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Tatt2's "NEW EXPERIENCE" on Friday night....

Tatt2  sent this along to me and asked that it be posted here. It's about a conflict that came about at last night's N.E.W. show in West Memphis....I have to say I was supportive of N.E.W. in the beginning but this sort of thing along with some of the other stories I've heard from there are just hard to fathom.....Anyway, here's an account of what went down straight from Tatt2, if Ken Wayne or anyone else would like a rebuttal....pass it along and I will post here.


OK! First off this is a show that NOBODY in the area wants to work not even the workers that work there and to be quite honest with you NOBODY agrees with anything he does.... nobody but himself. Secondly, this show draws every bit of 17 people weekly and its been running for like 3 years now i think. Third, THERE ARE TOO MANY RULES THAT DONT PERTAIN TO WRESTLING...TRADITIONAL WRESTLING.

Ok! so I have been watching wrestling since I was like 12yrs old and never in the history of the wrestling kind have I heard "you can NOT wear wrist tape up to your hand". Ok not wearing it up to your hands is one thing but watching me get dressed seeing me tape my hands then telling me I cant wear it on my hands. But once I try to defend what I feel is right for the wrestling business by sticking up for wrestling by saying well whats the problem with wearing it on my hand its only for looks anyway. (cause at this particular show u cant punch anyways)

::So, I guess Lawler would never be able to work this show cause his match is practically all punches and they are over with the fans. So why try to dummy down the fans and give them bits of a wrestling show instead of a full dressed mid-south wrestling show.

Or...or maybe hypothetically speaking (which would never happen in this company) you booked a guy that's already established and well known all over the world for wearing X's on each fist, what would u tell him? He cant wear wrist tape either?
However, you cant punch you cant be a heel you cant be a face! (Surprising for what the people are use to in this area I know) This is freaking wrestling how are you going to draw without a Heel or a Face. In this case everyone on the show is one in the same... everyone dresses the same, everyone looks the same, everyone has to work the same. So therefore there aren't really any "Wrestling" characters on this show that's traditional besides the ring the ref and the announcers.(NOT Taking anything from the workers cause they are all good) OK, now I'm dressed and going over my match and Ken walks up to me and says "Ya gotta take that off" (my necklace) I say OK I take it off then come back to going over my match he leaves the dressing room.(My hands are already taped at this point) So, when he comes back and then he tells me how i need to do my interview then he says "Ya cant wear that out there dude" I said, what? he says; "that F'n tape up to your hands man". At this point I'm in shock, so I'm like why not? and he says, "cause I have F'n rules man and its my show so I say you can wear the sh*t out there,... but you can take it off your hands and wear it on your wrist n that's it"...(OK, so you watch me get dress, you watch me put tape on, you watch me do all this then tell me at the last min that I need to take it off, but curse at me while doing so. Wat some promoters don't get no matter how long u been in this wrestling business you are still dealing with GROWN MEN, and grown men don't like being cursed at by another man...UNLESS UR VINCE OF-COURSE lol only in this business) Then he goes on to give me an ultimatum by saying, "Either you can take the sh*t off or you can not F'n wrestle on my show". So I polity got undressed packed my bags shook everyone's hand (including Ken's) and left.

::Keep in mind OK, tape is like 4$ for athletic or medical tape, then driving to this show knowing that I was gonna get stiffed on the P.O. Then on top of all that I was dressed like I was going to a WWE show I was the first worker there and I was trying to be what everyone said I wasn't and that's reliable. Then I get stiffed in the end! JUST BECAUSE I WANT TO BE DIFFERENT THAN EVERYONE ELSE! You say you want to run a show that's in between WWE and UFC but WWE's wrestlers wear wrist tape on their hands and they also punch and they also have heels and faces and UFC guys punch and also wear gloves on their hands and they too have heels and faces just in a different state of mind. So where would you fit in the middle of this with no punching, no tape on hands, no gloves, no heels, no faces, and NO FANS? MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!

Simply put, INKcredible!

New Experience Wrestling results for 6/4 in West Memphis. Ark.

Downtown Bruno and Wade(aswf tuckerman referee) officiated

Kid Nikels defeated Justin Smart

in double-duty, Kid Nikels defeated Cody Murdoch

In the main event, Eric Wayne defeated Shawn Reed

Moe Stegall and Ken Wayne made an appearance in an interview segment.....

