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Last Post.....

----A few quick notes to end it all.  

----I have thought about what I would say in my last post, since the day I made the final decision to end it.  And after a week of posts from other people and the radio show, there is not much more to say.  I have spend a decade dedicated to wrestling in this area.  My passion is still there - I will always love wrestling in this area.  It is time to move on as my life continues to change every day and sitting here 20+ hours a week on the site is not going to help me.  
----Just want to say, THANK YOU to everyone that has visited the site.  I do appreciate all the e-mails, texts and phone calls I have received.  THANK YOU!!!

----Gene Jackson is going forward with with a message board and area news.  Please try to support him.  He is a great guy and will give everyone a fair shake.

----If you want to keep up with me, then add me on Facebook or Twitter @BrianTramel599d.  My new site hopefully will be operational by mid-July, so bookmark it today -!!

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Trent talks RRO!

----Trent Van Drisse talks RRO.  Thanks Trent!!

Listen to the Farewell to RRO Radio show...and news on the new website!

Click here to listen to the archive of today's C.H.R. Farewell to RRO Episode

Click the link about to listen to this morning's Cheap Heat Radio 'Farewell to RRO' episode with special guest "Coach BT" Brian Tramel along with calls from Dustin Starr, Derrick King, Chris Rocker, and Stacey from Paragould.  We discussed the history of RasslinRiot from newsletter to the website version as well as various other stories from the five year history of RasslinRiotOnline.

For those that haven't listened to the show, I wanna extend an invitation to the readers and writers here at RRO to the brand new website that will launch this weekend!

The new CHR site will of course feature the Cheap Heat Radio show, but also a news site entitled 'CHEAP HEAT INDY NEWZ' similar to RRO where will be posting columns from various columnists, upcoming shows, results, book/dvd reviews, videos of matches from local shows, and much, much more.  We don't intend to replace RRO but we do help fill the gap left by it's closing.  There will be many features to the site that will unfold in the coming weeks, all with the intention of promoting independent wrestling and the wrestlers themselves.  If your a promoter or wrestler who would like to have your shows/results/news posted please contact me at or and we will post those for you or get you set up to post them yourself directly to the site.

Also, to ALL the writers here at RRO.....if you would like to continue your columns please contact me as I would love to have everyone writing for the Cheap Heat Indy Newz! 

Please help spread the word....the site will go live tomorrow with many of the new columnists posting introductory columns over the

Mark Bravura Talks RRO

----Mark talks about RRO.  Thanks Mark!!

TGB Talks RRO!!

----TGB sent in the following.  Thanks TGB!!

Psycho Talks RRO

----Psycho sent in the following.  Thanks Donald!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Michael Ward Talks RRO

----Michael Ward sent this in.  Thanks Michael!!

A Piece of My Mind by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente May 17th 2011-The Final Article

I had been in the wresting for 25 years or so when Jimmy Hart brought The Big Cheese to Memphis to manage The Assassins. I realize most Mid-South fans had never heard of me when I arrived. I had no idea at the time how many interesting and life changing experiences would occur in what ended up being a short time in Memphis Wrestling.

I still to this day think about all my troubles with Jerry Lawler and what really set him off. I always wonder if given the chance and a proper build would the people have Memphis paid to see Jerry Lawler take care of The Big Cheese. I am still amazed that as many times that Jerry worked me for or with me in the ring as a referee that he didn’t remember me but I actually believe that he didn’t remember me. It was such a shame to me I was having a great time in Memphis. I appreciate Corey Maclin for listening to Jimmy Hart and allowing me to come in. Of course I was warned on the front end since it wasn’t Lawler’s idea he would do what he could to wreck it. It’s really funny he has tried to wrestle so many people over the recent years with no success. I seemed to have some real heat maybe we couldn’t have drawn a dime but I sure would have treasured the chance to try.

