Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Golden Circle: "Fake" by Greg Anthony

----The new Golden Circle.

Wrestling's four letter word, fake. The most derogatory term used to describe our business but also the term used the most. However 100% of those who use that term are also 100% that have never stepped in a ring, took a bump, run the ropes, been hit with a chair or about 1,000 other wrestling related adjectives. To those who have dared to call wrestling "fake" in my presence, I've asked but one question... fake to who?
It doesn't feel fake when I get up in the mornings. I'm sure my colleagues can attest to the everyday pain that would make most file for disability or ask for a seated job at work. So if it obviously isn't fake to the wrestlers then maybe its fake to the fans. The close to 10 million fans that tune into professional wrestling every week. No wrestling isn't real, then it must be a figment of our imaginations.
The word "fake" to describe professional wrestling is simply rude. Do we call Robert DeNiro "fake" because he really didn't kill a pimp to save an underage prostitute? No we honor his work, understand that his perfection of his craft should be celebrated. I don't want to sit and watch three hours of interpetive dance but I'm not going to diminish the hard work and sacrifice of dancer by calling it fake just because I don't share that passion.
Cartoons are fake, not wrestling. I'm not trying to make the whole world love wrestling like I do, I'm just trying to educate the obviously ignorant. Next time you encounter someone that tries to make you feel inferior because you love wrestling then remember wrestling has real people with indirect real pain performing for real fans that pay real money, I promise.