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(WGN) April 16: Cornette vs. Bischoff Round II & III, TNA in St. Louis, WWE travel issues, Santino interview, Lacey Von Erich blog, riot at overseas wrestling show, Bruno Sammartino remembers Georgiann Makropoulos, and more...


4/15 Superstars TV results: Matt Hardy over Carlito; Christian over Chavo Guerrero; and Ted DiBiase over MVP.

4/15 Raw house show results from Lille, France: Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero; Christian over Dos Caras; Christian over Willian Regal; Eve Torres over Maryse; The Miz over Kofi Kingston & Ted Dibiase in a three-way; Sheamus over Mark Henry; MVP over Dos Caras; and Randy Orton & John Cena over Batista & Big show.

4/15 Smackdown house show results from Hannover, Germany: Matt Hardy over Dolph Ziggler; Michelle McCool over Beth Phoenix; The Hart Dynasty over Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta; R-Truth over Shad Gaspard; Kane over Luke Gallows; Drew McIntyre over John Morrison; Rey Mysterio over CM Punk; and Jack Swagger over Chris Jericho & Edge in a three-way.

The European tour continues today with Raw doing a double-shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Smackdown tonight in Zurich, Switzerland followed by Innsbruck, Austria on Saturday and Istanbul, Turkey on Sunday. Both crews then fly to New York for TV tapings with Raw from East Rutherford, NJ on Monday and Smackdown/NXT from the Mohegen Sun in Connecticut.

Smackdown TV tonight has Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge; Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth; Drew McIntyre vs. Kane; Michelle McChool vs. Mickie James; CM punk, Luke Gallows & Darren Young vs. The Hart Dynasty & Rey Mysterio; and JTG vs. Caylen Croft.


Regarding travel, WWE is trying to keep their European tour moving along with both crews traveling by bus rather than plane to different cities. They had a police escort yesterday in France and should be arriving in Ireland this afternoon after 12 hours of bus and ferry travel.

Linda McMahon invested another $8 million into her Senate campaign bringing her total investment to about $14.5 million, which is more money than all her opponents combined fours times over. The Connecticut Mirror reports that Linda has turned a 10-point opinion poll deficit into a 10-point lead over Rob Simmons, her main rival, who has yet to air television commercials. The story noted that she doesn't have to answer any difficult questions about her past because she is leading the GOP primary with her money.

Jim Ross wrote on his website that his contract extension expires on 4/30. He said he expected his future to be clearer in the next week or so. "WWE says that they want to reassign me to another area and they choose not to use me on air. I have yet to hear the details of the new assignment but expect to some. Yes, my contract is up April 30. No, I have not broadcast my last event. " The Slam Wrestling website has a story on Ross at who is accepting a lifetime achievement award from the Cauliflower Alley Club next week in Las Vegas during the Club's annual convention. The story notes that Steve Austin is taking time out of his movie schedule to attend with Ross. "The fact that Steve Austin is coming to Vegas to introduce me when I receive the Art Abrams Award is especially rewarding to me personally. Steve is so busy these days with his ever-evolving movie career, and for him to make time to attend this event is extraordinarily special. One of the great gifts of being in the biz are the friends that one is fortunate enough to make. And Steve and I will always be friends, thanks in part, to the wrestling business." For more on the CAC go to

Alex Marvez has a story on Ted DiBiase Sr. at who is also receiving an award at the CAC convention. He talks about his WWF run noting that alcohol and drugs weren't really his bag but had an addiction to women. He also gave the company line that wrestlers don't party after shows like they did in his day. Probably true to a lesser extent.

A.J. Hawk of the Green Bay Packers did an interview stating that No. 1 on his bucket list would be to wrestle for WWE.

Pro Wrestling Revolution in Cali announced that they'll be acting as talent scouts for WWE with a focus on luchadors. Nobody in WWE would confirm this.

New Jersey's Record has a story on Santino Marella (partly in character) to promote Raw on Monday. He puts over Dusty Rhodes for helping him with his promos while taking a veiled knock at Hulk Hogan. He also says he's a fan of Jersey Shore and enjoys hiking and cooking in his spare time. Story is at

Santino Marella will be appearing on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show this Wednesday at 9:20am. He is promoting his upcoming appearance at the FCW show at the Harborside Event Center in Ft. Myers, where he will be hosting the Diva’s Bikini Contest and an autograph session. More info at

The Daily Journal in New Jersey at has a story on Chris Hollyfield who is billing himself as a WWE Star. If you don't recognise the name he's a 42-year-old midget who once appeared as Little Boogeyman during a wacky television segment. Hollyfield is touring local high schools with an anti-bullying message.

The Sheffield Star at has a story on Bret Hart comping his friend, and boxer Ryan Rhodes (who is managed by Ricky Hatton) to a UK house show this past week . The story notes that Rhodes wants Bret to be part of his entourage for his next fight on 5/21. Said Rhodes: "It was great to meet up with Bret again. I grew up watching him as one of wrestling's biggest ever names on TV. Now to have him as a friend is amazing. I'd be so proud to have Bret escort me in the ring with my belt. He's got a heavy schedule, which takes him around the world. But if he can be at my fights he says he will be. I'm defending my European belt and hoping to have a shot at the world title this year or next."

Maryse is really over in France and is getting huge babyface reactions from fans.

Mattel reported first-quarter profits today of $24.8 million, compared with a year-earlier loss of $51 million, helped in part from sales of WWE, Barbie and Fisher-Price brand merchandise.

The WWE website posted part two of it's 'Where Are They Now?' feature on The Warlord (Terry Szopinski). He noted he tried to return to wrestling in 2001, but was involved in a motorcycle accident that tore up his quadriceps and cracked his left knee cap in half. He now works security for a company called Relief Group International. He said, "They handle the auto relief group and are about to start investment banking as well... I do the security work, I do bodyguard work and I’m beginning to train some starters from the Miami Hurricanes football team. I’m also going to class starting in May to become a bail bondsman." One reader also emailed in saying they recently spotted Szopinski working as a bouncer at Diamond Dolls strip club in Pompano Beach, FL.


TNA run tonight in Independence, MO at the Events Center ahead of Sunday's Lockdown PPV in St. Charles. Line up is Ken Anderson vs. Kurt Angle; Abyss & Jeff Jarrett vs. Beer Money; Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky; Brian Kendrick vs. Kazarian vs. The Amazing Red; plus The Poipe, Rob Terry, Orlando Jordan, and Desmond Wolfe.

Lockdown with all the matches in a cage has AJ Styles vs. The Pope for the TNA heavyweight title; Team Flair (Sting, Desmond Wolfe, Robert Roode, James Storm) vs. Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy) in Lethal Lockdown; Shannon Moore vs. Kaz vs. Doug Williams in a three-way for the X Division title; The Beautiful People vs. Angelina Love & Tara with both the Knockouts title and tag titles on the line; Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle; Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young; and The Band vs. Team 3D. RVD vs. James Storm will open the show to determine who gets the numbers advantage in Lethal Lockdown.


Ric Flair and AJ Styles appeared on the Fox news affiliate this morning in St. Louis pushing the Fan Interaction signings on Saturday. They played some WWE clips of Flair to introduce him. The host brought up that $299 was a lot of money for a wrestling convention but sold it saying Flair's signature was worth $100 and Styles' was probably worth over $300. Flair said Lockdown was TNA's version of Wrestlemania and their biggest event of the year. Well, it probably is this year. Flair also talked about the history of wrestling in St. Louis and put over Styles as a great champion and The Pope as a rising star.

The latest ticket count for Sunday's PPV is just over 2,500 sold.

Lacey Von Erich is now writing a blog at called Lacey Lately. This probably won't last long. She talks about going on the house show loop last weekend saying that she has now grown really fond of Angelina Love and rooms with Velvet Sky. She wrote that she enjoys being on the road and amuses herself by making prank phone calls to fans who give her their number via Facebook. "With the great people of Kentucky and West Virginia, the large accommodating arenas, and my girls by my side, all the stress, emotions, sadness, and the fact I had a 5am flight the next morning, disappeared. I cant wait to go on the road again..."

In response to Eric Bischoff calling Jim Cornette a "low rent con man", Cornette fired back with this: "Eric hurts my feelings---I was part of meaningful national promotions when he was still getting coffee for Verne Gagne. A con man tells lies--all I have to do is tell the truth. I AM good at gaining the attention of the wrestling fans (over 250 emails to in the last 18 hours, unofficial count 244 for me, 6 against) and maybe he's jealous that his national TV show with a multimillionaire backer can't get ANY attention with the wrestling fans, unless it's bad. He puzzles me, though, about the fake autographs. I only sell things autographed by ME--how can I fake my own autograph? Is that a circular conundrum like, 'Can God make a rock so big he can't lift it?' Thanks for the pub, Easy E--maybe I can move some of those $1.98 clearance books of yours--but I won't sign them!"

The latest today from Bischoff via his Facebook page: "Jim needs psychological help. I know it must be tough getting up in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing you look like 240 pounds of sausage stuffed in a 12 ounce polyester bag....but Jim needs to move on. The television business passed him by many Big Macs ago." He later wrote, "... threatening to kill someone, posting confidential corporate information, and posting terroristic threats doesn't make you a "genius" any more than criticizing the efforts/success of others when they realize that you have nothing to offer. Jim is a washed up, has been IWC icon to the 5% of the people that makes up a television audience."

