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RCW Late Nite Wrestling June 5, 2010 Part 2

Check out part 2 of RCW Late Nite Wrestling from June 5, 2010 featuring "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs vs. "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony!!!

RCW Late Nite Wrestling June 5, 2010 Part 1

Check out the first part of RCW Late Nite Wrestling from June 5, 2010 featuring the RCW debut of "The Golden Circle" with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony . . . his guest? Jon Michael Worthington!!

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Chris Rocker: Uncensored with Billy Russ

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The Royal Flush - DCW by Pokerface


I know I haven't posted a column lately due to personal issues, but I felt a need to speak up.
It's no secret that DCW has ended. I have gotten numerous text asking me about the situation. Honestly some things I have no idea about. I've heard pretty much the same stories most of you have. Well, here's my take on DCW from the beginning to end.

First I will start with RWA, DCW's old name. We shut down due to management conflict. I will say it was one of, if not my favorite Indy show to be a part of. One of my biggest gripes about it was that the owner needed to let the booker, book. By the way that had nothing to do with the company ending, but felt the need to say it. I had/have no issues with the former owner . I did'n't like some things that he did, but that's just business. Anyway, after the demise of RWA, I truly did feel a loss, until I got a call from Rodney saying we would be up and running again in mid September '09. GREAT!

When we re-opened the show had a different feel. Not better or worse, just different. I was happy to see and work with my co-wrestlers once again, and everybody seemed happy to see each other. We had even brought in two big names in the biz, Sid Vicious and Scott Hall. And I had the privilege to work with them both. It also gave us a chance to ask them questions and what-not. We've always had a somewhat tight knit locker room. We had one boss. Again, ONE, boss. The owner let Rodney do his job with, to my knowledge, no interference. That, in return, made things run a lot smoother. It's true we weren't packing the house, but it had nothing to do with the quality of the show. It was just one of those things. RWA crowds, before the demise, had started to drop some also.

Around November '09 Rodney, here and there, had started getting out of town bookings. So you can say I was kind of in charge. I couldn't really enjoy myself or the show at first because I was such a detail freak. At first Rodney booked the matches, and would relay them to me. Then little by little, I would have almost 100% creative control, with final approval from Rodney. As time went on, I got more relaxed with my position. I will go on record to say that I did not run the show alone. I had help and sought advice from the other talent. If I couldn't figure something out, I had no problem asking for help, or they would just come to me. So it was a team effort. Guys like the Blazer, S. Brawler, L. Northern, R. Little, and the Violent Mexican helped out a lot.( I kinda didn't wanna give their wrestling names, lol) After every show, I would call and give Mack a report. I tried to involve everybody in the show from the trainees, to the girls, to the vets. Unlike some people who book, I didn't make it the Pokerface show. I did however at times get more time in matches and segments because I was the champion. That, in return, would put the importance of the power and privilege of the title, not to get me over.

Rodney wanted to give DCW, the original ECW feel. Where everybody chipped in and we are were like a family. I can honestly say we were. Saturdays couldn't come fast enough for me. We would train around one o'clock until about 4 pm, go have lunch, and come back for the show. Everybody tried to make everybody better. We would have a few drinks, socialize, and shoot the breeze with each other. But it was always business first. At one time Rodney felt that the rookies were partying too much and their performance was lacking, and he forbade them to have a drink until they got with it. Two rookies seem to have a attitude problem, so he made them train , but they couldn't do the show. I would at times during the pre-show meeting voice certain rules, and some guys would get pissed. But I told them that whatever rules I laid out were first approved by Rodney, so go see him if you don't like it.

Over the last couple of months everybody stepped up so much that it made Mack's job easier. We had different guys come in from Louisiana and Texas to come work. It was great. The crowds just weren't coming in. The tickets prices were raised. I'm assuming that was to keep the rent paid and the lights on. Not to mention, to pay us. We did lose a a few guys due to certain issues, from money to people being an ass to them. I have played advocate for a lot of the guys. Many guys were on the chopping block or were actually "fired" and I spoke up and pleaded their case for business sake. Many to this day, still don't know who they are.