RPW Super Slam 2010 June 11/12/13 at the RPW Arena in Metropolis, IL.

MCW June 5th at the Charles Strong Center in Luxora

700pm belltime

MCW wrestling at the charles strong center in luxora. featuring all your mcw stars big daddy lafonce,the hambones,bishop,rashard devon,east coast bad boys, frankie tucker and featuring mid south and wcw legend beautiful bobby eaton of the midnight express
tickets in advance are 5 dollars and 6 for youth and 7 for adults at the door.
under 5 is free. for tickets call freddy ware at 6227088 or lafonce lathom at 8150711

wrestlers to appear:
beautiful bobby
frankie tucker
officer hudson
big jim
big daddy lafonce and rashard devon
the hambones

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Arena Report: NBW "Spring Breakout 2010" Newbern, TN 5.29.10

----Blaine Devine beat Oz in the opening bout.  Real good solid bout and was the best thing on the card up to the featured match. Oz [doing a gay gimmick] was the most over babyface until Jason Reed stepped out . [**3/4]
----Hardcore Yow won the NBW High Risk title in a 5-way.  Good finish, but match was horrible. Rockin Randy looked real good!! [DUD]

----Sarge O’Reilly beat Shannon Lee in a good solid bout.  Lee came out with Jason the Brain and Brain ended up with O’Reilly as a babyface after the match with Sarge putting over XOW.  Sarge got a good reaction.  Never give Lee a mic – NEVER!! [**1/2]

----Eric Wayne over Brad Badd and Mark Justice in a 3-way. [I think Eric won.]  Not a great bout, but not good either.  Everyone looked good with what they did. Justice is always solid and Wayne did well.  Bradd has a great body and looks good, but does need some work.   [**1/2]

----Cody Melton/Derrick King beat Kid Nikels/Jason Reed to win the NBW Tag Team titles in a good match.  Whether you like DK backstage or not – he NEVER has a bad match and this was just solid for everyone. Nikels replaced Big Red.  Great finish building for the actual pin which had DK pinning Nikels after a superkick. DK/Melton stayed out waayyyy too long after the match, which is apparently their gimmick, but Jeff McDonald was visibly unhappy with them, since this was a big show and everything was timed.

----Chris Rocker beat Jeremy Moore by submission to win the NBW Title.  I would put this match right up with the other top two matches.  Just a brawl, but it was done real well.  Rocker, [as I said in the 120 days of 2010 piece, is the most underrated worker during the RRO years in this area!], bled buckets and got the crowd into it.  Moore is a great heel and fans really do not like him.  He comes off great as a “spoiled brat” type of guy and his look continues to improve each time I see him.  Moore put Rocker in an ankle submission with Rocker reversing it for the win. [***1/2]

----Jay Lethal beat Matt Riviera in solid bout.  For those that have question about people that work either TNA or WWE, then you should have been watching this match.  All the boys that want to MAKE IT – take lessons from this guy [Lethal] – in the ring and out of the ring. Riviera did a good spill on the mic [but it was getting late] and then Lethal came back with some good stuff doing his “Macho Man” and Flair gimmick.  Crowd was into every move of the match from the shine to the heat to the comeback.  Textbook match almost completely flawless. [***1/2]


----About 130 in the building.  It had to be a disappointment [having Lethal and Jimi Jamison from Survivor on the show] [], but overall the show was decent…I had about a 30 minute discussion with DK on the state of the business and the web site before the matches.  It was really something that I wished I could have recorded to let everyone listen to it…Billy Russ is one of the most professional people I know in the wrestling business.  A first class guy!!  He is over with me!!...Speaking of professional. Jay Lethal asked to not be in a dressing room alone and to dress out with the boys.  He was just super backstage – being friendly with everyone.  It was funny watching him have a mark out moment backstage when Jimi Jamison sang “Eye of the Tiger.”…Some heat backstage with DK involving a ref.  Half of the dressing room saying DK was at fault and others saying Troy .  DK apparently grabbed the ref’s niece in the crowd, which apparently scared her.  Then the ref attacked him in the crowd.  The little girl’s family were not upset at all about it, but some of the workers were upset at DK.  But, some were upset with the ref and at one point I thought Rocker was going to whip the ref’s ass. LOL…Eric Wayne has improved his body a bit also - around 200 lbs and solid...Justice and the Kid have a fun gimmick going with T-shirts an such with the saying, “Ain’t that a SOB.”  Seriously, everyone needs a lesson in gimmicks in this area!!...Melton is improved tons and heard a few people putting him over....After the main event, Lethal got on the mic to tell a story on when he worked smaller arenas like this when he first started in the business.  He said that the promoters would bring in “tv stars” and put them in their own dressing room and he would never get to meet his heroes.  He said he promised himself he would never do that.  He also said that he also would stay outside at the ring as long as there were fans that wanted photos and autographs.  He said at least 30 minutes and maybe longer.  First class act.     