Since my forum to write my blogs is going away I want to say that I attempted to settle my problems with Jerry Lawler and have him headline a WrestleReunion in Los Angeles against Austin Idol. I was going to manage Idol and Stacey Carter would have managed Lawler. I have been told that Idol was going to no show. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Idol would have been there. After receiving confirmation from his agent that he would do it Lawler bailed out and killed the whole deal. He was going to be paid VERY well. So I have done everything I could do to make this situation right Jerry had no interest in that.
As most recently this whole Stan Lane is not Sam Ticer and is not dead mess was another Memphis situation that I got involved in and luckily helped straighten out pretty quickly. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have dreamed up or thought I would ever be involved in.

So with that being said I want to personally thank Brian Tramel for allowing me to present my opinions on RasslinRiot Online. It was actually Brian who said that since I had so many stories and the people of Memphis have no idea who you are tell stories about what you have done. As I wrote articles it gave me a chance to reflect on my life and the different things that I have done or been involved in. I will forever be grateful to Brian although we have never met I feel like I know him. He gave me a forum at a time in my life when I was very bitter and angry. I always told the truth but I needed a place to vent and Brian gave me one.

Who knows why things happen the way that they do we just have to adapt as they happen. I want to thank Corey Maclin, Jimmy Hart, Stan Lane and Brian Tramel and Koko B. Ware for all their support through my times in Memphis. If you were a reader of my articles and enjoyed them I am glad that I was able to entertain you. If you read them and I pissed you off well don’t we all need something to vent about? So with that I say goodbye to RasslinRiot Online but I will continue to follow the new adventures of Brian Tramel on Facebook. The transformation Brian has gone through is something we should all be envious of, that type of discipline is something that we should all have. I believe that Brian should be very proud of what he has accomplished in wrestling and out. So with that said in case anyone wonders this boy from New York City loves Memphis, TN.

The picture in this article was taken in Orlando Florida with a baby face Big Cheese and Scotty Too Hotty we had tagged with Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka against “Gorgeous” Gary Royal, The Perfect Creation and Sugaa. We were managed by Afa “The Wild Samoan #1” Anoai and the other side by jimmy Hart “The Mouth of the South. So far that has been my last match I don’t know if it will be or it wont we never know what is right around the corner. With that I truly wish Brian personal and professional success in all that he attempts. He gave a lot for the people of Memphis and all the surrounding area’s for a long time. Good Luck Brian.

On a personal note WrestleReunion conventions are still happening. You can check out our website at or find us on Facebook.

The young men in the picture are Nick Rodems of Tampa, Florida (Far Right) and his buddy Jake

This Has Been the Last Piece of My Mind. :)

Loose Cannon Talks RRO

----Loose Cannon gives his 2 cents worth.  Thanks Cannon!!

Dan Matthews Talks RRO

----From Dan Matthews!!  Thanks Dan!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

IPW to run Bi-Weekly show in Tupelo, MS on Friday nights!

I just got word that Intense Pro Wrestling will begin running Good Time Charlies in Tupelo, MS. every two weeks beginning Friday June 3rd!  What will this mean for the weekly TFW show in Skyline that shares many of the same wrestlers as IPW??  Can Tupelo support two Friday night shows?  Which side will the wrestlers choose? This should be an interesting story to watch unfold over the coming weeks ahead.  For more info on IPW, add 'IPW Expo' on Facebook.

The Final CHEAP HEAT at Gene Jackson

So I received a message from BT a few weeks ago that in some ways shocked me and in other ways didn't shock me.  Brian informed that he would be shutting down RRO in May and part of me was really shocked as for five years RRO had been his passion and whether anyone wants to admit it or not, a huge part of the landscape of southern independent wrestling.  A lot of people will write various things about the shutdown of RRO and about Brian in general.  Some people "get it" and appreciate what he's done, while others don't.  I for one do because for just a couple of short weeks last year I tried to step in for him and allow him a "vacation" from the site and I seen first hand the amount of work that goes into it.

