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Live Coverage: RCW Forrest City, AR

----This post will be updated as the night goes on.  Join us to see who wins the RCW Title!!

----Rodney Mack came out and did an interview.  He put over the fact that he is in RCW to hurt people.

----"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony beat Kid Nikels

----70 to 80 fans in the building.  DCW wrestlers there also including RRO Female Performer of the Year 2009: Jazz.

----Alan Steele beat Seth Knight to continue his winning streak.

----"The Golden Circle" with Alan Steele - Steele whispers a secret to TGB. [This is all part of the angle where Steele is looking for someone.]

----Technical difficulties prevented me from completing this report last night.  I do not have a clue on who won the title or what happened for rest of the show. We should have a full report sometime this morning.

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.19.10

----Show opened with Brandon Baxter and Bert Prentice.  Bert was funny calling BB - "Brandy."

----Matt Boyce beat Brian Christopher in a good solid bout.  In the pre-match interview Brian put over the fact that “I don’t even know his name” when referring to Boyce.  But, Boyce beat him??  This just made Brian look bad.

----Su Yung and Kevin White came out for an interview segment to set up something with Max Steel and Luscious Liz.  Yung was real good here and has improved tons on the mic.  Steel looked huge..not in a good way.  Liz wasn’t bad.  They had a short catfight along with some interviews after the segment.

----Tommy Mercer beat Captain America.  Just pretty much a squash with Mercer looking good here.

----Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne [pictured] beat Cody Melton/Stan Lee in the best bout on the show.  Just solid tag team wrestling.  Heat on Wayne with hot tag to Nikels.  Lee took the pin after a Benoit dive from Wayne.  All four guys did a great job here.

----Footage of Jerry Lawler vs Edge aired from the last time the WWE were in  Memphis.  Lawler loses, but ends up pildriving Edge after the match.  Fun segment to get Lawler over.

----Derrick King/Koko Ware angle ended the show with King calling out Koko.  They did a pull-a-part to end it.  It was done real well with DK bumping his ass off for Koko. 


----Audio still needs to be fixed...Ben Roethlisberger doing a promo on Brian C was just hilarious on so many levels…Boyce looked real good…Baxter said Mr. Coffee had “15 lbs of gold in his lap” and that just made me laugh…Bert said something in reference to Boyce, saying “watch who will be walking around my car.” LOL …Steel said something about knowing Kevin White for 15 or 20 years??  WTF??...I have been told Mercer has a developmental with the WWE??...They had different pieces air with WWE guys – the Michael Cole one was pretty funny.  Cole comes off as a legit heel – kinda like Vince McMahon did in his first videos that aired on Memphis Wrestling years ago…Hollywood Jimmy had me cracking up when he said, “I think he ate that bird!” talking about Koko and Frankie…Overall it was a solid show.  It is put together good with each segment being almost a quarter of action.  A lot of sponsors here, which I know makes it easier to produce a show.  They need to improve a bit on production, but I had a fun time watching it.  I was told the show is going to be designed to get the young guys over and it does seem like that. And..let me say…I like ALL THE ANNOUNCERS!!  It has been a long time since I have been able to watch wrestling on TV [except maybe RCW and Brian Thompson] and not just hate the announcing. 

Thanks!! It feels good to be back!!!

----RRO scored the most hits in one day for the year of 2010 yesterday!! Thanks to everyone for their support and great compliments about the new format!!  It is good to be back!!

Reminder - Two Big Shows Tonight!!

Tonight in Forrest City, AR with RCW Title Tournament finals and a full card.  Tell them you read it here on RRO and get $2 off your ticket!!

"Dirty" Dutch Mantell,
"The Outlaw" Don Bass,
"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock,
"The Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant,
King Cobra,
and all your local ASWF Superstars!!!!

