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Another Show!! Paragould, AR Saturday night!!

----Show will feature some of the same guys from the last Paragould show with Rik Burton, Loose Cannon, East Coast Badd Boys, Midnight Cowboy and more. 

EWE This Saturday night!!

----We did talk with EWE offices late last night, and they wanted me to pass along the following.  The show tonight will feature these matches and more!!

Christian Jacobs vs V-ManDell Tucker/Rockin Randy vs Tatt2/Seth Knight
Flash Flanagan vs Alan Steele [would be worth the price of admission!! Someone send me a tape!]

and also Johnny Dotson, Kaleb, Bishop, Motley Cruz, Jon Micheal, Devil Rejects, Rude and more!!

RassleResults: DCW Jonesboro, AR 5.01.10

Show starts off with Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman welcoming everyone to the DCW Arena as always followed by the National Anthem..Show gets started off with Angeleena coming out to some pretty good HEAT! Angeleena talked about how Latricia had been talking smack about her and how she doesn't even know if Latricia is even wrestling anymore..Then Latricia comes out to confront Angeleena. After the two go back and forth things turn into a cat fight with both ladies going at it for a few minutes then PokerFace comes out to break both girls up, but even the former DCW World Champion needs some help from DCW Security to break the two divas up...

Match 1: Chaos (Big Josh one of the Gorillaz) vs Ross
-match was pretty good from start to end...It is good to see how far Ross has come in such a short time and as always the big man Chaos is great as always! If TNA or WWE were smart, they would pick up this big man and develop him somewhere and make him a star..You just don't see big men move like this unless you are talking about the Undertaker or Yokozuna! Match goes back and forth with Ross showing some great technical wrestling moves that he is learning and developing more and more everytime he steps in the the end Chaos hits Ross with a big splash from the second rope for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Chaos!!

Then the PokerFace Showcase music hits and here he is the former 2x DCW World Champion comes out to another episode of the "hit t.v. show" The PokerFace Showcase!! Poker goes on to tell the DCW Arena that it does not matter if he does not have the belt anymore, he still has all the stroke around here and then he starts to invite guests out to the ring..First guest is Mr Pimptacular or P.I.M.P these days! Pimp talks about how they are the biggest force in wrestling in this area and don't dislike us, get like us!! Then he Poker invites out JD Kerry..Kerry comes out and says that last week, he was a split second away from becoming the DCW Champion again but Southside had to cheat...Then Southside Brawler's music hits, the DCW World Champion comes out to a big Pop and tells Poker that I know that if these people are as bored as I am with this show, they are on the verge of killing themselves lol.....Southside tells Poker that I have the stroke around here and tells JD Kerry if he wants another shot tonight at the title he has it but in a Street Fight!! Then Southside tells Poker and Pimp that they will be wrestling each other and if they don't have a good match, he will beat both of them down..then Jon Allen comes out and asked Southside if he could be in the match with them..Southside tells everyone that he is going to make an executive/champion choice..Triple Threat Match and it's NEXT....

Match 2: Jon Allen vs. PokerFace vs Pimptacular (Triple Threat Match)
-match was probably one of the funniest you have ever seen...Both Pimp and Poker work Jon Allen over for most of the match..while Poker is in the ring wrestling, Pimp is getting popcorn from the concession stand and sitting in the front row watching the match..then Poker and Pimp switch, while Pimp is beating on Allen Poker sits in the front row eating pop was really a site to see and was probably one of the best matches I have ever called...Even though they both shared time in the ring, the match was GREAT! Jon Allen is really developing into something special and it showed in the ring with veterans like Pimp and Poker...finally both Pimp and Poker get into the ring, but Allen makes a come back and finally Allen rolls Pimp up for the 1-2-3..winner via pinfall Jon Allen


Then Rick Ruby comes to the ring and looks up at Jeff Perryman and says hey buddy have you found out any information about this Tejano thing or soon as Perryman can say anything the Tejano Kids music hits and he comes out with Dominique. Tejano comes out and tells everyone that no one will be able to cut his hair and no one will be able to enforce anything..Tejano says Ruby cheated and thats final, but Jeff Perryman interupts both men and says that the person the DCW Board was going to send to handle all of this is here right now, that they just pulled up..So Ruby tells Perryman to go get them and Perryman runs down the stairs and music hits that no one recognizes...then Jeff Perryman hits the curtain and the crowd goes crazy...Perryman walks right by Tejano and stairs him down and laughs...Perryman hits the ring to a HUGE POP and says Jonesboro, Jonesboro, Jonesboro how are ya'll tonite..this portion of the DCW card will be brought to you by Perryman's Barber Shop and Perryman pulls out some hair cutting tools...Tejano looks at Perryman and starts speaking something Spanish and Perryman responds by saying something in Spanish, but Perryman finally says that when the DCW Board was looking for someone to come in and take control of this mayhem, with the right money and the right title I decided to take the job..I am the NEW DCW Commissioner and the crowd goes crazy..Tejano has a look of total suprise!! Perryman then tells the Security Guards to escort Tejano in the ring, it is time for a new hair cut....They sit Tejano down and before Rick starts cutting hair, Tejano says he has a question...Perryman says since everyone on death row gets a last request, Tejano's will be granted!! Tejano says that we are all a bunch of racists and how does he know that Perryman is the new Commissioner? Tejano says, that he has not seen any paper work or got any email, text, or phone call...Perryman looks at Rick Ruby and says, you know what Rick he is right..Technically I can not go back and enforce things that happened before I was Commissioner and the paper work is only temporary right now, but the temporary  means I can make matches...Perryman tells Tejano that he has talked about headlined many shows and main-evented many shows all around the country..well tonite he will headline one more with Ron Rage..then Ron Rage hits the ring and starts beating Tejano from post to post..then Rage throws Tejano to the outside and Perryman says O Tejano..and this match will be a, then hands the mic over to Rick Ruby..A Last Man Standing Match and the crowd goes crazy......

