Thursday, January 20, 2011

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 1.15.11 - Main Event Signed for LEGACY!!

----NBW from Saturday night.

Jeremy Moore
-Shannon Lee def Biscuit and Weezy after Dell Tucker jumped Biscuit.

-Chris Rocker vs Chris O'Neal was thrown out after Big Red jumped them both.

-Jeremy Moore / Tim Edwards / Brad Badd beat Oz/ Blaine/Jason Reed after Moore pinned Oz. Before the match Moore announced his partner vs Oz and Road Dogg in the NBW vs MACW winner take all match would be "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert.

-Mark Justice def Rude
After the match Tim and Brad came out and announced Jeremy Moore decided not to wait til LEGACY on the tag title unification match, it would happen now. Rude hit Mark with the belt and Tim and Brad finished him off to win the titles.

-Big Red vs Stan Lee was a double dq. crowd wanted the match to continue so next week will be a rematch no dq

----130+ in the crowd and told it was a good show.  It seems fun.  I like the idea of them pushing a local guy like Oz to the main event.  He is very entertaining and the fans should have fun time with that match...There is A LOT going on backstage here.  I have an interview already scheduled and the full story.  The problem right now is that it involves around their major storyline and I don't want spoil the finish of the angle to anyone.  Yes, KAYFABE is still alive!!