Monday, January 17, 2011

From The Desk of Brian Tramel - Yearbook 2010 and Upcoming Stuff

----Some news from the editor-in-charge.

----Yearbook 2010 is done!!  It will go to the publisher this week and I will have full details on the Yearbook 2010 Tour and how you can buy your copy directly from RRO!! I would like to thank everyone that voted and congratulate again all the winners.  We had over 4000 people come to the site and cast their votes.  Hits were up over 25% on the day we announced the winners and we had over 15,000 visitors to the RRO Awards Race blog during the 10+ days of voting.  Thanks to everyone for making this one of the most popular years for the awards!!

----Big pieces coming up this week.  We have Tuesday Conversation with Eric Wayne.  He will be talking about him leaving NEW.  I probably got more e-mails, calls and texts about Wayne leaving NEW than any other story in the last month.  I will also be posting a piece called Remembering Guy Coffey, which will have a short background of the man along with stories and comments from various people in the business.  If you would like to comment something about Mr. Coffey, then please send me something ASAP!! 

----Thanks again to everyone for their support and visiting the site!!  May, 2011 RRO will be celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary!!  I hope to make this a great year!!