Match 3: Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique vs Ron Rage (Last Man Standing Match)
-Perryman makes his way back into the booth and Rinaldi was like OMG bro how come I did not get the memo..Perryman tells Rinaldi that it was the most kept secret in DCW History and had to be handled like this...match was great all-together, both men really put on a great show for the DCW Fans..Rage is one of the best preformers in and out of the ring that I have ever seen and Tejano is the best HEEL that I have ever seen on the Indy Circuit...this match went everywhere except for Seductions next door..both men fought all over the arena and then back into the ring..when PokerFace comes out with Tejano starts to work on Rage's bad leg..Poker came out and put tape in the ring and then pointed toward his mind and winked at Tejano...then Tejano goes and gets the tape and tapes Rage's feet around the post..Then Tejano gets in the ring and tells Tim Daniels to start the count...Rage could not answer the count and winner via no response to the count Tejano Kid!!! Tejano looked up and Perryman and points toward his head and tells him I out-smarted you this time....

Main Event: JD Kerry vs Southside (Street Fight for the DCW World Championship)
-match was crazy, exciting, and dangerous to say the least!! Both men fought all over the arena just like in the match before except these two used things to beat on each other with like no one would believe..Southside got a Mountain Dew from the concession stand and hit JD Kerry with it (i hope he did not pay for it, its a waste of money haha) and then Kerry hit Southside with a garbage can and then Southside finds a ladder outside and jumps from on top of it onto JD Kerry on the floor..both men work their way to the merchandise table where Kerry sets Southside up and then CLIMBS up to the announce level and jumps about fifteen feet off of that onto Southide on the table, but Southide moves..then Southside finds another ladder under the ring and sets Kerry up to do his moonsault but Kerry moves and hits the frog-splash but Southside kicked out...Both men were tired and Kerry headed up to the top rope to jump off and hit Southside with a chair and Southside hits a HUGE superkick on Kerry for the 1-2-3..winner and STILL DCW Champion Southside Brawler....

Show was amazing from top to bottom and probably the biggest roar's ever from the crowd tonight...About 160 in attendance tonight and they all got their money's worth!!

Biggest Pop: Jeff Perryman and Rick Ruby
Biggest Heat: Tejano Kid

All matches could have been match of the night, but the last two were in a class of their own...

Credit: Jeff Perryman and DCW

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Shows for the Weekend 5.07 to 5.09.10

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows. Three big shows below!!

-XOW with Eric Young vs Eric Wayne!!

-MSWA Reunion Show - Trenton, TN on Sunday afternoon!!

In Case You Missed It: XOW & IWA pics and Another Baby Pic!!

----CLICK HERE for IWA pics!!

----CLICK HERE for XOW pics!!

----Another fun baby pic posted by CLICKING HERE!!

(WGN) May 6: WWE finances, Vince downplays UFC, Mick Foley upset with Triple H, Knockout to marry this weekend, more Bubba the Love Sponge, 80s star dies, injury notes, more...


5/4 NXT TV results from North Charleston, SC: Michael Tarver over Daniel Bryan; and R-Truth over David Otunga.

5/5 Raw house show results from Monterrey, Mexico: Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero; Kofi Kingston over Zack Ryder; Mark Henry over Carlito; Eve Torres over Maryse with Santino as guest referee; Christian over Ted DiBiase; Dos Caras Jr. (under his mask) over William Regal which was said to be very good; Big Show-Miz segment with Show delivering the death punch; and John Cena & Randy Orton over Batista & Sheamus. The show drew nearly 14,000 people.

The rest of the tour has the Raw crew tonight in Aguascalientes, then Friday in Puebla, and Saturday in Mexico City. The Smackdown crew runs tonight in Mexico City, Friday in Queretaro, Saturday in Leon, and Sunday in Monterrey.

Superstars tonight on WGN includes Chris Masters vs. Chavo Guerrero; Beth Phoenix vs. Rosa Mendes; Shad Gaspard vs. JTG; and the reformation of former tag champions.


WWE announced today financial results for its first quarter ended March 31, 2010. Net income was $24.74 million or $0.33 per share from $10.32 million or $0.14 per share in the prior year quarter. Several analysts had predicted a $22 million profit for the quarter, so very close. Revenues totaled $138.72 million compared with $107.82 million in the prior year quarter. Revenues from North America and outside North America increased 28 percent and 33 percent, respectively, showing the strength of WWE's live event business. Television Rights Fees revenues were $29.4 million as compared to $24.9 million in the prior year quarter. Revenues from Consumer Products businesses were $30.7 million versus $33.1 million in the prior year quarter. The WWE stock closed this afternoon at $16.21 down $1.49 (-8.42%) on the NYSE. Today would have been a better day but the market was down as a whole due to heavy selling pressure amid fears that the Greek credit crisis is spreading globally.

Vince McMahon spoke to investors this morning to discuss first quarter earnings. He was in some serious denial over the effect that UFC had on Wrestlemania 26, which aired on pay-per-view the night before WWE's flagship event. "You're talking about two completely different audiences," he said. "The UFC audience is more of a boxing audience than an entertainment audience." WWE reported that Wrestlemania this year generated 885,000 pay-per-view buys, down from 960,000 buys last year. Vince blamed several factors, including creative and again blamed people gathering in groups at viewing parties in order to save money. When asked if the economy was an excuse he quoted what he once heard from Bobo Brazil, saying they didn't draw as well as they anticipated because they didn't have a big enough attraction. "As with anything in the content business, sometimes you're on and sometimes you're not," he said. "I'm not saying it's a failure, but it didn't measure up in terms of budget and it didn't measure up to last year. It was a good attraction, but it wasn't a great attraction." Regarding WWE Studios, he talked about closing the window between theatrical and direct-to-video release, claiming they would do this better than anyone ever before in the film industry. He said the idea was that they would benefit in terms of capitalizing on promotion with titles released closer together.