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The Golden Circle: ALL HAIL THE OVERLORD by Greg Anthony

Wrestling is a business where proximity plays a big part. During the territory days, when each had their own stars, someone who might be the biggest star in Memphis may as well be named Joe Blow when he goes to Portland.The same goes for our goals.If you grew up in Atlanta then being apart of the NWA but If you grew up here then being a part of Memphis Wrestling was always something you wanted to acheive, more so than any other territory branded local tv show. Because it was what you grew up on, and now you would have an opportunity to shine. Sometimes things don't go as planned.

Memphis had two top notch federations in the early 2000s, Power Pro Wrestling and WWF(E) developmental Memphis Championship Wrestling. When WWE pulled its developmental deal from MCW, MCW then joined with Power Pro. However it wasn't long before Power Pro itself became a thing of the past. I was working for Sir Mo in Mid America Championship Wrestling at The Dyersburg Entertainment Center, when it was brought up of Jerry Lawler and crew using DEC and most of MACW talent on what would be the next version of Memphis Wrestling. It was a huge opportunity for us young guys. Only a few years in the business and to be on such a program.

We taped every other Wednesday night and the show's time slot was 11am Saturday morning. I remember being so excited after that first taping, like "Wow", I'm going to be on Memphis Wrestlng. I was living by myself at the time and couldn't afford cable so I went over to my Grandma's house to watch the show that morning. I was in a tag match with Bitty Little and was making myself a drink when Cory Maclin made the opening announcements. I reallly wasn't paying attention and I heard him say "Bitty Little and ?????" I didn't make out what he had said but I knew it didn't sound like Golden Boy. So I watched the match and Bitty tagged me in and Corey said "And here comes Overlord!!". WTF!! I'm sorry, did he just call me Overlord? My heart sank.

I didn't know what to do or how to feel. I mean did he really think my name was Overlord? Golden Boy.. Overlord.. yeah that rhymes. Or was it a rib by someone on him, which really was a rib on me.. or a rib on us both? I soon got over it, big whoop, he called me the wrong name but then I went to the show that night and the boys couldn't resist calling me Overlord ALL NIGHT LONG. When something really bothers me and I've run out of whitty comebacks.. I usually repeat "F**k you" over and over.

Its just one of those funny little stories of when the business provides a little comic relief. Worse things couldn't have happened, like they really wanted me to be called Overlord, like when they wanted to call Flair.. Spartacus. I made it out of that night alive and with my sanity. Just remember you never know what lerking in the shadows or in Cory Maclin's commentary... All Hail Overlord!!!

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RCW Late Nite Wrestling May 29, 2010 Part 3

Check out Part 3 of RCW Late Nite Wrestling featuring Ron Rage vs. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton!


WWE Raw house show
Memphis, Tenn.
Report by Geoffrey Craft &

1. Evan Bourne beat Zack Ryder with the shooting star press. The crowd really hates Ryder.

2. Eve beat Maryse with Santino as the special referee.

3. Goldust beat Dos Caras with his new finisher. Goldust still can go after all these years.

4. Mark Henry beat Wade Barrett. Barrett is very impressive in person, I'm sure he'll win NXT.

5. R-Truth beat The Miz to retain the U.S. Title. Miz drew tons of heat by calling the fans a bunch of cows.

6. The Hart Dynasty beat William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov. Natalya is gorgeous in person.

7. Edge defeated Jerry "The King" Lawler with a spear. Lawler piledrove edge after the match.

8. John Cena beat Chris Jericho (w/Wade Barrett) to retain the WWE Championship. You never realize how over Cena is with the kids until you go to a live event.

