Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy 4th of July; UFC 116 tonight; Memphis tv report

On behalf of myself, Brian, and the rest of the staff at RRO we will like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday weekend.

I will be watching UFC 116 with Brock Lesnar v. Shane Carwin tonight on pay-per-view will be interesting to see what goes down tonight.

I will be back after the pay-per-view with the Memphis tv report from earlier today.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Former USWA valet Toni Adams dead at the age of 45

Toni Adams (45) passed away at Norton Brownsboro Hospital in Louisville on 6/24. The cause of death is a infection in her system. Toni underwent surgery last month(June) to remove a abscess but infection sat up in her abdomen. Toni went into cardiac arrest at home as they was able to revive her but the family took her off life support.

Toni Adams was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and begin working as a assistant with the production staff for Fritz Von Erich's (Jack Adkisson) World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) out of Dallas, Texas in 1984.

She then would meet her soon to be husband "Gentleman" Chris Adams. Chris and Toni shorly got married ever meeting as Adams had just divorced Jeanie Clark (who later on would work as Lady Blossom in WCW in the early 90's and would be the wife of a long blonde hair guy by the name of "Stunning" Steve Austin)

In 1989 Toni would work a long side of her husband Chris, for a short stint for Bill Watt's Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF)

In May 1990 Toni returned to Dallas under the United States Wrestling Association (USWA)
and worked a angle along with her husband Chris against Jeanie Clark & Steve Williams

In 1991 Toni would divorce Chris after Chris begin suffering from alcohol abuse.

In late 1993 Toni appeared for Jerry Lawler's based promotion in Memphis known as the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) doing a French Maid gimmick known as Nanny Simpson, and would manage Brian Christopher (Brian Lawler) in his feud against ex husband Chris Adams. Toni would also compete against the likes of Ms. Texas (Jacque Moore), Robin Smith (Rockin Robin), and Sweet Georgia Brown (Debra Moore) just to name a few.

Toni returned back to Dallas and worked for the Global Wrestling Federation (GWF) and would continue her feud with Chris where she managed Iceman King Parsons until the promotion closed up in 1994.

Toni retired from the ring in 1995

Toni was living in Louisville, KY at the time of her death with finacee Leonard Donahoo as the two was engaged. (A few reports out their stated they was married they was not married they was engaged)... The family went on and put her last name as her finacee's last name in her obituary.

Toni is survived by her finacee Leonard Donahoo, children: Christopher Adams, Tori Grant, sisters: Beverly Vanover, Karen Hanson, Nancy Coleman Witherspoon.

No burial has been announced at this time.

Donations can be sent to the following:
Louisville Ballet Ratterman Bros. Funeral Home
3711 Lexington Rd.

The staff of Rasslin Riot would like to send our condolence to the family and friends of Toni Adams.

Write up by: George Wren

George Wren is a former pro wrestling photographer/Associate Editor for the defunct New Wave Wrestling Publication, and has added RRO to his list of accomplishments.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

(WGN) July 1: Sad death of a wrestling valet, TNA departure, Hogan/Bischoff update, CM Punk surgery, legend thinks Flair should retire, TV project involving former WWE wrestler, more...


6/29 NXT TV results from Wilkes-Barre, PA: MVP over Husky Harris; Kaval, Lucky Cannon & Michael McGillicutty over Alex Riley, Eli Cottonwood & Titus O'Neil. Kaval won the NXT poll while Titus O'Neil was eliminated, which is a change as they originally announced no cuts would be made for another four weeks.

Superstars tonight on WGN has Christian vs. Curt Hawkins; Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Zach Ryder & Primo; and Nikki Bella vs. Jillian Hall.


CM Punk underwent minor arm surgery a few days ago which will prevent him from wrestling for a few weeks. He worked the TV tapings on Tuesday with his arm in a sling.

Ricky Steamboat suffered a legit sprained neck during the Raw segment with Nexus beating down the legends. The WWE website (storyline) also reported he cracked some ribs.

Bryan Danielson wrote a blog addressing his release. He said he was angry about what happened, that he apologised to WWE for the tie choke, but felt he would be a hypocrite if he apologized for putting everything he had into the segment that got him fired. He wrote:

Two Big Shows this Weekend!!