Now Saturday, June 5, 2010. The day everybody wants to know about. First I would like to say that part of me had a feeling that DCW in that building was nearing an end. That was just from me observing the low crowds and having an idea what the rent was. Anyway. before I left for the show that afternoon, someone had text me asking was that night going to be the last show. I truly hadn't heard anything. Fast Forward. That day I cam back form lunch in Jonesboro, and I saw the owner of the building putting up a For Lease sign. I'm like WTF! So then I hear that the show was canceled. So I was told to call the guys who were coming in that night from Dyersburg, and tell them not to come. I admit I was sad. Rodney was cool, but seemed bothered. I was in the locker room maybe an hour later, drinking beer cocktails, when I was told the show was back on. So we ran the show with the "originals" so to speak. So it was an emotional night to say the least. After Southside defeated me in my final shot at the DCW title in that building, he cried. J.D. Kerry wept because that was the building he started in. Everybody was showing much love afterwards. As for the building being destroyed. I can say some doors were torn down, but most of the damage that was done, was done to the things that the promoter put his money in. Things that weren't there before.We always worked real rough wrestled real rough. Its on film thatjust about every week there was this wall that separated the fans from our dressing room that we tried to put a hole in every week by throwing each other into it. There is this table we been trying to break for 2 years. We almost broke the garage door to the building a few months back. If it got out of hand it was because ALL the wrestlers were sad. Tejano Kid would drive 9 hours from Texas every week to be there. It wasn't for the money. Me and some of the other guys could've been doing shows elsewhere for a little more money, but we chose to stay at DCW.

DCW was the first company I have ever worked for to let me completely use my ideas. It let me truly be Pokerface. As far as the rent not being paid or trouble with the Athletic Commission, I've only heard hearsay. Honestly in depth things about the bills and other things, Rodney never shared that with me, and it wasn't my place to know anyway. I will say this, things may or may not have got of hand at the show, but I can say, we, DCW, went out with a bang! Until next time, God bless you, and keep your pimp hand strong.

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More on the DCW story...

----This was posted on by T-Bone.  It actually was the same story I was told, so I think this is pretty much on the money.


What started the unexpected possible shutdown of DCW is the owner of the building putting an eviction notice on the doors before anyone got to the building, now this was not a court ordered eviction nor did a police officer post the order which is the legal way to evict someone and of course you have 10 days after that to leave the premises. The owner of the building has said that the company was 2 months behind on their rent. The show went on with about 30+ showing up for the matches, as apart of one of the matches the workers then tore the building up breaking glass in the doors and breaking the doors in the dressing area and in the office and the concession stand as well. They tried to pass this off as part of the show, the County Sheriff was called and 3 Deputies showed up one worker went to jail and what was said is that the Porter's, (Rick Ruby) who is the promoter has not paid the rent for a couple of months, they were trying to get their stuff out of the building this was still going on at 10:30. The group has not been drawing crowds much better than 60 to 70 paid for the past couple of months and not much better in the months before that, there has been no advertising by the group. The whole scene was very bad and does not reflect very well on the group and Wrestling in general. It has been said that Rodney Mack who is DCW is going to run in another building. Mack was not involved in the incident and has the police were questioning people he was said to be standing off to the side minding his own business just wanting to get his ring out of the building.

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Wayne's World 6/8/10 by "3G" Eric Wayne

After reading what Tatt2 had to say about Friday night, I felt a response was in order. Not to correct him, defend my father or NEW, to put myself or anyone in particular over...but to issue a public service announcement to the guys in this area. I know I've got heat with some of you reading this, and afterwards I'll probably have more heat but this needs to be said.

First of all, Tatt2's story from Friday was pretty on the money from what I remember. I was in the other locker room when it happened but here is my 2 cents, for what its worth, on the situation. In NEW, we have a small locker room and its ran by one person. When I say that, I mean there is one person that relays finishes, makes sure everyone is ready, goes over anything special for the show, and gives the rules to any new talent as well as checking their gear. Alan Steele usually does this, but this particular night it was on my shoulders. Some things aren't allowed at NEW..pleather shorts and non-wrestling attire being the biggest. Not wrist tape. The issue with that is not taping your knuckles, boxer style. Before I went to the other dressing room I saw Tatt2 dressed out and since he's been there before I knew he knew the rules. I even saw him taping up and didn't see anything wrong. While I'm in the other room I suddenly hear my dad yelling about something then I hear something to the effect of "well you don't have to fucking work this show" from my dad and an awkward silence hit the rooms while they argued over Tatt2's hands being taped.