You constantly have people emailing you upcoming shows, results, pics, questions, and they want it all done A.S.A.P. as if this were your REAL JOB....but it's not, it's something you do to help promote the business you love.  There's no pay, half the time there's not even a lot of appreciation, at least that you can see or's there....but sometimes you lose sight of it when all you read is criticism and whining from people that you didn't please by either not posting about their show (because you didn't know about it cause no one sent anything in) or because you dare speak your honest opinion about their "rasslin' show".  It's really a thankless job and if you think BT made enough money selling yearbooks and ad space on this site to even account for a 10th of the work that went into this site then you my friend are the biggest "mark" of all.  I lasted about three weeks or so and BT stepped in and took it back over because I just didn't have time at that point to keep things afloat.  

I'm happy for Brian that he has a new passion in his life, one that perhaps is easier to see the results of.....helping people become healthier I'm sure is more gratifying and fulfilling than writing about a wrestling show, or promoting the latest "return of Memphis Wrestling", or Corey Maclin's financial situation.  However, BT can walk away with his held high after reading things like Eric Wayne's latest column, or hearing from the many other guys in the business just what the exposure on this site has meant to them and the pursuit of their "passion".  I know I've certainly been thankful he's provided me a forum to post my columns on wrestling as sporadic as they may have been in recent years.  Cheap Heat Radio was launched here at RRO and has hundreds of downloads each week, with some of the more notable guests receiving into the THOUSANDS of downloads and I have no doubt we'd never had reached the number of potential listeners we did without the exposure from the RRO website.

With that being said this Thursday morning at 9am, I will be hosting a special "Farewell to RRO" edition of Cheap Heat Radio, Brian Tramel will be my guest to discuss his feelings on shutting down RRO and has brought him to this point.  I'd also like for anyone who was a part of RRO either as a writer, a contributor of any sort, or even if your just a long time reader, call into the show on Thursday morning and let Brian know what RRO has meant to you.
Click here to go to the live show on Thursday or to listen afterwards!

As Brian mentioned in his announcement, I will have an announcement on the show that morning about something new I've been working on that will hopefully help fill some of the void left by RRO's departure.  It will not be as all inclusive as RRO but it will be another avenue to promote southern independent wrestling if everyone gets on board.

So make sure you tune in or call in on Thursday and be part of the show as we bid farewell to Rasslin' Riot Online and good luck to BT on his new endeavor.


Eric Wayne talks RRO

----Eric Wayne sent the following.  Thanks Eric!!

Last Stop for the B.T. Express by Steve Crawford

----Steve Crawford sent the following in.  Thanks Steve!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunday, May 08, 2011

RRO TOP 50: Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #6 - ELITE 10!!

----#6 is posted.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.06.11 - LSD RETURNS!!!

----Results from Saturday night.

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 5.06.11

----Results from Friday night.

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 5.05.11 - Eric Wayne Wins US Jr Title!!

----Results from Friday night.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 5.06.11

----Results from Friday night.

youtube video: NEW "Boiling Point" Promo!!

----NEW promo.

Memphis Wrestling Returns......Quitely...

----Memphis Wrestling returned yesterday morning.

RRO TOP 50: Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #7 - ELITE 10!!

----#7 has been posted.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.30.11- LSD RETURNS NEXT WEEK!!

----Results from Saturday night.

Legacy Wrestling is done....and passing the savings onto you!

Legacy Wrestling promoter Jack Lord posted this on facebook today about the future of Legacy Wrestling in Centre, AL.


----Limited copies of the second printing are still available!

RRO TOP 50: Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #12 - TOP 20!!

----#12 is posted.

RRO TOP 50: Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #13- TOP 20!

----#13 is posted.

RRO TOP 50: Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #14 - TOP 20!

----#14 is posted.

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 4.29.11

----Results from Friday night.

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 4.29.11

----Results from Friday night.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 4.29.11

----Friday night at the Stadium Inn.

47th Anniversary!!

----Beau James sent this in.

Benefit Show For Braxton Nelson( Baby born with very little hearing and vision)

----Benefit today!!

