Monday, January 10, 2011

RassleResults: Premier Pro Wrestling Selmer, TN 1.08.10

----Results from Saturday night!
----This seem to be a fun show.  I am hearing of another group also doing Selmer shows on Fridays in the same building??  This crew is solid with mostly students from Kevin White's school.
Cody Melton vs DK - high in the sky!!
Match 1: Ty Hamilton pinned Kevin McQueen after a dropkick off the top rope.
Match 2: Bones w/Black Ice defeated Kid Thunder after hitting him with a chain.  Post match, Bones and Black Ice continued their beat down on Kid Thunder until "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert ran out and made the save.  Gilbert challenged Bones and Black Ice to a tag team match later in the night.
Kellen James enters the ring to make announcements concerning February's show.  Kellen informs the fans that while they had been having events in Selmer for the last 6 months, that the promotion hadn't been officially named, but would now be known as Premier Pro Wrestling.  He also informed the fans that on the February Premier Pro Wrestling show, there would be a tournament to crown the first-ever Premier Pro Wrestling United States Champion.  As Kellen debuted the new championship belt to the fans, Derrick King's music hit and he made his way to the ring.  He informed the fans that the promotion should be Derrick King's Wrestling and that Kellen was holding Derrick King's championship.  Kellen informed Derrick that it was Premier Pro Wrestling and Premier Pro Wrestling's championship belt.  He also told Derrick that his match tonight with Cody Melton was very important, as it would determine the #1 seed in the tournament and that person would receive a bye into the second round of the tournament. 
Match 3: Christian Shane pinned "Wild Thang" Kenny McQueen after hitting a codebreaker.
Match 4: Kid Thunder and "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert defeated Bones and Black Ice when Kid Thunder rolled up Bones after Gilbert threatened to hit Bones with his baseball bat.
Match 5: Derrick King pinned Cody Melton by reversing an O'Connor roll and holding the nights for leverage. By winning this match, Derrick King was named the #1 seed in the United States Championship tournament and will receive a bye into the second round.  This match went all over the Selmer Community Center.  These two wrestlers fought through the crowd, into the concession stand, and even onto the balcony in the building, where they tried to throw each other off the balcony.  After the match, Kellen James informed Cody Melton that there was nothing he could do to reverse the decision, but that Cody had qualified for the tournament, and that should he win his first round match, he was bracketed to face Derrick King in the second round!
Next show: February 5, 2011  Selmer, TN  Selmer Community Center
Premier Pro Wrestling United States Championship Tournament
Already announced for the tournament: Derrick King, Cody Melton, Ty Hamilton, Christian Shane, Kid Thunder, and a wildcard entrant to debut for Premier Pro Wrestling that night.