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Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Week 6- 7.10.10 - Ratings and Random Thoughts

----JLMW scores their highest rating since the return with a .9 overall rating, which were 14,576 viewers.  They continued their streak of 10 straight quarters with a .8 rating [12,956 viewers] in the first 2 quarters of the show and then jumped up 1620 viewers in the 3rd Quarter.  The 4th Quarter was their best quarter to date with an increase of over 6,000 viewers to finish real strong for the Lawler vs Jokester match.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 7.09.10 by "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Keylo defeated Johnny Morton.

Judas Thorn defeated Chazz Stone.

TFW light-heavyweight champion Jay Webster over LC Silver & Chris Styles to retain.

Sweet Daddy Jones defeated Bitty Little.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 7.10.10 BY "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

At the beginning of the show Brody Hawk & Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock came to the ring and announced they were "celebrating" Brody's victory the previous week.

Shows for the Weekend 7.16 to 7.18.10

----Three big shows this weekend!!  CLICK on each promotion's name and get full details!!

-PCW tonight!!
-EWE returns in Ripley, TN on today!!
-XCW debuts Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM in Newbern, TN!

(WGN) July 15: Mothers Opposing McMahon, Jerry Lawler lends name to new business, ECW reunion angle, Hogan says he's done wrestling, advice for dummies, more...

Jerry Lawler has licensed his name and likeness to businessman Joe Cooper to call a new deli and retail store, King Jerry Lawler's. The store will be located next to City Hall on Downtown’s Main Street Mall in Memphis. "I’m lending my name for something that’s going to be fun to visit and that could be profitable," Lawler told the Commercial Appeal. Cooper added: "One sandwich Jerry wants to have is The Piledriver. I don’t know why he wants something like that. It’ll have every kind of meat you can think of, piled up high...  I think this place is going to be busy from the day it opens."


Today will be our last update until early next week as we are

Thursday, July 15, 2010

PCW Releases New Promo for This Friday!!

Xplosive Championship Wrestling - This Sunday Afternoon!!

Sunday July 18
Newbern Tennessee
Xplosive Championship Wrestling
Detonation - First Television Taping

Wrestlers already booked on the card:
Alan Steele
"Naughty By Nature" - Rude and Poker Face
Picture Perfect
Dangerous Dan
Austin Lane
Jerry Lynn

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jon Michael Has Seizure!!

----I talked with Jon Michael a bit tonight. He had a big scare today with a seizure. He is to see a specialist and will be able to give us an update. He has been told to not drive, swim or wrestle. He told me he was conscious during the whole ordeal. Our thoughts are with Jon Michael and hope for a speedy recovery. He wrote the following Facebook today..

please keep me in your prayers. earlier today, i had a very rare and bad seizure. my body went into shock, i began bleeding from the nose or mouth. i'm hurting and i honestly thought i was going to die. I was concious for the whole thing yelling uncontrolabley. Please say a smal prayer for me, i'm scared.

Coach's Corner "The Road to RRO Wrestler of the Year: Let's Add Six More Names!" by Brian Tramel

----Last week’s Coach’s Corner got people to talking just like any other Corner that puts over guys.  I talked about which guys might have a chance to “walk the walk” to Wrestler of the Year.  Not only for this year, but years to come.  As I mentioned, there have been only seven guys that have walked that path in the four years of the site.  There have been only two guys take the award home.  What are the chances we will see a new name entered into the race this year??  We still have 5 months of 2010 left, so can someone make an impact that makes people want to call them Wrestler of the Year?  Austin Lane and Derrick King are the leading candidates this year, and I listed fourteen more names last week.  After reading over it and having others ask “What about this guy?,” I sit down and make a list of six more guys that I feel should have been mentioned.

Oscar Barlow

----Hollywood Jimmy posted a good article about Oscar Barlow.  Barlow was a big help with the Hall of Fame portion of Yearbook 2009

‘Fair’ mayor marks one year in Crenshaw

By Billy Davis

You can see a lot, from the outside looking in.