SAW TV Review for 4/23 by Larry Goodman

----Larry Goodman reporting.

Friday, April 29, 2011


----Big show tonight at the Vine!!
----Come to The Vine @ 1819 Madison Ave. Memphis, TN 38104. You will be treated to the best professional wrestling action in the mid-south. Bell Time 8pm doors open at 7. Please join us for this memorial and fundraiser event. Ringside Tickets only $15. General Admission only $10. Kids 12 & under general admission $5!!

RassleResults: PCWA Paragould, AR 4.22.11 - RRO TAG TEAM OF THE YEAR SPOTTED!!

----Report from Friday night.

RRO Top 50 - Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #15 - TOP 20!!

----#15 is posted.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Out of the Office for Holiday!! Happy Easter!!

----RRO Offices will be closed today and rest of the weekend.  We will resume RRO TOP 50 on Monday.  If anything "breaking" happens, we will be back with a post.

RRO Top 50 - Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #22

----#22 has been posted.

Corey Maclin Declares Bankruptcy??

----Rich from is reporting the following. 

Next Stop on the Sir Mo Tour.

----Poster for next show.

CORRECTION: ASWF Returns May 5th!!

----I got word that the show that the next show has been moved to May 5th on Thursday in Little Rock with Buff Bagwell.

RRO Top 50 - Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #23

----#23 is posted.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Condolences

----Our condolences.

Check out the new Cheap Heat Radio w/guest INSANE LANE

This morning I was joined by CZW/JCW/IWA Deep South star "the Mental Messiah" Insane Lane for a 60 minute conversation about all the controversy that was sparked recently involving his return to the ring and his proposed tag team with Ian Rotten for Juggalo Championship Wrestling reprising the "Bloody Brothers".  He shares his thoughts on that as well as how he feels about being "pigeon holed" as a "death match guy" and what he plans to do about it.  He also talks about IWA Deep South and the issues he feels that holds them back. All this and more....check it out!

Click here to listen to the show

RassleResults: AAPW West Frankfort, IL 4.16.11

----Results from Saturday night.

RRO Top 50 - Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #25

----#25 is posted.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

youtube video: Moondog Spot Memorial Tournament

----Commercial for upcoming show.

Wayne's World "The Business IS Good" by Eric Wayne

----New Wayne's World.

Lawler on the Colisum and New Memphis Wrestling!!

----From WHBQ.

Arena Report: TCW Ft. Smith, AR 4.09.11 & The Best Shows of the Last Five Years

----Arena Report from last Saturday night.

QUICK RESULTS: FTW Newbern, TN 4.16.11

----Quick Results from last night.  Arena Report will be posted later this week.

RRO TOP 50: Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #27

----#27 is posted.

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 4.15.11

----Results from Friday night.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 4.16.11

----Results from Friday night.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.16.11

----Results from last night in Tuckerman.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


----RRO on the road tonight for FTW in Newbern, TN!!  Come out and get your copy of Yearbook 2010!!  Show starts at 8:00 PM!!

RRO TOP 50: Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #28

----#28 is posted.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Memphis Heat" to premiere in Jonesboro, AR

PW Insider is reporting that the "Memphis Heat" documentary will begin airing tomorrow night in Jonesboro, AR!

Matt Riviera Presenter and Main Event at this weekend's Cauliflower Alley Club!!

----Congrats to Matt Riviera!!

youtube video: Mike Anthony Vs The Magnificent Reno Diamond

----A really good match.


----If you are in the area, don't forget the ASWF debut tonight!!

RRO Top 50 - Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #30

----#30 is posted.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 4.10.11

----Results from Sunday.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 4.9.11

----Results from Saturday night.

RassleResults: TFW Tupleo, MS 4.08.11

----Results from Friday night.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Southern States Wrestling Power Half Hour 4.10.11

----New Southern States Wrestling Power Half Hour!

EVERY wrestler should listen to this....