Biggest pops
1. John Cena (by far)
2. Jerry Lawler
3. R-Truth

Most heat
1. Chris Jericho
2. The Miz
3. Zack Ryder (believe it or not, he got more heat than Edge facing Lawler)
3. Wade Barrett (this kid is gonna be something special)

Credit: Matt Boone @

RCW Late Nite Wrestling May 29, 2010 Part 2

Here is part 2 of RCW Late Nite Wrestling from May 29, 2010 featuring the conclusion of Matt Riviera vs. Seth Knight and a look at how Jon Michael Worthington reached the finals of the RCW Title Tournament.

RCW Late Nite Wrestling May 29, 2010 Part 1

Check out RCW Late Nite Wrestling Part 1 from May 29, 2010 featuring Matt Riviera vs. "Dynamite" Seth Knight!!!

SWA results from 5/29/10

To Start the show LSD came out and said that their cars where tampered with, which is why they weren't at last weeks show. Cody Only cut a spill setting up his title match against Big dog next week.
1. TJ Wells vs Logan Adams(with S. Fury and Sexy Sam)
Winner: Logan when Fury nailed TJ with brass knuckles
2. Ray Ray vs Scott Fury(W/ Logan and Sexy Sam)
Winner: Ray Ray, with a springboard sunset Flip
3. Ray Ray, JR Special, and Big Dog Harley vs Tommy Drama and The Irish Mafia(Fury and Adams)w/ Sexy Sam
Winner: Sexy interfered with his cane and the beat down continued till LSD made the save and set up a 9 man tag match for the main
4. Idolbane vs. Tommy Drama(w/ Sexy Sam)
Winner: Drama. Idol had called for his finisher, The Ghost of Andy Kauffman, when Sexy Sam jumped on the apron distracting Idol. Idol pushed the ref outta his way to get at Sam. this gave Drama the chance to recover and push idol into the waiting cane shot from Sam. Drama then followed with a roll up for the win
5. Big Al vs Joshua Cross
Winner: Cross, with a Belt shot to Al
6. LSD vs Drama/Irish Mafia vs Ray/JR/Harley
Winners: LSD, when Cody hit Big Dog with his finisher the Limited Time ONLY.

T.I.W.F. results for 5/29/10 in Trenton, TN.

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 5-29-10 at the TIWF Showplex Arena Trenton, TN.

Nick Grymes def. Blaze

Kilo def. Brian Bump

Way Cool/PK Ripper/Chico Mendoza def.Hardknocks Hooligan/Kilo/Devon Day

Sugar Shane© def. Taylor Payne

Million Dollar Baby def. B.B.

Fusion def. The Royale Executioners

Brian Michaels & Knockout Kid def. NSFC (Izzy Rotten/ Brad Simpson)

Wildside won gauntlet match defeating: Jon Seymour, J-Rage, Jett, PK Ripper, Chico Mendoza and Way Cool.


Announcers: Drew Magruder & JC

TIWF every Friday night in Mckenzie, Tn. @ BattleZone Arena 12895 Hwy 79 Mckenzie, Tn.

TIWF every Saturday night in Trenton, Tn. @ Showplex Arena 405 W.1st St. Trenton, Tn.

N.E.W. Results for 5/28/10 in West Memphis

may 28th New Experience Wrestling results from West Memphis, Ark.

downtown bruno and chuck poe refereed....

alan steele defeated cody murdock...

kevin charles defeated shawn reed...

eric wayne vs kid nikkels ended in a no contest when moe stegall came to the ring and told them that kevin charles had been attacked and left unconcious on the dressing room floor,and they stopped wrestling and went and saw about him...

Thanks to Downtown Bruno for passing these along

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RassleResults: ASWF Payback in Tuckerman, AR 05.29.2010

Sounds like the All-Star Wrestling Federation (ASWF) had a good night in Tuckerman, AR for its "Payback 2010" card. Here are the results courtesy of T-Bone Terrence Ward and

What an incredible night of wrestling this proved to be a night not to be forgotten. Throughout the night the fans, despite the rain and storms, where pumped the entire the night. We had a special group of fans all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma who where in attendence. Not to forget the Youth Group from Nettleton Baptist Church in Jonesboro. With an attendance of 400+ people this night will go down in ASWF History.

