Friday, July 23, 2010

Photos from ROH Louisville, KY 7.22.10 by KC

Tyler Black after match

ROH Bluegrass Brawl Davis Arena (Ohio Valley Wrestling Headquarters) Louisville, KY 7.22.10

ROH Bluegrass Brawl
Davis Arena (Ohio Valley Wrestling Headquarters)
Louisville, KY
July 22, 2010

Prior to the show all the ROH wrestlers signed autographs for the fans in a very well-handled segment of the show that proved the company to be very fan-friendly.

The first two matches were of the OVW variety Beef Wellington (just re-signed with WWE by the way) defeated Paredyse. Nothing to gripe about. Nothing to write home about either.

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions The Elite (Ted McNaler and Adam Revolver) defeated Sucio and Shiloh. Matched ranged from amazing aerial attempts to a couple botched moves. Again, a passing grade for all four of these young men.

ROH matches began next.

Daizee Haze pinned Sara Del Rey. The ROH roster works stiff and the ladies are no exception.

Cody Murdoch Update!!

 ----Here is what Cody sent to me via Facebook.  It looks like he will be out for a while.  We wish him all the luck for a quick recovery!!

1. Tear of the anterior cruciate ligament.

2. A bone contusion with multiple

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Week 7- 7.17.10 - Ratings and Random Thoughts


----The show finished with an overall rating of .7 [11,337 viewers] slipping out of their .8 comfort zone.  They started with a .2 [3229 viewers] and climbing in each quarter to 1.1 [17,815 viewers]. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

From The Desk of Brian Tramel

----There will no Coach's Corner this week due to real life getting in the way.  I will be back with full steam next week with a column I started working on today, "Psychology 102." It should be posted sometime next Wednesday.

----RRO will be live and in living color Friday night at NEW in West Memphis, AR. I know..I know..I actually am going to a show in the middle of summer. LOL  I have a meeting schedule that night, which is going to bring the readers of RRO a special limited edition product.  As matter of fact, Sunday thru Thursday of next week we will posting a new product each day!!

----THANK YOU again!!  The site registered the best week of the year beating the week before by only about 2%, but the last two weeks [back to back] are the best we have had since the Brian Christopher-Bishop story last year.  Thank you and hope you are enjoying the ride!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SSW: TV and Show for this Weekend

Watch SSW Power Half Hour Every Sunday at 1 PM  on Tri Cities CW 4
Part 1
Opening words from Mr.Southerland and Misty James about

(WGN) July 21: Summerslam, TNA-ECW PPV notes including names contacted, Hogan Q&A in Canada, former diva getting married, Lucha star dies, more...


7/19 Raw TV results from Tulsa, OK: Randy Orton over Edge & Chris Jericho for a WWE title shot; Eve Torres over Maryse; Sheamus over Evan Bourne; Santino Marella & Kozlov over William Regal & Zack Ryder; and Wade Barrett over Mark Henry. Dark match was Alberto Del Rio

Corey Maclin on WMC-TV 5

----George Wren sent the following in as Corey apperared on WMC-TV5 at the 10:00 on 7/20.. The following is from

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Golden Circle "Masturbation Match" by TGB Greg Anthony

*I want feedback from you guys on this one*

I can only imagine the pissed off people around the world that will type "masturbation" into google and come up with a link to this article. Because it isn't as dirty as it sounds. A masturbation match is something we've all done. Its that match we do just for us. We don't care what the crowd wants, needs or

RassleResults: TIWF Showplex Arena Trenton, TN 7.17.10

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Saturday 7-17-10 at the Showplex Arena Trenton, TN.

Wild Side def Sugar Shane

Internationals vs

RassleResults: TIWF Showplex Arena Brownsville, TN 7.16.10

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results for Friday 7-16-10 at the New Breed Arena Brownsville, TN.

Wild Side© def Sugar Shane

Way Cool© def

Jukebox Cafe Is Closed!!

----I got word last night that MACW/NBW ran their last show at Jukebox Cafe this past Saturday night.  Apparently the angle will be completely moved to the NBW Newbern, TN location

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bobby Eaton is home!!

