Sunday, January 23, 2011

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 1.22.11

----Results from last night!

First match:  Lee Michaels and Kid Krazzy fought to a no contest when Jon Allan and Seth Sabor got involved.

Second Match:  Hot Rod John Ellison defeated White Tiger with assistance from Johnny Hawk.

CCR came out to announce that they had a surprise team to take on the Champs.  Boogie Woogie Boy Gary Valiant and CL Smuve came out to run off Hawk & Hot Rod.

Third Match:  Austin Lane & mystery partner Dirty Little Dave defeated Chuck Fears & Mike Anthony.  Lane and DLD announced the Dirty Little Gang was back!

Fourth Match:  Stryker & Marshall defeated the Hambones in a Dog Food Match.

Fifth Match:  C.C.R. defeated Matt Boyce & Adrian Stratton.

Sixth Match:  Jon Allan and Seth Sabor fought to a no contest when Lee Michaels and Kid Krazzy got involved.

Seventh Match:  Tag Team Champions Hawk & Hot Rod beat CL Smuve & Gary Valiant after interference from Johnny Harper.

Main Event:  Loose Cannon beat Big Indian in an Indian Strap Match.

170-175 in building.

Next Week:
ASWF Final Conflict!

Austin Lane Vs. Chuck Fears
The Only Way To Win Is Pinfall Or Submission.

Dirty Little Dave Vs. Mike Anthony

CCR Vs. Hollywood Blondes

Stryker & Marshall Vs. Hawk & Hot Rod for the Tag Team Titles

X Division Title on the line! 
Fatal Four Way
Lee Michaels Vs. Jon Allan Vs. Kid Krazzy Vs. Seth Sabor

Battle Of The Big Men!
CL Smuve Vs. Adrian Stratton