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IWA Championship Wrestling TV; Reno Diamond becomes #1 Contender for the IWA Heavyweight Championship:

What: IWA Championship Wrestling TV

When: June 26, 2010 (taped June 19,2010) on WPXX 50 (ION NETWORK)

Where: Southaven, MS. @ The IWA Arena

Referee: Adam Bell

Color Commentary: Jason Hall

By: George Wren - email private

The opening montage aired

Highlights aired of the following from last week:

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) v. Jason Steele & Xander Raines where Asylum got the win

Full Deck (Ace & Joker) w/ Reggie B. Fine cut a promo with a barbeque grill saying they are going to have a cookout and that everyone was going to get a piece what they was cooking up.
Ace asked Joker & Reggie to lift the top of the grill and inside was a plastic gas can, and Kayte(the doll of Psycho).. The heels teased to catch Kayte on fire until The Asylum made the save.
The heels then did a beat down on the faces(Asylum)... Reggie then beats Kayte with a chair.

Reno Diamond v. Samoan Raja v. Chris Lexx
where Raja blackhole slammed Diamond for the win.

SnS (Syn & Stunner) v. Blalock the Blazer/Antwane Wise
Blalock superkicked Syn for the pin. The heels (Blalock/Wise) beatdown the faces until Precious made the save. Blalock low bridged Precious and the heels continue the beat down.

Jason Hall opens the show and welcomes everyone.

(1) IWA Television Champion Chris Lexx v. Xander Raines
Lexx and Raines lock up. Raines backs Lexx into the ropes as they did the colliding with one another a few times. After the third attempt Lexx tells Raines to come off the ropes and Raines did and Lexx trips him. Lexx is now in control of the match. Raines quickly goes for the rack of the eyes to take control of the match. Raines goes for a boot to the face but misses. Raines quickly takes Lexx to the mat and starts choking him. Raines goes to the second rope for a splash but misses as Lexx moves out of the way. Lexx now goes to the top rope and delievers a frogsplash for the win.
WINNER: Chris Lexx

(2)Ace (Full Deck) w/ Reggie B. Fine v. 1/2 of the IWA Tag Team Champion Syn
Both lock up and Ace pushes Syn into the corner and paint brushes him. Both lock up again and Ace has a side headlock on Syn. Ace quickly takes a powder to the floor. Ace gets back in the ring and he and Syn basically go back and forth. Both do a test of strength when Ace delivered a right hand to Syn. Ace gets the attention of Referee Adam Bell while Reggie gets the heat on Syn. Ace delivers a back suplex for a near fall. Ace delivers a spinbuster on Syn. Ace quickly goes for a choke on Syn. Ace delievers a brainbuster but only gets a two count. Ace delivers a russian leg sweep but then paces around the ring(bad move stay on your opponent at all times even if you have to go for a chin lock or sleeper hold on the mat to catch your breath better then pacing around the ring) Syn takes control with a spin heel kick to only get a two count. Reggie jumps on the apron as Referee Adam Bell tries to get Reggie down off the apron Ace low blows Syn. Ace delivers a spin into a sat down powerbomb for the pin. After the match Joker comes out (Ace's tag team partner known as Full Deck) ... All three heels do a beatdown on Syn.

IWA Heavyweight Champion Antwane Wise (the former Carnage Antwane) comes out all decked out in a suit and sats in on color commentary with Jason Hall.

(3)Reno Diamond won a Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender for the IWA Heavyweight Championship
Those in the battle royal were: The Crime, Sniper(Charlie Parks), Chris Lexx, Drew Donovan, Suicide (not to be confused with the TNA version), Ace, Malik, Joker, Psycho, Xander Raines, Pappy, Beyond, Syn, Reno Diamond, Blalock the Blazer, Mr. Brooks, Precious, Samoan Raja, Bishop
WINNER: Reno Diamond

Jason Hall tries to close the show but you can barely hear him because of the music in the background.

Antwane Wise did a beat down on Diamond and powerbombed him off a estimated 5 foot stage.

Hall finally closes the show where you can hear him.

NOTES: Postive review on the opening montage (looked really good), 11 minutes of highlights that aired last week is way too long..The name graphics gives the product a good look so when the guys come out their name shows up on the screen... Glad to see they moved Reggie away from the color commentary with Jason Hall because you can only hear so much of Reggie on the mic. He's alot better doing the managing gig then on the mic.... The PR could be a little better but by far better then the PR Lawler is using on Memphis Championship Wrestling..IWA is coming off their big show that took place June 25th billed as "Verdict" in Southaven, MS with results is as follows with no titles changing hands Suicide(c) b Mr. Brooks b Beyond in a Triple Threat to retain the Light Heavyweight Championship, Samoan Raja b Malik, SnS (Syn & Stunner) b Full Scale (Xander Raines & Jason Steele)w/ Tara Mari to retain the the tag titles after Raines turned on Steele), Chris Lexx(c) b. The Crime to retain the Television Championship, Full Deck (Ace &Joker) w/ Reggie B. Fine b The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) in a Anything Goes Match, Antwane Wise b Precious to retain the Heavyweight Championship - (Credit Results: D-Rock) .... Antwane Wise is the former Carnage Antwane... Precious is doing a drag gimmick... Samoan Raja is a black african american doing a samoan gimmick (la la Rikishi the late Umaga) has a pretty nice look. I would push him as far as being a killer heel where he runs through some of the talent (or start building around the guy)... The reason why this guy is held back is bacause he dosen't have his head on shoulders as far the business goes... IWA aires on the same channel WPXX 50 that Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling aires on with a 1:00 timeslot... Direct tv has it listed as a Paid Programming.. Guys your not going to get the word out there and your viewers if it's not listed in the guide.... Never been too big on the one liner names(come on guys let's get a last name half of the talent has only a single one liner name.... IWA does tv tapings every Saturday at 2:30 and airs the following week.... In the battle royal they had music playing in the background which took away from the battle royal (should try to wing away from that direction with the music espeically during a match). The beat downs are taking way too long get in there and get your point acorss or get your "heat" and get out. Every match dosen't need a beat down either (it's basically with a "juice" situation if three people has already showed color then the main angle that needs to show color dosen't really tell anything same goes for the beat down.)
LINKING MY TV REPORT IS OK(ANYTHING ELSE IS PROHIBTED): I don't mind anyone linking my tv report to your website (as long as I get full credit).. Material can not be rewritten, retyped, or copied and pasted without the written consent of George Wren (once again linking my tv report to your website is ok anything else is prohibted).. Those caught using my material without my written consent legal action will be taken to the full extent.
George is a former pro wrestling photographer/associate editor for the defunct New Wave Wrestling Publication. George quit the wrestling business in 2003 and has no desire to ever get back into it.
George has also been a correspondent for The Wrestling Observer and The Pro Wrestling Torch in the past and will be a weekly correspondent from now on with The Wrestling Observer ( and Rasslin Riot ( with Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling TV and IWA TV reports.

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling TV; Jerry Lawler v. Tommy Mercer; Andy Kauffman gets brought back up in a angle:

What: Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling
When: July 26, 2010 (taped July 17, 2010) on WPXX 50 (ION Network)
Where: Memphis, TN @ The Vine (free show)... fourth show
Referee: Downtown Bruno (a.k.a. Harvey Wippleman)
Color Commentary: Brandon Baxter & Lauren Jenkins
By: George Wren - email private

The opening montage aired of a freeze fame saying Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling with Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" theme in the background

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins opened the show and welcomed everyone to the fourth edition of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling. While Baxter was talking it cut into a Tiffany promo

Tiffany (from WWE) plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling (was the same promo from June 19th report)

Jenkins & Lawler cut a promo backstage. Lawler hyped a new segment titled "Flashback"
A younger "Superstar" Bill Dundee cuts a promo (circa 88-89) and introduces Jed Grundy (Soloman Grundy)

Bill Dundee /Jed Grundy v. Rough & Ready w/ Boss Winters
Was just your typical Saturday morning squash match. (You miss the quality and production and how the business was then compared to what you get today) .. Grundy pins Rough with a splash

Rowdy Roddy Piper plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling (was the same promo from June 19th report)

Commerical Break:

A video package aired of Matt Boyce titled "Spotlight" on Matt Boyce (which aired matches of Boyce against Max Steele, Derrick King, & Brian Christopher) ... Was only highlights no music video

It's been 16 minutes into the show and no matches

Matt Boyce cuts a promo backstage saying he is 3-0. Boyce puts over Derrick King & Brian Christopher. Boyce said he is on his way to the finals of the Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament.

Mean Gene Okerlund plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling (same promo from June 19th report)

Commerical Break:

Brandon Baxter cuts a promo backstage callin the segment "Star Hotline" which featured Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett cut a promo saying he got his start in Memphis. He said Memphis Wrestling is the heartbeat of the business (Has anyone told Jeff it's not USWA anymore? It's totally a different product)... Jeff said a old friend contacted him (Lawler) and wanted him to be a part of Memphis Championship Wrestling.

Jerry Lawler cuts a promo hyping the upcoming Summerslam pay-per-view. Highlights aired of John Cena v. Randy Orton (Summerslam Aug 26, 2007) where Cena retains the WWE Championship with the "F-U"

It's been 30 minutes and all we have seen is promos and highlights.

John Cena plugged Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling (same promo that has aired for the last 3 weeks). Cena says " Your watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling... Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling? Is that what we are gonig with?
Who does this guy think he is? Vince Mcmahon dosen't call WWE Vince Mcmahon's WWE. Cena said whatever I am done.

Commerical Break:

Actor Tom Savini (known for his work in Friday the 13th, Night of the Living Dead, & Dawn of the Dead) cuts a promo on Lawler. Savini said Lawler killed his good friend Andy Kauffman (highlights is shown Lawler piledriving Kauffman) and that he is going to get someone to take care of Lawler for his actions.

Tommy Mercer cut a promo backstage. Mercer said Savini is paying him to take Lawler out.

Sheamus cut a promo (same promo that has aired for the last few weeks) plugging Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling. "You are watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling"... "I don't know why you are but you are".

Commerical Break:

During the commerical break a commerical aired plugging "Nightmare" Ken Wayne's School of Wrestling in West Memphis, Arkansas

Jerry Lawler cut a promo ripping on actor Tom Savini. Lawler said he use to consider Savini a friend. Lawler said he understands Savini is sending down Tommy Mercer to try to take him out. Lawler said he never heard of Mercer.

Jerry Lawler comes to the ring to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"... Baxter said Lawler is giving back to the community by relaunching Memphis Wrestling.

Jerry Lawler v. Tommy Mercer (Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament)
Jenkins sat in on color commentary with Baxter during the match. Lawler and Mercer lock up but Mercer delivers a bodyslam. They lock up again but Mercer picks Lawler and carries hm around the ring before delievering another bodyslam. Baxter states Lawler and Mercer both want the Southern Heavyweight Championship. So I am assuming this match is part of the tournament (because it was not announced it was just besides Baxter making the comment he did). Mercer hotdogs to the crowd. Mercer and Lawler lock up again but Lawler takes Mercer to the corner and delievers a right hand to Mercer but it dosen't phase Mercer. Lawler repeats the corner and fist gig again which dosen't phase Mercer. Mercer and Lawler lock up and Mercer takes Lawler to the corner and delievers a right hand of his own. Throughout the match Baxter puts Mercer over. Lawler tries to make a comeback and delievers kicks to the midsection of Mercer put still does not affect Mercer. Mercer delievers a ax handle off the top rope to Lawler. Mercer is now playing with the crowd. Mercer goes to the top rope again but Lawler catches him coming off the top rope. Lawler quickly delievers a kick, and a piledriver to get the win.
WINNER: Jerry Lawler

Baxter & Jenkins closes the show thanking everyone for tuning in.

NOTES: Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels also works for Brian Thompson's Ringside Championship Wrestling in Arkansas as Premiere Brutality.... Ratings for 6/19 did a .1 (1620 viewers credit: Brian Tramel... These guys are going ot have to step it up to get any reasonable rating)... At the 6/17 tv tapings Josephus debuted (who has the full look of the late Bruiser Brody) I would have just came up with a better name then Josephus especially with the look maybe something on the lines of Jack Brody, John Brody, Ron Brody, Randy Brody, Harley Brody.. Will be interesting to see if Lawler uses him correctly (name change for one) and how long he sticks around... Only other guy I ever seen that resembled Brody was Ron Powers from Missouri that also worked as Brodie Powers.... Lawler needs to look into the name graphics so when the talent comes out it shows their name it makes the product more presentable as well as more professional... The PR needs more work... No Bert Prentice, and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock" this week... The video package on Boyce I would have made a music video on instead of showing the same matches... The finish with Lawler v. Mercer was terrible with Mercer taking all Lawler has to give as far as punches, and kicks and all of sudden one kick puts Mercer down... Made Mercer look real weak to have just earlier been a monster heel type... Last week I said Mercer has potential and has a nice look hopefully Lawler will use this kid correctly and he will stick around.... Need to start pushing your talent more then putting yourself (Lawler) over if this is a new era then it needs to show. You can only show highlights of Andy Kauffman for so long (there is no reason to even bring this up).. I am surprise the footage even works for all the times it's been played like so many other old footage that has been showed so many times throughout the years. Focus more on your talent and leave stuff like this alone.

LINKING MY TV REPORTS IS OK(ANYTHING ELSE IS PROHIBTED): I don't mind anyone linking my tv reports to your website(as long as I get full credit)... Material can not be rewritten, retyped, copied & pasted without the written consent of George Wren(once again linking my tv reports to your website is ok anything else is not prohibted).. Those caught using my material besides linking it legal action will be taken to the full extent.

George is a former pro wrestling photographer/associate editor for the defunct New Wave Wrestling Publication... George quit the wrestling business in 2003 and has no desire to get back into it.

George has also been a correspondent for The Wrestling Observer and The Pro Wrestling Torch in the past, and will be a weekly correspondent from now on for The Wrestling Observer ( and Rasslin Riot ( ) with Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling and IWA tv reports.

Friday, June 25, 2010

IWA - Just Hours Away from VERDICT!!

IWA presents VERDICT - 1225 Stateline Rd in Southaven, Mississippi. Tickets: Adults-$5 Kids-$2 Time: 7:00pm Matches signed for VERDICT include:

IWA World Heavyweight Championship-Champion Antwane Wise vs Precious

Reno Diamond vs Samoan Raja

IWA T.V. Title Match-Champion Chris Lexx vs The Crime

Anything Goes Match-Full Deck (Ace & Joker) vs The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy)

And Many More!!!

MACW Gets A New Booker!!

----Ok, so here is a group that has had a fair share of people booking them, walking out on them and low crowds. In February, 2009 with Derrick King as booker this show was packing close to 200 in the building for about a month. Crowds were good and then it all started falling apart. King was replaced as booker, Chris Rocker took over the job, then later in the year became the “owner” and then later in the year left. They went through a name change from DCW to MACW and they recently started booking shows on Saturday nights head to head with NBW. [And, remember, NBW was forced out of the Jukebox Café/Country Nights arena in November, 2008 by building owners Dale and Sandra Walker after a family dispute.] As of two weeks ago, they still are not drawing well – in the 50 range.

----The booker has switched hands almost every month this year. It started with Brian Steele and Tim Edwards, then Edwards/Jon Michael, then Edwards/Steele, then Edwards/Allen Walker. I think I got that straight. LOL Tim Edwards [who is family to the Walkers] then walks out and is gone. Your OWN family is quitting on you!!

----It now brings you to this past Saturday night, as Derrick King with booking help from Jason Reed, Stan Lee and Cody Melton will now run shows on Saturday at the Jukebox Café. Chris O’Neal is also on the roster and helping out. The big question is – will it matter?? Can these guys bring back the crowd?? I know they all would love to get that Dyersburg Entertainment Center crowd back, but have the fans been burned too much in that building?? Or are the fans just tired of the same old guys?? And can they out draw NBW, which is only 5 miles away, with limited or no advertising?? After all the dust has cleared during these battles of bookers and ownership, NBW has remained the only constant thing in the Dyersburg area. Will it continue to be that way??

(WGN) June 25: Steve Austin talks chances of wrestling again, TNA PPV location announced, Desmond Wolfe interview, Jake Roberts update, more...


6/24 Superstars TV results: JTG over Caylen Croft (mistakenly listed here as Trent Barretta yesterday); Luke Gallows over Chris Masters; Brie Bella over Jillian Hall; and R-Truth over William Regal.

WWE has a full schedule this weekend. The Raw crew run tonight in Erie, PA; Saturday in Youngstown, OH; Sunday in Wheeling, WV; and TV is live on Monday from Philadelphia. The Smackdown crew run Saturday night in Portland; Sunday in Worcester; Monday in Syracuse: and the TV tapings are Tuesday in Wilkes-Barre. We're looking for reports from these shows to

Smackdown tonight has Jack Swagger vs. Big Show;

Flyer for CXW!!

----I got this in my inbox today from Sir Mo.  This is only a proof of the poster, but I wanted to throw it out to everyone so they might start planning to attend.  I am not sure if I will be able to due to my work schedule and the heat!!  [As many of know, I HATE THE HOT WEATHER!!] I do plan to have someone there covering the event though for RRO, if I do not attend.  RRO will also be posting full details about this promotion and tapings with comments from Mo along with an interesting look at talent in this area from Mo.  Just be looking for that around the first week of July!

Memphis Wrestling Ratings 6.19.10 - Week 3!!

----Below are the ratings per quarter along with what aired in those quarters.  Comments and such are by George Wren. His report was more detailed, so I wanted to include it with the ratings.  These guys really have to do something to get the ball rolling for people to watch the product.  These numbers are just sad and are no better than IWA numbers.  They had an average rating of .1 with average audience of 1620 viewers!!  For the record, IWA is airing at either 12:00 Noon or 1:00 PM every Saturday now.  On Direct TV, it is only listed it as Paid Programming and that does not help them!  They aired at 12:00 Noon this past Saturday and scored an overall ZERO. one knew about it and even TIVO is not picking it up, if it is not listed.   Finally, you can't say much for wrestling on Channel 50, when the hour following both wrestling shows featured an infomercial and scored an average of 2024 viewers!! 
By: George Wren
A freeze frame saying the following is a paid presentation for Jerry "The King" Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling
The opening montage aired (which debuted on the second show) which is a real cheesy montage. It sounds like music off the old Psycho movies with Anthony Perkins, and only shows several different clips of a Lawler's matches.
Brandon Baxter & Bert Prentice welcomed everyone to the third edition of Memphis Championship Wrestling. Baxter said the Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament is underway and another match in the tournament will take place today. (NOTE: Boyce over King last week was the first match in the tournament)
Tiffany (from WWE) plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling
Commerical Break:
(1) Matt Boyce v. Brian Christopher (Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament)
Before the match Christopher cut a heel promo saying he will win the tournament. Buddy Wayne & Guy Coffey was at ringside with the Southern Title, and Wayne said this is a tournamet match not for the Southern Title. Christopher said I know what it's for you don't have to tell me.(NOTE: But this is for the Southern Heavyweight Title). During the match Prentice called Brandon "Brandy" and Brandon corrected him saying it's Brandon. Christopher started the match off quickly with a bodyslam to Boyce. But Boyce quickly returned the favor and delivered two bodyslams of his own followed by a dropkick. Christopher then spits on Boyce. Christopher now begins to deliver several right hands to Boyce followed by a neckbreaker. Christopher throws Boyce into the ropes but Boyce goes for a sunset flip but Christopher nails Boyce with a right hand. Christopher goes for a bulldog but Boyce pushes Christopher off. Boyce now goes for the top rope and goes for a crossbody but Christopher moves. Christopher now goes to the top rope and goes for a leg drop but Boyce moves. Boyce goes for the pin and gets the 1,2,3, on Christopher. After the match Christopher cuts another promo all gasping for air, and says he didn't lose that match. Christopher rips on Prentice saying "What are you looking at fat boy?". Christopher says you haven't seen the last of me in this tournament.
WINNER: Matt Boyce
Mean Gene Okerlund plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling
Commerical Break:


Su Yung came out with Kevin White and cut a promo, and called out Luscious Elizabeth (which Max Steele came out with LE). Yung says LE has no talent, and LE comes back and calls Yung a hooker. A typical pull apart by White & Steele.
Backstage Yung & LE cuts a promo on each other (Was no reason since you just did the above)
(2) Tommy Mercer v. Captain America
Was basically a total squash. Captain America came out in red, white, and blue tights, and looked like your typical Saturday morning "job boy". Laura Jenkins sat in on color commentary with BB during the match. Mercer nailed a suplex into a powerbomb and went for the pin, but would always keep raising him up as to say "I am not finished yet". Mercer then delivers a blackhole slam to get the pin.
WINNER: Tommy Mercer
Rowdy Roddy Piper plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling
Commerical Break:
During the break a commerical aired plugging "Nightmare" Ken Wayne's School of Wrestling in West Memphis, Ark. (901) 831-4198 or . As I have stated for the last few weeks in my tv reports I highly recomend anyone wanting to break into the wrestling business to get professionally trained by "Nightmare" Ken Wayne or by 8 time former world heavyweight champion Harley Race ( these two legends have been all around the world and knows their craft, and can train you to where you are successful.


(3) "3-G" Eric Wayne / Kid Nikkels v. Cody Melton/Stan Lee
All four brawled in the ring to start the match off. BB acknowledged that Wayne is the son of "Nightmare" Ken Wayne, and the grandson of Buddy Wayne. Nikkels powerslamed Lee, and Wayne came off the top rope with a headbut for the pin.
Nothing really spectacular to even write about.
WINNER: Wayne /Nikkels
Hornswoggle plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling
Commerical Break:
Lauren Jenkins plugged one of the sponsors Tax Solutions

3rd Quarter - .2 [3239 viewers]

Michael Cole cut a promo stating the people really ask him now do you really write Jerry Lawler's lines on Monday Night Raw? Cole said yes I do. (pointless promo)
Jerry Lawler cut a promo and talked about his match with Edge (March 30, 2010) at the Fed Ex Forum. Highlights aired of the match again (which the whole match was shown last week which is in my tv report from June 12, 2010 so I want go into details of the match) ... This could be a time right now to let someone shine on the show (besides it being just about Jerry Lawler)
Edge cut a promo backstage at the Fed Ex Forum following the match. Edge stated he is coming for Lawler, and he is coming for him when he least expects it.
Commerical Break:
Sheamus cut a promo on Lawler.
"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock comes out with Derrick King. King cuts a promo and says he is the new King, and he is calling out Koko B. Ware, and he is going to start retiring legends. Ware comes out and him and King brawls in the ring for a pull apart. Blaylock goes over and joins BB at the announcers table, and starts screaming in the mic(Keep him off the mic, screaming in the mic and not making any sense isn't doing anything it called trying way to hard to get "heat")
Baxter states the main event is coming up next.
JTG plugged Memphis Championship Wrestling

4th Quarter - .2 [3239 viewers] 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shows for the Weekend 6.25 to 6.27.10

----TCW has a big show this weekend and here is also a poster from a show across the country featuring some of our local guys!!  Tatt2 is on the poster, but I also think Alan Steele is on this show.

(WGN) June 24: Mickie James on her future, Linda McMahon campaign ad, Evan Bourne, Hogan on TV tonight, former WCW wrestler bodyguard for celeb, more.. by Mike Aldren


Alex Marvez has a story on Mickie James at She says she had hoped to sign on with WWE for several more years before her release in April. "When you get that call (from WWE) that you're hired, it's the greatest call in the world. It's even better when you get the call that you're coming to TV (tapings) and debuting. But when you get the call saying you're gone ... What bothers me is, I could see if I didn't get a good reaction, but I would get the largest reaction of any female on the roster no matter who I was on the bill with. I still don't understand why, but that's life." On her future in wrestling: "For a while, I was going to say I didn't want to wrestle at all because I'm still heartbroken (about WWE) ... but I do love it so much. I intend to wrestle here and there and do the shows I really want to do, especially if it's with someone who's a friend of mine or someone I never got a chance to work with."

Linda McMahon released a new campaign ad produced by WWE's TV Studio at The message is interesting as she describes WWE as a soap opera that isn't real to downplay controversial content. National Democrats have already slammed the ad as misleading given the criticisms surrounding WWE over the years. The latest TPM poll gives Democratic state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal a lead over Linda of 52.5%-37.0%.

Linda commented on the Martha Hart lawsuit yesterday during a TV taping for Channel 3 in Connecticut. She said very little other than WWE is handling the suit. News footage at

We're told the reason Vince missed the MSG show last weekend was because he spent fathers day with son Shane and his family.

An interesting note from the new Maria Kanellis interview by After her release she wrote thank you letters to Vince, Linda and Stephanie McMahon to thank them for the opportunity of working for WWE. She said Vince wrote her back saying that he was appreciative of her time with the company and hopes they would be able to work with each other again in the future... Kanellis' first music video was posted yesterday on iTunes. You can watch the vid at

A couple of notes on Ashley Valence--the new female announcer hired for NXT. Her real name is Ashley Ann Vickers, 23, a communications grad from the University of Central Florida. She paid her own way through college from modeling gigs and is currently representing Nashville in the semi-finals of Maxim's Hometown Hottie contest. Her video submission is online at

NXT on Tuesday night did a 0.9 rating and 1.2 million viewers.

Angela Fong last night via Twitter commented on her release. She wrote: "It has been quite a head hurts...need some sleep...I appreciate all the support and I will write tomorrow...I love my fans...gnite."

The Youngstown Vindicator at has a Q&A with Evan Bourne to promote the house show this weekend. On transitioning from indy wrestling

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results WrapUp 6.05 to 6.19.10


Hardcore yow def. Oz.... post match Tommy Redneck attacked Oz
Kid Nikels defeated Big Red
Dan Matthews defeated Josephus [pictured and love this guy's Bruiser Brody look]
Blaine Divine and Brad Bad defeated The "SOBs" [Mark Justice/The Kid] by dq
Jeremy Moore and Eric Wayne Def. Chris Rocker and Wolfie D after Eric Wayne hit Wolfie with a spinebuster and Moore gave Wayne the acecrusher and quickly covered Wolfie for the 3
Good show crowd around 70


The Kid vs Buckwheat was thrown out after Tommy Redneck attacked both and big red made the save
Seth Knight def. Hardcore Yow by dq after Yow delivered 2 curb stomps on a chair... this match was insanely stiff
Big Red def. Tommy Redneck
Eric Wayne def. Blaine Devine.... post match Jeremy Moore jumped Wayne and delivered 3 chair shots
Mark Justice def. Brad Badd in a fans strap match

Crowd around 70 or so


Show opened with Jeremy Moore coming to the ring saying rocker and wayne both weren't there and he wanted a match. Moore then called his dad, Jeff McDonald, into the ring. He said it was fathers day weekend and he had him a gift. Jeff opened the gift only to find nothing, Moore then said that's all he was worth as a father, Moore said he has been against him the whole time and it's sad that Jeff cheered when Chris Rocker won the NBW title. Moore said maybe he would just have a match with him. Jeff then said that Moore in fact did have a match and maybe he should turn around. C-Money came off the top rope with a cross body block on all 3 members of the Anarchy. C-Money then said tonight he would teach Moore respect.
Oz def. Tommy Redneck and after the match Redneck attacked Oz
Blaine Devine def. The Kid
Hardcore Yow def. A.N.T.
Brad Badd def. Big Red
C-Money def. Jeremy Moore after a small package. Great heat on this match. Post match Moore said it was a fluke win and challenged C-Money to a rematch with allen walker as the ref. C-Money accepted if Moore would accept his stipulation that if he won his mother gets to slap Moore on the face for the whole crowd!

Great show! 70 or so in the crowd

(WGN) June 23: Martha Hart lawsuit, Ric Flair on Owen Hart's death, WWE hires announcer then cuts another, Brock Lesnar on Batista, Bret update, Jericho talks future, TNA game, Trent Acid funeral, former Diva/Knockout victim of crime and more by Mike Aldren


6/21 Raw TV results from Bridgeport, CT: Chris Jericho over Evan Bourne; Tamina vs. Natalya was a no contest; John Morrison over Zack Ryder; Great Khali & Eve Torres over Primo & Alicia Fox; and Sheamus vs. John Cena was also a no contest.

6/22 NXT TV results from Manchester, NH: The Miz & Alex Riley over MVP & Percy Watson; Michael McGillicutty over Titus O'Neill; Eli Cottonwood over Kaval; and "Dashing" Cody Rhodes over Lucky Cannon.


Martha Hart, the widow of Owen Hart, who was killed in a 1999 stunt gone wrong while performing for WWE, has filed another lawsuit against the company, claiming they used Owen's image without her permission in over thirty videos and various publications since his death 11 years ago. WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon and former CEO Linda McMahon are also named as defendants in the suit filed Tuesday morning at U.S. District Court in Hartford, Connecticut. "I was shaken to learn earlier this year that they have been using Owen's name and likeness in videos, websites, television programs and print material without my knowledge, much less my approval," Martha Hart said Tuesday at a press conference in Hartford. "In addition to being grossly insensitive to me and my children, it is in direct violation of the final contract Owen signed with the WWE before his death." Martha, 43, is demanding that WWE stop selling products baring the name of her late husband. She is also seeking unpaid royalties for uses of Owen's image, along with unspecified damages, attorneys' fees and other relief. Gregg Rubenstein, Martha's Boston-based attorney, asserts that when Owen died, essentially his WWE booking contract was terminated, and therefore a provision of that contract would mean control of Owen's legal name and likeness reverts to the wrestler, or in this case, Martha, as executor of his estate. WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt, yesterday described Martha's suit as "a cheap political stunt" without merit timed for publicity against Linda McMahon's Senatorial campaign. A statement released by the WWE legal department read: "The lawsuit by Martha Hart is nothing more than pure political orchestration. This claim has nothing to do with the tragic accident in 1999. It pertains solely to the use of intellectual property, which is not typically brought to the media's attention through a pre-emptive press release, a dedicated website ( and a press conference before the filing of the suit. This case has no more merit than the one Martha Hart unsuccessfully brought against WWE recently in Canada, which was dismissed and Mrs. Hart was ordered to pay WWE's counsel fees." The later statement was in reference to an injunction Martha filed earlier this year seeking to prevent the sale of WWE's Hart & Soul Anthology DVD. "Martha Hart does not have some exclusive right to tell the story of her husband,'' McDevitt told the Hartford Courant. "He was a public figure … he was part of WWE.'' McDevitt added that WWE holds a copyright on the likeness of Owen and that he will always remain part of pro wrestling history. "His death was widely reported. (Martha) wrote a book about it. Everybody that Owen's life touched has their right to tell their version of the Owen Hart story and he's a part of the WWE's history." Martha, meanwhile, insists that her suit is not politically motivated. "This has nothing to do with Linda's political career,'' she told reporters at her press conference. "Although, that said, certainly as a voter, I would think that people should certainly question the moral character of this action." Owen Hart, 34, wrestling as the Blue Blazer, fell 78 feet to his death when an equipment malfunction occurred during his entrance from the rafters of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City on May 23, 1999 at WWE's Over the Edge pay-per-view. Martha sued the company for wrongful death but settled the case out of court for $18 million in 2000. WWE later settled with the maker of the harness equipment for $9 million. And because the company’s insurance carrier paid around $11 million, it's believed that WWE actually profited on the settlement. In recent years, Martha has used more than $2 million of her money to establish the Owen Hart Foundation; a Charity to help with college scholarships for children with special needs. She largely separated herself from the majority of the Hart family, and has criticized some family members who continued to work for the WWE after Owen's death. She also sued her sister-in-law Diana Hart-Smith in 2001, over Diana's book, Under the Mat: Inside Wrestling's Greatest Family, for what she claims included inaccurate and irresponsible statements about her and her family. As a result the book was pulled from circulation.

Jim Ross wrote about the Martha Hart lawsuit at "I am not a lawyer, have never played one on TV, and know zilch about this untimely legal matter.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cheap Heat..."Putting it Over" by Gene Jackson

First off I wanna welcome back B.T. to the site.....let me just say I don't envy his job one bit and I know I didn't do a good job running the site but I just don't have the time to keep it updated like it needs to be so it's great that he has returned refreshed and ready to get RRO up and running again.

I read his column about "going into business for yourself" this morning and it inspired me to go ahead and write one that's been rattling around in my head for a few days (although I do have several stories of me "going into business for myself but I'll save them for another time)....that revolves around another wrestling term.

The phrase "putting over" in wrestling terms is usually looked upon as someone reacting positively to something in angle, a promo, a match, a gimmick...whatever. If someone goes and writes something good about your match the worker will say...."they put me over"..... However in today's society where being critical is always the "cool" thing to do....most times someone reacting badly to something will often times "put it over" more than something positive.....for example.

If you've been over to the bathroom wall recently (the hollywood jimmy message board).... I'm sure you've read the pages of hatred spouted towards Danny B. and Anton Leveigh for some promo they put on generally I could give a shit about some worked promo that someone posts online but with all the fuss over it I had to go see what it was all about.

So was the promo good? sucked actually. (No offense to Danny or Anton, I like them both but there was some ridiculous shit in the promo) However....what is the point of wrestlers doing a "promo"? Promo is short for PROMOTION.....a promo is to promote one's self....or match...or show....or what do you want to accomplish? You want to get people's attention right? You want to get people talking....right? Now had they did your run of the mill, "On Saturday we're gonna be at the CWA in blah, blah taking on blah, blah and I want all the peoples to be there".....who would have cared? Probably no one......throw in a few controversial lines and a little profanity and now you've got three pages of people talking on the bathroom wall......are they talking GOOD about it....NO! Are they "PUTTING IT OVER"? YES! Whether they like it or not all the talk they are doing is putting it over, people who would have NEVER known it existed have now seen it.

So, what the assholes who post on message boards don't realize is.....the more time they spend typing someone's name over and over on a message board....the more they are putting that person's name out there......and the more that person is on people's regardless of their intent they are in fact PUTTING THAT PERSON OVER.... So please read this and go talk shit about it on Jimmy's site all ya don't even have to post a link...people know where to find it. The funny thing is when BT handed the site over to me.....the minute people went and started talking shit about "I can't believe BT let a MARK run his website"....the hits INSTANTLY go ahead message board jerk offs.....put ME over!!

I hope to be back in a day or so to talk about some of the recent goings on.....I have some opinions about the recent events in WWE and some thought's on JERRY LAWLER'S Memphis sure to read it.....and tell a friend!

Cheap Heat is a randomly featured column here at RRO. Gene Jackson is a writer, former (and sometimes current) pro wrestler, radio talk show host, announcer, color comentator, comedian, and all around swell guy.....He has a loyal following of readers and fans but is generally disliked by most due to his smart ass, arrogant, sarcastic, and sometimes unnecessarily mean writings and rants on his bi-yearly radio show. if you would like to contact him to voice your displeasure or heaven forbid say something positive he can be reached at

Coach's Corner "Going into Business for Yourself" by Brian Tramel

Is it ok to go in business for yourself when it comes to working for a local promotion??  If you are not familiar with the term, then it can best be described as not following the storyline lined out by the booker and doing something that will get you over more.  At times it might just be a way for you to get back at the promoter.  There have been some famous incidents, including one of my most memorable ones as a fan – Akira Madea shoot kicked Riki Choshu in the face as Choshu had a scorpion leglock on his opponent.  This incident would totally change Japanese wrestling as Madea became a huge star because everyone thought he was REAL.  The infamous Bret Hart-Vince McMahon incident may be considered a bit of “going in business for yourself”, but in reality Vince was just going to business for his business.  Madusa pitched the WWE Ladies title in the trash on WCW.  That really helped her career, didn’t it??

I went to business for myself one time.  And, after all these years, I would probably do it again, but in hindsight – it was not the right thing to do.  Brickhouse Brown was on a local show on Sunday afternoon for MSWA.  I was able to see his payoff along with that of another guy he brought with him.  Both guys got paid $50 or more.  I was highly pissed.  My crew of five guys would be lucky to take home $25 for all of us.  I was pissed and it was the last straw in a long list of bad payoffs.  I went to the babyfaces and told them to forget the finish; we had a new finish.  We would enter the ring – chokeslam someone and pin him – we go home.  The thing I did not tell the faces was that I was also going to get on the mike and say that if my team lost, then my whole team would leave MSWA.  It was 10-man tag [if I can remember right] and we all packed our bags before the match started.  I did the mic spill, they entered the ring – 3 count and we walked out the side door to go home. 

Did I accomplish anything?  Nah.  Did it help my guys?  No.  Was it Brickhouse Brown’s fault??  No, it wasn’t.  Brown is a freakin legend and whatever he asked to be paid – he deserved it and honestly it was NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

So, you might be saying to yourself, “Coach is telling us he did it, but don’t do it.” Yes I am.  It falls in that category with “do what I say, not what I did.” If a promoter hires a booker for a promotion and puts his faith in that guy to run the show, then it is not ok to go against the booker’s plan, even if you are the promoter.  You got one guy spending all his free time trying to book a show and the promoter changes everything five minutes before the show starts.  Or, on the other hand, you got a promoter that [with help from the encouragement of a worker] decides it is ok to change an angle right in the middle of the show.  Believe me – the promoter should stay away from the ring on most incidents unless your name is Ken Wayne or Jerry Lawler.  If you think it is ok to go into business for yourself, then you know NOTHING about the business.  If you don’t like the booker, then walk out the door.  If you don’t like the direction you are going in, give your notice.  Anything you will do to ONLY put yourself over will not do anything to help the promotion as a whole. 

Coach's Corner is a weekly Wednesday feature at RRO by Brian Tramel. Tramel was wrestling manager Coach BT in a former life with Coach's Corner being published on the internet during those days. He has since added it to RRO as his signature column.

Showtime All-Star Wrestling – Episode 133 - TV Report by Larry Goodman

Showtime All-Star Wrestling – Episode 133
Airing on June 12, 2010 in Nashville on CW58
Taped April 17, 2010 in Nashville at Buffalo Billiards

LAST WEEK…Kid Kash had yet another bratty tantrum. He hijacked the match between J-Rod and Cody Melton and gave them each a taste of the ankle lock…Derrick King goaded Wolfie D into a match against the newest member of his crew, Johnny Bandana with a tag team title shot hanging in the balance, but Wolfie defeated Bandana despite tomfoolery by DKE.