NFL great Lawrence Taylor, who headlined Wrestlemania 11 against the late Bam Bam Bigelow, was arrested today after an underage girl accused him of rape. Taylor, 51, was taken into custody by police early this morning. The alleged crime took place at a Holiday Inn in Montebello, New York. The girl who made the accusation is believed to be a prostitute, according to local news reports. An attorney for Taylor, Kenneth Gribetz, says he is confident Taylor's innocence will be proven. The police chief handling the case, Peter Brower, told reporters at a news conference that Taylor paid the girl $300 for sex. The girl claimed a pimp, named Rasheed Davis, was forcing her to have sex with strangers. Davis was also arrested on charges of unlawful imprisonment, assault and endangering the welfare of a child. The girl told police that Davis delivered her to the hotel for Taylor to have sex with. When she refused, she claimed Davis left her alone with Taylor who allegedly forced intercourse.

2010 Hall of Famer Bob Uecker, 75, underwent successful heart surgery on 4/30. Uecker had his aortic valve, aortic root and part of his ascending aorta replaced as well as a coronary bypass. Expected recovery time is three months at which point Uecker says he will return to his broadcast position with the Milwaukee Brewers. He will cover home games only until his doctor give him clearance to travel.

Mick Foley on his MySpace blog noted he watched Raw (from 4/19 featuring the one-night return of Lilian Garcia) on DVR and voiced his displeasure over the comment where Triple H said Lilian had returned to "horse around" which was an inside joke. Foley wrote, "Why does someone like Triple H, one of the most talented, well paid guys in the business, do something so shallow and mean? Why would a multi-millionaire, with millions of fans around the world, feel the need (several times over the years) to say something that is only meant to hurt?" This all stems from Triple H, Vince McMahon, and WWE Producer Kevin Dunn often joking on the corporate jet that Lilian had a horse-shaped face, a joke which was later passed around the locker room.

The Great Khali may be planning to open a wrestling school in India. Seriously. The story is at which says Khali wants to establish the school near his hometown so locals can learn "WWE wrestling techniques". Khali says if he remains in good health he would wrestle for another 6-7 years.

Beth Phoenix suffered an ankle injury during a match with Mendes that airs tonight on Superstars.  She claimed on her Twitter page yesterday that she was fine but has since been pulled from Mexican tour.

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy's injury crisis didn't last long, as he's on the tour.

Melina Perez wrote on Twitter that her physical therapy was going well and she expects to return in late June.

We didn't get this confirmed but Brett DiBiase (22-year-old brother of Ted) reportedly suffered a knee injury last Thursday at the FCW tapings. Bad break if legit as we had heard he was close to a call up.

Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer returned at Tuesday's TV taping in a dark match over Chasyn Rance and JT Talent.

There is some interest in Austin Creed, who was recently let go by TNA. He may be getting a look soon. Creed is heading to Japan this weekend to compete in the first Super J Tag Tournament for New Japan where he teams with Kota Ibushi against Gedo & KUSHIDA.

Edge vs. Randy Orton was just official for the Over the Limit pay-per-view.

NXT on Tuesday night did a 0.8 rating and 1 million viewers. SyFy are unhappy with numbers since the rebranding from ECW so imagine how Spike feels about Impact.

Shad Gaspard named his new born son Aryeh Estario Gaspard.

Mickie James did a radio interview yesterday saying she was baffled by her release. "I really don't know what happened. I was doing interviews for the draft that morning (on 4/22) and then a couple of hours later, I got the phone call," she said. "I guess they just wanted to make a roster change." When asked about her crazy fan who threatened to blow up Titan Towers she hoped nobody would ever do that because she has friends in the office, but noted she appreciates all her fans, even the crazy one's. "Anger never solves anything," she said.


Bubba the Love Sponge and his people continued their rants against the company this week on Tampa radio. He read his dismissal letter from Dixie Carter over the air and called her a "fucking mark". He said he wouldn’t work here again for triple the money saying the company is a sinking ship.

Mike "Cowhead" Calta--the host of the radio show that got Bubba fired sent out a press release. "I was glad to have been able to provide Bubba with a forum to respond to accusations made by Awesome Kong since the incident where she physically attacked him at the TNA venue," Cowhead said in the release. "I am shocked by the hypocrisy displayed by Dixie Carter and TNA. They immediately publicly fired Bubba after his appearance on my show, but continued to let Awesome Kong work in TNA after a physical assault. TNA is resting its future on the reputation of Hulk Hogan. Unfortunately Hulk's 60-year-old shoulders can’t handle the burden of this sub-par product TNA continues to deliver." Ouch. For the record, Hulk is 56.

Los Ben Dejos (translates to bad words) with El Grando Wizard (Pat Kenney wearing a Wizard hat and shades) as their manager got a dark match tryout this week. Dejos are local workers and graduates of the Team 3D Academy. Told they are good workers as a team.

During a match taped on Tuesday for 5/13, Shannon Moore had an earring ripped from his ear and was bleeding profusely.

Several TNA people were surprised that Tara was used on television this week after her coming out publicly and burying the company in her MySpace blog. She was originally programmed with Angelina Love, who is currently out injured, so the assumption was that she wouldn't be used moving forward as her contract expires later this month. The way creative works here it wouldn't be a surprise if she wins the title at Sacrifice.

The company is now promoting house shows to media in local markets saying people who purchase $50 tickets for the first three rows will be invited backstage before the show to meet the wrestlers.

Regarding fan voting, it's now been fixed so you can only vote once. Wolfe is still leading the current poll with the majority vote.

Hogan has another new grill out on the market for $1,200. This new grill promises to double as a waffle maker, skillet, panini sandwich press, pizza oven and even bakes cookies. The deal includes a cook book called Hogan Knows Best, as in his former VH-1 reality show.

Hogan talks the hottest celeb feuds at

Christy Hemme is getting married this weekend in Hawaii.

Jack Friedman, who founded THQ in 1989, and co-founded Jakks Pacific in 1995, died this past week. He was 70. Fiedman's companies published video games for WWE dating back nearly 20 years and currently holds the TNA franchise for action figures.