(WGN) June 18: Indy star Trent Acid dead at 29, Spike picks up new TNA show, Vince's black eyes explained, more... by Mike Aldren is reporting that "The belief at this time is that he died from overdose, but the real reason will not be announced until a later day."  Sad news for a guy so young.  If any of you did follow the Northeast scene this guy would be familiar to you.  He was one of those guys working that should have "made it" but had many problems with drugs and just being over the top.  I actually talked with Johnny Kashmere once about him and Acid coming in to work my now defunct promotion CCW. 

Trent Acid Dead at 29

Troubled Northeast indy wrestler Michael Verdi, who wrestled as Trent Acid, has passed away. He was found by his mother at around 9am this morning where he was living in Philadelphia. He was 29. Verdi had been battling various demons which derailed what was once a promising career several years ago. He will probably be best remembered as one half of the Backseat Boyz tag team with Johnny Kashmere. He had just completed a stint in court mandated rehab. This followed a parole violation and subsequent plea deal after he was arrested for heroin possession earlier this year.


6/17 Superstars TV results: Kofi Kingston over Trent Barreta; Primo over Yoshi Tatsu; and Jimmy & Jey Uso over Goldust & Mark Henry.

Just the one house show this weekend ahead of Sunday's pay-per-view. Madison Square Garden is sold out on Saturday night with John Cena vs Sheamus; Jack Swagger vs. Big Show; Randy Orton vs Edge; MVP, Kane & Christian vs. CM Punk, Luke Gallows & The Mystery Man; R-Truth vs. The Miz; Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre; and Eve Torres & The Bellas vs. Maryse & LayCool with Santino as special referee.

Fatal 4-Way from Long Island on Sunday has John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Sheamus for the WWE title; Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Big Show for the World title; Eve Torres vs. Gail Kim vs. Maryse vs. Alicia Fox for the Divas title; The Miz vs. R-Truth for the U.S. title; and Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre for the IC title. Expect more involvement from the NXT season one rookies. And at least two title changes.

Smackdown tonight includes Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk & Jack Swagger; Layla vs. Kelly Kelly in a non-title match; Drew McIntyre vs. Teddy Long, if Long is pinned then he is fired as GM; MVP & Christian vs. Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins; JTG vs. Chavo Guerrero; and Chris Masters vs. Dolph Ziggler. The show airs at 11pm in the NYC market due to the Yankees game.


Regarding Vince McMahon showing up to the TV tapings two week's ago with black eyes, one source who would know was under the impression that Vince recently underwent some type of facial cosmetic surgery. 

Kelly Kelly and Tiffany who were recently paired together on Smackdown are calling their tag team Blondetourage.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Card for RCW TV Taping in Forrest City, AR Saturday night

Here's the details for tomorrow night's Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) event in Forrest City, AR.

RCW Late Nite Wrestling TV Taping
Saturday, June 19, 2010
7:30 p.m. Bell Time
Forrest City, Arkansas
Boys & Girls Club of St. Francis County
(formerly Forrest Hills Elementary School)

RCW Heavyweight Title Match
(First Champion will be Crowned!)
"Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs vs. Jon Michael Worthington

Forrest City's Own Ron Rage vs. "VH-1 Reality TV Star" Matt Riviera

Midnight Gold ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony)
Premiere Brutality ("3G" Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels)

"Dynamite" Seth Knight vs. "All That" Alan Steele

PLUS: One other exciting match and the RCW return of former WWE Star Rodney Mack!!!

Tickets are:
$10 for Adults
$8 for Youth

Say you read RRO and save $2 off your ticket at the door!

RCW Tomorrow Night - RRO Updated!!

----I will be updating the site via text messages being sent from Brian Thompson with the full results of tomorrow night's card. The post will feature the results as the night goes by up to the finals of the RCW tournament!  I also expect Thompson to file an arena report of some kind early part of the week.

Mistake About Past Ratings!!

----The average rating in 2006 of Memphis Wrestling was 4.2 [70,513 viewers], not as I reported late last night.  That stat came from Yearbook 2008 [which was wrong] and was later corrected in Yearbook 2009.  The second quarter [we are in the second quarter of 2010] of 2006 had an average rating of 3.9 [65476 viewers].  Below is what was I wrote in Yearbook 2009 about Memphis Wrestling and ratings.