Here's a youtube video featuring a radio shoot interview with Al Snow, in this interview Snow talks about the "seven deadly steps" that's "killing the wrestling business"....I defy ANYONE from saying this isn't true. You can see this on most every show you go to or watch on television.
The seven deadly steps are: Snow humorously discusses this for several minutes but makes some very valid points here, I think this is just another factor in the slow death of pro wrestling. Take a listen and share your opinion on the kayfabe board.

Step 1 Shine the baby face

Step 2 Heat spot bigger more important moves then the face

Step 3 Continue to sell

Step 4 Baby face hope spot

Step 5 Double Down Sell

Step 6 Face comeback

Step 7 obvious finish

Snow humorously discusses this for several minutes but makes some very valid points here, I think this is just another factor in the slow death of pro wrestling. Take a listen and share your opinion on the kayfabe board.

R.I.P. "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney

Alex Whybrow a.k.a.
"Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney
Feb 18, 1982-April 11, 2011

Pro wrestling lost another great performer way before his time yesterday as Alex Whybrow better known to independent wrestling fans as "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney took his own life at the age of 29 at a pro wrestling school in Louisana.

Sweeney became well known on the independent circuit becoming most prominent around 2006 and competed all over the world. Larry was trained at the WrestleFactory by Mike Quackenbush but would later receive some extra "polish" from veterans such as "Playboy" Buddy Rose and Ed Wiskowski better known as "Col. Debeers". Sweeney competed in tons of promotions but some of his most prominent work was done in IWA Mid South, Chikara, IWA Deep South, F.I.P., CZW, and later in Ring of Honor where he mostly managed and once had a famous face off with the legendary Bruno Sammartino.

Larry Sweeney was a throwback to the "good ol' days" as a guy who was not only a solid in-ring worker but highly entertaining as well. Sweeney was gifted on the microphone and much like veterans such as Jerry Lawler, Sweeney could seemlessly switch gears from being comedic to moment he's hamming it up doing a strut off in the intense heel heat when the time was right...a very rare trait in young wrestlers these days. Sweeney was advanced beyond his years but that perhaps came from some of the legendary stars he had the opportunity to work with in his brief career in the wrestling business such as Jake 'the Snake' Roberts, the Iron Sheik, Bob Armstrong, Brad Armstrong, Kamala, Demolition, and many, many more. The eternal ICW/ICWA Tex-ark-ana Television Champion, Sweeney took a title belt that started as a comedic prop and actually gave it a lot of credibility by competing in so many different places
and stealing the show night in and night out.

Despite his fun loving disposition in the ring and in the locker room, Alex Whybrow the man behind the persona suffered from bi-polar disorder and many other mental issues stemming from an auto accident in his youth that he never quite was able to deal with. At one point seeming to be well on his way to stardom, in 2009, Sweeney had a falling out with Ring of Honor and left the promotion and the wrestling business after having a complete mental breakdown that he deemed to be the "worst moment in his life". Sweeney however bounced back and was living in Louisana and starting to wrestle again and train wrestlers at a school in the area. He also planned to once again return to Chikara Pro in 2011. At this point no one knows why Alex Whybrow chose to take his own life other than perhaps his mental disorders finally overcame him. One thing is for certain pro wrestling lost a great entertainer and a lot of wrestlers lost a great friend who always kept them laughing in and out of the ring. We can only hope that "Redondo Beach, California's Favorite Son" has finally found the peace on the other side that he couldn't find here.

RRO Top 50 - Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #32

----#32 is posted.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

QUICK RESULTS: TCW "Throwdown in Downtown V" Fort Smith, AR - 419 Fans In the Building!!

----Quick Results from last night.  Arena Report will be posted later this week.

RRO TOP 50: Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #34

----#34 is posted.

QUICK RESULTS: ACW Jonesboro, AR 4.08.11

----Quick Results from Friday night.  Arena Report will be posted later in the week.

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 2.25.11

----Results from Friday night.

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 4.08.11

----Results from Friday night. 

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 4.08.11 Randy Hales Makes An Appearance!!