El Supremo aka Salvador Cuevas Ramirez who was a star in Mexico in the 1970s and 1980s suffered a heart attack and died yesterday in Tijuana at the age of 59. Supremo trained under the legendary Diablo Velasco and started out as Magnifico 1976. He was a headliner by 1985 and was scheduled to have a mask match against El Dorado on EMLL’s 52nd Anniversary Show but a huge earthquake hit Mexico City the day before the show and the show was cancelled with Dorado later losing his mask to El Fantasma. Supremo retired during the mid-90s and moved to Tijuana where he spent the rest of his days. (Thanks to Kris Zellner).

ABC teased a pro wrestler among the 25 contestants for the next season of The Bachelorette (starring Ali Fedotowsky) which premieres on 5/24 at 9pm ET. The cast will visit Iceland, Turkey, Portugal, Tahiti, Hollywood and Broadway during the season, and will appear in a Barenaked Ladies video and an InStyle magazine shoot, according to a press release. There is also one episode where bachelors do battle with Turkish olive oil wrestlers.

Ring of Honor VP Syd Eick appeared in court on 4/29 in Fallsington, PA following an altercation where he allegedly spit on former ROH owner Rob Feinstein. The altercation took place in a pizzeria on 3/23 where Feinstein was eating lunch with a friend. Feinstein said Eick walked in and challenged him to fight which caused the pizzeria manager to step between them. The court found Eick to be in the wrong and he was ordered to pay $500 in fines and costs.

Honky Tonk Man is the latest to pull off the UCW tour of Nova Scotia. Honky says promoter Chuck Martin was unprofessional after his arrival and the transport provided between towns was not road worthy.

Memphis promoter Cory Maclin won the Shelby County Clerk Democratic Primary election this week with 48 percent of the votes.

Crowbar Press has several upcoming wrestling titles in the works including books by Stan Hansen, Bill DeMott, and Tony Atlas. 

James Guttman interviewed the former Baby Doll (Nickla Roberts) about her marriage to Sam Houston, working with Dusty Rhodes, leaving wrestling and more. She also talked about working with Dark Journey (Linda Newton) saying the last she heard Journey was living in San Franciso, had major drug problems and feared she may be dead. Full interview at

Ole Anderson is interviewed at

I Believe in Wrestling runs this Saturday in Orlando at the Rec Center (next to Amway Arena) with Sean "Syxx Pac" Waltman, Scott Hall, Rich Young (formerly WWE's Ricky Ortiz), Chasyn Rance, Larry Zbyszko, Santana G, Becky Bayless, and many more. For information, call 407 334-2200 or visit

The PGWA is fundraising to benefit Candi Divine to help with funeral costs following the death of her long time partner, journeyman wrestler Tom Burton. Donations can be sent to: Candi Divine, PO Box 140501, Nashville, TN 37214.

Dangerous Women of Wrestling and Celebrity Wrestling (formerly Celebrity Boxing) run Friday night in North Bellmawr, NJ with Michelle McGhee (whom slept with Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James vs. adult film star Gina Lynn; plus Sumie Sakai, Roxie Cotton, Annie Social, Mia Yim, and more. The event will be streamed live on pay-per-view at

Today's Diva of the Day is Torrie Wilson at

The Thompson Perspective 05.06.2010 by Brian Thompson

It has been a very, very long time since I sat down and penned an edition of “The Thompson Perspective” for RasslinRiotOnline. I won’t waste a lot of time with the opening paragraph of this particular column. I’ll just get right down to business.

As I look at the calendar, I rapidly see a “wrestling anniversary” approaching for me. In a matter of days, 14 to be exact, I will celebrate my 10-year anniversary in the wrestling business. My how time certainly does get away from us!

Ten years ago, I was given the opportunity to get into the wrestling business by Ben Oliver, who wrestled professionally as “Big Bad Ben” and to all of the boys was known as “Triple B.” I still have the old e-mail he sent me giving me the chance to start this 10-year rollercoaster ride. Here it is:


It's time to step up to the plate. I'd asked if you ever had thought about being a ring announcer. Well if you are still interested we have a slot open May 20th. Call me today 314 XXX XXXX.


Obviously the “X’s” indicate a phone number that he had at the time. I remember all this like it were yesterday.

Ben’s company was Gateway Championship Wrestling, based in St. Louis, MO. He started it just months after its predecessor Midwest Renegade Wrestling went out of business. GCW was a quality independent promotion.

In the previous 12 months, I had gotten my foot in the door at MRW by doing website reports and show recaps. When GCW formed, I started doing the same for them. It was a huge moment being able to go backstage at GCW’s first show. Today, it seems that everything is so open that I really wonder if it is as meaningful to break in as it used to be.

Anyway, I’m not going to rant and rave. There is plenty of that stuff out all over the internet.

I’m sitting here right now, reflecting on my career. It has been an interesting ride to say the least.

If I review my financial standing, based on my wrestling career, I can’t say that it has been a success. But if I measure the other things of more sentimental value – friendships, being able to perform in front of fans, meeting other people, getting to travel the country, etc. – then it HAS been a success.

Two of my favorite phrases when talking to friends such as Brian Tramel and “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony are “Let me tell you what is wrong with the wrestling business” and “Don’t talk to me today, I hate the wrestling business.”

Well, as frustrated as I can get, I still have to reflect fondly on the past 10 years and say that I have been truly blessed.

Let me tell you a true story that will, especially if you are in the business, make you feel pride in knowing what you are a part of.

When I was putting the initial plans for Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) together, I was looking at the Wynne, AR market. Jamie Jay and his PWA promotion had run a few shows in Wynne off and on, but I wasn’t sure if he intended to continue to do so or not. Anyway, I was in talks with a young man in Wynne about getting involved in the promotion.

It was his lifelong dream to be in the wrestling business. He was just 15, so actual in-ring competition was still far away, but as a student still in school he could be a great asset to help promote the new company. He was also a student who was taught by my wife during her recent internship.