2009 Memphis Wrestling TV Analysis by Brian Tramel

----In December 2007 I wrote an article that appears in Yearbook 2007 that was titled “Memphis Wrestling Is Over” and then in Yearbook 2008, I asked the question “How Bad Is it?.”  The truth is that the title “Memphis Wrestling” has continued to run the last two years with very little original programming and the show does not feature the famed studio setting.  The show that in 2006 was helping launch the careers of Dustin Starr, Derrick King, Johnny Dotson and Kevin White does not exist anymore and I believe the impact can be seen every weekend when the shows draw so weakly.  Below are the stats for the last four years of ratings with RRO starting in May 2006, I consider these the “RRO Years” of Memphis Wrestling.

4.2 [70,513 viewers] 2006
2.9 [48,623 viewers] 2007
2.3 [39,048 viewers]  2008
.9 [15,114 viewers] 2009

----In a four year span the show has went from drawing more than 70,000 viewers on average to just a little more than 15,000.  A lot of factors can be contributed - mainly the move to Channel 50 with a smaller audience.  Also, as mentioned above, the show featured very little original material.  Last quarter numbers are not even included, because they aired sporadically with political specials and reruns of older shows. It should be noted that the highest rated show of the year was not even a third of what the show was drawing in 2006.

----It will be interesting to see if this new brand of Memphis Wrestling can draw a bigger audience.

RCW Tomorrow Night!! Tonight NEW debut!!

----Tomorrow night features the crowning of the RCW Champion with Christian Jacobs vs Jon Michael in the tournament finals.  There is also a Alan Steele vs Seth Knight bout on the show that could literally "steal the show."  I talked with Brian Thompson on Wednesday and he has agreed to give everyone that says, "I heard about your show on RRO.." $2 off any ticket!  Take advantage folks - this could be a great show!!  

----Tonight if you are in the West Memphis, AR area, then drop by and see NEW with the debut of Jeremy Moore.  This is sort of big deal in the sense that Moore [pictured] never works other areas and is trying to get out to work other people.  His matches with Chris Rocker have helped him improve and he hopes to gain some more experience working with Ken Wayne and crew.  

(WGN) June 17: Batista update, John Cena talks Bryan Danielson and MMA, TNA finances, Jim Cornette on Dixie Carter and her big surprise, Paul Heyman, ROH wrestler leaving wrestling behind for new career, Mickie James tour, much more...


6/15 NXT TV results from Raleigh, NC: Alex Riley over Kaval and Kofi Kingston & Michael McGuillicutty over Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon.

Only one house show this weekend ahead of Sunday's Fatal Four Way pay-per-view. Madison Square Garden is sold out on Saturday night with John Cena vs Sheamus; Jack Swagger vs. Big Show; Randy Orton vs Edge; MVP, Kane & Christian vs. CM Punk, Luke Gallows & The Mystery Man; R-Truth vs. The Miz; Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre; and Eve Torres & The Bellas vs. Maryse & LayCool with Santino as special referee.

Superstars tonight on WGN has Primo vs. Yoshi Tatsu, Kofi Kingston vs. Trent Barretta and Jimmy & Jey Uso vs. Mark Henry & Goldust. The show airs at 10pm this week due to the White Sox-Pirates game.


Dave Batista, Chavo Guerrero, Ernest Miller and Bill Goldberg were among the pro wrestlers sitting ringside at the Strikeforce MMA event in California last night. Sources say Batista is looking for a two fight deal in MMA and that Stikeforce has already offered him a big name opponent. He is also negotiating to be part of a new reality series. Those he talked to last night said he gave the impression he was done with WWE. We did hear a few week's ago there may be some sour grapes from Vince McMahon over his departure. He hasn't ruled out returning one day as he leads a lavish lifestyle and will probably need the money. Very few people know this but he broke his back (small hairline fracture) from the car bump in the match against Cena at Over the Limit back on 5/23. He's been resting up following that injury and plotting his next move.