----As mentioned in the Wrestling Globe Newsletter, Bobby Eaton is home and resting.  He is having to slow down a bit and take care of himself.  I hope to have Brian Thompson post something in the next few days, but Eaton came home on Friday and then went to the ER on Saturday for something minor, but is home now.  Bobby - we love you man!!  Hope you get better quickly!! Take care of yourself!!

(WGN) July 19: Major stories on WWE and Linda McMmahon, FCW title gaff and other developmental notes, TNA in India, Scott Hall, Bobby Eaton updates, former star at Playboy mansion, more...


7/17 Supershow resuilts from Omaha, NE: Christian over Cody Rhodes; Santino over Zach Ryder; The Miz over Mark Henry & Evan Bourne in a three-way; John Morrison over Ted Dibiase w/ Maryse; The Hart Dynasty over The Uso's; Kofi Kingston over Matt Hardy, Dolph Zigler & Drew McIntyre in four-way; Alicia Fox over Eve Torres; and John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs

Jerry Lawler's Memphis Wrestling TV Report 7.17.10 by Larry Goodman

----Here is the Memphis TV report by Larry Goodman.  I will have my Ratings and Random Thoughts posted later this week!

Recap of Jerry Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling for July 17.

Brandon Baxter and Lauren Jenkins opened standing at the desk. Lauren said Su Yung vs. Ga Ga Girl would happen as promised tonight (and then remembered it was morning in TV land).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Showtime All-Star Wrestling Review eps 136 (July 3) by Larry Goodman

Airing on July 3, 2010 in Nashville on CW58
Taped June 19, 2010 in Nashville at Buffalo Billiards

LAST WEEK…A lone Wolfie D faced the onslaught of Derrick King Enterprises, until he agreed to team up with Vordell Walker. Wolfie got a measure of revenge with a hubcap to the dome of Drew Haskins to win the main event…Commissioner Freddie Morton suspended Kid Kash for thirty days…With Kash out of the picture, SAW International Champion Chase Stevens offered Arrick Andrews a title shot for this week.

Steve Hall previewed the upcoming hour set to take place in front of a packed house at Buffalo Billiards. He fibbed about the packed part.

Turnbuckle Madness - Mo - by George Wren

GW: When were you born?
M: I was born April 13, 1967

GW: Where were you born?
M: Brooklyn, New York

GW: Where are you currently residing at the present time?
M: I currently live and work in Franklin NC.

GW: What is your height and weight?
M: I currently weigh 410 lbs and I`m 5` 10 “ tall

GW: Who trained you?
M: I was trained by Gene Anderson of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew.

GW: What was your training like?
M: My training was extremely hard, Gene didn`t give us anything, we had to work hard for everything we got, and we paid for it. To the tune of more than 3000 dollars.

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 7.16.10 - EWE Returns With A New Champion Being Crowned!!

----Christian Jacobs has held the EWE title since January when he beat "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony.  The EWE return featured the champion returning against Josephus. 

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 7.16.10 - Ruler of the World Wrestles Loose Cannon!

-Lord Humongous beat Snuffy & Biscuit

-Frankie Tucker/The Big Indian beat

Trailers for Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin'

After a successful book release last fall of Sputnik, Masked Men, & Midgets: The Early Days of Memphis Wrestling, Ron Hall & I are happy to announce we are almost finished a multi-year production of a documentary with the completion of Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' based

RassleResults: Prime-Time Wrestling Memphis, TN 7.16.10

Prime-Time Championship Wrestling

Show started with Reno Diamond/Rodney on the color commentary.

First match: Joey Blaze over Bishop Kage, Kage tries to set Blaze up to get disqualified by putting a chain in his pants and while the ref. was getting the chain out of the ring Kage goes for a

TCW in August!!

----A couple of TCW shows in August featuring Jerry Lawler.

RassleResults: WXCW Nashville, TN 7.17.10

94 attended at the Stadium Inn
Brittany Force & Debella b Fantasy & Jessica Wetmore via stereo rollups
Nemesis b Sin-D
Angel Dust b Amanda Ruffen
Jessie Belle b Hecate
Miss Rachel b Camron Star (w/K-9 Kohl)
Jessie Belle vs Hecate
Christie Ricci b Tiffany Roxx
PGWA Champion Tracy Taylor b Tasha Simone to win the WXCW Championship