Crenshaw Mayor Oscar Barlow saw plenty, watching from the politicalsidelines after he was defeated for re-election in 2005.

“When you sit out for four years, then you see what people were trying to tell you,” Barlow explained last week, when he marked his one-year return as town mayor.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

EWE Ultimate Friday Night!!

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.10.10 by Larry Goodman

----I would like thank Larry Goodman for sending in the Memphis Wrestling TV report for this week.  I will have the Rating and Random Thoughts later in the week. 

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins did a stand up opening at the desk. Baxter said a Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament match was in the offing, plus a WWE fatal four way (that did no air). For Jenkins, it was all about Jerry Lawler’s appearance.

A plethora of ads included one for Wayne Mashburn, candidate for Clerk of Shelby County. Quite the coincidence that Mashburn’s opponent is Corey Maclin, who Lawler is now suing.

Back at the desk, Bert Prentice grabbed the mic out of Baxter’s hand. Prentice said he was going to be Matt Boyce’s worst nightmare and introduced his monster. Josephus has Bruiser Brody leanings, but he looked more like a truck driver with the hat and sunglasses.

(1) Matt Boyce beat Jocephus in a Southern Heavyweight Title Tournament match in 3:53. Bert.sarcastically thanked “Brandy” for having his back last week when Boyce punched his face. Jocephus took control with basic brawling tactics. Baxter referenced his resemblance

(WGN) July 12: Jerry Lawler lawsuit, WWE owns Danielson gimmick, TNA-Heyman update, Hogan surgery, Jeff Hardy notes, legend hospitalized, Lesnar/Lashley fights, NWA TV deal, more...


7/9 Raw house show results from Peoria, IL: Mark Henry over Zack Ryder; Great Khali over William Regal; Alicia Fox over Eve Torres with Santino as guest referee; Edge over Evan Bourne; The Hart Dynasty over The Uso's; The Miz over Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse & John Morrison in a three-way; and John Cena vs. Sheamus was a no-contest when Nexus as lumberjacks interfered. The show drew just over 4,000. They also did a Cutting Edge segment and are doing the anonymous GM gimmick on the road.

The 7/10 Raw show in Rockford was the same show as Peoria.

7/10 Smackdown house show results from Grand Rapids, MI: MVP & Christian over Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer; Cody Rhodes over Chris Masters; Alberto Del Rio over Finlay; Kofi Kingston over Dolph Ziggler, Matt Hardy & Drew McIntyre in a four-way; Layla over Kelly Kelly; Big Show over Like Gallows and the masked SES member in a handicap match; and Rey Mysterio over Jack Swagger & Kane in a three-way.

The 7/11 Smackdown show in Evansville, IN was the same show as Grand Rapids.

7/11 Raw house show results from Huntington, WV:  Santino over William Regal; Great Khali over Zack Ryder; Alicia Fox over Eve Torres; Edge over Mark Henry; Evan Bourne over Chris Jericho; The Hart Dynasty over The Uso's; The Miz over Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse & John Morrison in a three-way; and John Cena vs. Sheamus was a no-contest when Nexus as lumberjacks interfered. Show drew 1,500.