This young man was very excited about the thought that in 2010, he would be involved with the wrestling business. Everytime I logged onto Facebook when he was also logged on, inevitably within 30 seconds I had a chat window pop up and he just couldn’t wait to talk about wrestling, RCW and everything. So we chatted. He had the usual exciting questions of, “Can I manage, can I do this or can I do that?” Of course, I had to slow him down and tell him that those things take time.

I was looking forward to having him on staff as a helper when we debuted.

I saw him around the first of December during the annual Wynne Christmas Parade, which is put together by the Cross County Chamber of Commerce where I work my regular job. He was excited to see me and to win the “Grand Champion” float prize for the work of the local boy scout troup he was involved with.

Around Christmas time, I stopped hearing from him. I didn’t think anything about it. My daily life was busy with work, family and getting RCW off the ground. Our first show was cancelled, then rescheduled and finally happened. Ironically, after all the build-up for it, I hadn’t heard a peep from this young man. I did know he had talked to Jamie too about helping with PWA, which was now planning to run Vanndale, AR, just five miles north of Wynne. I actually assumed that he got involved with PWA and was too busy to juggle helping both groups.

The other day, his face popped up on Facebook in the section that tells you to “Reconnect” with someone. So I clicked on his page. I began reading messages from people saying they missed him. At first I’m thinking, he just moved away. As I read more messages, it became more apparent that moving wasn’t the case. This 15-year-old young man had died in early January.

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. As I read more messages, specifically those from around his death, I discovered that he had had several major surgeries on his heart when he was just 18 months old. I had no clue.

Then, reading a post by his father, I learned that he was granted a wish by the “Make-A-Wish Foundation” to go to WrestleMania 26 this year, but he didn’t live to see that chance.

Shame on me for ever really whining about this business. Shame on me for complaining about making a trip. Shame on me for not always remembering what an honor it is to be a part of professional wrestling.

At least I got my chance 10 years ago and the dream continues to this day. This youngster didn’t make it that far.

(Brian Thompson is the co-owner, booker and announcer for Ringside Championship Wrestling. He may be reached by e-mail at

Wayne's World "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" by Eric Wayne

Ever heard the saying "anything you can do, I can do better"? If you haven't then you've probably never played competitive sports. Its a mentality that not every person has, but when it comes to this business, I sure wish a lot more people would take it to heart.

There's always that match or this show that you want to be the best. Its gotta be better than last time, its gotta be too hard to follow. It makes for one hell of an atmosphere. I can't tell you how many times I've been around various guys, and it happens a lot in NEW, where someone comes to the back and THAT feeling is there. Everyone knows they just saw something special. Its inevitable that you hear some variation of this line: "top that" Whether its a good opening match or in the middle of the card, having the best match of the night is something that makes for good competition between everyone. No different than working a job in sales and trying to out sell a co-worker. It makes everyone work harder to try and one up the last match or show.

On May 8th, the saying "anything you can do, I can do better" will never be more true. As I write this I'm finishing a 45mins cardio session two days before a big match in Hernando, MS for XOW. Its a match that I've heard a lot of buzz about in the last couple months and it creates a special aura that shows and matches don't always have these days. Everyone expects big things and you all should know this by ego is too big to let you down!

Whether its a match that's been talked about for months or a one night competition, its always a good thing. Healthy competition is good thing and it can make business grow by leaps and bounds. When the boys go out and try to one up each other, it makes the show that much better. Instead of going through the motions, now there is even more reason to impress. Who wants to be the guy that had a bad match? No one. So why not create some competition instead of just saying "oh well I can't top that" ....TRY to actually top what the people just saw. You might not only impress the fans, you'll impress yourself when it happens. Til next time, train hard and hit even harder!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Corey Maclin Wins!!

 ----As report on and -  On the Democratic side, Corey Maclin won 48 percent of the vote to beat Charlotte Draper and LaKeith Miller.

(WGN) May 4: TNA retreats to Thursdays, disturbed WWE fan threatens to blow up Titan Towers, Vince talks WWE Network, what the WWE crew heading out to Mexico was told today, Bret Hart update, Bubba the Love Sponge, ratings, Mike Aldren


5/3 Raw TV results from Jacksonville, FL: Batista over Daniel Bryan in a beat the clock match; John Morrison over Ted DiBiase; John Cena over Wade Barrett in a beat the clock match; Maryse over Nikki Bella; Mark Henry over Zack Ryder; and The Hart Dynasty over William Regal & Kozlov. Dark match was Evan Bourne over Dos Caras.

The Smackdown/NXT tapings are tonight in North Charleston. We're looking for reader reports to


NVO News in India is reporting that Great Khali slapped a fan at the airport in Delhi on Saturday night. The fan was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries, according to the report. Khali is denying any altercation saying that he pushed his way through a large group of people who were swarming around him. He is scheduled to visit his native village of Dhirayana on Wednesday as part of a three day publicity tour with national ministers and dignitaries.

The fan that was ejected during the weekend Smackdown show in Knoxville for slapping CM Punk is apparently a little old lady who is known locally for doing similar things at independent wrestling shows. We're told her name is Mae (not Young). Before slapping Punk, the lady reportedly cried out, "You're not Jesus!" You can't even make this stuff up.

Speaking of crazy fans, Zavr Peygumbari, 22, from Brooklyn, NY was arrested on 4/30 after he threatened to blow up Titan Towers. He also threatened to visit the WWE offices and take care of business with a machete and machine gun, according to a published report in the Connecticut Post. This all came about after he discovered that WWE fired his favorite wrestler, Mickie James, so we know for sure it wasn't Jim Cornette in disguise. Peygumbari was arraigned Monday afternoon and ordered not to contact WWE employees, go near its Stamford offices, or attend live events. His defense attorney, Mickey Sherman, described him as an enthusiastic WWE fan who did not intend to follow through on his threats. The charge list included four counts of fourth-degree threatening, one count of second-degree harassment and two counts of second-degree threatening. Peygumbari called WWE offices several times between 4/24 and 4/27 demanding answers as to why Mickie James had been let go. During one call he threatened to kill a WWE employee and his entire family. Peygumbari was caught when police arrested him in New York City on marijuana charges and they matched his cell phone number to the number that had been making the threatening calls. Police described him as being, "emotionally disturbed." Peygumbari is due back in court on 5/25.

