Sunday, January 23, 2011

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 1.21.11

----Results from Friday night.
----Although 108 attended, I find it sad.  Do these guys not advertise??  They draw that number with Dutch Mantell being there??  It makes no sense!! Mantell has helped all over the area with crowd; why not this show??
108 attended
White Tiget & Jason Xavier beat Damien Payne & Crusher Eric Hodge in 9:00 when Tiger pinned Hodge with a Tiger Splash
Panther beat Psycho Medic in 4:00 with a schoolboy
Nick Iggy beat ATL Jr. Champion Jamey Farrari in a non-title match in 9:00 with a sunset flip
USWO Music City Champion Saint won a three-way match with Chris Cane and Shane Smalls in 8:00 when he pinned Cane, who had been DDTd by Smalls
Gary Valiant beat Michael Patrick by DQ in 5:00 after Fabulous Phil ran out and attacked Valiant
Valiant & Dutch Mantell beat Patrick and Fabulous Phil in 7:00 when Valiant Boogie Blastered Phil and Mantell covered him for the pin
ATL Champion Drew Haskins beat Kevin Dunn in 6:00 with the Handful O'Tights rollup
USWO Champion Jocephus vs Mean Mike Woods was ruled a no contest at 10:00 due to Jocephus slinging the ref aside then Woods hitting Commissioner Gordon
Credit: Jimmie Daniel