News from Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling Taping - Randy Hales Returns to Wrestling!!

----There are just some random notes from the tapings below, but it looks like the big news coming out of the taping is that Randy Hales has returned to wrestling.  The sources that I talked to said that Hales was involved in helping run the show.  Not sure what his “official” capacity is or will be, but he is involved in the show.  Hales became a favorite of this site when he joined Gene Jackson for three episodes of Cheap Heat Radio scoring over 4000 downloads for his shows in his first interview since 2001. Hales made his return to wrestling in April, 2008 for a two show stint at TLCW in Ripley, TN.  Hales also was involved in the 2008 and 2009 4th in the Forest shows in an angle with Brandon Baxter, which actually started on  the third episode of CHR that he recorded. All three of those shows are linked below and I highly recommend you listen to them!! 

Random Notes

Koko Ware and Derrick King did a segment that had Johnny Dotson/Boss Winters hit the ring to jump Koko. Winters is managing King/Dotson…Lawler worked The Jokester [Colorado Kid doing a Joker gimmick]…Wolfe D-Eric Wayne-Kid Nikels vs Kevin White/Johnny Dotson/Derrick King…Su Yung did a deal where she said did not have a WWE developmental deal yet and it would probably be about 6 months before she reported. Su Yung is baby now after doing an angle where she had a “black” eye from Kevin White punching her.  White also punched her during the tapings…Destiny is in doing a Lady GaGa gimmick…Matt Boyce vs Josephus…Brian Christopher did angle with Brandon Baxter..Hollywood Jimmy, Tommy Mercer and Downtown Bruno were there…A lot better organized this time around…Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels vs Johnny Dotson/Derrick King.

Final Note

----All I can say is “wow!” This has the potential to be one of the best wrestling shows in this area in a long time.  You have guys like Hales, Baxter, King, Wayne, Lawler and Bert Prentice all under one roof!!  They are also featuring some of the best talent in the area along with some of the best wrestling minds.  At least they got me to wanting to watch the show.

Listen to internet radio with R.R.O. Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with R.R.O. Radio on Blog Talk Radio
Listen to internet radio with R.R.O. Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Thanks!! I'm Baaaaaaack!!!

----I started posting again yesterday and would like to ask everyone to start sending me all the news again. We are also debuting the NEW LOOK today.  Let me know what you think??  I would like to thank Gene Jackson for his hard work during my short hiatus.  It was a much needed break and feel like I am ready to be back!!   The biggest news happening during my hiatus was the closing of DCW [or they are on hiatus?] and the Tatt2 tape incident. Please stay tuned the next few days, because we got a few big deals coming up with books, arena shows and TV reports.  I will also return with a weekly Coach's Corner on Wednesday!!

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling - Ratings for 6.12.10 - Week 2!!

----The show finished with an average of 4453 viewers, which translates to about a .3 rating overall.  The first two quarters opened with a .4 [6477 viewers] with the third quarter doing a ZERO.  The 4th quarter bounced back with a .3 [4858 viewers]. This is not a great number, but it is also up overall 73% from the debut! the start of the RRO years in 2006, Memphis Wrestling was averaging over 85,000 viewers!!

----They did another series of tapings tonight in Memphis.  If anyone attended, please send us in a report or drop me some notes!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

RassleResults: TCW Pine Bluff, AR 6.12.10

Traditional Championship Wrestling
June 12, 2010
Pine Bluff, AR
Convention Center
Attn: 300

1) 1/2 of the TCW Tag Team Champions Tim Storm (with Apoc) pinned Action Jackson with a school boy and using the tights.

2) "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony [pictured to the left] beat Wes Robinson with a version of the Stone Cold Stunner.

3) International Champion Jeff Jett beat "All That" Alan Steele (with Rich Rude) with a Pat O'Connor Roll Up.

4) "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan pinned Prince Al Farat with the 3-point-stance clothesline. 