Jerry Lawler is suing former business associate and promoter Cory Maclin over the rights to the Memphis Wrestling video tape library. The story dates back two years when Maclin licensed footage to a tape trader to produce a 20 volume DVD set titled "Corey Maclin presents Memphis Wrestling". Lawler, who found out about the DVD deal last August, says that Maclin has no rights to license any footage because he purchased them along with the USWA promotion from Jerry Jarrett in 1996. Who exactly owns the Memphis library has been a contentious issue for years. Very few broadcast-quality betacam tapes still exist, but the rights would either be owned by Lawler, Jarrett or possibly a Cleveland-based company, XL Sports, that purchased the USWA from Lawler and a guy called Larry Burton in 1997, that later went out of business, resulting in a nasty lawsuit between all three. "To have someone you actually put into the wrestling business come back and do something like Corey has done is really disappointing," said Lawler. "I'm not worried about ownership of the footage because you can't own stolen property, which in essence is what this boils down to." Maclin released a statement which said he believes the suit is politically motivated because he's currently running for office in Tennessee. He is challenging Lawler to prove ownership. He also said his personal issues with him started in 2007, when a Lawler vs. Hulk Hogan event fell apart when Lawler pulled out citing his contractual obligations to WWE. Maclin later sued WWE, claiming the company put pressure on Lawler to withdraw from the event. Lawler's suit follows a recent cease and desist letter from Maclin demanding that his image never appear on Lawler's new Memphis Wrestling television show. Maclin says he wants to distance himself from people in the wrestling business. Said Maclin: "I believe that this lawsuit is political in nature, I always knew that Jerry was a Republican but was stunned to find out that he had a sign in his yard supporting a man that as far as I know has never met my opponent in the race for Clerk of Shelby County. I can no longer promote or support Jerry Lawler personally or professionally. I am saddened by the people he has chosen to associate with and can no longer be a part of any project Mr. Lawler is involved with."

Mike Mooneyham interviewed Jim Ross

Monday, July 12, 2010

MLW Tapings Coming Up!!

Order your custom TODAY.....Next Taping is October 16th and 17th
Orders must be in by October 1st, THANKS GUYS

Coming to MLW
AJ Sparx
Allison Danger
Amy Love
Brittany Brown
Brittany Love
Candi Devine
Crystal Fire
Heather Owens
Kristin Flake
Mary Elizabeth Monroe
Misty James
Rebecca Lynn
Rock C

Bobby Eaton Update

As you all can imagine, it has certainly been a crazy week for me as I am just now posting an update on Bobby Eaton.

Bobby has been in the hospital since Wednesday to relieve fluid that had built up on his body. His travels often cause him to get some fluid build-up from time to time, but usually within a few days he is back down to normal.

This time, that wasn't the case as the fluid never went away.

Bobby had a couple of doctor's appointments that ended up cancelled, so last week we decided that we couldn't hold out any longer and we went to the hospital, first in Wynne and then he was moved to Jonesboro.

Certainly, both Bobby and I want to apologize to the fans in Hernando, MS, who were hoping to see him at the XOW benefit this past Saturday. We were certainly looking forward to that and feel bad that we had to cancel that appearance.

I do want everyone to know that we appreciate all thoughts and prayers. Bobby has already dropped some of the fluid and is feeling much better. I expect him to be back home at some point this week.

Take care all.

Turnbuckle Madness - Bull Pain - by George Wren Part 2

----I got some good response from part 1 that we posted yesterday.  I enjoy the interview a lot.  Bull has an unique look on the business.  If you have not read Part 1, then CLICK HERE

"Turnbuckle Madness"
with George Wren
Bull Pain - Part 2

Warning: Explicit Language

GW: Your thoughts on the following on the following?
BP: Verne Gagne - A very fair man. also very tough in his day.

Jerry Lawler -A great professional, you have to admire what he has achieved in the business and in his hometown of Memphis Tennessee.
Brian Christopher - 
A great guy to me at least that has had many chances but just has shit canned it.
Todd Morton - a great partner and friend, you can always count on him to have your back, plus a funny as hell to be around.
Eric Fontaine - Eric Fontaine was a good guy and a friend of mine. sadly enough he was killed in a horrible car wreck. I was told in fact it was so bad I understand that he was actually decapitated. I first met Eric in Minnesota working for Verne Gagne. Bert Prentice brought him along and he was basically just staring out in the business. Over the years we crossed paths many times in fact we actually traveled together on occasion. He was a good guy and a very misunderstood individual who really had a good heart it was just sometimes his company he kept that held him back I think, you know guilt by association. The lasr time I saw was in Memphis, Tennessee and he was taking a break from wrestling, and working as a school teacher. It it a sad ending to a decent guy. I hope he rests in peace and looks down at us and smiles from the good memories.