----Results from Friday night.

RRO TOP 50: Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #35

----#35 is posted.

Saturday, April 09, 2011


----We are out of the office today on the road to the big TCW event in Fort Smith, AR.  RRO TOP 50 will resume tomorrow with two posts!! 

Friday, April 01, 2011

Better Late Than Never: Wrestlemania 27 Tickets for Sunday Night!!

----I just got off the phone with Derrick King and he has two Wrestlemania tickets for the event on Sunday.  Tickets are on the 10th row.  Contact him via Facebook. 

Brian Christopher hospitalized

RRO has learned that "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher has pancreatitis and will soon face surgery to remove his gall bladder.
Everyone at RRO would like to wish Brian a successful surgery and speedy recovery. We hope to have additional details soon.


----RRO Book Tour 2011 stops at West Memphis tonight!!

RRO Top 50 - Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #43

----#43 is posted!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coach's Corner "Memphis Wrestling's Influence - Memphis Heat Review" by Brian Tramel

----My review of Memphis Heat.

Listen to the Cheap Heat Radio 'Memphis Heat' Special Now!

This afternoon's show is now available to listen to via the archive or go search 'Gene Jackson' on ITUNES to download it to your IPOD.

Memphis Heat Draws Real Heat! Top 5 in Nation Box Office Screen Average Opening Weekend

----Sherman Willmott sent this along us.

SSW Power Half Hour 3.27.11

----SSW Power Half Hour 3.27.11

RassleResults: EWE RETURN!! Ripley, TN 3.26.11

----Results from Saturday night.

Two more confirmed guests for today's Cheap Heat Radio "Memphis Heat" Special

Don't forget at 2pm central time Cheap Heat Radio will be on the air live with a special edition to discuss the new 'Memphis Heat- The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' movie that premiered last week and is currently showing in select locations. Along with our original scheduled guests Brian Tramel and Derrick King, we will also be joined by Cody Melton and Kevin Lawler. These guys will give their thoughts on the movie and other insight they may have as well. Tune in for what should be an informative and entertaining show. To listen live, go here The archive can be heard anytime afterwards at or it can be downloaded to your IPOD at ITunes! If you'd like to call in and give your thoughts the number to call is (347) 838-8101

For more info on Memphis Heat, check out these sites

Robbie Douglas featured in MMA Fight!!

----This was posted from this past weekend's Columbia, TN event.

RRO Top 50 - Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #46

----#46 has been posted.

BIG week for Cheap Heat Radio this week!!

After taking a one week hiatus to get married last week, host Gene Jackson returns with not one, not two, but THREE big episodes of Cheap Heat Radio this week!!

The first will air live on Tuesday March 29th at 2pm central time and will be a special "Memphis Heat" edition of the show. Gene will be joined by scheduled guests Brian Tramel and Derrick King who attended the opening night premier of the movie last week. If you've seen the movie and would like to give your thoughts please call in and join the show! Tune in live here or catch the archive of the show at!

The second show will air live on Wednesday March 30 at 9:30am central as Gene will be joined by Elite Wrestling's Izzy Rotten to talk about the April 9th debut of Elite Wrestling with their big "Bash at the Branch" show. Catch the show live here or check out the archive anytime afterwards.

The third show will be live on Friday April 1rst at 10am central and Gene will be joined by J.C.W.'s Insane Lane to talk about the huge Ian Rotten controversy that's been going on this week and how it's affected him and his planned return to the ring. We'll talk to Lane about this and many other topics as well....if you have a question for Insane Lane, feel free to call in and ask while listening to the show here or catch the archive at your leisure at or on Itunes!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This Saturday Night in Manila, AR - Ron Horner Sr Relay For Life!!

----I wanted to take a moment to put this over to everyone in the area.

Revised BOOK TOUR 2011

----RRO crew was feeling a little "under the weather" last night, so we did not attend FTW. Here is the revised edition of the tour.