And the latest response from Cornette: "Eric continues to wound my sensitive feelings--so I feel I must rebut his facebook comments point by point. It WAS real tough to look at myself in the mirror while working for the same company as Vince Russo, but with that out of my life I believe I am a darn good-looking guy. I recently went on a low-carb diet, and with the advent of Sprite Zero I'm down to 231 pounds. Everyone in the world except Easy E knows I don't eat Big Macs, they're far inferior to Wendy's Triple Cheeses. The only confidential corporate information yet to be revealed about TNA is how much Eric and Hogan soaked Dixie for when they played her, and whether Jason Hervey is getting Eric's Midget Wrestling title. Lastly, I never criticized TNA's efforts or success since there's no evidence they have ever legitimately made the former or achieved the latter. I think Eric is jealous of the fact that I don't have to do as he does and continue to work alongside and/or kiss the ass of people who have sued him, blamed him for the death of WCW, or taken him down in a locker room and roughed him up with no rebuttal. That kind of thing can make you bitter, Eric, perhaps counseling could help.Don't knock the IWC, E, keep producing programs like Impact and that "5%" will look lie the ratings for the moon landing."

The Inside Pulse website has a good editorial on TNA''s legal threats attempting to silence Cornette at Chris Morgado writes, "If the internet knows that Cornette isn’t actually coming up with a Dr Doom style plot to murder Russo and get away with it, you would think that people who have worked with and known the man for decades would as well. And in a year full of tea party protesters with Death To Obama signs and death threats on Senators over health care, the TNA higher ups and lawyers can’t possibly really think the Feds are going to look into Jim Cornette’s big mouth. To me, what this really is, is a giant bluff; an attempt to silence perhaps the loudest and most outspoken critic of the company, who has now lent his talents to what some would consider their REAL competition: Ring Of Honor. Will it work? Will Cornette keep his mouth shut from here on out? Will the Feds now come knocking on his door to question him every time a TNA employee gets in a fender bender or to drag him to jail every time Vince Russo stubs his toe? Come on. Those things are about as likely as Jim Cornette actually killing Vince Russo."

IGN has a story on Eric Young at

Slammiversary is scheduled for 6/13 in Orlando, which marks the first time the event has not been on the road since 2006. My impression is this is a cost issue more than anything. They are talking about doing a King of the Mountain match which would likely include AJ Styles, RVD, Abyss, Ken Anderson, and Jeff Hardy, if his legal issue doesn't preclude him.

Ian Hamilton sent in the latest UK ratings data. For the week ending 4/4 Impact did 75,000 viewers on Bravo (- 45,000 viewers from the prior week) in it's prime time airing, while Raw did 133,000 (+36,000) viewers in it's live airing at 2-4am UK time. Smackdown did 119,000 viewers.

Universal Studios released an updated list of TV taping dates. One change was made--they had planned to do a live Impact on 5/31 (Memorial Day), but that's off. Instead the show will taped on 5/19 so they are taping three shows that week.


Bruno Sammartino remembers Georgiann Makropoulos at Bruno notes that a few years ago Gerogie managed to bring together himself and Buddy Rogers for a photograph (they don't like each the) saying that she is the only person that could have have made that happen. Georgie was burried with that photo when she passed away in January.

A video has surfaced on YouTube with footage of former WWE wrestler Big Vito being attacked by angry fans during a show in Nepal, a country in Southern Asia, between china and India. The video is at Vito was working a guy called the Himalaya Tiger, a local fan favorite. The incident took place last week in the town of Kathmandu. Vito was unharmed and protected the female referee from fans tossing chairs into the ring.

Dallas Page has a tear in his right knee that will need to be scoped. He is currently working on a direct-to-video movie called Pizza Man where he plays a character called The Big Cheese.

Wrestling manager Kenny Bolin has taken control of Lanny Poffo's website after Poffo fell out with his former webmaster. Hilarity ensues at

Brooke Hogan got some gossip column play this week for hanging out at Pure nightclub in Vegas where Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross was celebrating her birthday with DJ Samantha Ronson and Sidney Rice of the Minnesota Vikings.

A correction from yesterday. The wrestling convention in White Plains NY is on 5/8. Advertised names include Jim Duggan, Vampiro, AJ Styles, The Godfather, The Pope, Amazing Red, Tommy Dreamer, Greg Valentine, Tito Santana, Gillberg, Ox Baker, Butterbean, Shelly Martinez, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, and Traci Brooks. More info at

Today's Diva of the Day is Gail Kim at

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RassleResults: TCW Ft Smith, AR 4.09.10 - TGB Pins Billy Gunn!!!

Traditional Championship Wrestling
April 10, 2010
Ft. Smith, AR
Events Center

1) International Champion Tim Storm beat Michael Barry. Then, Chas Cardington came out for the save and took 3 massive power bombs from Storm for his trouble. Jeff Jett ran in for the save to set up the title match later.

2) Matt Riviera beat Dexter Hardaway (with Talon) after the One Night Stand. Riviera was busted hardway.

3) El Super Colibri beat Shawn Shultz (with Tony Lacassio) with a school boy.

4) Prince Al Farat beat Travis Sawyer with the camel clutch. Afterwards, Farat signed the contract to face Jerry "The King" Lawler on August 21 in Ft. Smith. Big pop for Lawler.

5) Lil' Bruiser (with Rich Rude) beat Kid J when Rude held J's feet down. Afterwards, Rude took a kick to the balls and a frog splash from Kid J that got the entire crowd on their feet. Huge ovation for Kid J.

6) Jeff Jett pinned International Champion Tim Storm with a backslide to win the belt. Big post match celebration with Riviera, Barry, Colibri, and Jeff giving a nice speech. Jett legit got his jaw dislocated and was bleeding from the mouth. Crowd gave him a standing ovation.

7) Midnight Gold (with Brian Thompson beat New Age Outlaws when Anthony pinned Gunn after hitting him with brass knuckles. Outlaws didn't come to work and the crowd crapped on them. Never seen a crowd so dead for "big" names. Anthony stole the show and he and Eaton actually got a pop when they beat them. Anthony busted his ass in this match and made Gunn look like a million bucks. Eaton was hilarious and on fire for the main event.

Next event is June 12 in Pine Bluff, AR at the Convention Center with Mr. Anderson vs. The Pope, Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Prince Al Farat, ladies' match, Action Jackson, International Champion Jeff Jett vs. Alan Steele (with Rich Rude), Matt Riviera & Jay Lethal vs. Tag Team Champions The Dark Circle, and more

RassleResults: TCW Springdale, AR 4.09.10

Traditional Championship Wrestling
April 9, 2010
Springdale, AR
All-Star Sports Arena

1) Dexter Hardaway (with Talon) beat El Super Colibri.

2) Matt Riviera defeated Shawn Shultz (with Tony Lacassio). Riviera was super over as a babyface getting as big of a pop as the New Age Outlaws.

3) Kid J beat Lil' Bruiser (with Rich Rude) via a frog splash off the top rope.

4) Prince Al Farat beat Travis Sawyer (Buzz's legit son) with his feet on the ropes

5) International Champion Tim Storm beat Jeff Jett with a version of the Bossman Slam.

6) New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Road Dogg) beat Midnight Gold (with Brian Thompson) when Gunn pinned Eaton with the famouser.

HOT crowd all night.

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 4.10.10

Show start off with National Anthem like every week with Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcoming everyone to the DCW Dogg starts off quick with the new stable in pro wrestling coming out: Poker Face, Rodney Mack, and Mr Pimptacular...All three men come out to a police siren and all three men look cocky and arrogant! They all three talk about being in complete control in DCW and no one can stop them even new DCW Heavyweight Champion Southside Brawler....All three men leave the ring and Poker Face says he is going to envoke his re-match clause tonite...

Match 1: Ross vs. Andrew
-Ross basically dominates the new DCW Trainee Andrew...winner via pinfall Ross!

Match 2: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs Rick Ruby (TK's Hair is on the line)
-Is anyone more over as a heel than TK in this are...? The answer is NOOOOO...he comes out to major HEAT and Ruby comes out to a major POP...match goes back and forth with Tejano really starting to take control and focus on Ruby's hurt knee..It is honestly amazing to even see Ruby in the ring b/c I have had a few knee problems and they are not fun to preform on...Tejano has control of the match but Ruby somehow rolls Tejano up for the 1-2-3...winner via pinfall Rick Ruby and the crowd goes CRAZY!! Ruby tries to get Tejano back in the ring and Tejano finally comes into the ring as security escorts Dominique while Tejano gets in the ring and gets on his knees to get ready for Ruby to cut his hair with scissors..Right when Ruby gets ready to cut his hair, Tejano gives Ruby a low blow..then Tejano starts to beat on Ruby then Ron Rage comes out to help him out..then Ron Rage tells Tejano on his one good leg next week, he will beat his ass!!

Match 3: JD Kerry vs Jon Allen
-man these two can def go in the ring together...def a candidate for match of the night if not a lock pick for the award! Both men went back and forth with move after move...these guys are as quick as they come in the business...Allen goes to DDT Kerry but Kerry holds onto the ropes and uses the ropes to get the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall and the ropes JD Kerry!


Match 4: Mr Pimptacular vs Ron McClarity
-these two worked well together even though Ive only seen them in the ring a few times together and the first time as singles...match went smooth with great technical dropkicks from McClarity and nice power moves from Mr Pimptacular...but in the end the "NEW" Pimp uses shady ways of trying to win and ref Tim Daniels catches him..winner via DQ Ron McClarity

Match 5: Genesis & Chase Stevens (Former TNA Superstar and TNA Tag Champion) vs. The Gorillaz
-man was this a surpise to see the "Natural" Chase Stevens in the house with a returning Genesis to the DCW these two looked sooooo SICK together! Im going to already call this, this could be the NEW Dominant Tag Team in Pro-Wrestling if they stay together..They have the look and the abilities to go a long way..someone should def tell Vince, there is a new tag team on the market and to watch out..They def worked an amazing match with these two monster men, the Gorillaz! Match went back and forth with Stevens and Genesis using great technical wrestling moves to counter the agile and power moves the Gorillaz the end Genesis and Stevens were too much for the Gorillaz..winner via Pinfall Genesis and Chase Stevens!!