GW: Do you feel alot of talent is held back because of who they know and not what they can do in the ring?
BP: I personally feel that the business has gotten so political now that if you don't


----I would like to just take a moment to say "thanks!"  I had about three weeks from this site and feel I came back energized and rejuvenated!  I plan to do that once a year now and during Yearbook time, if I can get someone to do it. LOL When I wonder sometimes if people are really reading this site or actually give a shit about what I put on it, then I get a big time confidence builder like the HITS from last week.  RRO posted the best week of hits since September of last year and overall was up 45% from our weekly 2010 average.  Thank you for stopping by and making this site successful!  I hope to continue to entertain you or piss you off. Hit one of those sponsors between the posts and it will help keep the site going!!

My World - Maxxed Out "Nothing Lasts Forever..Except on the Internet" by Maxx Corbin

----Corbin has a good mix of stuff here for the July column.  I do agree with him on the weight loss thing.  I kept posting stuff on FB, so it is like someone is looking over your shoulder all the time.  For those interested in weight loss and my progress, you can join Maxx and me on FB by CLICKING HERE.

So, there is a lot of things going on in the world. As Garth Brooks would say the winds of change are blowing. Nothing lasts forever…Except internet post… apparently.

I got to thinking today about how much the internet has changed life as we all know it. When I was a kid I went to JB Young Elementary. In 1992 the consolidated the school system and sent me to Denmark Elementary. Some of my friends were sent to Malesus Elementary and some to New South. I lost contact with about 75 % of those guys that next year even though the schools were all about 20 miles apart at the maximum. Now days thanks to social networks, there is no separation from you and anyone. I have family members that live out of state that I know everything about. 10 years ago we would have just lost touch. In the past 2 weeks I have learned that if you post something on the internet….people see it!

Showtime All-Star Wrestling TV Review for 6/26 by Larry Goodman

Airing on June 26, 2010 in Nashville on CW58
Taped June 19, 2010 in Nashville at Buffalo Billiards

LAST WEEK…The rematch between SAW International Champion Chase Stevens and Kid Kash ends with Kash getting a three count while Stevens’ foot was on the bottom rope. SAW owner Reno Riggins jumped in to reverse the decision. Kash decked Reno and put him in ankle lock or some such.

Cut to “Teen Excitement” Drew Haskins in the bathroom at Buffalo Billiards as he tried to wash the big black X off his hand. Haskins took umbrage to club owner Greg Morris’ attempt to brand him as being underage.

Are you afraid I’m going to come in here and steal all the ladies? Well, you better be, because everyone from ages 21 to 101, they all want to jump on the Drew Crew…I’m in your house and I’m redesigning it.

Haskins broke into a delusional rant exposing his jealous rage towards

Cody Murdoch Out of Action!!

----The injury is legit.  It happened when Brian Christopher clotheslined him over the top rope. He caught his foot on the edge of the ring and turned the lower leg sideways like the figure four.  I was told by several people that it made a really loud sick sound.  I have been told by a few sources that he has a fractured knee and will be out for a while.

EWE Returns To Ripley!!

----EWE Ultimate this Friday night with belltime at 8:00 PM.  Tickets are $6.  Main event has Christian Jacobs vs Jocephus with Jon Michael, Seth Knight, Rockin Randy, Blaine Devine, Mark Devonci, Bradd Badd, JR Manson and more.  They are going to crown a Ultimate champion with the tournament starting on Friday night.  Head of directors will be announced and an exclusive interview with NXN's Rude. 

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Turnbuckle Madness - Bull Pain - by George Wren

----I will be posting part one of this interview today and part 2 will be posted late tomorrow.  I would like to thank Bull for doing it for the site and George Wren for taking the time to get it ready.  

