissioner Rowland, Lee Michaels surprised him with the roll up pin from behind and got the 1,2,3. This takes Lee Michaels undefeated streak to 16 weeks here at ASWF.       Winner: Lee Michaels
In this bout we had Dante Cain vs. "Prime Time" Kevin Charles. During this match Kevin showed us that he has an excellent technical background while Dante Cain was showcasing his mixed martial arts background. It was back and forth with Cain bending the rules when it suited him. After several near falls for both contenders, Cain secured the victory by using the ropes for extra leverage to pin Charles.                                                                     Winner: Dante Cain

This match was Enforcer and Casino. This match was full of dirty tricks at every turn. The Enforcer choked Casino with the chain that Casino always wears in his matches, rubbed his eyes across the ropes, and hit him with closed fists every time he got him near a corner. The ref finally saw this as The Enforcer was in the corner using his Enforcement stick to pummel Casino in the midsection. The ref then promptly disqualified Enforcer.                                                                                                                     Winner: Casino

We were about to go to intermission when some familiar music that we haven't heard in a while hit. Out of the curtain stepped none other than "Iron" Mike Anthony. The crowd was hostile towards him and kept telling him to go back  where he came from. Anthony said he came back to grace us with his presence for one reason, to take out Austin Lane. Anthony made the comment that Lane wasn't even a good enough wrestler to lace up his boots. To say that the crowd was hostile at this point is an understatement. Austin chants went up all over the building. Anthony said that they could chant all they wanted too, nothing was gonna stop him from destroying Austin Lane.


Just as T-Bone Terrance Ward was about to start the 2nd half of the show, Austin Lane's music hit. The place erupted. Austin came out and took to the center of the ring. Austin announced that tonight was very special night because not only did we get a new owner, it would be the last night with T-Bone Terrance Ward as our live commentator. Austin proceeded to thank Terrance for all his wonderful contributions to this promotion and then stated that Terrance wouldn't be leaving ASWF completely, just moving up in the ranks to join the production team for ASWF's new TV show. As Austin bowed and the chant of "Thank You Terrance" went up, it was a very emotional moment for several in the ASWF. 

 This was a Tag Team Title match with CM2 taking on CCR, the team of Wild Bill and Demon X. This contest had several twists and turns. It was looking like the Champs were in danger of losing their belts at several points during this match, until Cason McClain got outside of the ring and brought a steel chair in. Cason hit Wild Bill  and just as Cason was getting ready to use the chair on Demon X, Austin Lane came out and speared him. The ref called for the bell and disqualified CM2 for the use of the chair. McClain then issued a challenge to Austin Lane stating that Lane stuck his nose into CM2's business and he would pay in a no DQ match later tonight. Lane accepted.                                                                                                  Winner: CCR

The semi-main event placed Johnny Hawk against Seth Sabor. Seth took control in the opening  minutes of this contest to the point of Johnny Hawk begging off  in the corner.  Once Johnny Hawk got some momentum going, he turned this match around. After several turns in this match, Hawk finally secured the pin over Sabor.                                                                                                                            Winner: Johnny Hawk
The main event of the night is the much anticipated battle between CM2's Cason McClain vs. Austin Lane for the ASWF Heavyweight Championship. This is a no disqualification match and McClain is accompanied to the ring by Athena Eclipse and his tag team partner " Big Rig" Cody Murdoch. This is a good solid bout  with McClain and Lane both being excellent technical wrestlers. However, we can't disregard  Murdoch on the outside of the ring. There were several times during this match when it was as if Lane were facing these 2 competitors in a handicap match. As they attempted to double team Lane in this match using powder to his eyes, Lane surprised them by kicking their hands and sending the powder flying into CM2's eyes. As Murdoch went to Flatbed Lane, he accidently picked up McClain and planted him firmly. Lane then speared Murdoch and rolled over to cover McClain for the win.  Austin Lane retains the ASWF Heavyweight Championship!                                                                  Winner: Austin Lane

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 3.19.10

-Mike Anthony beat Kevin Charles

-Johnny Dotson beat Mike Anthony

-Kid Nikels beat Shawn Reed

-Eric Wayne vs Alan Steele wrestle to tv time remaining draw

----Downtown Bruno was the ref...John Steele and Terrance Ward were the announcers...Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels have their own web sites up and running - check them out - &

Picture of the Week: Bloody Psycho, Deadly Dale and Idol Bane!!