-Intermission which saw a huge line for 20 dollar pics with Duggan-

5) Athena pinned Malia Hosaka.

6) Lethal Romance (Matt Riviera & Jay Lethal) beat Tag Team Champions The Dark Circle (Tim Storm & Apoc) by disqualification when Storm nailed Riviera and Lethal with one of the tag belts.

7) D-Lo Brown (with D'Angelo Dinero) pinned Mr. Anderson after the Sky High.

Great show.  Next event is June 25 at the Metroplex in Little Rock with Trevor Murdock vs. U-Gene with Danny Hodge, The Honky Tonk Man, Jerry Lynn, Missy Hyatt, and more. Check out for all the details.

RRO Wrestler of the Year 2009 - Dustin Starr featured on!!

 ----As many of you know, Dustin Starr reported to work for the WWE developmental territory in mid-March.  Starr is known now in the WWE Universe as Daniel Skyler [at least he kept his initials].  Skyler is working as a WWE ref and actually worked last night [results below] the Lucky Cannon bout and the tag team title match.

----Skyler has reffed matches featuring all NXT guys as well as main events on FCW TV. He also worked the Smackdown and NXT tapings that were in Tampa last week. He is currently writing for the FCW magazine and his "Kickout" brand of shirts are being sold at You can follow Skyler now on Twitter - DanielSkyler.

----RRO would like to extend our best wishes to Skyler and let him know the whole staff and his friends back here in the RRO Universe are very proud of him and his accomplishments.  The WWE got a "good hand" with Skyler and we look forward to following him on his journey.

FCW 6.16.10
FCW ran last night in Deland, FL before an estimated 300 fans: Lucky Cannon over Big E Langston; Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer over Yoshi Tatsu & Kaval; Rhys Ali over Shad Gaspard; Mason Ryan over Rudy Parker; Alicia Fox & Liviana over Naomi Night & Natalya; FCW Tag Team Title Match: Los Aviadores (Hunico & Epico) over Donny Marlow & Brodus Clay; Alex Riley over Johnny Curtis; and The Hart Dynasty over Jimmy & Jey Uso. Main event was said to be very good.


RCW Late Nite Wrestling June 12, 2010 Part 3

Check out Part 3 of RCW Late Nite Wrestling from June 12, 2010 featuring a six man impromptu bout with Midnight Gold and Jon Michael Worthington vs. "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs, Stan Lee and Chris O'Neal!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RCW Late Nite Wrestling June 12, 2010 Part Two

Here is the second part of RCW Late Nite Wrestling from June 12, featuring Ron Rage vs. "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony!

RCW Late Nite Wrestling June 12, 2010 Part One

Here is RCW Late Nite Wrestling from June 12, 2010 (part 1) featuring "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs against "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton!

He's Baaaack!!! Brian Tramel returns full time to RRO this Friday!

I just got word that RasslinRiotOnline owner Brian Tramel will return full time to his duties this Friday after a short, much deserved break. With the return of a Memphis Wrestling TV show, IWA Championship Wrestling back on TV and two TV shows in Northeast Arkansas (ASWF and RCW on KAIT in Jonesboro), Brian feels it is the perfect time for his return.

He also said he wants to extend his thanks to Gene Jackson for taking over the site during his brief vacation.

"Gene did a great job in keeping everyone up to date on local happenings," said Tramel. "Gene allowed me to take a break after all these years with the site and the time gave me a chance to recharge my batteries. I look forward to returning this Friday!"

Tramel said much is in store over the coming weeks, with news and views from the Mid-South's premiere wrestling journalist.

Keep reading for ticket discounts, book news and more here at!