"Turnbuckle Madness"
with George Wren
Bull Pain - Part 1

Warning: Explicit Language
GW: There has been many speculations on your "shoot" name being Rick Gantner and Frank Visa has been thrown out there as well. Would you like to shed any light on this?
BP: My real name is Frank Vizi , Rick Gantner, was my name in the AWA before I became one of the Texas Hangmen.

GW: When and Where were you born?
BP: I was born in Mannheim Germany and came over to the United States when I was 2 yrs old.

GW: Where are you residing at the present time?
BP: I am currently living in Louisville Kentucky where I have a home with my wonderful wife and two dogs. A bull mastiff named Homer and a rott husky mix named Grunt.

GW: What are you doing these days and times?
BP: Right now i am working the independant scene and traveling where and when I can. I am also am a bouncer / security guard in a few different places. Actually I plan on going to school this fall and finish my nursing degree. i need to think of the future.

GW: Do you remember your first match? Who was it against? How did it go?
BP: My first match was a terrible one!. First of all I wasn't even prepared for it. I was actually at the show to be a referee and someone didn't show, so I was thrown to the wolves, as you say and was told your working today! Obviously it was a great opportunity but also a very scary thing since I was green as grass or monkey shit if you prefer. I had to borrow some boots and trunks from some guys, and even had to think of a name. I just happened to be reading the sports page at that time. I love the Milwaukee Brewers and Jim Gantner who played for them was in the headlines. He played 2nd base for them and I liked him as a player, so basically that's how I got my name. I just put a Rick in front of Gantner and whala! the match was against a ex bodybuilder named Tod Ludwig ( Lance Allen) he was huge and I was scared. But Lance had worked a few matches already so he led the match and held me by the hand and we got through it. Somehow we pulled it off thanks to Todd because I know I was terrible.

GW: Who trained you?
BP: I was very lucky to run into a few really good guys when I was very young and eager to get into the business. The guys who I give the actual credit for training me

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 7.09.10

-Kid Nikels beat John Allen via chokeslam

-Austin Lane beat Justin Smart with a spear

-Austin Lane beat John Allen by making him tap

-Moe Stegall/Eric Wayne beat "Prime Danger" [Dan Matthews/Kevin Charles]

----They did a tribute to Stanley Clark before the event with a 10 bell salute after a speech by Ken Wayne.  I was told it nicely done.  Ken thought the world of his father-in-law.  I have heard him many times talk about having the best in-laws a man could have, in reference to many people not getting along with their in-laws...John Steele and Terrance Ward announced...Downtown Bruno and Chuck Poe reffed.

RassleResults: SWA Newport, AR Results Wrapup 6.12 to 6.26.10

Big Sam Lassister opens the show announcing that SWA will be getting a brand new commissioner. Sexy Sam comes out to apply for the job, but Big Sam refuses and has security take him to the back.
1. Big Al vs Mark Wolf
Winner: Wolf(Josh Cross cost Al the match)
SWA Champ, Big Dog Cujo comes out and comments on his SWA title match with "The One" Cody Only later tonight and Sexy Sam. Upon hearing these comments Sexy sends out the troops to attack Cujo. Cody Only makes the save. They end the segment with Cujo and Cody shaking hands and saying that it's going to be a FAIR match. They also set up that Glyn, Sexy Sam's assistant, would be the ref for the match and that TJ Wells would be the special enforcer.
2. Deadly Dale vs. TJ Wells
Winner: Deadly Dale
3. JR Special vs Ray Ray
Winner: Ray Ray
4. Idolbane vs Josh Cross
Winner Idolbane via count out. Idol went for the GOAK and Josh scooted, But Big Al was there to run cross back into the ring and into the awaiting Ghost of Andy Kaufman
5. SWA TITLE: "The One" Cody Only vs Big Dog Cujo
Winner & NEW SWA CHAMPION: "The One" Cody Only 