Match 6: Jazz vs Luscious w/Angelina
-is there anything better than watching Jazz wrestle? I do not think so..she is so fluid in the ring and would def make TNA and WWE Diva division look 1,000% this was an amazing match! These two women can really work well in the ring together and not to forget Luscious! Man she can really work a match well and when you have the likes of Jazz in the ring with you, something special will more than likely happen...match ended up a No Contest b/c Luscious ended up leaving Angelina to catch a beating from Jazz after she grabbed Jazz's foot during the match....

Main Event: Poker Face vs Southside (for the DCW Heavyweight Championship)
-these two can def earn frequent walking miles during a match b/c they once again wrestled all over the building, outside, and in the ring! These two can def work great matches together and Poker Face is one of my favorite guys to watch wrestle b/c of how professional he is..and do not forget how amazing Southside is in the ring! Man this guy can get a crowd into it, and hits a super kick better the when you add all of this up, you get GREAT match went back and forth until Mr Pimptacular tries to come out and help Poker Face but it backfires and almost hits Poker, but Southside hit Poker and gets the 1-2-3....winner and STILL DCW Heavyweight Champion Southside Brawler!!

Crowd was around 115..card was amazing from top to bottom! Def a suprise to see Chase Stevens in the DCW Arena tonite and was really cool hanging with him after the show..the guy is really cool guy and also great to have Genesis back in the DCW serious when i say this, ive seen a ton of tag teams come and ago but...Stevens and Genesis could really be special!!

Biggest Pop: Rick Ruby after beating Tejano
Biggest Heat: Tejano Kid when he its the ropes

Credit: Jeff Perryman & DCW

(WGN) April 15: WWE couple to wed, Bischoff responds to Cornette, Russo notes, former WWE star to run training classes, injury updates, Jericho on NXT, Dory Funk Jr. letter on Gene Kiniski, more...


4/14 Raw house show results from Strasbourg, France: Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero; Christian over Dos Caras; Willian Regal over MVP; Eve Torres over Maryse; The Miz over Kofi Kingston & Ted Dibiase in a three-way; Sheamus over Mark Henry; and Randy Orton & John Cena over Batista & Big show.

4/14 Smackdown house show results from Oberhausen, Germany: Kane over Shad Gaspard; Michelle McCool & Layla over Beth Phoenix & Mickie James; R-Truth over Dolph Ziggler; The Hart Dynasty over Caylen Croft & Trent Baretta; John Morrison over Luke Gallows; Drew McIntyre over Matt Hardy; Rey Mysterio over CM Punk; and Jack Swagger over Chris Jericho & Edge in a three-way.

The European tour continues today with Raw in Lille, France and Smackdown in Hannover, Germany. There may be some travel issues as many airports in Europe today are shut down due to volcano eruptions in Iceland, which has sent harmful volcanic ash up into airspaces.

Superstars tonight on WGN includes Matt Hardy vs. Carlito and MVP vs. Ted DiBiase.


Ezekiel Jackson underwent quadriceps surgery on Tuesday in Birmingham, AL and is expected to require six months of recovery time.

Matt Hardy was diagnosed with a deep bruise to his biceps but there was no tear so he's happy about that.

Comedian Chelsea Handler on her E! show Chelsea Lately, ripped David Hasselhoff and wrestling fans last night after Hasselhoff hosted Raw calling him a "Hoff-hole". Said Handler: "I do have one deep, dark secret. No, I do not have a secret love child or a penis. No, I, Chelsea Lately, am a fan of professional wrestling. Everybody knows I enjoy those over-sized meaty bodies, but what I really get hooked on is the masterful storytelling and subtle acting techniques. The other night when I tuned into WWE's Monday Night Raw, I was pissed. Someone made a guest appearance and reigned on my sweat Speedo parade. Check out this jackass... I shouldn't be so surprised that he made this appearance, this wienerschnitzel knows his demo. The same people who think wrestling is real think he's a real lifeguard."

A story in the UK Daily Record on Drew McIntyre talks about his relationship with Tiffany (Taryn Terrell). The story notes that Tiffany met his family for the first time on the European tour after getting engaged last year, and they may have their wedding in May, possibly in Scotland. He said, "From the moment Taryn and I met just over a year ago, we clicked. It was a fantastic moment and our relationship has just got better and better." McIntyre's mom was also quoted. "I've spoken to (Tiffany) on the phone and she sounds like a lovely girl. She's a real stunner. Drew's a lucky lad. It would be fantastic if they tied the knot in Scotland but he's been keeping things under wraps. It would be just like Drew to spring a surprise wedding on us at the last minute. He's always on the road and his plans are never set in stone but it will be lovely to see him. I miss him loads but I always knew he would end up living a jet-set lifestyle. He always wanted this and I'm just so happy that he's living out his dream."

Daniel Bryan noted in his blog that he's suffering from a fever and was really sick at the TV tapings this week. He wrote that he was unhappy with his promo on NXT. "It didn’t help that Matt Stryker interrupted me, but its not like I was going to light the world on fire anyways. When he said 'passion,' the idea that ran through my head was this: Explain the Daniel Bryan Manliness Meter. Describe one thing I’ve done that was really manly (in 2007 I detached my retina in a match and then continued fight for another ten minutes). Say that not only was that manly but it shows the passion I have. My closing line was going to be, 'Passion is what got me here, and passion will take me home.' It’s a line I’ve heard somewhere else, but I can’t remember where. Alas, I never got there and I didn’t feel like I had enough time after the interruption, so I just went for a cheap crowd reaction. And I DO love England! As a side note, I saw Vickie Guerrero later in the evening and she said, 'You sucked tonight.' Nothing to boost the old confidence like constructive criticism." He also talked about being thrilled working with Regal but wished they had longer than two minutes.

Regarding promos on NXT, Chris Jericho wrote on his Twitter: "To truly make it in the WWE, you have to be able to adapt to any situation and be ready for anything every time you step into the ring. Sometimes you have to add five mins onto a match with no notice. Sometimes injuries occur and you have to change things on the fly... And sometimes you have to cut a 30 second promo about toothpaste. The best can go with the flow and succeed in all situations and that's why the NXT Rookies had the talk off this week and that's why it was a very important and relevant segment."

NXT on Tuesday night did a 1.0 rating and 1.2 million viewers.

WWE will release their first quarter earnings results on 5/6 with a Vince McMahon hosted conference call that morning. These calls aren't as much fun as they used to be since WWE started screening callers and only allowing soft ball questions from certain people.

Mattel are releasing a special Undertaker action figure for the San Diego Comic Con this summer... Speaking of Taker, as things stand he is off house shows now until 6/19 at Madison Square Garden, but will be working some TV and PPV in a limited capacity.

WWE and Best Buy have reportedly signed a Blu Ray distribution deal.


As noted yesterday, Jim Cornette published an email promo he wrote to TNA Director of Talent Terry Taylor and the response he received from TNA's lawyers for what they viewed as "terroristic threats" towards Vince Russo. Cornette talks in depth about what led to the situation at explaining that the legal package he received contained the original email he sent, but showed that Taylor forwarded his message to Russo, so he views Taylor as "a stooge" and believes Russo pushed for legal action. He said he was venting to Taylor in a personal email and feels betrayed by his former friend of 30 years.

Russo is reportedly planning to move from Colorado to Nashville to be closer to the office. He's also been telling people lately that he's burned out on writing television and feels frustrated at tapings because people complain about their segments too much which leads to re-writes on the day of the shows.

Eric Bischoff on Cornette from his Facebook page: "Cornette doesn't know any business. He is a low rent con man that is only good at gaining the attention of the internet wrestling community. He's all yours! Trust me, he never has nor ever will become a part of a meaningful national promotion. But if you are looking for a bootleg DVD or a fake autograph... he's your guy!"

A lot of people have been praising Bischoff of late, especially after going on the house show loop last weekend. People were leery of his presence but noted that Russo has never attended a loop, which considering he's head writer is just mind boggling.

No decision has been made yet from Howard Stern's people regarding "Hulk Hogan Uncensored" becoming a regular radio gig on Sirus. We did get a detailed report from Monday night. Some total BS from Hogan here and bare in mind he was drinking Miller Lite during the show. The Wrestlemania 3 story is now that he tore his lat as well as his biceps and quadriceps doing the famous bodyslam on 700lb Andre the Giant. During that time he said he was wrestling 400 matches per year claiming he did double-shots on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. I guess that's a better explanation than in his book where he claims he did all these shows due to flying backwards and forwards across international timezones. He claimed in WCW that Chris Kanyon used to call him all the time and confessed he was gay and was always worried about it getting out. He also claimed his movie career never took off because a gay Hollywood producer came onto him in his 20s and blackballed him after he refused his advances. The best story he told was claiming that one time Ed "Brutus Beefcake" Leslie stayed at his house with a female who was giving him a blow job. He claimed Linda's mom walked in on Beefcake during the night and was convinced that she saw Hogan giving the blowjob to Beefcake. You can't even make this stuff up. Well, I guess you can...

Brutus Beefcake did an interview this week with saying he's ready for TNA whenever Hulk Hogan calls.

TNA Epics returns tonight on Spike at 11 with a Mick Foley themed show including Sting's Warriors vs. Jarrett's Army from Lethal Lockdown 2006; Foley vs. Kevin Nash from Hard Justice 2009; and Foley vs. Sting inside the cage from Lockdown 2009.