Dos Caras Jr. is scheduled for WWE's tour of Mexico this coming week. The Raw crew runs Wednesday-Saturday with shows in Monterrey, Aguascalientes, Puebla, and Mexico City. Advertised names (ignoring the draft) include John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, Big Show, Sheamus, Ted DiBiase, Mark Henry, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Christian, Maryse, and Eve Torres. The Smackdown crew runs Thursday-Sunday with shows in Mexico City, Queretaro, Leon, and Monterrey. Advertised names include Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Edge, Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Kane, R-Truth, Drew McIntyre, John Morrison, and Michelle McCool.

Some of the crew flying out today have been warned to stay in the hotels due to fear of kidnappings.

Vince McMahon hosted WWE's AGM on 4/30 at the WWE offices in Stamford. Nothing too noteworthy. Regarding the proposed television network, Vince said they have a business plan they are executing, didn't give a projected launch date, and also alluded to several non-wrestling shows they have at the developmental stage. He said they hoped to find a new home for NXT when Smackdown moves to SyFy in the fall. "It's not going to disappear, but it might move to another network," he said. He claimed he doesn't plan on ever wrestling again, but admitted he's said that after every match he's had in the past. On declining pay-per-view buys, he blamed people gathering in groups to save money and joked that they need to figure out a way to encourage people to forget their neighbors and watch by themselves. When questioned if the recent $5 price increase made business sense in the economic climate, he again blamed too many people watching in groups but believes they are the best bargain in the market place. He also announced a new promotional deal with Burger King to offer themed kid's meal with toys. The promotion is expected to run in August geared around Summerslam.

Bret Hart noted last night on Ardca Ocal's radio show that as far as he knows his last WWE booking is the 5/17 Raw from Toronto--the show which will be promoted as his Canadian homecoming. He said he's very happy with WWE since he returned so would be open to working future dates if they asked. Full interview at

Songwriter Anthony Dash is suing boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Mayweather Promotions), WWE and Philthy Rich Records, Inc. for allegedly violating the copyright of his song, which was used as Mayweather's entrance music at Wrestlemania 24. Court documents filed on 4/26 in South Carolina claim that Dash copyrighted the tune in 2005. He wants $150,000 in compensation plus an account of all gains, profits and advantages from the alleged act of infringement. Dash believes that millions of dollars have been made from his music and he also alleges that Mayweather has ignored two cease and desist letters.

Crash by Fit for Rivals is the official theme song for the upcoming Over the Limit pay-per-view.

Some new additions to the developmental roster in Tampa--all these guys we know very little about: Rhys Ali (Reon Mahima, trained by Afa), Jacob Novak (from the FCW school), Devin Allen (no clue), and Jackson Andrews (Steve Slocum, no clue). Also, Orlando Colon (cousin of Carlito & Primo) is now known as Tito Colon after dropping the name Nieves, and Joe Doering is now using the name Drake Brewer.

Smackdown on 4/23 did a 1.8 rating and 3.1 million viewers. The show was listed No. 27 for syndicated shows for the week ending 4/25. I believe this is the first time ever Smackdown hasn't cracked the Top 25 which is likely due to all the preemptions.

Raw last night did a 3.1 rating.


5/3 Impact TV results from Orlando, FL: Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal (now known as Ink Inc.) over Douglas Williams & Brian Kendrick; TBP over Tara, Taylor Wilde & Sarita; Team 3D vs. The Machine Guns vs. Beer Money was a no contest; AJ Styles over Abyss; and Rob Van Dam over Desmond Wolfe to retain the heavyweight title.

There are tapings ongoing today for the 5/13 show.


TNA President Dixie Carter promised a major announcement last night, shortly before Impact, that she described as the next step in the evolution of the TNA brand. As it turned out, this next step is for Impact to move back to Thursday nights. The move ultimately was the decision of Spike TV although talent was specifically told during a meeting yesterday that this wasn't the case, and there was even a Spike rep on hand to sell the locker room on this story. Technically they had never left Thursday nights but with the replay airing starting to draw more viewers than the live airings this clearly was the right decision. TNA management also said that the decision was based on market research the company did where fans told them they wanted to watch Impact on Thursdays. The funny thing here is that the company had originally sold Spike on the idea of moving to Monday nights, claiming that this was THE night for wrestling, and this move was the only way they could increase viewership long term. Spike's Brian Diamond said in a press release distributed late last night: "The fans have spoken and with their input we have determined the best timeslot to maximise the TNA audience is on Thursday nights where we are confident it will be among the most-watched shows with young men." The plan moving forward is to position TNA on Thursday nights as a three-hour block from 6/24 with the new show Reaction at 8pm followed by Impact 9-11pm.

Impact last night did a 0.78 rating and 1.1 million viewers.

Regarding online fan voting, it wasn't mentioned on television that Desmond Wolfe got the title shot this week because he garnered the most votes. 500,000+ votes were polled and are still being polled as nobody has bothered to close the poll. Ironically, Jeff Hardy is now ahead of Wolfe in that deal. The new poll for the next title shot currently has Wolfe (23%) again leading the way closely followed by Matt Morgan of all people (22%) and Hardy (15%) next behind. There also appears to be many comedy votes for Rhino (remember him?) as he's currently ahead of The Pope, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles. Poor Abyss has the second least amount of votes ahead slightly of Brother Devon.