1. Eric Slade vs Mark Wolf
Winner: Mark Wolf
2. Big Dog Cujo vs Kid Krazzy
Winner: Cujo
3. IC Title Match: Big Al vs Josh Cross(champ)
Winner: Big Al via countout
4. Deadly Dale vs Ray Ray for the vacated US Championship
Winner: Ray Ray with a quick roll up
5. Tag Titles: Idolbane/TJ Wells vs Big Dog Cujo/JR Special
Winners Cujo/JR
6. SWA Title: Scott Fury vs "The One" Cody Only
Winner & still champion: Cody Only 

1. The Hambones(Ham-hock and Pedro) vs TJ Wells/Hardknox
Winners: TJ/Hardknox
2. Kid Krazzy vs Ray Ray vs Mark Wolf
Winner: Ray Ray
3. Big Al vs Scott Fury
Winner: Fury, when Cross interferes
4. Tag Titles: LSD(Deadly & Idol) Vs Big Dog Cujo/JR Special
Winners Cujo/JR by DQ when Idol hit Cujo with Cujo's chain.
5. SWA Title: Tommy Drama vs Cody Only
Winner: Cody Only
6. IC Title: Josh Cross vs The Returning...ACID
Winner & New Champion: ACID

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 07.10.10

1st Match: Handicap Tag Title Match
Demon X/Wild Bill (CCR) vs Rex Ellison
Winner: No Contest after Austin Lane and Casino Kid come to the aid of Rex

2nd Match: Tag Team Title Match
CCR vs Austin Lane/Casino Kid
Winner: Austin Lane and Casino Kid via pinfall.

3rd Match: One Fall
Enforcer(Sick Boy) vs Loose Cannon
Winner: The Enforcer was rehired prier to this match as Big Money’s (Co-Commissioner) personal body guard. Enforcer would take home the win via pinfall after delivering a shot to Loose Cannon with a baseball bat.

4th Match: One Fall
Plowboy Titan w/ Freezer Thompson vs Reggie Montgomery w/ Athena Eclipse
Winner: Plowboy Titan won by pinfall.

5th Match: Tag Team Match
Johnny Hawk/John Ellison vs Lethal Leprechauns
Winner: Lethal Leprechauns via double pin over Johnny Hawk. Hawk would be fired by T-Bone Terrence Ward after a vicious attack on the Leprechauns.

6th Match: Tag Team #1 Contenders Match for Euro Title
Rick Burton/Morgan Williams vs X-Kaliber/Christopher Lee vs Maxx Corbin/Chris Stryker
Winner: Morgan Williams via pinfall.

7th Match: X-Division Title Match
John Allen (Replacement for Mike Anthony) vs Seth Sabor
Winner: Seth Sabor via pinfall. Mike would attack Seth and later be fired by Commissioner T-Bone Terrence for his actions.

8th Match: ASWF Title Match
Brian Christopher vs Cody Murdoch
Winner: Brian Christopher would retain his title after a no contest was ruled by the referee. Cody would later be taken to an area hospital after suffering an injury to his knee.

Credit: T-Bone @
----This group is still not 100% up to the talent level it was during 2008 run for Promotion of the Year, but the best I can tell this group is back to drawing good crowds.  The fans seem to go home happy...I seen a Cody reference on several FB posts, so I am assuming it is for shoot. 

Bobby Eaton Update!!

----Terrance Ward posted the following on about Eaton.  Speaking of T-Bone, he had some interesting comments about Downtown Bruno's recent blog that I think everyone would enjoy reading.  CLICK HERE!

This past Friday I payed a visit to Bobby in the hospital. He was in good spirits and seems to be okay. However from what I understood from him he was sent to the Hospital for fluid around his heart. He appeared to have alot of fluid in his body which resulted in him having a large appearance, but I will not go into to much detail until Bobby's manager Brian Thompson can release more information on his medical condition. We here at Wrestling News Center and on behalf of the workers across the Mid-South we wish Beautiful Bobby Eaton a speedy recovery.