Saturday, April 10, 2010

MCW Quick Results: MCW Osceola, AR 4.09.10

----Book Tour 2010 finished up at MCW last night.  Below are the quick results.  I will be posting a full Arena Report in a few days.

-Homer Lee/Canadian Phoenix beat Pedro Hambone/Blackjack

-C-Money by DQ over Ray when V-Man interfered.

-Big Daddy LaFonce/Frankie Tucker beat Adrian Stratton/Kilo

-V-Man/Officer Hudson beat C-Money/Aaron Ecstasy

-Pokerface beat Bishop in a Ghetto Street Fight in the best bout on the show.

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 4.03.10

Show starts off with National Anthem..Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcome everyone out to the DCW Arena..and the show starts off with some DCW Diva action!!

Match 1: Angelina vs Lovely Latricia
-match went back and forth for a while..Latricia is really starting to understand the fundamentals of wrestling and looks better everytime she wrestles..Angelina really took control of the match and things got out of hand..Angelina choked Latricia out in the corner and received a DQ..winner via DQ Lovely Latricia!!

Match 2: Ron McClarity vs Ross
-match was mostly dominated by McClarity!! Ron cut a promo pre-match talking about how no one had seen Tejano tonite and he wouldnt be here to wrestle so they brought out Ross...Ron really pushes this kid in the ring and makes him look great..then Tejano comes out right when McClarity is about to win and beats on both Ross and Ron McClarity..match is declared NO Contest!!

Match 3: JD Kerry vs Jon Allen
-def match of the night..these two worked amazingly in the ring together and never slowed down for a second!! Both men used awesome moves on each other and even somethings i have never seen done in a ring before..each guy had his share of high flying moves, great technical drop kicks and clotheslines from both men, and both worked the mat well together, but in the end JD Kerry comes out victorious..winner via pinfall JD Kerry...Kerry then does a an interview and says that he is the one of the top guys in the area and is tired of being disrespected, and he wants to know why everyone is not giving him respect!


Southside comes out and tells everyone that Poker is finished tonite and he will become the NEW DCW Heaveyweight Champion..Poker comes out to say no BOY, you wont!!

Rick Ruby vs Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique
-match wasnt bad, you can tell Rick is still recovering from his injury to his knee! But match was over from the word go..Tejano really dominated most of the match and using a Randy Orton approach to disecting his knee the end Tejano gets a little too greedy and misses a leg drop from the top and Rick rolled him up for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Rick Ruby

Match 5: Sweet Daddy Jones vs Rodney Mack
-once again not bigger heat than Rodney Mack when he comes out..match was powerful and technical again just like before, these two really work well in the ring together! Match was back and forth the entire way through..then Sweet Daddy dodges a spear and Mack hits a chair set up in the corner and tries to pin Rodney Mack and gets the 1-2-3..or does he? Ref Tim Daniels says Rodney Mack's foot was under the ropes but Sweet Daddy is celebrating the win in the other corner, then Rodney Mack hits Sweet Daddy with a spear when he turns around..winner via pinfall Rodney Mack!!

Main Event: Southside vs Poker for the DCW Heavyweight Championship
-match was really good..and i know that i already gave match of the night honors to JD Kerry and Jon Allen but this match was equal to it, so we are going to have to give a co-match of the night! This match should have def been on tv somewhere, because even before the match began they wrestle outside the arena, in the crowd, in the bathroom, and in the concession stand before the bell even sounded! OMG it was one of the best matched I have ever seen just for the non stop the end Poker goes for the Straight Flush but Southside reverses and hits the super kick for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall and NEW DCW CHAMPION...SOUTHSIDE!!

After the match Southside is celebrating and then Rodney Mack comes out with this new stable of PokerFace, Rodney Mack, Angelina, and JD Kerry...then Mr Pimptacular comes out with a sign to help Southside chase everyone out of the ring, then Pimp hits Southside with the sign and tells him he should have seen this coming...everyone stands over Southside and they put the DCW Title over him and Southsides new music now the stable/army has grown!!