The updated line up for next Sunday's Sacrifice pay-per-view is RVD vs. AJ Styles for the heavyweight title; Mr. Anderson (replacing the injured Pope) vs. Jeff Hardy; Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett; Matt Morgan & mystery partner vs. Ink Inc. for the tag titles; Kazarian vs. Doug Williams for the X-Division title; Madison Rayne vs. Tara for the Knockouts title in a title vs. career match; and Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss with Wolfe's valet, Chelsea, on the line against Abyss's WWE Hall of Fame ring.

There is talk of a wrestling reality show concept being developed this summer for Spike by Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment. I assume this would be in a samilar vein to that of Tough Enough.

Abyss and Christopher Daniels are booked for Triplemania XVIII in Mexico City on 6/6. This is traditionally AAA's biggest wrestling show of the year in Mexico. The focal point of the event will be a match between L.A. Park and La Parka with a stipulation yet to be determined as well as Electroshock defending the AAA heavyweight title against Dr. Wagner, Jr.

Former WWE/ECW wrestler 2 Cold Scorpio was backstage at the Impact Zone visiting last night. There were reports that Lex Luger (who resides in Atlanta) was in town although nobody spotted him near the tapings. Reid Flair was also hanging out backstage.

The company may be doing some kind of fund raising activity to help victims of the floods in Nashville.

The Fayetteville Observer has a story on Jeff Hardy's pending legal issues at Hardy is due back in court next week in North Carolina to answer multiple drug charges. Carolinas promoter Greg Price is quoted in the story saying he doesn't think the case will do anything to hurt Hardy's wrestling career. Well, it won't hurt his career if he avoids jail time.


Spike TV's new wrestling-related series Half Pint Brawlers is scheduled to debut on 6/2 at 11pm.

The Iron Sheik has a legit Twitter account at where he is currently ranting about Bubba the Love Sponge.

The Tampa Tribune has a story on Bubba's firing at Nothing new on this other than Bubba claiming to be calling to arms his "Bubba Army" who may soon unleash fury on TNA.

Al Snow, JD Maverick, April Hunter, and some other local wrestlers are filming an indie movie this weekend in Louisville, KY called Zombie World Record.

The Slam Wrestling website has a story on Awesome Kong at

Today's Diva of the Day is Eve Torres at

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 4.24.10 by Danielle Howard

Despite the warnings from the Weather Channel, N.E.W. braved the oncoming thunderstorms and still held their show. The crowd wasn't as thick as it usually is but those die hard fans showed up. T-Bone Terrance and John Steele opened up the show as usual.

The first match was between Superman Jason Reed and All That Alan Steele. The match started off a little slow with both guys feeling each other out. Alan dominated the match for the first half. Jason Reed turned it around after delivering a super-kick to Alan Steele. Alan Steele wound up turning it around though and got the pin against Jason Reed.

The second match was against Big Rig Cody Murdock and Kid Nikels. This was Cody's premier match. Nickels and Cody were pretty well matched up. Nikels had a hard time getting the Big Rig off of his feet. The match went back and forth and it looked like Nikels was going to get the pin when there was interference from All That Alan Steele. The distraction allowed for Cody to roll Nikels up and get the pin. After the match Kid Nikels is furious and goes back to the production room and starts venting his frustration to Ken Wayne.

Third match, Main Event, a Double Jeopardy match between Primetime Kevin Charles, Justin The Juice Smart and 3G Eric Wayne. The beginning of the match involved a lot of tagging in and out between the three athletes. None of them voluntary either. As tempers rose the match started to get intense first between Eric Wayne and Kevin Charles where in the middle of a hold Justin tags himself in. Eric takes it to Justin. Justin manages to dominate Eric Wayne for a little while but in the end Eric Wayne with submission on Justin Smart and KO'ed Kevin Charles for the win, and keeps his title.

With little more than 2 minutes remaining in the show, it's announced that Kid Nikels is getting a match with Alan Steele and it will last till the end of the show. Alan Steele comes on the screen and tries to waste time by talking about himself and the history of Alan Steele. Nikels drags Steele out into the ring where the bell is rung and the match is underway. Nikels and Steele go back and forth with Nikels being the primary aggressor. However time runs out without a successful pin. After the cameras go off and Nikels unsatisfied one of the Ken's trainees, DJ, happens to be a little to close to the ring and gets pushed in. Kid and DJ go at it and for a trainee DJ really manages to hold his own but he's no match for the giant. After a choke slam DJ is out cold.

Photos: Steele vs Reed and Murdoch vs Nikels by Danielle

Monday, May 03, 2010

RassleResults: SWA Newport, AR 5.01.10

1. Big Al vs TJ Wells
Winner: TJ Wells with Spiked DDT.

2. JR Special vs "The One" Cody Only
Winner: Cody Only via DQ when Sam's Clan attacked Cody. Idol and Deadly made the save.

3. Tommy Drama(IC Champ) vs Josh Cross(US Champ)
Winner: Drama. Cross came out boasting about being the number 2 champ in SWA. Drama Disagreed and challenged Cross to a match then and there.

4. LSD(Idolbane/DeadlyDale) vs Irish Mafia(Scott Fury/Logan Adams)
Winners: LSD Via dq when Fury hit Idol with Sexy Sam's cane. The Irish Mafia continued beating on LSD, till they made a came back and beat them out of the ring.

5. Big Dog Harley(SWA Champ) vs Ray Ray
Winner: Big Dog Harley, when SWA owner, Big Sam, threw in the towel on Ray's behalf after Cujo locked in his Leg submission

----Is this Tommy Drama the LAW guy???...LSD vs Mafia was probably good. I like all four of those guys.

RassleResults: Jazlyne Perryman Benefit. Lepanto, AR 5.01.10

1st match
Blackjack vs Jeremy Spiker No Contest due to interference Sgt O Riley and Loose Cannon. Saved by Big Daddy Lafonce and Midnight Cowboy.

2nd match
Colt vs Chris Day Winner by DQ Chris Day

3rd match
Dog Food Match
Hambones vs Canadian Phoenix and Homer Lee Winner Canadian Phoenix and Homer Lee

4th match
Adrian Stratton beat Bonecrusher

5th match
Tasha Simone vs MsChif(NWA World Ladies Champion) wrestled to a No Contest

Went into intermission and Lepanto Police Dept advised to take shelter and cancel the show. There is talk of rescheduling in June and the admission will be FREE. Stay tuned.