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My World....Maxxed Out! by Max Corbin


I’m a little behind with the monthly column, but better late than never, huh? Last month (if you remember that far back) I mentioned that I tipped my hat to those promoters who promote in this area. I will go into that right now. Now before some of you start patting yourself on the back because you have a show, let me tell you what I mean about promoting. So far, I have had 4 shows in the past 3 years that I have promoted. I’m not going to act like I’m the expert or that I’m the stuff or anything like that, but out of those 4, 3 have done incredible well. The one that didn’t do well, was the first one I had, which I did a horrible job of promoting. Not going to point the blame at anyone on that or anything, as it was my fault, but had I not been working so hard to get the promotion I was with at the time to get on board and fix their ring for the show I may have had time.(PS this is not Garry I’m talking about…lol His rings are always there and perfect. Also, one of the best rings in Independent wrestling. This was a local indy company that I was working with.) Never the less, it was my fault. But I learned from failing in that first show and the last 3 have been successful. So, what did I do that made a difference? Well this is what. 1st I hit up every source of media I could. Local radio, tv, and papers. I spent a total of about $300 on advertising on all 3 shows. But I stretched it out in a way that I got the most out of it. If there was a free advertising venue, my show was there. I also had flyers made and papered the school and community with them. I searched every avenue I could that would help me sell tickets. I would have radio trivia about wrestling and give away tickets. My thought there was, if I gave 2 tickets away, that was concession revenue that would come in that I would not have had otherwise. Plus, if it was a family with kids, they’d probably buy 2 more tickets. The 2nd thing I did was GET SPONSORS. Sometimes this was the hardest part of the promoting. 3rd I papered ever school in the county. Kids like wrestling! Don’t believe me, stop by a school sometime (if some of you are allowed within 200 feet of a school….lol) and ask a kid who John Cena or Randy Orton is. They will talk your ear off! Finally I got help and tips from other promoters on things I could do better. Mr. Garry and Kevin are 2 of the best in this area and I could have never done anything without them. Their track records are awesome! All you have to do is look at the cards they put together. The biggest being the show in Henderson this past April. That maybe the biggest card I’ve ever been on attendance wise. They know how to run shows…Period. So, I got as much help as I could get from them. After all that I tried to put together a card people would want to see. I struck a deal with a local radio station that would let me call in and promote the matches. I’d talk matches up for weeks and weeks on the radio to the point where I’d call in and the radio show’s host would plug it for me and ask questions on what new developments there were. All this wasn’t over night either. If you decide on Wednesday that you are going to have a show on Friday…..your going to fail!….and you deserve it. If you’re going to promote a show all this has to be done, if not your just running a show. That is what I mean by promoting. It’s very stressful and believe me that’s why I don’t do it more often. So, if you are promoting this hats off to you.

Smart and stupid stuff on my mind

I did want to mention a few things on my mind this week. I’ll call it the smart and stupid list. First off are the things on my smart list.


Pete Carroll- I know that’s football but how smart does he look after leaving the ship for someone else to go down with. Now when he fails in the NFL he can go right back to USC and take his job back without consequences.

NXT invation- I’ll admit it was a smart move by WWE. But, to be honest, I wasn’t all over it and marking out like other people were that night. Why? I have seen the way WWE treats Invasion angles. I remember getting my hopes up when the Radicals (Saturn, Gurerro, Malenko, and Benoit) came over from WCW. Within 2 weeks they squashed them and then turned them all heel, making their ship jump useless. Later on when WCW was bought they screwed that up too…Then the nWo invasion happened and was killed off immediately. So, as you can see, the Achilles heel of WWE seems to be invasions. Still I just thought they would do something to screw this up….and I’m pretty sure they did…which brings me to the stupid things of the week.


Bryan Danielson released! Yep, WWE released him this week. A lot of people said that the firing was a storyline, but no such luck. They said the reason for the firing was the tie chocking incident with him and the announcer. It wasn’t PG and they said kids may imitate it. Meanwhile, Shamus hits HH in the head with a pipe a few weeks ago and that’s perfectly fine? The reason behind that is, not all kids have access to a steel pipe or the angle involved HHH and this whole thing is a cop out. I’m going with a cop out. If you look back at the tape Danielson looked more like the leader of the group. This wouldn’t be a problem except….Danielson is not tall. Wade Barrett is and that’s who they won’t there in that roll. That’s not taking anything away from Barrett, he’s a good athlete. I just wish they wouldn’t have to go through all this BS for that…It may kill off the angle though, proving my point that WWE can’t do invasion angles.