Biggest Pop: Rick Ruby for winning
Biggest Heat: Rodney Mack/Tejano Kid/Mr Pimptacular

Crowd was about 120 tonite..not bad and a great card from start to finish! This new stable/faction/army is really over and is going to be very interesting to see where this goes!!

Credit: JP Perryman and DCW


Friday, April 09, 2010

ASWF Strikes Again - Let The War Begin!!

“This really has nothing to do with RCW. ASWF tried to get TV in different markets, but that was the only one they could find that was affordable. RCW has better talent and will have a better show. ASWF will present a show that is a commercial for people coming out to our weekly show in Tuckerman. They are not going to go to Trumann, Augusta or wherever.” Austin Lane talking with RRO on Sunday morning.

----At that point Lane didn’t even know ASWF was booked for Augusta tonight. They didn’t even plug it at the show Saturday night. The truth is – ASWF has made the next move in this battle. David Walls made the decision to run Augusta , AR [a town that RCW is trying to make a regular stop] on Tuesday of this week. Apparently posters did not go up until yesterday. They are trying to book a show a week before the RCW show. It was also hinted to me that this might have to do with the NEW guys leaving ASWF.

----I guess in this era of wrestling, all is fair; huh?? No one has territories. No one has integrity or loyalty towards one promotion or another?? The main objection I have of all of this is product confusion. If a wrestling fan goes to this ASWF show and they pay $6 for Demon X and Wild Bill, then when it comes to RCW they will think it is the same product. And believe me – it is not. RCW will give them guys like Greg Anthony and Stan Lee for a $10 ticket price and be worth it, but a casual fan will not see that.

----While David Walls is continuing to try to do things to interrupt RCW, RCW is “business as usual” full steam ahead just doing what they do. In this small war of sorts, you have a promotion like RCW that just started promoting that seems to be bothering Walls. Why would they bother him so much?? Isn’t ASWF an established name that should just go on with their business?? As I always say, only time will tell. It will be fun to see how this all ends and it is easily the hottest story so far this year.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Reno Diamond Jailed!!

By Nick Kenney

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis police are investigating a leak inside Crime Stoppers that may have helped an accused murderer stay on the loose.

Thursday, officials said Travis Williams was in the Shelby County Jail, charged with accessory after the fact.

According to an arrest warrant, Williams was on duty taking phone calls and tips in the Crime Stoppers call center on Wednesday night when he took a tip from a person with information on where to find Cleo Henderson.

Henderson is wanted on a first degree murder charge for killing Memphian Rueben Jefferson last January.

According to police, Williams is accused of taking the tip, and then calling Henderson to tell him that police knew where he was, and that, "he should leave before police get there."

"The fact that this individual knew the person that was being called about is amazing, said Buddy Chapman, Executive Director of Crime Stoppers.

Thursday afternoon, Chapman defended Crime Stoppers' record, despite the bold double-cross.

"We've got a 25 year plus history of that, and we don't want anybody to be reticent," he said.

As of Thursday afternoon, Henderson was still not in custody. Meanwhile, a judge set Williams' bond at $250,000.

Copyright 2010 WMC-TV. All rights reserved.

Story posted 2010.04.08 at 05:24 PM CDT

Shows for the Weekend 4.09 to 4.10.10

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows. Big show featuring Tag Team of the Year 2009 with the poster above!!  And RRO will be in Osceola, AR for MCW Friday night for our last stop on the Book Tour 2010!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


----Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Dan Matthews and Kevin Charles are gone from ASWF.  The reason given “officially” is they are citing a disagreement with the office. I am hearing “off the record” of it being money problems and also it will soon become a conflict of interest.  NEW staff will be pushed RIGHT on upcoming RCW shows [including TV].  This might be the first move of “drawing a line in the sand” of who works for whom between ASWF/RCW.
----A few things to look at and wonder also.  Where will Mike Anthony end up?? Will he stay with both promotions or only NEW?? What will also this mean to Casino Kid, who works for both promotions??   Austin Lane , who has been featured as a major player in NEW, will he still work for NEW??  RCW adding some of the NEW names will easily make it the best roster in this area EVER during the RRO era.  The weak link of the whole crew would be Dan Matthews.  Matthews is the top candidate for Rookie of the Year this year and had a better match with Alan Steele on RCW TV than 75% of the ASWF show. That just shows you depth and strength of the RCW crew. 
----Time will only tell whether a group like RCW, just doing the simple things like using the best talent, advertising and putting on quality shows can draw. This group has everything going for it; hopefully it can be successful at the gate.  