----RCW is in Jonesboro on Saturday and NEW on Friday with "Scars and Stripes."  If you are planning on attending either event, then please send in a report!!  Not sure if I will be able to go to either show yet. 

(WGN) Breaking news: WWE legend Ricky Steamboat fighting for life


Richard Blood (Ricky Steamboat, 57) was fighting for his life last night in Tampa after suffering a brain aneurysm, according to Globe sources.

He is currently listed in intensive care under 24-hour observation. An angiogram revealed bleeding in his brain – which can lead to a stroke.

Details are sketchy right now but we understand Steamboat had been experiencing severe head pains following the spot on Monday's Raw when Justin Gabriel delivered his 450 splash. reported earlier this afternoon that Steamboat was hospitalized late Wednesday night. They posted no details other than claiming, "According to medical officials, his condition is most likely not related to his performance on Monday night, and Ricky’s medical prognosis is good to excellent."

Story is developing.


IWA TV 6.26.10 Ratings and Random Thoughts


----Memphis area fans were watching wrestling on Saturday and IWA should be very happy with these numbers.  They opened with .6 [9717 viewers] for the first two quarters and then .8 [12956 viewers] for the last two quarters. Good for them as they scored the same as the JLMW in the last two quarters and scored an overall .7 [11337 viewers].  The first two quarters both had overflowing matches into the next quarter.  And the last two quarters featured a battle royal.  I have posted it below with Wren's report to let everyone see what aired in the quarters. 


----The show has improved to the point that the camera work and look is better than the Memphis show.  There still is a brightness in the building that kinda distracts me.  If they would paint the building a dark color and only show the first few rows of fans, then the building would looked packed...Jason Hall has improved to the point that I can actually listen to him.  He cracked me up when he said, "Good Grief" talking about the attack on the Asylum.  He really does need a real good person to join him - not a heel - just a good counter point person...I love what they did with Kayte and almost burning her.  This was a re-doing of an angle from the Dyersburg Entertainment Center days; right??...The two matches in the first two quarters did overlap a bit into the following quarter, but both matches were real good for TV.  Chris Lexx got a good pop coming out and Raines worked hard.  Ace vs Syn was real fun with a good build up and they actually surprised me with a few false finishes.  Syn may be one of the most improved this year.  I could be really picky on various things, but nothing major out of either match stood out as being wrong...The last two quarters I just had to fast forwarded because it was all a battle royal, which I hate.  I guess I was the only one, because everyone that was watching the show stayed with it during that 30 minutes...Graphics were a nice touch...Antwane Wise and Blalok The Blazer [pictured] are my two favorite performers on here.  At first look, I thought the Wise was trying to do the CM Punk gimmick, but it comes off more as a black preacher cult leader type of thing.  Does that make sense??  Wise and Blazer both are great on the mic and really would be money.  Wise bumps great for a big guy and I would put Blazer in that role of manager/wrestler, who takes all the punishment, but they get the baby in the end. [much like they did Reno in the finish of the show]  Blazer also has a great wrestling mind that can be used to help with booking and calling finishes. Wise also looks like a champion in his suit and carrying the belt more than anybody on the show...If you watched this show when it first started and thought it was crap, then you should give it at least another try.  


The opening montage aired

Highlights aired of the following from last week:

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) v. Jason Steele & Xander Raines where Asylum got the win

Full Deck (Ace & Joker) w/ Reggie B. Fine cut a promo with a barbeque grill saying they are going to have a cookout and that everyone was going to get a piece what they was cooking up.

Reno Diamond v. Samoan Raja v. Chris Lexx
SnS (Syn & Stunner) v. Blalock the Blazer/Antwane Wise

Jason Hall opens the show and welcomes everyone.

(1) IWA Television Champion Chris Lexx v. Xander Raines [start]

1st Quarter: .6 [9717 viewers]

IWA Television Champion Chris Lexx v. Xander Raines [finish]

(2)Ace (Full Deck) w/ Reggie B. Fine v. 1/2 of the IWA Tag Team Champion Syn [start]

2cnd Quarter: .6 [9717 viewers] 

Ace (Full Deck) w/ Reggie B. Fine v. 1/2 of the IWA Tag Team Champion Syn [finish]

IWA Heavyweight Champion Antwane Wise (the former Carnage Antwane) comes out all decked out in a suit and sats in on color commentary with Jason Hall.

(3)Reno Diamond won a Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender for the IWA Heavyweight Championship
Those in the battle royal were: The Crime, Sniper(Charlie Parks), Chris Lexx, Drew Donovan, Suicide (not to be confused with the TNA version), Ace, Malik, Joker, Psycho, Xander Raines, Pappy, Beyond, Syn, Reno Diamond, Blalock the Blazer, Mr. Brooks, Precious, Samoan Raja, Bishop
WINNER: Reno Diamond

Jason Hall tries to close the show but you can barely hear him because of the music in the background.

Antwane Wise did a beat down on Diamond and powerbombed him off a estimated 5 foot stage.

Hall finally closes the show where you can hear him.
3rd and 4th Quarter .8 [12956 viewers]

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Week 4 - 6.26.10 - Ratings and Random Thoughts


----JLMW scored their highest rating to date with a .8 for all four quarters. That translates to 12956 viewers for the whole hour.  I usually post every quarter here with what airs in that quarter, BUT since all four quarters were the same there is no reason to do it.  Their best rating was a .3, so they almost tripled that.  This has to be good news for JLMW, if they can maintain this and go higher.  The production of this show still needs LOTS of work, but they do have stuff that ends before each quarter hours [instead of lapping over], which shows some improvement over other shows.


----I was highly disappointed in this episode after being excited about last week's show.  It did not flow well and it took them FOREVER to actually air wrestling...Bert Prentice says Derrick King is his own worst enemy.  Bert shoots every episode, if you know what to listen for...I think they probably needed material for this episode, but I would not have aired old PPV matches...Savini looked drunk!!  And why are you still trying to live in the past with this Andy Kaufman angle??...I like Tommy Mercer.[pictured]  I would push him through the roof.  It should be him vs Matt Boyce in the finals for the Southern Title.  I would even give him the belt and let Boyce chase the title. His match with Lawler, was typical Lawler match that at times reminded me of Lawler against any big guy and then into an old Savage/Lawler match with Mercer doing three axe handles.  Video was screwed up here.  I liked Mercer's interview also.

RRO Welcomes George Wren !!

----For those wondered, "who the hell is that?" on Saturday when George posted his Memphis and IWA reports, then here is an introduction to our newest staff member - George Wren. George will be filing the Memphis and IWA reports every week and has a bunch of ideas for new stuff to add to the site.  I am excited to have him on board!!  
97-98 - Worked as a referee for AWA in Brighton, TN (with the likes of Moondog Spot, Jimmy Valiant, ), would go on to work for the former Rock N Roll Rpm Tommy Lane's Southeastern Championship Wrestling (throught out West Tennessee with the likes of Tommy Lane, Bull Pain, Jimmy Valiant, David Haskins, Headbanger Mosh), would go on to work for Moondog Spot's Moondog Championship Wrestling) doing a heel type gay gimmick known as Gorgeous George Jr.... George quickly grew fustrated on the outlaw scene (or most call it the independent scene) and quit the wrestling business. George has also been a correspondent many times for Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer, and Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Torch on tv reports and arena  reports on the following (USWA, Power Pro Wrestling, WCW Saturday Night, WWF Sunday Night Heat, and now Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling, & IWA TV)
June 99-April 2003 Worked for New Wave Wrestling Magazine as a photographer/Associate Editor. Left New Wave in 2003 after not being happy over how operations was going.. New Wave would soon ceased operations in November 2003... Also did four magazines on Toxxic (was was a color magazine of New Wave).. Had the privilege to work with alot of great talent including the WWE developmental talent. Also had the privilege to work aside "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant, The late "Slick" Robbie D., The late Steve Bradley, Downtown Bruno(who I give many thanks to as far as helping me in the buildings which btw I put him in one of the Toxxic mags), "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, "The Female Fantasy" Brandon Baxter(who I give many thanks to), I also want to give many thanks to these guys as well David Millican for giving me my first break into the business, Michael O' Hara for allowing me to work along side of him with New Wave, Michael Greenblatt for letting me come aboard when they was facing hardship with the publication, Dave Meltzer for allowing me to send in tv reports in from the past, Wade Keller for allowing me to send in arena reports to the weekly "dirt sheet" known as The Pro Wrestling Torch... NOTE FROM GEORGE: I have certainly did what so many only dream of and was blessed by my talent of doing it. I have no intensions of ever getting back into the business as a whole, and many thanks to everyone.
Oct.2001-Dec.2001 - Worked for Mike Greenblatt's Wrestling World Magazine (and worked with them for the last 3 mons. in business) ... Wrestling World ceased publications in late 2000 after running into deep finance problems.
2004- Had talks with Country Weekly magazine, and sent in a portfolio of all my work and was interested but at the time didn't have anything open.... NOTE FROM GEORGE: If I ever get back into the media then I am leaning and striving to work with Country Weekly Magazine. They have a nice layout of the magazine.
August 2009 - Negoiated with MMA Ultimate Publication (Magazine) buth both parties could not come to an agreement.
December 2009 - Negoiated with UFC Publication (Magazine) but George declined their offer when was put on the table.
June 2010 - Weekly correspondent for Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer ( ) and was contacted by Brian Tramel on if I would be a weekly correspondent for his site Rasslin Riot ( where I do both Jerry Lawler's Memphis Championship Wrestling and the IWA TV reports on both shows.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Poll: Which Show Was Better??

----I will be posting the ratings for IWA and JLMW tomorrow, but since both shows did air this week I have posted a poll!!  This will be a new weekly feature on the weeks that both shows air!!  Vote once please!

Coach's Corner "Money and Time" by Brian Tramel

----In the course of doing this site, I sometimes get phone calls from people that..well..I would rather not get calls from.  Other times, I love it when someone calls to argue their point on a subject.  I am able to tell them that the column sometimes is not all about them.  Or if it is just about them, then we are able to discuss point by point what is going on.  If you are a regular caller of mine, then you know there are certain things that I just loathe in this area about wrestling.  Well..hell..there are some people that I could do without also, but because this is my “beat”, I have to cover and talk with people that I sometimes do not want to talk with. You, as a reader, have to know – I “take one for the team” more than you would ever imagine. LOL
----In one of these conversations this past week, it was mentioned to me how much money and time had been spent to get a wrestling promotion up and running.  Some other things were said that might be the topic of other Corners, but I thought I would talk about money and time for this column.  So, how much time and money do you think you have spent on wrestling??  Do you even want to know??  As I am typing this, I have no figures in front of me, so I have no idea how much this is going to be and such.  I will try to comment about my feelings after it is all said and done. I also want the reader to know – I am guessing on some of this stuff, but I feel it is probably the closest I can get.
-August 4th, 1978 was my first show.  It was in Blytheville , AR on a Friday night.  I went almost every week after that with my mom.  I am guessing we attended at least 150 shows together until I was around 16 years old. We spent at least $25 per trip - $3750
-From 16 years old thru college years – probably about 6 shows a year – 60 shows – at least $50 per show - $3000.
-In college I owned 1000 wrestling tapes – I am counting these only as $5 a piece – just the blank cost – not any postage and such - $5000
-BT Express career of about 12 matches - $1000
-Coach BT career of about 225 dates – at least losing $50 a date - $11,250
- I booked for ICW in Malden for 6 months.  Trip to building along with postering every week – 4 hour total round trips [2 a week] - $50 a week - $1300
- CCW promotion years – We promoted at least 20 shows in 2 years.  I lost at least $100 a show along with the ring cost and trip costs – total lost: $5000
-RRO Years – “Arena Reports” trips + web site costs – book profit = $3220

----What I estimate is going to be probably a lot less than I spend on wrestling, but as close as I can come.
-1978 to I started working as Coach BT – 280 shows – 2 hour trip per show – 560 hours.
-Until the Power Pro years, which started in 1998, I had missed only about a dozen Memphis Wrestling TV shows.  20 years – only about a dozen.  1500 hours of TV.
-I started trading wrestling tapes in 1986.  I easily watched 3 hours of TV wrestling [besides Memphis ] and at least 5 hours a week on tape during my college years. 2500 hours of wrestling.
-I also worked on two fanzines – Squared Circle and TU Rasslin Riot in college.  It was about 20 hours a month to put together those for about two years. 480 hours.
-BT Express career – at least 2 hours a week for 18 months – 144 hours along with 12 shows 2 hour round trips – total: 168 hours
 -Coach BT career as I stated above with the number of trips.  I counted them as at least 2 hours per trip along with at least a 2 hour show per time. 896 hours
-Coach BT career up to the point of starting RRO I watched probably only on average of 2 hours of wrestling a week. 936 hours
-I booked for ICW in Malden for 6 months.  2 hour round trip along with postering every week – 2 more hour round trips – 104 hours.
-CCW promotion years – We promoted at least 20 shows in 2 years.  6 hours for each one of those – 120 hours.
-RRO Years – average of probably 3 hours of wrestling on TV a month.  624 hours
-RRO Years – average of 10 hours a week working on the site along with at least 100 hours a year working on side projects. 620 hours.
-RRO Years – I have filed at least 80 Arena Reports.  I am counting at least 2 hour round trip on those shows.  160 hours
Total Money Lost: $28,520
Total Hours: 8188 hours = 341 days
----Ok..I am wiping the tears from my eyes.  I think I might have underestimated a bit, but that is really a lot of money.  I could have bought my house for that!! If you consider the fact that I have been a fan of wrestling for 32 years, I have only lost like $900 a year and only spent about 11 complete days of my life every year on wrestling.   So how much money and time have you spent on wrestling??

Coach's Corner is a weekly Wednesday feature at RRO by Brian Tramel. Tramel was wrestling manager Coach BT in a former life with Coach's Corner being published on the internet during those days. He has since added it to RRO as his signature column.

Wayne's World "Scars and Stripes" by Eric Wayne

Yes, this edition is about the big show NEW is presenting on July 2 called "Scars and Stripes" but that's not all.

We all know about big shows, big matches, etc. Whether its an event that draws huge numbers or a 4 star match, for whatever reason they're all important right? Right. There's always that special feeling when the big show starts. Or there's that atmosphere that something special is about to happen.  But what about on a personal level? Whether its a career milestone or something else, we all have matches or shows that are important to us.  This Friday is no different. Its a big show for NEW and this time, myself. The circumstances surrounding my match aren't important and neither is the outcome. But the very next day is personally important.

We've all lost family and friends and July 3rd is my grandmother's birthday, or would've been. She passed away a couple months before my first match and I can't help but think about her before important events. She only saw me in the ring one time, early in my training. She knew how much I wanted to follow my dream and as much as it bothered her, she supported me. My grandmother was one of those people that would do anything she could to help someone. No matter how much something bothered her(like knowing I wanted to wrestle) she would be there for me.

I actually try not to think about her too much because it bothers me she hasn't seen any of my career. One of the most important matches for me was last month against Eric Young. On the way to meet my dad in West Memphis, I actually broke my own rule and started thinking about her and couldn't stop myself from crying. I knew how proud she would be and started picturing her on the front row but I knew it wouldn't happen.

So this Friday when I step in the ring, its not just as the main event on a big show. Its not just a Match of the Year rematch. Its not just to defend my title. Its for my grandmother. I know she would be there cheering me on, and probably scared out of her mind more than a few times. And she'll be there in spirit just like she was for my graduation, against Eric Young, and when I worked for WWE. So if you're there Friday, know this: if any tears are shed its because she's not there and the tears you see are for her and all the encouragement she gave me over the years. Thank you, this one is for you!!


-3rd of three series, Mike Anthony Vs Blaine Devine
-Jeremy Moore Vs Kid Nikels
-Special Challenge match: Moe Stegall Vs Alan Steele  
-Tag Team Grudge Match: Shawn Reed & Justin Smart Vs Dan Matthews & Kevin Charles
-U.S. Jr. Heavyweight Title Match, Austin Lane Vs Eric Wayne. 

This will be a TV taping but the Title match will not be televised. But will be available on DVD in the near future

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

(WGN) June 29: Two wrestling weddings, Raw rating, visa issues with WWE wrestlers, backstage news from TNA tapings, Cornette promoting ROH in KY, Bonnie Steamboat resurfaces, more...


6/28 Raw TV results from Philadelphia, PA: Kozlov over Santino Marella; Sheamus over Mark Henry; Alicia Fox & Maryse over Eve Torres & Gail Kim; and Randy Orton, R-Truth, John Morrison & Evan Bourne over Chris Jericho, Edge, Ted DiBiase & The Miz.

We didn't get any reports from the Smackdown show last night in Syracuse which drew 4,000 people. The TV tapings are tonight in Wilkes-Barre, PA including NXT on Syfy.


Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre were written off television

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 6.26.10 BY "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Chazz Stone defeated David Cox.

Chris Kilgore over Rajah w/Smooth by count out.

Buzz Harley defeated Bitty Little in a 2 out of 3 falls Taser match.

JR Mauler & Sarge O'Riley defeated Bonecrusher & Justin Rhodes. After the match Bonecrusher & Rhodes declared that they were #1 contenders for the EPW Tag Team Championship.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 6.26.10 by "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

At the beginning of the show, TFW Promoter Denise Blaylock comes to the ring and announces that after 26 years in wrestling, she is retiring as TFW promoter. She thanked the fans for their support. Chris Styles, Tony Dabbs, & Josh Matthews came to the ring and bad mouthed Denise for several minutes. Denise says the new TFW Promoter will not be run over, and brings in her ex-husband, Wayne Blaylock, and introduces him as new Promoter. Styles/Dabbs/Matthews bad mouth Wayne and then jumped on him, but Wayne cleared the ring in a hurry. He then brought in DC.

DC defeated "The Future" Chris Styles. DC went to the back, and Tony Dabbs & Josh Matthews came to the ring and beat Styles down. They said he was "the weak link."

RassleResults: IWA "Verdict" Southaven, MS 6.25.10 by D-Rock @

Blalok "The Blazer" walked out and got the crowd riled up. There was a good crowd in attendance to witness VERDICT.

Precious made his way to the ring, throwing out gifts to the fans. Precious declared that he's here for one reason and one reason only and that is to become the IWA World Heavyweight Champion for a third time. Fans chanted, "Hypocrite" as The Leader of The Wise Church and IWA Heavyweight Champion "The Chosen Appointed" Antwane Wise entered the IWA Arena. Wise stated that he would be the champ forever. The fans quickly responded chanting, "No you won't" and "Shut your mouth!" Antwane Wise told Rosie O'Donnell and Roseanne to be quiet in the crowd. Precious and Antwane Wise ended up having an intense staredown. Meanwhile, "The Commentating God" Jason Hall joined Blalok at the announce table.

Samoan Raja, accompanied by "The St. Louis Bad Boy" Mr. Brooks made their way out for the opening contest. Mr. Brooks grabbed the mic, saying that Reno would never defeat Raja and get five minutes with him. Reno Diamond's music hit, but "The Magnificent One" was nowhere to be found. Mr. Brooks claimed that Reno is not there because

SSW's Power Half-Hour!! 6.27.10

Here is this Week's (June 27) SSW Power Half Hour and couple videos from the series of TVs we taped this past Saturday Night
Face Book
Just search Southern States Wrestling
Watch SSW Power Half Hour Every Sunday at 1 PM  on Tri Cities CW 4
Part one of June 27th TV features Tracy Smothers. Misty James vs. Jessie Belle and an interview with James McHone. Action being called by Joe Wheeler
Part 2
Part Two of June 27th SSW Power Half Hour featuring Misty James interview, update on upcoming events, What happened in the dressing room at Legends Night, and HighLights of Wrecker Rollins injuring Bulldog Mac.
Part 3
SSW Power Half Hour for June 27 part 3 featuring Highlights from Legends Night, News on upcoming events and more

Monday, June 28, 2010

(WGN) June 28: WWE signs hall of famers' son, R-Truth injured, Martha Hart talks Linda McMahon, TNA taping news, Impact rating, Velvet Sky shoots angle in NYC, Rob Terry notes, Lucha star dies, Trish Stratus on TV, Mike Aldren


6/25 Smackdown TV results from Manchester, MH: Big Show over Jack Swagger via DQ; Christian, MVP & Kofi Kingston over Dolph Ziggler; Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins; Matt Hardy over Drew McIntyre; Kelly Kelly over Rosa Mendes; and CM Punk vs. Kane was a no contest.

6/25 Raw house show results from Erie, PA: John Morrison over Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse; Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust over William Regal & Zach Ryder; Alicia Fox over Eve Torres w/ Santino as special referee; Evan Bourne over Chris Jericho; Mark Henry over Koslov; The Miz over R-Truth; and John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Edge & Sheamus was a no contest when the NXT guys ran in.

6/26 Raw house show results from Youngstown, OH: Evan Bourne over Zack Ryder; Goldust over William Regal; Kozlov over Yoshi Tatsu; John Morrison over Ted DiBiase w/ aryse; The Miz over Mark Henry & R-Truth in a three-way; Alicia Fox over Eve Torres w/ antino as special referee; and John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Edge & Sheamus was a no contest when the NXT guys ran in.

6/26 Smackdown house show results from Portland, ME: Christian over Dolph Ziggler; JTG over Tyler Reks; Alberto Del Rio (formerly Dos Caras) over Finlay; The Hart Dynasty over Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins; Layla over Kelly Kelly via referee stoppage; Kofi Kingston over Cody Rhodes & Matt Hardy in a three-way; and Rey Mysterio over Jack Swagger. The show drew an estimated 2,000.

6/27 Raw house show results from Wheeling, WV: Evan Bourne over Zach Ryder; Goldust over William Regal; Kozlov over Yoshi Tatsu; John Morrison over Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse; The Miz over Mark Henry; Alicia Fox over Eve Torres w/ Santino as special referee; and John Cena vs. Sheamus was a no contest when the NXT guys ran in. There was also a Cutting Edge segment with Edge and Orton having a mini brawl.

6/27 Smackdown house show results from Worcester, MA: Christian over Dolph Ziggler; Alberto Del Rio over JTG; Matt Hardy over Tyler Reks; Layla over Kelly Kelly; The Hart Dynasty over Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins; Kofi Kingston over Cody Rhodes; and Rey Mysterio over Jack Swagger & Big Show in a three-way. The show drew an estimated 4,000.

WWE has offered a developmental deal to Joe Anoa'i from t

Photos and Update on TCW!!

----Here is the update from the TCW offices on KC's report and photos are by KC.
-Steele beat Dotson.
-The guy that did the run-in was Chas Cardington.
-Hodge wasn't there due to a family emergency.
-Guy that ran-in on main in street clothes was Bull Schmitt who wrestled for Pro Wrestling NOAH in 2000 and is getting back in.

-Photos below with Missy ref'ing, TGB with Lynn, Eugene doing the "Rock Bottom" and HTM!!

RassleResults: TCW Little Rock, AR 6.25.10

Traditional Championship Wrestling
At The Metroplex
Little Rock, Ark.
June 25, 2010

Opening match: Former ECW World Champion Jerry Lynn/Wes Robinson defeated "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony/Shawn Shultz w/ Tony Locassio
Your basic old school tag team match with very solid work for all four participants.

Shultz and Anthony doubled up on Robinson until he made the hot tag to Jerry Lynn. Finish saw Lynn win after a cradle piledriver on Shultz.

Match 2: Alan Steele w/ Rich Rude vs. Johnny Dotson. For the life of me, I can't remember who won this match. I remember it was a heck of a bout, but winner and finish escapes me for some reason. Maybe, it's the long road trip. Nonetheless, Steele and Rich laid a beatdown on Dotson after the match, which leads me to believe the Dotson might have won.

Some guy wearing fluffy boots, who didn't wrestle on the card, but was fully dressed, came out to make the save, only to get jumped by Steele and Rude.

VH1 Celebreality star Matt Riviera fought to a double-countout with one-half of the TCW Tag Team Champions Tim Storm. Basic brawl all over the building. Nothing spectacular in terms of dangerous spots, but nothing to be ashamed of either.

TCW International Title Match: Jeff Jett defeated one-half of the TCW Tag Team Champoins Apoc. Storm made a run-in, but Riviera was fast behind him, hitting him with a chair on the apron while Jett watched. Apoc tried to roll Jett up, but he rolled through and over onto Apoc for the win.

The Honky Tonk Man (working as a face) defeated Al Farat with the "Shake, Rattle and Roll." Actually, it was more of a just roll as it appeared to my eye that Farat just flipped himself over before HTM was ready to roll with it after teasing the move. Was odd to see HTM as a face, but the fans accepted him. They actually wanted to hear him sing.

In a match where Missy Hyatt was the special guest referee, Malia Hosaka pinned Athena (not the TNA one) after Hyatt faked something in her eye when Hosaka was pinned and counted a fast three count on Athena. Hyatt and Hosaka had argued before the match, though, at the end, it appeared she was in Malia's pocket all along.

Match was solid. Athena is a very pretty young lady.

Seeing Missy Hyatt made me both happy (as someone that grew up enjoying her work as a manager) and depressed. It appears to the naked eye that she's went under the knife quite a few times and she hardly resembles the bombshell that I remember bursting on the scene in the mid-1980s.

In the main event of the evening, Eugene defeated Trevor Murdoch w/ Rich Rude with the "Sweet Chin Music." Along the way, Rude was ejected from ringside, but he returned after a ref bump with Alan Steele and another guy, who I couldn't identify wearing street clothes. They threw powder in Eugene's face, he kicked out.

Altogether, Eugene did the JYD dance, he "Hulked Up", used the Rock Bottom, People's Elbow and went for the airplane spin. A lot of good wrestling and close falls in this match despite the comedy bits.

Facility was very nice. It's a TV studio best I could tell. The card had wrestlers on it from top to bottom, which is more than I can say about a lot of the groups that run in the area.

Only disappointment was that Danny Hodge, who was supposed to manage Eugene was not there. Rumor I heard is that there's been a death in his family.

Not sure on the attendance, but I'd say there were at least 200 people in the building.

Honky Tonk Man's hair was way longer than usual. He told the fans on the house mic that he's growing it out because for the past two years, he's gotten it cut and donated it to cancer. Kudos to HTM for doing that.

Credit: KC

----Photos from the event will be posted later in the week!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 6.25.10

-Jeremy Moore beat Justin Smart

-Blaine Devine beat Mike Anthony

-Mike Anthony beat Austin Lane

-Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels vs Austin Lane/Dan Matthews - No contest when Anthony/Smart interfered.

-Downtown Bruno was the ref.

4th In the Forest Festival!!

----I really thought we would have something posted from Brian Thompson by now on this event, but coming up this weekend is "4th In the Forest" in Craighead Forest Park. This show has placed #1 in 2008 and then #2 in 2009 in the Top 25 Shows of the Year in audience.  There should be a big crowd this year also.  Thompson will hopefully post a complete card sometime early this week!!

----Below is a schedule of all the events!!

Bring your family, and join us for the regions biggest 4th Of July event, "The 4th In The Forest Festival"...brought to you by Central Chevrolet, Pepsi, and Kiss FM!

This year we're celebrating our country's Independence on Saturday July 3rd at Craighead Forest Park in Jonesboro!

And this year we're doing it festival style!  The concerts, wrestling, games, giveaways, vendors, and festival food will all be contained within a 5 acre fenced-in field. That will make it easier for you to get from event to event, and there will be more open parking throughout the park!

Be at Craighead Forest Park to witness the most electrifying fireworks display in Northeast Arkansas!  We'll blast the fireworks off high above Craighead Forest Lake!

Our headliner is country hitmaker, STEVE HOLY!  Holy is best known for hit songs like "Good Morning Beautiful" and "Brand New Girlfriend."

Plus we'll have live music on the mainstage all day!

Live wrestling presented by RINGSIDE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING!

Admission is only $10 per car load, for a day full of music, wrestling, and fun for the whole family!  So pile your family into your car, and join us at "The 4th In The Forest Festival," Saturday July 3rd at Craighead Forest Park in Jonesboro!


8:00 AM 5K Freedom Run - Access 6 (Baseball Field)

9:30 AM Front Gate Opens

10:00 AM FOCAS Ministries Kids Fishing Derby - Access 5 (Rotary Park)

1:00 AM Konstant Haze - Main Stage

2:00 AM Ends Well - Main Stage

3:00 AM Wolf Pack Band - Main Stage

4:00 AM Political Guests - Main Stage

4:30 AM Fallen Within - Main Stage

5:30 AM Ringside Championship Wrestling

6:30 AM Cliff Hudson Band - Main Stage

8:00 AM Steve Holy - Main Stage

9:45 AM Fireworks Shot High Above Craighead Forest Lake

Plus:  Pony Rides, Dunk Tank, Vendor Booths, Food Vendors, Demonstrations, Games, & Activities!