Finally, I got to mention this. I mean no disrespect to either party involved, but the wrist tape argument from last week was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Anyone remember when people would get heat with each other for comments, or being stiff in the ring, or a bad PO? At least that, although sometimes was stupid in its own right, was just reasons for heat. The only heat I have ever had with tape was the dicks who sell it for $3 or $4 a roll. This situation did make me ask why it’s not allowed. I swear I mean no disrespect either by asking that, but why is it not allowed for? I never take off my wedding ring. It’s just something I don’t do. I tape it up, to keep my opponent safe, but I never take it off. Would that be allowed? Also, Eric mentioned in his article that he had a hand injury once and got scolded for taping that up. Why? You have to be able to protect yourself. If I had a bad knee that required a brace, I’d wear a brace and the same for a hurt hand or ankle. Like I said I’ve never met Mr. Wayne but only have heard good things from him. I grew up with his tag partner’s nephew and spent many nights as a kid watching the nightmares wrestle on video tapes from shows in Memphis and all over the place. Also, his students are always top notch. They all respect the business and always seem to be on time and ready to go. So, the respect is there. But I guess I do have to disagree with the tape thing. Otherwise I think the fact that punches and stuff like that being enforced is a great idea. It’s like when WCW put in the over the top rope DQ rule. It gives the heel another aspect to cheat and be dirty. Either way, it is his show though and he can do what he wants, but this argument between the 2 guys may be the dumbest thing I have heard in the wrestling business….and I once watched a worker try to connect 2 male ends of a seatbelt together…..Well, maybe it wasn’t the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen or heard in the wrestling business…lol

A.S.W.F. results for 6/12/10

We open tonight’s show with our co-commissioners Terrance Ward and Frank Martin and all three wrestlers involved discussing the fate of the ASWF heavyweight title. Cody Murdock lays claim to the #1 contender spot after defeating Christopher Lee last week. Austin Lane lays claim to a title shot tonight due to his rematch clause. Cason McClain argues that after a grueling match he should have the night off. The commissioners confer and decide the heavyweight title WILL be defended tonight in a Triple Threat match!!!

Since elections are upon us Frank Martin decides ASWF needs an election of its own. Immediately following the legends show fans will begin voting for who they want to be the sole commissioner of ASWF!

1st Match

Hot Rod v. Seth Saber

Hot Rod and Seth Saber open the show tonight in a lightning fast exhibition of finesse and expertise. Seth took it to Hot Rod early on in the match displaying why he is the #1 contender for the X-Division title. Hot Rod turned the tables using his usual underhanded tactics. Seth seemed to have the match won when Current X-Division champion Mike Anthony’s music played distracting Seth allowing Hot Rod to claim a quick roll up pin. Seth seemed to lose it and began dishing out punishment on Hot Rod before he made a quick escape to the locker room.

2nd Match

Loose Cannon v. Lee Michaels

Loose Cannon entered the arena claiming he was looking for someone. He then threatened to tear the building down if “he” didn’t show his face. The current European Champion, Lee Michaels, hit the ring and went on the offensive taking the upper hand early on in the match using his speed and quickness to keep Loose Cannon off guard. Loose Cannon took control after a vicious thumb to the eyes. Cannon would dominate the champ until Lee utilized his quickness to defend his European Championship.

3rd Match

Reggie Montgomery v. Vinnie Romano

Reggie Montgomery took control of the match against his smaller opponent with a vicious onslaught of power and fury. Vinnie Romano made a valiant effort ducking a huge clothesline and lighting up Reggie before being hit by the Cracker Breaker.