----EWE and NBW canceled their shows. I also was told ASWF had below a 100 in the building.

RCW Late Nite did not air due to weather coverage

Just wanted to let everyone know that, due to the weather coverage dealing with Saturday night's storms in Northeast Arkansas, Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) Late Nite did not air.

The show that was scheduled to air last Saturday night will instead air THIS Saturday Night, May 8 at 12:30 a.m. The show featured "Prime Time" Kevin Charles vs. "All That" Alan Steele; Comments from Steele following the match; and Jon Michael Worthington vs. Justin "The Juice" Smart.

We apologize for the show not airing this week; however, I don't think anyone will argue with the fact that continuing weather coverage Saturday night was much more important.

TCW Webcast #17!!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 05.01.10

The show opened with Co-Commissioner Terrance Ward announcing that tonight he would not be handling Commissioner duties as Ricky Rowland wasn't there, he would be needed to announce for the night. The other Co-Commissioner's music hit and "Big Money" Frank Martin made his way to the ring. As Big Money was talking about his plans for the night, Austin Lane made his way to the ring and he was not happy. Lane told Big Money that he had never known "Ebony Idol" Reggie Montgomery to attack someone from behind, but if that is how he wanted to play, fine. Lane called out Montgomery and as he was coming to the ring, he was throwing crackers into the audience and said they weren't anything but a bunch of crackers. Reggie got into the ring and said that the people of Tuckerman were nothing but 3rd grade educated inbreds. Austin then stated that these were his people and that they had spent their hard earned dollars to get him the watch that he proudly wears. Montgomery continued his verbal abuse on the people of Tuckerman and Austin removed his shirt and watch and said he wanted to fight him now. Reggie got out of the ring and picked up Austin's watch and smashed it and told Austin that is what he thinks of the fans and their champion. Austin went ballistic and after a minute they got the match set up for Austin vs. Ebony Idol, later in the night.

1st match- Mike Titan defeated "Hot Rod" John Ellison in this championship bout. This match had several twists and turns in it as Hot Rod focused his attack on Mike Titan's knee. As Titan was getting his bearings back and starting to launch an impressive offense, Hot Rod got out of the ring and told Titan, at least this way, I get to keep the title. Hot Rod stayed out for the 10 count to retain the title.

2nd match- Johnny Hawk defeated Seth Sabor in this contest. Johnny Hawk pretty much dominated this match. Every time Sabor tried to get his offense going Hawk seemed to be one step ahead of him. It wasn't long before experience ran out and the veteran rolled Sabor up for the 1-2-3.

Big Money came out to the ring and stated that since he fired Ricky Rowland as Commissioner last weekend, he felt he needed to keep that tradition going and he called The Enforcer to the ring. Big Money said he was gonna give The Enforcer a chance to Retire gracefully to which The Enforcer responded No! Big Money then told Enforcer that he had a 401K plan for him. He had hired a couple of guys for 401K to take The Enforcer out. CCR then appeared. Just as it was looking like a handicap match was about to ensue, Mike Titan came out to the ring looking for retribution from last weeks match against CCR. Looks like The Enforcer has his own 401K in newcomer Mike Titan.

3rd match- CCR defeated The Enforcer and Mike Titan. This match was explosive from the bell. The Enforcer and Titan were clearly on the same page and Wild Bill and Demon X were pulling out all the stops to try and the career of this legend. After several illegal switches by CCR, The Enforcer was fed up and pulled out his trusty chain. The ref saw The Enforcer use the chain and disqualified him and Titan.

Just as intermission was coming to a close and Christopher Lee was saying goodbye to some of his fans, he was brutally attacked by his would be opponent for the night, the X Division Champion, Mike Anthony. Anthony continued the attack on Lee until Lee was unconscious in the middle of the ring. Anthony then took the mike and told everyone in the locker room that he was putting them on notice. If they met up with him in the ring, he would leave them laying just like he just left Christopher Lee.

Semi Main Event- Austin Lane vs. Reggie Montgomery ended in a double count out. This bout got started before the bell even rung. As Austin Lane was coming through the curtain, Montgomery attacked him from behind. These guys were all over the building. They were on the bleachers and using whatever they could get their hands on to try and inflict pain on one another. They finally made it into the ring and the match officially started. This match didn't stay inside the ropes for long. They were back outside, they didn't want to wrestle, they wanted to hurt each other. The ref had no choice but to count out both men.

It took all the wrestlers from the back several minutes and tries to get these 2 apart and get some semblance of order restored. Big Money finally stepped in and made a rematch for May15th in a steel cage so there can't be any count outs!

Main Event- The American Degenerates defeated CM2 to become the NEW ASWF Tag Team Champions. This was a great match. CM2 and The Degenerates have a hate for each other that drove them in this match and caused them to want to hurt each other. Athena Eclipse kept trying to help her guys, but to no avail. In the end, Morgan Williams hit the muscle cutter on Cody Murdoch to get the 1-2-3.

After the match, Athena Eclipse climbed into the ring and proceeded to start mouthing The American Degenerates. She received a very well executed Muscle Cutter for her time and trouble!

Be sure to join us next week for the Mighty Midgets at Tuckerman Hometown Days! For more information on upcoming events be sure to check us out at

Great Story from Lance Storm!!

----Seth Knight tweeted this story and I wanted to make note of it. CLICK HERE and read it. Classic stuff. I get tons of text messages from guys in the area. Two of my favorite guys to get messages from are Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs. Michael will text you "Hey yo" and then 10 hours later ask you a question. CJ is always good about not putting over what you just wrote. I texted CJ Friday with "I had weigh in this morning - I have lost 5 more pounds." His response [since he is not going to put over anything that is good for me] was, "You sure you do not have AIDS?" LOL