Friday, December 17, 2010

Visitation and funeral services for Freddy James (aka "Garry Lawler") announced

Jamie Jay just contacted the RRO offices with an update on the visitation and funeral services for the late Freddy James.

RRO's Thompson reflects on Garry Lawler and Man Mountain Mike

RRO's Brian Thompson sent a new column talking about the lives of local workers Garry Lawler and Man Mountain Mike, who both passed away in recent days.

A Match I'd Pay to See By Brian Thompson

RRO's Brian Thompson sent along the following column as well as a link to the RCW angle from Fourth in the Forest where Alan Steele revealed who he had been looking for for 3 months.

Eaton and Thompson headed to Harrison, AR tomorrow night

"Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and RRO's own Brian Thompson will be a part of Mid-States Wrestling's events tomorrow in Harrison, AR. Check out the details below!

Big Show Tonight!! Blytheville, AR!!

----Friday Night Wrestling tonight!!