Sunday, January 09, 2011

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 1.08.10

----ASWF from last night.

180-200 in attendance

First match:  Big Indian defeated Loose Cannon by DQ when Cannon attacked Big Indian with a leather strap.

Second Match:  Hambones defeated 7ft Mark Marshall in a handicap after using a Bone repeatedly.

Third Match:  X Division Champion Seth Sabor defeated Lee Michaels by DQ in a non title match.  Former X Division star Kid Krazzy returned to scout the match.

Fourth Match:  Tag Team Champions Johnny Hawk and "Hot Rod" Ellison defeated Hillbilly Tuck and Adrian Stratton.

Fifth Match:  Triple Threat between Austin Lane, Jon Allan, and Mike Anthony was thrown out when Allan an Lane tried to spike piledrive Anthony on the ring bell.  Chuck Fears made the save. 

Main Event:  The Blonde Bombers Sarge O Riley and Brody Hawk defeated Demon X and his mystery partner Chris Stryker. 

Next Week: 
"CCR" [Wild Bill/Demon X]  & Boogie Woogie Boy Gary Valiant Vs. Blonde Bombers & Hollywood Jimmy in a six man tag.

Austin Lane Vs. Mike Anthony

Hawk & Hot Rod Vs. Stratton & Tuck

Plus why the appearances of Chuck Fears & Kid Krazzy?  What or who is coming to ASWF next?

----Are Brody/Sarge "Blonde Bombers" or "Hollywood Blondes" - the "Hollywood" gimmick does fit a little bit better having Blaylock as their manager...Interesting to see some old faces returning to the show.