My take on this is that BOTH people were wrong in the altercation. Tatt2 didn't understand why he couldn't tape his hands, one of which is injured and needs to be taped the other is for looks. My dad was totally against it, except on the injured hand, and if anyone knows him knows he is very stubborn. So is Tatt2. I feel Tatt2 shouldve un-taped the uninjured hand but I also think my dad should've let it go before it ever got blown up out of control like it did. I understand now that Tatt2 had an attitude but it started AFTER he was being yelled at, I can't comment on any of that because I wasn't in the room. About a month ago my hand was injured and I taped it no differently than Tatt2 had his taped. Of course, I got in trouble but still worked. Weeks before that Kid Nikels was injured and taped his the same way...same result, trouble but still allowed to work. I need to point out that the tape wasn't noticed til post show when we watched the matches back. And no, I'm not saying the "students are treated different" I'm saying that we get in trouble for things too and that there was precedent that his tape shouldve been fine. So enough on this situation, both of you were wrong and over reacted.

Now, to the rest of this PSA. I've had a lot of people come to me and put over NEW and just as many that knock it, just not to my face of course. Again, Tatt2 was one of them. Maybe it was out of spite, maybe he really feels that way. But the bottom line is this, NEW was started to improve the business in this area...IN RING. Sorry if you think it was started for me or the school, you're an idiot for thinking it. Look at any show and what do you see? A business that has become an embarrassment. From looks to work, there are a handful of guys that don't embarrass me every single weekend. NEW was started to weed out the shitty "wrestlers" that we all complain about. It was created to provide wrestling that was more believeable than anything else being offered in this area. Thus the reason for wrestling gear, no heels and babyfaces, no punches, etc. Everyone says there are too many rules and I'm starting to agree, to an extent. Everyone seems to think that wrestling shouldn't change and evolve but it has to eventually. How many times can you go to a show and watch someone pull hair, tights, use ropes, and do the same shit every week?? Look at the gates, not very long. As "stupid" as the fans are, they pick up on all of that and get tired of it. When it comes to NEW, the rules are there to make the punches mean more and to make the cheating actually mean something when it happens. No one seems to understand that, not many anyway. As far as the ideas NEW represents, we do have heels and babyfaces but they're not the typical ones you see at every other show. Punches ARE thrown, but not very often. So, Tatt2 to say what you did, shows that you haven't been on an NEW show in quite some time.

I think a lot of the people that knock NEW are guys that know they aren't good enough to work our show and fans that don't like the style. I'm sorry if we work more fast paced and hit harder than you prefer. The guys at NEW actually want a career in this business though. We don't do this for fun, we do it because it IS fun. I know that NEW doesn't draw well and nothing draws if you don't advertise, that's my piece on that topic. While I know a lot of guys that knock NEW, myself, my dad or the wrestlers that are on the show...some of what you're saying is right. Are there too many rules? Yes..and no. Do you have be able to work to get on an NEW show? Yes. Will the NEW style ever catch on? Its hard to say, but this company called Ring Of Honor started up a few years ago....

While I've heard good things, I've heard others that prefer the "old school" style to NEW's. Its ice cream, to quote Derrick King. Its all the same, but the differences are what make it special. Do I agree with everything in NEW? Hell no. Do I think there is something special there? Hell yes. While NEW has rules, wrestling does too. But over time they've been thrown to the side and while NEW might not be for everyone, the bottom line is its all about taking pride in what you do and being good in the ring. Why do you think NEW tries its best to employ all the top talent? Because THAT is what is wrong with wrestling. ANYONE can get booked at any time.

Before I finish, I want to publicly apologize to Tatt2 for Friday night. I had a lot to do with getting him back in NEW. He knows how I feel about his work and reputation too but after reading his feelings of Friday night I'm not sure how to feel anymore. A lot of what was said was right, but just as much was said out of bitterness. I still look forward to getting in the ring with you again bro, and there are no hard feelings.

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling Ratings for first show

The first edition of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling from last Saturday morning scored a .3 rating in the fourth quarter with 4,858 viewers. The first three quarters of the show did not register any viewers, so the average was approximately 1,215 viewers per quarter. Below is D-Rock's report of the show from

Kiss FM's Brandon Baxter kicked off the very first show alongside the beautiful new ring announcer, Lauren Jenkins. Brandon announced that they've got a bunch of stuff, coming up, this morning including Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher and Kevin White.

Video of WWE Champion John Cena saying, "Hey! What's up? This is John Cena and your watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling. Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling? That's what we're going with? It's Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling? Who the hell does this guy think he is? Vince McMahon doesn't call it Vince McMahon's WWE! I'm done here!"

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock joined Brandon Baxter for commentary.