QUICK RESULTS: PCWA Paragould, AR 3.25.11

----Arena Report will be up later this week.  Here are the Quick Results.

RRO TOP 50: Fifty From Five Years In Fifty Days #48

----Here is #48.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 3.25.11

----Results from

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 3.25.11

----Results from Friday night.

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 3.25.11

----Results from Friday night.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Memphis Heat Tonight!!

----Just a reminder that RRO will be attending the Memphis Heat premiere tonight in Memphis. I should have a few notes posted tomorrow and a full story & review early next week. 

Book Tour 2011 - New Show Added for This Friday Night!!

----Book Tour 2011 remaining dates.

RassleResults: TIWF Brownsville, TN 3.18.11& 3.19.11

----Results from Friday night and Saturday night.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big Announcement - Teaser #4

----The final teaser!!


----FTW continues to draw big in Newbern!


----Arena Report will be up later this week, but here are the Quick Results.

RassleResults: ATL/A-1 Wrestling Portland, TN 3.19.11

----Results from Saturday night.

Showtime All-star Wrestling TV Report for 3.18.11 by Larry Goodman

----SAW review with Larry Goodman.

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 3.18.11 - New Champs At MCW!!!

----Results from Friday night.

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 3.18.11

----Results from Friday night.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 3.18.11

----Results from Friday night.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


----Book Tour 2011 stops in Tuckerman, AR for ASWF tonight!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cheap Heat Radio Double Feature Tomorrow Morning!

Tune in Friday March 18th at 10am central as Cheap Heat Radio is live on the air with host Gene Jackson as he will be joined in the first hour by special guest Smooth Plezing of IWA Deep South. Smooth will discuss many topics including the controversial Carnage Cup 7, the future of IWA Deep South, some of the obstacles of booking this year's death match tournament, politics, and who knows what else will be covered.

Then in hour #2, Gene will be joined by ProSouth Wrestling's Ace Haven as they will discuss that night's big show in Piedmont, Alabama which will feature NWA World Heavyweight Champion Colt Cabana, Rampage Wrestling in Georgia, and many other topics as well. Rumor is their may even be a special guest calling in as well.

If you have a question or comment for either guest, call into the show and let your voice be heard.
For more info go to

IWA Deep South Carnage Cup 7 DVD now on sale!

\You've heard about it for weeks on Cheap Heat Radio, now's your chance to check out the sickest show of the year and the ONLY Death Match Tournament south of the Mason Dixon....IWA Deep South Carnage Cup 7!

To order go to:

Here's the line up:

IWA Deep South DVD February 26, 2011 "Carnage Cup 7" - Cullman, AL
1. Thumbtack Kickpads: Chris Dickinson vs. Jonny Mangue
2. Carpet Strip Mayhem: Jimmy Feltcher vs. Pinkie Sanchez
3. Smash, Pow, B@M!: Danny Havoc vs. Matt Tremont
4. Barbwire Boards & Weapons: Viper vs. Devon Moore
5. Pits of Hell: Neil Diamond Cutter vs. David Day
6. SAW Deathmatch: John Rare vs. Spider Boodrow
7. Phil Macchio vs. Jeremy Flynt
8. Light Tube Doors: Danny Havoc vs. Devon Moore
9. Loose Light Tubes & Weapons: Chris Dickinson vs. Pinkie Sanchez
10. Exorcist Deathmatch: John Rare vs. Neil Diamond Cutter
11. Hardcore Rumble
12. Chrisjen Hayme vs. Freakshow
13. Tables, Ladders, Light Tubes, & Chairs: Pinkie Sanchez vs. Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Matt Tremont

Arena Report: MCW Luxora, AR 3.12.11

----Arena Report from Saturday night.

Alex Marvez Talks Dundee and "Memphis Heat"!

----Story about Billy Dundee by Alex Marvez.

Tony Dabbs Gone From TFW - Intense Pro Wrestling Set To Debut On May 7th!!

----RRO spoke with Tony Dabbs early tonight.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011