Steve Hall and Reno Riggins opened from ringside at Buffalo Billiards. Derrick King interrupted to say that just like his good buddy Barack Obama, the buck stops here. King said he was taking matters into own hands with that cheat-to-win guy Wolfie D.

Michael Graham did solo commentary again. No explanation for Reno’s absence.

1 – SAW International Champion CHASE STEVENS vs. LANI KEALOHA

Stevens hit a shadow lariat and followed with a dropkick for a near fall. Kealoha was all fists and headbutts. He got two with a release fisherman suplex. Stevens leapfrogged Lani and rocked him with an uppercut forearm. The finish was a codebreaker followed by a reverse DVD. 

WINNER: Stevens in 1:56. Stevens’ new finisher didn’t look all that impressive. I think Kealoha is approaching the record for most jobs on SAW television held by Big Rig Brown.

Stevens was interviewed at ringside by Hall, who asked if Chase thought Andy Douglas had retired for real. God, that seems so long ago and it’s only been three months. Stevens said he was taking Douglas’ words at face value. Stevens thanked Douglas for seven years and wished him success. He said the last year was bad, but it taught him something about what he was made of. Stevens said no matter what Kid Kash said, he beat him for the title. Kash attacked Stevens from the blind side. They had a massive pull apart involving the babyface wrestlers, the referees, the whole nine yards. A descent into chaos Graham called it. He noted the irony of J-Rod and Melton trying to break it up. At one point, Kash had J-Rod in the ankle lock again. It ended with Kash and Reno glaring at each other.  

“Bond Girl” Leah Hulan and agent Kendra Anderson plugged the SAW taping later that evening at Buffalo Billiards in conjunction with the CMA festival.

An enraged Stevens cut a promo in the dressing room. Stevens said if Kash wanted to be a champion, he needed to act like a champion. If he wanted a title match, all he needed to do was ask face-to-face. Nevertheless, Stevens granted Kash a title match for next week. Rage will do that. 

Hall and Riggins were interrupted AGAIN, this time by Jon Michael Worthington. He’s added a soul patch. Worthington whined about being cheated and demanded a rematch with Ryan Genesis. So Genesis came out and said let’s go. Worthington said he was going to give Genesis a ten count to get out of the ring before he kicked his ass.  


Genesis got two near falls in the first 15 seconds. They battled outside the ring with Worthington coming out on top. Worthington controlled the body of the match with basic brawling.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RCW Late Nite Wrestling June 19, 2010 Part 3

It is part 3 of RCW Late Nite Wrestling from June 19, 2010 featuring a look back at the RCW debut of RODNEY MACK!!!

RCW Late Nite Wrestling June 19, 2010 Part 2

Here is part 2 of RCW Late Nite Wrestling from June 19, 2010 featuring the conclusion of Alan Steele vs. Justin Smart . . . will Steele reveal who he is looking for?

RCW Late Nite Wrestling June 19, 2010 Part 1

Check out RCW Late Nite Wrestling from June 19, 2010 Part One featuring the first moments of Justin "The Juice" Smart vs. "All That" Alan Steele!!!

Southern States Wrestling Power Half Hour 6.20.10

----You can click on the Youtube screen and go full screen with these three clips!!
Part 1 of Southern States Wrestling Power Half Hour for June 20 2010 featuring Beau James w/ Misty James vs. Jake Manning news on Super Summer Sizzler and more 

Southern States Wrestling Power Half Hour for June 20 2010 part 2 featuring News on Upcoming events, classic Ron Fuller vs. Dick The Bruiser, and more news about Super Summer Sizzler

Southern States Wrestling Power Half Hour June 20 2010 part 3 featuring Jerry The King Lawler & David Flair vs. Eddie Golden and Jeff Tankersley plus news on King Lawler coming back to Kingsport.

Face Book
Just search Southern States Wrestling

D-Rock's IWA TV Report 6.12.10

----This show is airing now at 1:00 PM.  My DVR didn't record it this weekend.  I am going to try my best to do a IWA report every week also.

Show began with The Crime drowning his sorrows backstage, by drinking and talking to himself. A worried Chris Lexx arrived and said he hadn't seen or heard from Frank (AKA Crime) in two days. Chris asked Suicide where Crime was and if he had a bottle with him. Suicide pointed out where Crime was at and said he did have a bottle with him. Chris Lexx found Crime drinking and grabbed the bottle from him asking, "Is this what you done turned your life to? This right here? I put all my time into getting you into rehab to try and help you. And you keep turning your back on me, everytime, I turn around and try to help you out! I go through everything to try to make things right with you! And you come to me and you blame me for all your problems! Everytime I turn around, it's something that Chris Lexx has done to The Crime! It's never what The Crime has done to The Crime! Wake up and smell the coffee! Get your life straight! What's your problem? This right here makes no sense! You're drinking your life away! You know who you remind me of? You remind me of my father! Somebody who wasn't there for me when I was growing up! And when I met you, me and you used to be like this. We were multiple time tag-team champions! You let your problems take over everything! What is your deal? Where's Frank at? Wake up! Where's he at? Where's the guy who mean right? It makes no sense to me!" The Crime grabbed Chris, yelling,

D-Rock's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.12.10

----Well, since I posted my report and a link to George Wren's report, I thought I should go ahead and share D-Rock's report. LOL

They've added a new intro featuring highlights from Jerry Lawler's illustrious career.

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins opened the show, telling us what we could expect from week two of Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling.

Video of WWE's Bella Twins saying, "You're watching Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling."

Metro Moto Commercial featuring Jerry Lawler riding a scooter and saying, "You know, I've won one hundred twenty-six championships, been to sixteen WrestleManias, but the most fun I have is riding this baby, right here, from Metro Moto, right here in Memphis, Tennessee on Poplar Avenue!"

Lawler talks Memphis Wrestling!

----Mike Aldren made reference to this in his post.  I thought I would copy and paste what Jerry Lawler said about the new Memphis promotion.  Speaking of, WNC has some photos from the new tapings - CLICK HERE and if you want to read the complete article on Lawler, then CLICK HERE!!

And he's still crazy about wrestling. Lawler recently started a new TV show called "Memphis Wrestling."

"TV wrestling on Saturday mornings has been a tradition here since I grew up," Lawler said. "We lost it right around Christmas last year."

Lawler wasn't ready for it to end. With the blessing of WWE, he started "Memphis Wrestling," featuring local, independent wrestlers. 

"It's a good looking show, but there's not a lot of money in independent wrestling," he said. "It's a labor of love." 

"Memphis Wrestling" is a lot like the old-school wrestling Lawler started with. The names of the performers aren't as well known, but they're more accessible.

(WGN) June 21: FFW notes, Batista on MMA, Jeff Hardy banged up, Kurt Angle talks TNA creative, awesome ROH PPV, Awesome Kong returns to national TV, Mike Aldren


6/19 Supershow results from New York City: Kofi Kingston over Drew McIntyre; Christian & MVP over Luke Gallows & The Mystery Man; Kane over CM Punk; The Miz won a four-way over Mark Henry, R-Truth & Evan Bourne; Jack Swagger over Big Show in a no-DQ match; The Bellas & Eve Torres over Maryse & LayCool; Randy Orton over Edge; and John Cena over Sheamus. The show was sold out and did a $800,000 gate. Hot crowd. They crapped all over the women including a chant of "This is stupid!" Following the main event, Cena talked about Wrestlemania returning to the Garden in four years, which is pretty much expected based on history. Vince McMahon missed the show and John Laurinaitis was steering the ship instead. Berry Skaaland, the widow of Hall of Famer Arnold Skaaland, was sat front row.

6/20 Fatal 4-Way PPV results from Long Island, NY: Kofi Kingston over Drew McIntyre to retain the IC title; Alicia Fox won the Divas title in a four-way over Eve Torres, Gail Kim & Maryse; Evan Bourne over Chris Jericho; Rey Mysterio won the World title in a four-way over Jack Swagger, CM Punk & Big Show; The Miz over R-Truth to retain the U.S. title; The Hart Dynasty & over The Usos & Tamina to retain the tag titles; and Sheamus won the WWE title in a four-way over John Cena, Randy Orton & Edge. Dark match was hometown boy Zack Ryder over MVP. Nassau Coliseum was far from a sell out.


TMZ cameras filmed Dave Batista over the weekend during which he alluded to an offer to fight for Strikeforce. When asked who he will be fighting, he said, "We'll see. I know but I'm not telling you." He did say he wants no part of Fedor Emelianenko. Several MMA websites have already jumped the gun on this story to the point that Strikeforce spokesperson Mike Afromowitz denied that Batista had signed a deal. Video is at

WWE confiscated some Bryan Danielson and Daniel Bryan fan signs last night at the pay-per-view. Danielson has just opened a new website at

Chris Jericho on his match with Evan Bourne last night via Twitter: "Had the best match I've had in months tonight. Bourne is the real deal... and I must destroy him."

Maryse had a major wardrobe malfunction last night when her breast popped out as she was pinned at the conclusion of the Divas title match.

Some trivia. Sheamus winning the WWE title again marks the 100th recognized time that the title has changed hands.

WWE has filed to trademark the term, The Nexus, possibly as a name for the NXT rookie group.

The company is working on a Bobby Heenan DVD which is slated for release just before the holidays in December. They are also putting together a "100 Craziest Moments" set that will also go on sale in December.

Ricky and Richie Steamboat teamed together at FCW's Father's Day show on 6/18 in Fort Myers. Sr. did most of the work since Jr. is not too long removed from knee surgery. Results: Yoshi Tatsu over Tyler Reks; Wes Brisco & Lucky Cannon over Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer; Donny Marlow over Rudy Parker; Naomi Night over Liviana for the Women's title; Eli Cottonwood over Derrick Bateman & Leo Kruger in a 2-on-1 handicap match; Hunico & Dos Equis over The Usos for the tag titles; Alex Riley over Husky Harris to retain the FCW title; and Ricky & Richie Steamboat over The Dudebusters.

FCW announced its 2010 Talent Evaluation Clinic from 7/30-8/2 at its facility in Tampa. More info at

A trailer for the WWE Studios film Legendary with John Cena, Patricia Clarkson and Danny Glover is online at

Superstars last Thursday night, bumped late due the NBA playoffs, did a dismal 0.35 rating and 308,000 viewers.

The Charleston Gazette has a story on Jerry Lawler at who notes in four decades of wrestling he's never suffered a major injury, broken a bone or needed knee surgery. He also talks about his new group in Memphis. "It's a good looking show, but there's not a lot of money in independent wrestling," he said. "It's a labor of love."

The New Haven Register at has a story on Linda McMahon which focuses on WWE's drug testing programs during her tenure as CEO. Linda was asked to comment but declined. The reporter did talk to her Senate campaign spokesperson Ed Patru, WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt, Dr. Joseph Maroon, medical director for the WWE’s wellness program, and former wrestler Marc Mero. The story noted that several high profile wrestlers died after WWE dropped it's drug policy in 1996 to compete with WCW. Brian Pillman, however, was the only wrestler to die on WWE's watch, although the Register mentioned Rick Rude, Curt Hennig, Davey Boy Smith and Louis Spicolli as former WWE names who later suffered drug-related deaths. Patru used the ridiculous line of, "there is no competitive advantage for someone to use steroids," when really, almost everyone with half a brain now understands that pro wrestling is a cosmetic business as much an athletic contest.


6/18 house show results from Columbus, OH: Velvet Sky over Sarita; Douglas Williams won a four-way over Jay Lethal, Homicide & Shannon Moore; Madison Rayne over Taylor Wilde; Mr. Anderson, Jeff Jarrett & Kurt Angle over Eric Young, Matt Morgan & Abyss; Rob Terry over Orlando Jordan; and Jeff Hardy over AJ Styles. Columbus was said to be a weird deal as they shared the Nationwide Arena with a Glen Beck political rally. Apparently all kinds of wacky extremists were outside the arena preaching and promoting various causes. Show was well received by fans. From one reader, "Overall, this was my first time seeing TNA live and although I'm not a big fan of the television show, I had a pretty fun time at the house show tonight. Some of the matches weren't the best, but they were given time and most of the wrestlers were pretty cool about trying to meet up with fans."

We didn't get any reports from Saturday night in Fort Wayne which marked the company's eight-year anniversary. We do know the show drew approximately 1,400 people.


The Miami Herald has a story on Kurt Angle at He talked about taking a month off recently to rest nagging injuries, but had actually hoped for two or three months off. "It was one of those things where 3 ½ years straight, and you didn't really take any time off. I didn't really spend a lot of time with my family," he said. "At the same time I felt a huge gigantic responsibility to helping TNA get more popular and elevate them. I was doing overseas tours. I did a lot of media. I was pretty much the media guy for two, three years. So even if I wasn't wrestling three or four days a week, the other two or three were on the road doing something for TNA. They pay me really well, and I earn my money.'' He was kind of critical regarding booking, both here and in WWE: "I like (creative) to look at an individual and say all or nothing. In other words, push him to the moon or don't push them at all. No halfway. Let's ride them as far as you can ride them, and then maybe get somebody else. Once they rise to stardom, God willing, then maybe we can do another one as well. It's going to take a little time. We need to follow through with our characters. We were getting there with AJ Styles. He was just at that elite status. He was very close. Then we kind of pulled the title off. AJ, in my mind, still is the best wrestler today. His championship run was a little short." He also touched on some recent free agents that he would love for the company to bring in: "I think Batista is an incredible wrestler. I think he has improved more than any wrestler in the past three years. I like to see some younger fresh talent from Ring of Honor. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, I've been knocking on the door for them for probably a year now. I'd love to bring back Team Angle, from a babyface perspective first. Then we could spread off. We never really had an ending. We just split off, when I got injured. They are two really solid wrestlers. They've both been wrestling for over 10 years. If anything, they could help elevate these younger guys."

Impact last Thursday night did a 1.0 rating and 1.2 million viewers which they are thrilled about considering heavy competition from the NBA playoffs.

Jeff Hardy was banged up following the weekend loop and is visiting a chiropractor today to look at his neck.

Hardy's upcoming court date, which was scheduled for 7/6 in North Carolina, has been postponed to 7/8.

The location for October's Bound For Glory pay-per-view will be announced later this week. As of a few week's ago we had heard they were looking locations in Charlotte, but we are now hearing San Antonio or Houston, TX which is the home base of TNA's card maker, TriStar.

The company will also be announcing a live event in India soon. Two words: Sonjay Dutt.

The Baltimore Sun has a Q&A with Jim Cornette at He was promoting ROH but when prompted made some valid points about TNA booking: "You’ve got to have a plan and a vision, and Vince Russo’s got such ADD, he can’t even remember what he wrote last week. I don’t mean to make this a whole knocking Russo thing, but he’s emblematic of the whole problem of outside people that have been let in the wrestling business that have no respect for the business, or the people in it, or the traditions of it, or the way that it’s done, or the fans. If the fans like his stuff then he goes, 'Yeah, that’s because I’m great,' and if the fans don’t like his stuff – which is the majority as I’m sure you’ve gathered – he blames them. 'Ah, it’s these wrestling fans.' Well what are you in the wrestling business for if you don’t like the wrestling fans? He actually made this statement: He wants to write wrestling shows for people who don’t like wrestling. He thinks, 'Well, I’ll just write this show that everybody can be entertained by and the wrestling fans will like anything as long as it’s in a ring.' No! I don’t like golf. I don’t care if they play golf in the nude and the 18th hole is surrounded by flames. I’m not going to watch golf because I don’t like golf. So he writes wrestling for people who don’t like wrestling. And the people who like wrestling are insulted by it, and the people who don’t like wrestling – guess what? – they ain’t watching it because they don’t like wrestling! He’s an idiot."

Roxxi, the abused girlfriend of TNA, wrote a

Sunday, June 20, 2010

RassleResults: TIWF Showplex Arena Trenton, TN 6.19.10

Lawman Williams def. Brian Bump

Blaze def. Hostile Brian Michaels

PK Ripper & Shannon Lee def. T-Payne & the Convict

Sugar Shane def. Devon Day© in a non-title match

Way Cool def. Kilo© to win the TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title

Asylum© [Psycho/Pappy] [pictured] def. Chico Mendoza/Knockout Kid

•    Notes:

* Announcers: Hotrod and Wildside
•    TIWF every Friday night in Mckenzie, Tn. @ BattleZone Arena 12895 Hwy 79 Mckenzie, Tn.
•    TIWF every Saturday night in Trenton, Tn. @ Showplex Arena 405 W.1st St. Trenton, Tn.

RassleResults: Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation 6.18.10

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Friday 6-18-10 at the TIWF BattleZone Arena McKenzie, TN.

The Assassin def. Hostile Brian Michaels

Jett def. The Convict

Black Widow def. BB def. Million Dollar Baby in a triple theat match

Knockout Kid def. Brian Bump [pictured]

Hero Killers def. Shannon Lee & Sugar Shane

George Wren's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 6.19.10

----CLICK HERE to read the report that Wren has been sending out to every wrestling news source [but..RRO..LOL  and I am assuming he got the ratings and TV tapings news from this site??].  He is not so kind to Hollywood Jimmy here, but does put over Ken Wayne's wrestling school, Matt Boyce and other stuff.

The Golden Circle: "Chemistry" by Greg Anthony

Chemistry, to most people, is the science of matter. How molecules, atoms, etc react and interact with each other. In wrestling its pretty much the same thing except there is no science to it. In chemistry if you take part "A" and mix it with part "B" then it creates part "C". In Wrestling if you take part "A" and mix it with part "B" sometimes you get part "C" but sometimes you get shit!

You never know, for sure, who is going to mesh well with who. Just because you have two great workers doesn't mean you have a for sure 5 Star match(Rating system is a trademark of RRO News and Brian Tramel and may not be reproduced without the express written consent of RRO). Same goes for two not so great workers. I've seen two guys that really didn't have much going for them but for some reason they gelled really well together. Its a crap shoot, its the world letting us know that there are no guarentees in life.

Prime example, I saw Shawn Michaels vs Mr.Perfect! How could that possibly be bad? They just didn't get in a good groove and Shawn even mentions it in his book. Motley Cruz is a guy that I have alot of respect for inside the ring. When I was TLCW champion we got a chance to work one another for the first time in a long time. We had high expectations but when we got to the match we both were waiting for the other to call the match or take the lead and it ended up being a very bland match.

Maybe wrestling isn't as complex as advance chemistry but it isn't kindergarden stuff either. There really isn't a substitute for good chemistry in wrestling. Rock/Austin, Flair/Sting.. the list goes on and on. Because its not the moves that we remember but the feeling we get from those who have immeasurable chemistry. So don't watch for that forgettable high spot but rather that unforgettable feeling this business can produce on any given night. 

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 06.12.10

Three hundred fans packed the Valiant Arena for “Return Of The Legends.”

First Match:  The Lethal Leprechauns defeated Loose Cannon via pinfall, when Cannon was distracted by looking for the individual that he had been looking for for weeks.

Second Match:  Hot Rod John Ellison and Outlaw Don Bass defeated Lee Michaels and Chris Stryker after Don Bass knocked Lee Michaels off of the top rope and Hot Rod pinned him.

Third Match:  Sancho Libre defeated Mike Anthony to win the X Division Championship.  Afterwards, Sancho unmasked to show Seth Sabor.  Mike Anthony had the match reversed since Sancho was misrepresented.  Seth proceeded to attack Anthony.  ASWF Commissioner Terrence Ward suspended Seth for one week.

Fourth Match: Plowboy Titan and Freezer Thompson defeated Reggie Montgomery and King Cobra. This Legends match was one of a kind in ASWF History as the Mid-South Legends battled it one more time in the Valiant Arena.

Fifth Match: Rick Burton defeated Christopher Lee. Rick proved tonight that he was the veteran of the squared circle. Showing Lee why he is the best.

Sixth Match: In this return Grudge Match, Johnny Hawk defeated The Boogie Woogie Boy Gary Valiant. Hawk proved that he was Hall of Fame material in this all out brawl.

Seventh Match: Demon X and Wild Bill (CCR) defeated Morgan Williams and X-Kaliber in this tag team match and took home tag team gold. During the match Commissioner Terrence Ward was overlooking the match at ringside and caught Hollywood Jimmy cheating. When the Commissioner turned around to signal for the bell he was struck in the back with the cane. Dutch Mantel, who was in The American Degenerates corner, ran towards Jimmy to prevent another assault. CCR would win shortly after when Demon delivered a power bomb to Morgan Williams and would get the 1,2,3.

Eighth Match: Brian Christopher defeated Austin Lane, Cody Murdoch, and Cason McClain. After a hard fought match with Fatal Four Way rules, It seemed that Austin Lane and Brian Christopher had developed a strategy. But soon after the team work had stopped, Brian Christopher would land a leg drop off the top rope and roll Cody Murdoch up for the win and the ASWF Title.

RassleResults: RCW TV Taping in Forrest City, AR 06.19.2010

Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW) returned to Forrest City, AR last night at the Boys & Girls Club of St. Francis County. Here are the results . . .

- Brian Thompson opened the show by introducing former WWE/ECW Star Rodney Mack, who returned to RCW after a short hiatus. Mack got a good pop from several DCW alumni in attendance. However, it didn't take long for him to get a heel reaction by trash talking and saying that he is here to simply "hurt people."

- "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony defeated Kid Nikels with a little outside interference from "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton.

- Thompson brought out Ron Rage for what was thought to be an interview. He then said the "Rage" he meant to bring out was "Raven Rage." She was introduced and presented an award. Then the RCW mascot Ringside Redd came out and was attacked by Ron Rage. Last month in Forrest City, the mascot attacked Rage and revealed himself to be Matt Riviera. Half-way through Rage's attack, Riviera came out laughing. Rage took the mask off to reveal Steve Cherry.

- "All That" Alan Steele defeated "Dynamite" Seth Knight to remain undefeated in RCW. After the bout, "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony came out for a "Golden Circle" segment. He asked Steele just who it is that he has been looking for during the past two months. Steele whispered the answer to Anthony, but would not tell the live audience.

- Premiere Brutality ("3G" Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels) defeated Midnight Gold ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony when Wayne pinned Anthony. At the start of the match, Eaton and Nikels brawled to the back continuing the heat from earlier in the night to leave Wayne and Anthony virtually alone for a singles match.

- Ron Rage defeated Matt Riviera by countout. After the match, Rodney Mack attacked Rage.

- Jon Michael Worthington defeated Christian Jacobs to become the first ever RCW Champion. Match was very good, going about 30 minutes.

RassleNotes: About 80 in attendance. Loud crowd all night. Several DCW personalities were in the house including former WWE Women's Champion Jazz. Del McKie, who used to work with Lethal Attitude Wrestling, was in attendance helping out and visiting old friends.