Opening Match-Matt Boyce vs Max Steele, who was accompanied by "The Luscious" Elizabeth-Referee was Downtown Bruno-Prior to the match, Max announced, "Starting this morning on Memphis Wrestling, he will have the longest undefeated streak ever, starting with this punk, right here!" Brandon Baxter noted that a lot of the country stars in Nashville, such as Toby Keith and Tanya Tucker have come out to watch Matt Boyce wrestle. Brandon added that Boyce is actually one of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's hottest rising stars in the country. "Hollywood" Jimmy said he don't like the name, Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling and made a suggestion that maybe they need to call it, Hollywood's Memphis Wrestling. "Hollywood" Jimmy said he's looking at all the talent and wants to form The Hollywood Clique. "Hollywood" said he's impressed with Max Steele and could take him to the top. Matt Boyce leaped off the top, hitting Steele with a crossbody. Referee Downtown Bruno made a three count and called for the bell, but "Luscious" Elizabeth had placed Max Steele's foot on the rope. Downtown Bruno restarted the match, with Max Steele nailing Matt Boyce with a spear. Max Steele covered Matt Boyce to get a three count, but when Boyce draped his foot on the rope "Luscious" Elizabeth knocked it off. After hearing what transpired, Referee Downtown Bruno reversed the decision and awarded Matt Boyce with the victory. Max Steele chased Downtown Bruno out of the ring. "Hollywood" Jimmy left with Max Steele.

Video of WWE's Bella Twins saying, "Your watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling."

Lauren Jenkins welcomed us back to Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling and showed us footage of when Jerry Lawler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.

Brandon Baxter introduced the WWE Hall of Famer and the man, who the company is named after, Jerry "The King" Lawler. Jerry said he's so excited about this inaugural show and they're back every Saturday morning at eleven o'clock on Channel 50. When asked, "Why is it Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling?" Jerry responded, by saying, "I woke up, one Saturday morning, and turned on my tv and there was no wrestling." Jerry said, "This is not right for Saturday mornings to happen in Memphis without wrestling!" So that's why he took it upon himself and spared no expense in starting this new venture. Jerry announced that they are bringing back the old, original Southern Heavyweight Championship. Jerry Lawler introduced Mr. Guy Coffee and Mr. Buddy Wayne, who had the original Southern Heavyweight Championship belt with them. Lawler said that Mr. Coffee and Buddy Wayne will be the new commissioners in this new organization. A tournament was announced to crown a new Southern Heavyweight Champion. Jerry Lawler warned the new guys, "If you want to be the new Southern Heavyweight Champion. If you want to be the guy to knock this king off the throne. You're gonna have to fight, claw, scratch and earn it because I'm officially putting my name in this tournament to become the new Southern Heavyweight Champion, again!"

Video of The Miz saying, "What's up! This is Your Chick Magnet, The Miz, and you're watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling. And you know, Jerry, that show would have been a lot better in Cleveland."

Jerry Lawler and Lauren Jenkins talking about how The Miz lost the United States Championship to R-Truth a couple weeks ago on RAW. We take a look back at that match from RAW.

Lauren Jenkins welcomed us back with the Super Star Hotline segment of the show, which was brought to you by Tax Solutions. This week, they tried to get in touch with Jerry Lawler's broadcasting partner from WWE Monday Night RAW, Michael Cole.

Video of Michael Cole, preparing for Monday Night RAW, without Jerry Lawler, whom he said does no preparation. Michael Cole addressed his latest situation with Daniel Bryan. Michael Cole was disappointed that Jerry "The King" Lawler was nowhere to be found when he was assaulted by Daniel Bryan. Michael Cole said, "Now, let me tell you something about Jerry The King Lawler. All you folks think he's witty, that's he's a comedian, that he's the best color analyst in the history of sports entertainment. Hogwash! I write Jerry The King Lawler's notes. I give him his one-liners. I help get him through a show. When he's drawing Batman cartoons on his papers, at ringside, I'm making sure he's still paying attention. Nonetheless, I just wanted to say to The King, Thanks for nothing!"

Video of Sheamus saying, "This is Sheamus, The Celtic Warrior. Former WWE Champion and you're watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling. I don't know why you're watching it, but you are."

Main Event-"Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher vs "The New Nature Boy" Kevin White, managed by my favorite WWE Developmental Diva, Su Yung-Referee Downtown Bruno-Before the match, Kevin White called Brian, "a habitual liar" and accused Brian of being, "a womanizer and a woman beater." Kevin White brought out Max Steele to serve as his special enforcer and to protect the lovely Su Yung from danger. Bert Prentice joined Brandon Baxter for commentary during this contest. Throughout the match, Su Yung interfered every chance she could. Match ended in a disqualification when Su Yung and Max Steele jumped in, attacking Brian Christopher. Jerry "The King" Lawler ran in to make the save and even the sides. Lawler and Christopher cleared the ring.

Jerry Lawler ended the show, by thanking everyone for joining them for the very first edition of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling. Don't forget, they will be back, each and every Saturday morning at 11am on Channel 50. Next week, they've got a lot in store with "Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher, Matt Boyce, Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, More WWE Superstars and we're gonna check out the new WWE Hall of Famer, Koko B. Ware. Don't forget to check out all the sponsors that include:

Total Eye Care
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Tax Solutions

Jerry Lawler thanked everyone and reminded everyone to watch next Saturday morning at 11am on Channel 50.

DCW Out of Building, but Not Out of Business...

----As reported on by Terrance Ward, it looks like DCW will continue to run shows in the area, but are done in the arena that was known as the Dogg House.  I have heard from more than one source that there was "a bunch of bullshit go down" this past Saturday night, which was rumored to have been because of building rent not paid and the Athletic commission showing up. I was told the building was tore up in what apparently was designed to look like an angle.  I do not look for wrestling ever again in that building, but you know I have seen stranger things happen.  The best I can tell is the Rodney Mack is still going to run shows with some people saying he has a new building in Jonesboro and others saying he is going to run in Mcgehee, AR or Louisiana.

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ASWF results from Valiant Arena this weekend

All Star Wrestling Federation(ASWF) returned to the Valiant Arena one week after the historic PAYBACK event. 250+ fans came out even with the huge PORTFEST festival just 10 miles down the road in Jacksonport, AR.

Big Rig Cody Murdoch opened the show saying that he deserved a rematch with Austin Lane for the ASWF Championship since Cason McClain's "Hit Stick" defeated him at PAYBACK instead of Austin's spear. Cason McClain came out and stated that since he wasn't pinned at Payback, he deserved the title shot. The crowd erupted when Austin Lane came out and stated he wouldn't back down from either of them and he didn't care if they had another three way match this week. ASWF Commishioner Terrence Ward came out and stated that Murdoch will face Christopher Lee in a #1 contenders match and the winner faces the champion next week. Ward then made the Main Event, ASWF Championship Match between Austin Lane and the Walking Miracle Cason McClain.

The opening match saw the debut of Slick Rick Burton defeating Sancho Libre in a matter of 90 seconds. Burton won with a big boot that took the popular Sancho's head off. When asked for an interview, Burton just walked away.

In the second match Wrestling Legend Reggie Montgomery was caught using a chain and disqualified against ASWF Euro Champion Lee Michaels. Montgomery stated that Mike Titan had quit the wrestling business because of his Hillbilly Heritage.

In the third match ASWF X Division Champion Mike Anthony defeated Seth Sabor by DQ. Anthony brought in his Nunchucks but missed Sabor. Sabor then kicked the Champion and grabbed the nunchucks. Sabor was then caught with the weapon and DQ'd even though he never used them. Sabor then flipped out. Sabor beat Anthony within an inch of his life. Sabor layed the champion onto the announcers table and climbed to the top rope to drive the champ through. While referees, security, and announcers tried to keep Seth from jumping, Mike Anthony rolled off the table and left to the locker room.

In the fourth match Loose Cannon defeated the returning Zack Hanson. Hanson got a nice crowd reation. Cannon kept up with the young star until pulling off the win.

In the fifth match Johnny Hawk and Hot Rod defeated the Lethal Leprechauns via pinfall. The Leprechauns came up short, but put up a good showing against the ASWF Hall Of Famers.

In the #1 Contenders Match, Cody Murdoch with Athena Eclipse defeated Christopher Lee to face the champion next week. Athena kept sticking her nose in the match until it finally cost the former X Division Champion as he fell to the "Flat Bed." Murdoch then stated that next week, "Austin Lane and the ASWF Championship will be mine!"

In the Semi Main, the Crazed Country Rebels challenged the American Degenerates for their tag team title shot. Morgan Williams came out and stated that his brother, X Kaliber, was still injured thanks to CCR. Commishioner Ward stated that one of the Rebels could face Williams tonight, but the titles couldn't be defended until X Kaliber is cleared. Williams hit the "Muscle Cutter" on Wild Bill for the three count, but Demon X stated that noone ever said Williams would be facing Wild Bill. His opponent was actually Demon X. Demon X took advantage of the wore down Williams, hitting the powerbomb for the win.

In the Main Event #1 Contender Cody Murdoch sit at ringside to scout his opponent. After an epic match that could be up for Match Of The Year, Cason McClain hit the "Hit Stick" on Austin Lane and turned Lane inside out to capture the ASWF Championship.

Portfest drew near 10,000 fans only 10 miles from Tuckerman. ASWF still drew 250+ just one week after drawing 400+ for the Payback event. Loose Cannon has impressed ASWF management by delivering two really good matches since joining company. ASWF announced "Return Of The Legends" on June 19th featuring "Dirty" Dutch Mantell, King Cobra, "Outlaw" Don Bass, Hollywood Jimmy, and "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant. The Main Event drew several "This Is Awesome!" chants from the crowd. Several fans, wrestlers, and announcers called it the best match in the Valiant Arena in a LONG time. The crowd was LOUD during the whole show. After the Main Event, both McClain and Lane recieved a standing ovation from the crowd for what they had just seen.

T.I.W.F. Results from 6/4 in McKenzie, TN.

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 6-4-10 at the TIWF BattleZone Arena McKenzie, TN.

Kilo def. Shannon Lee

Brad Simpson© def. Brian Bump & Brian Michaels in a 3way hardcore match

Knockout Kidd & B.B. def. Devon Day & Million Dollar Baby

The Convict def. PK Ripper

Chico Mendoza def. Taylor Payne

• Notes:

* Attendance: 55

* Announcers: JC & Jimmy Valentine
Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 6-5-10 at the TIWF Showplex Arena Trenton, TN.
“ Broken Dreams”

Knockout Kidd def. Nick Grymes

Jett def. Sugar Shane©, J-Rage, Shannon Lee, Taylor Payne to win the Cruiserweight Title

B.B. & Black Widow def. Ice Queen & Million Dollar Baby in a hardcore match

Chico Mendoza & Mamacita def. Ravishing Randy Royale Executioner & Mr. Deklerk

Devon Day© def. Wildside to retain the AIWF World Heavyweight Title

Asylum def. NSFC©(Izzy Rotten/ Brad Simpson)& Hard Justice to win the Tag Team Titles

Kilo def. Way Cool© to win the TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title

• Notes:

* Attendance: 197
* Announcers: Drew Magruder & JC & Hotrod
• TIWF every Friday night in Mckenzie, Tn. @ BattleZone Arena 12895 Hwy 79 Mckenzie, Tn.
• TIWF every Saturday night in Trenton, Tn. @ Showplex Arena 405 W.1st St. Trenton, Tn.

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Another One Bites The Dust - DCW Shuts Down!!

----I am hearing from various sources that DCW in Jonesboro, AR either had their final show last night or they are within a few weeks of shutting down.  In January, 2008 RWA debuted with about 200 people in attendance of the main event with Jerry Lawler vs Reno Diamond main event at the King Sportatorium, which later became the Dogg House.  In August last year, there was a much publicized split of RWA owner Frank Martin and Rodney Mack, which would bring about the name change and new direction of the company. [CLICK HERE for that story].   Many insiders felt that the promotion never gained steam back from that split, even though the booking seem to be good.  Mack changed the name of the promotion to DCW, changed the ticket prices and everytime I was there, they put on a quality show.  DCW placed in the Promotion of the Year 2009 voting. Rodney Mack also finishing as one of the top four wrestlers in this area and top 3 in Wrestler of the Year voting losing only by 7 points.

----Late last month, EWE shut the doors.  EWE was considered a stable of this area.  The promotion opened the doors as TLCW and won RRO Promotion of the Year 2006 and 2007.  They also took Booker of the Year honors both years and Arena Report Match of the Year in 2007.  Derrick King, who was featured as the main star in 2006 and 2007,  won Wrestler of the Year honors in both years.

----Two promotions dead before half of 2010 is over is not a good sign.  RCW and Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling have added their names to the hat and will give guys a different place the work.  The bad thing about promotions closing is that the boys will have less places to work, but in turn, the promoters may benefit from the level of talent being better.

RCW Late Nite Wrestling: RRO Exclusive Footage!

The footage below is EXCLUSIVE for . . . Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) ran out of time to air this during tonight's edition of RCW Late Nite Wrestling on KAIT TV-8 Jonesboro. Have no fear . . . RRO has it for you! Check out the post match confrontation between "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs and Jon Michael Worthington, former partners who will battle it out Saturday, June 19 in Forrest City, AR at the Boys and Girls Club of St. Francis County to crown the first RCW CHAMPION!