Arena Report: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.03.10

----Show opened with them inducting The Colonel “Black Bull” into the ASWF Hall of Fame.
----Little Devil vs Kid J – No contest with Demon X and Wild Bill jumping in.  Casino Kid made the save to set up the main event.
----Dante Cain/Hot Rod Ellison beat Kevin Charles/The Enforcer.  Not great, but not just horrible.  Cain is real green.  Ellison pinned Charles. Enforcer got mad about Charles getting pinned and walked away after Charles lost.  [*3/4]
----Seth Sabor beat Eric Wayne.  This was as good as it could be with Sabor.  Sabor is green as grass, but listened and Wayne got a good match out of him.  Just basic stuff with Sabor getting a pin with a roll over. [**3/4]
----Johnny Hawk beat X-Kalibur in a good fast paced bout.  Both guys were working real hard.  Perfect psychology. A few blotched spots, but nothing major.  Music started to distract X, so Hawk finished him off.  [**3/4]
----Wild Bill beat Kid Nikels.  Nikels looked good here.  Good shine with heat starting when Nikels missed a punch outside the ring and hit the ringpost.  Very smart. Bill pinned Kid.  Demon X comes out and they beat up Kid.  Casino makes the save. [**]
----Cason McCain & “Big Rig” Cody Murdoch with Athena Eclipse beat Christopher Lee/Lee Michaels.  Solid bout with everyone working hard.  Perfect psychology.  Murdoch looked good and has improved a lot.  Michaels is green, but did a good job getting his ass whipped.  Lee with a hot tag – perfect – cut off for the pin.  [***1/4]
----Blue Angel came out to do a mic spill with Austin Lane .  It was announced that Lane would go against Jerry Lynn at the Anniversary show with the stips being if Lane did not win, then he would leave ASWF.  They put over the fact that Lane had wrestled Lynn many times, but never beat him.  Good mic work from both.
----Austin Lane beat Mike Anthony.  A real good match.  They worked it with hot spots in the shine, good heat and some near falls leading to the finish.  Anthony has improved tons from working NEW.  Anthony looked to be going for a lionsault, when Lane hit him in mid-air with a spear for the pin. [***3/4]
----Casino Kid/Kid J beat Little Devil/Demon X.  Not a good match.  X/Casino made a rookie mistake by going to the floor when they were doing a hot spot with the midgets. [J was doing the worm]  Casino has some good punches. Match ended with a double pin. [DUD]
----I did not do an official count or ask, but I would say 200 to 300 people easily in the building.  They always get a big crowd for free shows and big shows…Not familiar with “Black Bull”, but I was told he was Johnny Hawk’s father…X and Devil were dressed     alike and they said that Devil was X’s son. LOL…Enforcer is one of my favorite people to talk to in this dressing room.  He is just funny and a great guy.  This guy was around in the day when guys like Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler and Ken Wayne talked about “outlaw” groups ruining the wrestling business. Now “outlaw” groups run the business. LOL…Wayne is “seasoning” a bit and is in the best shape I have ever seen him in.  Not doing any stupid stuff in the ring and pulled out a good match with Sabor.  Ken Wayne and his partner Danny Davis were always over with the boys, because they could have good matches with ANYONE…Johnny Hawk came up to me in the dressing room and ribbed me about writing bad things about him.  I will have to give him his props, he had me wondering for a few minutes. LOL  Hawk then went out and had the best match I have ever seen him in.  I have always questioned him being booked at the top of shows, but after spending some time talking with him, I do know probably why he is pushed.  He is a likeable guy.  I know someone reading this is going to say that has NOTHING to do with whether he should be pushed or not, but in reality – in this area – it does…Sad to see Nikels have to lose to Wild Bill…Athena Eclipse is still one of my favorite girls [and managers] in the area.  She looks totally different than rest of the girls and works real hard…Blue Angel was dressed in an American flag jacket, but he was a heel??  Funny…Lane gets a bigger reaction than anyone that comes out.  He is the “star” here…The superkick is the most over used move in this area!!!  STOP IT!!....Four of these bouts are TV worthy [four with best star rating] – rest of them not…All three NEW guys on this show did jobs and to much LESSER talent…Thanks to cast and crew – fun time was had by all.    

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

RassleResults: MCW Oscelola, AR 04.02.10 - Pokerface New MCW Champion!!

The night was action packed and the crowd was sitting on the edge of their seats during the entire night. Home Lee and Snuffy vs Hambones 1& 2. Hambones double-teamed Snuffy with the Hambone Crusher and took the win. 

C-Money vs Aaron XTC, C-Money dominated this match all the way through, he was devasting and took the win with the Money clip.

Third match was Miss Candy vs the MCW Ladies Champ Miss Innocent with Rashard Devon at ringside. The match was furious. Both women were battling hard, that Ladies' belt is a hot ticket item at this time. Miss Candy was dominating the match when Rashard Devon detained the ref and Miss Nay Nay reared her head . Nay Nay thought she was going to superkick Miss Candy but she misses and kicks Miss Innocent.  Nay Nay turned around and went to super kick Miss Candy again and she ducked it, then Security Dewayne stepped in the ring and choked slammed Nay Nay, Miss Candy got the pin on Miss Innocent and took back HER belt. Nay Nay and Miss Innocent was left lying in the ring. Rashard Devon was very upset. The crowd was eccestantic. 

4th Match was Pimp and Southside vs Jeremy Spiker and Kilo. Pimp and Southside  dominated the match and took the win with the aggravated assault on Jeremy Spiker.

Semi Main event was Big Daddy LaFonce and All American Frankie vs Adrian S and Ray, the match was back and forth, Frankie would be on top then the action would turn and Adrian and Ray would overpower Frankie and Big Daddy, but at last the Hot tag was mad and Big Daddy put the skull buster on Ray and took the win. 

Main event was a Triple Threat Match Bishop vs Rashard Devon vs Pokerface. Rashard Devon still holds the Heavyweight title.  The match is fast and furious. Bishop jumps in takes a quick pin on Rashard Devon. Bishop is celebrating up in the ring, thinking he has it all in the bag, Pokerface schoolboys him and gets the pin. Pokerface and the crowd are all celebrating and Bishop jumps back in the ring and spears Pokerface, you know Bishop is becoming more and more like Rashard Devon daily, always double crossing someone. Big Daddy and Frankie T and East Coast hit the ring to assist Pokerface, Pokerface takes the win and is now The Heavy Weight Champion of MCW. Pokerface has held the Middle weight belt, the cruzierweight belt, the tag team belt and the TV belt in his history at MCW but he has never held the Heavyweight Title!  I guess there is a first time for everything.

Credit: MCW and Kim Wallace

TCW Webcast!!

Arena Report: RCW Trumann, AR 4.02.10

Brian Tramel and Ron Rage

----Show started with angle where Matt Riviera jumped Ron Rage and threw green powder in this face. Riviera then hit Rage with a chair leaving him lying.  Good stuff.
----Christian Jacobs beat Bishop to advance to finals of RCW Title tourney.  Both guys working hard here with everything solid.  Two big men.  Bishop did a fall away slam.  They did a superplex for the DKO.  CJ with a roll over for the win. [***]
----Jon Michael beat Ron Rage in pretty much a squash.  But, that is what it was suppose to be because Riviera had beat up Rage.  Michael was beating on him the whole match and Rage even got hardway. Riviera came out and Michael hit Rage with superkick to go to the finals of the RCW Title Tourney. [**]
----An angle with Seth Knight and Rodney Mack.  Knight put over the fact that he was a babyface now.  Brian Thompson introduced Mack.  They put over the fact that Mack had been helping Knight and taking him under his wing.  The next thing Mack said was that Knight needed to learn – “Don’t trust anyone!” and he slugged him.  Mack dominated Knight thru the crowd and then into the ring.  Knight did a great job just selling for Mack putting him over.  Mack finished it with a spear and then speared Knight after the match.  [**1/2]
----Stan Lee beat Greg Anthony in the match of the night.  Just a slow build up to a great match.  Back and forth with perfect psychology and execution.   Two of the best in the area putting on a hell of a match.  I hope this comes across good on TV. Lee with Tajari handstand coming out of heat.  Standing moonsault.  A huge frogslash for the DKO.  Lee ends up pinning TGB. After the match, Bobby Eaton jumps in and they beat up Lee until Chris O’Neal makes the save. Charles "Casino Kid" Moser [playing Commish/Enforcer role] set up the main with “Midnight Gold” vs “High Stakes” and the match started right then.  Match went about 25 minutes. [***3/4]
----“Midnight Gold” [Greg Anthony/Bobby Eaton] beat “High Stakes” [Chris O’Neal/Stan Lee].  Good solid bout.  Finish had Casino [special ref] take a chain away from the heels and accidently hit O’Neal to get pinned. [***]
----Probably close to 50 in the building.  Sad, because this is the best talent in the area.  Fans missed a good show… Riviera is a great heel.  Riviera is calling Rage over the hill and that he should not have beat him.   Riviera did a great interview segment that I am just going to wait for people to watch on TV…If they can use Mack on a regular basis; this angle with Knight will put him over as one of their top babys…Michael vs CJ for finals – wow!!  I can’t wait to see that one!!...It was announced before the Bishop vs CJ bout that Austin Lane no longer worked for RCW, so Lane forfeited his win from last time, which put Bishop in the match…Funny how you can book two matches as almost squashes, but have the potential of putting them over as the two most over babyfaces [Rage/Knight] down the road??...The show has talent from opening to ending – lockerroom is always so happy.  They just come in and do what they are asked.  Easy to do when you believe in the person doing the booking…TGB/Lee proving once again they are two of the tops in the area…As I have said, I am a firm believer in putting people in roles they are best at - Charles "Casino Kid" Moser does a really good job on this show.  He is a great talker and comes off as believable.  I have not always been a fan of his work in the ring, but he has some really good punches and people seem to get behind him in this role…Thanks to cast and crew – a good time was had by all!!! 

Monday, April 05, 2010

RCW Late Nite Wrestling April 3, 2010 Part 3

Check out the final moments of the "Dynamite" Seth Knight vs. Justin "The Juice" Smart match and see comments from Midnight Gold from the April 3, 2010 edition of RCW Late Nite Wrestling on KAIT TV-8 in Jonesboro, AR.

RCW Late Nite Wrestling April 3, 2010 Part 2

Catch the conclusion of "All That" Alan Steele vs. Dan Matthews; Plus: the opening moments of "Dynamite" Seth Knight vs. Justin "The Juice" Smart from RCW Late Nite Wrestling on April 3.

RCW Late Nite Wrestling April 3, 2010 Part 1

The first part of RCW Late Nite Wrestling from April 3, 2010 is now online. See the RCW debuts of "Dangerous" Dan Matthews and "All That" Alan Steele as they do battle in a one-on-one contest.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

ASWF Quick Results!! 4.03.10

----I will have the full Arena Report posted sometime this week.  There were close to 250 to 280 in the building for a free show.  

-Kid J vs Little Devil - no contest

-John Ellison/Dante Cain over Kevin Charles/The Enforcer

-Seth Sabor beat Eric Wayne

-Johnny Hawk over X-Kalibur

-Wild Bill over Kid Nikels

-Cason McCain/Big Rig Murdoch over Christopher Lee/Lee Michaels - 2cnd best bout of the night.

-Austin Lane beat Mike Anthony - best bout of night

-Kid J/Casino Kid beat Little Devil/Demon X

Jason Reed: Picture of the Week - The EWE Invasion???