Wednesday, January 19, 2011

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 1.15.10

----Results from Tuckerman, AR Saturday night.

First Match:  Loose Cannon defeated Big Indian w/Athena by DQ after Indian tossed Cannon over top rope and hung him with a large strap.

Next week:  Big Indian Vs. Loose Cannon in an Indian Strap Match

Second Match:  Hambones defeated Stryker & Mark Marshall after using the dog bone.

Next week:  Return Dog Food Match!

Third Match:  Lee Michaels w/ Johnny Harper destroyed Chris Idol.

Fourth Match:  ASWF Tag Team Champions Hawk & Hot Rod defeated Hillbilly Tuck & Adrian Stratton when an injured Tuck tagged himself in and met the Champions' finisher.  Afterwards Stratton attacked Tuck with a Steel Chair only to be run off by C. L. Smuve.

Chuck Fears was brutally attacked by Austin Lane

Fifth Match:  X Division Champion Seth Sabor defeated Kid Krazzy in an awesome match.  Then both men were attacked by Lee Michaels and Johnny Harper.

Sixth Match:  Dirty Little Dave defeated Austin Lane in a No Dq match after Mike Anthony interfered.

Main Event:  The Hollywood Blondes defeated CCR to capture the Tri State Tag Titles after special referee Cody Murdoch turned on CCR by delivering a flat bed to Demon X.

185 in crowd.

Biggest Pops:  DLD, Kid Krazzy, Cody Murdoch, Seth Sabor, Chuck Fears.

Crowd hot all night!!!!!!