Velvet Sky is the latest guest on Hermie Sadler's TNA webshow at


Indie wrestler J.T. Lightning (James Hasse, 40) out of Cleveland, OH was just diagnosed with cancer.

Nick Dinsmore Pro Wrestling Training Class will begin its very first semester on 5/11. Nick, formerly WWE's Eugene, has 14 years of professional wrestling experience and 9 years of training experience. He has helped train over 100 of the wrestling stars seen today. The class will meet two times a week for 10 weeks in Louisville, KY at the OVW Davis Arena. The class is designed for all experience levels. Cost is $1000. For more info email and we will forward your message or go to

Torrie Wilson is busy working on a few new projects including some possible reality shows and movies. She's one of the few people that has shied away from wrestling-related bookings since leaving WWE a few years ago.

Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro recently underwent minor surgery.

Austin Idol is currently writing a book on his life in the wrestling business. He also has a new website at

The American Wrestling Federation will be presenting Jimmy Snuka with a lifetime achievement award on 5/2 in King of Prussia, PA.
For more info call 484-681-4078.

There is another wrestling convention this weekend in White Plains NY at the Stepinac High School. Advertised names include Jim Duggan, Vampiro, AJ Styles, The Godfather, The Pope, Amazing Red, Tommy Dreamer, Greg Valentine, Tito Santana, Gillberg, Ox Baker, Butterbean, Shelly Martinez, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, and Traci Brooks. More info at

Bill Behrens at is now booking for Tracy Brooks and Paul Burchall.

Awesome Kong is heading back to work in Japan soon for Neo Ladies Wrestling.

Dick Togo (Shigeki Sato, 40) recently announced his retirement for June 2011. Togo has worked for numerous Japanese promotions for 20 years as well as WWE, the original ECW and Ring of Honor.

Strikeforce is hoping to schedule Bobby Lashley for a May or June fight after plans for this weekend's show fell through.

Steve Austin talks hunting on his Texas ranch at

Dawn Marie's canceled their planned July charity cruise. "It has come to our attention that there is a similar cruise event being held within a month of our event. Due to the fear of not having enough participants because of this we are withdrawing our fundraiser cruise. We hope to plan another trip similar to this in the near future. We will keep everyone posted. Thank you for your continued support and understanding."

Today's Diva of the Day at Molly Holly


Funk's Corner - Gene Kiniski, "Give Him Hell Kid"

Giant Gene Kiniski caught me with a double leg pick-up and spun me around in a “Giant Swing” (Grabbed me by the ankles and spun me 360 degrees around and around). I could see the ring light at the Amarillo Sports Arena spinning overhead then I nearly passed out but came to as Gene slowed the Giant Swing and dropped me to the mat. Gene jumped on top of me with a rear chin lock and said, “Here comes your mother, kid. She is coming to help you. Dorothy is coming to ringside.”

Gene Kiniski was 6’ 5” tall 280 pounds of perpetual energy trained by my Father, Dory Funk Sr. We wrestled that night at the Amarillo Sports Arena to a one hour draw. I have often said that match with Gene Kiniski was one of the most demanding athletic events I have ever participated in.

Vancouver British Columbia 1963 - I wanted to be spectacular in the Battle Royal, "Impress the promoter." I was in the corner on the top rope with Tex McKinzie and Mike Sharpe in front of me, both 6' 9" tall. From the top rope I jumped over the top of them. As I jumped, Mike reached up and grabbed at my leg, throwing me off balance. In an effort to land standing in the middle of the ring I reached for the floor with one leg only. As I landed, I could feel my knee break to the inside.

The next morning I was in the doctors office. He said, "Check in the hospital tomorrow and we will do surgery." Disappointed and Dejected, I called promoter, Rod Fenton to give him the bad news. Fenton said, "Before you have surgery, call Gene Kiniski. I didn't speak much to Gene, I just listened. "Kid, go to a sporting good store and buy some tough skin, some tape, and long wrestling tights. Shave your leg and show up for the show one hour ahead of time.” I did what he said.

That night I had to cover up and sneak in the back door. I was on the main event and couldn't let the wrestling fans see that I couldn't walk. Gene was there one hour ahead of schedule. He taped my leg tight as a cast from top to bottom, then said bend it till you get a slight tear in the tape by your knee. As Gene left the room, he growled, "Okay kid, I will see you in the ring."

Gene Kiniski was there every night that week one hour ahead of schedule to tape my knee before we wrestled, then we would go into the ring and he would whip the heck out of me but leave the knee alone. I owe it to Gene Kiniski that I did not have to have surgery on my knee in Vancouver or ever in my life and Gene may have saved my career in professional wrestling.

Gene even told me what I should give him for a present as I was leaving Vancouver to return home to the Amarillo Territory. On the way I stopped by his home in Blain Washington with a 5th of Crown Royal.

When I first came to St. Louis, Gene Kiniski would tell me, "Listen Kid, I don't want to catch you staying at the Claridge Hotel or at the Senator Hotel where all the other wrestlers stay. You stay at a first class hotel, the Jefferson Hotel over on 12th street. I want to always see you in a suit or a sport coat. If you are going to make it to the top, you have got to dress and live like you are at the top. When you go into the ring, I want to see some wrestling holds, not just meat chopping. The sign out front says wrestling and that is what people want to see." Gene was my mentor, advisor and at times caretaker.

February 11, 1969 in Tampa, Florida I won the NWA World Championship from the man who saved my career Gene Kiniski. No one could be prouder of my career as NWA Champion than Gene Kiniski.

1996 - WCW Slamboree show in Atlanta - Gene was my manager in the legends match against Nick Bockwinkel with Verne Gagne in Nick‘s corner. As we walked into the ring at the Omni, Gene had his arm around my shoulder, still the boss and still telling me what to do. As we came to the center of the ring, He stopped, looked at me and said, "Look up, pointing to the top of the Omni Arena, “Your father is up there looking at us now. Do you see Nick Bockwinkel over there?" "Give Him hell Kid."

Gene Kiniski was a legend in the wrestling business as NWA World Champion and as a friend I can never thank enough for the guidance he was willing to give.

My condolences to Kelly, Nick and the family of Gene Kiniski.

Now on our website at NWA World Championship Match February 11, 1969 from Tampa, Florida, Dory Funk Jr. vs. Gene Kiniski commentated by Gordon Solie.

Wayne's World "Life of a Wrestler" by Eric Wayne

Wayne's World is back and even though none of this is really groundbreaking, I wrote it for my website. Also, all the Wayne's World columns will start appearing on as well as here.

Life of a wrestler

From the everyday aches and pains, to the sacrifices that are made..the life of a wrestler is definitely an adventure til the end. Not much of it makes sense at times but not everything has to make sense. It all adds up over time and in the end, all that matters is being inside the ring. Its an incredible sensation to make the fans scream, cheer, boo, cry, or go completely and eerily silent, watching people throw whatever is available or physically being held back by security. What's equally as important as that is the challenge of making a living in a business that has gone downhill tremendously when compared to what it once was. For those with the heart and dedication to become the best, its a long road but the final destination is worth the trip. The normal person never seems to quite understand why anyone would put themselves through so much for what seems like so little. Its always hard to explain because the answer changes all the time, for me at least.

The aches and pains that we feel everyday are what people in their 40s and 50s are supposed to feel, not someone in their mid-20s. Its not much different than what any other athlete feels on any given day, but the injuries seem to happen more often. Its rarely anything major but whether its jumping from 10feet in the air or being hit with chairs..or something as simple as a bodyslam or clothesline, it all adds up over time.

The sacrifices made aren't always physical either. It doesn't make sense to normal people that we would drive 3 hours for a 5 second match, which I did for several weeks. But the fact that we sometimes have to be gone all day for a 20 minute match at night can be confusing. Missing birthdays, funerals, weddings and countless other events are all just part of the life of a wrestler. When it comes to a wrestling family, you can count on a few of us being late or not there at all because of previous obligations. Making it home at 2 in the morning only to have to wake up at 7am is a normal occurrence for us as well.

The only thing people ever see is the final product. What happens in the ring is only 10% of what happens in the life of a wrestler. Long hours on the road, dealing with nagging injuries, missing time with family and friends, training to stay well conditioned...its all a normal day for us. Its not much different than what any other athlete goes through but the life of a wrestler can be just as strenuous as the life of any other athlete. Most of the time though, we face conditions that normal athletes don't. A lot of the time we deal with other wrestlers with a serious lack of training, poor building conditions, low pay and lots of bumps, bruises and soreness. But most of us have the same dream: a full time job wrestling. Once we fulfill our dream, nothing else matters.

Shows for the Weekend 4.16 to 4.18.10

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows. Below are three big shows for the weekend.

-CLICK HERE for a Legends show details for Friday night.

-CLICK HERE for the ASWF Anniversary show on Saturday night in Tuckerman, AR.

-CLICK HERE for a benefit show in Trenton, TN on Sunday afternoon.

RassleResults: NBW Results Wrapup Newbern, TN 3.27 to 4.10.10


Shannon Lee beat Azeal...Weezy beat Void...Jason Reed beat Big Red - No contest..."High Stakes" [Chris O'Neal/Stan Lee] beat Shannon Lee/Blaine Devine...JR Manson beat Jeremy Moore...Mark Justice/Kid vs Bishop/Motley Cruz - no contest


"Stakes" match was for tag team title tourny...Rocker helped Manson beat Moore...90-100 in the crowd.


Shannon Lee beat Brandon Barbwire...Jason Reed/Big Red beat Mark Justice/Kid...Blaine Devine beat Weezy...Jeremy Moore beat Buckwheat..."High Stakes" [Chris O'Neal/Stan Lee] vs Bishop/Motely Cruz - no contest.


80-85 in the crowd...Red/Reed tag was a tag team tourny matchup...Red/Reed are being forced to tag.


Stan Lee beat Blaine Devine...Shannon Lee beat Chris O'Neal...Derrick King/Cody Melton beat Weezy/JR Manson...Mark Justice/Kid beat Big Red...Jason Reed vs Jeremy Moore - no contest.


60-70 in the crowd...DK/Melton match was a tag team tourny bout...Rocker/Eric Wayne made the save for Reed in the main.

Coming up for this week: Final week of 1st round of tag team tourny with Cruz/Bishop vs Dan Matthews/Kevin Charles...Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels vs Oz/Blaine Devine...NBW Title/Lacing Boots in the middle of ring vs Rocker being a slave: Jeremy Moore vs Chris Rocker.

----This group has improved their roster with EWE and NEW guys migrating to here.  They picked up Stan Lee, Chris O'Neal, Kid Nikels and Eric Wayne as regulars in just the last few weeks...I like the idea of all these tag teams being put in a tag team tourny.  I like an one night thing better, but in a way this is putting over the belts even more...One of my only gripes about their booking would be too many NO CONTEST bouts.  I know a booker may use this to set up things in the future, but clean finishes can also do that. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(WGN) Breaking News: TNA legal letter to Jim Cornette


In an explosive story, Jim Cornette today wrote on his website and verbalized at that TNA Wrestling has notified Federal and State law enforcement in Kentucky, where he resides, that Cornette intends to inflict harm upon TNA creative writer Vince Russo.

This is a legit story, and not a wrestling angle, as apparently Russo is worried for his life. 

Cornette, who worked for TNA from 2006-2009, recently wrote an email to TNA talent chief Terry Taylor, expressing his disdain for Russo saying he wanted to clear the air, and that should Taylor ever hear Cornette giving interviews against the company, that it wasn't personal and he means no ill will to anyone there aside from Russo.

In part, Cornette wrote: "I will say it because I am trying to quell the burning in my heart--I hate Vince Russo. I despise Vince Russo. I want Vince Russo to die. If I could figure out a way to murder him without going to prison, I would consider it the greatest accomplishment of my life.

"I hate him for the money he's cost me. I hate him for what he's done to the business. I hate him for keeping TNA from being competitive to WWE. I hate him for the careers, even the lives he's ruined with his shitty booking and the irreparable damage he's done to every promotion he's been involved with. I regularly wake up from dreams in which I am in the act of murdering him. I literally burn whenever I think of him. I have sworn to myself that I will willingly go to jail if I ever see him in person again, and he had better pray to his fictitious invisible man in the sky that that day never comes. I intend to make it my life's work and mission to fuck with him and anything he ever has anything to do with in the wrestling business."

"Why am I writing you this? One, I got the irresistable urge to explain to you the depth of my abhorrence for this abominable prick, and two, I want to make sure that you, and anyone you care to share this with, knows that I truly and genuinely wanted TNA to succeed and liked working with all of you.  I am no longer a supporter of TNA as a company, I hope it goes under quickly and painfully because of the stupidity Dixie has exhibited in employing Russo and now the WCW murderers, and I apparently will see my wishes come true with the new direction, but I really did want to see it succeed. I still like everyone there, and am only mad at a few people--Jeff, for talking me into co-existing with that miserable waste of human flesh for 3 years to the point where I have trouble looking at myself in the mirror and not a day goes by that I am not ashamed of myself for abandoning every principle I ever had and speaking to the motherfucker; and Dixie, not just for employing that useless twat, but for lying to me about the reasons for my firing (never mentioning Ed Ferrara's name and acting like Russo had no part in it), and lying ABOUT me (letting some Russo stooge spread rumors that I was fired for acting unprofessionally toward him, then not putting her name on the retraction while knowing it wasn't true.)"

"Otherwise, I like everyone there and wish their hard work could be rewarded, and they could all make millions--but they won't, because of a lack of competence and judgement in their leadership. I have nothing to lose--I'm done with corporate wrestling, and I will never again have to occupy the same arena or even city with Vince Fucking Russo, but I still feel bad for everyone else who has labored long and hard in vain because of what he's done to the company's chances. I like you--I like Tenay, and West, and Mitchell, and Sahadi, and Ryder, and the talent, and the crew, and all the rest--even Penzer! And I don't want you or any of them to take it personally when I verbally roast TNA every chance I get--but as far as I'm concerned, Jeff should have WAY known better than to hire that asshole, and Dixie, as clueless as she may be about wrestling, should have been more careful in whom she entrusted her father's money, and more perceptive when it came to spotting imbeciles. I don't want any of you to be harmed or affected because of their stupid decisions, but as I said, it's now my life's work to fuck with anything Russo has anything to do with."

The full unedited letter is posted at

In response, TNA turned the email over to it's legal reps in California.

Guy S. Blake of Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes, wrote to Cornette stating on behalf of the wrestling company that they took his letter seriously and had notified law enforcement in Kentucky.

Blake wrote, "It is our view that the foregoing statements constitute "terroristic threats" under virtually every jurisdiction in the country, including under the US Code (18 USC 875) and Kentucky State Law (KRS 508.080). Generally, under both Federal and State Law, a person will be guilty of having made terroristic threats if such person willfully threatens to commit a crime which would result in death or great bodily injury to the victim and demonstrates specific intent to communicate such threat to the victim or to a third party who the perpetrator believes will convey such threat to the intended victim. Your email satisfies all of the foregoing elements and it is irrelevant whether you intended to actually carry out such threat or not. Nonetheless, we must assume the worst. Indeed, the language of the email is so specific, unequivocal and unconditional that Vince Russo (a TNA employee) has understandably experienced extreme fear for himself and his family. TNA management shares his concern, not only for Vince, but for all of it's employees, staff members and talent (some of whom were specifically named in your email as being targets of your anger)."

Blake also warned Cornette about leaking private company information as all former contractors are bound by a confidentiality agreement when they leave the company for a certain period of time.

Wrote Blake:  "Your email contained certain statements which discussed internal TNA management decisions and the circumstances surrounding your departure from TNA. Those matters constitute Confidential information. Accordingly, we are taking this opportunity to remind you that the Confidential Information is proprietary and is not to be revealed except as expressly permitted by TNA in writing. As a former talent of TNA, you continue to be bound by your legal obligations and duties to maintain the confidentiality of such Confidential Information in accordance with the terms of your various talent agreements. You cannot share Confidential Information with ANYONE (including current or former TNA talent) and TNA will vigorously enforce it's rights in this regard."

Cornette said that the worst thing that has come out of this situation is the break down of his 30-year friendship to Terry Taylor.


(WGN) April 14: Gene Kiniski dead at 81, Maria Kanellis on WWE creative, Melina calls her a liar, Mysterio update, TNA contacts a major WWE name, Orlando Jordan, British wrestler quits at young age, more...


4/13 NXT TV results from London, England: Christian over Wade Barrett; William Regal over Daniel Bryan; and Darren Young over Luke Gallows.

4/13 Raw house show results from Sheffield, England: Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero  MVP over Dos Caras; Chris Masters vs. Hornswoggle in a Masterlock Challenge was a no contest; Eve Torres over Maryse with Kelly Kelly as referee; Ted DiBiase Jr. over Kofi Kingston; Sheamus over Mark Henry; and John Cena & Randy Orton over Batista & Big Show. Bret Hart also worked the show as guest host. Bourne-Guerrero was said to be match of the night.

The European tour continues today with Raw in Strasbourg, France and Smackdown in Oberhausen, Germany.


Former Diva Maria Kanellis did an interview with to push her new album. She was fairly critical when talking about WWE creative saying it sucked for the women who seem to be consigned to working two minute matches and used mostly in comedy segments. She also alluded to the women being reprimanded for producing good matches. As an example, she said that Melina and Michelle McMcCool were told that their ring work looked "too devastating" following their 2009 Night of Champions title match. She said, "We're supposed to be sexy, strong and powerful women but at the same time, how can we show we're sexy, strong and powerful women when you're not even allowing us to talk? You're not even letting us do anything other than go out there maybe in a Baywatch bikini and act like 'Oh this is just awesome', but no it's not, it sucks. There's nothing to it, it's not showing anything. I'd rather go out there like I used to do with Torrie (Wilson), Trish (Stratus), and Stacy (Kiebler) and put on an eight minute pillowfight than put on a two-minute Baywatch match. It doesn't make any sense." Melina Perez apparently wasn't too happy with some of Maria's comments in the interview. She responded on Twitter, "Our little Maria, I wish you can find it in your soul to be honest one day. To tell THE TRUTH. I admire your strong will and believe you will always shine in some way because you have it in you, no doubt. I just pray you see the truth about certain things in life and Speak The Truth. Treasure the fact that you did so much with the WWE and did it successfully! Now you are doing amazing things and your album is doing great! You are blessed and are young so there is more to come. If saying those things make you feel better, I hope you do. All I hope is that you are happy. I love you no matter what Maria. And I'm still proud."

The New York Times has a story on Smackdown moving to SyFy at WWE COO Donna Goldsmith is quoted as saying, "Cable is where it’s at right now" adding she didn't anticipate losing many viewers moving from MNTV as SyFy is almost equivalent to a broadcast network. The story noted that the deal is for two years, with an option for a third year. Goldsmith also confirmed that they are trying to find a new home for NXT.

Rey Mysterio is said to be really banged up right now. He was looking at another knee surgery earlier this year but wanted to get past Wrestlemania first before making a decision.