4th Match

Johnny Hawk v. Leprechauns

Johnny Hawk jumped the Leprechauns from behind prior to the opening bell. Using a variety of foreign objects behind the referee’s back. Hawk kept screaming for a rematch with Boogie Woogie Valiant. Hawk screamed out to the crowd that he would cripple the Leprechauns if not granted his rematch. Utilizing a new submission move Hawk managed to force both Leprechauns to tap out. In a surprise move Co-Commissioner Terrance Ward reversed the decision when Hawk refused to relinquish the hold.

5th Match

Rik Burton v. Christopher Lee

Rik quickly asserted himself as the powerhouse of this match tossing Christopher clear across the ring. Christopher Lee quickly switched tactics as he began utilizing submission holds against the stronger opponent. After several attempts to free himself Rik Burton stopped Christopher Lee in his tracks with a thumb to the eyes. Rik Burton dominated the match using his power and size to keep Lee on the mat. Christopher Lee made a quick comeback at the end of the match only to be decimated by a chain causing Burton to lose the match via disqualification.

6th Match

CCR v. American Degenerates

Xcalibur agreed to a rematch tonight even with his injured knee. CCR quickly exploited the injured Xcalibur keeping him in the ring and isolating him from his tag team partner. Morgan called for the crowd getting them behind his injured partner. Xcalibur eventually manages to make the tag and bring Morgan into the fray. Morgan secured the win after surprising Wild Bill with a sunset flip.


Cody Murdock v. Cason McClain v. Austin Lane

All three competitors showed why they are at the top of the roster at ASWF. This was a nonstop action ride with Cason, Austin, and Cody pulling out all the stops. Austin managed to pull out the win and discover who the 4th competitor would be in next week’s match. The announcement then came down that Brian Christopher would be here and in the main event! Join us next for for another night of action packed wrestling.

Check out this week's SSW Power Half Hour!

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T.I.W.F. results for 6/11 & 6/12

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Friday 6-11-10 at the TIWF BattleZone Arena McKenzie, TN.

Knockout Kid & Brian Michaels def. The Convicts by DQ

Spyder def. Brian Bump

BB def. Million Dollar Baby

Hero Killers (Devon Day/Kilo) Def. Fus!on

Knockout Kid def. Big Brad Simpson

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 6-12-10 at the TIWF Showplex Arena Trenton, TN.
“ Randy’s Birthday Bash”
Ravishing Randy had contacted the central offices and received permission to make the matches for the night.

Lawman def. Big Boy Bob in a 1st blood match
Randy had Hard Justice partners face off in a 1st blood match.

Jett© wrestled J-Rage to a double count out
Randy had Fus!on partners face off for the cruiserweight title.

Sugar Shane def. Taylor Payne
Randy had Sugar Shane wear a blindfold in this match while Taylor Payne did not have to.

Million Dollar Baby/Kilo def. Way Cool/Black Widow
In this match the stips were that Way Cool could not touch Million Dollar Baby but Kilo could hit the Black Widow.

Asylum© def. Chico Mendoza/Knockout Kid
Randy’s stipulation for this match had Chico & Knockout wrestle the match with one arm tied behind their back.

• Notes:

* Announcers: Drew Magruder & JC & Hotrod
• TIWF every Friday night in Mckenzie, Tn. @ BattleZone Arena 12895 Hwy 79 Mckenzie, Tn.
• TIWF every Saturday night in Trenton, Tn. @ Showplex Arena 405 W.1st St. Trenton, Tn.

New Experience Wrestling results from 6/12 in West Memphis

Downtown Bruno, Chuck Poe, and Moe Stegall refereed

Justin Smart def Kevin Charles

Shawn Reed def Dan Matthews

Eric Wayne def Alan Steele when Moe Stegall fast counted Steele, but Eric Wayne was upset saying he didnt want to win that way and they exchanged words and a few shoves,etc...

Monday, June 14, 2010

RCW Late Nite Wrestling June 6, 2010 Part 3

Finally . . . here is part 3 of RCW Late Nite Wrestling from June 6, 2010 featuring tag team action as Midnight Gold battles Ron Rage and "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs!