Sunday, January 09, 2011

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 01.07.11 - Starr and Riviera Return and Is Eric Wayne Gone???

----Results from Friday night.

-Dustin "Five" Starr beat Justin Smart 

-Dustin "Five" Starr beat Jon Allen

-Kid Nikels/Justin Smart beat Matt Riviera/Wes Robinson

-Dan Matthews vs Austin Lane went to TV time limit draw
----Eric Wayne is telling everyone is he is done with the company for right now.  Hopefully the dispute will be settled and everything will go back to normal...Moe Stegall is hurt and debuted as a referee.  That is bad, because he is so over with the crowd...Downtown Bruno also reffed along with Terrance Ward commentating...I also was told earlier this week that John Steele is done with the company due to his health...Riviera, Robinson and Starr will all add something new to this group.  Riviera and Starr both have tremendous mic skills and could be fun for TV.