November dates were announced for WWE's next European tour which includes Raw and Smackdown tapings at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England on 11/8 and 11/9.

David Hasselhoff talks about his "Hoffsome night" as Raw guest host at

The WWE website posted part one of a story on the former Warlord (Terry Szopinski) at I believe he's now living near Fort Lauderdale, FL and running a security company, but I may be wrong.


TNA CFO Dean Broadhead recently made serious overtures to a major name who's WWE contract is about to expire. This person declined the offer but didn't rule out doing business in the future. Broadhead asked this person what they would do to improve the television product, and their response was to remove Vince Russo from creative. This person also laid blame on TNA's problems with Hulk Hogan saying that his days as a money or ratings draw are behind him although admitting that Hogan is valuable in terms of garnering mainstream media attention.

Cameron, Orlando Jordan's storyline companion, is gone from the company. Apparently they have already found someone to replace him if they decide to continue the gimmick. This stems partly from a bar incident following the last live Impact. We've heard differing versions but something happened on the dance floor of the Hard Rock which led to an intoxicated Ric Flair cutting a promo on the kid and making him cry. This all went down in front of a major television executive. Flair's wife was also present and was apologizing to people afterwards. Cameron showed up to the Tuesday taping the next day but was not used.

The leading contender of new names suggested for The Band, believe it or not, is "The Klique" or a slight variation of that spelling. Nobody has registered that mark, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Kevin Nash was the one who made the suggestion and joked that they could tease Shawn Michaels coming in. Michaels is still on the WWE payroll despite his retirement and will likely remain in that position for a long time to come.

There is talk again about reducing the number of PPV's to 6-8 shows per year and running three hour specials on Spike. Not sure about the later idea but reducing the number of PPV's will help the company financially as since bringing in the big names they are losing more money than ever before.

Spike sent out a press release yesterday claiming Impact averaged a 0.9 rating on Monday night. The actual rating was 0.79, according to Nelson, but a Spike rep said they rounded the number up. Not sure what they were rounding it up to. Quarter hours were 0.74, 0.84, 0.83, 0.85, 0.78, 0.65, 0.72, 0.80 and 0.97 for an overrun which ran just over 30 seconds.

The Nasty Boys and Consequences Creed were removed from the TNA website roster. Daniels is still listed.


Sad to report the death today of Gene Kiniski at the age of 81. He had recently stopped eating after his cancer spread to his brain. Kiniski was one of the all-time great heels who's career spanned just over 40 years winning multiple championships. The pinnacle of Kiniski's career came in January, 1966, when he defeated Lou Thesz to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in front of 11,612 fans at the Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis. Greg Oliver has a really great obit at which I encourage everyone to check out.

British wrestler, Jetta, 22 of SHIMMER fame, has announced that she will be leaving the business. She has been wrestling around the world for seven years but succumbed to nagging injuries and has new life plans. She didn't rule out returning in the future noting nobody ever really retires. Her final show is next month in Belgium. has a new audio show online with JJ Dillon as a guest.

Dave Herro presents Great Lakes Championship Wrestling this weekend in Racine, WI with Roddy Piper, Sean Waltman, Al Snow, Road Warrior Animal, Road Dogg, and Traci Brooks. For more info call (262) 636-9169 or visit

Chris Daniels talks returning to Ring of Honor at

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Gran Akuma & Akira Tozawa was announced for Dragon Gate USA on 5/7 in Windsor, ONT. More info at

Shane Helms is doing his first post-WWE interview tomorrow at 4pm PST at Jeff Katz' website

OVW in Louisville, KY is holding a tryout day soon where one person will be awarded one year free tuition at OVW's school under Danny Davis and Rip Rogers. More info at

Wrestlicious signed a deal with The Fight Network in Canada to start airing it's shows beginning in early May.

Today's Diva of the Day at

The Golden Circle: "Metro Sexual Mania?" by Greg Anthony

Wrestling is a tough business. We've got grown men throwing and slamming each other and Contrary to popular belief, it hurts. In addition, we've all got that "jock" mentality. Machismo reaching a boiling point a lot of times. With all that being said, Metro sexual Mania is still running wild in pro wrestling.

Here I am in a locker room with some of the toughest men I've ever known and I hear things like... "Do I look bloated?", "Your abs look great", "Does my ass look flat in these tights?". Everyone has said or done something to that extent. Have you ever asked another man to rub baby oil on your back? Not acceptable at the gym but its ok in pro wrestling. Some of things I've seen and heard would make a great Saturday Night Live skit.

We all have friends outside the business. Being in Tennessee some of mine are good ole boys from the country. Things that are musts/requirements in wrestling seem very gay to the average male. Like highlighting your hair or the extensive man-scaping that goes on with a pro wrestler. Even tanning in a tanning bed is a little much for some men.

Once, back in the LAW in Dyersburg days, Christian Jacobs had a run in during the show. So CJ was dressed in a pair of jeans with no shirt and had oiled up. Waiting for his spot Chris O'Neal comes asks if he has time to run to Taco Bell with him? CJ agrees and hops in the car with Chris. They get back and tell me they went to the drive thru. I can only imagine what the people working the window must have been thinking with two males, one shirtless and oiled up coming thru. The best part is that Chris was wearing a Picture Perfect t-shirt with his and CJ's picture on the front. You can't write stuff like that.

Is metro sexuality good or bad for wrestling? I can't answer that myself. I think we are more a product of the environment that anything else. We are constantly under the microscope like super models. To be thin, tan or whatever magazine dream people think we should be thus creating this sometime insecurity about our appearance. I say be healthy but be you, I promise you can't go wrong with that.. and when "The Golden Boy' Greg Anthony makes a promise its as good as gold.

Arena Report: MCW Osceola, AR 4.10.10

----Homer Lee/Canadian Phoenix beat Pedro Hambone/BlackJack in the opening bout. Nothing really good about his, except Pedro was bumping. Not good. [DUD]

----Rashard Devon and Bishop came out for an interview. They called out Pokerface. Good segment. Rashard has improved tons on the mic and is easily my favorite manager this year so far. This interview was about the title and how Poker had left the family. Devon even said that Poker was “segregating” and told him that “our president is black now!” Good stuff from all three of them.

----C-Money by DQ over Ray when V-Man and Officer Hudson interfered. Just a solid bout. Ray was in the opening bout [under a hood] and you would have never known it was the same person. Perfect psychology. Money carried him to a good bout. Heels jumped in to make tag match for later. [**3/4]

----Big Daddy LaFonce/Frankie Tucker beat Adrian Stratton/Kilo. Another solid match with perfect psychology. Kilo was on and did a good job. Adrian is a big guy and moves slow. Big Daddy did his part. Tucker got in some chops and a nice dropkick. Lots of shine. Tucker pinned Kilo after hot tag. [**1/2]

----V-Man/Officer Hudson beat Aaron Ecstasy/C-Money in pretty much a TV squash match. V-Man looked really good with just power move after power move on Ecstasy that took the heat. A few “oh shit” moments with V-Man gorilla slamming him from the floor to inside the ring. Hudson worked a little slower. V-Man just beat the hell out of Ecstasy. Perfect psychology. V-Man ended it with a sitdown chokeslam. [**1/2]

----Pokerface beat Bishop with special ref Big Jim in a Ghetto Street fight. This one had it all – signs, blood, stiff shots, great psychology, “oh shit” moments and just solid back & forth. Jim got hit really hard with a Stop sign. Poker juiced good after getting thrown into the announcer’s table and on top of the table. Poker wins and crowd popped. [***3/4]


----110-130 in the building…Money did something that you see from old pros – get a good match out of someone by just telling a story and by calling just simple stuff…Stratton is a guilty pleasure for me. Not a great worker, but he understands what you are suppose to do and just does what he does…Kilo has lost some weight and was good as usual. I would have loved to have seen him against C-Money…Rashard came out with all the heels [as I have said before] – that does not work with every manager, but he pulls it off…Hudson has improved since the first matches I have seen him on IWA…V-Man has always been solid…TJ is turning into a good ref…Bishop, Rashard, Money and Poker all come off as “stars” here. They could work anywhere in the area…Poker does stuff in his matches that NO ONE does in this area. He is easily my pick for MVP Performer this year so far. I would like to see Poker in the ring with guys like Alan Steele [seen a great bout with them a few years back], Christian Jacobs, Stan Lee, TGB and guys like that. Poker against Eric Wayne would be fun also…Big Jim worked for CCW as Big Peter Waldo…As you can tell by the match ratings, there was only one bout that was “off the charts”, but everything was real solid. Crowd was into every bout and seem to have a good time…Photo of Poker [with arms wide open holding the belt] above is one of my favorite wrestling photos [that I have taken] of all time. And remember folks, I have been taking photos since the early 80s…Thanks to MCW for having RRO on our final stop of Yearbook Tour 2010. Great time was had by all.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

At the Start of a New Romance Video

----I just thought this was cool. This is Sal Corrente's dad - Sal Sr. Rob Russen wrote the following on youtube about this video.

Sal Corrente was lead singer of the Dials. Also in the group was Frank Ragone, Dario Bianchini, Jimmy Raguso, Joe Rasulo Sal was also lead singer with The Johnny Law Four. He also sang with The Regents, The Runarounds, The Belmonts and The 1929 Depression. He was a prolific songwriter and one of the truly outstanding vocalists of that era. Corrente was truly worthy of becoming a huge star of the doowop era had he just caught a break like so many others did to ride their way to stardom. Sal's love for music still remains today and he can be found performing regularly throughout his Yonkers, NY home base. Do yourself a favor and catch this wonderful man and outstanding talent if you find him performing in your area. You'll be very glad you did.