1st Match: One Fall
Loose Cannon vs. Christopher Lee
This match would mark the debut for Loose Cannon back at the ASWF. In this short lived match Christopher Lee would dominate the match and take home the victory via pin fall.

2nd Match: One Fall
Reggie Montgomery vs. Chris Stryker
The Ebony Idol would deliver the first loss to The Striking Image Chris Stryker in this hard fought match. Stryker was 2-0 coming into Payback. After the match Mike Titan would come to the aid of Stryker and would be laid out by the Ebony Idol.

3rd Match: Euro Title Match
Hot Rod John Ellison vs. Lee Michaels
This title match would be Lee’s last chance to secure the title or face being fired by ASWF Co-Commissioner Big Money Frank Martin. Frank made it very clear that if he lost this match he was gone. Lee fought hard and won back the Euro Title via pin fall.

4th Match: Ladies Match
Su Yung vs. Nikki Lane
WWE Developmental Diva Su Yung would face ASWF’s own Nikki Lane. This match would last only four minutes with Nikki Lane getting the win via pin fall.

5th Match: X-Division Qualifying Match
Mike Anthony vs. Seth Sabor
This would be the last shot for Seth Sabor to get the X-Division Title. These two would prove why they are in the X-Division. Seth Sabor would pull out a win from nowhere and get a shot next week for the title.

6th Match: Tag Team Match
Johnny Hawk/Wild Bill vs. Morgan Williams/ “The Sexay Assassin”
This tag team match was made just minutes before the bell was rung by ASWF Co-Commissioner T-Bone Terrence Ward. Hawk and Wild Bill were determined to remove the mask and prove that the Sexay Assassin was Brian Christopher. Morgan and Sexay Assassin would pull out the win.

7th Match: ASWF Title Match/Triple Threat Rules
Cason McClain vs. Austin Lane vs. Cody Murdoch
This match proved all these contenders are title material. Fatigue, stress, and pain would play a part in this explosive match. Austin would reign supreme when he pinned Cody Murdoch for the 1, 2, 3.

8th Match: Main Event/One Fall
Demon X with Hollywood Jimmy/Su Yung vs. Jerry The King Lawler
This main event match would prove why Jerry Lawler was STILL The King. The King would take the fight to Demon X but would be interrupted by Hollywood and Su Yung who would interfere in his match. Demon X would bring out the "demon" in the King. After some taunting to the King, Lawler would end up throwing fire in the face of Demon X Jerry would get the win via pinfall.

Special thanks to Betty Butler for helping make this event successfull.

RassleResults: RCW at Car Today in Jonesboro, AR 05.29.2010

After working in Augusta, members of the Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) crew headed to Jonesboro, AR to present free wrestling at Car Today. Here are the results from the RCW matches that were on the show.

- "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs defeated "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton
- Ron Rage battled "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony to a No Contest when Tejano Kid attacked Rage and ended up brawling with him to the dressing room area.
- Christian Jacobs, Chris O'Neal and Stan Lee defeated Midnight Gold and Jon Michael Worthington in an impromptu 6-man tag team match. Jacobs was doing an interview with Brian Thompson to discuss the upcoming RCW Title Match he will have with Worthington to crown the first ever RCW Champion. Midnight Gold and Worthington came out and circled around him. Jacobs entered the ring and then Lee and O'Neal came out to make a save. A 6-man was then scheduled following the standoff between the two sides.

RassleNotes: Guestimate of around 200 or more wrestling fans watching a full afternoon of action that featured stars from RCW, Dogg Championship Wrestling (DCW), Southern Wrestling Alliance (SWA) and other area promotions ... Brandon Baxter was in attendance to do a live remote for 101.9 Kiss FM ... Jerry "The King" Lawler signed autographs all afternoon for fans inside the car dealership. He ended up wrestling a masked worker named "Bad Credit" ... Other local workers who competed during the show included Idol Bane, Cody Only, Deadly Dale, Craig Stone, The Falcon, Kid Dynamite and Shane Draven ... Tejano Kid did a "Golden Circle" segment with Greg Anthony to push that he was "looking for someone" he has a problem with. Of course, it ended up being Ron Rage and those two later worked each other at DCW in Jonesboro.