The Straight Flush "Presence and Promos" by Pokerface

Presence and Promos (Interviews)

I'm gonna get straight to the point. Presence and confidence can say alot for a person. And a lot of the time, the lack thereof can easily be spotted. I hate being at or watching a show where a wrestler, manager, etc is lacking any kinda flash. For instance wrestlers, whether they are a good or bad guy, who just walk to the ring with no expression, life, or excitement. Now granted my name is Pokerface, but even I show some kind of emotion. Or how about when a wrestler(s) are standing in the ring waiting on their opponent(s) and they just stand motionless until they arrive. I was told from the time I walk through the curtain, always do something, even if it is something small. Something is better than nothing. Take Chris benoit for example. he may not have not have been the most charismatic wrestler, but when he walked to the ring, he walked with a purpose. When in the ring waiting for his opponent, he would pace back and forth like a caged tiger or he would stretch and warm up. C'mon guys you can at least hit the ropes or slap yourself. And we wonder why people get bored at the shows. Who says that even on the indy level we can present ourselves like the guys in the big leagues. Guys when we watch tapes of our matches, lets not watch them just to stroke our own egos. Try to lean something. Even you turn down the volume when watching your matches from start to finish , would you honestly still be entertained? Think on that.

Promos - Promos and/or interviews in my opinion is what separates the boys from the men. I really feel that it's a lost art. Most of the biggest names in the business haven't been the best in-ring technicians, but have been some of the best talkers. For example Jerry Lawler, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, The Rock, Jackie Fargo, Stone Cold, Jesse Ventura, Ric Rude, Randy Savage, hell even Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman. Think about it. I guarantee you that most fights or even better, most emotions are stirred up more by words than actions. If you had two guys that wrestled and looked exactly alike, but one couldn't give an interview, and the other had the gift of gab like a Rick Rude, who do think the crowd would pay to see first? But I don't think that there are too many guys in the indies or the big leagues, that can talk asses in the seats. I once heard that Jackie Fargo wasn't that good when it came to pure wrestling, but he would talk so good on the mic, that you didn't care, you just wanted to see him kick somebody's ass. I've been at shows where I knew what Jerry Lawler's interview was going to be about, but it he talks so naturally and with such ease, I'm drawn into it like I'm hearing it for the first time. FYI, I'm non kissing ass with that last sentence either. Or how about when Bill Dundee gives a hellified post match interview after Kamala has jumped him. I really wanna see him beat the shit out of Kamala. But I guess that's the fan in me. So guys let's work on the whole package. But if you aren't the most athletically inclined, at least be able to talk so good people will never know it. Hey look at Hulk Hogan, but what does he know? Until text time, God Bless, and keep your pimp hand strong.

Flag this message (WGN) April 13: Major WWE TV change, TNA wrestler on current creative, Melina talks women's wrestling, Monday night ratings, Dixie answers fan questions, Brock Lesnar on Vince McMahon, Brian Knobbs, Iron Sheik, more...


4/12 Raw TV results from London, England: Eve Torres over Maryse to win the Diva's Championship; The Miz over DH Smith; Evan Bourne over Carlito; John Cena over David Otunga; Kofi Kingston over Sheamus via DQ; The Bella Twins over Rosa Mendez & Jillian Hall and Gail Kim & Kelly Kelly in a three-way; and Randy Orton over Batista via DQ.

4/12 Smackdown house show results from Nottingham, England: Jack Swagger over Kane; R-Truth over Shad Gaspard; Beth Phenoix over Layla; Finley over Dolph Ziggler; John Morrison over Luke Gallows; Drew McIntyre over Matt Hardy; Rey Mysterio over CM Punk; and Edge over Chris Jericho in a street fight.

The NXT/Smackdown tapings are tonight in London with the main event of Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge for the World title. There is also a Raw show tonight in Sheffield.


In a major programming move, WWE today confirmed a multi-year agreement with NBC Universal to bring Smackdown to Friday nights on Syfy from 10/1. The move is believed to be the death knell for MyNetwork TV which contributed to major financial losses for News Corporation in 2008. The network ceased airing original series last Fall, and is now a repository for syndicated shows. The biggest impact of the deal for WWE will mean NXT moving to a new channel as Syfy's existing ratings draws such as Caprica, Stargate Universe and Sanctuary will switch to Tuesday nights. Syfy will pay around $30 million per year in television rights fees for Smackdown.

Jack Swagger reportedly got married a couple of week's ago in Las Vegas. Bryan Alverez reported that Swagger attended a Criss Angel show and was introduced with a women as his bride. His wife or girlfriend would be model Catalina White who at one point was in WWE developmental under the name Saylor James. She was cut around the time an adult film company announced it was going to release a sex tape she shot with a previous boyfriend... Swagger worked double duty last night in the opening match at the Smackdown show in Nottingham then took a cross-country helicopter ride to make Raw over 100 miles away in London.

Raw last night did a 3.2 rating and 4.7 million viewers.

Swagger vs. Randy Orton for the WWE title and Triple H vs. Sheamus in a street fight are the first two matches announced for Extreme Rules on 4/25.

The Miz appeared today on the popular UK television show Blue Peter. It's quite a big deal for WWE as before the move to PG they would never have been able to open these doors. Miz did two segments--one where he trained the hosts in cutting promos and another where he made a wrestling ring out of a Pizza box.

ESPN Video Games interviewed Brock Lesnar about appearances in multiple sports games, moving into MMA, and the chance of returning to WWE. He was fairly diplomatic compared to answers he's given in the past. When asked about differences between Vince McMahon and UFC President Dana White he said, "If I had to say one thing about Vince it would be ruthless. If I had to say something about Dana it would be diligent and somewhat brilliant. Two different approaches to business. I had a great run with WWE. They gave me great visibility, I met my wife (the former Sable) there, and I got paid a lot of money, it was just my time to go. I sensed it. I was smart enough to leave. That's the bottom line." On ever returning as a guest host: "I wouldn't be opposed to it. I'm still focused on my fighting right now, but if the opportunity arose some day, I'd never say never." Full interview at

Melina got very emotional on Twitter last night after Eve Torres won the Divas Championship although she didn't appear to be happy with the match. She wrote, "Just to make sure everyone understands, I think Eve is an up and coming talent. She has potential like many of our Divas. Like many of our Divas, they deserve a better title moment than that. With a good chase and a good build up. Maybe you need to be a wrestler to know that feeling but, it's an incredible feeling when you have reached such an honor. Where it took time and you invested so much to reach that moment/ that level. She got cheated out of that. No one understands that. Good for her. Be good to your heels, they make you who you are... As a former heel, I know. Do your thing chica. I still stand by what I say. Back in the Trish/Lita/Jazz era, the women earned the title and fought for it. It meant so much. Women looked at them and wanted to be as great as them. It shouldn't be about taking turns on who gets to put in on this week. It should be about who earned it and who brings credibility to it. I still wish it could have been Jillian, Katie or Gail to have that opportunity. All I wanted was to start a new era. To make those women proud to see we were keeping it alive."

The annual three-hour draft show was announced for 4/26 in Richmond, VA. No guest host is scheduled at press time although we're told they are working on someone A-list. If not they may end up using a legend.

Santino's sitcom is set to debut very soon on the WWE website with Beth Phoenix and Kozlov as the main players.

Shawne Merriman of the San Diego Chargers said in an interview this week that he's talked to Vince McMahon about getting into wrestling after football.

WWE recently hired New Jersey wrestling promoter Tommy Fierro to work in the television studio.

The Sun at has a story on Ted DiBiase Sr. who says he's glad that Ultimate Warrior, the former Jim Hellwig, declined a spot in the Hall of Fame this year. He said, "I'm glad he wasn't there because he's somebody I don't particularly care for, and quite frankly he was somebody who got a big push... He's one of those guys that has never really appreciated what was done for him, and all you have to do is watch the DVD. There's a lot of guys that did well in the industry that may have been lacking in some areas."


4/12 Impact TV results from Orlando, FL: The Band over Team 3D; Shannon Moore vs. Kazarian was a draw; Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky was a no contest; Matt Morgan & Amazing Red over The Machine Guns to retain the tag titles; and Jeff Hardy over Robert Roode.

Unless there are more swerves the final card for Sunday's Lockdown pay-per-view is AJ Styles vs. The Pope for the TNA heavyweight title; Team Flair (Sting, Desmond Wolfe, Robert Roode, James Storm) vs. Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy) in Lethal Lockdown; Shannon Moore vs. Kaz vs. Doug Williams in a three-way for the X Division title; The Beautiful People vs. Angelina Love & Tara with both the Knockouts title and tag titles on the line; Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle; Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young; and The Band vs. Team 3D.


ODB publicly expressed some frustration with the current creative direction. She wrote regarding Impact on her Facebook page, "Just watched from my DVR the Knockouts match. Wow, WTF is happening to our division?" One source echoed similar sentiments to us this week. They said the Knockout's division has become quite sad in that most of the girls are fighting hard to stick together and want to help each other while some forces seem to be working against them.

Dixie Carter answered the first round of questions for her new column at When asked about flagging ratings she said she's happy with four hours of prime time on Spike each week but admitted they cannot compete with WWE numbers. Another person asked about Impact going live in the UK and the possibility of doing a television taping over there. She said that was a call for their UK TV partner Bravo--I assume because she wants them to pay for it. On critics, she said, "You learn to have thick skin. I read fan input daily. There is a difference in someone who is passionate about TNA and wants to see something different versus someone who just hates the product (and won’t give it a chance) and they want to complain. Hearing what fans like is the best feedback for me because we can strive to do more of it." She also said she doesn't pay much attention to the wrestling media, instead prefering fan feedback and not feedback from people offering their perspective to the fans.

Impact last night did a 0.78 rating and 1.1 million viewers. The new show, Reaction, did a horrible number--0.2 and 279,000 viewers.

Brian Knobbs was interviewed last night on the Monday Night Mayhem radio show. He said he didn't know whether he was done here as nobody from the office has contacted him or Jerry Saggs. He noted talking to Hogan who claimed he didn't know whether the Nasty Boys were done either. He also revealed that WWE contacted him in January. "They called me and left a message to call them back, and they wanted to see what our status was in TNA. It was short and sweet, and they left a number, but I never did call it. I told Hogan they called us, and he said we should check it out, but I said right now, we're down here, and our loyalty is our loyalty." You can listen to the interview at

We didn't get much feedback on Hogan's new radio show last night on Sirus. Mike Lano noted to us that Hogan was in full work mode and took a lot of crank calls, including a guy who asked him if he ever had sex with Mr. T. He also told the story claiming Andre the Giant weighed 700lbs when he slammed him at Wrestlemania III.

Regarding the fire ball stunt on Impact, Jeff Hardy's girlfriend Beth wrote on Twitter that Jeff suffered burns around his eye, forehead, nose and mouth. "I hope he doesn't agree to do anything like that again," she said.


Scott Siegel, the actor who played a drug dealer in The Wrestler, was sentenced to 63 months in prison for steroid possession, distribution and law enforcement assault charges to which he plead guilty last October. The New York Daily News has a story at which noted since his incarceration Siegal has suffered from hormonal imbalances caused by years of steroid abuse.

James "Sinister Minister" Mitchell wrote a great blog discussing Chris Kanyon and his recent death at Mitchell was among the few wrestling personalities who attended Kanyon's private funeral last week in New York. Mick Foley and Scott "Raven" Levy also attended.

Ring of Honor announced Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs. TNA's Machine Guns for their return to New York City next month. More info at

The Iron Sheik is booked again on Howard Stern on 6/10... Sheik recently put together a list of people he dislikes at Hulk Hogan, Brian Blair and Bubba the Love Sponge all made the cut.

Lance Cade is returning to Japan for a tour with All Japan on 5/15.

WWE's Norman Smiley is doing an upcoming seminar for indie wrestlers at the NYWC school in Deer Park, NY. Cost is $150. For more info contact Pat Buck at

Celebrity Boxing Federation promoter Damon Feldman is accused of fixing fights and staging competitions without a license, although he claims he's no different than WWE. Story is at

There is a trailer for Dwayne Johnson's upcoming movie The Other Guys at The film also stars Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Samuel L. Jackson, and Eva Mendes, and is due to hit theatres on 8/6.

Alebrije, Cujie, Histeria and Psicosis are in dispute with AAA in Mexico over the rights to their gimmicks. They met with an arbitrator a few days ago to try to resolve the situation and were confident that the arbitrator will eventually rule in their favor.

Joe Bruen is promoting a wrestling convention this weekend at the Bright Ridge Club in East Providence, RI. Among the names advertised: Jimmy Snuka, Ox Baker, Doink the Clown, Justin Credible, Bryan Clarke, Larry Zbyszko, John Cena Sr., Antonio Thomas, Rick Martel, Danny Davis, Kenny Dykstra, Melissa Coates, and more.

National Wrestling Superstars has a double shot this weekend in Carteret, NJ and Tower City, PA with Kishi (formerly Rikishi). Tickets are available by calling 732-888-1704 or visiting

Semi-retired wrestler "Lightning" Cheryl Rusa who works as a stunt women in Hollywood had a cameo last week on ABC's Flash Forward as an FBI agent.

Austin "Consequences" Creed is interviewed at talking about his departure from TNA.

Maria Kanellis' album Sevin Sins went on sale today on itunes and is currently at No. 16 and climbing on the Rock chart.

The latest edition of Fighting Females magazine is now online. It's 70 pages dedicated to women's wrestling with a stack of interviews including the former Molly Holly, Lexie Fyfe, Rain, Nevaeh and special features on WSU, Wrestlicious, WWE Comics and Rival Angels at

Today's Diva of the Day is Melina at

Monday, April 12, 2010

RCW Late Nite Wrestling April 10, 2010 Part Three

RCW Late Nite Wrestling Part 3 from April 10 features the final moments of a Midnight Gold promo; words from Premiere Brutality; highlights of Bishop vs. "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs in the semi-finals of the RCW Championship Tournament; comments from Jon Michael Worthington and a preview of Rodney Mack's RCW debut!

RCW Late Nite Wrestling April 10, 2010 Part Two

See the second part of the April 10, 2010 edition of RCW Late Nite Wrestling. The final moments of Kid Nikels & Eric Wayne vs. Midnight Gold; the post match confrontation between Midnight Gold and Charles "Casino Kid" Moser; and a Midnight Gold promo.

RCW Late Nite Wrestling April 10, 2010 Part One

The first 10 minutes of the April 10 edition of RCW Late Nite Wrestling on KAIT TV-8 features footage of Matt Riviera's attack on Ron Rage in Trumann, AR; and highlights of the Premiere Brutality ("3G" Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels) vs. Midnight Gold (Bobby Eaton & "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony) from Augusta, AR on March 27.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Midnight Gold" beat "New Age Outlaws" - TGB pins Billy Gunn!!

----RRO Tag Team of the Year 2009 "Midnight Gold" [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] with Brian Thompson beat "New Age Outlaws" [Billy Gunn/Jesse James] last night [Saturday] in Fort Smith, AR. Greg Anthony pinned Gunn using a gimmick for the win.  The two teams worked each other the night before in Springdale, AR with "Outlaws" winning. I should have full results sometime later in the week.

Wrestling In Jackson!!

RassleResults: ASWF Augusta, AR 4.10.10

This is ASWF's first road show in a while and what an explosive one it was.

1st match- Cody Murdoch vs. Casino- Murdoch was accompanied to the ring by his CM2 partner, Cason McClain. This match started off with alot of Casino countering every move Murdoch tried. This worked well for Casino until McClain started distracting Casino by trying to interfere in the match. Casino tried to come back, but the odds were stacked against him and in the end, with Cason's interference, Murdoch would take the victory.
Winner: Cody Murdoch

2nd match- Cason McClain vs. Austin Lane- In this contest, Murdoch returned the favor to McClain by coming out and distracting the ASWF Heavyweight Champion. At one point it looked as if Austin Lane had it under control and was gonna beat the odds and pull out the victory, but in the end, the numbers game won out and McClain scored a pinfall over the Champ.
Winner: Cason McClain

After this match both members of CM2 were set to launch an attack on Austin Lane and Casino came out from the back to make the save. Austin and Casino then issued a challenge to CM2 for a pinfalls count anywhere title match for later on that night. CM2 accepted the challenge, but stated they would just give them a match; they never accepted it being a title match.

3rd match- CCR vs. X-Kaliber/Morgan Williams- This bout was the return of The American Degenerates and started out with several good moves from both teams. It didn't remain a wrestling match for long though, because CCR obviously came looking for a fight. This match erupted and spilled outside the ring where the referee had no choice but to call the match a No Contest via Double Count Out. Just when it looked to be all over, X-Caliber said he didn't come here for a no contest and he was sure the fans wanted to see more action, and he got the crowd to chant 5 more minutes and so the bell was rung to give them their 5 more minutes. This started out with The American Degenerates in control, but they were quickly overpowered by CCR and with a minute and a half to go, CCR got the pin.
Winner: CCR

4th Match-'Hot Rod' John Ellison vs. Dante Cain- This contest was almost completely dominated by Dante Cain. With this new attitude that he has developed over the last few weeks, he has also developed a mean streak and 'Hot Rod' was on the receiving end of everything Cain had to dish out on this night. Cain got the pin.
Winner: Dante Cain

5th match- Johnny Hawk vs. Christopher Lee- Christopher Lee was in complete control in the opening minutes of this contest and it looked like this would be an easy night for the X-Division Champ. Things changed quickly as Hawk took to the outside of the ring and pulled a foreign object out of his boot. Hawk took advantage of the situation when Lee came outside the ring and jabbed The Renegade Superstar in the throat on a few occasions. As Hawk rolled Lee into the ring, it was obvious that Lee couldn't breathe well, and Hawk quickly got the pin.
Winner: Johnny Hawk

Main Event- CM2 w/Athena vs. Austin Lane/Casino- This match started out with Austin and Casino trying to get CM2 to come outside the ring and start the match. CM2 wanted no part of that. After a few minutes they finally got started in the ring, and this battle was back and forth with no one having the upper hand until they took it outside the ring. Casino had a chair working over Murdoch and Austin and McClain were all over the place. At one point McClain was even put on a dolly and pushed out of the building. This match was EXPLOSIVE! Athena tried to help her guys and she got SPANKED for her troubles. In the end, Austin and Casino got the win and was celebrating their victory with the tag team belts that they thought they had won. CM2 then reminded them that they had said they would give them a match, but never said they would put the titles on the line. Austin and Casino laid the titles in the middle of the ring and told CM2 if they wanted the titles, come get them. CM2 thought better of the situation and pushed Athena in to get them. As Athena was trying to get out of there, CM2 got their titles from her and then left her to the wolves where she was given a massive wedgie and almost another spanking for her time.
Winner: Austin Lane/ Casino

Be watching for the announcement of the next exciting ASWF road show coming soon to an arena near you!

----I was told 70 people in attendance, so if that would be 20 more than the last RCW show. A lower ticket price though, so the gate was less.